Baba And His Tenfolds

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: Hi First of all I humbly request Admin to anonymous my name & email id also please do edit my text if there is any spelling mistakes, grammar errors. I become Baba devotee since 2012. Currently I am jobless due to some reasons. With Baba ji Blessings I am actively looking for a permanent job with good pay & I strongly believe that for sure Baba ji will help me soon. With His blessings I am actively receiving calls & attending interviews here & there. With having faith in Him, I have started my 9th Thursday Vrat Pooja for Baba on 20th Feb 2014, and today on 3rd Apr 2014 on my 6th Thursday Pooja, I am sharing one of His Miracle that I have experienced it personally. I have seen many miracles since I started praying to Him but here I would like to share one of it – special one to all.

With Shirdi Sai Baba permission & with His blessings I would like to share the miracles that I have experienced from Baba ji very recently. I am currently jobless for about 3 months & desperately looking for a job. I am in a miserable, terrible conditions going through really hard & tough days. One night before sleep in last week I’d asked Baba ‘Baba how I am going to settle my payments for my rental, instalments, other important bills?? With whom I can seek for help, it’s only You who will help me out. Please help me out Baba, I’d promised & need keep to my words. He answered me ‘Give a Fakir (A Muslim Saint) One Rupee, You’ll Get Tenfold’. I was wondering where to find a Fakir.

Next day I told Baba I do not know any fakir other than You, where can I find a Muslim Saint fakir? All I knew, it’s You a fakir but I have no idea whether You are Hindu, Muslim or Christian or any other religion, ok now I will give You RM1 (Ringgit Malaysia – Malaysia currency) as I do not have 1 rupee with me & I placed it beside to His Statue at my house prayer & I prayed to Him for help me out & I do believe Him strongly that He will help me. Believe me after 2-3 days one of my friend came forward to help me & my friend lend me RM1000 & I promised him that I will return once I got my job, he said no problems. My request is granted. I received ‘Tenfold’ as Baba ji told me. I gave Baba RM1 & in return Baba gave me RM1000. Yes it’s Tenfold worth. Thanks to my friend & thanks to Baba for His help through my friend. After I received the cash I happily made my payments as I promised on time with no any problems.

***Baba The God Of Miracles*** Not only this since I got no job & I have no savings till today with what I had from my last salary drawn from previous employer I had managed & finished it too. No single cents left for me. With His blessings I still have cash to buy groceries, cook and eat, still surviving add on actively attending interviews everywhere. He is helping me now in many ways through my few good friends, my dad and uncle too who are Baba devotees, also non Baba devotees. Because of Him, I remain cool & calm, maintain slow & steady. Learnt being patience, take things easy. I can feel the changes in me. I have no more words. I admire Him a lot. Loves Him just too much like no other. I do believe Him with all of my heart. Baba is always great. Have faith on Him, He’ll be with You always. Om Sai Ram

Baba Helped My Kid

Anonymous devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram to Baba’s devotees. This is the very first time i am writing something. I am very small devotee of Baba. And i don’t know how but while writing this tears are coming in my eyes. Baba always helps even people like me who are always full of negative thoughts. I came to know about Baba when i was working in a MNC Gurgaon in 2007. I went for the very first time there and we were living in company’s guest house. My roommate was a Sai devotee. She took me with her at Sai temple Udhyog Vihar. It’s very beautiful temple. I went there and bowed just like any other God we do, because i had never heard about Him and came back.

I became Baba’s devotee last year from February. I don’t know how and when, but Baba pulled me towards Himself. I have a daughter and from the time of birth she remains unfit. All the time she faces one problem or other she was continuously on antibiotics for last three years. Last when i was pulled towards Baba by Him, i suddenly decided to start her homeopathy treatment. I live in Jalandhar and we go to Ludhiana for her medicine. It’s been year her treatment is going on. Last night again she felt very sick and was unable to sleep. She was crying. She had to go to school after 20 holidays. And i was tensed as till 3 am she was awaking. I gave her medicine, but it did not work at all.

Suddenly i remembered about Udi. I went to our temple, took Udi, and applied on her forehead and a pinch in her month. Then i prayed to Baba please help her and let her sleep so that she would be able to go to school the very first day after vacations. And within ten minutes she went to sleep and woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went to school. I promised Baba, if she would sleep i will share this with all my brothers and sisters. I don’t know what is called full devotion and whole hearted pray. But i pray to Baba please help my kid to come out of all her problems and be with her always. This is the only wish i am asking for the time i became His devotee and will remain His devotee till the end of my life. Baba answers our prayers always. I read this page daily and it gives me peace of mind and belief that He is there to help all of us. Just leave everything on Him, chant His name and forget about the problem. He will take care of the rest. OM SAI RAM

My Experience And My Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am doing ME in Chennai. My Life, My Experience with My Baba. I would thank my Baba for giving me all that i wanted and prayed to Him. I am doing my master’s degree and I would like to share few experience with my Baba which had come true.

I started praying Baba only after I joined my PG course(2 yrs back) but from then I received all which I actually should receive. First experience was I joined P.G, since I did not get placed in my UG graduation, on doing my course I attended a company where I was rejected in my UG but I started praying Baba that I should get placed and started to write Om Sai Ram. And the placement came and with only one round I got placed I was really happy and started believing Baba more and I share whatever happens with me to Him regularly. There are so many happening from then where I saw Baba play His role in my life. Similarly my parents were seeking alliance for me for more than 2 years but could not find the correct match, so I started praying Baba to show me my match. We found a person who satisfied all our expectations in our family and we liked him, so we called his family but they took time to respond. Again I prayed Baba so that this alliance gets fixed, after 2 months the groom family confirmed the wedding. I am really very happy because all this has happened only because of my Baba. Thank You so much Baba 🙂 I pray that he should talk with me soon and everything goes fine without any problem.

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  1. Baba came to us

    By Prahlad B. Huilyatkar

    Fishing for FAILURE
    Man swims in the sea of self-satisfaction,
    Nibbles at the bait of procrastination.
    Swallows the hook of mediocrity, and
    Ends up in the net of failure.

    There are some experiences which are beyond explanation. They exist as sunlight. The manifestation of divinity is beyond all our limited perceptions. As for myself, I cannot explain the cause of incidents; but they exist as clear as sunlight. I humbly try to catch the spirit.

    My parents and grandparents were indeed blessed to see Sai Baba when he was physically alive. One day Baba gave to my father a coconut, some sweets and two silver coins to my grandfather, who was then working as a Deputy Collector at Nasik. He asked my father to give him a 'Dakshina' of nine rupees and also gave him a chillim to smoke. Both my father and grandfather started worshiping Sai Baba even after we shifted to Jamkhandi in Karnataka. The elders in the family objected to this worship and in order not to hurt their feelings, my grandfather put the photo of Sai into a suitcase. They worshipped Sai Baba mentally till the last breath of their lives. As I was a pet grandchild, my grandfather used to narrate miracles of Sai Baba. He became Dewan of Bhor, later at Ramdurga and finally at Jamkhandi till it merged in the independent India. In his retired life he spent on spiritual quests and I remember Mr. B.D. Jatti (who later on became Vice-President of India) visiting him now and then.

    During this time, Gurudev Ranade, who was then the Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University frequently called on my grandfather at Jamkhandi. My grandfather died in 1958.

    Then the problems started for us. I graduated at Poona and had got into the Law College when my grandfather passed away. Since the financial position became critical after his death, I had to leave the Law college and work as a teacher at Malvan. Here due to a strange coincidence, I came in contact with a girl, I liked her and subsequently we married.

    After marriage, I learnt that my wife was a very quiet devotee of Sai Maharaj and as any other young man, in order to please the newly married spouse; I also started worshipping Sai Baba. She had a photo of Sai Baba with a horse. Along with her, I started reading 'Sai pothi'. I felt this was more pretence than devotion!

    In 1965, we were blessed with a son. My son was healthy but gave indications of dumbness. We did not know what to do. We took him to Shirdi when he was two-year old. He virtually slept off on the’ Samadhi’. When we returned home two days later, he was saying 'Baba- Baba'. He picked up vocabulary and he became normal in all respects. This miracle changed my attitude towards Baba and I accepted him as my God!

  2. We shifted to Goa in 1960. On seeing our worship of Sai Baba a good number of neighbors also became His devotees. We hold ‘Satsang’ and the number is ever increasing. In 1977, a devotee by name Avinash went to Shirdi and brought a small bag of Udhi. My wife told him: "Avinash! You came from Shirdi. Why did you not bring Baba with you"? He answered: "Baba is coming – Baba is coming. He is on His way." Avinash's word turned out to be prophetic. On 9th June 1977 my wife had a dream: "Your brother-in-law is coming. Do not allow him straightaway. Take out ‘Dristi’ (evil eye) and then allow him to meet your husband". My wife saw in her dream Sai Baba in orange robes climbing the footsteps and herself taking out ‘Dristi’ with a piece of bread and then Sai Baba entering the house. The dream ended. I did not attach any importance to her dream but she had implicit faith that Baba is coming to us:

    On 22nd June 1977, in the afternoon, someone tapped the front door. I opened the door and noticed that two cars were parked close to my house and around 20-30 people were standing near the cars. A Sai devotee by name Sri Abajee Panshikar greeted me and said: "We have brought Sai Murthji to install in the temple tomorrow. In the temple, arrangements are still to be made. So we would like to keep the idol in your house for tonight".

    We agreed. Baba's idol was brought inside and kept on a table. In the night, we performed 'Arathi' and sang Sai-bhajans. My wife said: "Baba- you really belong to us. You should not leave us." I laughed at her request and said "Baba will go away to the temple."

    Next day, around noon people started gathering near the temple. Sai-devotees Kulkarni, Kishore Sahoo, Jaya Rao came to my house. News came that there was some difficulty in installing the idol in the temple. Ultimately the crowd came to my place and in a chorus said: "Let the Murthi be here". They performed Ganapathi pooja, Sathyanarayana pooja and then the idol was installed on a table in my house. Baba has stayed permanently with us since then! In our own humble way we worship Him. People from different parts of the world have attended ‘arati’ and ‘pooja’ in our house and everyone has got some experience or the other. Prayers have been answered. Sai Baba is blessing us and is close to us in every moment of life. Thus Sai Baba came to us in an incredible manner.

    (Sai Padananda – April 1993)

    • Dear Sir,
      I am dumbstruck how blessed you and your family are. Great Devotion!!! As you said many people from different parts of country visit your home and their prayers are answered. I medidate Baba in your home and place my prayer in His feet.
      "Dear Sai Ram i think it is impossible that i live with my husband together with our parents as before . My husband is Your gift for my life .I love him a lot but our bad karma seperated us. We are in the path of getting divorce. I want to live good lovable life for each other. Kindly show mercy on us dear father" .
      Dear Sai Devotee, Your expérience showed how Sai can turn impossible to possible.
      Jai Sai Ram

    • Dear Devotee ,
      You are truly blessed. Your son uttered BaBa as his first word . How blessed is your child. I am sinfull person . i need to climb very high to reach to your devotion , Even not sure if i can reach to your height of devotion. I am reading your story again and again and i am getting happy on doing this.
      Om Sri Sai Ram

  3. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****One Who Is Protected By God*****
    Sri Swami Samarth during his incarnation period has saved a number of
    devotees from death and granted them new life.

    *****Brahmin’s Son*****
    Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj went to Pandharpur and then came to Mohol, both
    in Solapur District, Maharashtra State, during Hindu year Shake 1775 (1853 A. D.). He
    stayed in a cave of a hill. The son of an honest Brahmin of Mohol died unexpectedly. His
    mother started wailing loudly. The Brahmin and his wife cried and cried till they fell
    unconscious. Seeing their extreme sufferings people took pity on them. They all
    convinced the Brahmin saying, “A virtuous and lustrous ascetic has come to our village;
    offer your prayers to him for a remedy”.
    Therefore, the Brahmin went in search of Sri Swamiji and reached the cave. In
    an afflicted tone the Brahmin started earnestly calling upon Sri Swamiji for his kind
    help. Compassionate Sri Swamiji woke up from his deep meditation. He came out from
    the cave and spoke to the Brahmin “Revered Brahmin, get your son seated properly on
    a horse and send him across the sea”. The Brahmin did not understand the true
    meaning of the words of Sri Swamiji. However, a lady devotee explained him the true
    meaning “Your work is done. Go home”.
    The Brahmin returned home and found his son woken up and was sitting. Then
    the Brahmin got dressed his son and adorned him with ornaments. He then seated him
    on a horse and took him for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Then the Brahmin worshipped Sri
    Swamiji in a Shodshopchar way and then offered food as Naivedya unto him. The
    Brahmin and his family remained fully devoted to Sri Swamiji till the end.

    *****Babasaheb Escaped From Death*****
    In the then State of Akkalkot, there was a Chieftain named Babasaheb Jadhav.
    He was a great devotee of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji always called him ‘potter’.
    Omniscient Sri Swamiji knew that Babasaheb’s death is very close by. Sri Swamiji said,
    “Potter, a letter has come in your name (i.e. Your death is nearby)”. Babasaheb became
    very nervous hearing this. He prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and entreated
    him earnestly “Maharaj, I still desire to render some more devotional service at your
    lotus feet”. The kind-hearted Sri Swamiji looked and perceived the imperceptible and
    told Babasaheb “Go near that bullock”. A miracle took place. The bullock standing in
    front, suddenly fell down dead and the death of Babasaheb was averted. Thus, by the
    kind grace of Sri Swamiji, Babasaheb got a new life.

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    love u baba .pls take care of us and everyone baba.

    • Om Sai Ram. My illness is cured by Sai's grace. Please bless my child as he is suffering from fever and cold for couple of weeks. Anantha kodi Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sai nath Maharaj ki Jai. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Good experiences all. I am sure our Baba would have helped the 1st devotee find a suitable job and also taken care of the 2nd devotees little girl's health by now 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for hearing and pleas and running to help us, no matter where we are. Thank You for fulfilling all our wishes O Father.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Sai Ram
    Whenever i read all experience from devotee..i cry a lot..when i see Baba in the temple tears come to my eyes..sometime i feel just to go away and cry because people around me might see my tears..Sai Ram..Sai Ram..

  7. Babaji my maa
    You know maa that I am both mentally and physically weak
    Please please please help me maa
    Help me maa to write well with confidence like others
    Maa this daughter of yours wants to prove herself .Please help me maa
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  8. Hi Sai pa,

    Tomorrow im joing my new job.Im happy and tensed as well. Please be with me throughout to guide me, teach me and above all bless me. You should come as my bosses,colleagues, work and reportees. I should not get into any quarrels or fall into any unnecessary trap. Make me understand my work swiftly and do my work with full josh and confidence. I should climb up soon pa you know that im standing in the very first step now so help me and be with me. I should work in this company atleast for 2 years.Should not quit for any reason. Think i will travel for a project. Give me that opportunity.Atleast my this trip should be memorable and successful. Thanks a lot for getting me this job.If it wasnt you i wouldnt have got it….Good night baba.

  9. Om Sai Ram !! Nice Expetiences !!

    Baba , what mistake I did ? I thought as a father , guru , mother /you will be with me and guide me .but my time is running too bad , you are also not able to protect me . Why is this happening to me , baba . Please be with me and my family baba , I was so seeing so many positive signs from u , but still I am suffering . I am a dead man , good for nothing .

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi First of all I humbly request Admin to anonymous my name & email id also please do edit my text if there is any spelling mistakes, grammar errors. I thank Hetalji for this wonderful blog you have started which builds our confidence when we go through this site.I would like o tell you the power of UDI yesterday i.e my son was suffering from severe cold and cough he was coughing a lot he was not able to sleep I taught that if my son sleeps with out any obstruction through out the night by Sai babas grace then I will write this in this blog then i went inside the room where I went into my praying room took out some UDI and applied on his fore head and to my surprise with in 15 minutes he stopped coughing and slept the whole night without any problem.This all happened because of Babas grace.Thanks baba for your kind support.


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    pls help me and solve all my problems, left everything on u…pls help me saimaa….jai sairam…

  13. Om Sai Ram…thankuu baba for u have given me…sorryy for every thing that I hv done wrong….my Sai paa has alwayz blessed me with his miracles… now I m waiting for the biggest miracle that I m sure is going to take place in my life….baba I have full faith in u…that it will happen verryy soon as I hv wishes…plzzz saipaa bless ur daughter as she reallyyy s waiting for the moment……om Sai Ram….baba bless alll…..

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