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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have a small experience. Yesterday, I came to know about Shibpur Sai Baba. I liked Him on Facebook and today on a different Sai Baba page the Shibpur Sai Baba picture was published today.

I am reading Sai Satcharitra these days, my second Parayan by Baba’s love and Blessings. I have been able to complete more than 30 chapters in more than 7 straight hours. I had read them on my laptop without not much of a battery back-up, electricity went out in between, so was my net connection and last Sunday was my 7th and last day and I had to complete numerous chapters ahead. I prayed to Baba and finally was able to do that by 11:33 pm with 23 min still in hand. Bow to the holy feet of my Darling Popsy.

I was asking Baba for a miracle after listening & reading Sai Satcharitra and after reading so many devotees experiences. I had a dream today, in which an old lady was asking me for 2 Rupees, and as a matter of fact, in my real life as of now. I am not going through a very good financial situation and i am scouting for good opportunities though I am very much sure that nothing’s going to happen to me as Baba will always save me and will take care of me so I am assured, may be this financial thing is in my sub-conscious mind as well that’s why I declined to give that lady even a paltry sum of 2 Rs. She asked it again. I declined again. Then she asked for the third time and then I searched my pocket and found out a 2 Rs. coin and gave it to her. And may be sometime later I woke up. It was all happening between 12 pm – 4 pm. I was awaken but I remembered the dream and was thinking that where could i find a woman like that to whom I can give those 2 Rs or whether or not should I go ahead and do it as I have already done that in my dream.

While thinking about it, suddenly my door bell rang. I found out that a maid who works for the building in which I stay was standing there asking for her monthly wages that too with a smile ( I had altercations with her previously and this was the first time in the new year she had come for her salary). My mother, when she had visited me had good terms with her and had told me to pay handsomely to maids, servants on Saturday and today being a Saturday – was the day. When the door bell rang and she called me out I didn’t know why she had called me for – so I wasn’t sure if she would accept on Rs.2 from me. But when she asked for her wages, I added the Rs. 2 coin to it. Luckily, By Baba’s Grace the exact amount with the Rs. 2 coin was lying on my table. I thanked Popsy and gave it to her which she accepted again with a smile. Baba says I am your servant’s servant – May Baba give me the power and love to follow and traverse His path as His son as His bhakt as His shishya (disciple). As soon as I did this, I got an interview call which is scheduled on coming Monday – May Baba Bless me to get this job which I am sure will be with Baba’s grace. Later on I also went to Prabhu Shani Dev and Lord Hanuman’s and Sai Baba’s Temple and did what my mother has also told me. I look forward to do my Best for Baba and may Baba make me able enough to do it for all. May Baba Bless all. OM SAI RAM.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Respected Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. Please keep my name and email id anonymous. Thank you Hetal ji for sharing these miracles of Shree Sai Baba’s devotes. I didn’t have any idea about these articles, one day i was surfing net and came to know about these miracles. From that time, I am a regular follower of these and it really boosts up me and gives new energy and new hope towards my life. I am having so many experiences but i am sharing here two experiences of them.

Experience 1: I have done my MCA from Madhya Pradesh and now i wanted a job but no hope to get job there. I heard about metro cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hydrabad) where i can get job but how i will go there alone and how my parents will give permission to go so far from them being a girl, then i heard about Sai Baba’s Nav Guruvar Vrat from one of my friend as she was doing. I didn’t have much faith on Him so i asked my friend what you got after doing these Vrat. After that she shared her experiences with me. After listening her I also wanted to keep fasting to get job. It’s really a miracle happened with me, i was going to my native place by train, i met with one of my friend at platform to whom i am not in contact from long time, we started chatting and i told her as i am doing project and this is my last semester, after that how i will get job, i don’t know. She told, she is going Bangalore next month for job and her friends are already there in Bangalore, so there is no problem to go Bangalore and she told me also, don’t worry, i am going there, if you want to come, contact me. Like that Sai Baba gave me a hope to go Bangalore, With the help of her only, i could come Bangalore and started for searching job.

Experience 2: After coming Bangalore i was searching for job from 8 months, i didn’t get job so i got frustrated and disappointed, i was losing my confidence day by day. So i thought to keep Sai Baba’s Nav Guruvar Vrat, From first Guruvar only i met with one of my friend who already is working in a company, she asked for my resume because in her office, there was referral openings, she referred my resume and i got interview call, After the second Thursday only, i got a good job in the same company. It all happened because of our Sai Baba’s grace only. Sai Baba please keep Your hand always on our head. Shree Sadguru Sai Maharaj Ki Jay.

Experiences With Sai

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. With Sai Kripa, I want to share my experiences. I am a devotee of Sai since 17 years. I was without job for six years after studies. I got job and doing job with blessings of Sai. I got nice person as husband. We got children with His Kripa only, whenever we are in difficulties we came through with His blessings only.

One year back my husband got one test positive for heart valve block. Doctor suggested Angiogram. I felt very sad and prayed Sai. I went through Sai Baba questions answers. There i got the answer that not to worry. Amazing! The test report came that no blocks are there. Recently, due to chappals i wear, i got pain heels. I got swelling also. With Sai Kripa only, all my pain and swelling vanished. Like this, Sai is taking care of us with His blessings. Thank You for giving me this opportunity.

I am doing research in engineering with grace of Sai. I have done one paper and prepared research article. I wanted to send it for one journal. I checked impact factor of that journal and it is above one. So I wanted to send my paper to that journal. Chanting Sai’s name, I sent my paper to that journal for publication. But they asked me to modify the content and resubmission. This time I decided that when my paper is accepted for publication, I will post my experience to this blog. After resubmission of my article, I got acceptance of my paper. Thank You Sai for Your blessings on us. Om Sai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai Namo Namah.

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  1. SHIRDI SAIBABA – Our Protector

    Shri Sai Baba is always full of Mercy. What is wanted on our part is whole hearted devotion to Him. When a devotee has got firm Faith and Devotion, his wishes are soon fulfilled. Whenever a Devotee had complete and whole hearted Devotion to Sai Baba, all his calamities and dangers were warded off and his welfare attended to by Baba (See "SAI SAT CHARITA CHAPTER XXV, Page 133 – 9th Edition 1980).

    I would like to narrate here the recent Sai-Leela experienced by me. The 19 year old Boy Ganesh came to our house at Vijaya-nagar from M.T.S. Railway Colony (about 5 Kms. from our house) on the evening of Thursday 7th April, 1985 and told me as follows:

    His elder Brother Sri S. Ramani (who is working in Railway Workshops, Hubli as a Fitter) had left Hubli on the night of 5 April 85 for "TIRUVARUR" (a famous Town in South India) along with his friends to attend the marriage of his friend and co-worker Sri. Vijayakumar there fixed on 7th April 1985. After attending the marriage, he left Tiruvarur by Train all alone on the same afternoon at 1 P.M. (7.4.85) for Hubli Via. Madras and Bangalore. He reached Mayavaram Junction at about 3-30 P.M. where he had to change and catch the train for Madras at 5 P.M. While boarding the train at "Mayavaram" he slipped and fell down on the platform, his head dashing against a stone. He was seriously injured on the head and Blood was flowing from his Mouth and head. The station staff at Mayavaram identified him from the Railway pass, he was having in the "Money purse" found inside in his shirt pocket. After giving First Aid treatment to him, they rushed him to Tanjore General Hospital by a Special Van. After admitting him there in the Hospital at about 8-30 P.M., they transmitted the news of the accident to the parents of the Boy at Hubli through the Railway, 'Microwave', which was received by them at about 10-30 P.M. on the same night (7 April 85). As the father of the boy was seriously ill and bed ridden, his mother with her co-brother's son (Sri. Natarajan) left Hubli by "Night Bangalore Bus" at 11 P.M. After reaching Bangalore early morning at about 6 A.M. on 8-4-85, they engaged a Special Taxi and reached Tanjore at about 9 P.M. the same day. They saw the boy at 10 P.M. in the Hospital. The boy was in a "Coma" (unconscious from the time he met with the accident) and the doctors did not give any hope of his survival.

    On 10th April 85, his cousin brother Natarajan gave an 'Express Telegram' asking the Boy's Father Sri, Srinivasan to immediately proceed to Tanjore to see his son's face for the last time. The telegram was received by the boy's father at about 11 P.M. the same day. Sri. Srinivasan a staunch devotee of Sai Baba, rushed to the Pooja Room and prayed before Baba (his eyes welled with tears), "Baba, kindly save my son, I am unable to move from the house as I am severely attacked with Asthama". Then he prostrated before Baba's photo. He did not have a wink of sleep throughout the night and he was uttering Baba's name the whole night.

  2. Early Thursday Morning (11 April 85) Baba prompted him to send his son Ganesh to our house in the evening {after attending his college studies) and attend "Baba's Arathi" in our house and pray to Baba to save his son's life.

    I did evening Arathi to Baba at 6 P.M. and prayed to Baba to save his son. Then I took Ganesh to Sri K.R. Gopinath's house for weekly Bhajan, it being Thursday. At the end of Bhajan, all the devotees observe 2 mts. silence, praying for the welfare of the whole universe. Before the close of the "Bhajan", I appealed to all Sai Brother and Sisters (assembled) to pray to Baba to save Sri. Srinivasan's eldest son, Ramani's life, who was lying unconscious at Tanjore Hospital.

    When I opened my eyes after observing two minutes' silence, Baba with a smiling face, made gestures to me saying: "Why fear, when I am here? Cast all your burdens on me, I shall surely bear them." I told the Boy Ganesh to go home without any anxiety and also sent word to his father, "not to worry as Baba had responded to our prayers" and his son would be saved by him. I also gave him Baba's Udi to be sent to his Brother at Tanjore Hospital,

    Wonder of wonders!! Sri. Srinivasan received a Message through Railway Microwave on 12-4-1985 that his Son Ramani regained consciousness at 8.45 P.M. (exactly at the time when Baba made gestures to me in Sri. Gopinath's house (Prayer Hall) and he need not go over to Tanjore as his son would be discharged after a week or so. This pleasant news was conveyed to us by Ganesh on the morning of 13-4-85.

    Dear Sai Bandhus, see, how kind is our Mother Sai towards Her children. If one surrenders to our Samartha Sadguru Sai with Tan, Man, Dhan (Body, Mind and Wealth) one need not fear anything in this world, Our Sai is the Boat which will safely carry us across the ocean of this "Samsara" (Mundane Existence) to Eternal Bliss.

    aprameyō hṛṣīkeśaḥ padmanābhōmaraprabhuḥ |
    viśvakarmā manusvtaṣṭā sthaviṣṭhassthavirō dhruvaḥ || 6 ||
    46. Aprameyaḥ: One who is not measurable or understandable by
    any of the accepted means of knowledge like sense,
    perception, inference etc.
    47. Hṛṣīkeśaḥ: The master of the senses or He under whose control
    the senses subsist.
    48. Padmanābhaḥ: He in whose navel (nabhi) the lotus (padma),
    the source of the universe, stands.
    49. Amara-prabhuḥ: The master of Amaras or the deathless ones,
    i.e. the Devas.
    50. Viśvakarmā: He whose Karma (work) has resulted in all that
    exists (Vishvam) or He whose power of creation is unique and
    51. Manuḥ: He who thinks.
    52. Tvaṣṭā: He who makes all beings shrunken (Tanukarana) at the
    time of cosmic dissolution.
    53. Sthaviṣṭaḥ: He who excels in everything in bulk or
    54. Sthaviraḥ-dhruvaḥ: Eternal One, being the most ancient. It is
    taken as a single phrase, the name along with its qualification.

  4. baba its my bday today and I am awaiting my bday gift from u baba…if ur really listenening then please come running to me I want to feel ur live presence in my life….please bless me and never ever leave me baba I crave to get some attention and response from u and unable to get it these days as before so thats one thing which makes me sad :(….anyways baba please make this one of the most special days for me baba. Atleast from u I can expect and ask for a gift right…u know I dont ask any gift from neone but from u atleast I can ask right

  5. First Devotee here ; Om Sai Ram – getting the experience published here with Popstar Popsy's blessings is his biggest love – I have just come having appeared for CSE -2014 and checked out the experiences and was ecstatic to find my experience hre love you Pops Popsy's has told me that I will get IAS reverse of SAI through CSE-2014 also I has got the job in a govt subsidiary post the experience here! Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  6. Good experiences.

    Thank You O Sai for using us to help the people in our lives. Thank You for all the Love and Happiness O Sadguru 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Sai Deva, Please forgive my mistakes. By Your grace I got two offers. Please me to get job in Blore or Chennai and to stay together with my wife and child. Sai Deva I did one mistake in my work. Please help to solve that one. Please bless me to become Your ardent devotee. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    The life of a great saint is itself a miracle. Everything Sri Swami Samarth
    Maharaj did in his incarnation is miraculous in nature. These miraculous works
    of Sri Swami Samarth are not like magic or jugglery. Magic and Jugglery is
    temporary in nature. The miraculous works of incarnated saints are
    exceptionally great. These miraculous works transmit permanent influence
    and wherever it reaches, those locations are beyond the reach of magic or
    jugglery. Such miraculous works are always in the public interest and
    philanthropic in nature. Sri Swamiji, during his lifetime has performed
    numerous miracles, sometimes for the mental pleasure and sometimes in the
    favour of the devotees. The primary aim of his miracles was to eliminate the
    sufferings of his devotees and to make them happy as well. A magician
    performs miraculous jugglery and gives deception to the public but great
    saints by their exceptional miraculous works makes one bow their head.
    In Bhagwant Sutar’s farm, Sri Swamiji gargled mouthful of water, spit the
    same in the fire, and set the fire ablaze. There was no water in the well at
    Mangalvedha. Sri Swamiji filled the well with water. He walked on the water of
    Narayan-teerth233 and reached the other bank. He filled the ‘Kotikoop’ at the holy place
    Rameshwar in TamilNadu with worms. He milked a cow, which was not yielding milk. He
    changed a girl into a boy. He fed hundreds of people out of the food meant for only two
    to four people. How many miracles can you count? Still there are few examples given

  9. *****Came Out From Closed Door*****
    There is a village called Chalambe on the bank of the Bhima River, near
    Mangalvedha. Once Sri Swamiji went to the village and took a halt in the Ramadasi
    Muth. He slept after taking meals. Ramadasi Baba had to go out, so he locked the Muth
    from outside and left. In the evening, people of the village observed Sri Swamiji playing
    in the sands of the riverbank. They went and informed Ramadasi Baba. He was amazed
    to hear this, since the key of the Muth was only with him. So he went to the Muth,
    opened the lock, and to his disbelief did not find Sri Swamiji inside. There was no other
    way to go out of the Muth, except the door, which was locked by him. This was a
    miracle for him. So immediately Ramadasi Baba went to the riverbank, prostrated at
    the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and prayed for forgiveness.

  10. Baba plz help me.muje rasta dikhaeye muje kuch smjh ni a raha h plz kaise b karke kuch b karke muje rasta dikhaiye..come in my dream today.kuch b kijye plz m apko nai chodna chahti bt ap kuch b nai sunn re ho.kitna wait karu.m kb se wait kr rai hu.mne apse kiye hue prms k liye apni sbse kimti chiz chod di wait krti rahi krti rahi sirf ap pr blv krke bt ap jante ho kya hua h ap sb jante ho.aap meri jadu k chadi the mne bhot blv kiya.kuch to aisa kijye jisse mere mann ko shanti mile.m sach m bhot paresanhu.ab to wait b ni kr skti hu.apko muj pr taras b nai ata kya.kb se wait kr ri hu apka mne kaise aur kis kis tarike se aap tk apni baat pahuchane k try k bt kuch nii hua.sayad yaha meri baat aap tk pahuch jae.baki logo k xprnces read out kiye h sb bhot happy h.plz baba aj night m mere dream m aa jao indication hoga k aj apne meri baat sun li h nd muje bs aap rasta dikha doge sb theek ho jaega meri life m.m sach bol ri hu m kisi se gussa ni hu nd kisi k liye punishment b ni mang ri hu jo hua h uska dukh sirf mne jhela h bt koi ni m ok bt plz baba kuch to karo bhot jaldi karo ab sach m wait ni hota bilkul ni hota.mera vishwas bna rahne do.aur agr mujse kuch galti hui h to muje maf kar do .i prms aj aap mere dream m a jate ho to y indctn hoga k ap meri bat sun chuke ho bss ab sb theek ho jaega muje rasta dikha rahe ho bhot bhot jaldi.i prms m kbhi kisi p gussa ni karugi . Bhot blv k sath y sb likh ri hu plz iss bar hopeless mt karna.baba muje mann k shanti mere pass se gya h wo wapis nahi a skta bt apki di hue life ko jeena chahti hu life ko jeene k aur khush rahne k ek choti si wjh chahti hu

  11. Baba. Jo sb kuch hua h uski wjh se m shant ni hu bhot gussa aa jata h har bat m dar lgta h.aap ache se jante ho m kitne time se y sb jhel ri hu ya kah skte h wait kr ri hu k mere sath b kuch achha hoga.aap honesty se btaey k kya mere pas koi rasta bacha h.mere sath jo hua wo honesty k wjh se hua nd apke sath b to mne honesty dikhae.mere ek questn ka jwab do kya aap pr b blv krne k ek limit h.agr m galat ti .honest seedha sachha hona galat h aap pr blv krna galat h to uska jwab muje aj night m mil jaega agr aap mere dream m nai ate ho to .plz baba ab to roya b ni jata ya kho rona ata hi ni.agr aj aap dream m ni ate ho to m smj jaugi k ab kuch achha ni hoga meri life m chahe kitni try kar lu sb meri galti ti m hi galat hu nd thi.wait karugi aj fir se bye nd gud nit

  12. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower on them your choicest blessings of a long healthy life, free from accidents, danger and evil, filled with happiness, love, faith, grace, blessings, divinity, wisdom, knowledge, courage and prosperity. baba you know what i fear, please be with me and hold my hand. Please remove all the obstacles and blockages of my mind and help me do well for my family and to mankind. Baba help my husband stay calm and composed and win prestigious projects to help him take his brand to the world with respect. Protect my kids too and help my elder get a good job. Baba he needs an opportunity and whatever the astrologer says you override it. I count on you baba to protect my family and keep them safe and sound. I surrender to your hole feet Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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