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Sai Sister Meghna from India says: Sai has always been around me, His presence I can feel, I can see. I know I am His beloved child and I also know that He always showers His love and blessings on me. I have had many miracles in my life, for which I know and am sure that Sai Maa has done it for me. One of such miracle I would like to share with all of you.

When I was pregnant I had a lot of complications and due to change of 3 doctors during my pregnancy and mishandling of my case by my first two doctors I was in a very dicey situation about my baby being safe and healthy. During my seventh month, I changed my doctor and went to a third doctor with my complicated case, things started working out after, after one month when I was towards end of my eight month I again had a lot of complications and was admitted to hospital and due to baby having problem to breathe in my womb and due to baby being underweight my doctors suggested us that we should get the baby delivered in this eight month itself. And then within next one hour I was blessed with a baby girl and baby was fine except that she was premature and was weighing only 1700 Gms. Doctors immediately admitted my baby in Nursery and told me that till we examine and till the time we are not sure we would not discharge the baby.

I was very happy after my delivery that everything went well and that Sai Maa was always with me throughout. After my delivery three days passed by and during this time I was visiting my daughter in the hospital nursery, feeding her staying with her whole day and I had started feeling the motherly feeling and then returning to my room which was 30-40 feet’s from the nursery, all of a sudden my gynaecologist visited me and told me that now I am fine and have to be discharged from the hospital, I was happy, but happiness faded away when I realised that my daughter is yet not discharged and will still be kept in nursery. That day I spent all my time in the nursery and me and my husband decided to leave for home around 7 pm. At 7 pm I just did not had guts to go home without my daughter, I started sinking as to how will I leave my baby (3 days old baby) with a third person, like this 2 hours passed by and I just could not digest the feeling to leave from there. My husband told me that I need to go home and rest as even I had undergone a surgery 3 days back. I stood up and then sat down again, I felt helpless and then as nothing much I could do about the situation I started crying, I came out of the nursery leaving my daughter behind, I cried through out of my way to home and when I stepped in my home after 5 days I realised that my most important part of my life my baby whom I was carrying in my womb from last 8 months was not with me at that moment, that whole night I could not sleep thinking about my daughter, that how she would be, will the nurse feed her or not.

Next day morning, I prayed to Sai Maa that my daughter should be discharged today only, as I cannot everyday come back home without her. I told Sai Maa in my heart that if on my way to hospital I would see Your Photo anywhere it would be an indication that yes positively my daughter would be discharged from the hospital today. We started of our journey to the hospital as it was 25 kms away from our residence, just before entering in the hospital gate, near a round about a big car just came in front of our car and all of a sudden and we had to stop, during all this I saw Sai Maa’s Photo in that other person’s car. I was very happy as I got the positive indication. Now in nursery the doctors everyday did counselling at 11 am with each parent and used to tell them if they are discharging the child or used to tell the reason if they not discharging the child.

My husband’s turn came and he was told that the baby is fine and we might keep the baby for a day or so. My husband came out and told me the news and I was depressed and then I thought no this cannot happen, Baba, Sai Maa gave me a positive indication then how come my daughter is not discharged today. I went back to the nursery as sat with my daughter. Then after few minutes a lady doctor came to me asked few questions about my compatibility with my daughter and few other questions and explained me few things and went away. Right after that may be in next 10-15 minutes, my husband called me and told me that the doctor had called him again and said that we are discharging our daughter today itself, this was it. I was overwhelmed by Sai Maa’s miracle, I was very happy that we were taking her home. Now my daughter is 2.5 years with Baba’s grace. I love You Baba. I will just like to say to all the devotees that sometimes things do not work out or we don’t get what we wish because Sai Maa’s has something better and great than our wishes to give to us, so never lose faith and never lose hope in Him, He will never return you empty handed once you are under His grace and blessings, Sai Maa will give you the best of what you deserve.

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  1. I had dream one Sunday when i was taking afternoon nap as follows.

    " I was going to a room, above the room entrance there was a huge Sai Baba photo sitting on a rock position, i avoided making eye contact with the photo as I was angry with Shirdi Sai Baba for not full-fulling my wish even after a year of prayer. I changed my mind after entering the room, that whatever difficult i face in life, still I should respect the God. I walked backwards to see photo of Sai Baba above the room entrance. The picture was very clear, all of a sudden, i could see five chakras from base of spine to throat on Sai Baba's photo getting illuminated, i bowed to Sai Baba's photo asking for forgiveness, then i could feel 5 chakras on body getting activated."

    It is almost two months, can anyone tell me what does this dream convey.


    One of the eleven promises of Sai Baba is “I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.” We have seen many stories in Sai Satcharitra wherein Baba helped devotees who sincerely surrendered to Him and He also guided the devotees who trusted Him a lot. A good example is Das Ganu when he wanted to write the commentary of Isha Upanishad (Chapter 20 of Sri Sai Satcharitra). Let us see one such story where Sai Baba personally came and helped a devotee after His Samadhi.

    A sincere SAI devotee of Hyderabad wished to write "DATTATREYA CHARITRA" & prayed to LORD SAINATH to guide him. Sitting at his table one night he began to write but he felt that someone was present in the room and to clear his doubts he looked back and was surprised to see SAI in his room. HE had come to guide the author for this book which he had commenced writing. Thereafter, every night SAI visited the author and guided him. His wife sleeping in the other room heard her husband talking in his room & came once to find out but she saw no one. She refused to believe SAI was visiting her husband daily. Believe it or not, it happened.


  3. dear sai sister your words
    " Sai Maa’s has something better and great than our wishes to give to us, so never lose faith and never lose hope in Him, He will never return you empty handed once you are under His grace and blessings, Sai Maa will give you the best of what you deserve"

    brought tears in my eyes. i felt as if Baba is telling me this. thank you Baba. thank u sister for sharing.

    • Same here! I felt Baba is talking to me and telling me this….

      THank you for sharing your story! Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

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    love u appa.thank u for everything.

  5. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Who Is Giving Farewell To Him*****
    Sri Swami Samarth had been to Manoor Village and then took a halt in the
    temple of Goddess Renuka. Severe disease cholera seriously affected this village.
    Everyday around 10 to 15 people were dying. At that time the kind-hearted Sri Swamiji
    was sitting in the Renuka-Temple. In the meantime, the Patil 202of that village came
    there crying loudly and started praying unto Sri Swamiji “Maharaj, my son Hanumant is
    dying due to cholera disease. There is no surety about his survival. I pray you to kindly
    come and see my son”. Sri Swamiji’s heart softened with pity seeing the severe
    suffering of Patil. Therefore, Sri Swamiji went to his house and sat in the veranda of the house. Patil’s son Hanumant was writhing in acute pain like a fish out of water. He was
    slowly and steadily getting suffocated.
    There was loud lamentation going on in the house. Patil prostrated and tightly
    embraced the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and started crying loudly. At that time Cholappa
    too was standing nearby. He told Sri Swamiji “Maharaj, let us go to the temple. I am
    not able to bear this situation. It is not good to sit here”. Sri Swamiji said “Oh! Who is
    bidding farewell to that boy Hanumant? You get Hanumant covered by the leaves of
    Neem tree and feed him juice from Neem leaves”. No sooner this treatment was over,
    the boy started making body movements. He opened his eyes and started looking
    outside. He got up by the kind grace of Sri Swamiji. Next day Patil worshipped Sri
    Swamiji and offered Naivedya to him. From that day itself that village was totally rid of
    cholera disease.

  6. Jai Sai Ram
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  7. Wonderful experience.

    O Deva, give us strength and courage to face the difficulties and the faith that You are always there with us, in bad and as well as good times. Bless us O Sadguru 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Dear devotee…How lucky you are to have a dream of our pyare babaji…I feel you are truly blesses by him…I wish babaji come to my dreamalso…Although always in my day to day life I experience his presnce…when ever where ever I go I see babaji images in auto cars buses shops everywhere as if he is telling me that why you fear..I am here with you my child…INLAWS feel so much relaxd by feeling his presence by my side…He is my life saviour…My life is al because of babaji grace…Love u babaji..Om Sai Ram

  9. Dil m Bas Us Khuda ki chahat h.
    Jiske Khatir Har ik Ibadat h..
    Apne Dukh Dard Baant lo Usse…
    Uske Sajde m Sari Rahat h..

    मंजिल दूर और सफर बहुत है,
    छोटी सी जिन्दगी की फिकर बहुत है,
    मार डालती ये दुनिया कब की लेकिन
    साईं बाबा की दुआ मेँ असर बहुत है..

    साईं की लीलाओं का… 
    किसी ने पार न पाया है… 
    भक्तों की खातिर बाबा ने… 
    उनके दुखों का भार…
    स्वयं उठाया है…!!

  10. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,m sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life saimaa…I have left everything on u baba….pls resolve my problems……
    jai sairam

  11. Fantastic experience devotee
    I pray to sai maa that he blesses her health wealth and happiness
    Sai maa my maa
    Please be there with us always holding our hand and showing us the path to happiness and good health
    Please be there always my maa
    Luv you
    Falling at your lotus feet

  12. Baba, I am again back to where I was before, I took your permission before getting the marriage proposal, Now I am stuck with the major injury, Why did you give me permission for marriage proposal to go ahead and now let me get hurt physically and mentally?

  13. Mothers are the living are our mother, father, everything baba…… you so so much

  14. Om Sai Ram. Ananthakodi Brahmanda nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  15. Om Sai Ram…… awesome experience .. god bless u nd ur child… I came to know abt sai baba when I was in my year 10. There was a big statue of Baba brought from Shiridi for pratista nd the pada pooja was going on in peoples house nd v wr lucky to hav Baba bajan in our home…. I passed my 10 th nd owed to baba I will visit Shiridi … after 4 years came my turn to go Shiridi … I then dont know more abt Baba other than the movie I saw .."Shri Shiridi Sai Mahima" I with the grace of Baba in my PG been to temple aften from my hostel… but never had a chance of reading Satcharitra… Baba didnt thought I was yet capable. .. after 4 yers got married came Australia nd blessed with a baby boy … named him Sai…..after 2 months of delivery a friend drop by nd said she was dng Parayanam…. then I asked her can I fet her book … she gave me Sai Sacharitra nd what a relief it gave me… I was blessed nd even now Baba is with me … I cried so much with joy…. thought atleast was a dog or ant or dust when Baba was in Shiridi in that u Baba bless us ignorant fools. …

  16. I am unable to submit my experience in the given link. Kindly Let me know if there is an alternate way to submit.

  17. JAI SAI RAM! Baba is there with all of us… patience, trust and faith… is what Baba wants from us in return ….

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