Baba My Best Friend

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Sai Baba Ki Jai. This is the first time I am posting on this blog. The thing I am posting here are not just my experiences but my feelings, trust, love and belief I have in Baba. I don’t know what is actually I am feeling right now while posting this, it’s a kind of happiness I am feeling in sharing my relation with Baba from so many years. Sai is the first God I know for me from when I got the knowledge of God I know only Sai Baba. The picture which I have shared is the same picture which came to our house in 90 ‘ for the first time. My dad never believed God, Baba’s Photo was given to us or told by someone to keep in our house and that’s how Baba came in our lives. That time we were going through lots of problems but as we got the Baba Photo our problems came to an end. Baba is my best friend since childhood I was very reserved never had many friends.

I shared everything with Baba, I speak to Him about all the silly stuff also sometimes I say Him that I guess You are bored by listening to me. That is Baba for me. I don’t know what all I should share here, if I start sharing the place will not be sufficient. Baba showed His presence many times in our life. Whenever my family had some problems He came to us. Sometimes I fell in such situations that I knew I had no solution but suffer and I could not even see any chance of getting out of it but remember Baba and He came. When I came to US I faced many problems. I told Him while coming here that I am leaving my family back now You as are the only one Who is going to be with me. And He was with me. I faced many problems, once I fell in such a problem that I cannot tell my whole career was on stake. I cried so bitterly, even now I remember that day I get Goosebumps. The moment I saw Baba I had tears. Missed my family oh God I can’t tell what I went through.

Then the miracle took place. Baba came to me in form of a Photo smiling and blessing. That was the time I and my friends came back from India trip. I couldn’t visit Shirdi. Due to my time schedule, My friend got that Photo for me and it was given to her by her uncle. The miracle is that it came from Shirdi. That day I can’t tell what I felt. My trust and belief will be till I die. He is the reason of all my happiness luxuries and actually my life. The thing I regret is sometimes I really get very angry on Him and talk all non sense but He was always with me. I lately realize that it happened for my own good. Baba will always be with His devotees. The thing is we should have utter faith in Him. And then He is all yours. Love Him. He is the best thing in our lives. I Love You Sai Baba. Always be with me and my family. Never leave me alone. Please share this on the blog I want everyone to read this. Om Sai Ram

Baba Is With Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a software engineer working in Chennai. I have become a great devotee of Sai Baba few months back. Om Sai Ram. I am glad to have Baba in my life and i am happy to share my experience. I am not a childhood devotee of Baba. I got to know about Baba in the year 2013 through my roommate.

First experience with Baba: I met my school senior in Feb 2013. We both started chatting through messages and calls. Slowly I started liking him and I knew he too had the same affection on me. Unfortunately, By mid April my parents started to talk about my marriage and they had one alliance in hand and started compelling me to accept for that proposal. As I started my relationship with him I don’t want to get married to the person whom my parents suggested. One fine day I went to Sai Baba Mandir and prayed to Him whole heatedly asking for this alliance to get stopped. To my surprise the boy’s family didn’t turn up and that marriage proposal was stopped. This is the first time I realized the presence of Baba. I started doing Sai Baba’s 9 weeks Vrat for the first time without any intention and successfully completed it. I was really happy over that period after that also I was not a great devotee of Baba. I used to worship Him then and there.

My relationship with my school senior went deep and deep but we never proposed each other. In the mid of October I came to know that my guy is willing to marry me as I do. So, we both decided to talk about this to our parents. He said first let me talk to my family and then you speak but at any cost try to accept things even if things goes negatively. Unfortunately, his family situation is in very worse condition and at any cost their family is not in a condition to accept our love. He said due to my family’s situation I can’t take a selfish decision to marry you so let’s break up. I spoke several times to him regarding this but he is very scared to take this forward as his family’s situation is in poor condition. I don’t blame him I understand his situation too. But I couldn’t forget him and I knew he too can’t forget me. All I wanted is my guy back to me. It’s been 3 months since I spoke to him after break up. I know its Baba Who came through the appearance of my friend and asked to me do this Sai Baba 9 week’s Vrat and asked to study Sai Satcharitra. Now i am following this Vrat and planning to study the Sai Satcharitra Book with a hope that my guy will come back to me. I know Baba will be there for me in all worse condition. All Sai devotees please pray for me and Baba shall bless us all with His blessings.

How Baba Gave My Stolen Mobile

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am an engineering student. Upto my tenth class I never believed that God existed. But Baba came into my life through my mom who was an ardent devotee of Baba. Now, I consider Him as my father and had surrendered myself to Him. When I was in my engineering first year, I requested my dad to buy me a mobile. He initially said ‘no’ but finally agreed to get me one. So, I bought a mobile and took it to college to show it to my friends on the next day. But I lost my mobile on the third day. I neglected to install mobile tracker on it, so there was no hope of finding it again. I was so worried. Back home, I cried a lot in-front of Baba’s Photo and asked Him why He took away my mobile from me which I bought very fondly. I told my mom and dad about this and they consoled me. Then we went to Dwarka Tirumala, also known as ‘Small Tirupathi’. There my dad asked me to pray to God to help us make a visit again. But I was angry with Baba and said to Him that I will come back there only if He gives my mobile back.

After two days or so, I was going to my college on my college bus. My friend then told me that one girl in the bus was carrying a cell pouch that resembled mine. We then asked that girl to show her mobile once. I was horrified to find that it was mine. (I was so sure as I clearly remembered a scar on it that was formed as the screen guard was not put on properly.) Then I asked my dad and my sister to come to the bus-stop with my mobile’s bill. At the bus-stop when I checked the IMEI number I found that it is mine. The girl too agreed that she didn’t buy the phone and it was gifted to her by her boyfriend. She returned it to me. All my friends said that getting back my mobile is a miracle. But I alone knew who did it. But I could not go to Dwarka Tirumala till now. I’m sorry for this Baba. I know You’ll understand the reason for this and will forgive me. Sri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Nice Experiences!! Baba, I am facing challenges in the project right now. I feel that that I am not doing as per expectations. Please help. This was the kind of project I was waiting for. Also please, revise my salary to my expectation. Its long time waiting Baba!! Help me!!

    Om Sai ram!!

  2. all experiences are very good in early morning i read experiences i feel happy they are blessed souls i have small leela he ble ssed me second time to have his darshan in siridi be with us and bless near and darshan and tuch his samadi please grant my wish

  3. devotee 2 , baba will take care of everything just surrender to him faithfully and that's it. leave everything on him. whatever he will do its better for you.. i hope baba get your love back. om sai ram…

  4. Om Sai Ram. My sweetest puppy is no more. Y Sai u take him on ur day? He was so blessed soul I gave him gangajal than he passed away. Its very difficult for human also to take gangajal at there last breath. My sis is not OK. She is in bad condition coz she loved him like baby as he was just 4 months. She brought him when he was just 15 days. Plz devotees pray 4 my puppy n family. V were very attached coz he did a lot 4 us. Y Sai ? Aap save kyon nhi kar paye?

  5. Wonderful experiences.Thanks for sharing. Dear second devotee, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba and he will surely resolve all your problems.Om Sairam.


    "The world is now too dangerous for anything but truth, too smell for anything but brotherhood1'

    —A. Powell Davies

    It was a bright sunny day on the 14th March 1985. We were in Detroit (Michigan)—U.S.A. at that time, where my husband was on a short-term assignment. I too was usefully employed in a Super Market over there.

    Sal Baba had blessed us a chance to go over to USA in November 1984. In every moment of our life He has been close behind my thoughts. Naturally I felt elated when I received a unique gift from Calcutta—Sai Brother T. R. Anand had spent a good chunk of his purse to mail me the January, 1985 issue of 'Sai Prema' which carried an article of mine. In the very next week, Sai-uncle M. Narasimha Rao of Hyderabad had sent me a locket of Sai Baba along with Sai-udhi. I was really overwhelmed at these gestures of Sai-love.

    Even before I could acknowledge Sai-uncle Narasimha Rao's gift, I heard from my brother Dr. G. R. Vijayakumar that Sai Baba had called Sri M. Narasimha Rao to His lotus feet on the 18th February, 1985. This sad news hit me like a torpedo.

    It is my nature to mind my own business and I do not get involved in other's business, i.e., just play the monkey game-hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil, it is a simple matter of withdrawing from a situation where I might be asked to give something like time, money or talent. Sai Baba brought forth a miraculous experience in my life, prompting me to be of help to an unknown Sai brother in this strange land on the 14th March, 1985. I stood face to face with a tough decision. The choice that Sai Baba thought me is a lesson I would never forget.

    The Chapter 47 of Sai Satcharitra (Veerabhadrappa— Chennabasappa story) was in my mind as I got into the suburban train to reach the Super Market where I was employed. Aboard the train, I took a seat beside the door and began reading the newspaper, a regular ritual for my 45-minute ride. I took a close look at my co-travellers—a graying grandmother was dozing just opposite to me—her head sagged to the left in a 45-degree list. A dark-haired boy of 18 stood holding a brown paper sack under his arm. [5irectlylacross from me sat an attractive young lady—a portrait of poise as she sat erect reading a book. I admired her looks.

  7. At the next stop, 'grandma' got out of the train. Next was the 50th Street stop. I peeped out of the window and the platform was almost empty. The young lady placed her book mark and closed the book.

    “As the train lurched to a stop, she rose and walked to the door passing the dark-haired boy. Suddenly the young lady whirled and screamed: "You fresh punk : Don't look so innocent : I know you touched me''. Her pretty face was now contorted in anger. Then the girl began flailing the astonished boy, who in defence threw his arms up and tried to push her away. In doing so he must have hit her in the face because suddenly her mouth was all bloody.

    At last the boy broke free and made a dash down the platform, The girl pursued—her high heels clicking as she ran.

    ''Police, Police" she shrieked.

    With the sound of her voice and the noise of her shoes still echoing through the station, the doors of the train closed and we continued on our way. I sat staring at the door not sure that I was not dreaming.

    Sal Baba made me restless. I told myself : "I had seen that boy standing, and had detected no move to touch the girl”. I wondered what would happen to the boy If he were caught. The girl's story would carry more weight.

    He might be taken to a police station and be charged with molesting her. Was it fair for me—a witness—to remain silent.

    'It is not your battle…don’t stick your nose in someone else's business……he probably ran away and nothing will come of it'. But somehow Sai Baba seated deep in my heart was not convinced. The thoughts turned cartwheels in my mind as I left the train and headed for the Office. '

    Sai Baba did not permit me to sit quiet. I could not forget the sound of that girl's voice and those high heels echoing through the subway, ' Police… …clicketty click,

  8. clicketty click…Police."

    What was the right thing to do ? As I thought about It, Chapter 47 of Sai Satcharitra flashed across me. Sai Baba had helped the frog from the snake. The locket of Sai Baba so affectionately sent by Sai-uncle M. Narasimha Rao and Sal Brother TR Anand's concern to reach SAI PREMA to my hands, clinched the issue. I know I should do the same.

    It took four calls to locate the right police precinct. The desk Sergeant listened to my story, "You saw it all, huh ? Well…the boy has been sent to Juvenile Court downtown". He gave me the boy's name—Ishii Wymon and his parent's address. By the time I got in touch with Mrs. Jane Wymon she knew the details. There was a quiver in her voice and I could tell she was fighting back tears. With the help of a colleague, we fixed up a lawyer—Mr. George Fleary to represent the case. Later he called back and asked me to meet him in the Court the following Monday. I was to testify.

    On Monday, Mr. Fleary outlined the accusations that would be brought by the girl's attorney.

    "If he is found guilty of these charges, he could receive a sentence from six months to a year" he said.

    Ishii's mother arrived. Her face was painted with worry. Ishii now entered the courtroom, accompanied by an Officer and was seated at a table with Mr. Fleary.

    The Judge came into the room and the proceedings began. Counsel for the girl presented charges that seemed a mile long to me. Then the Judge began questioning the girl. Without inhibition she described what Ishii supposedly had done. I shook my head in disbelief. Nothing she said could have happened. Ishii flushed with embarrassment and sank in his seat.

    I called out to Sai Baba—"Please come to Ishii's rescue'. Sai Baba who is Omnipresent prompted the Judge to interrupt, asking her to be specific : "There is a witness to the incident present, so be sure of what you say".

    The girl's eyes searched and then came to rest on me. She looked at me incredulously. Then a strange reaction came over her. She started fumbling with words, qualifying previous statements and contradicting herself. Within five minutes, the Judge called the two lawyers forward. They huddled, whispered and nodded. Then Mr. Fleary came back to where we were sitting and said : "The case has been dismissed. The Judge feels the girl needs psychiatric help."

    Ishii grabbed my hand firmly to show his gratitude, but he was too choked up to speak. Through tears of joy, his mother thanked us over and over.

    Mr. Fleary thanked me for the help : "Indians are . generous. An American would say 'It is none of my business.' I am happy that you came forward to testify." lt showed him the picture of Sai Baba from my purse and told him that it was Sai Baba who brought forth this miracle! Mr. George Fleary who is a deeply-religious man told me the Christ's parable of the good Samaritan who helped a man h did not know.

    On my way home, I thought how close I had come to saying, 'it is none of my business,. How close I had come to playing the monkey game.

    "Thank you, Lord Sainath" I said, "Thank you for giving me the courage to act. Help me to be more sensitive others in need. Open my eyes and ears and mouth-a heart."

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Darshan of Lord Vitthal*****
    There was a young ascetic of the Maratha community in Mangalvedha. He had
    an earnest desire for the ‘Darshan’ of his tutelary deity, Lord Vitthal184. Sri Swamiji
    advised him “Go to the holy place Dwaraka and stay there making small pieces of the
    earthen tiles matching the size of copper coin242. Then you will get the ‘Darshan’ of Lord
    Vitthal”. Therefore, the young ascetic went to Dwaraka and started making small pieces
    of the earthen tiles. Lord Vitthal graced him ‘Darshan’ three times.

    In Mangalvedha, solapur District, Maharashtra, there was a woman named
    Janabai. Right from her childhood she had developed a habit to visit Pandharpur. On
    every Ekadeshi243 day and return the next day.
    Once during the Ashadh244 month while was she was on her pilgrimage to
    Pandharpur torrential rain started pouring. Heavy winds started blowing and there was
    thunder and lightning all around. It became extremely difficult for her to proceed
    further. Janabai got completely drenched in rain and started shivering with cold. Under
    this extreme circumstance, she hid her child in her bosom, put the bundle of clothes on
    her head, and started walking ahead chanting the name of Lord Vitthal. Finally due to
    fear of lightening and thunder she took shelter under a tree.
    On the other side of the same street, under a tree, Sri Swamiji was
    seated and laughing. Janabai offered her obeisance and prayed to him
    “Maharaj till now I had never missed my pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Today I
    am facing this calamity. What shall I do? ”. Sri Swamiji replied, “Janabai, do
    you think that Lord Vitthal is present only at Pandharpur?. Is he not present at
    places other than Pandharpur?. Perceive Lord Vitthal in your own heart. Lord
    Vitthal is permanently present in your self”. Saying so, Sri Swamiji stood up in
    the posture of Lord Vitthal, placing both hands on his loins and Janabai got the
    Darshan of Lord Vitthal. Her earnest desire was fulfilled.
    Then Janabai spoke “Maharaj, you are Lord Vitthal himself. You have
    highly favoured a female slave like me by bestowing your ‘Darshan’. Even if I
    prepare shoes from my skin and put on your feet, I will not get freed from this

  10. Nice experiences and I pray to our sweet Sai that He bring love to everyone's life including the 2nd devotee.

    O Sai, be with us, guide us, help us, protect us, bless us for we need Your hand on us. Thank You O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

    • Nice feels good to hear al such nice experience (miracles).even I m a big devotee of "saibaba".I had a wish to baba, n dats realy vry imposible to com true, but I want dat to b fullfiled.plz baba help me.pls u al too pray for me ,.I realy want that wish to get fulfil.pls baba help baba.

  11. Dear Baba,

    I am once again ditched by a guy. I dont know what is the problem with me .Why do I always fall for wrong people? How long I have to suffer like this Baba. Please baba I cant bare this pain any more please baba take this life . I cant live like this anymore. People who cheated me got married and they are living happily .

    Please baba I cant live with this pain take me with you.

  12. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
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    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba.pls take care of everyone.thank u for everything baba.

  13. Dear sai devotees……by baba's blessings iam recently married………facing some problms with hubby and inlaws….i want to strt SSC PARAYAN but this question always haunts in mind that we have to stay away from hubby for 1wk and not to involve in sex? sorry to ask this here but i asked few ppl and they gave confusing answers…………pls guide me

  14. Why did you mess with my life? Why did you give me signs which caused me so much distress? Why did you make me cling on to my past by showing me messages and positive signs when I was confused and scared? You ruined my life. My faith in you ruined my life. Ever since I started believing in you, I have only faced failures in my life. You didn't fulfill your promises, and you lead me to the worst thing ever in my life. Even after repeated fisappointments you only cause me more disappointments. That day when I was so confused and he talked about marriage, he opened a page and your pic came up.

  15. कितनी खूबसूरती से साईं आपकी जिंदगी में हर एक दिन जोड़ते है..
    इसीलिए नहीं कि आपको उनकी जरुरत है..
    पर इसीलिए कि किसी और को आपकी ज्यादा जरुरत है..
    इसीलिए हर दिन ख़ुशी के साथ जियो ..

    क्योकि……. बाबा है ना

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय
    साईंवार कि शुभकामनाऐं,,,

  16. Babaji maa
    Thanks for a lovely day
    Please hold my hand firmly
    Bless me with good health and happiness
    Please help to find glasses
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. I love u Baba.Tq very much bcoz save me from very difficult situation.Pls dont leave me Baba.I will love u last forever.

  18. BABA i fell very lonely and my life full of sorrow.pls help me BABA.pls guide me wat is gud n realy confuse BABA.pls appear in my dream n pls make me happy BABA. I love n miss u so much my dear lovely SAI BABA. Om Sai Ram…

  19. 3rd devotee….i fet bad reading that you lost your cell coz i know how it feels as i lost my mobile too but did not get back….but i was laughing reading how you ot your cell..may sai bless you dear

  20. I am the one who has written the third experience. Ever since I have come more and more close to my father (Baba). I have countless miracles in my life. Om Sairam

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