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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank You for providing such a wonderful platform for sharing Sainath Maharaj’s miracles. Requesting you to edit it where required and kindly publish it. I came across Baba 15 Years ago. I went to His temple with my aunt by then. It was a pleasant experience. But after that though I saw His photo many times but never worshiped Him. After completing my engineering I got a job in an IT company and posted in Pune. While staying in Pune I went to Shirdi two times and from then my journey began with Baba, my Guru, my Guide Sainath. I have many experiences from that time till now, Baba has shown many miracles to me so far in every step. I will mention a few below.

As I mentioned earlier I happened to visit Sai Temple 15 years ago. But I started worshiping Baba from 2007. After completion of my Engineering I appeared for an off Campus placement. That was almost the last campus for the year in which I got placed. There were many candidates for that job and I was selected for that which would have not been possible by Baba’s grace. Similarly my marriage got fixed on time and I was supposed to be in my home town for my engagement in next two days. In between I got to know all of a sudden my mother fell ill and she was hospitalised. It was two days before my engagement, immediately I wanted to reschedule my flight a day earlier to be with her. It was almost 8.30 pm and I called up the airlines for booking, there were no flights available and the flights for next day were costing almost 5 times of the actual price. Instead of booking I went to nearby Sai temple and prayed desperately. To my surprise the very next day morning my brother called me and informed me that my mother’s condition was quite stable. Also my engagement happened as per the schedule and there was not a trace of illness on her face.

Another experience I would like to share here, I was facing lot of obstacles at my work place. Nothing was going as desired irrespective of my hard work, unnecessary conflicts and chaos at work place was created against me. My appraisal at work was not good I was extremely frustrated that time. Soon I started doing five Thursday Vrat of Shree Sai Baba, a great miracle happened at that time. I was able to get a good project under a good manager, My appraisal was good and also I got promoted on time. Similarly the next year my husband and I got US visa which is again a miracle, cause we both are working in different organizations. Now We are facing many ups and down at work place and waiting to travel to America which is getting delayed, But I have firm belief it can be possible with Baba’s grace soon and all our worries and stress related to work will be relieved too.

One recent experience happened with us, we travelled to Shirdi six months back, my three years old son is very naughty, we have named him Sai and it’s a very tough task to manage him in public. While we were standing in queue he was getting very naughty, some fellow people liked his teasing and some were getting disturbed. One person was standing in the queue and he was observing my kid, he was speaking in Marathi and he asked us if he could carry my son, Since we both were tired of journey and it was very difficult for us to manage him that time we said yes. It was our complete astonishment that my son was so calm as long as he was with him. He carried him like that till Baba’s Statue and Samadhi, Also he gave me some roses which he was carrying to offer Baba and again it was another surprise since I missed to get the flowers for Baba and it was not possible to get the flowers by leaving the Darshan queue and I was feeling very bad that I couldn’t bring flowers for Baba. We had an excellent Darshan of Baba that day. We booked our return ticket from Shirdi in second AC, which was not confirmed till last moment. Since it was peak season being Diwali time, we had apprehension whether it would be cleared or not. On the way to station we got to know it was cleared and we got confirmed seats. It was again another miracle by Baba.

Finally at last but not the least while jotting this experience all of a sudden it came to my mind to save this word doc, and I saved it. Immediately after that power went off. If I would not have saved this document I had to re write my experiences from the beginning with Baba since my laptop doesn’t have any battery backup support now a days and I would have lost what I have created so far. Finally with thousands of Sastang Namasakar to Baba, I am stopping here. Om Shree Sai Nathaya Namah. Thank you very much for publishing the above experiences.

Sai Leela’s

Anonymous Devotee says: First of all thank you Hetal ji for providing us a platform to thank our beloved Sai Baba. We can share the happiness we are getting from Baba. Please keep me anonymous. You can make changes in this post. Planning to write for some time but Baba’s permission is must. And today He permits me to write and send it to our modern Hemadpant (Hetal ji).

I was a Sai Baba devotee then due to my bad karma I got angry with Baba and stop worshiping Him, but He Never left me as He was there in my talk that’s mean He was always with me. Miracles are our prayers listened by Our Sai Baba. I was having some health related issues, though I visited the doctor also but still was not satisfied. Two days passed. One day early morning at 4 am I was feeling restless, I talk to my husband regarding this, he says we will again go to doctor. I came to my office at around 10 am and also was praying to Baba whether I should go to doctor or not? Though during last appointment doctor said my problem will be solved and asked us to come again on 24th Feb. But as I was feeling something wrong with my health, so I pray to Baba please show me the way. As I read so many times so I also talk to my Baba and said If You are wearing blue as I am wearing blue then I will not go to hospital and if You are wearing other than blue then I will go to hospital. And when I open Shirdi website for online Darshan my sweet Baba was wearing beautiful blue colour dress. Thank You Baba. Please bless my daughter and my family. Please bless all Your children Baba.

I came to know about this site one month ago and really felt blessed after reading the experiences of devotees. One devotee tells how 1 lakh Sai Naam Jaap help her. So I decide that I will also do 1 lakh Jaap. So i took a vow to complete 1 lakh Jaap in one week. I was feeling difficult to do Jaap as I am working and I have only Sunday off. And at home I have to look after my daughter also. I pray to Sai Baba please help me to complete Naam Jaap. And show me a sign that You are happy with my Naam Jaap. So Baba’s Leela starts- Day one of my starting Sai Naam Jaap (I started from Tuesday) my friend sends me soft copy of Sai Satcharitra. On Thursday I received Sai Satcharitra through courier. On Friday I received audio of first chapter of Sai Satcharitra. What else I want. Thank You Sai Baba. Bless us all.

My husband told me that we should buy a car as two wheeler is not sufficient for family. I found his idea ok. So I apply conveyance advance from my office. In my office, there are lot of formalities for advance so I pray to Baba that it is Your wish that we should have a car now please complete all the formalities within one week and I want my car on Thursday. And Yes really Baba fulfilled my wish. I said to my husband that if we get our car till Thursday then you will read Shri Sai Satcharitra one chapter daily. Though he is not a strong believer of Baba but he was happily agreed. And when we received our car on Thursday, he was surprised. Now from Thursday by Baba’s blessing he will start reading Sri Sai Satcharitra. Thank You Sai Baba for Your love and blessing. Please bless my family and all.

Have Faith In Sai And He Will Help You

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, I am a Sai devotee for the last 3 years. Please keep me anonymous and do not share my email id or name. I have shared my experiences with Sai Baba before, how He helped me during my mother’s illness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a blog. I read this blog everyday and when I am down this blog gives me strength. Please edit my experience if you feel so.

Experience 1: My husband was having issues with his career for a long time. I always use to tell my husband to have faith in Sai Baba, but he was not too much interested about religious things, but at the same time he would never show his disrespect for God. I am a spiritual person having faith in God, my husband always support me in case I wanted to do any Pooja at home. Since I was not able to convince my husband about Sai Baba, so I started putting Udi on his forehead before he leaves for office and see miracles of all miracles, this financial year he has done so good in his office. Now slowly he has started believing in Sai Ma. I am sure in future he will become an ardent devotee of Sai Baba with His blessings.

Experience 2: My mother is having very High BP problem, it shoots up very easily, so I am always scared about the situation. In my previous experience I have mentioned how by Sai Baba’s grace my mother recovered from her illness. Yesterday I was checking her BP using a semi automatic monitor at home and was praying Sai Maa that it should be under control. I checked it and chanted His name, and to my relief it was much in control. I always thank my Sai Maa for what He has given to me and always pray to God that everybody should be happy with Your grace.

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  1. My sincere prayers to you baba..
    After sundays incident I dont know what to do or think. Was is it you who made the priest to think me and him as husband and wife.. He did pooja thinking us as husband and wife..and even blessed us like that.. Was it the right thing ? It is true that i am doing 9 thursday vrat to get him as my husband.. 5 thursday already over and this sunday like this happened? was it right to do pooja as husband and wife before marriage only ? was it right ? when i think u made priest do like that then I feel happy.. but when my friends say other things i get tensed.. Please tell me baba is it good..please baba I want to hear from you… Om Sai Ram


    (Shri Sai Leela November 1983)

    Upon my return from West Germany in 1976, as usual there was no position or job awaiting me and both my wife myself decided to settle down temporarily at Hyderabad with the expectation that some opportunities might be forthcoming soon, but the days went on, months passed by and there was no sign of getting any employment for either of us. Obviously, we got frustrated and during this period, my wife and myself made our plans to visit SHIRDI and that was our first visit too. Admittedly, even though we had offered our PUJA as usual, but were deprived of participating in the ABHISHEKAM, since we simply missed the number in the queue, which naturally made us dejected and upset. During 1978 both of us got positions, one in Delhi and the other at Ranchi. I got my next call to visit SHIRDI in December 1978, while I was participating in an International Congress in Bombay. I was looking forward to this opportunity. This time everything went on so smoothly that is appeared all the events were pre-set, planned or even destined by BABA and to my heart’s content I could fulfill my desire with BABA’S darshan.

    The calamity once again came to me and this time with great severity and I had to undergo suffering, humiliation, and mental agony for quite a pretty long time and it was really a great test of BABA on me. BABA HIMSELF went on helping me in developing much more faith in HIM, much more dependence on HIM, much tolerance and patience with HIM. The magnitude of bhakti was at its height this time. I could not have been able to withstand these critical days, had BABA not been there, helping me always in fighting against frustration and pessimism Baba, at one hand, went on experimenting on me with HIS tests; while on the other hand, HE gave me enough strength to withstand and to overcome to critical period with great courage. And this is our BABA! speaking frankly, during this period I came to realize BABA’s sermons and HIS blissful love and blessings. I could make my trip to SHIRDI twice in 1981 and thrice in 1982. Then came the most interesting and exciting event. My wife got herself settled in Delhi with BABA’S blessings. All her obstacles in connection with the current position could be solved smoothly by BABA and HE always remains with her since she has to remain alone in Delhi and BABA is her guardian. In order to bring me closer to HIM, Baba brought me to Pune and I fully believe that BABA has brought me here because as and when HE desires, I can be summoned by HIM. Already I could go to HIM once by this time and hope to go as many times as possible if HE desires. We therefore firmly believe that BABA is ours, BABA is our SAINATH and BABA is our GOD.

    We have surrendered ourselves at HIS LOTUS FEET and HE WILL look after us and why at all should we bother ?

    Sri Anantakoti Brahmandanayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai Ram. Please bless me to get good job and stay together with my wife and child. Please help to make success of today's interview

  5. Good experiences.

    O Sai, be with us throughout this journey called life and help us spread joy and cheer, love and happiness along the path and let us be remembered for the good.

    Jai Sairam


  7. Please Sai Nath bless us. I need your support Sai Nath. Please bless me Baba please.

    Please Sai Nath Aunty chali jae aaj. Please why are they troubling us. Please help us please sai.

    agrāhyaḥ śāśvataḥ kṛṣṇō lōhitākṣaḥ pratardanaḥ |
    prabhūtastrikakubdhāma pavitraṁ maṁgalaṁ param || 7 ||
    55. Agrāhyaḥ: One who cannot be grasped by the organs or
    knowledge or conceived by the mind.
    56. Śāśvataḥ: One who exists at all times.
    57. Kṛṣṇaḥ: The existence-Knowledge-Bliss.
    58. Lohitākṣaḥ: One whose eyes are tinged red.
    59. Pratardanaḥ: Destroyer of all at the time of cosmic dissolution.
    60. Prabhūtaḥ: Great because of unique qualities like
    omnipotence, omniscience etc.
    61. Tri-kakub-dhāma: He who is the support (dharma) of the three
    regions above, below and in the middle.
    62. Pavitraṁ: That which purifies everything.
    63. Maṅgalaṁ param: Supremely auspicious.

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Sri Swamiji Disappeared*****
    The king of the then Baroda State, Sriman Malharrao Gaikwad, strongly desired
    that Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj should come and stay in his State. He was ready to
    spend any amount of money to make this happen. He announced that whoever
    succeeds in this work, would be offered a huge gift of land. One of his chieftains,
    Tatyasaheb accepted the challenge. The king gave him lot of money, costumes,
    ornaments, and also servants to help him.
    Tatyasaheb came to Akkalkot and brought Cholappa under control and influence.
    Cholappa was the most trustworthy disciple of Sri Swamiji, but unfortunately very
    greedy too. Tatyasaheb held discussions with Cholappa and designed a plot to take Sri
    Swamiji to Baroda in a train. Finally, they even managed to take Sri Swamiji in a closed
    palanquin up to Kadapgaon station. After reaching Kadapgaon, Tatyasaheb went ahead
    to see Sri Swamiji, but to his disbelief he found the palanquin to be empty. Sri Swamiji
    had disappeared.

    *****Meal of Chillies*****
    Every day Devotees offered food as Naivedya to Sri Swamiji. This food consisted
    of various types of sweets and exquisite dishes as well. Seeing these sweets and dainty
    dishes, a clever person started thinking that Sri Swamiji’s life is full of joy. He enjoys
    the best of opportunity to eat these dainty dishes. The inner-spirited Sri Swamiji came
    to know about his thoughts. He kept away the food offered by devotees, called for a plate of red chillies and ate them. The clever person, who doubted about Sri Swamiji,
    became very ashamed and prayed for his forgiveness.

  10. Om Sai Ram… Sai Devotees,

    I have a query in mind. In the Sai Five-Day vrath… what do we do with the coin that is tied in the yellow colored cloth and kept near Baba? Do we keep diff coin each time…. and what do we do with it at the end of the fifth Guruvar?

    Please advice.

    thank you …. 🙂

    Om Sai Ram

    • "Om Sai Ram"

      Let Lord Sai bless you. I had performed 9th Guruvar vrat, but exactly din't know what to do with the coin. So , when i reached 4th Day vrat i got a chance to go to Shirdi, where I offered the coin in the Dwarkamai Hundi. Or may be if, anyone else is planning to visit shirdi, then you can ask them to do this favour. Till then ou can keep in the pooja room. It is just my opinion. Sai Ram.

    • Thank you for your reply Dear Sai Devotee,

      I was just telling my hubby in the morning that i will put it in the Hundi in the Sai Temple in my area. If not Shirdi i think its ok if i put it there. Your answer cleared my doubt. .i will go to the Sai Temple in my area after 5th Guruvar 🙂

      Thank you once again 🙂

      Om Sai Ram 🙂

  11. Mere Baba. .pls give me one last chance, I promise I won't disappoint you. Pls believe me and re- unite me when my husband..falling on your lotus feet. .om sai ram

  12. Thank You Baba!! My visa has been approved!! You always shower blessings on me!!

    Love you Baba!! Now please revise my salary as per my expectations. I need it desperately.

    Om Sai ram!!

  13. होके शर्मिंदा गुनाहों से
    उसके दर पे जा तो सही
    वो करेगा माफ़ तू अश्क बहा तो सही
    वो जो साईं है सुनता है सबकी दुआ …
    उसके सजदे में तू सर को झुका तो सही

    बाबा तेरे प्यार को सलाम ,
    तेरे कदमो को सलाम,
    तेरी आहट को सलाम…
    जिस प्यार से तूने मेरी जिंदगी सँवारी…
    मेरे साईं तेरी इस इनायत को सलाम…!!

    ॥ ॐ साई राम॥

    हे दीन दयालु साईं,
    कृपा मुझपे भी कर दो,
    मेरी झोली में बस बाबा तुम,
    श्रद्धा सबुरी भर दो,
    श्रद्धा सबुरी जो मुझे मिल जाएगी,
    तो हर चीज़ मिल जाएगी,
    श्रद्धा हमेशा बरसेगी बाबा,
    सबुरी में जिंदगी बीत जाएगी !!
    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

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    om sairam..
    saimaa, as u know I am in very very difficult suitations…whatever they are doing with me is very unfair..pls saimaa, help me by resolving this..desperately i need of ur help …pls help me…

  15. Sai maa
    Please please please hold my hand my maa
    Make me completely healthy and confident and cheerful
    Please don't ever leave my hand
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. koti kotI pranam in our darling babas lotus feet !! No life without u darling baba u r my everything.. and ve complete faith I m being protected under ur protected wings.. love u madly deeply immensly … aum saI ram

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  18. Om sai ram. Keeping faith and with your name baba I resigned from present job. Please clear my interview 1-2 days. Its one year baba since I requested.

  19. once only in first vrat only you tie a cin in yellow cloth. finishing vrat that coin should be put in hundi in sai baba temple any sai baba temple near your house

  20. Baba please help us surrender at ur holy feet. Shakti doh bhagawan kei hum shraddha aur saburi sei agei chale. Tera naam hamesha hamare Hooton pei ho aur hamari har ek saas par sai sai ho. Luv u Baba

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