He Walked With Us

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba for the last couple of years. My recent experience has brought me very close to Baba.

My 6 year old daughter was admitted for typhoid. As we live abroad we did not have any family support though a lot of friends rallied around us. The doctors were scaring us that she will be admitted for 2 weeks as there is a strict protocol here and we turned to Baba for support. I started reading the Sai Satcharitra by her bed in the hospital praying that we should be back home when we finish reading the book. My daughter was on medications and the fever was not coming down in spite of the antibiotics making the doctors wonder if the bacteria were resistant. On one particular day the fever was quite high. I prayed reverently (respectfully) to Baba asking Him to give us a sign of His presence and that He is taking care of my daughter. When we switched off the lights to sleep, we saw a shadow of Baba (just like the statue in Shirdi) about 5 feet. There was no source for the shadow but it just appeared as if looking over my daughter’s hospital bed. It remained there until we got discharged. A total sense of peace enveloped in me and I knew everything was going to be okay.

There were instances when the fever was quite high and she used to shiver. As I held her I chanted Baba’s name and I could slowly feel her rigors come down and she would be totally calm. Once the doctors felt that her spleen (temper) was palpable (doubtful). It was a worrying time as it could mean further tests. I applied Dhuni and kept praying. The doctor who came in the evening said that it was no longer palpable which was quite surprising. It was one of Baba’s miracles again. My daughter continued to improve, though her fever kept coming back. On the day i started reading the last chapter, it was early morning and my daughter who was sleeping started laughing in her sleep. It was such a sight and I wonder if Baba had been with her blessing her in her sleep. We were discharged 3 days later even before the protocol dates. Just as I hoped, my daughter came home in time for the Thursday Pooja after 12 days at the hospital. Baba was present and walked with us throughout this ordeal. His presence was shown to us in so many ways, every time we were feeling down. Today I truly believe that my daughter is Baba’s child. Thank You Baba for being there.

Sai Baba Came As Doctor For My Physical Pain

Sai Sister Piryadharshani from India says: I am a Sai Baba Devotee for past 4 Years and till then I have experienced Baba being with me in all possible ways. I should say that my Mother is an ardent devotee of Baba from the beginning.

My first experience with Baba was through a Dream, by that time I was not even aware that there exists a Powerful God “Sai” and I had no idea about how He will look. One fine day, I got a dream as following. I saw an old man dressed with a long Kurta, white Beard and was holding a mug in His hand. By the looks that I have jotted down, I thought that it was “Jesus” and I told my Parents about it. So, they said that I should go to church sometime because I have a strong belief in Jesus from my childhood. But one thing that disturbed me was the “Mug”. After that days passed and one day while watching Sai Baba Serial in Vijay TV. I noticed that Sai Baba was holding a Mug while goes to the devotees house to get the Bhiksha and only by that time I realised that the person Who came in my dream was my “Baba”. After that, I have experienced Baba with me in various forms and blessings.

I also want to share my most recent experience. Alone, I was travelling in train from my native to Chennai. Suddenly, I got stomach ache and it was disturbing me so badly that I couldn’t sleep or even turn. Suddenly I remembered that my mother gave me a pack of Shirdi Sai Baba Udi to me while leaving home. It was too painful, I prayed to Baba that I should get relieved fast and had the Udi mixed in water and drank. The miracle happened in just 5 minutes, I felt relieved after that. I was so happy that Baba is with me all the time. As Baba says, Faith and Patience are the most important things to feel Him with us and to get His Blessings. Thank You, so much for helping me, express my feelings about my Baba to everyone. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Sai Baba Takes Care Of His Devotees

Sai Sister Aarti from India says: I have been following this Facebook page. It makes us realize that Baba is still there and helping us. I had a wonderful experience today. There was a Palki procession of Sai Baba today in a Temple near my house. I desperately wanted to participate in the Palki procession. The timing given for the Palki procession was around 7.30 p.m. I reached the temple at around 8.30 p.m. By the time I had reached the temple the procession had already moved from the temple for a round in the nearby area. In my heart I told Sai Baba that I want the Darshan of the Palki. I checked with the Pujari of the temple which side the procession had gone. I went in the direction informed to me. On the way I checked with some fruit vendor which side the procession had gone. I went ahead in some direction as I did not understand clearly the directions of the fruit vendor. After walking for about 5-7 minutes in that direction I could not see the procession anywhere.

Again I said Baba, I need Your direction and You need to guide me towards Your procession. I said I will chant “Om Sai Ram” 21 times and You need to lead me towards the procession. To my astonishment the moment I completed the 21st chant of “Om Sai Ram”, I heard the sound of drums playing in the procession. While I was going towards the lane from where the sound of the drums was coming, I saw a big photo of Sai Baba in a shop. I again said Baba please take me to the right place of the procession. On just coming out of the lane, I had Darshan of the Palki procession and also had the good fortune to go under the Palki of Baba. I felt so blessed that beloved Baba listened to me and have showered His blessings on me. I pray that for life time Baba showers His grace on me. Om Sai Ram

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  1. baba please be with me and my family' please bless my husband and children amma i love you baba i surrender to you baba

  2. Hail the Savior
    By R. Radhakrishnan

    "I shall draw out my devotees from the jaws of death" is Sai Baba's DICTUM. How many times He has saved me from the jaws of death. I am writing this article today on account of, His grace and blessings. Otherwise, I would have been buried fathoms deep long, long ago and many births (janmas) according to "Law of Karma" would have taken place. It is really the wonderful leelas of Baba which are inconceivable, inscrutable and beyond our mind and intellect. He knows or anticipates and forestalls the calamities of His devotees and wards them off in time. His debts (obligations) will never be repaid by us in this birth as well as in many future births. We can at best chant His Taraka Mantra", "OM SAI, SRI SAI, JAYA JAYA SAI" day and night which is simple, easy, powerful and a sadhana for the aspirants/devotees to attain 'Sai Joy' and 'Sai Bliss'.

    Baba assured His devotees as under:

    "If you simply say Sai, Sai, I will take you over the Seven Seas." In this connection, it is to be remembered, when Goddess Parvathi asked Siva which is the most powerful Name (among the thousand names in Vishnu Sahasranama) to be meditated upon for one to achieve salvation Siva recommended Sri RAMA'S to be always chanted or meditated upon with love and devotion (Shradda and Bhakti) to attain salvation. Our Baba also advised Mrs. Khaparde (wife of Dada Saheb Khaparde of Amrotr) to always chant" 'Raja Ram, Raja Ram," Our Baba is no other than Shri Ram. He is 'Sairam'.

    Now I wish to relate here a recent incident (experience) showing how our kind Mother takes care of Her children (more than a mother) and averts the calamities/dangers that were to befall them in life. On 23-1-90 at about 5 a.m., Baba appearing as a well dressed Doctor woke me up, examined me thoroughly and told me "Your heart is strong. There is no danger to your life. You will survive". Saying so, He disappeared. (The dream vision was so realistic – it was not a dream but actual vision). On that day, I with my wife had been to Sai Spiritual Centre, Bangalore, to participate in the "Punya Thithi of H.H. Saipadananda Radhakrishna Swamiji and received His blessings. We left on the same night for Erachakulam (a modern village 30 miles from the famous (Nagarcoil) via Madras to attend a marriage on 29-1-90. On 28-1-90 itself, perhaps due to change of climate or some other reasons, I started coughing continuously for two or three hours with the result, breathing trouble prevented me from getting sleep and also taking any food.


    The next day, I was rushed to Raman Nursing Home at Nagarcoil where I was treated, but was unable to lie down on the cot and sleep as the breathing was hard. I was simply sitting on a chair and remembering 'Baba's Name' shedding tears due to unbearable mental agony. At about 10p.m. or so, I could hardly breathe and thought that my end was nearing. In a flash Baba appeared before me with "Abhaya Hasta" (protecting hand) blessed and disappeared. From that moment my breathing trouble began to abate and after half an hour or so, it became normal and I could breathe easily and naturally.

    The next day (30-1-90), I was discharged from the nursing home and every one of my relations was surprised to see me hale hearty and in normal health. We left Nagarcoil on 20-2-90 for Bangalore and participated in the "Akhanda Sai Nama Japam" from 6p.m. to 6 a.m. for 12 hrs on the auspicious day of "Maha Sivarathri" on 23-2-90 at Benson Town, Bangalore. Before leaving Bangalore, I promised Sai Sister Mrs. C. Sharadamma and Sai Brother Sri Ananthakrishna, that I would be back from Nagarcoil and join them in the "Sai Nama Japam" on 23-2-90 arranged in Mrs. Sharadamma's home. It was really Baba who enabled me to keep up the promise by saving me on 29-1-90.

    I request all the Sai bandhus to pin complete 'Faith' in Lord Sai and surrender to Him with tan, man and dhan so that we can cross over the sea of mundane Existence, easily and smoothly and attain Eternal Bliss.

    (Sai Padananda October 1990)

  4. Sai what my fickle mind is thinking is not good. You know me well. Be my side always.
    U should cum.

  5. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls bless me and help me saimaa….pls solve all my problems which cannot be solved by humans . pls bless me saimaa…jai sairam

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Mouse Became Alive*****
    Sri Swamiji was kind hearted not only towards human beings but also animals.
    One day Sri Swamiji had been to the palace and was sitting on a swing. He was talking
    to the King. The temple priest was sitting in the Devghar203 and rubbing sandalwood to
    prepare sandal-paste. Around this time he saw a mouse in the Devghar. In fact, mice
    had been a perpetual nuisance in the devghar. Seeing the mouse angered the priest
    and he threw the sandalwood towards the mouse. He hit the target and the mouse
    The priest went out to throw away the dead mouse. When Sri Swamiji saw this,
    he said, “Bring that dead mouse here”. Sri Swamiji caught the dead mouse by its tail,
    shook and moved it to and fro and spoke to the mouse “Now go away”. The dead
    mouse became alive, started running and reached its burrow. People were amazed to
    witness this miracle of Sri Swamiji.

    *****Saved the Life of a Male Calf*****
    In Akkalkot there was a great devotee of Sri Swamiji named Narasappa Sutar.
    He had a she-buffalo in his house. Every time when the she-buffalo gave birth to a calf,
    the newborn would not survive and the buffalo also would not give any milk. So having
    a she-buffalo in the house, did not serve any purpose at all. Once due to coincidence
    when the she-buffalo gave birth to a calf, Sri Swamiji too was present in the house.
    Sutar prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and prayed “Maharaj, the she-buffalo
    would start giving milk only if you kindly save the new-born calf”. Compassionate Sri
    Swamiji went near the she-buffalo. The newborn calf was writhing in pain and gasping
    for breath. Sri Swamiji moved his foot on the calf’s body and immediately the calf
    became calm and normal. The calf’s life was saved by the kind grace of Sri Swamiji and
    Sutar started getting milk from the she buffalo from then onwards.
    This way, Sri Swami Samarth, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey, saved a number
    of lives by his miraculous powers. Saints have truly said that nobody can destroy the
    one who is saved by God.

  7. Very nice experiences….om sai ram jaisai ram….love u baba..b wit me always…throughout ma lyf..

  8. Sai maa
    Please be there always holding my hand showering your blessings and leading us through the path of happiness cheer and good health
    Luv you too much my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  9. सब्र' और 'सच्चाई' एक ऐसी सवारी है…..
    जो अपने सवार को कभी गिरने नहीं देती…..
    ना किसी के कदमो में…और ना किसी की नज़रों में..

    बोलो श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    साईं की ज्योती से प्रकाश मिलता है,
    भक्ती से ईश्वर मे विश्वास मिलता है
    जो करता है दर्शन साईं का दिल से ,
    उस के घर मे साईं वास करते है…

    बोलो श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    चमक सूरज की नहीं मेरे साईं की है,खबर ये आसमाँ के अखबार की है,
    मैं चलूँ तो मेरे संग साईं चले,बात गुरूर की नहीं, ऐतबार की है…

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

  10. Blissful baba miracles! Thanku so much all d devotees…Yestaday on 26/07/14 due to lots of sufferings in my life going..I pray babaji daily with whole faith to remove troubles in my life. I don't have words, infact I feel myslf as how to tak my babaji name wid my mouth…He had done so much for me….I prayed him yestrday , ' babaji if you are there and listening to my prayers show me a sign today'…And believe me in the evening my neighbour came to my home and took me to a shopping mall…I dint want to go but as she insisted I agreed…later on the way to mall, her car petrol was about to finish…So before going to mall we had to go to a petrol pump near a famous shiv mandir at our town…There she took by herself…IT was so much pleased and giving thanks to babaji as I wanted to go to that temple for so many days but couldn't go by myself alone as I have no vechile and I can't go alone there…..Also while returing back I saw I big picture of baba ji where it waz written' Shri Shiv Sai'…. Babaji listen to his children's prayers always….Thanku babaji…Bless us alll…Om Shiv Sai Ram..


    please protect him.let no bad thought or habit go near him.pull him towards you baba.please baba .
    marriage should take place happily. please be in front and do it baba .
    thanks baba

  12. sai baba take care of him . i want to go soon to india n see my mom . please tc of him.give him happiness n let no bad satan or thoughts go near him.he shouldn trouble me.

  13. Baba please help me in getting out of all my tensions..
    Awaiting for the good days to come in my life.

  14. Iam totally depresses n feeling hopeless..struggling continuously with problems unresolved since past six yes..can any one let me how can I come out of the problems..

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