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Sai Baba Made My Wish Fulfil - Sai Devotee Shilpa

Sai Sister Shilpa from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram. I really don't know how to start, but will write as it comes. I am from Bangalore India, after marriage I am staying with my husband in Singapore. I am Sai Baba devotee from past 14 years. A friend of mine introduced me to Sai Baba in my college days. I am sole believer of Sai Ram, never ever I have prayed to any God, but after Sai Baba came into my life He is everything to me. He was there for me when I needed Him, always guiding me and supporting me. Last year was worst year of my life where I had to face so many problems with my health issues. But Sai Baba came as saviour and helped me to come out of my fear and anxiety by guiding me each and every step. Today I am me it's because of Sai Baba, still there is few small hiccups I should overcome, that also I will overcome by Sai Baba's grace. I fully believe and trust and surrender myself to Om Sai Ram.

My experience goes like this. I wanted to take my mother to Singapore so I was planning to take her, but my mother did not have passport and it was taking long time for her to make passport due to house hold problems, it kept on delaying as usual. Then when I became pregnant I came to India for my delivery to my mother’s house. I stayed in my mother’s house and was very happy that after baby my mom would accompany me, we were applying for passport etc. But before that just 2 days before my delivery my mother complained for sever left hand shoulder pain and she was sweating badly from afternoon we thought she was doing so much work so she must be tired and said her to rest but still the pain was same. So my brother decided to take her for general check up once he went there we came to know my mother got heart attack and it was second time, we didn't know about the previous one. When and what, so they immediately rushed her to hospital and all test made she had to undergo bypass surgery. Yes she went through it meanwhile.

I delivered baby boy and my mother was in hospital. But she was strong and came out after 25 days to home. Then her trip was cancelled as she had to rest for year so my mother in law accompanied me. Then I was sad and lost hopes in Sai Baba, that why it happened like that, why my mother got heart attack and she suffered so much so I became angry and stopped going to Temple or praying to Sai Baba and days went on. Even I was busy with my son. Last year, as I said earlier was worst year of my life again I had faced lot of depression fear and anxiety. Like that my life was full at loss I didn't or don't know what to do. I was not able to sleep at all, when I had no other means I had my book Sai Satcharitra with me. I kept that book close to my heart and prayed to Sai Ram and pleaded Him to get rid of all those worries please help me and I told Sai Baba, I am very sorry for getting angry and not praying for You. Sai Baba please save me.

Then, that day I slept. From that day onwards I started to believe, trust Baba fully like blind. I just followed Him, prayed Him. He slowly brought me out of my anxiety fear. Day by day I was getting better and better even though I was facing lots of up and downs. It was Sai Baba way of showing us the right path to overcome. My only belief was even though I fall today but it's for my good Baba is doing this for me to be stronger and stronger for facing any difficulties. So I came out of it and there is still 1 to 2% but surely with Baba’s help I will come out.

Now to my mother’s story last year end December we had my mother’s passport ready and she was all getting ready to come but my father fell sick and he passed away. He had some kidney problem and he couldn't take the pain of treatment all he wanted was to come home and stay with his grand children and have some peace time so he came home discharged on 10th Dec. We thought he was getting better in house and all were happy and I also had planned my mom’s trip few days later but my father spent some peace time with family and passed on 24th Dec. Then also I asked Sai Baba why You did this because my father was best dad for me and my brother. But then I thought to myself Sai Baba took him away because instead of my father going through all that pain it's better he rest in peace. So my mother couldn't come and also she was very much in pain.

Then we had planned to move to India but I wanted to take my mom before that and also my father’s wish was same that at least his wife should go and he said to go when he was in hospital. So I was planning or trying but something or other I was not able to do. Even I am reader of Sai Baba miracles, there I read the story of how to go to Shibpur Sai Baba. On internet I came to know about the story of Shibpur Sai Baba and was seeing the Photos, Pooja and Aarti of Sai Baba, then I prayed their and then itself that's March 28th this year that my mom should come here within next week. If Sai Baba You are really there show me some miracles, meanwhile we had applied for visa which was delaying but after this wish we got visa in 2 days that's the next first two days and we also had planning of booking ticket for the other next week so my mother would be accompanied by my husband who is going for trip to Bangalore while coming she will come with him. But due to flight ticket problem we booked the ticket same week where we got visa that week Friday. My mother was ready and she flew alone but with Sai Baba's presence in every step she took. So just in a week so many things happened.

Al I would like to say is we have to trust fully in Sai Baba. We need to have firm faith and patience whatever it is, we can overcome by Sai Baba's grace, His love and affection. I fully truly believe and surrender to You Baba. I may have done so many mistakes but still You have helped me in each and every time. All I request to You Sai Baba to be free from my all negative thoughts, miseries, worries. Be with me as You are always there Baba. Help me and guide me Sai Baba. Show me the right path Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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  1. Sai is ever present

    Sai Ram ! Baba declared, "I will manifest Myself among people as a child of eight years". Kindly note, a child of eight years. Sainath Himself through Annasaheb Dabolkar, authored "Sri Sai Satcharitha" where in it is stated as above. Inspite of His declaration, "I am formless and everywhere. I am in everything and beyond. AH that you see taken together is Myself. I do not shake or move". Baba Himself defined "Who is this Me?. You need not go far or any where in search of Me, Barring your name and form, there exists in you as well as in all beings, a sense of Being or consciousness of Existence that is Myself. Knowing this you see me inside you as well as in all beings". (Chapter 43-44 of Sri Sai Satcharita). Though Baba declared He was not three and a half cubits body we always limit to a body, Place and Time. Sai Vyasa B.V. Narasimhaswamiji after indepth investigation of claims of some "Sais" – "It has been noted that any person claiming to be Sai Baba dares not show even a very small fraction of Baba's nature. Mere power to read thought, mere clairvoyance, mere production of articles from empty box or hands and mere devotion to Sai or God will not constitute one into Avatar of Sai".

    Sai Bandhus ! It is high time to decide whether Sai's continued presence is a fact or not. If it is a fact let us not give Sai's place to any Baba/ Swami / Mata in our heart.


    Source Sai Deep Gurupurnima 2002

  2. omsairam. please bless us to come out of these problems. omsairam.

  3. Nice experience. O Sai, Thank You for being there with us, looking over us and guiding us at each and every step of our lives. Thank You for fulfilling all our wishes O Sadguru :)

    Jai Sairam

  4. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save me by solving all my problems saimaa....I left everything on u, pls show me miracle...u r hope for me saimaa...pls help me, u can understand all my pain and difficulties, who can understand better than mother ....pls help me...jai sairam

  5. Sai maa
    I am where I am today only because of you and vp murugan
    I am there almost but little more to go
    Please please please be there with me holding my hand and leading us
    Luv you a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  6. Om Sai Ram !! Nice Experience !!

  7. Baba.. Please bless my mother.. It's her birthday today!! Take care if her health.. (p)
    And please relieve me from this excrutiating pain.. Please.. (p)

  8. om sri sai ram .the marriage should happen so happily without any prob.pleas ebe with us. u be in front and come and bless us. please baba .om sri sai ram
    allah malik
    im sorry for forgetting u baba .please forgive me baba

  9. om sri sai ram.take care of him.let no bad thought or habit go near him.he shouldn not trouble me . please keep him happy baba.please tc of avik baba .im so sorry baba

  10. Hi how do I share my experience in this website? Thank you

    1. At the top it says'submit your experience with Saibaba' and then follow instructions.

  11. Om Sai RAM

    Nice experience...Oh dear Baba you are great.

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  13. please make him marry me.

  14. Om sainath please fulfil my wishes let my daughters do well in their exam and I get agood norms formy exam aswell. Om sai nath sai samarth.

  15. jai sai ram..... Babaji you know everything about me..plz forgive me and give me normal life.plz.don't give punishment to my mother & father.They are innocent.plz make everything normal in our life..plz give my parents grandchildren . love you sai & all the devotees...


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