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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Thank you Hetal ji for your wonderful service. Baba blesses you and your family always with good health and happy life. Please keep my name and email id anonymous. I am Sai devotee since my childhood, I shared many of my experiences with Sai before in this website. This experience is regarding my job. By grace of Sai I am currently residing in USA, and this happened only because of Sai. I’ve got job in USA in very good company by grace of Sai. It is completely because of Sai. I shared my experiences regarding these before. During my job, my work permit was going to expire soon. We realized it later and we applied for it immediately. But it was already late. I applied for it just before one month it was going to expire. I did not get it in time and I had to stop working. I informed to my employer and they asked me to go on leave. By Baba grace my client agreed for that and I was on leave. We thought I’ll get it soon, but I did not get even after one month due to some issues at their office. I was getting tensed as I am not sure how my client is going to respond. Later it went to RFE and it got more delayed. But with the grace of Sai, my city Senator helped me and I got work permit approved after exactly 3 months it expired. In the meantime I was in contact with my manager; she was okay during that time. After I got my work permit my manager allowed me to come back. This is all happened only because of my Sai.

I continued my job like before for another 5 months. Please excuse me Baba for delay in posting this experience. Sai is always there to take care of me, but I am the one who does mistakes always. Baba please forgive me for my mistakes and I beg You to help me to get rid of pride and ego. I cannot live for even one second without You Baba. Baba You know I am in difficult situation now, please help me to get rid of all problems Baba. My employer informed me that my contract is ending soon. I am going to lose my job soon. Baba as You know our visa is also in process, my husband project is also going to end soon. Baba we don’t know what is going to happen, Please bless me and my family with whatever You feel best for us. Right now we don’t know in which direction our life would be in future, You are the one who can decide what is right for us. Baba today morning I got You in dream, I am very happy for that. But later when I am coming near You, I saw You step up and walked away. I don’t understand Baba, are You angry on me Baba. Please excuse me Baba. Let me narrate my dream to all Sai devotees, Sai devotees please take some time to read this and please let me know the meaning of it.

I was in a temple, first it was Vishnu temple. Later I started roaming around the temple and I saw group of people reading Sai Satcharitra together in front of a temple. Later I saw they completed reading that. I was far away and tried to see Baba. I can see Baba statue, Mangala snanam was going on for Baba. I felt happy that I got Baba Darshan even I am far away. I went nearby, I was about to enter the temple. Then Baba got up from His statue. I feel like still I can see Baba statue, but Baba stood up and just walked straight to a window. Everyone else was doing their work, looks like they did not realize Him. I was like is it true what I am seeing. I was happy because Baba came into my dream after so many years. Baba went to a window and was looking outside of the window. I entered the temple and I looked back to see what Baba is doing. Suddenly Baba disappeared. I don’t understand. I went close to temple room to have Baba Darshan. There I saw Christ statue and Dattatreya statue (I guess so). I looked inside there I saw Baba Padukas inside. I wanted to go inside to touch Baba Padukas but I was afraid if I can go or not. I was thinking where Baba statue that I saw before is. Later I felt like Baba statue is beside to that room in a window, I wanted to go there to have Baba Darshan, but suddenly I got up.

First I felt happy after I realized the dream, but later I felt sad as it is like Baba gone away from me and I cannot see Baba closely. I know I made lot of mistakes, Baba is angry on me. I don’ know what to do. I asked Baba through question and answers book, Baba is saying everything will be fine, don’t worry. I felt happy, but I am worried now how to correct myself. Baba You are the one who can help me to make me a better person. To be honest Baba You know I don’t want to trouble anyone. Once again Baba please excuse me (Your poor daughter), my husband, my kid and my family for all our mistakes. Please bless my family with happy, healthy and meaningful life, please bless us to lead life in a way You like. I am trying to be good with everyone. I want to be good with everyone. But You know Baba I always does mistakes Baba. I don’t know till how long I’ll be doing mistakes, I am getting tired Baba. Please bless me to lead life in good path and please bless us to lead peaceful life. You gave me everything I wished so far, You are taking care of me like a father. I am very Thankful for that Baba, what can I do other than that Baba. Hetal ji, please post my experience if you feel it is okay to post. Please correct if there are any grammar mistakes, I am not good at writing in English. I wish all Sai devotees to live a healthy and happy life with Baba grace. Please excuse me if there are any mistakes in my experience. Thank you to all Sai devotees for spending your time reading this.

Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu. Sai Ki Beti.

Sai’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: My license was due for renewal. I received a notification that I had to undergo an eye exam to get my license renewed. I am a diabetic patient and of recently my vision is not that great during night. Just today I finished my Baba Satcharitra and my husband asked me last week to go on a Thursday to get it renewed. Today when I first went they usually ask for passport or green card copy. I did not take any of them with me, I was worried they will ask me to come back, but to my surprise she did not ask anything and just gave me the ticket. Now came the time for the eye test. I was praying to Baba to make me pass the test. I had a hard time but with Baba’s grace I passed the test, but the lady said I can’t drive in the night and that I need to go for a test and then come back. I was little taken back. She said as your record is good, let’s retake the test and I was able to do good in that machine. She said I will give you the regular license but go and get the check up done. And with Baba’s grace I was given the license. Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all. Now we are waiting for my daughter’s ACT results. Baba please shower Your blessings on her and please see she gets a good score and her life is settled. Please continue to shower Your blessings on all of us. Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Miracle

Sai Sister Archena from India says: Sai Baba cured my father’s disease. Last month my daddy’s became very ill. I wrote a letter to my Sai Baba and prayed. Within one week my father becomes normal. Now happiness spread in my family. This is one of the miracle Baba did in my life. Thanks Baba. Jai Sai Ram

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  1. For the very first experience of this blog , I don't think dear that you need to worry because Baba has said you that everything 'll be fine. Do one thing Pray like this "Baba you are almighty , I've done a lot of mistakes in my life , if you think i should be punished please punish me with whatever punishment is for me , if you feel , i deserve this thing whatever i need from you , please give me only if you want to give and I m able to accept. I 'll accept everything from you.

  2. om sai raam,
    dont worry dear first devotee baba will never get angry with his children..
    Devotees please pray for i got my xray..and they said that i might be having trace of pneumonia..but asked me to take a confirmation test on Thursday..please pray that results should be normal and i need not undergo any medication..since i am student in a different country it is very difficult to handle everything only hope is baba..baba please be with me for the thursday test and get me rid off all these tensions baba..please..i am sure you will be with me..
    om sai raam..

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram


    The whereabouts and the place where he was born or working was not given, G.G.Shriyan was a ardent devotee of Sai Baba. Whenever he had any problems he used to run to Sai Baba’s photo in his and pour out his heart. As stated in Sai Satcharitra, Sai Baba recognized even bowing before the photo. Example in Chapter 9of Sai Satcharitra the experience of Tarkhad, Story of Kakasaheb Dixit in Chapter 50 “He whom he was to going to meet in Shirdi was already already there in the form of His Portrait to greet him”. Shri Shriyan had so much trust in Sai Baba that mere talking to the photo of Sai Baba brought him instant results.

    A senior official imposed a fine on G G. Shriyan on a very flimsy reason. He was extremely hurt and humiliated; being an ardent devotee of Baba his first thought was to take refuge in Baba. That evening he rushed home and stood before Baba’s photograph and poured his heart out. “Baba it isn’t the fine that upsets me so much. Although that is a needless waist of money but it’s the reason for this unjust fine that makes me cry. Now it’s up to you to set this matter right”

    That night he had a vivid dream in which Baba consoled him and assured him that he would be exonerated. The next morning he found that the concerned official had withdrawn the fine imposed on him without an appeal. He was mortified to learn that the official had now placed the blame on a junior officer.

    The junior officer followed the advice given by Shiriyan so he prayed to Baba who promised relief in 73 days. There after the junior officer decided not to appeal or apply for redressal. He was pleasantly surprised when his immediate senior took it upon himself to represent his case on the 17th day. The case continued and on the 73rd day the outcome was ruled as “Null and void” and the fine was cancelled.

    Once G G. Shiriyan and his friend had cordially agreed that their children would marry each other when they were older. This took place in 1924. But when his daughter came of age his friend refused to fulfill the marriage contract. His friend went back on his word, as his son had passed the matriculation exam and was studying in college. His friend got greedy and asked Shiriyan for a huge dowry, and as it was not forthcoming the engagement was broken. His was looking to get a better prospective bride who would bring a lot of dowry along with her. Naturally Shiriyan was hurt by the turn of events, so he appealed to Baba for help and advice. Baba appeared in his dream assured him that he would get the same groom within 2 years. Then Shiriyan heard that his friend was offered a huge dowry by another family, prayed to Baba fervently. Again Baba appeared in his dream that all would be well and his daughter would marry the same boy.

    His friend left no stone unturned to secure an affluent bride for his son. But no such thing happened and his son was getting restless and disgusted by this. His son lost sleep as his conscience pricked him every time he had to meet a girl. Eventually the old pact between the two families was restored. And the marriage of the young couple came to be celebrated with two years. Thus Baba’s words came true.
    “You will never be able to understand thoroughly how great Sai Baba was. He was the very personification of perfection. If you knew him as I know him you would call him the master of creation” said Meher Baba.

    Ref Sai Baba The Perfect Master written by Dr A. G. Munsif

    • I so needed to read this – Just like shriyan I am also in a similar situation where my love and husband has been seperated from me due to petty reasons – This gives me hope that baba would help me also to get my lost honour and respect back and get my peace back. Now only baba can give solace to my ailing soul. I need you baba this mysterious and uncertain situtaion is killing me. Please answer my prayer too just like you did for shriyan in the experience mentioned above. I will be grateful to u for life baba.
      Jai SAi Ram

  5. Baba please Take Care of all of us…as our Mother..Baba although i love my Mother too much but i fight with her alot..and then i feel very bad..please Baba help me with this so that i can keep her so so happy…And Baba please take care of him..and bring him to the correct path..what he did yesterday was all because of you..give him strength and wisdom to differentiate between good and bad…and please Re-unite us and also re-unite the sister with her husband i met yesterday… sorry for all the Mistakes Baba…i am trying to improve myself…take care of my and his family…reside in our heart.. reside in our home..reside in our mind…
    Om Sai Ram..:)

  6. Sai maa
    Want to c u in Shirdi .please let the plan go without any hitch.hope u r not angry with this daughter of yours.
    Bless me my maa with health and happiness
    Pls make me help others and make me magnanimous
    Luv you my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  7. Wonderful experiences. To the 1st devotee, surrender to Him and see the miracles unfold 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with love, success, peace and happiness in the form of our friends and family and Your blessings 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Darshan of Lord Vitthal to Tandulwadkar*****
    Vamanbua Tandulwadkar was a pilgrim, who would regularly visit Pandharpur,
    the holy place of Lord Vitthal. Once, he came to Akkalkot for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’.After taking the ‘Darshan’ he became very sentimental. Vamanbua was in the habit of
    singing devotional songs. He wanted to sing devotional songs in the presence of Sri
    Swamiji. Sri Swamiji went in person to the location where Vamanbua had taken a halt.
    Seeing Sri Swamiji Vamanbua became extremely happy. He got fully absorbed in
    singing devotional songs in the presence of Sri Swamiji. He got fully immersed in
    devotion through his singing and finally he fell down unconscious.
    After regaining consciousness he started singing again and got absorbed in
    devotion. At the end of his singing people present there asked him “While singing how
    did you become silent and unconscious? ”. Vamanbua said “While I was singing
    devotional songs, Sri Swamiji changed his form and appeared in the form of Lord
    Pandurang247 of Pandharpur, with light complexion, wearing yellow silk cloth, crown
    worn on the head, large rings worn in the ears and both hands placed on his waist. By
    the sight of Lord Vitthal, I went in a trance and lost my consciousness. Sri Swamiji is
    the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. He is not different from Lord Vitthal”. Vamanbua felt
    fully blessed by the graceful appearance of his tutelary deity Lord Vitthal in Sri Swamiji.

    *****Darshan of Dwarkadhish Lord Krishna*****
    An ascetic, on a pilgrimage, wanted to visit holy place Dwaraka for Lord
    Krishna’s ‘Darshan’. There are four places of worship, normally referred to as Chardham
    (four centers), two of Lord Shiva-one at Kedarnath (North) the other at Rameshwar
    (South) and two of Lord Vishnu-One at Jagannath (East) and the other at Dwaraka
    When he reached Rameshwar in Tamilnadu he suffered from a disease called
    ‘dropsy’. On some devotee’s advice he came to Akkalkot and stood in the crowd for Sri
    Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Sri Swamiji called the ascetic nearby and said, “You had a strong
    desire to go to Dwaraka for Lord Krishna’s ‘Darshan’ is it not? ”. And before his very
    eyes, Sri Swamiji manifested himself in the living form of ‘Lord Krishna’ with a conch,
    ’Chakra’ (circular holy weapon) and a mace.
    Seeing the marvellous sight of Lord Krishna tears of joy started overflowing from
    his eyes. By the ‘Darshan’ of his tutelary deity, Lord Krishna, he lost his consciousness.

  9. Sai Ram, Again I came back to my previous company though it is not good one due to afraid of with out job. Please bless to leave this one and settle with family with good job. Please arrange to relieve from this company properly. Sai Deva give me a good job. Waiting for long time to settle in life. These days I am getting more frustration. Please don't leave me Sai Deva. Please fulfil my desire of giving darshan in my dream. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  10. BABA I am in difficult situation.My fathers health is not good and I am suffering with severe back pain.please help me BABA.Shower ur blessings on me and my family.pls save me BABA.

  11. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
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    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba.pls take care of everyone baba.thank u for everything baba.

  12. Devotees, I have a doubt….Can we make more than one wish and do one Nav Guruvar vrat? Please reply…I want do it from this Thursday….Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated….Om Sai Ram 🙂

  13. baba why you did like this? what mistake did i do? why baba why you are playing like this ???
    ? i asked you to do some magic so that he can say me that he will marry me. But wat you did ??? You made him say that he will not marry me..Why baba? tell me why you made him say like that ? You know right my mind is not set to marry any others other than him.. still you made him say the same thing ??? With your beleif i said to my parents that he will come to home within this month and ask hand for marriage and now you did this ??? What shall I answer my parents ??? my parents first only scold me for praying you.. Still i belived you and prayed you.. was there my mistake in praying ? tell me baba..what mistake you saw in my prayers.. tell be i feel so defeated in life..i feel bad about myself..Baba only you can do miracle.. baba please please baba i beg you..please give him as my husband.. baba please i beg you baba..I dont want to marry any other guy.,I want him only.. please do any miracles.. You know na baba I am going home on friday.. Please baba do some miracles so that he say that he will marry me before i go to home and he coming along with me to my home to ask my hand for marriage.. please baba.,I beg you please baba do this miracle and make me increase my faith in you.. please baba please hear my prayers..

    • There is a couse behind everything.mayb BABA plan more beautiful life 4 u.pls dont put blame on BABA..if dat guy realy luv u n can tk cr of u nicely… Sure BABA will fullfil ur wishes.OM SAI RAM

  14. BABA pls dont leave me alone.pls show 2 me true path n hw to go through my life with proper ur daughter BABA.i dont want do any mistake in my life somemore.pls guide me until my last heart beat BABA.I LOVE U.OM SAI RAM…

  15. om sai ram!!baba please help to get interviews and get matched baba!!baba i'm desperate baba!! please be with me baba!!om sai ram!!

  16. Baba i dont want to get married to any other guy than the person whom I love. I just pray with you to give the person whom I love as my husband..I dont want anything else..Just give me the person whom I love as my husband.

  17. Om sai Ram,
    Thank u so much baba .you had only made me to get selected in the preliminary exam baba.please make me to get through mains exam and interview are my only hope baba.Thank you baba.

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