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Anonymous Devotee says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesha. My sincere and heartfelt Pranam at Your Lotus Feet Dearest Father Sainath. With Your grace, i am writing this prayer request. Please accept my prayer and grant us Your blessings. Thank you Hetal Ji for the great service you are rendering to the society in the form of this blog, it helps us a lot to know more about our Baba, His grace, Kindness, Love and Benevolence. Baba blesses you, your family and the whole team of this blog immensely. Please keep my name and email-id anonymous, you could address me as Baba’s Daughter.

Dear Sai Family, I request your kind prayers, wishes and blessings for the good health of my husband, who got convulsions last month. He got his first convulsions almost 2 months back and that was the first time ever. We saw the Doctor and he started the medicines and asked us to continue it. He said there was a small scar in my husband’s brain due to an accident 10 years back and that could be causing it. My husband also was under a lot of office stress recently and was not sleeping well. So all these reasons combined could have led to the convulsions. We were continuing the medicines, but somehow thought it was not so necessary and discontinued for a few days. Due to it, my husband again got convulsions twice recently at night. I got very scared and we started the medicines immediately. We saw the Doctor again and he has advised us to continue the medicines. By Baba’s grace, we are continuing the medicines on time now, and my husband is doing well due to Baba’s care and blessings. Each of the three times when my husband had the convulsions at night just after sleeping, Baba protected him. Once he fell down from the bed, but by Baba’s grace he did not hit his head. He hit his shoulder, and there is a little pain still and I pray to Baba to take away the shoulder pain soon. I am grateful to Baba for protecting my husband and taking good care of him. I see many positive changes in my husband after this, like praying to God more often and taking care of his health, and I am thankful to Baba for all this. I know all this is because of our past Karma and Baba is helping us to overcome it and reducing the impact by His kindness.

I am in my advanced stage of pregnancy and this has caused a little stress. I am trying to stay calm by taking Baba’s Name. I know Baba is there inside my womb and taking very good care of the little baby which is His blessing in our lives. So I am sure that all will be well by His grace and He will gift us with a healthy and fit baby. I am praying to Baba to bless my husband and our to be born baby with the best of health, long life and happiness. Baba, please come in our dreams and punish us and take away our bad karma, as You have done to many Devotees as is mentioned in the ‘Sai Satcharitra’. Please pardon us for all the sins that we have done. Baba, You have healed so many people from many health conditions, so I pray at Your Lotus Feet earnestly, to please cure my husband too. Please bless him with good health, long life and all happiness. Take away his convulsions problem, Thyroid imbalance problem and give him good health Deva. You are our sole refuge and You are our Big Daddy. We resort to Your Lotus and Holy Feet. Please help us Baba. Help us to tide through these tough times. Your blessings will cure my husband and give him good health. Please help us and bless us to have a happy life.

Baba, please bless my husband to be Your devotee, so that he comes to know about Your Love, Kind Grace and Immense blessings. He should read Your ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and get to do lots of good deeds and charity. Please show us the right path Deva in all aspects of our lives and be with us always in every step. Prevent us from doing any bad deeds and make us worthy of receiving Your grace. I request Your Prayers, blessings and wishes dear Sai Family, for the good health of my husband, so that he is cured of his convulsions, and also for us to get a healthy Baby. Baba has cured many people of convulsions in the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and I am sure He will cure my husband too. I need to wait with Faith and Patience.

We love You a lot Baba, from the bottom of our heart and we owe You everything in life. This good life that You has given us and all the comforts and good days are all because of You. We are nothing without You. We shall be immensely grateful to You always for everything. Please be with us and everyone always. May You keep blessing us and everyone always and may everyone in this world get to know You and be blessed by You. Please bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, joyous relationships and all happiness. Please keep us all protected under Your protective wings always, and please keep us at Your Lotus and Holy Old Feet.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu. Sarva Jana Sukhino Bhavantu. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Sister,
    Don't worry..Baba will take care of your husband and your unborn child. Your problems are not yours, they are Baba's. Keep your failth strong, he will only pull your husband also towards him.
    Drink some udi mixed with water daily and also give it to your husband.
    Your baby is in baba's hands, he will be fit & healthy :-).

    You can also try homeo medications for convulsions along with the allopathic medicines that your husband is taking.
    Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Choudary is very famous homeo doctor in Hyd. Not sure if you live in India or abroad. If you don't, you can send someone who lives in hyd to his clinic. He gives medicines by talking to the patient on phone also and they can be mailed to you.
    good luck!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thank you Dear Sai Devotee for the reference of the homoepathic Doctor , we will try to consult him. We stay in Bangalore. We are doing good by BABA's grace and waiting for the Baby to arrive . Best wishes to you too.

      BABA bless us all always.


  2. Dear sister,
    dont worry baba will help you in all ways..he will bless you dont worry..and surely grant your prayers..
    baba was there with me in a unknown land when i came to this place and helped me with his grace..baba please dont leave us we all are your children


    Dear Sister

    hope fully you are already blessed:)

    I think it is a repeat experience??

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Baba.. Please accept my prayers and free this devotee of this stress. Husband's health is always a stress on a woman.. In her current condition, she should be relaxed and happy. Take care of her Baba.

  5. Dear Devotee,
    Baba will surely bless you with a healthy baby and also your husband with good health. Keep contemplating on baba all the time. All will go well.
    Sai Ram

  6. Prayer of Rehnquishment

    'What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to Him.'
    Like most Sai devotees, when I first began active experi­mentation with prayer to Sai Baba, I was full of questions, such as: Why are some agonizingly sincere prayers granted, while others are not? Today I still have questions. Mysteries of Sai Baba are always ahead of present knowledge – luring, beckoning on to further experimentation. But one thing I do know – I learned it through hard experience. It is a way of my prayer to Sai Baba that has resulted consistently in a glorious answer, glorious because each time power beyond human reckoning has been released. This is the prayer of relinquishment.

    I got my first glimpse of it in the fall of 1985. I had then sustained an injury to my right shoulder and the arm was out of use for over two months. Long immobilization practically made me unable to lift the right limb above the chest-level. A bevy of specialists and physiotherapy seemed unable to help. Persistent prayer to Sai Baba, using all the faith I could muster, had resulted in nothing.
    One afternoon, a pamphlet was put in my hands. It was the story of a missionary who had been an invalid for eight years. Constantly she had prayed that God would make her well so that she might do his work. Finally, worn out with futile petition, she prayed: 'All right, I give up. If you want me to be an invalid, that is your business. Anyway, I want you even more than I want health. You decide'. In two weeks the woman was out of bed, completely well.
    This made no sense to me, yet I could not forget the story. On the morning of 18th October 1985 – how can I for­get the date? – I came to the same point of abject acceptance. 'I am tired of asking' was the burden of my prayer. 'I am beaten through, Sai Maharaj; you decide what you want for me'.

    My wife suggested that we go over to Bangalore as my sister, Mrs. Usha Ranganathan, was returning to India from USA. We could not only receive her but also participate in the 'Punya Thithi' celebrations at Sri Sai Spiritual Centre, Bangalore on November, 23rd and 24, 1985. I told her that if Saipadananda Radhakrishna Swamiji gives mean indication that I should be present at the Mahasamadhi Celebrations' we would surely go over to Bangalore. I had no faith as I understood faith, expected nothing. The gift of my sick-self made me say these with no trace of graciousness.

    The mail brought me a deluxe invitation from Sai Spiri­tual Centre, Bangalore. It was unexpected as well as surprising because I am not a member of the centre. Sai Maharaj and Gurudev Radhakrishna Swamiji greeted me and beckoned me to be present at Bangalore for the Mahasamadhi Celebrations and Kumbabhishekam of the renovated temple. The riddle of my getting this V. I. P. invitation was solved by Mr. S. P. Nanjunda Mudaliar, then President of Sai Spiritual Centre, later at Shirdi in February 1986. He told me that Sai Baba prompted him to dispatch invitations to all Sai bandhus who had contributed articles to the Souvenir of the forthcoming Devotees' Convention. As my article too found a place in the Souvenir, I got an invitation to attend the Mahasamadhi Celebrations.

  7. As I saw the invitation for Mahasamadhi day as well as the 'Kumbabhishekam' of the Sai Spiritual Centre, tears flowed. It was as if I had touched a button that opened windows in heaven, as if some dynamo of heavenly power began flowing.

    Within minutes I had experienced the presence of the living Sai Baba and Radhakrishna Swamiji in a way that wiped away all doubt and revolutionized my life. From that moment my recovery began.

    We journeyed to Bangalore on the night of November 19th 1985. We were stunned to see the magnificent change that had come at the Sai Spiritual Centre. As I offered my obeisance to Sai Maharaj and Swamiji, a surprise awaited me. I could lift my arm. There was no more the disability.

    As I sat in a corner of the Centre, Sai Baba was try­ing to teach me something important about prayer. Gradually, I saw that a demanding spirit, with self-will as its rudder, blocks prayer. I feel that the reason for this is that Sai Baba absolutely refuses to violate our free-will that, therefore, un­less self-will is voluntarily given up, even Sai Baba cannot move to answer prayer.

    In time, I gained more understanding about the prayer of 'Relinquishment' through the experiences of others in conte­mporary life and through Sai Satcharitra. Sai Baba's life is a pattern for us, I learned. He could have avoided his Asthmatic attacks. He did not have to give up his body for three days on the lap of Mahlsapathy to get rid of Asthma. He had the power, but Sai Baba used His free will to leave the decision to 'Allah-Malik'. Sri Junnerkar in his novel on Sai Baba 'THE MISSION DEVINE' brings Sai Baba's prayer into focus for us. "Dear Allah, all things are possible to you, please let me not suffer from these attacks of Asthma. Yet it is not what I want, but what you want".

    The prayer was not answered as the human Sai Baba wished. Yet power has been flowing from His tomb at Shirdi ever since. Even as he was suffering from repeated attacks of Asthma, Sai Baba never forgot the presence or the power of God. The prayer of 'Relinquishment' must not be inter­preted negatively. It does not let us lie down in the dust of a God-less universe and steer ourselves just for the worst. Rather it says: 'This is my situation at the moment. I will face the reality of it. But I will also accept willingly what­ever a loving father sends'. Acceptance therefore never slams the door on hope.

    It is good to remember that not even an expert cowherd can lead if the cows have not this trust and insist on running ahead of him or taking side paths or just stubbornly refusing to follow him. That is why Sai Baba commended: "Cast your burdens on me. I shall surely carry them". Our pliability must be complete, from our wills right on through to our actions. So Mother Sathya Kapoor, wife of Sri P.K. Kapoor, 1121, Chah Rabat, Delhi – 110006, found as she wrestled in prayer years ago. Their only child Rachna was seriously ill. The attending physician warned that unless the young girl's fever abated before morning she would die.

  8. As Mother Sathyaji sat by Rachna's bed her thoughts went to what her husband had said earlier that day: "I can­not endure the alternations of hope and fear, therefore I have settled with myself not to hope at all". But the mother could not share Kapoorji's hopelessness. Rachna could not, must not die. This daughter has a fine mind and attractive features. Why should some capricious providence demand that they give her up?
    As the night deepened, the girl lay so still that she seemed to be in the ante-room of death. The mother went to the window and looked out. There was no moonlight; a dark and silent sky was heavy with clouds.
    "I cannot bear this loss – cannot – cannot…….," Then suddenly, unaccountably, another thought took over, "Why should I doubt the goodness of Sai Baba? Let him take Rachna, if he sees best, I can give her to him. No, I won't fight against him anymore".
    Then an even stronger thing happened. Having made the great sacrifice, Mother Sathyaji expected to feel sadder. Instead she felt lighter, happier than at any time since Rachna's illness had begun.

    Some minutes later, she walked back to the girl's bedside, felt her daughter's forehead. It was moist and cool. Rachna was sleeping naturally. And the mother rushed in to the next room to tell her husband that a miracle had happened.
    Now the intriguing question is: What is the spiritual law implied in this prayer of 'Relinquishment'? Fear is like a screen erected between us and Sai Baba, so that His power cannot get through to us. So how does one get rid of fear? This is not easy when the life of someone dear hangs in the balance, or when what we want most is involved. At such times, every emotion, every passion, is tied up in the dread that what we fear most is about to come upon us. Obviously only drastic measures can deal with such a gigantic fear and the demanding spirit that usually goes along with it. My experience has been that repeating ‘OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI’ as a faith affirmation is not drastic enough.

    So then we are squarely up against the law of relinquishment. Was Sai Baba showing us to use this law when He said: "Why fear when I am here" In Sai's eyes, fear is evil because it is acting out of lack of trust in Him. So he is advising: "Resist not fear". In other words, Sai Baba is saying, admit the possibility of what you fear most. And lo, as you stop feeling, force yourself to walk up to the fear, look it full in the face – never forgetting that Sai Baba and His powers are still the supreme reality-the fear evaporates. Drastic? Yes. But it is one sure way of releasing prayer power into human affairs.

    Source Sri Sai Padananda

    • Dear Sai Devotee… Thank you so much for this post. I have been struggling with the concept of complete surrender and this post has helped me immensely. Is there more that I could read? I really need to. I can't thank you enough. I never read the very long comments but today, when I needed this the most, Baba brought me to it. May Baba keep his blessings on you.


  9. O Deva, I am sure You would have heard this lady's pleas and have already run to her aid. Thank You for caring for us, Your devotees, and blessing us with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram

  11. please SAI BABA be with her always. dont worry SAI SISTER HE will take care of you, your husband and your baby. OM SAI RAM.

  12. Sai tomorrow is my b'day. I want u n him. N u r not giving me both, u r not coming n he is also. Now wt 2 say Thnx 4 all this. Now it ll not b happy b'day. Sai y u r not helping me. M sad n crying coz u r not helping me. Thnx 4 this b'day gift. Ur daughter is not happy.

    • Thnx. Plz Sai bless me this tym. Only u can understand my situation. I can demand this gift 4rom u. Thnx om Sai Ram

  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot Dear Sai Family for all your prayers and good wishes. My Husband is doing good now by BABA's Blessings, and we are continuing the medicines till the next appointment with the Doctor. I am also doing good and in a much better state of mind due to BABA's GRACE and LOVE. My Delivery Date is approaching and we are happily awaiting the Babys arrival. With all your prayers, i am sure all will be well and BABA has taken our burden and he will bestow us with his grace and Blessings.

    Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you. Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for posting my Prayer Request, BABA bless you and the whole SAI Family here with all the good things in life.

    Love you BABA, please be with us all always.


  14. don't worry baba hai na sab thik ho jayega…….aap k ghr m jo baby ayega ho baba ki diya tofa hoga or usshi ke sath aap k ghr mai khushiya ayegi… sai ram …baba plz help her family

  15. Dear Sai Devotee, don't worry, Baba is taking care of your husband and making sure that he does not get worse and make sure to give your husband Udi along with his other medicines as Udi is also an important part of his treatment. Baba will be there with your baby and take good care of him or her and make sure that their Daddy is healthy so that he can have fun playing with the baby. I will also pray to Baba to help your husband get well soon. Also, do 9 Thursdays vrat to help your husband and for the baby. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Om sai ram
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    love u baba .pls take care of everyone baba.thank u baba.

  17. Om sai ram
    Give me immense faith to surrender myself in your lotus feet..take away my negative thoughts egos which obstructing me for complete surreder…..saimaa make me a simple hearted person…….

  18. quite moving narrative about the power of prayer and the haze of fear between sai n us…kudos to the writer….sai do bless the lady and her husband so that their faith on you is further cemented..jai sai deva..

  19. hi to one and all..iam the one sharing a short biography of swamy samarth and vishnu sahastra i wanted to share my recent experience which made me belive the answer book of saibaba.
    actually i dont pray or go to temple when iam in periods like any other girls but i could not resist myself from our beloved baba and from reading this site.these times iam also sharin vishnu sahastranamam(daily one) so as iam in periods i could not touch or read the book but i wanted to share akkalkote swamy story asusual.but i was in dialoma whether it is correct or not to read this book at these times.then i opened and asked baba can i post akkalkota swamy story or not.answer was as follows…"Do not get tired of problems. Keep faith in Sri SaiBaba. You will find a way. Read the Pothi of Akkalkot (A biography of Akkalkot Swami) or any other biography of saints" …….this was the direct answer and now i belive this is a miracle book

    A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Repentance Itself Is Atonement*****
    Sri Swamiji had come to Solapur from Akkalkot. There, lakhs of people started
    pouring in to take Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. There was a merchant by name
    Chanbasappa. Seeing the pomp and prosperity of Sri Swamiji, he spoke to another
    merchant, Siddhappa Karanje, “Today, merchants, shopkeepers, children, women and
    men of Solapur have all gone to take ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji of Akkalkot. They are all
    foolish. Forgetting God Siddheshwar219 of Solapur, people have gone crazy after an
    ascetic, Sri Swamiji”.
    Siddappa was a devotee. He spoke “Why should we commit sin by censuring
    God, Guru and the saints? Let us go and witness the Divine Power of Sri Swamiji”.
    Therefore, Chanbasappa and Siddappa both went for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji.
    There was a miracle. Chanbasappa witnessed Goddess Parvati along with God
    Siddheshwar Kailasnath seated in the place of Sri Swamiji himself and glaring with
    splendour. He became nervous, started trembling with fear and prayed for the kind
    forgiveness. Then Sri Swamiji advised, “You have already repented. Repentance
    itself is atonement. Sin gets washed away and the mind gets purified”. The
    kind-hearted Sri Swamiji put down his pride and gave him a sense of oneness.

    • Om Sai Ram. U r a girl I thought u r Sai brother. Well in past also appreciate u 4 sharing this biography. Thnx again 4 sharing ur experience, coz I was also thinking like this question answer book is really solve our prob or its just 2 satisfy us. Coz abt my relationship baba always give positive answer but in actual its not happening in positive way. So I was confused abt it and asking Sai abt this n here r u. U gave me the answer may b its Sai 's wish dt u have 2 share ur experience. Thnx. Tomorrow is my b'day n m not happy coz of relationship prob but Sai answered me positive. When I don't know. Today I asked Hetalji also abt this by mail I hope she ll answer me. Om Sai Ram. Thnx Hetalji coz of u v ppl feeling relief n peace. Bless me Sai.

    • Thanks for taking so much of efforts in positing Swami Akkalkot Maharaj's stories & take this opporutnity to appreciate your goodself for posting Vishnu Sahasranam with meanings

    • om sai ram 🙂 thanks for your kind words 🙂 dear first sis…i think baba made you to comment here just coz even i was in the same situation as you are now.that was my worst birthday without him(whome i lost i can call him a cheater).i was searching for peace of mind.did many poojas went to temples made many promises to god to change his mind and make him come back.even on my birthday i cried a lot.but later on i changed my mind and thought why i should be back of him like this?if he would have done this to me after marriage how my life would be? thinking all these i made myself strong (naam jap and satcharitra helped me a lot).after a few months iam completely out of him and i came to know he is suffering now.I dont expect anybody to suffer but i believe god is the ultimate judge and he punishes and rewards us accordingly..may sai give you strength and patience

  20. Sai maa
    Why did u make me go through the mild panic attack in the morning maa?
    Make me completely healthy and fit mentally and physically
    Luv u a lot my maa
    Falling at your holy lotus feet

  21. OM SAI RAM……………Dear sai sister we all will pray for ur husband and baby. May sai maharaj bless your family with health and wealth.

  22. Today 9 August is my b'day. M not happy. Plz Sai bless me wid my love. Plz send him back 2 me only this b'day gift I want. I love him. Plz do something. Y he is angry with me, plz send him back. Om Sai Ram

  23. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam.

    pls solve all my problems saima….pls bless me with happy family life, good career and good health…………..jai sairam

    • Om Sai Ram !

      BABA solve all your problems Dear Sai Devotee .. Best wishes and prayers for you . All will be well, BABA is our FATHER, lets TRUST him entirely.


  24. Don't worry dear, sai ma will bless you.
    Sai ma pls bless them and remove her husbands health problem. Protect her child ma.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  25. Thanks for everything. Thanks for helping me lose interest in everything. Thanks for making me lose interest in you. Thank you so much.

  26. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Devotee, whose experience is posted in here, should try administer Baba's udi as well; Baba will take care of the rest.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  27. dont worry Baba will take care of u … and ur husband everything is a lesson dear.. have faith and patience…

  28. Why are you not showing your grace on my son baba.daily i cry in front of your photo.but u are not looking at say if u look at me i will look at you.but crying only is remaining.not your grace.why baba.why that much anger on me.

  29. Where Are YOU LORD !
    Where are YOU LORD seeing all the injustices regarding my marriage after my only sibling’s death in JUNE 2012 ! If YOU are not for the helpless, orphan and poor,then where will this fatherless and brother less child , go LORD ! Is there no JUSTICE in YOUR KINGDOM !!!

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