Baba Tested My Faith But When I Surrendered He Blessed Me With My Baby

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I request all devotees to surrender to Him without any doubts and you will be surely blessed. Remember the two words “Shradha” and “Saburi”. I am Sai devotee from London, was trying for a baby from 3 tough and long years. I am five months pregnant today with the blessings of Sai Baba.

Om Sai Ram Sai Baba blessed me with a miracle baby. I am 28 years married lady who live in the UK. I was not prepared to have a baby initially after marriage and also was very busy with my career so could not plan for baby for four years. One fine day I realised the importance and meaning of having a child only to know that I have some fertility problem after trying for 2 years. It takes lot of time in getting appointment to meet a doctor in my country and also the waiting list is so long to get treated. This depressed me a lot and not having a child made me lose interest in my career and also in life. I took a courageous decision of quitting my job and returning to India to get treated. However I spent more than three months and could not stay more due to my visa restrictions.

I had only one last chance one last month of trying. Trust me I was prepared to leave to abroad accepting the defeat and waiting to book my tickets but my faith in Him never decreased and Surprise, I conceived that month. I realised Sai Baba was testing my faith on Him initially, but did not want to go heartbroken. In the first three months I was very angry with Baba for not blessing me with my baby but that particular month when I conceived I was saying to myself that Baba knows what is the right time for me to have a baby and will definitely bless me at the right time. So don’t get angry with Baba, He knows when to do and He expects you to keep this strong faith on Him. Trust Him and you will be blessed by Him at the right time by Him. Baba I pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy ahead. Bless me! Om Sai Ram!

Trust Sai

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am 40 yrs old and i am divorcee. Basically i am from Mumbai, continuously having bad days in my life. In between, i got a chance to visit London in the year September 2009 to May 2012. I always liked Sai Baba, but never believed the way now i am doing, continuously seeing bad days. But one day in Feb 2012 all of sudden i read Sai Satcharitra, i couldn’t sleep properly, i had this problem since long. But “one night i saw i was sleeping and Baba was sitting next to me, His left hand was on my forehead as if He was putting me to sleep and saying I am with you. I just woke up, found myself on bed with a smile on my face that night i had a sound sleep”. It was small but unforgettable dream, after this i started believing Sai, unfortunately i don’t remember date but i am sure it was Feb/Mar 2012, then after i started seeing Sai Baba’s Picture and found one Picture Baba sitting in Dwarkamai exactly the way i saw Baba in my dream, before that i never knew or recognise that place it was Dwarkamai with Holy Fire burning next to Baba.

My faith became more stronger after seeing that Picture. Sai pulled me towards Him. After that whenever there was a doubt or any question or fear arises in my mind Baba has always cleared that doubts in His unique way through unknown peoples. This i was talking about Feb/Mar 2012 and i came back home in May 2012, the airline was on strike. I have never faced such problem, a guy whom i met for few minutes, fortunately he was working for same airlines. He came for my help not only he picked me from my place to airport but he transferred me to another airlines. I didn’t know him much it was all Baba’s Grace and Blessings. I reached Mumbai safe and sound. With all my little problems and my doubts i found Baba is always with me. Lastly i request all the devotees to keep firm faith in Sai. I am still facing problems but i am sure Sai is going to help me to face all these problems and will give me strength. Om Sai Ram

Baba Gave Me All Happiness

Sai Sister Shalini from India says: I am working in Bangalore. I know Baba since my childhood. But I was not a devotee. When I came to Bangalore, i was staying near Baba’s Temple. I joined a company. But because of my wrong decision, I went into a wrong domain in my company. After that my life became hell. There was lot of office politics, problems with manager. I did not know how to come out of that dark phase. I tried everywhere, but nothing was working. I was very upset, i used go to temple every day and talk to Baba’s Photo and cry. It was going on for 2 years, no change in Life. One day I was very upset, I went to Temple, was sitting silently. Suddenly one flower fell down. I was looking at that flower, was thinking can I get that. Then Pujari ji called me and gave that flower. That day was my last day when I was upset. Suddenly good things started happening, i don’t know how. I got project in very good domain. I didn’t do anything, things happened by own. Baba never leaves anyone in dark. Always have trust in Him. He will definitely help you.

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  1. About self

    I am not a professional writer. I am not a learned Pandit (i.e.,) a person who has obtained proficiency in studying religious scriptures) nor a literator. I am expressing whatever feelings that I have voluntarily sprung from my heart. It is not the language but the feelings that are important here. I am not writing by coercion. I am putting in words exactly what I have seen and what I have experienced.

    I had not spoken to anyone about my progress at any time and I was not myself aware that I would have to write the experiences of mine, I was not able to say anything definitely. I was a Sadhak serving at the holy feet of "Shri Sai Baba". I had placed only one foot in the spiritual boat, but the other was still lingering on material ground. I was hesitant to put the other foot in the boat. Thus I was in a precarious position with one leg on the ground and the other in the boat. I had written down now and then my diaries regarding my spiritual biography.

    As a result of constantly practising meditation and concentration, whenever I looked at the photograph of "Shri Sai Baba", the outline would appear like my own. "Shri Sai Baba" had arranged an invisible, impregnable armour around me for my protection. He had taken complete care to see that I did not encounter any pit falls anywhere. He held my hand and let me right upto the submit. Thus I felt I was fortunate enough to reach it in just 11 years, sheerly through His grace. I had started sadhana of swadhyaya (path). With folded hands, I am reques-sting one and all to perform sadhana of swadhyaya at sunrise and sunset, so as to make one's life fruitful You will have experiences that will strengthen your belief. The disciples are blessed by the sadguru Saibaba in three different ways-dream, vision and sakshat darshan. Because the sadhak is in a hesitant state of mind, he fears that he is neither here nor there. A gradual trans­formation takes place in the sadhak. With every step, he is moving closer to his destination. Had it not been the case, I could have condensed my biography into just three phases. If only one person sees it, it could be an illusion. But, when two or more people can experience identi­cal visions, then it is the truth One can reach the superlative state of mind merely by practicing swadhyaya. While I was working in Co-op., Department at Hyderabad, it had happened for me to meet Shri Ch. Samba Murthy, Sai bakta, in the year 1966 and since then I had been an ardent follower of Shri Sai baba and have my share of spiritual experiences. I had built an image in my mind that he had neared perfection both in spiritual and material matters. I had experienced his spiritual advancement and I was eagerly awaiting to see the revelations of the latter. I had been observing him for quite some time and I made an assessment from my own standard and perhaps with the long scientific training. I gained an impression that in day to day life, he was not much different from us and possessed the same defects as any one of us. This was in sharp contrast to the image of perfection, I had built of him. I was disappointed and felt sorry for his failings This also acted as a damper in my own spiritual search I felt that if after several years of rigorous penance and attaining near spiritual perfection, one still has the common defects, then how can a person like me ever get rid of these. I wavered, I did not dare to discuss my doubts with him. I feared his reaction. So I thought, he might establish a math to preach philosophy, so that the curtain would be lifted. I also thought more deeply about this aspect and enquired deeply within. The common man would note his failings, a critic may condemn him, and eventually may misunderstand our Sadguru Sai Baba. I was assailed by this fear of complex. In my anxiety, I consulted some others who confirmed that my fear was genuine.-I had no doubt about his spiritual efforts and achievements. My view was totally different.

  2. It is with a sense of humility and humble that I narrate how I had been dragged to the feet of Shri Sai baba, elevated to the stage filled with self happiness and I also take this opportu­nity to make a frank confession. I wanted to apprise him also of what I thought were his shortcomings. My conscience was saying 'Shri Sai has commended you to follow the Path of Truth. If you are convinced that you are correct, then you need not fear. It would be cleared in course of time. I have nothing to say against his spiritual achievements. I have faith in his pen­ance. My criticism is only on his material approach to life. I had high respect for him. The subsequent events purified my mind also.

    On the otherside, when I used to practise my sadhana, or offer my adorations at Shri Sai baba image, I started having vision of Shri Sai baba. In the beginning I considered it to be a play of my mind. One day, during day time while I was wide awake, I had Shri Sai's darshan in full glory, in gorgeous golden colour. I became filled with some mysterious Joy and voiceless experience that generates my spirit of reverence toward Him. On 26-10-1974 I did prayers to Shri Sai Baba with all my heart, by doing 'Sai Nama Japam' silently with love and devotion for more than an hour and prostrated before Shri Sai Baba's photo in chopadi at Sakori near Shirdi. Wonder of wonders, the flower kept on the head of Upasani Maharaj's statue in cho­padi had fallen on his feet. I took, it as blessings of Shri Sai Baba. Then peace was restored in my mind and I felt Sai bliss and Sai joy and concluded with prayer "Thou art the source of all strength, give us strength. Thou are He that bearth the burdens of the universe, help me bear the little burden of this life".

    Again on 3-12-1974, while doing Prayer by closing eyes at Puja Mandir in my house, I suddenly had a vision of Shri Saibaba surrounded by great brilliance of white light, the intensity of which was beyond my power of expression. I trust that this brilliance cannot be described and explained by any person with exception of some great spiritual masters. In the midst of this white brilliance, divine and powerful light, I had seen 'Murthy of Shri Sai Baba' in pure white from head to foot with living eyes looking towards me. I could not withstand the divine vision as I did not have much experience on any previous occasion. I could have the darsan of Shri Sai Baba for which I was longing since a long time. And also on 10-7-1975 a lightening spark from Murthis on puja stand in my house had come out and moved on to me and entered into me through my forehead, which I was standing before them to commence my daily usual prayers and puja.

    Thus I had been drawn to Him like a bird pulled with a string tied to its legs since then.
    Hyderabad-29. A. P. State;
    (Source Sai Mahima, Gharkal Sai Baba Trust)

  3. Very beautiful experience….. JAIS SRI SAI RAM…. Baba is there with everyone…its that it takes time for us to realize it…one has to suffer his bad karama to engage in good phase in life so do not get heartbroken… have faith and pray baba talk to him everyday and he will look after u no matter what!! SRI RAM MAHARAJ KI JAI!!

  4. Hi, please can anyone let me know how to publish comments with the name, whenever i do it, it says the URL could not be vertified. how can i publish my experience and comments through my name? please help….

    • Both!! in the comment section as well as in the experience section with my name. please let me know thanks.

  5. All the experiences are very good

    Please baba bless me with the baby
    I am waiting from last 6 years baba. Please bless me

    • surely our baba will bless have udi with water as many times as possible in a day and pray sincerely and read satcharitha
      baba is with you

  6. Wonderful experiences all. First devotee, I am sure Baba will be there with you throughout. O Sai, bless us with love, peace and happiness so that we may be forever in Your indebt.

    Jai Sairam

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Nagar Brahmin*****
    Moreshwar Hari was a Nagar Brahmin staying at Burhanpur. He had no children.
    He came to Sri Swamiji and prayed “Maharaj, without a son, life becomes a total
    failure. Hence, kindly shower your grace and bless me a son”. Sri Swamiji became
    compassionate towards him and gave him a cocoanut as a blessing and Moreshwar got
    a son. He named his son ‘Datta’. Moreshwar carried out the first hair cutting ceremony
    of his son at Akkalkot itself. Then he arranged for sumptuous meals to the Brahmins
    and returned home by singing merits in praise of Sri Swamiji.

    *****Pandurang Jadhav*****
    In Pune, there was a gentleman named Pandurang Bapuji Jadhav. He had four
    sons but unfortunately all the four sons died within a period of two months. Jadhav
    couple became very unhappy. Jadhav’s wife Bhagubai was very pious. One day she
    listened to the biography of Sri Swamiji and she became his devotee. She started
    mentally repeating the name of Sri Swami Samarth regularly. One day she got a vision
    in her dream and Sri Swamiji spoke “If I give you a son, what would you give me in
    return? ”. Bhagubai said, “I shall offer my son at your lotus feet and make him
    Brahmachari199”. After few days she became pregnant and then she gave birth to a son.
    Then as per her promise she offered her son at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji.

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    love u baba.

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  10. Dear Devotee 1…. May Baba bless you with a happy, healthy child. I have experienced Baba's miracles in having my own children and I wish the same for you.

  11. Swami thank you for the support you have given me during this phase of ife. Thanks a lot for the food n shelter. Thanks a lot for the support. Ps guide me alays and other who are facing similar problems. I knw it shall pass. Love you sai .take care and take care of all

  12. Dear devotess…Thanks for sharing's miracles…Its also a great humanity as sharing such experiences provides consolation and faith to the unhappy soules…It makes all of us that we should have shraddha and saburi..and baba surely take care of our life…Jai Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram

    • Agreed . Thanks to all for sharing their experiences and in turn helping us have more faith on Baba !! Om Sai Ram !!!

  13. Hi miracle baby devotees,

    thanks a lot for sharing ur experience.I am sure u will blessed with a healthy child. don't worry about that at all dear.


  14. Dear devoee 1 thanks for ur experience:may god bless u wid safe delivery and healthy child: these experiences gives a ray of hope to people like us whi r struggling in getting concieved and waiting for the healthy child…..may baba bless us all

  15. Om Sai Ram !! Nice Experiences !


    Please guide me, I thought I was improving , but again I got injured, why is this happening to me Baba, I just have hope on you, please help me.



  16. Sai maa
    Please be there with me always blessing me and holding my hand firmly
    Let me be happy and cheerful helping others in whatever way I can
    Luv u babaji
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. Om Sai Ram ….Love you Baba….I strongly believe that Baba will save us all from all the hurdles in life. .. Jai Sai Ram… Baba you take care of your health Baba…. Love you Baba

  18. All experiences are wonderful.

    Experience one uplifts my spirit and propels me to have constant faith in our lord Sainatha, then surely, we too will be blessed with baby some day by Baba.

    My experience having baby in life has been very difficult with a lot of failures. It has been over 10 years of unsuccessful attempts, although was successful in getting pregnant at least 3 – 4 times, but each time, we had to go through the pain of losing our baby at some point of my pregnancy either in the first trimester or second trimester. It put me really in deep grief when I lost my baby in second trimester this year and was not able to cope the disappointments.
    But fortunately, we had Baba's blessing to visit HIM at Shirdi after that and was the best darshan, I ever had.
    This keeps my faith rolling that Baba has plans for us too some time soon….

    Experience One has indeed reminded me again that I need to keep my faith and surrender all my problems to HIM. He will take care of our wishes for sure.

    Thanks to the first devotee for posting her experience and may Saibaba bless you with a wonderful baby.

  19. Nice experiences! No matter what difficult situation we are in, Baba always finds a way to pull us out (like He did for the 3rd devotee out of that bad job). Although it may not happen right away, Baba will help us at the right time. Om Sai Ram!

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