Baba Helped Me In Getting A New Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hi Hetal ji thanks for all your wonderful service towards Baba ji and His devotees by running this blog. I am regular reader of this blog from which I keep having Shraddha and Saburi towards our Baba ji. I promised Baba that I would share this experience, once I get a new job when I was in critical situation with my previous job. Baba, blessed me with a new job immediately after relieving my job in the month end of Aug’2013. Since then I am trying to pen down this and not able to do it (Pardon me Baba for the delay). But today Baba helped me in writing this experience as Baba knows that without His blessings I could not do anything.

Baba blessed me by pulling me to His Lotus feet in the year 1992 through one of my cousin when I was in Chennai (Madras). First time I had Baba Darshan in Mylapore, Chennai and since then I started worshiping Baba Ji and Baba blessed me in all the ways. I completely surrendered to Baba ji and He blessed me for the things which I never think in my life that I could achieve like travelling abroad, buying of new house etc., (there are so many). Once again I would like to say, “Whatever I am today is because of Baba’s blessings and grace”.

Here is my detailed story related to my job change which I promised to Baba that I would share through this blog. I was with one company working as IT Professional for around 12 years without any issues. But all of a sudden, things got changed from Mar’13 became worst during the period of May’13. I started searching for new job and that time job market was not good and no employer was ready to wait for 3 months as my notice period was 3 months. Hence, I took risk by praying Baba ji and resigned my job without having any offer on hand. I did not get many calls and some of the interviews I could not crack it. Days were moving and I did not get any job and Aug’13 came which was my last month to relieve (i.e. 27th Aug’13 was my last date). Then, in the beginning of the Aug’13 month, I cleared one of the interview by Baba’s grace and job location was Mumbai. I was very happy thinking that I get a chance to visit Shirdi and have Baba’s Darshan once in a month/2 months. But, I got a phone call from consultancy saying that there would be a delay in releasing the offer letter which will take 3 to 4 weeks. After hearing this I lost hopes on this job and still waiting for Baba’s blessings. It was already 3rd week of August and my termination process started and I don’t have any offer in hand. I was still waiting for Baba’s grace with “Faith and Patience”.

Here Baba showed His blessings thorough one of my friend. It was 22nd Aug (which is Thursday) I got a call from one of my friend to attend an Interview with one of MNC and the whole technical Interview process completed by 23rd. On 26th I got call from HR (I was in Sai Baba temple) saying that I have been selected and asked to visit the company to complete the HR formalities. On 27th I received offer letter through mail and the same day I was relieved from my previous company. This is how Baba blessed by giving me a new job without any loss of working days (mainly from mental tension). I joined in the new company on 4th Sep’13 and on 6th Sep’13, I got call from Mumbai company saying that they were going to release the offer letter, if I am still looking for a job. I felt bad and told them that I had already joined in a new company. I am not sure why Baba delayed that Mumbai job offer and asked me to join in the new company which is in Bangalore. Though the new job is very hectic, I got a good exposure from Technology and functional front. May be Baba showed this job to me to learn the new things which may help for future. Baba, You know everything and I try to follow and fulfil whatever You provides me from my side with “Shradha and Saburi”. Only thing I pray is, Baba, please be with us always and show Your blessings on all of us. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

Baba’s Help At Right Time

Anonymous Devotee says: Hello hetal Ji, I always read this forum. The form and the stories in this will encourage me and give me confidence that our Sai Ram will take care of us at any instant. And according to me it’s true always. Let me share my one of my experience about Sai’s blessings. Kindly post this experience in the form. I am not a great writer so apologize if there are any mistakes and feel free to update it.

I am very much carrier oriented. I am from a very small family and being the elder kid I wanted to prove and set an example to everyone in my family that studies and focus on carrier will take you to heights. So I always work towards that. I never knew about Baba until I came to Chennai. I got placed in a reputed MNC and I had to stay in a PG (Sai Ram Hostel) as my native is not Chennai. From there on my journey with Sai Baba had started. Owner aunty of that hostel took us to Sai Baba temple one day and i very much liked the temple and I felt so good in my life after going there. It was such a great moment in my life. From then on for everything I get Baba’s blessing to proceed forward. There were lots and lots of up’s and down, but I sailed successfully in all the instances with Sainath’s help. Sai Ram was with me all the time and He helped me to get through things.

I specially wanted to share a particular instant that recently happened. At that time I was there in US for about 2 years. Since it was all new I had to struggle so much to adapt with the things and things were going successful as i had very good name among the client managers. My parents wanted me to get married so they were looking for some alliances. Due to my horoscope reason things were getting delayed and finally they found someone. He was based in India and I had give-up my onsite/carrier and go back. Though I was hesitant I went back for my parents and got married. I always believed in Sai Baba and whatever happens in our life it’s all for good. It is so true because i got a wonderful life partner who cares me more than my parents. But at the corner of my heart i still had dreams about my carrier and coming back to USA. My husband was supportive, so i started to work towards that. My VISA was valid only for 2 months and I had to travel at least prior a month before it gets expired to save the VISA status. Since I came back from my old assignment I had find a new once ASAP. I thought it’s all not possible to happen within 20 days. I prayed to Baba to save my VISA status. With Baba’s help and grace there was some sudden opening on some other project and I was the only one selected among many valuable candidates.

Since being a big MNC, to proceed with a travel we had so many policies which were stopping my travel as everything was last minute. But with Sai Baba’s blessings I had approvals from higher management and I got everything approved within a week. There were so many hard breakdowns and everything got solved so easily with Sai Baba’s help and I came to USA and doing my job well here. Whatever happens in our life is for reason. Trust and keep praying, Sai Ram He will help us at any point. He will never let us down. Complete Faith and Patience is what we require. Rest all our Sai Baba will take care. Believe in Baba, our life will be wonderful. Jai Sai Ram. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sadhguru Sai.

Baba In My Dream

Anonymous Devotee says: I had been sharing my experiences with you time to time and today i will write one more incident which would not only strengthen up your faith in Shirdi Sai, but would also make it clear that if you love your lord whole heartedly than no matter what your time is, u will be saved by Him. Few days back I had a dream in which I was standing in an isolated dark place all covered with long trees and grass. I found myself alone there and, the moment I saw down on the land, I found 100 of snakes crawling here and there. They were everywhere and I had no space to even put my foot forward. I was so scared and thought I would definitely be bitten by them if I try to move even a bit and believe me I stood there for so long just crying and yelling for help and I woke up with a fear and but then i realised it was a bad dream, but still i was haunted by the endless fear of snakes I saw in my dream.

I again tried to sleep and after 5 min, i again had a dream and will you believe, once again I was at the same dark place, same fear, same snakes and same troubles. But this time, Sai Baba had something to give me. This time I was not alone, this time, I was sitting on the shoulders of Sai Baba and He was carrying me on His shoulders so easily and happily and i saw Him smiling. He was so carelessly walking amongst those snakes and He crossed that entire path with a smile on His face. He helped me in crossing all that what seemed a life threatening part for me. This time, when I woke up, I was so elated and once again, Sai showed His presence. My friends, Believe in Your lord. If you surrender yourself to your God. He would carry your burden and would help you to cross the toughest of toughest paths by lifting you on His shoulders. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Om sai ram.
    Love u my dadu….i wish and hope u will also appear in my dreams and would take away all my burden worries and stress and bless me and my family.
    U have full faith in you and waiting since last 2 yrs to get my wishes fulfilled.pls dont neglect me otherwise i dont want to live here in hell.
    Waiting 4 ur blessings
    Om sai ram

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Dear devotees! Nice experiences by all three…First devotee ji..I am also in need of a job more than anything and Your experience gave me strenght that surely babaji had preserved a good job for me too….Thanku all for sharing ur experiences as it adds to our shraddha and saburi on our beloved baba…Om sai Ram…

    • Sai Deva, the issue sorted out. Tomorrow one interview is scheduled for Blore location. Please bless me to shortlist for next round. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

    • Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Please bless me Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai Ram!!! this is truly a blesses site….i have an interview scheduled tomorrow, all the three experiences are related to job and are very relevant to my situation now. I felt very happy after reading theses experiences. I am not sure if i get the job or not, but i have confident on guru sai that what ever he plan for me is for my betterment!! 🙂

  5. Wonderful experiences, especially the 3rd devotee's, beautiful experience 🙂

    O Sai, bless us so we may be helpful to the people who are in need. Bless us O Sadguru so we may bring about smiles and laughter to the people in need and make You proud.

    Jai Sairam

  6. wow 3 devotee,i had also fear of snake, i had also dream of snake,within min baba came and snake got vanish.i don't have fear of snake anymore because baba is with always.. love you so much..forgive me for my mistakes baba ;-( om sai ram


    Sai Baba was a god no doubt. But He lived the life of a beggar. He used to beg His food from five houses in Shirdi. But still He gave thousands of Rupees to various devotees. In fact some of the devotees paid Income Tax on the money received from Sai Baba. It was really a astonishing fact that Baba used to put His hand in His Kafni and the exact amount used to come out. Here we will see such a wonderful and rare leela of Sai Baba.

    In 1942 Shantaram D. Thetthe met a Muslim devotee named Bade Meyian, who had met Baba in 1917. Shantaram asked about his experience and most importantly to tell him about Baba. He said, “Baba was a great Vaili (Saint). He was like a huge ocean how can a householder like me tell you the depth of that ocean? I was concerned about the marriage of my daughter as I didn’t have any money. I had heard about Baba’s greatness and philanthropy so I came to Shirdi from a small village in Marathwada. I went to the Dwarka Mai and Baba was seated on the platform and a few devotees were with him. I prostrated before and sat quietly in front of him.

    Just then a Patil from the village came and placed 3 rupees in front of Baba and sat down. Baba looked at him and asked him, “Is everything fine with you and your family” He replied, “My daughter if going to get married soon and I don’t have the money for it. I am up to my neck in debt. If I borrow money for the wedding I won’t be able to return it. If I don’t celebrate the wedding on a grand scale I will be the laughing stock of the village”. I desperately need 3000 rupees” Then Baba replied, “Why do you worry so much? God will do your work for you. You should cast all your burdens and worries on Him. Then sit quietly without worrying and see what His wish is. If He wishes He will fulfill your desire, if not the work wont be done. Either way you should be content the way He keeps you” The Patil then said, “Baba what you say is true, but I am living in this materialistic world as a householder and the Patil of this village. How can I accept what you say” Baba said, “Why do you worry needlessly I will give you that amount. Then you can quit worrying”

    Bade Meyian heard the entire conversation and he wondered how Baba was going to give him the huge sum of money. He looked at Baba wearing a torn kafni, and a dirty white cloth tied around his head. There was no box or cupboard in which he could have kept such a large amount. What could this fakir possibly give him? Doubtfully I looked at him. At that very moment Baba put his hand into the pocket of his torn kafni and took out a bundle of rupee bills and handed them to the Patil. And said, “Count them here right now” The Patil did that and there were exactly 3000 rupees. Then Baba said, “Now go and make arrangements for your daughters wedding.

    I watched all this in wonder and amazement. Then I prostrated before Baba and returned home.

    Source : Sai Sagar Deepavali Viseshak 2009 issue

    • Baba thank you so much for ur kindness I was very much upset and worried even thought I trust u that u will be there for me I was in a so much worried . Becomes of this post I m free I know you spoke to thank you baba thank u now I know you are going to help me and you are going to be with me love u baba thank u again

    • OM SAI RAM.. wonderful … thanks for sharing…. there are many stories that might hav happened in addition to SaiSatcharitra… I am very interested in those episodes. … I always Google for new information on those past stories. ..Jai Sai

  8. Dear Hetalji,

    sairam…please publish this experience as i am unable to upload it from the submit experience link.

    I live in usa for past 15 years, though i am in Indian.

    My parents live in Chennai and my father is over 80 years old. They are visiting us in USA after a gap of many years. During this time my father suffered from severe hearing loss and can barely hear any conversation. He makes things out with our lip movements, facial expressions and hand gestures. My mother is close to 75 and is unable to keep up with this demanding day to day living. On arrival here the first thing she asked me was to find a solution for his hearing problem, since that became a nightmare for her. My father although physically being within the family was living a lonely life. With a heavy heart I prayed to our dear lord saibaba and with full faith that Baba would find a solution I started looking for a hearing aid.
    On April 30th, we went to the hearing aid center at Costco, they ran some initial tests and advised that my father had ear wax build up, that had to be cleared first and also there was some sound loss between the ear drum and the ear bone that needed doctor’s diagnosis. Unless these two issues were resolved a proper hearing aid could not be provided. Our Prayers to BABA continued.
    Next we visited CVS pharmacy (costco people advised us to) to get the ear wax cleared. We had to make multiple appointments for the first sitting. The syringe treatment was administered several times and some ear wax was extracted, though a lot remained inside. My father was in tremendous pain as a result. The attending nurse advised us to use ear drops to loosen the wax and then it would come out easily. So we bought some ear drops and my father started applying it daily for the next 7 days. While we were worried a little bit, we had firm faith in Baba that “come what may”, BABA started us on this journey and will get us out of it. So our prayers to BABA continued unabated.
    With prayers to Baba, we visited cvs pharmacy a week later (my father was hesitant to go since he experienced pain last time). This time the nurse was very forceful as she wanted to get it out and although more ear wax came out, my father was in tremendous pain and tears started flowing from his eyes. The nurse stopped at this point and advised us to see an ENT specialist. We came back home and started googling any nearby ENT specialist in our local area. Later in the evening my father’s ear started bleeding. So what started out as a simple hearing aid solution, was becoming a bigger problem than we anticipated. We were very afraid now and thought that we made a bad situation worse by our actions. We were continuously praying to baba that he should get better soon. In other words, we were tested by BABA, for our faith and patience.

  9. We still mustered courage and booked an appointment with an ENT specialist a week later. With lots of prayers to BABA we made the first visit to the doctor (we all know that BABA is the “Doctor of doctors”). On examining my father’s ears the doctor said that he does not have earwax at all and that he has ear fluid build up in both ears that is causing is hearing to get affected. This had to be cleared first before a proper hearing aid can be prescribed. This happened around May 14th, 2014. The doctor gave some medicines and ear spray to get the ear fluid out and asked us to use it for a week and go for a re-check again. After a week of re-administering the medicines, we went back to the doctor and on examining he said that the ear fluid is still there. Now as a last ditch effort he gave us some spray’s (to be used via nose) to use for a month and said that if this failed he might have to resort to surgery. The surgery would cause further pain in his ear as it involved an ear drum rupture, and also it is not a full proof procedure.
    So for the next several weeks we were reading sai satcharita continuously, listening to his bhajans, chanting his name, praying to him, offering him naivedya etc, and using the medications as prescribed by the doctor with full faith that Baba will take us to the end.
    A month passed by and on 25th June, we had our next appointment. We got up in the morning, had breakfast and just before leaving for the doctor’s office, I prayed to Baba that my father should be free of all ear fluids and should have a pain free end to this episode. At the waiting lounge of the doctor’s office, I applied sacred UDI to my forehead and my father’s forehead. Just then we were ushered in to see the doctor. The doctor first advised us to go through the hearing test. The results were encouraging and when the doctor reviewed the results and after doing a manual check up happily announced that all the ear fluids were cleared out and no invasive procedure was needed. He also cleared my father for a hearing aid. We thanked BABA a million times and with tears in my eyes, we left the doctor’s office with the hearing test report.
    We came back to costco to now order a hearing aid. The aid center folks took a sample hearing aid and adjusted the frequencies based on the test results and gave it to my father to wear. And Whoa,..magic happened, my father could hear everything, he was delighted. We took him for a walk around the store and he was smiling all along, as he could hear all near and far conversations, in other words we had lost him and now we found him back (needless to say by BABA’s grace). We were conversing without looking at each other after almost a decade. The hearing aid is on order and should arrive soon. I sincerely hope and pray to Baba that this should be a life changer for him and for us.
    So friends hang in there, times may be tough but our beloved baba’s benevolence is greater, his love incomparable. In fact, I would say that one can’t sin enough to not deserve Baba’s grace. Such is our lord.

    aprameyō hṛṣīkeśaḥ padmanābhōmaraprabhuḥ |
    viśvakarmā manusvtaṣṭā sthaviṣṭhassthavirō dhruvaḥ || 6 ||

    46. Aprameyaḥ: One who is not measurable or understandable by
    any of the accepted means of knowledge like sense,
    perception, inference etc.
    47. Hṛṣīkeśaḥ: The master of the senses or He under whose control
    the senses subsist.
    48. Padmanābhaḥ: He in whose navel (nabhi) the lotus (padma),
    the source of the universe, stands.
    49. Amara-prabhuḥ: The master of Amaras or the deathless ones,
    i.e. the Devas.
    50. Viśvakarmā: He whose Karma (work) has resulted in all that
    exists (Vishvam) or He whose power of creation is unique and
    51. Manuḥ: He who thinks.
    52. Tvaṣṭā: He who makes all beings shrunken (Tanukarana) at the
    time of cosmic dissolution.
    53. Sthaviṣṭaḥ: He who excels in everything in bulk or
    54. Sthaviraḥ-dhruvaḥ: Eternal One, being the most ancient. It is
    taken as a single phrase, the name along with its qualification.

  11. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Spice-Box Thrown In the Well*****
    Sri Swamiji was taking a walk in the courtyard of the palace of Akkalkot. One
    servant held a spice-Box made of gold in his hand. Sri Swamiji seized it and asked king
    Maloji Raje “Shall I throw this box in the well? ”. Raje said, “Maharaj, this belongs to
    you. You may do whatever you like”. Sri Swamiji threw the box in the well. That day Sri
    Swamiji stayed in the palace. In the morning, he was playing in the courtyard. By then king Maloji Raje also arrived in the courtyard. Sri Swamiji asked Raje to get a bucket
    and rope. Then Sri Swamiji dipped the bucket in the well water and pulled it up. The
    bucket brought up the spice-box thrown the previous day. It was full of cloves and
    cardamom, but they had not got wet or touched by water. Everyone present were
    astonished by this miraculous play of Swamiji.

    *****Foot-Prints on the Wooden Seat*****
    Chintopant Tol was offering leaves of holy basil to Vishnu-Panchayatan234, while
    reciting Vishnu Sahasranaam235. Whenever Sri Swamiji came there at the time of
    worship, Tol would worship Him and then offer the leaves of holy basil along with the
    recitation at His lotus feet. One day exactly in the same way, Sri Swamiji arrived there.
    Chintopant worshipped him and prayed “I strongly desire that at the time of my
    worship the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji should be always near me”. Sri Swamiji said, “As
    you wish”. So saying he went away. Footprints of Sri Swamiji got inscribed on the
    wooden seat where Sri Swamiji was sitting. This wooden-seat is still preserved in the
    JoshiBuwa’s Muth at Akkalkot.

  12. 1st devotee nice experience. Faith and patience on baba no matter how bad situations turns will fullfill heart desire. Great is your faith and patience.

    2nd devotee you are fortunate to have a caring life partner. Never keep distance in your relationship just because of your carrier.

    3rd devotee through dream baba shows you that he took all your burden on him. You are blessed.


  14. Om sai ram. Prayers will be taken to shibpur on the first week of september. Please do not comment here. I may miss out. Kindly write to with the subject "shibpur", so that i dont miss out. Please send in your requests within aug 31.I may not be able to reply to all the mails, but i will take it to baba. -priyah

  15. Sai maa
    Hope u r not angry with me
    Please hold my hand and help me to walk the path of life with good health ,joy and cheer
    Please be there for us always .
    Shower ur blessings my maa
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. All 3 devotees are blessed to be loved by Baba. I wish good luck to all Devotees trying for their jobs. I want to thank Baba for helping me buy a dream house near my parents place which was my secret wish from long. Can' thank you enough Babaji. Please take care of me and show me the right path always. Love you….

  17. Om sai ram,

    I am going to write recent experience of mine,while coming from india with EAD…
    Last year we had the same experience and everything went very difficult…but with baba grace we entered USA..This time also same situation,but this time Baba helped us alot without any difficult we entered USA very easily..This is only because of BABA miracle…please Baba save my family…you know the situation..please change my husband and make him realise that because of me and my son only he is living in USA happily…

    luv you baba..

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