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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Indian girl from the state of Odisha and have strong faith on Sai Baba. I request you to kindly post my experience without mentioning my name and Email Id. Please mention I am a devotee of Sai Baba. May Baba bless you all.*Om Sai Ram*

Om Sai Ram. I came to know about this site from past few months and I am following the posts daily posted by the devotees. I want to post mine too. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from last 8 months only. In the small period I have experienced many miracles of Sai Baba and I wanted to share some miracles and blessing of Sai Baba on me. In June 2013, some changes occurred in my normal life and I was started feeling very low. At that time my close friend stopped talking with me without giving any reason. I tried a lot to contact him. But I was blacklisted in his phone. That day I cried a lot by wondering what the reason was and why he did so. I felt like no friends are true. At that same time a lot of complicacies started in my professional life too. My manager gave wrong feedback against my project performance where in that part of the project I was not involved and my increment was stopped. Those were the most painful days in my life, because at that time I had no support both in professional and personal life. So I decided to left the job and try for a new job and did accordingly. I left my job and came to my home.

My parents told me not to do job again because IT companies have too much work pressure. But I wanted to get a new job. One day one of my friend told me about Sai Baba’s grace and he suggested me to did Parayan. So I started my 7 days Parayan. Believe me in the first day of my Parayan Baba showed His blessing towards me. My close friend who has stopped talking with me from last 3 months gave me a message and felt sorry for his action. I was really surprised when I read his message, tears flowed out from my eyes and I was not able to speak too. I felt Baba is with me and He is listening my prayer request and He knows very well about my pains. My faith on Sai Baba got stronger. After 1 month, I got permission from my Parents to try for a new job. So I came to Chennai in December 2013 and used to stay with my Sister and brother-in-Law. Now I am at Chennai.

I am praying Baba every day and doing Sai Satcharitra Parayan. Here I got a lot of interview calls from IT companies but due to only one year of experience I was not able to select in any company. So I started Sai Baba’s Nava Guruvar Vrat. Miracle happened in the very next days when I completed Baba’s Nava Guruvar Vrat. Last week, I got a new job in an IT company at Kerala even though my interview was not very good. It’s only because of Sai Baba’s grace I got the job. Baba’s Bani is true- “Keep Faith and Patience on Me.” and “I never see My children in pain.” I cannot able to express my feelings how much I am happy now. Thank You so much Baba. But my parents have fear in mind that how can I manage myself in a new city, as because I have never stayed before apart from my family and no friends and relatives are there at Kerala, But I know Baba will help me in that period too and I have strong faith on Baba. He is always with me. Baba is listening to the pains of every sincere heart. He is always there for His children to put His hand everywhere we need His help. I love You Baba. You are my life and I want Your blessing in rest of my life. I am Your innocent daughter. Please forgive me if any mistake I have done.

Sai My Saviour

Sai Sister Jyotsna from India says: Hi. I am a small Sai devotee living in India. Though Baba’s presence in my life has been for many years but I have been a devotee of Baba since September 2013. I know it is a very small period of time, but His miracles and blessings in my life have been numerous. I had already posted my first experience in this blog that how I got a job with Baba’s grace. This will be my second experience. I would like to mention a special thanks to people running this blog, who are spreading joy through blessings of Baba in many lives. I am sharing the experience below:

I had mentioned in my last post that i was facing problems in my job, and after starting Nav Guruvar Vrat, i had got a job in a good TV channel, but due to some financial crisis the channel closed down and had fired all the new joiners and by the ninth Guruvar, I was out of job again. I should have been tensed but something was there in the back of my mind which was telling that Baba has definitely planned something better for you, don’t worry. But the only cause of my worry was my financial position as i had not received my salary from two months and all my savings were exhausted. I had to pay my rent and for my other expenses. I prayed to Baba ” Baba, please do something, I don’t want to take money from anyone, including my parents also. See the mercy of our Sai, as i finished praying in my mind, I received a call from my company that come and collect your dues. I was very surprised because, the company was very reluctant in paying money and i was the first person who was called to collect the cheque. I had got enough money to pay the rent and sustain myself. I did not need to ask or borrow from anyone. Baba loves His children so much that He can’t see them in a moment of agony or despair.

Baba, I am not a very big devotee, but one thing I know I love You. After getting the money, I started looking for other jobs. I got a job within 10 days, but it was not in the media sector. I half heartedly agreed and also the pay was less than what i was getting. But since I was in need, i accepted. I was coming out of the company after submitting my documents and was going to meet the COO of another news channel, who had texted me the earlier night to come and meet him. He had rented his bureau office in my ex company’s office and he knew me well and treated me like his child. So when I met him, he took me out for lunch and offered me a position with his channel, with an increment. I just can’t thank enough Baba for showing His mercy on me. I have joined my new job and I pray to Baba to give me courage and blessings for this new position. Baba blesses all Your children and be with us always. Baba everyone in my family has been to Shirdi except me. Please call me to Your place once, this is all i pray. Om Sai Ram Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

Baba’s Unique Way Of Showing Support

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been a Baba devotee from my school days. Me and my friend used to attend Baba Aarti every Thursday near our house and used to read Baba’s 11 sayings. I feel very very blessed since Baba’s words of pulling a sparrow with a thread has been so very true in my case. It’s my previous so only I am being held so close and could witness His devotion. Thank You Sai for Your divine grace. Please protect my family.

My humble salutation to Sai Mauli (mother), Our family is going through some rough phase with respect to my husband’s job and he being the sole bread winner in a foreign country we are totally dependent on him. Recently he was given an end date in a company where he has been working for last 6 years and we still being on visa it’s a quite stressful time. Meanwhile my son who is a vivid reader couldn’t find one book and we were fined for not returning the book on time and we’re asked to either pay the money or return it. Me and my husband searched the whole house and couldn’t find it anywhere and my son also checked his school library but in vain. I was just hoping if we find we avoid paying the full price of the book and prayed Baba please help me find that book.

Two days passed finally we made our mind and went to library to pay the money and my husband told them that my son says we did return the book, the library people still asked to pay the fine for late return and said they will check it again at their end. While my husband was returning back, I got a call from library saying that the book was found in library itself. My eyes swelled up with tears and just surprise that Baba answered my prayers. Friends maybe this looks simple problem, but the state in which my family is right now. It’s a big fireworks of hope. Baba whatever You will decide for us I am sure is for my benefit. Please pardon me for my ignorance and misbehaviour and take my family in Your shade. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Sai pardon me for what I did.
    I totally repent for that.
    Please erase it from the minds to I had told.
    I fall at ur lotus feet.
    Forgive me deva.

  3. om sai ram . Baba today i am going. to be operated for ovarian cyst.plz be with me baba in OT.plz remove only cyst & nothing else.plz save me baba.u r my. only hope. plz….

    • Om Sai Ram.

      BABA bless you Dear Sai Sister, he will do your operation and cure you entirely. Please apply BABA's UDI always and all will be well. Our BABA is the best Doctor in the world and his UDI is the best medicine. BABA, please take care of your Devotee and cure her and keep her protected always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


    blessed experiences-

    Last devotee hopefully you are out of troubles by now…

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  5. All experiences r so beautiful….hope one day baba ji would also allow me to write here his miracles ……baba ji never appeared in my dreamz……i have ful faith in him and i love him d most…….he can't leave my hand….i am also going through bad phase and things r improving by baba's grace but still waiting for my wishes to be fulfilled.
    Love u so much hope u also love me back.
    Om sai ram

  6. Swamiji's picture: An experience

    By Sai Natarajan

    It happened in 1973. I was doing puja to Lord Subrahmanya a large size picture, given to me by our Guru, Saipadananda Radhakrishna Swamiji. It occurred to me how nice it would be if a larger size portrait of Swamiji was hung next to Lord Muruga. When the archana was being performed with this desire, one of the flowers offered at his feet perched itself on Lord Venkateshwara, the Ishta and Kula Devatha of our Swamiji. This strengthened my faith that my desire had his approval.

    With this bent of mind, I reached my office (Deccan Herald) at 11 a.m. Within a few minutes, photographer T.L. Ramaswamy, with whom I knew, Swamiji's pictures were available, passed my seat and went to the Sports Editor. But I could not broach the subject with Mr. Ramaswamy.

    Mr. Ramaswamy crossed the corridor and I saw him descen­ding the staircase. I attended to my official work. Now, the miracle happened. Within a few seconds, Mr. Ramaswamy was standing before me and asked me 'why I called him'. I told him that I did not call him at all. But he insisted "No, you patted on my back and did call me". Then, I explained him though I had the desire to talk to him about Swamiji's picture, neither did I venture it nor called him, patting on his back.

    I am sure our Swamiji's unseen powers must have directed Mr. Ramaswamy to me. That evening, I got a large size picture of Swamiji. A few days later, when the framed picture was shown to our Swamiji, He gazed at it with a smile.

    (Sai Padananda October 1990)

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Family, please let me know if anyone is going to Shirdi.. i would like to send in my prayers to BABA, praying for his grace.

    BABA bless us all always. Love you BABA and thankful to you for everything.


  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****City Of Injustice*****
    Dajeeba Bhosle was a trusted prime minister of the King of Akkalkot, Maloji
    Raje. He was very unjust and tyrannical. Because of his bad conduct he was driven out
    from the state by the then British Government. However, King Maloji Raje tried his best and stood bail for Dajeeba Bhosle and got him released. Sri Swamiji was very
    displeased with Maloji Raje, for getting him released and standing bail to a person like
    Dajeeba, who would always harass poor people. Due to this incident Sri Swamiji with a
    seemingly angry and red face was speaking with Narsimharao Bhosle in an angered
    tone “What type of mischief is this? Who has brought this cunning thief from custody?
    He has been released but again he will get arrested and taken away”. The King Maloji
    Raje got this message. Nevertheless, there was no adverse effect on him since he did
    not bother much about Sri Swamiji’s words.
    After the return of Dajeeba in the state, injustice, and harassment started all
    over again. Dajeeba and his companions like Magistrate Barjoji Manikji and Srinivas
    Subedar started harassing people. Injustice spread in the city on a large scale. Severe
    punishment was being given for minor offences. People were openly disgraced in a
    disrespectful manner. Tax was increased. People complained to the British
    Government’s agent. There was a rumour that the state is getting dissolved. However,
    the King and his coterie of people did not pay attention to this rumour.
    Once, Sri Swamiji was sitting on a low square seat of the palace. Magistrate
    Barjoji riding on a horse was entering the palace and Sri Swamiji yelled at him “If you
    come ahead, I will break your head. Vagabond. Thief. You burnt my children. You set
    them on fire? ”. When Barjoji out of fear, started backtracking, Sri Swamiji uttered a
    word “Dissolved”. There was a miracle! Within just a few days the then Akkalkot State,
    was dissolved by the British Government. Dajeeba was arrested. Barjoji and Subhedar
    Srinivas fled to the then Hyderbad State and a lawsuit was instituted against King Maloji
    Raje. Thus the arrogance of everyone was shattered.

    vyāsaṁ vasiṣṭhanaptāraṁ śakteḥ pautramakalmaṣam |
    parāśarātmajaṁ vaṁde śukatātaṁ tapōnidhim || 3 ||

    I bow before you Vyasa,
    The treasure house of penance,
    The great grand son of Vasishta.
    The grand son of Shakthi,
    The son of Parasara.
    And the father of Shuka.

  10. babaji i m still waiting for the scholarship offer…why are you not answering my prayers? i m sick of these 2 years situation at home and being jobless for so long. please have some mercy Baba.

  11. All experiences r very sweet. Sai I want u plz aa jao. Plz this tym give me my true sole mate not any Playboy. Love u Sai, soon I ll start again ur fast. Plz I need u. Om Sai Ram

  12. Very nice experiences.

    O Sai, sweep away our minds of all the negative thoughts with just Your glance and bless us love and harmony.

    Jai Sairam

  13. OM SAI RAM…………BABA you know my situation. Its out my hand. Please do miracle and get me out from this. Please bless me baba and be with me. I love you alot baba.

  14. Baba,The data is coming close by, please be with me always and guide me in proper direction with good and positive thoughts only. Let me respect all the people equally. Let my love for her be as is all my life. Please bless me with good health, my big concern this life .Please let me serve you in possible ways, I am good for nothing physically and not that smart too

    Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jaya. Jaya Sai


  16. Sai maa
    Please please be there with us holding our hand and blessing us
    Maa let my meeting go well tomorrow please
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. om sai baba . i am gayathri from chennai i have attended an interview i shouls get postivite result from them sai baba pls help me baba………sath guru sainath maharaj ki jay………

  18. thanks a lot sairam for being with me and helping me to come out of the problems
    omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairamomsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam

  19. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on my family and protect their health, fill them with happiness, joy, peace of mind and everlasting prosperity. Baba please take care of hubby tummy he has been having discomfort and I am very very worried. Please help my elders tummy pain as well. I dont know whats happening with everyones health but there are some concerns or the other. Please I request your divine intervention and presence to resolve all health issues in the family and protect the family. Please give me strength to provide them the right kind of food and treatment Baba. I count on you Baba . I surrender to you wholly. Please bless our family Baba. Help me take care of our elders too. Everything is your wish and will. I am writing this as promised Baba. Please be with us and protect us. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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