My Humble Experience With Our Dear Sai

Anonymous Devotee says: Hi, i am very humble small devotee of Shri Sai. I don’t know how i got attracted to Him, but He slowly pulled me towards Him through few experiences in my life. Please do not disclose my name or email id or location.

Jai Sai Ram Dear Sai, Request You to help me and guide me in penning down my experiences with You. I am a recent Sai follower from the last few months. Before that, I was an ignorant person unable to see and feel His presence though He was constantly keeping me under His vision. I came under Sai’s wings after marriage, through my husband. He is a Sai devotee, but does not express his devotion much out. He constantly wears 2 chains with Sai dollars, but he never utters any prayers or shows any kind of spiritual belief on outside. He has his own way of praying.

Now my first experience with Sai, was even before I started to have faith in Him. We were blessed with a beautiful girl child and I was preparing to leave to my in-laws place to show them their granddaughter. Flight tickets booked and I was about to board the car to airport, when I noticed the Sai Photo stuck in my handbag was torn in half, exactly half. I did not understand the clue Sai was giving me, but I somehow felt bad about this happening and told my husband. He said don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Because it was last moment, we couldn’t even think of cancelling my flight and I flew to India. That was my first trip to India alone to spend time with my in-laws. I did not spend much time with them after marriage. Everything went fine for 2 days and the relationship with them got strained. I somehow couldn’t understand at first, but later realized the significance of Sai Photo being torn and the crack in relationship with my in-laws. I feel even to this day, that had I avoided that trip, getting the clue from Sai, I could have saved a good relationship with them all. I have committed a few mistakes too for this relationship getting bad, due to my impatient attitude. But now that I have come under His Holy Feet, I am learning to be become more patient. That was my first experience in which Sai was trying to indicate me ahead of a happening.

I have one more important experience to share. I will try to keep it short. I was trying for a job. In a few days, I got offer for a job, and I was close to joining work in 2 days, when the offer got cancelled. I was so dejected and then I started doing Nav Guruvar Sai Vrat. Then i started my belief in Sai. Shortly in few weeks, I was getting a call for another interview, and I was preparing for interview, when my husband asked me a mock interview question. I did not know the answer and was even shouting at him for lowering my confidence level with such question. But he helped with answer for that question, and calmed me down. The next day at the interview, I couldn’t believe my surprise when they asked the same question, word to word, same scenario, that my husband asked the previous day. I delightfully answered them and they were very happy with my response and it was only that question that boosted my impression and helped me getting the offer. Who else can perform such a miracle, other than our Dear Sai. I am ever grateful to Sai for getting this job offer and showing His subtle presence in my life through my husband.

Whenever I think of Sai, i know He listens to me and my prayers. I have few other experiences to share, which I will do in my next post. I am very happy that at least now, I have the chance for getting to know Him. I sincerely pray, that no matter what, I should always be thinking of Him. I cannot imagine a day without His NaamJapa(name chant). Dear Sai, please give us all the mind to keep thinking of You. Jai Sai Ram

Miracles Of Sai Baba Nav Guruvar Vrat

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello All, I am a devotee of Sai Baba since 2008 and believes that everything i have in my life today is only because of my Baba. Please forgive me Baba for my mistakes and please be with me forever. Please don’t reveal my name and email id. Also please forgive me for the lengthy post and feel free to edit for any mistakes.

I want to narrate my experience about Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. It was in 2013 when we were planning to buy a home and I wanted to start my job career. We have been trying and searching a lot for a home but not able to decide where to buy and how much budget and lot more confusion. We were really much stressed mentally and also I could not get a job even after trying for almost 6 months continuously and was very much sad and upset. I prayed to Baba to please show me a way to clear all my problems. Then by Baba’s blessings, I somehow came to visit this blog where I came to know about Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat. I then decide to do the Vrat and one day I saw Sai Baba in my dream and was convinced that Baba wants me to perform this Vrat.

I started the Vrat with 3 wishes to be fulfilled, and then the miracle began. After completing 2 weeks of my Vrat, we came across a beautiful housing community and signed for a new home which we liked very much and got it for real good deal, but a bit more than our budget. The even more miracles is our house number is 27. 2 plus 7 gives 9. So we are so happy that it’s purely Baba’s Prasad and Sai Baba Himself gave that house and we are also hoping that Baba will surely arrange our payment because the budget of the house is more than of what we planned. Thank You Baba for giving us a beautiful home. Then within few weeks before completing my 9 weeks Vrat another miracle happened. One of my friend got a new job in the city where we live and he visited our place and that person came to know that I was searching for a job and he wanted me to handle his old job for few days and told that he will pay me some salary too. See how miraculously I got a job. I am very happy because I am gaining some work experience from this job. Thank You Baba so much for giving me a job. This would have never happened without Baba.

My third wish was to get driver’s license. It is difficult in this country to get a driving license. I already failed the exam with small mistakes. This time I was very much tensed and nervous. I asked Baba about it in Sai Baba’s question and answer site and got a positive reply. Last week again I took the driving test and this time by Baba’s grace I got my driving license. The exam was so easy this time and examiner was also very patient. Only because of Baba I got my driving license today. Please Baba, be with me and my family forever. Please give me the strength to hold on to Your Holy Feet every minute in my life. Forgive us for any mistakes we have done and please show us the right path always. Thank You.

Thanks For Everything Baba ji

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am one of the Sai lovers and I am really very lucky that Sai Baba ji is my Best Friend.

I am a M.Tech student and now I am in final semester and now we have to create thesis, but I have no knowledge of thesis and even no guidance from any side. I am an average student but hardworking. No one is creating thesis by their own, but I want to create own. As there was no help from any side, I felt depressed and I also thought that i have to create from outside. I want to do it own so with Sai’s grace, I tried to search. I created my synopsis with own which is best from all others and today i am very happy that I am doing my implementation own and also creating thesis which is not possible without my Best Friend Sai Baba ji. Thank You so much Sai Baba ji for always helping me and always be with us and Baba ji so sorry that sometimes I forget that You are with me and fight with You but You always help me. Thank You Baba ji. Loves You a lot. I know You are with me and with everyone. Baba ji bless us all 🙂 Baba ji please fulfil everyone’s desire.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    BABA, please help my Maa. She is under a lot of stress and has to do a lot of work on her own. Please help her DEVA. Please be by her side always and protect her and shield her from all evil. Grant her good health BABA and give her strength to do all teh work. Help her to file her IT returns BABA. Shower all your love and kind grace on her always. Please pardon all her sins DEVA.
    Love you a lot BABA, please be with us all always.


    • Please refer to Chapter 9 of Sai Satcharitra wherein you have read the story of Tarkhad and Sai Baba. Tarkad was a very ardent devotee of Sai Baba, and he loved Sai Baba a lot and Sai Baba also loved Tarkad a lot. There are numerous experiences of Tarkhad and His family with Sai Baba. Sai Baba took care of Tarkhad and hisfamily in various aspects. Sai Baba gave them physical darshan at their Bombay residence and even while in Shirdi Sai Baba gave them various experiences. So much was their love for Sai Baba and equally Sai Baba reciprocated that love. Two unique experiences are reproduced here, Tarkhad being a child then was always with Baba during his holidays and doing His small works and Sai Baba used to entrust lots of work to Tarkhad. Once Sai Baba was taking bath and as usual Tarkhad was there to help Baba, Sai Baba washed His Kafni and asked Tarkhad to hold it so that the Kafni can become dry and Baba can wear the same. But as Tarkhad was holding the Kafni it started gaining weight and it became so heavy that Tarkhad could no longer hold it, and he immediately started praying to Hanuman to give him strength so that he can do the work entrusted to him properly. Immediately Sai Baba shouted from the tinshed enclosure asking Tarkhad as to why He was praying to Hanuman and Tarkhad replied that he prayed to Hanuman so that he can get strength and can serve Sai Baba well. Sai Baba smiled and kept quiet and immediately after that the Kafni started to become light and in no time it became dry.
      Sai Baba again once asked Jyotindra Tarkhad to hold HIS clothes while HE took HIS bath, Tarkhad, being restless and impatient ventured to peep inside the tin shed enclosure where SAI was bathing. to HIS wonder, you know what he saw? Every pore of SAI's body emanated such a brilliant & powerful light that Tarkhad just could not just see it and covered his face. Remember Avatars like SAI only can do such a chamatkar.


    • Thank you so much for the blissful story. I am in seventh heaven after reading mr. Tarkhads experience.

    • This is my first wish to lord sai baba…i am writting GRE exam in next month and I want to get 300 above to study abroad..this is really very important for me… and this is my dream since my very glad that I got to know about this site and blog..i tought Sai baba can help me in achieving my goal…Sai ram…

    • Sai Ram Sai Shyam. I am Nethraprajval from Shimoga
      I want to tell to all baba devotees to every one know about Saibaba answers. It is very helpful and real. Whatever question is in ur mind u pray n type a 3 digit nubbers within 720 u get present solution I got every time helpful Plz every one get Saibaba answers its very helpful & with Baba blessings.

  2. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Take Off the Veil of Illusion*****
    Man possesses limited life and power. Nevertheless, he gets infatuated
    with wealth and youth and ultimately he becomes arrogant. Then he behaves
    with misconduct. He also commits injustice, adultery, and outrage. These are
    but the various forms of illusion.
    Since eyes are covered by illusion, man cannot see God. He does not
    recognize his Guru and gets involved in misdeeds. The Sadguru is fully capable
    to lift the veil of illusion from the eyes of his devotees and acquaint them with
    absolute truth.
    For the devotees possessed by illusion, Sadguru tries to put them on the
    right path, sometimes by lifting them from difficulties, sometimes by granting
    them boons and sometimes by surprising them by his miraculous works. Sri
    Swami Samarth, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey, during his incarnation
    period has uplifted numerous lives that had gone astray, by his miraculous
    works. One can dispel illusion by surrendering oneself on to the Sadguru.

    *****Kirtankar Ramkrishna Buwa*****
    There was a Kirtankar, named Ramkrishna Bua Mate. He had thoroughly
    studied Vedanta. On the basis of his study he had developed an inordinate sense of
    self-importance and he was always trying to humiliate other learned people. On the
    pretext of the narrating the Vedanta in the presence of Sri Swamiji, he started
    slandering Sri Swamiji. He started saying, “Shankaracharya was such a great teacher of
    Advaita Philosophy, but to win over people to his side, he performed duties in
    conformity with the (four) castes and (four) stages of life”.
    Sri Swamiji recognized the hypocrisy in Mate Buwa’s speech. Sri Swamiji said,
    “At that time. Where were you? Is it life’s objective to fill up one’s treasury with money
    in the false name of religion and indecent conduct? ”. Hearing these words of Sri
    Swamiji, Mate Buwa realized his fault and started repenting. When Mate Buwa sat down
    at the end of his ‘Kirtan’, he saw a virtuous learned man sitting near Sri Swamiji. The
    learned man reprimanded Mate Buwa sharply and said, “The Supreme Being, the
    eternal Swamiji has manifested himself in the form of Lord Dattatrey. All these Veda-
    Vedanta and all Shastras have originated from the Supreme Being. Therefore it is not
    graceful on your part to speak with arrogance, and with the diversity of sentiments in
    the presence of such a Puran Purushottam”.
    Hearing these words from the learned man, Mate Buwa started regretting his
    remarks. He surrendered to Sri Swamiji and prayed for forgiveness. For such false exhibition of one’s learning, Sri Swamiji used to say, “Where are
    those genuine learned people? Those present now are all treacherous”. Seeing the
    power of Sri Swamiji, pride of Mate Buwa was shattered and he started rendering
    service to Sri Swamiji. Every year he came to Akkalkot and offered his ‘Kirtan’ service
    at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. Once when he was narrating the ‘Kirtan’ he uttered
    “Who will deliver me from the bonds of this worldly ocean? ”. Sri Swamiji was seated on
    a throne right in front of him. He lowered down his right foot on the ground and Mate
    Buwa prostrated himself down and embraced the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and said
    “These lotus feet are fully capable of delivering me from the bonds of this worldly
    ocean”. When his pride was totally destroyed, Sri Swamiji showered his kind grace on
    Mate Buwa.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    BABA, please help my Maa. She is under a lot of stress and has to do a lot of work on her own. Please help her DEVA. Please be by her side always and protect her and shield her from all evil. Grant her good health BABA and give her strength to do all teh work. Help her to file her IT returns BABA. Shower all your love and kind grace on her always. Please pardon all her sins DEVA.
    Love you a lot BABA, please be with us all always.


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    love u baba.thank u for everything baba

  5. BABA I wanted them to talk. I thought it will be good if we all are together though I still remember how much pain they gave me. But when she started talking to my husband im unable to digest it. BABA though she is his sister I am liking him to talk. Why BABA? BABA whenever they both are talking we are fighting. BABA kids are getting affected with this. BABA I know even YOU hate e because of my behaviour but what to do when ever I remember her behaviour im hating her. BABA one more lady is left to talk to him. BABA YOU know what he said if she talks what happens. He is eagerly waiting for that momemt I guess. BABA this is killing me im unable to sleep properly. BABA when he knows I don't like him t talk to her why is he talking. BABA please help me to come out of his problem. BABA if they talk normally it will be good but YOU know how they are and their talks. I cant bear all those things. BABA YOU know my pain. Please do whats good for me and my family. But BABA we both should not find and kids should not get affected. Please help me and bless me.

    • i can understand your pain…better start nav guruvar vrat wishing your husband should be loyal to you

    • Dear Please speak frankly with your Husband and Share with him what u feel….Hope that he will understand u and your feelings….becoz sumtimes it happens like if we dont share than misunderstandings keep increasing………Hope for the Best


    Dear SAI

    you are great & have LIMITLESS power…Love you Deva.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  7. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  8. Eid Mubarak babaji k sabhi bhakton ko! I wish our beloved babaji solve our worries and take care of his children…mere pyare babaji aap ko mera saara haal pata h..please do something fast…This condition is unbearable…Only hope comes when I talk to you and chant your name…Om Sai Ram

  9. Dear devotee im blessed with baby girl for second time all my inlaws r not at all happy as astrologer said there's no baby boy for us but still I prayed baba to bless boy but he didn't, now wot to do

  10. Very nice experiences all. Thank You O Sai for showing us the right path and helping us overcome any obstacles that come in our path. Thank You for lighting our lives up with Love and Happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  12. Sai Baba thank you very much. I am your devotee and with full devotion i thank you for your kindness and generosity. You are kind and beloved. Sai Baba please give me your blessings and be with me. Take away all worries and sorrows and guide me in the direction of your preachings and enable me to fulfill them with your blessings. Sai Baba protect me and my family and the gift you have given. Thank you Thank You

  13. Baba, please change my nature. I get angry easily and hurt my husband. He loves me a lot and never scolds me back. You have given me a wonderful person as my life partner, but I am spoiling his happiness with my nature. Please help me get rid of my anger. Also, help him financially. He is in a lot of debt. He has suffered from childhood. Please give him happiness. Please take away his worries. Please bless him a long and health life. Please do all these for me, for your daughter. Please Sai…

    • BABA even im getting angry for small reasons. My family is getting affected with this especially kids. They are getting scared when im fighting with my husband. BABA please change me BABA. I know even YOU don't like that nature and maybe YOU are hating me for my nature. Please help me BABA.

    • Om Sai Ram. Plz do Sai Satcharitra pranayam n if possible than do guruwar vrat I think its gud 4 ur anger control n it will help u to improve ur financial condition.

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  14. तुम न सुनोगे तो किसको मैं अपनी व्यथा सुनाऊँ |
    द्वार तुम्हारा छोड़ के बाबा और कहाँ मैं जाऊँ ||
    साईं कब से रहा पुकार, मैं तेरे द्वार, करो मत देरी |
    दुख हरो साईंनाथ मैं आया शरण मैं तेरी||

    श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    "Tere darpe hai deep paani se jalte, nahin der lagti mukadar badalte, lakhon ki Tune hai bigdi banayi, meri bhi bigdi banaa de Oh Sai."

    सबूरी सुख का गहना है, साईंबाबा का यह कहना है
    कष्टों में साईं नाम जपो , सुख और चेन को सामने पाओ…

    शुभ साईं रात्रि…….बोलो साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    • Very heart touching and emotional poetic lines…thank you Sai Bandhu! May Sri Sainath shower His Blessings on you..Om Sai Ram.

  15. Dear all
    Om sai ram..
    Me and my husband is reading sai satcharita together for 2 wishes.. However yesterday before we started to read we were looking at some movie talks and was procastinating.. Suddenly baba s laminated photo fell off the shelf.. We quickly replaced it and started reading.. However we understood baba wanted us to read the book immediately but it would be great if someone else could signify the meaning as well.. Did we do something wrong or is it a warning of something bad to expect.. Thanks in advance..

  16. Dear all
    Om sai ram..
    Me and my husband is reading sai satcharita together for 2 wishes.. However yesterday before we started to read we were looking at some movie talks and was procastinating.. Suddenly baba s laminated photo fell off the shelf.. We quickly replaced it and started reading.. However we understood baba wanted us to read the book immediately but it would be great if someone else could signify the meaning as well.. Did we do something wrong or is it a warning of something bad to expect.. Thanks in advance..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Devotee, do not worry. BABA will always keep his children protected. All will be well. Just keep on reading his 'Sai Satcharita'.

      Om Sai Ram.

    • Dear Hetal Patilji!

      I am believing that this blog is dedicated exclusively to Lord Sai Nath of Shirdi. Yet I am shocked to see you have allowed comment from Luise to actually advertise things like spells in the space meant for comments…and even the email id is given.
      Is this blog for increasing devotion to the Lord of Shirdi or to help spell-casters???

  17. Om Sai Ram. Very nice experiences. Nice experiences with fast. I have a question here m doing guru war fast from 2009, 4 marriage but it seems impossible. Now m 32. Many ppl experiences r gud with guru war fast but m hopeless case. No doubt fast r effective but in my case…. this Thursday is my last fast n no hopes.Om Sai Ram

    • have faith in baba..try to feed poor people on thursday. thursday is day of also lord visnu as written in sri saisatcharita recite vishnu sahasranama 'll fullfilled all sai ram

  18. Dear Baba, plz bring me out of the problem m in…I promise I will be more cautious when dealing with clients…… plz guruji help me plz plz plz plz

  19. Sai maa
    Not a good day today
    Please babamaa let all the problems come to an end my maa
    Let me have a peaceful and a happy life my maa please please please
    Luv you
    Falling at your lotus feet

  20. Baba, I am not sure what you want me to do, days are coming closing by, its in your hands whether I should float or sink in the river like life. You decide, which is best for the other person, I cannot take that much love, I can't say that I am injured at this stage, I did not get a chance before. You need to take my responsibility as it's in your home, I got injured, that too on Guru Poornima. Please baba, please shower your blessings on me. If nothing goes my way, I have only one option, you know what.

  21. Baba, why is this happening, No matter how much i pray and try to keep my faith, the opposite keeps happening. I pray for my husband's success in his work or to get a job and it all gets spoilt. If you push me away then where will i go.I will have no way out except commit suicide.

    Please baba, please bless us and grant my husband with success in his work. Please remove this bad phase and help us.

    Lord i need your help else i will drown in this sea of troubles. Please save your child Baba.

    Om Sairam

  22. baba ji i love you sooo much….baba ji please forgive me if i did any bad karma in this birth or past birth,baba ji please be with me always,baba ji you knew their is bad phase of my life going but baba if you will be with me then i dont need to be worry ….baba ji i love you,om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sairam om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  23. Sai, Please mere business mein vridhi do sai…apko pata hai ki main hi mere mama papa ka beta hu mujh per bahut responsibilities hair unhe poor a Karen merit mad ad karo, koti koto dhanyvad bhi karna chahti ho ki apnea mujhe itne achhe husband diye hai. Bahut bahut dhanyvad

  24. Saibada deva, I believe in you too much. Because of your blessings I came out from many problems in my life in past. Now again please help me in getting the job I want. And please get me back that house you know very well which is built by my blood money. Please Saibaba deva I am dying for that house. How I made such a big mistake I am unable to understand. Please get me back my house or money I spent on that house. Saibaba deva please punish that rascal so severely you know very well who sexually abused me when I was child. Because of that I am unable to come up in life so far. Please please please Saibaba deva. I trust you. I have complete faith in you. I know very well that you will solve my problems. I know you will surely help me. Please Saibaba deva keep your blessings on my family that is my my loving son and wife. Jay shri Saibaba!

  25. Lord Saibaba ki jay. All devotees here I want to share one thing here with the blessings of Saibaba. You know there is a self help book which fell in my hand after so many years of Saibaba bhakti. It can solve your many problems with the blessings of Lord Saibaba. The book is "Power of subconscious mind"by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Since I am devotee of Saibaba. I got this book. You also can live good life by reading and understanding this book. Jay Saibaba ki!

  26. Dear BABA,
    Pranams. BABA knowingly I have NOT done any harm or spoken ill or thought bad for others. I am still amazed at the way people respond or conduct themselves towards me and my wife. You know everything and please make them realize what they are doing. Give us the internal peace and permanent devotion towards you. You are only power and driving force.

  27. Om Said Ram …please save my son from that undesirable habits…I am at your feet… Please show him right path and turn his attention
    You know everything… I am a humble woman

    I believe in you sairam…please change his behaviour

  28. dear sai ram




  29. Doesn't loving your God means accepting everything he has planned for you. Should there be any doubt that what he does, in any way, is not in your favor? Let Your will be done. Being happy in whatever circumstances he decides to keep us in. Bettering ourselves to meet His expectations of us.To make Him proud of us is our focus..never lose sight of that. Asking for strength to live up to His plan for us. Shraddha and Subari, are his teachings….and if we are true Sai followers then why so much despondency and cry?..Asking for help is natural, but when prayers are not answered, one has to show patience and faith. That is true love for Sai. We all know He will come running for us when we are in real trouble. then why such painful pleas?

  30. Im sorry I'd like to delete the above comment, would you please? I'm no one to judge ..or tell people what to do.
    Would you please delete the comment above. thanks

  31. Baba, Baba! Please help me Baba, Please show me your miracle and give me the Good job Baba

    No need high paid job also baba just tension free and peaceful Job Baba, Please Baba help me and save me

  32. Om Sai Ram Ji,
    I know that you are always with me; You always helped me and solved my problems. My Sai I need to change my job (You know what I mean). Please help me and please bring peace in my home.

  33. Sai Baba JI JAI SAI RAMJI
    I have been visting Sai babaji for getting your blessings and darshans since 2005 when during my life tough time peiord some devotee advised me. Please forgive me for my mistaken as currently i am under lot of stress and depression stage for almost last one year in my job and not able to concentrate on any thing and even able to visit Sai babaji Temple. Babaji Please help me and my family to come out of this toughest time in job and carrier of my life.I am very upset and even disturbed all my family..Please forgive me for my any mistakes unknowingly and give your blessings, on Thursday now it is more tough time for me. Please help me to come out of this situation and make my life and career smooth and give strength to live life peacfully…

  34. Jai Shri Sairam……I am sai devotee since 1999 when i stayed at Raipur, Ahmedabad. My friend said to me, here (Khadia) one of the Miracle temple available of Saibaba. He said if we pray by heart he will complete in our life. Then i thought let's try cause i start my career after study. Dear All, believe me he gave that which was not possible and attract towards him. From that my prayer continue till today. As on today i am working as Senior Account in East Africa with very good package that post which i never thought in my life. Thanks for shower of blessing from Saibaba / Kuldevi Maa Arbuda / Bholenath and parents. Please always with us and beg for good health.

  35. OM SAI RAM
    BABA ji i know that u are looking at my problems and i know u know how i suffer..i promise i will post my experience once my sickness cure..i hope baba can help me soon..

    Jai sam ram 🙏🙏🙏

  36. Om sai ram…sai is omniscient. He is with us. Believe in him..problems will be solved automatically. om sri sai ram….! We love you baba..

  37. Om Sai Ram…..My Sai Ma has been with me always from the past three months have been going through a a bad phase my hubby lost his job and me too job less. Please Baba bless us as you have always blessed me. I have no other abode. I am your child please help us both get good jobs. Please Baba..we are in a very desperate situation. Your child's future is in your hand.

  38. Om shree sairam…
    Thank you so much baba for being with us…
    You made my this day beautiful babaji with lots of devotion how can say thanks to you? Babaji bless us babaji thanks a lot babaji…
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai…
    Om shree sainathayenamah…
    Jai sainath…
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parabrahm shree shree shree satchidhanandh samarth sathguru shree sainath mahraj ki jai…

  39. Dear sai devotee,
    please pray hard to our beloved sai for my friends fathers recovery he's in hospital and by baba's grace recovering hes gone in stage of parylasis hes they all need our prayers … BABA PLEASE CURE THEM FAST AND MAKE THEM NORMAL ..OM SAI RAM

  40. Om sai ram. .Please help me..Please I trust on you only baba..Please help hope you only…Please please please

  41. OM SAI RAM THIS IS THE FIRST time I have gone through this comments ..i have been in a lot of pain since 4 years continuously .i just want to say dat purify my soul BABA shower your blessings upon me and just guide me even if I didn't remember u ..i am sorry for that but now I want to come into your guidance please help me BABA I LOVE YOU ALWAYS 🙏🙏

  42. Om sai ram. Om sai ram. Baba helped me to get a job. Baba is always with me and wipe my tears whenever I feel down. He is my shadow.

  43. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, tirupati balaji ki jai, jai hanuman, om namah shivaay, baba ki palkhj ki jai

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