Waiting For Sai Baba’s Blessing

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am working women from India. Om Sadguru Shiv Sai Nathaya Namah Baba i am writing this story to You, I am scared and have lost hopes but sometimes when I completely lose hope You show me positive signs You secretly answer my questions. I use to pick chits in front of You but now I have left doing that as I think You do not want me to do that. Dear friends I don’t want to disclose my identity Please feel free to Edit and make correction if required. I was in a relationship with my class mate from last 5 years, before this we were friends. We both believe in Sai and are devotee of His Lotus Feet and we visited Sai Temple together for some times (few months) on Saturday when things were good. This relation was the best thing that has ever happened to me, we both belong to different caste but we both are Hindu and there is a very slight difference in traditions as well. We fell in love deeply, enjoyed every bit of it with ups and downs of life. Our family was against this marriage but with Sai Kripa, we somehow succeeded in convincing our parents for this marriage and talks were about to start and things were so beautiful and pleasant.

My Mother came to meet his mother and fix the dates. When my mom came to meet her suddenly we came to know that his mother is against this marriage and she strictly prohibited him to speak to me, reason is still unknown to me and even he is not willing to share, what is the reason behind this. I completely don’t know, also when I will pressurize him to tell me the exact issue, he will only say that his mom is against inter caste marriage, (I really do not understand why suddenly she became against this marriage, as she was the one to call me and ask that if i am ready for this union then she has no problem). I am still in tears and not able to believe that this has happened to me and the person whom I trusted has turned his back on me, once he even confessed saying it is his fault that this relationship is going to die and now he is helpless and is not able to do anything to save this friendship as his mom is not at all ready to listen. However after all this also, we kept in touch as we were in love deeply and wanted to find out a way to work this out, we use to cry sometimes together.

In the meantime I started worshipping Sai Baba and started reading Satcharitra. I have kept vows which I will not share here, I wanted Baba to help me to keep and complete my vows by bringing him back. Now he is telling me to forget him and marry someone else as he will not go against his mom and his marriage is fixed and he is going to get married to his mother‘s choice. I have been praying to Baba to make things alright from last 5 months, now I am speechless and have only tears in my eyes, how easily he told me all this and how can Baba whom I have been praying day and night let this happen to me. Now I have completely left the matter in Baba’s Feet, the more I try to forget him the more I end up remembering him. I wanted to go to Shirdi and booked tickets but unfortunately the tickets did not get confirmed. He is finally going home to get married and hope Baba is listening and watching this, how one devotee is causing pain to other devotee. Once while I was on the way to office I was murmuring Sai Baba’s name and a quick thought came in my mind that if I will get married to my love then we both should meet and see each other on that day. Next moment he somehow happened to pass by that side and we saw each other I got excited and started smiling in my heart. He is going home to get married. Baba please does not punish me like this I pray from bottom of my heart to help them all who are in love and facing separation.

Need Sai Help Again

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am software engineer working in a MNC. I come to know about Sai Ram 2 years back and i told about this to my sister. She start worshiping Him from the day i told her about Sai and Sai helped her a lot and shown so many miracles in her life. I also strongly believe that without Sai the things which happen to us can never be. I am in a relation from last 4 years. We were studying in same class when i was doing my post graduation. I try to talk to my friend from very first day but he doesn’t talk much, because he never wants to talk to girls. Slowly years pass and in middle of 2nd year he all of sudden came to me and ask me to go for coffee. I was surprised. Slowly we became good friends. We start liking each other but we both never say anything to each other. In our last year of college we went to Manali in college trip. There he proposed me. And after that my whole life starts moving around him and his too. We love each other so much that in our job search we take care of each other very much. He always says that i am his life and he can’t live without me. And it’s true too. So many times i called him he came to me without thinking much about his work or anything else.

But 2 months back one day my phone stop working and i asked him for spare phone. Then he gave me his old phone when i charged his phone i saw a lot of messages from a girl which was married. I fought with him on this and he begs me to forgive him. He said he will never talk to her again and he try to explain that it’s just chat nothing more than that. Now he is caring and trying to help me out of this thought that he cheated me. I am getting depressed with passage of each day. I am not able to get over of this feeling that he is loyal to me because he left her immediately and asking me to get normal. But I need Sai help now because i am not able to overcome from this. Sai please help me its destroying me. Om Sai Ram

Baba Blessed My Son

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Please keep my name anonymous. Thank you for doing this wonderful work, I came to know about this blog a couple of months ago and since then my day starts and ends reading this blog. I have been experiencing a lot of bliss these couple of months. There have been many experiences but today I would like to share one which is very close to my heart and thinking of which still gives me the same happiness as of that day when it actually happened. Dear friends and Baba devotees please forgive me for any mistake. Also please make necessary changes if needed.

I live in USA & this happened sometime in the year 2011. I have a son who is now 7 yr old. During that time we were going through very tough time financially. My husband had lost his job and we had a big mortgage to pay for and with no savings. My son was not keeping too well. He was getting sick every now and then. That’s when I started to pray to our Sai Maa to make things right and to bless us with some good health and financial stability. One day I was at a friend’s house who is also a Sai devotee & she has a huge Picture of Baba (almost about 7ft) in her Pooja room where we were sitting and she was telling me her experience about how wonderfully Baba had blessed her son when she went for Darshan to India. Both of our kids were playing together upstairs. While she was narrating her experience a thought came to my mind asking Baba that how come You have not blessed my child?

As soon as this thought came to my mind something wonderful happened. My son, who was playing upstairs suddenly came down and prostrated in front of the Sai’s Picture. As me and my friend were just sitting there talking, we were amazed as he has never done that before. Now what’s to follow is even more amazing. He (my son) also did Namasakar (i.e. kneeling down touching his forehead on the floor). Now what had happened was that my friend had done her Pooja in the morning and left the dish with Kumkum (a powder used for social and religious markings) on the floor, so, as soon as my son knelt down to touch his forehead to the floor, his head instead touched the inside of Pooja dish (that was lying on the floor) and so when he got up his hair was all red with Kumkum. I was amazed and speechless to see this Leela of Sai Maa. Not only Baba blessed my son but He, in His own way did Tilak (a red mark on forehead) of Kumkum on my son’s forehead. I got all teared up. My friend didn’t understand why I was getting so emotional. I then explained to her about everything and she too was very thrilled about what had happened. So this is how wonderfully Baba fulfilled my wish and blessed my son. Since then my son is keeping good health. Here I would like plead to all Sai devotees out there that no matter where you are keep talking to Our beloved Sai through thoughts and actions even if you think that He is not responding to your prayers but He is always listening to us His children. My humble prayer to our Sai Maa is please always shower Your blessings and love to me and my family and please be with us every day and always. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Sai Baba, Dakshina and Rule of Law

    09 May 2013 by Leeladhar V V

    Sai Baba used to send some children to Marwari’s or money lenders in Shirdi and used to take loan from them, and in the evening Kakasaheb Dixit and Nana Saheb Chandorkar used to check up from whom Sai Baba used to take loan and they used to repay the loan. Some of the people who got the money from Sai Baba never spent the money but they used to save it and purchase some assets.

    Now please read this : Chakra Narayan, Retd. Asst to Dy. Police Suptd. Thana, was Police Fouzdar at Kopergaon when SHRI SAI passed way. Though highly sceptical of SAI in the beginning, Chakra Narayan later developed high regards for HIM. What impressed the Fouzdar most was SAI had full control over HIS senses and nothing could sway nor tempt HIM. Whatever SAI got as dakshina in the form of cash or kind, HE scattered liberally. After SAI's Mahasamadhi, the police took possession of HIS cash which was only Rs 16/- just enough to cover HIS funeral expenses. But it was noticed that when alive, SAI was disbursing much more than HE received. Wherefrom came the excess for SAI to pay, none could make out. Chakra Narayana was convinced tht SHRI SAI was a true saint with divine powers.

    Thus we can say that Baba being a divine power knew what was the collections being in the form of Dakshina and how much money he had to disburse forehand only He used to take loans and thus the account used to be balanced. Sai Baba being a Divine personality never used to go against the Law, it would have been easy for Baba with so much of powers to materialise things but He never went against the law of the land. He was a law abiding citizen and expects the same from His devotees.


    Compiled by Sanjay Padia

  2. Sai plz remind him to wish me happy b'day. Plz bolo usko. Plz I want him. I know I can say anything 2 u. Thnx 4 everything n Om Sai Ram 2 all dear devotees. Love u Sai . Now gift tym so Sai I want him. Now its ur responsibility . Now m waiting 4 ur gift n I know there is lots of happiness 4 me this year. Sai plz come here I want ur darshan. Love u sai

  3. Om Sai Ram. Dear 3rd devotee nice experience. N other 2 devotees wt can I say? I mean I can understand ur situation n pain. Coz m also facing relationship prob like 1st devotee. Today is my b'day n m also waiting 4 sai's blessing. Most of the men r same. Dear 2nd devotee plz think again abt that person I mean he cheated u. Oh! Sai plz help us. Ur daughters r suffering. Give us peace n happiness. Sai plz punish them they r idiots. Plz protect us. In ur lotus feet – ur daughter. Sai Sai sai

  4. To the 1st and 2nd devotees, I am sure Baba would have shown you a solution already that brings you love and peace. To the 3rd devotee, your child is a blessed child of Baba, beautiful experience 🙂

    O Sai, forgive us our sins and help us walk the right path. Bless us O Sadguru that we make You and the people around us proud.

    Jai Sairam

  5. sai helps those who help themselves..this goes out to first experience narrated above…ask sai to show you the right path n tell him your heart's wish..surrender yourself at his lotus feet…let things take shape…why do you punish your family for one person who couldnt take a stand…renew your bonds with your family….they are a true support system…spend more time with them..see what unconditional love is….have the confidence and faith that sai the savior will only choose what is best for you for your lifetime…we all will pray for you…

  6. 2nd exp…to err is human..give the guy a second chance..and surrender your relationship to baba..he will decide whether to take it forward or call it quits.

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    love u baba.thank u baba.pls take care of everyone.

  8. This comment is for the devotee who has shared the first experience.It is correctly said that marriages are made in heaven.You never know now why all these are happening.Miracles happen at the nick of the moment.If Baba wants you both to get married he will definitely come back.If not Baba has got some one much better than him.Kindly place this burden at the feet of the Lord and surely good days will come although it is going to take sometime…I was in the same situation 2 years back, but it was not a separation,I was forced into marriage with I was strongly opposing.But now I don't know how many times I have thanked God for this because he has given me such a sweet husband.So keep praying and wait.Things will surely change for good. Baba is there know then why fear.

    • thanks for the comment as this is the advice for all girls who are suffering like this.i request all other sai sisters to post comments like this if they are happily married even after their love failure.it boosts many lives..once again thanku sis 🙂

    • Sai sister in the first experience, when he is trying to go away from you instead of praying sai to get him back, ask sai to lead you in a good path. I know it is not easier, I was in the little same situation 2 years back. I cried. But now I am the happiest for being married to a wonderful person. I would thank sai for making me lose the first one. 2nd Experience, sai ram is with you.Om sai ram please give your daughters all strength.3rd Experience wonderful sai sister. Om sai Ram

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Brahmin Paid Heavily For His Ego*****
    A woman Shivubai, from the then Hyderabad State, along with her son, had
    come to Akkalkot to take Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Her son had become blind, after the
    thread ceremony. She prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and prayed for the restoration of eyesight of her son. Sri Swamiji said, “Five giants are coming to test me.
    At that time, your son will get his eyesight restored”.
    In the meantime, five stout Vaishnav Brahmins, puffed with pride, came there to
    test Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji spoke to Shivubai’s kid “Ganesh, come here, just speak
    out sentence by sentence stored in these Brahmin’s mind along with the correct
    answer”. Sri Swamiji took out his garland and gave it to Ganesh to wear it. He then
    moved a marigold flower on both eyes of Ganesh. Instantly the boy started talking as
    his eyesight was restored. He refuted all the doubts stored in the minds of those
    All the Vaishnav Brahmins became ashamed and prostrated at the lotus feet of
    Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji then spoke to their religious instructor, “Because I eat food
    given by anybody, you slandered me and tried to test me. But your mother committed
    adultery with several Muslims. You were born to a Muslim father by name Imambaksh”.
    Hearing these words the religious instructor Brahmin was embarrassed. He repented
    and prayed to Sri Swamiji for cleansing his sin. Kind-hearted Sri Swamiji became
    merciful towards him and said “Now go and take bath in the river Ganga (Ganges) and
    follow Bhagwat Dharma220”.
    The pride emanating from wealth, youth and knowledge always brings an
    impediment in the path of religious and spiritual progress. Therefore a Guru always
    destroys the pride of his devotee. When the human body itself is unreal, then what is
    the use of that pride? The well known saint Meerabai has said-
    “Dhana-Jobanaka Garab na keejai !
    Jhootha Panchranga Chola re!”

  10. Leave everything to baba.. M sure he has already shown you a way by now.. Trust him he knows best what you should get..

  11. Dearest 1st Devotee,

    I am 24 years old and I completely empathize with you. Though our situations might be different I even went through the feelings of hatred, betrayal , disappointment, pain and agony more than an year ago but I still see these feelings coming back to me because of him but I try to keep myself at peace. I tell to myself whatever had happened I forgive him and also forgive myself for letting it happen to me.

    I suggest you to try to be calm and peace by engaging in other activities that might interest you or reading some good books (I'd suggest Eat Pray Love, I't gave me a solace that its not just me who went through all this) or develop a new hobby or set new goal. Trust that whatever happens happens for good (Though it might be difficult to believe in situations like this, please believe). Its okay what has happened and that you were hurt, its completely okay. You can come out of it and move on. This is not the end of your life. You look like very very impressive girl to me. You are a working women, You are educated, You have your parents, You have the biggest among all 'Sai Baba'. So please don't stress your self about the situation.

    I live in the U.S and I completely alone, when you are alone moving on becomes even harder but I never gave up. I tell to myself that my love for myself. my parents love and Baba's love is enough for me and I don't need anyone else. You can do it too, Try to keep yourself calm and peaceful.

    P.S : Don't try to contact him again unless he does. Forgive him, there might be some valid reason he is behaving that way or there might not be any valid reason but that's okay. Forgive him. Don't make any serious vows about your life now, take them when you are peaceful and calm. If he rally wants to be with you he will definitely find a way.

    I hope this helps you, I will be glad if any of this makes sense to you. I wish you a lot of happiness and success.

  12. Dear 2nd devotee,

    Distance yourself from him completely for few months. If you find out that he still loves you and you can forgive him completely and can trust him, let him back to your life. I hope the reply to the first devotee also helps you. Please practice patience and calmness

    I wish you a lot of happiness and success

  13. Sai may
    Please bless me and my family with good health and happiness
    Please please relieve me of all health issues
    Luv u
    Falling at your holy lotus feet

  14. Dear first devotee

    these days its happening a lot. Guys enter into relationships but are not strong enough to commit and even if they commit most of them turn their backs on girls and girls behave just in the opposite manner. They go against their families for guys. The same thing happened to me in April and i thought it was the end of the world. But my friends, my sister and most importantly God helped me to overcome the grief. Just believe that god averted a big disaster that was supposed to take place in the future by giving you this pain now. And the guy who just gave up on you now, what is the guarantee that he would not give up on you under family pressure in future. Nobody has seen the future but you have seen what he has done in present. So just let it be. Love urself. Love your parents. I knw its very tough but he is a weak person because if he really loved you he would not marry anybody else. So just give the situation some time to settle down and remember PRAY HARDEST WHEN IT IS HARDEST TO PRAY. God bless you.

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  17. Nice experiences! 3rd devotee, Baba gave you a very nice sign that not to worry, He is there with your family through this tough time and will help you get through it. 2nd devotee, just follow Baba's guidance and if this boy just knows that girl as a colleague or friend, it is okay, but before marriage make sure this is all that girl is to him. 1st devotee, don't worry, if this is the boy Baba chose for you, Baba will make sure for the wedding to happen and His mother to change his mind about you, just have faith and patience in Baba's plan. Om Sai Ram!

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