Baba Came In My Dream And Said He Is Proud Of Me

Anonymous devotee from Canada says: Please post my experience which happened last night. Please don’t put my name. First of all to all Baba devotees happy Hanuman Jyanti. I just want to tell everyone if you are sincere in what you do and think about Baba what you do than i bet you that Baba knows about it too. Please post my experience which happened last night.

My experience happened like this, few days ago someone in India told me that there is site which are doing quiz on Baba’s life for 30 days. When at work i discussed with my boss and other co workers who are devotee of Baba too they said they all will participate in it. But when i told them that here it will be 4 am in Canada because of time difference zone. So everybody apologies from Baba as after doing 5 pm to 1 am shift they get tired and hard to get up. I requested that site, can they change the time please they said it’s hard and i should think i am getting up for Baba Kakad Aarti, which i believe was great motivation for me. I started putting alarm to get up as i was thinking its Baba Who is attracting to me and by His grace i used to get up but can you all believe it was that, alarm never worked because my kids switched off every time they play with my phone. I knew its Baba making me get up sharp 4 am. Even i got selected in winners list 3 times but i promised Baba, i will come in first 10 winners who are giving continuous right answers. Baba You please grace me that my answer in which i get confused and give are correct and that site also said they will choose first 10 people who give answers first as a winners.

Let me tell you all please it was not about winning the prize it was my promise to Baba that i will give my 100%. Once they choose me although i gave answer quite late but i found that question was difficult too. I thought might be that’s why still they put my name because people gave late answer they find it difficult too. Any how one night again i gave answers within 2 min and mine friend asked me the answer who is in India he gave answer after 15 minutes. Next morning he called me and said his name is in winner list but my name was not in the list and how come he is in top 5. I got hurt too that they might have missed mine answer. I requested the site to check the timings and told them that i don’t want that you should put my name in any body name now but please check i gave my answer on time. I felt like that day Baba did not accepted my answer, but i don’t know how they took my request they said it’s not first 10 answer they choose randomly too and i said than you should have told me this. Because here in Canada there are people who do not know about it that they can give answer any time too. They said i am rude, because i didn’t get selected. I was crying like a small child, which really hurt me a lot. They said they put my name in winner list just to keep my heart which i really felt heartbroken, because i gave my answer on time when i came to know it’s about the first 10 answers. I said it’s about the sincerity not about the prize winning.

Anyhow they said i was rude and after thinking a lot i stopped replying them as my family and friends said they are ready to give you reply instead of understanding what you want to tell them. I felt they are making my fun. I went to work and then i felt disappointed sadness a lot and told my all co-workers too, they all got upset. I said Baba, Why did You wake me up to give answers, if there was insult for me. It’s since 2 days i did not play as they told me not to play if i am not happy with their procedure. For 2 days and night it hurts me a lot, but then yesterday night before sleeping, i said goodnight to Baba thinking about the quiz and fall asleep and then suddenly in my dream Baba came to me with laptop and said my name. Dear why are you upset come get up answer my quiz, i am waiting for your reply. I helped you when you were confused seeing your dedication, why you did not eat your dinner in which i made rice. He said you gave me rice as Bhog but you did not eat, because i was not feeling to eat. I said no Baba, i felt insulted. Then He said i give you pride be proud what you did? I am proud of you. He miss me at 4 am and suddenly He vanished and to my surprise, when i woke up it was 4 am the quiz time and their question was related to boiled rice. Though i am not going to play again as they said give other’s chance to win too but i felt so happy that Baba told me He is proud of me. So my all devotes have faith in Him. He will always be with you and reply you. Thanks Om Sai Ram

Butter Milk Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have been a devotee of my Sai Ram for many years. And have felt His presence several times. This miracle that happened today simply moved me. Unbelievably how He speaks to us. I work in a company where there are many security guards who work in the hot sun in Chennai. One day during my lunch break I went out on my bike at 12.30 in the noon and felt the scorching heat. And the security guards patiently open the door and do their duty day in and day out. Most importantly with a constant smile on their face. Baba made me get a thought in my mind – to supply butter milk for all these guards at least for 15 days.

I started working on this only with Baba’s guidance. I checked with couple of people. It was all working out to be expensive and even the taste was not good. I kept checking with couple of vendors and finally on the first day of starting to provide buttermilk one vendor agreed to supply every day. The next day when we went to place the order to our surprise he was not available. That vendor did not supply. Having started off the first day, the second day itself we had problems. But I completely left the situation to be handled by Baba because He was the one Who gave me this thought and it was He Who is making these arrangements. Next day, my office peon came in and said he found an authenticated vendor who provides butter milk and would provide this for sure every day. He gave me a packet to taste it. And guess what I saw? “Sri Sai Baba Milk Products” with our own Baba’s Picture. I was astonished, surprised and speechless. Literally it is like He is coming in person and giving this to the every smiling security guards who work in the sun. I was so happy. He is always with us (Om Sai Ram. Peace be to all. May Baba pour His blessings on all of us)

My Wife Neck Pain Cured By Baba

Anonymous devotee from Malaysia says: I am from India but working as an IT consultant in Malaysia. Om Sai Ram, Baba is always with me. My wife is having hyper thyroid and have nodule in her neck. She is under treatment from past 4 years. 2 days back she got pain in neck and she was so much worried thinking about it. As she got an appointment with the doctor the next day, thought of talking to doctor about the pain. In the morning after daily Pooja she took Baba’s Udi mixed in water and drank it, after some time the pain was gone and she was fine. This is how Baba cured her pain with His Udi, Baba’s blessing’s are always there for my family.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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    Sai Baba was a unique god. he had knowledge of medicines. In Chapter XIII of Sai Satcharitra it was stated that Sai Baba cured diseases of many devotees in most unique ways. It was stated that Baba previously used to give medicines to devotees and later he stopped giving medicines and started giving Udi. We have also read that Sai Baba treatement was unique. In Chapter VII it was stated that “He first practiced medicine in the village. He examined patients and gave medicines. He was always successful and He became famous as a Hakim (Doctor). Eye dieses were cured with Beeba (Marking nut).” Diarreahe cured by eating peanuts, there were many such instances. Now we shall see how Sai Baba had knowledge of modern medicine and guided

    This leela was experienced by a devotee of Sai Baba who lives in Shirdi. She has authored many books on Sai baba of Shirdi. She is a Doctor by profression in her own words the leela is as follows

    These leela was experienced by a devotee of Sai Baba who is a Pediatric by profession and is currently staying in Shirdi. In her own words

    It was Thursday 1984 as usual I went to my Clinic an hour before we started seeing patients. I had a photograph of Baba sitting in front of Dhuni Mai on my table; it was my habit to spend this time praying. I would beseech him to help me with every patient that I saw on that day. Suddenly there was a knock on my door and the nurse entered my office. She said, “I know I am not to disturb you at this time but I want you to see a 3 month old child that is quite sick and the child has labored respiration” As we walked to the examining room I asked her the usual questions, about diarrhea, vomiting fever and drug ingestion, she said “Negative’.

    I examined the child I could not find anything except dehydration and rapid breathing, I had no clue of the diagnosis, desperately I prayed. Then I heard him say loudly “Diabetic Ketoacidosis”. I was shocked, I turned around and said, “What Baba the child is three months old” He repeated the diagnosis three times. I got the blood and urine tested. Within a few minutes I got the results ‘blood glucose 250 and urine was positive with Ketones’ The lab technician came to see the child as he could not believe the age of the child, and he thought it was 3 years.

    While all this was happening the Childs condition was fast deteriorating. I asked the nurse to bring an I.V. but the veins had disappeared, and the child was in shock. Again I asked Baba administer the fluids, so I got done on the very first attempt. Then again I heard Baba say, “Now ship the child to Children’s Hospital”

    I asked the nurse to call 911 and send the child to Children’s Hospital. The Ambulance arrived a short while later, it is customary to take the patient to the nearest hospital and from there the child may be transferred. But the nearest hospital did not have a Pediatric Department. However the Fire Fighter who came was Captain Rodriguez. The team went and saw the child; I asked them if they could please take the child to Children’s, as the baby had Diabetes. To my relief the Captain readily agreed and that was unusual. As the child was in such a critical condition it was “Air lifted” to Children’s.

  2. I then went to my office closed the door and cried my heart out, I thanked Baba for his mercy. Finally I laughed and said, “Baba I always knew that you know every thing about every thing, but I did not know that you spoke ‘American English’ you said ship the child?”

    I called the Hospital an hour later and I was informed that after performing a CAT scan and other tests the child was stable. Then the doctor said, “Doc how did you suspect and diagnose the child to have Diabetes?” I replied “O! that was devine intervention” She thought I was crazy and put the phone down. The senior doctors als asked me the same question and every time I said devine intervention they put the phone down.

    Finally I called the Fire Department who took the child to the hospital and asked to speak to Captain Rodreguez as I wanted to thank him. They said, “Yess we did take the baby to Children’s but there is no one called Captain Rodrigeuz. I saw his name tag and wrote his name on the chart, so I asked the nurse and she confirmed that it was Captain Rodriguez. Then I realized that my Baba had come as Captain Rodriguez and saved the child and me.

    That child did well and was discharged and many papers were published on it, but all the accolades go to Baba.

    Ref As experienced by Vinny

  3. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Outward Show Of Untouchability*****
    While staying in Akkalkot, Gopalbua Kelkar of Chiplun in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra,
    went to a well to take a bath. There he requested the Brahmins to give him a vessel to
    take bath. They refused. Finally, he took a vessel from a person who belonged to the
    Maratha community and took his bath. At that time Balawantrao was also present
    there. Balwantrao used to help Sri Swamiji while smoking a hukka. He started mocking
    Gopalbua saying, “Oh! This Kokanya has become corrupted. Do not take water
    polluted by him”. Gopalbua heard these remarks and was deeply hurt. At the same
    time, someone present there commented, “Give him the Charanodaka and purify
    They gave holy water to Gopalbua. However, the problem did not end there. The
    same day during dinner someone remarked “Do not keep the leaf-plate (used to serve
    food) of that corrupted Kokanya in the same rank (row) as ours, but keep separately”.
    Sripad Bhat gave moral support to Gopalbua and said that taking Charanodaka has
    already purified him. However, people present there displayed high-handedness and
    forced Gopalbua to sit in a separate place. Gopalbua Kelkar was dejected and felt
    miserable. He was in tears while eating.In the normal row for all the Brahmins, a leaf-plate readied for Sri Swamiji, but
    Sri Swamiji started uttering abuses and said, “I have become corrupted. Do not touch
    me. I shall not take food”. He became very angry, went out of that place, and sat on a
    large heap of garbage. In this way Sri Swamiji displayed strong opposition to observing
    untouchability and to the injustice meted out towards Gopalbua Kelkar.
    That day Sri Swamiji did not take any food. Next day those people allowed
    Gopalbua to take food along with others in the same row, only then Sri Swamiji cooled
    down. The particular person, who had prevented Gopalbua Kelkar from taking food in
    the same row as that of others, lost his mental balance due to misfortune.

    viśvaṁ viṣṇurvaṣaṭkārō bhūtabhavyabhavatprabhuḥ |
    bhūtakṛdbhūtabhṛdbhāvō bhūtātmā bhūtabhāvanaḥ || 1 ||

    1. Viśvaṁ: The all or the Universe.
    2. Viṣṇuḥ: He who pervades everything.
    3. Vaṣaṭkāraḥ: For whom the sacrificial versus are uttered in the
    4. Bhūta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuḥ: The one who is the master and
    beyond the past, present and the future.
    5. Bhūtakṛd: The creator and destroyer of all existences in the
    6. Būtabhṛd: One who supports or sustains or governs the
    7. Bhāvaḥ: Pure existence.
    8. Bhūtātmā: The essence of all beings.
    9. Bhūta-bhāvanaḥ: He who originates and develops all Elements.

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    baba pls take care of everyone and guide u baba.Thank u for everything.

  6. om sai ram. @ devotee no.3 i also felt the same.Day before yesterday i had chest pain and got some allergy then i immediately took sopme udi and applied on the alleygy spot and some on my chest ,then my chest pain vanished and allergy also gone. Thanks sai baba .Today i lost my mobile phone baba, please get me my mobile phone. om sai nathaya namah.

  7. Very good experiences.

    O Sai, Thank You for moving the worlds to fulfil our desires and wishes. We are forever grateful for all Your teachings and blessings that lead us to love 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam, om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life saimaa, I am surrounded with many problems, pls help me and take me away from this darkness. jai sairam…

  9. Om Sai Ram !! Thanks to Baba, he cured my health today with his miraculous UDI . Thanks Baba!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai !!!

  10. Om Sai Ram. Tomorrow is the final round of my interview. Please bless me to get this job and to relieve from current company properly. Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

  11. Nice experiences! Baba always shows us a way through any difficult journey we may face in life. Baba showed all these devotees that He was there with them through the dream about the contest, buttermilk miracle or the Udi that cured his wife's pain. Om Sai Ram!

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