How Baba Helped Me To Get A Better Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi all. I knew Baba but was not too closely. I got close to Him from my cousin. I would always be thankful to her for making me a devotee of Sai Baba. I was a graduate and was looking for a job. As my cousin told I started doing 9 weeks Sai Baba Vrat. I did not know much about Baba then but still started the Vrat. As days passed by I started getting close to Him.

Meanwhile, I was attending interviews but was not getting selected. I also read Sai Satcharitra for getting a job as I was very desperate to get a job. I used to ask questions through Sai Baba Question and Answers. I always used to get assuring answers. And when asked about the job, the answer would be that I would get results around Shree Rama’s birthday. I had once also got a answer that I will see Lord Shiva in my dream (who is my favourite God). And I saw a huge and beautiful Shivling in my dream which made me very happy. And later I got know by some sources that Sai Baba is one of the forms of Lord Shiva.

As I was searching for a job, I got few offers which required money to be deposited. But because of some reasons I rejected those (It was Baba Who made me reject those). And on my birthday, I had attended an interview and I had asked Baba to give this job as my birthday gift. And around Shree Ram’s Birthday, I got a job offer for that job by the blessings of Sai Baba. Thank You for the gift Baba. I am very thankful to Him. Whenever I was not getting selected in interviews, I used to think that Baba has something nice waiting for me. And it was true. This was better than the previous offers I had got. Chanting His name always makes me calm in some difficult situations. So, I would tell that He helped me to get a “better” job. I would like to say to all devotees, that Baba won’t leave you to suffer. If you are going through difficult times, He always has something better waiting for you. I would be very thankful if this experience of mine is posted. Thank You. Om Sai Ram

Unbelievable Moment In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. I want to share my experience. When i was doing my final year i was having reappear in 2nd Semester paper. Finally i appeared in my reappear exam and next time i again got reappear. At that time, i felt so sad like i try to commit suicide. After that i did one craft of Sai Baba, then i put a frame for the Picture of Baba. Simultaneously i did Sai Baba Vrat. On 4th Thursday i got my result as pass, which means i am all clear now. Nobody cleared the maths paper in revaluation, only i cleared. I love You so much Sai Ram. Keep faith in Him, He never leaves us. When i feel lonely i call Him and at that time i saw Him through any Picture or Idol. When i wakeup in morning, i firstly read these miracles and at the time my faith in Sai Baba grew more strong. One day i went Malliga shop and bought some thing. Everyday i threw out that paper, but on that with the intension like (i want to see Baba on that paper) Baba appeared on that paper and i feel very happy. Om Sai Ram Shree Sai Ram Jaya Jaya Sai Ram

Sai Helped Ease The Tension The Same Day

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank you for this service and do keep my name /email id anonymous. I have this little experience to share about Sai’s miracle. I deposited a cheque into my a/c worth a lakh a week back and suddenly now did not remember if I wrote my name on the cheque. It was an a/c payee cheque and anyone could have misused it, had I not written my name on it. I prayed to Baba to help me and next morning I called internet banking and they confirmed that cheque has been deposited and that same day money was reflected in a/c. Baba helped me to receive the same day so that I don’t get tensed. Thank You Sai and sorry for posting this late.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Sri sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Please give me Darshan on my Dream. Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jay

  3. There is a saying.

    "Be noble, and the nobleness that lines in others Dormant, but not dead, will rise in Majesty to meet your own"

    If we help to strengthen the little faith that lie dormant in others, together, we can produce a powerful current of 'Sai Faith'. Just as a seedling grows in strength with added-nourishments, 'Sai-faith' can also grow with our unfailing and ever-increasing patience and perseverance.

    Let me give you an example; Sudha came to live next door about five years back. She was young and newly married. On a Thursday, while I was locking my front-door she asked me, "Where do you go on Thursday, Aunty?" I replied that I go to the "Prasanna Sai Mandir" on Thursday. "Oh you believe in Sai Baba" she remarked casually. Before long, she paid me a visit and seeing the pictures of Sai Baba in every room she said, " I have heard of Sai-Baba, but I don't know anything about Him" "It is good you are interested", I told her. Whoever sings or hears His leelas are blessed by Him. "If that is true, l am keenly interested in hearing His life-stories", she added. From then on, I narrated to her incidents, and anecdotes from the "Sri Sai Satcharitha" and "Life of Sai Baba", by Sri. B.V.N. Swamy. She eagerly assi­milated everything, as she had a religious disposition with a receptive mind for everything good and godly. Gradually a glow of faith in Sai Baba was kindled in her.

    . She expressed her desire to come with me to the Mandir on a Thursday. She came and was so impressed that she wished to come on every Thursday. All along our way our conversation was mostly on Sai Baba and his Mahima. Unfortunately an elderly aunt of hers opposed this new religious slant in her. She, chided Sudha and spoke to her in a bitter manner against Sai Baba. She also warned her against her weekly visits to the Mandir. I pacified her and told her that It was only because Sai Baba himself wished that she was able to visit his Mandir. Sai Baba draws His devotees like a sparrow that Is pulled with a string attached to its feet. Once Sai Baba accepted a devotee there was no turning back. She was convinced and paid no heed to the oppositions raised.

    One day she told me that she was experiencing a strange kind of mental peace ever since she started worshipping Sai Baba. ''I-have been able to conquer my anger sooner and forgive others too. I am able to get rid of mental fear and anxiety, things don't upset me soon now. It is wonderful", she said.

    "I am not a bit surprised". I told her – "Sainath gives us tranquility of mind. He lifts us up and sway from all the evil temptations and dangers of this worldly existence". She also added that all her mental queries were being answe­red by me "Unknown to me, Sai-Baba does it" I explained to her.

  4. Certain small experiences she got during her visits to the Mandir confirmed her faith in Sai Baba further. On a Thursday she asked me why Kumkum was not distributed as Prasad in the Mandir. On that very day a lady had come all the way from Bangalore to do Kumkum Archana to Lord Sai I We got kumkum together with udi-prasad.

    On another occasion she wanted to know whether Bouga-invilla flowers could be used for Archana. I had seen only tube roses (Sugandha Roja) being used and I doubted about her query. Exactly on that day we saw red bougainvilla flowers strewn among the white tube roses, that had fallen on the Lord's Murthy after Archana. "Sai Baba has answered my ques­tion" She remarked with joy. Still on another thursday she told me that not a single picture of Sri Devi was among the pictures in the Mandir. Wonderfully thrilling to us it was when on that day we saw a silver embossed framed picture .of the Goddess just under the huge portrait of Sai Baba; Some one had brought it to be blessed at the Mandir.

    Sai-Baba thus worked upon her mind in slow degrees and helped me also to strengthen her faith in Him. Oh Sainath how very true thy words • "If a man utters my name with love I shall fulfil all his wishes, increase his devotion".

    She now reads Satcharitha daily and recites the Sri Sat Sahasranama on every thursday. At first she had placed Sai Baba's picture for worship, not in her pooja – room, but in her hall. A few months passed and she placed it in the pooja room, but away from the Gods: Now Sai Baba is with the gods!

    A gradual process! I hope she will one 'day see all the Gods in Sai Baba I

    ' She says that her outlook in life has changed considerably due to my influence. "It is not mine at all but Sainaths" I tell her. But I have read somewhere that "Having an impact on another person, shaping his or her life in some small but vital way is one of the most enduring satisfaction we can know". Sai Baba has blessed me with this satisfaction and also the "satsang" established thereby.



    Sai Prabha December 1987

  5. Very nice experiences.

    O Sai, Thank You for taking us, those who have surrendered to Your feet, into Your fold. Be our Friend and Guide O Sadguru and lead us to a desire free life 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. "If you are going through difficult times, He always has something better waiting for you."- these words boosted me. Thank you for your post.

  7. love you sai baba love you so muchhhhhhh…tahku so much for this beautiful life bcz u r in our lyf,………………………

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    love u baba.pls take care of everyone swamy.thank u baba.

  9. BABA I am not knowing how to behave with people. BABA I feel like when I am helping people and when I am good with them they are not knowing my goodness and taking advantage of me. But BABA sometimes I feel like I want people to have gratitude towards me for what I am doing them. BABA I am confused BABA. BABA I want to be good to people. Please guide me BABA. BABA YOU know how I used to be with my neighbours but when I asked for help few times they were not ready to help us. BABA I feel like they are using me. But BABA if I am YOUR daughter I should not think like this. I have to help them no matter what they are and how they are. But I am not like. BABA please help me and show me right path.

  10. BABA since last night I am not feeling good. BABA YOU know my friend's father expired and I went yesterday and was with her for only 20minutes. As today is Tuesday I should not go. BABA I am feeling bad for this. BABA please help me to come of this situation. Please BABA I beg YOU I cant think about this anymore. BABA please help me to come out of this.

  11. I love u Baba.Baba realy change my life.B4 my life full of tear n fear.Bt nw i feel very free.i realy need Baba all of my life.

  12. dear devotess, i have a doubt -i was doing my nav guruvar vrat with one time food(rice curry) and other time with juice, tea and sweets becoz i am working night shift esp on thursday which make me so tired without food.I know there is no hard rules which i have to follow-but still i want to conform from baba devotess which i feel like baba words either i have to change it or not..
    PLS ADVICE ME….this will be my third week of vrat may be i can correct myself if am wrong….

    • Dear devotee all that baba wants is faith , pls do not set hard rules, do the vrat with devotion that would suffice, Om Sai Ram !!!

    • Dear sai devotee,
      Baba expects our devotion nothing above than that please do it as your convenience. I wish Baba will fulfill your desires
      Om Sai Ram

    sarvagaḥ sarvavidbhānurviṣvaksenō janārdanaḥ |
    vedō vedavidavyaṅgō vedāṅgō vedavit kaviḥ || 14 ||

    123. Sarvagaḥ: One who pervades everything, being of the nature of
    their material cause.
    124. Sarvavid-bhānuḥ: One who is omniscient and illumines
    125. Viṣvakśenaḥ: He before whom all Asura armies get scattered.
    126. Janārdanaḥ: One who inflicts suffering on evil men.
    127. Vedaḥ: He who is of the form of the Veda.
    128. Vedavid: One who knows the Veda and its meaning.
    129. Avyaṅgaḥ: One who is self-fulfilled by knowledge and other
    great attributes and is free from every defect.
    130. Vedāṅgaḥ: He to whom the Vedas stand as organs.
    131. Vedavit: One who knows all the Vedas.
    132. Kaviḥ: One who sees everything.

  14. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Kanphata Ekanath*****
    Kanphata Eknath belonged to the Nath-Sect240. He was a devotee and attendant
    of Sri Swamiji. Because of his tall and muscular physique and hot-headed
    temperament, other attendants would remain subdued towards him. He would shower
    his anger on attendants like Sripad Bhat, Cholappa, Vishwanathbua, and Sundarabai.
    There was a fear amongst them that Eknath might take someone’s life someday and so
    a complaint was lodged against him and finally he was put behind bars.
    Kanphata would never take his food without taking Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’, so
    when he was arrested and put behind bars he remained without food for more than four
    days. One day Sri Swamiji was sitting in a farm near city gate. By some coincidence,
    prisoners were also brought near the city gate. Hearing the continuous shouts of victory
    in praise of Sri Swamiji made Kanphata very restless. He became very anxious to take
    Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Finally he lost his control and got up from his seat with an
    intention of going towards Sri Swamiji. However, the policeman did not allow him to go
    and so Eknath knocked down the policeman.
    He then seized the policeman’s sword and forced his way to take Sri Swamiji’s
    ‘Darshan’. An old Brahmin was sitting near Sri Swamiji. From a distance he resembled
    Cholappa. At the mere sight of the old Brahmin, who appeared like Cholappa, Eknath
    got infuriated and struck him 7-8 times with his sharp sword. Sri Swamiji witnessed this
    particular act of Ekanath. The old Brahmin became unconscious due of those swordstrokes.
    Nevertheless, the compassionate Sri Swamiji saved him from death since under normal circumstances no one would have survived even one stroke of Eknath’s
    powerful sword stroke. Thus Sri Swamiji also saved Eknath from the serious offence of

  15. dear devotess, i have a doubt -i was doing my nav guruvar vrat with one time food(rice curry) and other time with juice, tea and sweets becoz i am working night shift esp on thursday which make me so tired without food.I know there is no hard rules which i have to follow-but still i want to conform from baba devotess which i feel like baba words either i have to change it or not..
    PLS ADVICE ME….this will be my third week of vrat may be i can correct myself if am wrong….

  16. I love u Baba. U knw im in so many probs nw.Bt u mk me very patient n very humble.i cn realize it.I realy need u in my life Baba. Pls appear in my dream n pls show 2 me wat is gud n wat is bad.Tq BABA.

  17. sai my son is 18 months old and he is not reallly worried…..please do shower your blessing on him….love u sairam

  18. om sri sai ram
    im sorry baba
    please tc of avik. give him all happiness baba.
    thanks a lot baba .
    please bless us. bless me with a baby baba.
    om sri sai ram

  19. baba im not happy. please baba
    y am i like this
    sth is haunting me.
    i dun wan to go thru another bad phase of life
    please save me baba

  20. om sai ram!!thank you so much baba for the visa, i know its only because of you i got the visa, without nothing would have been possible, help me to get clear the exam and get matched baba, love you ,
    om sai ram! om sai ram!om sai ram!

  21. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. They are my life… please Baba shower your choicest blessings on my little family and make them comfortable in their lives, give them a long healthy life, filled with happiness, laughter, joy, wisdom, knowledge, ability, strength, courage, qualities desirous of your worship , faith, devotion, peace and prosperity. Baba you know everything, what do I have to say. I thank you for taking care of everything but I am going through a lot of challenges,and I request you to be by my side, hold my hands and give me the strength to fight all odds without hurting anyone in calmness. Baba please take care of hubby and make me a sumangali – I count on you for this. Please be the parent, guide, mentor and Guru for my husband and children. Please take care of them at all points of life Baba. I am going through some challenges, only YOU can help me get through these situations with ease and resolve them. Baba thank you for giving me ideas for recruitment but till now I have not got any resource. Please help me , one more resource has resigned instead. I count on you Baba. Please support me. How do I handle myself in these situations, only YOU know. Please Baba provide me with some solutions Baba. I hope to write on this experience pages should we complete all recruitments for India and sales /admin for outside as soon as we complete the positions. You will be my strength Baba just like you were the strength for Hemadpanth. I surrender to you Baba. Take care of my little family Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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