Sai Baba Confirmed My Shirdi Trip By Coming In My Dream

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram. I am a devotee of Sai Ram from India. I knew about Sai Baba long back but start worshiping Him from 2008. My Sai has provided me with so many things which I do not deserve. And I know in future also He will always with me. Here I want to share one of my experience.

Last year that is in 2013 my mother was not keeping well so I prayed to Sai Baba when my mother will be alright I will come to Shirdi with her, with Sai’s grace my mother is absolutely fine. So in March 2014 I planned my trip to Shirdi with my family members. We were total 8 people and as we have planned immediately so could not get the confirmed seat, these were in waiting list. So it was not possible to get tatkal tickets for 8 passengers. Then just before our departure date I was very tensed that whether we will be able to go or not. So I asked Baba 5 days before our departure date that before I went to bed that Baba Please Tell Me Whether We Will Be Able to Come or Not and then I slept. Same night I had a dream that I am in Samadhi Mandir and touching Baba’s feet again.

When I got up in morning I was very happy because Baba had confirmed our Shirdi visit. Then just 2 days before our journey unexpectedly we got tatkal tickets for all the 8 passengers with Baba’s grace and we went to Shirdi and had beautiful Darshan of Sai thrice. We got a chance to see Baba’s morning Aarti which was like a dream came true. There is one more experience which I want to share. As we cool our food and eat it before that we just ask God to accept it in our own small Mandir at home. One day I do not know what happened it happened first time only. As every day I make 11 chapattis, 6 for papa 2 for mother and 3 for myself. So on that day as usual I made 11 chapattis and kept 6 for my father and I counted rest of chapattis. There were 5 left, 2 for mother and three for me and I stopped making because they were enough. On that day I don’t know why I really don’t know what happened but I did not ask Sai to accept the food. I really don’t know why? I gave food to my papa and ma and afterwards I wanted to take to myself, can you imagine what happened? There was only 2 chapattis instead of three. So I immediately realised my mistake that today I did not offer food to Sai so He took Himself. Mere Malik Sai please keep Your humble eyes and hand on me and my family. Without Your grace I cannot live please never leave me and forgive all my mistakes as You always do. Jai Sai Ram. Om Shri Sai Nathaye Namah

Sai Baba’s Appearance In Dream

Sai Sister Dhivya from USA says: I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba for the past 5 years. I would like to narrate my experience through which I became a devotee of Baba. This happened 5 years ago in India. I was living with my mom and grandmother. My mother has an elder sister who was living close by. I was very fond of my grandmother because she was very affectionate and wise. I have admired her characteristics all along my life. In 2009, I had to face the biggest shock of my life. My grand mom was diagnosed with throat cancer. I was very shocked because I was very dear to her. My aunt (mom’s elder sister) was a very sincere devotee of Baba. She saw me crying one day and told me to fast and do Pooja every Thursday for Baba. I accepted it because all I wanted was my grandmother should be cured of this disease. I started the Vrat, and I did the Pooja with great devotion. On the following Sunday, a Sai Baba vehicle came in front of my house. Usually small children drive that vehicle on streets. But that day there was an adult who accompanied the kids.

I went to him and cried that my grandmother is unwell and to bless her with some Udi. He held my hand and suddenly from nowhere there came a Rudraksh in my hand. He told me to tie it on my grandmother’s neck. I was surprised to see that and I followed the man’s words. After a week, my grandmother started suffering in pain and she was taken to my aunt’s house. I was unable to see her. Within 10 days my grandmother passed away and I felt miserable. For some reason I did not get angry with Baba, but I was very upset. That night Baba came in my dream appearing in His vishwaroopa avatar and to my surprise, I saw my granny very minute near Baba s feet, she looked very happy. Then Baba told me not to worry and that my granny is very happy now. I woke up with immense happiness. There was a white board in my house, I immediately went up to the board and wrote Jai Sai Ram. As soon as I finished writing, I heard a mild Bhajan, and that was a Sai Bhajan. I peeped outside to see where it came from. It was the Baba vehicle again that appeared in front of my house. I was very happy and relieved after that, If people are born, they have to die someday. Generally they tie Rudraksh on people who are dead or in their death bed. I understood why Baba had given me the Rudraksh before. Every action of Baba has a deep meaning and we need to follow that. From that day, I became a very ardent devotee of Baba. May Baba bless all of us with good health and happiness. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Miracle Of Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am working as a lecturer in a college. I am married since more than one year. However I have not conceived yet, so, i went for a check up where doctor advised me to go for ultrasound. Though rest are OK my report said that there ‘could be a cyst’ in my right ovary. But my regular doctor said it’s OK and prescribed me some medicines. Everyone from my in-laws side were keen to know why I am not conceiving till date. But I ignored their sarcastic remarks however once my husband out of anger said that for my nature only God is punishing me. When I asked what kind of punishment he is talking about he replied ‘your cyst’. I was shattered like anything. Because the person who should console and support me how could he use such type of language and humiliating words. I prayed to Baba one day and cried and requested him to save my dignity. According to advice of my friend i consulted in a reputed hospital for a second opinion and discussed about the cyst and how to operate it. But the doctor said if there is no cyst then you are only going to suffer. So, i went for another high profile ultrasound. At the time of ultrasound i was holding the Sai Yantra with me throughout the process. After the process is over I asked the doctor about any abnormalities and he said I am absolutely fine and there is no sign of any cyst or fibroid. It’s not less than a miracle. Still I am in a hope that everything will be alright in future and Baba will bless me with a child .Jai Baba, Jai Sai Nath

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  1. Dear 3rdcdevotee, even i m eaitig baba's blessings to get conceved..i have fibroids.just holding on to baba' s feet …..waiting for his miracle…may sai bless all sisters like us with his prasad (child)


    Very Pleasing experiences- especially first one.

    Dear 3 devotee & Sister- Yes I know it hurts when the person who should stand with you, does not do so,

    But so is the nature of World. SAI is Savoiur and Only he is the one Not to leave us ever.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL>

    24 August 2014 by Sai Leelas

    Upto September 1987 I used to be a non-believer, altho­ugh my parents, brothers and sisters are devoted bhaktas of Sai Baba of' Shirdi. During September 1987, Sai Baba took a hand to transform my life. We live in Secunderabad and on that day one of my friends wanted me to take him on cycle to the Sai Temple in Picket to have Sai Baba's darshan. Having arrived at the temple I let him go inside and myself remained aloof waiting for him nearly. There is an old devotee of Sai (age about 75 years.) at the temple who is affectionately known as 'Govind Baba'. Standing yonder I noticed the devotees bowing before him touching his feet. In me, an atheist, .this spectacle only aroused scorn. Seeing me, with a smile Sri Govind Baba called me to him and said "Son, why do you laugh? Within two weeks from now, a snake will bite you and also you'll have to undergo an accident, so be careful"

    I heard these words from Sri Govind Baba, only laughed at him and left the place with my friend.

    Although I had laughed off this incident, I found myself involved in a web of such circumstances that I am now forced to revise my old atheistic attitude.

    Exactly two weeks after this, one morning, my father happened to send me to the servant's quarters, which is across a spread of grassy ground from our main buildings. I went out and while walking through the grass, I was suddenly bit by a snake, which I saw was no less than a cobra. Our servant also happened to notice this and he ran into my father, calling "serpent bite I serpent bite I". My father, who is an Air Force Officer, immediately made a cut on the bitten portion, sucked out the poison and also tied my thigh with a rope very tightly. Then I was rushed to the Hospital and after proper treatment was cured.

    Not only that, I was surprised at the turn of events but my atheistic friend-circle was also intrigued because I had already told them about Sri Govind Baba's forecast on the same day.

    Some days after this, I happened to be quite contrived at a birthday party of one of my friends at a Posh Hotel. We got a bit intoxicated. The party being over, we left the place by car. .We all were quite drunk excepting the driver friend. Just as we neared the near our house, our car sudd­enly swerved to one side and in seconds we met with a sev­ere accident, with a motor cycle. All others excepting me got serious injuries on head, fractures in hands etc. I found my­self safe, wonderfully, I could not at once make out what really had happened. When the car stopped, I came out and saw my injured friends. I took the wheel and drove them all to the Hospital. Then we were given fine treatment as my father belongs to Air Force. As my friends lay in their beds, they said, "Oh, Vijay I see the force of Govind Baba's words".

  4. Yes, I too, was forced to think more seriously about the sequence of events after Sri Govind Baba's prophecies. 'There is really something extraordinary about it' I thought.

    Then I happened to go to the same Temple. But now I did not want to go to Govinda Baba directly. I just went to the statue of Sai Baba and bowed before the idol. I was trying to hide myself from Govind Baba, out of a feeling of shame But the wonderful Govind Baba noticed me and called me to him. Involuntarily my hands rose in Namaskar. Govind Baba asked me, 'So saved. Aren't you? Saved two times I 'By this old man (Sai Baba)' I was speechless with wonder. How would Govind Baba know what had happened with me? '-Nobody, not even I had told him I Then Govind Baba said, 'Proceed to Shirdi".

    I could not but comply with this command and visited Shirdi on 4-11-87. I hope and pray that I shall be given fur­ther guidance by Sai Baba. I believe Baba wants to confirm our family faith in Him since my parents are His old devotees.




    DECEMBER 1987

  5. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, bless us, Your children with love, peace and happiness and destroy our sins whenever we utter Your sweet name.

    Jai Sairam

  6. BABA 2day im so hapy.U said i wil receive letter.i already receive letter 4rm Malaysia waiting so long 4 dis letter.bcoz of Ur grace 2day i gt it.tq so much BABA.I LOVE U BABA.OM SAI RAM..

  7. Jai sai ram
    3rd devotee pls try to start nav guruvar vrat. Baba u know how much problem we're facing. When i ask u dnt get tired of facing problems, what is this Baba? How long we've too suffer? No peace of life, lots of debts y Baba? Stil we hope Baba tat u shld save us. Please save me or i'l die to save my mom u decide Baba…. Wat i shld do saima?

    vedyō vaidyaḥ sadāyōgī vīrahā mādhavō madhuḥ |
    atīndriyō mahāmāyō mahōtsāhō mahābalaḥ ||18 ||
    163. Vedyaḥ: One who has to be known by those who aspire for
    164. Vaidhyaḥ: One who knows all Vidyas or branches of knowledge.
    165. Sadāyogī: One who is ever experienceble, being ever existent.
    166. Vīrahā: One who destroys heroic Asuras for the protection of
    167. Mādhavaḥ: One who is the Lord or Master of Ma or knowledge.
    168. Madhuḥ: Honey, because the Lord gives joy, just like honey.
    169. Atīndriyaḥ: One who is not knowable by the senses.
    170. Mahāmāyaḥ: One who can cause illusion even over other great
    171. Mahotsāhaḥ: One who is ever busy in the work of creation,
    sustentation and dissolution.
    172. Mahābalaḥ: The strongest among all who have strength.

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    ******Darshan Of Goddess Aadimaya (Goddess Parvati)****
    Nana Rekhi of Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra, was a favoured disciple of Sri Swamiji.
    He was a great astrologer. He had prepared the horoscope of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji
    personally had given him the approval for the same. Sri Swamiji also gave him
    Nana Rekhi installed the Padukas of Sri Swamiji and built a Muth in
    Ahmadnagar. During the construction of the Muth, Rekhi faced a big calamity. Sri
    Swamiji appeared himself manifested in the form of Goddess Parvati and warded off the
    This way Sri Swamiji blessed supreme bliss to a number of devotees by
    gracing them with the ‘Darshan’ of their favourite Ishta devata (tutelary deity)
    and made them experience the fact that the Supreme Being is only ONE in this
    universe. As per one’s devotion a person desires the ‘Darshan’ of one’s
    favourite form of God and then attain supreme bliss. God always graces a
    devotee and appears in the divine form most favourite to him.

    *****God, You Are the Supreme Spirit*****
    God is present in the heart of every living being in the form of Supreme
    Spirit. Saint Kabirdas has said “Your God is always present in you, just like a
    flower always carries fragrance with it”. In this form of Supreme Spirit God
    keeps under observation the condition, activity, and constitution of every
    living being. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. By his endless
    miraculous works Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj, the incarnation of Lord
    Dattatreya, has displayed that HE dwells in the heart of every being as a
    Supreme Spirit.

  10. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  11. Sai Baba always Helps His devotees for things they want and blesses them with lkve and affection and kind and generous heart. By Grace of Sai Baba we have experienced many miracles in our own life. Some of them are beyond imagination and I thank humbly from
    My heart to Sai Baba for gifting us with these miracles. Sai Baba is very kind geneous and loving

  12. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  13. By Grace of Sai Baba miracles takes place nothing is done by us …thank you Sai Baba thank toy Thank tou Please be with us and protecty family and my husband and your gift.. Thank you for givinge the precious gift

  14. My cousin and two in-laws are trying to conceive for a long time. I suggest them to pray to Sai, but I don't know whether they do it or do it sincerely. Anyway, I pray Sai for their happiness. Give them what they want Sai. My another cousin is not yet married though she is perfect in every aspect. She lost hope and feels inferior. Even her mom (my aunt) always scolds her thinking she has bad luck. Please bless her Sai. She is such a good girl and don't let her lose hope.

  15. अंधेरी ज़िन्दगी में एक सवेरा दे दे
    धरती आसमां के बीच बसेरा दे दे
    जीवन के तूफान में एक किनारा दे दे
    साईं नाथ अपने चरणों में आसरा दे दे
    अपनी रहमत का नज़ारा दे दे
    … मुझ पतित को भक्ति का खज़ाना दे दे
    अपनी प्यार भरी आंखों में ठिकाना दे दे …….
    ओम साईं राम..



    यूं तो जमाने ने मुझपे सितम किया है ।
    हर दम मुझको बेशुमार गम दिया है।।
    मगर फिर भी शुक्रिया है तेरा साईं।
    कि तूने हमेशा मेरा साथ दिया है ।

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज जी की जय
    साईं वार की हर्धिक शुभकामनाये…..

    मेरे साईं का प्रेम निराला है,
    साईं भक्तों का रखवाला है ।।

    Happy Baba's Day…!!

  16. sai baba im sorry
    sth is happeningto me
    i feel like im going away from u
    please pull me towards you
    thnaks a lot baba
    love u load
    please forgive me
    pls give happiness ot vivek
    let all his problem settle down please baba

  17. Sai maa
    Thank u so much for values report
    I fall at tour feet
    Pl let vaithiyar swamy be alright
    Please hold my hand and shower your blessings
    Let ash win do his exam well
    Live u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  18. sai baba
    sai baba
    sai baba
    please do not leave me
    i am sorry baba
    please give avik happiness
    please bless me with a healthy baby
    i will name him starting with SAI

  19. Sai Baba please ward off all my evil thoughts and take me in your sharan. Please be with me always. Thank you for everything Baba. Love you lots….

  20. Baba, you are such a beautiful god, there are no words to describe you. Please take care of all us and guide us in right path. We will not be able to lead the life without you even for a single minute. please take care. Love u

  21. om sai ram,
    Baba Thank u so much for making me pass in another exam also.I had passed my 1st exam after my 1st virat.and after my second virat i had passed another exam .Thank u baba.please make me to clear my second level exam baba and please confirm my job sai ram.

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