Sai Has Always Been Present As My Mother

Sai Sister Sandhya from India says: I am Sandhya, a housewife aged 31. I see Sai Baba as my mother as I lost my mother before my marriage. I am a devotee of my Maa Jhandewali, I believe my devotion to Sai is her grace, so I call Sai Baba as my Sai Maa. Sai Maa has always been there 4 us whenever i needed Him to be with me.

First time when I could realise His help was when I went to my father’s house after my baby boy was born. I spent 3 weeks there with my father and brother, this was the first time they were cherished after years by the baby after my mother expired as they were alone after my marriage. During my stay the full time maid went for leave but did not come back, but somehow I managed home affairs. Finally the day came when I had to return. I was depressed with feelings that how my father and brother will manage even with routine affaires without no-one even to cook for them. That very day my brother returned from Shirdi with Baba’s blessing Photo. I stood in front of that Photo and expressed my worry and offered request to Baba for help as i could not leave my house in this situation. I cried a lot feeling helpless. But started with my packing before I could complete, my father called me for informing that maid had been arranged and he will get her in the evening along as we had planned for hawan for my baby’s first time visit to his Nanka, but for me and my brother hawan was for Sai Agman (Photo from Shirdi).

Before I left well experienced maid was sent by my Sai Maa, as a mother will never want her daughter to leave her Maika with worry. The hawan was commenced with Sai’s Gaytri Mantra and Aahoti. After this many situations came and passed time to time and Sai Maa always made His presence as He knew it’s most important for us. After passing a passage of tough time my brother got married and only by grace of my Sai Maa the day came when he was about to become father, I prayed to Baba to be with us as our mother would have been at that situation. I was aloud with my bhabi in the labour room, the first thing I noticed was my Baba’s postcard stuck near door which was soothing me throughout that Baba assured His presence in this moment also as a mother. I believe Baba returned my mother in form of my nephew on the day of my mother father’s anniversary 6th February. All i want is to thank my Sai Maa for being with us in our thick and thin times of our life. Tera Shukhar Karain Mere Sai Maa, Mein Tera Shukhar Karain.

Sai Gave Me My Vision Back

Anonymous devotee from India says: Hi admin, thanks for the wonderful work you are doing by posting experiences of all to increase devotee’s faith. Please keep me anonymous. I am also Sai devotee like you all. I love our Baba. He is my Guide, my Saviour and Guru. There are many experiences of Sai in my life. By Baba’s grace I will narrate my experience here as I promised Him.

I was having spectacles from long time, since my childhood. It should have been 9 i guess. For the first time when I went to doctors for eye check up, he told me your spectacles number will keep on increasing till you are 18 and it was like that only. My spectacles number increased a lot by the time i completed my engineering, also there was some loss of vision. So after my graduation my parents decided to do my eye operation. So by Baba’s grace I had this operation called lasic. It is done to remove your spectacles permanently. After next day of operation I was called for eye check up. Here comes Baba’s miracle. Doctor took my eye test in which i had to read fonts of different sizes. By Baba’s grace I was able to read fonts in smallest letters which I wasn’t able to read even with spectacles before. I was so happy that Baba blessed me with such a wonderful experience in my life. I am His child. Now I am waiting for another miracle in my life as my parents are looking for my marriage. It’s almost 1 year they are searching but still could not find suitable one for me. I request you all please pray for me. I hope by Baba’s grace and your prayers I will get someone best for me. Thank you all for reading this. May Our almighty Lord Sai fulfil all your wishes and bless you.

Wonderful Miracle Of My Baba

Anonymous Devotee says: Respected Hetal Ji. Om Sai Ram. I am regular reader of your blog and you are doing very good and devotional work for Sai devotees. I would like to say thanks to you and to your blog as it shows right path to the devotee always when they are in dilemma. Baba is always there for me when nobody is with me. He always shows right path to me. Hetal ji please correct if there is any mistake. I would like to share my first experience that how Baba take me out from the trouble.

I am working in Ltd company and handle all the cash payment relating to purchase and travelling expenses. It was the closing of financial year 2013 and i have to gave cash settlement to my boss before closing but unfortunately when i was preparing my cash settlement i found there was deficit of Rs 20,000/-. I was so much tensed that how to compensate this amount. My colleagues told me that i have to pay this amount from my pocket. I am not very much financial strong to pay the money from my pocket. I prayed to Baba that please help me to arrange this amount. It was Thursday and my lucky day always. I was seating in my cabin and thought what to do now, suddenly my boss came in my cabin and gave me voucher of Rs 21000. I was stunned when i got this cash voucher which was equal to the deficit amount. Now by Baba’s grace i had gave my cash settlement to my boss without any deficit. Thank You Baba, it is all because of You please be with me always. Without You i am nothing. Baba please always showers Your blessing to all Your devotees. Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah. Shri Sai Sai bol.

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  1. Destiny-Baba's Distribution

    By Prahlad Hulyaikar

    The Lord has no favorites; He loves all equally. The sun shines the same on fire charcoal and on the diamond, but the diamond receives and reflects the light. Most persons have “charcoal” mentalities; that is why they think that God does not bless them. The love and blessings are there; man has only to receive them.

    – Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

    It was the year 1980. The Dipavali Holidays had begun. Sri Jai Rao (son-in-law of late Kishor Sahu) started visiting us frequently. He used to attend Arathi session in the evening and then go home to Vasco. On one Friday, during Aarati session, my wife saw some events taking place in the space, close to Baba's Murthi. She saw that Sri Rao had fallen down from his Motor Cycle and his head was sprayed with a white powder. On the same night Baba appeared in her dream and said, "Your Rao has fallen down and broken his hand. Do not worry much, it is predestined, but I am distributing the quantum of suffering". My wife woke up suddenly and narrated the strange dream to me. I told her that it was a dream and not to worry.

    On Saturday Jai Rao came to Calangule in the morning. He talked to me on different subjects. As it was noon, we sat for lunch. A boy named Bhanudas (Noti) happened to come to take Baba's Darshan. He is my neighbor and is a motor cycle pilot. My wife said to Rao, as she was serving "Noti is a real devotee of Sai Baba. He always helps those who are in difficulty." Shree Jai Rao exchanged greetings with him. Noti went home. The evening Aarati session was over and then Rao also left.

    As Rao was leaving my wife cautioned him and advised him to go slow. Rao said, "Bai. I have been riding a motorcycle even in States. I am a seasoned driver. Your fears are baseless." My wife said to him. "Rao, nobody can escape destiny. Devotion to God mitigates the intensity less suffering". Rao said jokingly, “I do not understand the philosophy the destiny. Nothing is going to happen to me. You will see me tomorrow perfectly safe". Rao reached Vasco safely that night. On Monday Rao came as usual. He had lunch with us. He had his meal and then decided lo go to Vasco at 5 p.m. My wife insisted he should stay and go to Vasco the next day. Rao said, he could not stay as his wife was waiting for him. Rao left Calangule at 5.10 p.m. At 5.45 p.m. he dashed against a cycle rider at a place called Agashi. The cycle rider was carrying wheat flour. The cycle was badly damaged but the rider escaped unhurt. Rao fell down on his face and the whole flour was sprayed all over his body.

  2. The lamp was damaged, his spectacles were broken to pieces and Rao got an injury to his left hand. People gathered. Rao could not get up. Just at the moment Noli was coming from Vasco to Calangute, He saw the crowd on the road. He slopped his vehicle to find out who was injured. He could not believe it – it was the same person Rao, who had exchanged greetings with him in my house, two days back. Noli lifted Rao and took him to a clinic. After first aid, he took him to Vasco in a private car.

    Noli came to us and reported what had happened. At the same time when Rao fell down at Agashi a big bee stung a fingered my wife and her hand started swelling. She said tome "Rao has fallen down, Baba hesitated his distribution. Let us accept it. One Mr.Lucio Miranda. (Rao's close friend) was in Bombay when the incident took place. On the same day and at the same time, some goondas attacked him near Strand Cinema and forcibly pulled off his wrist-watch causing an injury to his left hand. On the next day we all went to Vasco to see Rao. There he got a phone message from Lucio about his encounter with goondas. Rao greeted us with one hand and said to my wife, "Bai, put a little Udi on my hand".

    This incident profoundly speaks that we are all inter-related. Destiny is not absolute. We are brothers and sisters in Sai family. We all have to share pleasure and pain without any compliant. This is Baba’s Spiritual Communism, or calls it Socialism.

    (Sai Padananda April 1992)

  3. Very nice experiences all.

    O Sai, Thank You for coming into our lives and making it beautiful. Bless us on this day and the days to come O Deva so we may be happy and spread joy 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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    pls take care of everyone u.

  5. thank u sai. i was undergoing tremendous stress due to some delay in bank transactions. baba helped me and it happened so miraculously that i am relieved. thank u sai a million times

  6. All are very nice experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    OM SAI RAM, Baba first of all thank you for everything given by you. Please bless your this daughter also. You are my everything and you know it very well. I need your blessings and love which would give me strength to bear all my present situation in home and office. Please baba be with me always. Your's daughter.

  7. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Miserable Plight Of Puranik*****
    In spite of being a great ascetic Sri Swami Maharaj never behaved like an
    ascetic. Being an incarnation of Lord Dattatrey Himself, Sri Swamiji was beyond the
    rules and regulations of ascetism, but very few people were aware of this fact.
    Therefore some people would secretly comment and pass critical remarks, in bad taste,
    about Sri Swamiji amongst themselves. There were a number of mischievous persons
    like this. Puranik, the brother-in-law of Baba Subnis was one amongst them.
    Once, Puranik passed critical remarks saying “Sri Swamiji being an ascetic, why
    should he require a mattress to sleep and sit?”. Sri Swamiji didn’t give any reply
    immediately. A few days later, one fine evening Sri Swamiji was climbing a hill in Kadav
    village. Puranik was also with Sri Swamiji. It was a winter night. It was dark
    everywhere. Sri Swamiji climbed the hill and slept on a black rock very comfortably.
    Puranik was shivering in the cold. He made a request to Sri Swamiji “Maharaj I am
    shivering with cold. What shall I do? ”. Sri Swamiji replied, “How is a soft mattress? ”.
    Hearing this, Puranik repented for the critical remarks he had passed against Sri
    Swamiji. He then prayed to Sri Swamiji for forgiveness. Thereafter he became a
    devotee of Sri Swamiji instead of just a criticizer.Like human beings, other animals also came under the control of Sri Swamiji. Sri
    Swamiji, by his miraculous works, brought a positive change in the nature of animals.

    yōgō yōgavidāṁ netā pradhānapuruṣeśvaraḥ |
    nārasiṁhavapuḥ śrīmān keśavaḥ puruṣōttamaḥ || 3 ||

    18. Yogaḥ: One attainable through Yoga.
    19. Yogavidāṁ netā: The master of those who are established in
    the above-mentioned Yoga.
    20. Pradhāna-puruṣeśvaraḥ: The master of pradhana or Prakriti
    and Purusha or Jiva.
    21. Nārasiṁha-vapuḥ: One in whom the bodies of a man and a lion
    are combined.
    22. Śrimān: One on whose chest the goddess Shri always dwells.
    23. Keśavaḥ: One whose Kesa or locks are beautiful.
    24. Puruṣottamaḥ: The greatest among all Purushas.

  10. ये जरुरी नहीं है कि
    हर रोज मंदिर जाने से इंसान धार्मिक बन जाए;
    लेकिन कर्म ऐसे होने चाहिए कि
    इंसान जहाँ भी जाए मंदिर वहाँ बन जाए।

    सलामत रहे दुनिया उनकी…
    जो खुशियों की फरियाद करते है…
    साईंयां उन्हे जिंदगी भर खुशियां देना…
    जो हर सुख-दुख में आपको याद करते है…!!

    होके शर्मिंदा गुनाहों से
    उसके दर पे जा तो सही
    वो करेगा माफ़ तू अश्क बहा तो सही
    वो जो साईं है सुनता है सबकी दुआ …
    उसके सजदे में तू सर को झुका तो सही

  11. baba please bless my hubby's heart to become strong please bless my son's transfer to near hospital my ma i love you sai baba

  12. Om Sai Ram. Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  13. Om sai samarth
    Thank you so much Sainath
    Bolo sri satchidanand samarth sathguru sainath maharaj ki jai

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