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Anonymous Devotee from Ghana says: Om Sai Ram. I am devotee of Sai from Ghana. I want to give my deep regards to Baba for fulfilling my wishes. I want to thank my Baba Who is always with me and my family. Baba thank You so much for everything. I want to share my biggest experience here.

I was not a big devote of Baba before some time. I visited Shirdi three four times before marriage. My father is a devotee of Sai Baba. I use to go with him. But that were only normal visits for me. From last 3 to 4 months I am attached to Baba like a magnet. I don’t know how this happens to me. I will give thanks to one of my friend who inspires me for this. May God fulfil her all wishes. Now Baba is everything for me. Sai Chalisa, Sai Vrat, Live Darshan of Shirdi, Sai Satcharitra all this is my daily routine. My experience is that Baba makes my daughter Ghana’s national champion of spelling bee. Now she is the one who represent this country in Washington D.C and I am sure Baba will not leave her hand over there. She will win there also. I have full faith on my Baba. I will request to all the devotees that always keep patience and faith on Baba. Baba is everywhere. May Baba fulfil every one wishes. Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Saviour Of My Life – Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a diehard devotee of Sai Baba and I would like to share one of my experiences in this forum.

I always believe in God, but i started believing in Sai Baba after few instances which happened in my family. My marriage is fixed and I am shortly going to get married. Unfortunately my fiancé had to quit his job due to unavoidable situation and he did not find a suitable job for more than 3 to 4 months. As my marriage was nearing, we were very worried and tried applying in various job portals but all went in vain. One day i heard from my family that if we follow 9 weeks Vrat, our prayers will be answered. I started doing 9 weeks Vrat and during the 9th Thursday, I went to temple and completed my Vrat by feeding the poor. The next week my fiancé got a job and he was asked to join immediately which was on Thursday. I have completely surrendered to Him and whatever i do in my life i owe to Him. Baba is always there to guide all His devotees. Whatever the situation is, you do have faith in Baba and He will be by our side to guide us in a right way. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba’s Nav Guruvar Vrat Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hi Hetal ji, Thank you for your wonderful service. This blog really gives hope for many of the Sai devotees. You can edit as appropriate. I live in abroad with my family. I have heard about Baba in my childhood and i believed in Him. But i started praying Him only from few years back.

Baba is pure and always there to protect all of us. A while back my husband had a health issue. It started with ulcer in his eye and it led to other health problems. He was suffering for many months and couldn’t find the problem other than the ulcer. I used to cry in front of Baba most of the days and then i decided to do Nav Guruvar Vrat. I started the Pooja, eight weeks gone and still there was no much improvement particularly the eye ulcer in which there was a white spot on the black part of the eye(i used to check his eye everyday if its fading). I started to lose hope but i used to read this blog (Sai devotee’s experience). In the start of ninth week i prayed Baba and completely surrendered and left all my worries upon Him. And i didn’t check the eye for the whole week. A week later after finishing the ninth week Pooja, knowing that Baba will definitely cure him, i went checked my husband’s eye, to our surprise i couldn’t see any white spot on his eye. The eye was very clear. It was Baba’s miracle and my eyes were full of tears in happiness. He slowly recovered from all other health issues too. Thank You so much Baba for Your blessing and letting me share this experience. Om Sai Ram

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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    TRUELY speaking I did not know much about Baba until 1956 except hearing casually regarding greatness of Baba through a very close friend of mine, whose grandfather, being a staunch devotee, had been fortunate to be blessed with the Baba*s darshan in his life time.

    In 1956 I was convalescing after I suffered badly from T. B. for about 1J years. I had in my flat a small portrait of Baba. I do hot remember as to who brought it and placed it there. I used to have a glance of the portrait but not with much devotion. At the beginning of 1957, I had a vision of an old person with features quite similar to those of Baba, who was moving up and down on a small plank in a dilapidated house. Therefrom a sort of feeling leading to devotion started develop ng in course of time. In 1958 (during Holi vacation), as a result of inner urge, I visited Shirdi. It was rather unprecedented to find that nobody connected with the establishment of the temple demanded or accepted, even if offered, money from devotees and that there were no thefts of the sort generally expected at such places, i found the employees of the temple advising the devotees to put money, which they offered to them as a token of courtesy, into the boxes meant for the purpose. I feel that this was unusual and uncommon manifestation of integrity imbibed in them by the grace of Baba.

    I did not start icgular worship of Bada till late 1959. An interesting instance occured then. My wife lost her gold ear-ring in my apartment. She rummaged the entire house thrice but in vain. She suspected the maid servant in the usual way. But she restrained herself from making any wild allegation against her openly, except mentioning to her about the missing ear-ring in a casual manner. I and my wife could come to firm conclusion that the ear-ring was lost once for al!. At that stage, we both, in ourselves, thought of testing the grace of Baba. Next day morning, the maid-servant, while cleaning the house, restored the ear-ring to our utmost astonishment, i have no comments as to how and wherefrom she could get it after about a week since it was lost. Thenceforth Baba instilled unwavering faith in me. So, as a weak human being, I started regular worship of Baba which I continue to do till to-date with all devotion and faith.

  2. In 1961, Baba created an urge to visit Shirdi. I started for Shirdi with "an idea that I should come back to Hyderabad before rush of people for Ram Navami festival starts at Shirdi. I completed my pooja on Thursday. On Friday I participated in Noon-Arati and went to the Chief Executive to take leave of him formally. By that time, some people from Bombay and other places, started arriving for the festival. The Chief Executive instead of formally permitting me to leave Shirdi, insisted on me to stay over for the festival. I took it as the order of Baba through the Chief Executive and stayed over for the great festival. Although there was a great rush of people, I was accommodated comfortably in the guest house by the grace of Baba. There was a gathering of more than 50,000 people belonging to different faiths viz., Sikhs, Jains, Zorastrians, Muslims, Christians apart from Hindus who were found eager and enthusiastic to partici­pate in all phases of the festival and offer prayers in the Samadhi Mandir according to their wish and vow. Of all the aspects of the Festival, the most spectacular and significant was giving bath to Baba with sacred Godavari water carried by thousands of devotees individually on their head. Among these devotees were even children of 10 to 12 years, women and men, old in age, besides a multitude of others. After Baba was thus given bath of devotion, the devotees, started getting ready to offer garlands. At that curious juncture, I just looked around at other devotees, who were holding very costly and grand garlands and wished in myself that I would be fortunate if Baba accepted my garland first before that of any one else, although mine was not so grand as those of some others nearby the rostrum. The very moment, the pujari made a gesture towards me and took my garland and offered it to Baba as the first one on that great festival. Believe me, I became so overwhelmed with joy that I have no words to express it. Thus Baba blessed me.

    M. Ganga Reddy B. Com.

    (Source Shri Sai Leela – May 1975)

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    baba pls take care of us and everyone all the time and bless us u baba.thank u for everything baba.

  5. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Snake Bite to Ravanna Vani*****
    Sri Swamiji along with his disciples and devotees went to village Idagi and took
    a halt in the temple of Maruti156. At that time a villager named Ravanna Vani was
    ploughing his field. Around afternoon at about 4 0’clock a poisonous serpent bit him. He
    started getting pain cramps, the snake poison started to spread throughout the body
    and eventually he died. People brought him to the Maruti Temple where Sri Swamiji was
    sitting. To give some relief to the dead man Babasaheb Jadhav placed Sri Swamiji’s
    shoes on dead Ravanna Vani’s head. Sri Swamiji woke up from deep sleep and started
    showering volleys of abuses on Babasaheb. People present there got scared and they
    ran away. Sri Swamiji took off his clothes and became stark naked. Babasaheb started
    trembling with fear.
    Rebuking Babasaheb, Sri Swamiji spoke “You foolish fellow, who had asked you
    to keep these shoes on the head of a dead man? ”. He asked Babasaheb to shake off
    his (Sri Swamiji’s) clothes on the ground and call on Ravanna loudly. There were no
    signs of movement when Babasaheb called on loudly in one of Ravanna’s ears. Then Sri
    Swamiji ordered him to call in both the ears. When Babasaheb started calling in both
    the ears, Ravanna woke up from his death-sleep. He was very hungry. Sri Swamiji
    asked Babasaheb to feed Kheer to Ravanna.
    After taking Kheer he became fully conscious. In fact Ravanna had already died
    before they had got him to the temple. But Babasheb took Ravanna as being
    unconscious and placed the shoes of Sri Swamiji on his head. To keep up the honour of
    his shoes, Sri Swamiji himself endured the snake-poison, shook off his clothes, and
    restored the life of Ravanna. In fact, a person bitten by snake is never given anything
    prepared out of milk. Can there be anything else to match this incomprehensible
    miraculous work of Sri Swamiji.

    *****You Horse! Swallow This Child*****
    The health of a male child of a village lady started deteriorating. She tried all
    types of remedies but there was no use. So finally she came to Akkalkot along with her
    child to get the kind favour of Sri Swamiji. When she came to Akkalkot she found her
    child dead. She started weeping very loudly and openly for her dead child. Sri Swamiji
    softened with compassion. He got up from his seat and came near the child. He lifted
    the child upside down and started whirling him.
    A horse was standing nearby. He brought the child near the mouth of the horse
    and said “Horse, swallow this child”. Then Sri Swamiji threw the body of the dead child
    in a nearby pit. No sooner the child fell into that pit, it became alive and started crying.
    The village lady went running to the child, embraced him with great affection, and then
    started feeding him with her breast milk. Tears of joy started flowing from her eyes.
    She repeatedly started singing in praise of Sri Swamiji and returned with the child.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Family, this is a request for prayers and wishes for the well-being of my Husband who had his first 'fits' in June . Again since we had missed some dosage of medicines, he got two episodes of fits in July. Now we are strictly taking the medicines. He has got all the 3 fits episodes when he just went to sleep. I read that this might happen if someone is sleeping less. In case someone in this portal knows more about this kind of 'fits' please share your views. By BABA's grace, he is good now and BABA has been protecting him from any major injury. I am immensely grateful to my SAI DEVA. Thanks BABA for taking good care of my husband and protecting him. Please guide him in the right path in life and cure him of this soon. We beg your Pardon BABA for all the sins that we have done in our life, please help us to do good deeds and deserve your grace.

    Also my Husband is not yet BABA's Devotee, but he trusts God and prays to Lord Ganesha. And i believe all Gods are one and our prayers eventually reach the one supreme God . Still i pray to BABA to make my husband his Devotee soon, so that he can get to have BABA as his GURU in his life and he can know about our kind and merciful BABA whose grace is boundless.

    Please help us in this difficult times BABA. I am 8 months pregnant and i try to stay calm inspite of all these issues, but i get disturbed at times. Praying to BABA to bless us with a healthy and fit BABY and to bless us with positive thoughts always and to calm us.

    We love you DEVA, please be with all your children always. Many thanks to you all Dear Sai Family for your wishes and prayers. Indebted to everyone. BABA bless us all always.


  7. Wonderful experiences all.

    Thank You O Sadguru for blessing us with a wonderful set of family and friends. Bless us so that all our actions bring happiness and joy to You and them.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Om Sai Ram. Nice experiences. 2day I want some views of devotees. Plz help me. In past i was in love with my frnd but he was flirting with me. I did guruwar almost 1 year 4 him n said Sai if he is gud 4 me dn plz I want him. He came but always he said I like u but can't marry u coz of my parents. He never said he loves me. I was totally blint n I kept 16 somwar 4 him. Surprise but in between my fast 10 or may b 11 I met a guy dn I feel confused. I said god y r u doing this. In last I said do whatever is best 4 me but plz if there is some prob or ditching in my life dn remove it . As every astrologer told me there is some ditching in my life. The new guy n I liked each other. He wants 2 marry me but suddenly he left me in middle. Dn I lost my faith in god. Now I believe guru can do anything. I don't understand after 16 somwar I met him not with my frnd dn y? Yes 1 thing happens now m clear my frnd was flirting with me. But I love dt guy. Now I don't know wt baba wants. M doing guruwar but the whole episode is difficult to bear. Plz clarify me. Om Sai Ram

    • Thnx. But the guy left me. Yes after fasting now m clear abt dt so-called frnd. He was flirting. But when I met this guy I was happy. Now its in sai's hands. Om Sai Ram. Only Sai can do something.

    • the best thing is dear, leave it on gods hand… i know its difficult but good or bad sai wil decide and more over relationship regarding future partner is always complicated leave to sai and attend ur daily routine! JAI SAI RAM!

  9. Om Sai Ram. Plz anybody can tell me can v have salt in guruwar fast coz I read on net they said yes. I never had salt on Thursday fast but now I want 2 know. Om Sai Ram

    • Thnx. Coz without salt its very difficult. Now I want 2 eat salt. My frnd eat salty meal once in even tym n salty kuttu pakodas in mrng. But I never eat salt. 1 more question I asked something to Sai through question answer site he salt work ll b done definitely. Daily offer little quantity of sugar to Sai n after 21 days donate it. Now m confused can we donate it on 21st day after offering sugar? Can v donate in temple? Plz reply n tell me wt I can have on fast? Thnx. Love u Sai family. Jai Sai Ram

    • i dont know regarding fast..but once even i got the 21 days sugar distribution in answer book.ii have collected for 21 days and from 22 day i started to put some sugar daily for ants…dont know if it is correct but i did it

  10. M again. After doing 16 somwar I prayed to god if there is some ditching in my marriage dn plz be marriage ho jaye after marriage I want happiness not sorrows. Coz astrologers told me there is some ditching or separation period in my marriage. The guy left me. Not 4 other girl but now m still there can't move on. After guru war vrat my frnd came in my life but coz of my prayers not 4 love. But after Mondays fast the guy was ready 4 marriage n left me. Now m doing guru war fast but m hopeless its not 4 any wish. Om Sai Ram. Plz clear my confusion devotees I need ur prayers too.

    • Love is nonsense go 4 arrange marriage as ur parents wish otherwise ready 4 more boys who will play with u as 2 already played now understand what u need to do

    • Om Sai Ram. But I have seen lots of prob in arrange marriage. U r right but all guys r same useless in relationship. Anyways I have seen many girls even in arrange marriage their Mil playing game with them n creating problems between the couple. Only Sai can find gud match 4 me. Plz Sai family pray 4 me. M crossing marriage age. Thnx 4 reply . Plz Sai now after too much pain in all sector of life now bless me with a gud life partner. I ll share my experience in this blog if I get a gud match promise. Plz Sai. Om Sai Ram

    • even i got ditched in same way…this pain led me to sai.i used to pray for him so that he comes back in to my life.but somehow baba changed my i dont want such ditching fellows at all..i only pray to get me a good husband but not for a particular guy..i think its better to pray in this way.and to come out of your pain sai satcharitra is the best capsule, belive me it works as i have experienced the same

    • 99.9% love marriages are BIG failures. MILs are anyway like that but in love marriages it is more horrible as the girl is not of their choice. Parents are also helpful because u didn't listen to their words. So in comparison arranged marriage is the best. Chatting, messaging, going for movies together is not love. Come out of this wrong perception. Love is only that which has sacrifice and responsibilities in it.

  11. Please Baba, don't test me. I am a simple devotee of yours. I can't stand your tests. I am just a human being. Please Baba, accept me without tests and save me from worries and calamities. Please Baba, I can't see my family suffer. When will you show mercy Baba. Why are you not blessing my husband? He has suffered enough. Please give him happiness. Why are you doing this to me? You know how I feel and what I go through. How can you see your daughter crying? I know I am not perfect. But please don't punish me. Please Baba. Bless us. Accept us.

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    pls solve all my problems saimaa….jai sairam

  13. Babaji maa
    Please be there with us always guiding our each step in life
    Lead us to happiness fitness and cheer
    Luv you my baba
    Falling at your lotus feet


  15. Om Sai Ram !! Nice Experiences !!

    Baba, I am totally confused, But I want to put a note to you, YOu know how much we struggled to get back my health condition back to a good situation. I blindly trusted you , more then myself. Why again Baba, I need to suffer.I came to your temple and this incident occurred, where were you Baba at that time, But I am not sure If I am a brainless guy, who can't think properly, or it's my karma and I need to suffer. Baba, I never try to harm anyone knowingly ,I always try to help people and they take advantage of me. Why are you not helping me Baba, Please help me. I am hoping you will at least consider my request.

  16. Jai Jai Sai Natha….Baba You are my mother father brother everything….. Love you Baba .. You know what I m praying for…. Baba bless us all……

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