Sai Gave Me Biggest Gift Of My Life

Sai Sister Pragati from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone here. I am Pragati a big Sai devotee. This is my second post as I promised my Sai Nath I will post it. There are many small and big miracles in my life too as other people but this one is the biggest one which I can say impossible, but my Sai Nath made it possible for me.

Here is my experience. In May 2013, I had completed my Bachelors in Computer Science B.C.A. I didn’t want to do that course but my father forced me to do it as I will get a degree, so I did that but forcefully. I was so depressed that time and I didn’t talked to anyone, didn’t make any friends, loose all my confidence, everything, but in 2012 my cousin sister gave me one Book of Sainath name ‘Sai Leelaamrut’. I must say we should call that Book a miracle Book like Sai Satcharitra, but it is tough in comparison of Sai Satcharitra. Many hurdles came in my way, but I completed that book. I wished to my Sai Nath that I wanted to go abroad for my studies, although it was impossible for me to study abroad as studies are so very expensive and my parents can’t afford it but still I believed my Sai Nath that He will surely listen to me.

Then my Sai Nath sends someone in my life so that, that person can fulfil this dream of mine. He is my uncle (my mother’s cousin brother) who lives in USA from past 35 years. I met him and then my father was also agreed to send me to USA, slowly and steadily all my paperwork was completed. I got admission in a good college. Then I had to clear my interview f1 visa which was really very difficult for me to clear as my English is also not that good. I took my interview date on 16 Jan 2014, but my visa was denied. I felt so very bad and scolded Sai Nath that if You don’t want me to go to USA then why You had done this much also, why You made such hope for me that will never happen. Then again I tried but it was a last chance for me as my father told me. But this time I prepared well for my interview and went to one website Sai Baba Question and Answer, in which I asked Sai Nath whether I will get my visa this time or not?? and His answer was “Work will be done if you take the help of a friend. Baba’s blessings are also with you. You will travel. Auspicious function will take place. Donate Rs.10”. Then I took visa date on 28 March 2014 that too I asked from Sai Nath by chits. I was a bit nervous, but to my surprise I got interviewer who was Indian but rest all were American there. But my Sai Nath was there with me so I got an Indian interviewer and i was so happy that time. Lastly I cleared my interview and he was totally impressed by my performance and he approved my USA visa.

I am so damn lucky that I am a devotee of Baba. People say that Sai Nath Himself choose His devotees, so I am so thankful to my Sai Nath that You choose me and You listen to my prayers. Sorry Sai Nath, sometimes I feel so depressed and disgusted that I shouted and yelled on You, but still You are with me. I must say that if you will pray to Sai Nath wholeheartedly, even a smallest prayer He will surely listen to you and will fulfil your prayer and if not then He will give you more than your expectations and you will never feel bad for things that Sai didn’t gave you. Just do good, think positive and surrender to Sai Nath. Your work will be done. Om Sai Nath to everyone. Hope people who think that Sai Nath is not there between us or think bad for Him, for those people I want to say that if you will come under His Holy Feet you all will be the luckiest persons.

Sai Cares For Me And He Is Always There For Me

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hi Hetal ji, Thank you for creating this blog. May Baba bless you with lots of happiness. I am staying in UK. I am Baba devotee since my childhood. I wake up daily and read the devotee experiences and end my day with Sai Baba Live Darshan. This is first time that I am posting an experience. I would like to share one experience out of many experiences. I shall be uploading my future experiences later on with Baba’s blessings. Please feel free to edit my experience. Attached file of Sai picture is my self art on my mobile. I hope you include this as well.

I would like to share a very nice experience. I am devotee of Baba since my childhood but I am being connected to Baba wholeheartedly since around 3 years I think so. During many obstacles, like for my education, career and personal problems I remember Sai and I have inculcated reading Sai Satcharitra. In Sai Satcharitra, many devotees got Sai Baba in their dreams. I always use to wonder, will Baba come into my dreams. I am such a normal person. But, He proved me this many times. I would like to share one of my experience. Once when I was cooking in kitchen and all of sudden my arm touched hot curry pan. This later made a big burn and scar on my hand. I was in pain for about a month. Every day I use to weep a lot because of pain and my parents being far to me. During that time, I have got Baba’s care and affection in my dream.

I shall now tell you about my dream. One day all my family and friends have planned for a Shiridi trip suddenly. We all are travelling in a sumo and stayed in a place which has a water dam nearby. My family were all getting ready one by one to go temple for Sai Baba’s Darshan. As I still got some spare time in between, I just wanted to explore outside area of our accommodation and walked and found water flowing into a dam and also a big wall with Sai Baba’s graffiti (drawing) on it. I was surprised to see such a big painting of Baba. I seem to be very low and depressed till that moment. Just after seeing Sai’s wall painting I felt so happy and excited. I was walking back towards the room, thinking I should get ready to Sai Baba’s Darshan. Just outside the room, there was Baba standing, when I went near to Him. He was talking to me with lot of affection and said not to worry and have applied cream on my hand burn. Then I realised Sai is concerned about me and started believing that even a very normal devotee like me can also get Baba in my dream.

Recently, I have started reading this blog and many devotees experiences proved me that Baba is always ever available in dreams as well when in hard times. This made me to gain more faith in Him. This is only very initial experience I can say. I shall be posting my other experiences in near future. Om Sai Ram. I hope Sai bless all of us.

Baba Coming To The Rescue Of My Friends Car

Sai Brother Senthil from India says: Hi, I am Senthil from Bangalore. I had heard about Baba being powerful couple of years back, but had not been devoted to Him. Baba finally pulled me like a sparrow towards Him. I have many experiences but this is one of them.

My friend owns a car having Gujarat registration. One day they decided to go out with his family and to his bad luck his car was stopped by the police as it was from a totally different state. Unfortunately the car’s original documents were in his native due to which he was unable to produce the same. My friend called me for help as I was a localite and i tried calling other friend of mine but things did not work out. Police were unwilling to let them go and there was conversation for more than 2 hours during which they demanded 40 thousand rupees to release the vehicle. As Loksabha elections are round the corner, one can understand how difficult the situation must have been and I was pretty sure the car would be taken to the police station.

As i could not help my friend, it was then, i prayed to Baba to go and help them in this situation and I slept. After I got up I called my friend and asked him the status, to my surprise the cops let the vehicle go but took his brothers licence and requested them to get the original documents. This is surely Baba’s Leela, something big was reduced to small. I trust Him a lot and what Baba needs is strong Faith and Patience. Baba please continue to shower Your Blessings continuously. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Divine Power and aspirants

    Divine power is really a mysterious power, which is conferred on an aspirant by the Almighty when the former attains spiritual maturity through utmost devotion, austerities and consistent meditation. Performance of miracles through divine power is generally aimed at leading the masses on the right path. However, at times miracles occur due to tremendous divine power of the aspirants much against their wish. To be precise, a wheel of a speeding vehicle sometimes emanates sparks. Likewise certain feats of highly elevated aspirants are in fact the outcome of their divine power. Such aspirants are fully aware that performance of feats brings fame and at the same time hampers spiritual progress. As such, they are reluctant to perform miracles just for amusement. Spiritual Science permits performance of miracles by aspirants only for a noble cause – in other words, for cure of cronic diseases, eradication of evil spirits, protection of down-trodden and the like. Use of divine power for revival of dead is considered to be interference with the plans of the Almighty and is regarded as an offence as per code of conduct in spiritual field. Miracles of divine power are generally performed by sages of the Nath order to alleviate sufferings of down-trodden and of devotees of various sects seeking enlightenment. A group of people had the good fortune to witness a miracle performed by a sage of the Nath order, when a large number of devotees assembled in a village near Igatpuri (Dist: Nasik) in the year 1975. A religious ceremony was held at the said place and various programmes such as Bhajan, Kirtan and chanting of hymns were organised. A temporary shed was constructed for preparation of food, to be served to devotees. The organiser had expected 400 devotees as per invitations sent. However, more than 1000 devotees attended the function. The organiser was in a fix since he had ordered limited food to be prepared due to lack of provisions. The organiser was advised by a respected elder to request a sage of the Nath order, who was present there, to enter the shed and glance at the prepared food. Accordingly, the worried organiser approached the said sage and prayed to him to glance at the prepared food. The sage in orange (gerua) robe entered the shed and glanced at the various utensils, holding the food. He then ordered the volunteers to serve food assuring them that the existing food would be sufficient to feed all the devotees. The baffled volunteers were soon at the job. Time and again they would peep in the shed out of curiosity and glance at the utensils; but every time, even after serving food, the utensils held certain amount of food. Thus all the devotees were fed sumptuously and the organiser gave a sigh of relief. He then made a diligent search for the sage, but the sage had quietly left.

    Shri Sai Baba was a highly elevated aspirant. He possessed tremendous divine power so much so that even after his samadhi, he could pay visits to some of his devotees as if he was alive. This feat of divine power is termed as 'Resurrection’. Such feats are generally performed by few highly elevated aspirants like Baba with intention to bring consolation to the devotees.

    S. N. Awaehat

    Bombay – 400001

    Source Shri Sai Leela February

  2. Can anyone please tell me how to submit the experience here? Submit the experience page in this site is not working for me. Someone please help me.Thanks

  3. OM SAI RAM… know I am suffering a lot due to Kaala Sarpa Yoga in my Kundli. Save me Baba…It is very painful Baba. All my good work turns into wrong in the last moment. It badly hurts my professional career. Save me Baba…


  5. OM SAI RAM. All are very nice experiences.
    Baba please bless me with fulfillment of my wish you know what it is.
    Please baba….

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Earnest Desire for Offspring’s*****
    It is a fundamental right and an earnest desire of every man to bring up a child.
    Because of offspring’s, there is a perpetuation of family tree and parents get
    exceptional pleasure as they bring up their children. Hence a man gets an earnest
    desire to bring forth his offspring’s. Without children, man feels a great drawback in his
    life and becomes unhappy. Hence a person born as an incarnation blesses his devotees
    with offspring’s and thereby awakens zeal towards God in that devotee. Sri Swami
    Samarth was very compassionate during his incarnation and had blessed numerous
    devotees with children by miraculous works.

    *****Bhausaheb Jahagirdar*****
    Sri Swamiji once had been to the Naladurg village in Osmanabad District,
    Maharashtra. There he got a prayer of invitation from the Jahagirdar of Neelgaon
    village, Shreeman Bhausaheb Jahagirdar, to pay a visit to Neelgaon. Sri Swamiji
    accepted this invitation and went to Neelgaon along with his attendants and devotees.
    Then the Jahagirdar applied Akshata on Sri Swamiji’s forehead. Out of that, three
    grains of rice fell down. Sri Swamiji picked up those three grains and gave them to
    Jahagirdar as Prasad . Then out of these three grains of rice Jahagirdar ate one grain
    and gave two grains to his wife. Jahagirdar had no offspring’s. Sri Swamiji blessed
    Jahagirdar “A good son will be born to you”. Bhausaheb Jahagidar, in the great honour
    of Sri Swamiji, arranged for Mahapooja, Bhajan, Kirtan and Brahmin – Bhojan.
    Sri Swamiji accepted the hospitality extended in his favour by Jahagirdar and
    then returned. In due time, wife of Jahagirdar gave birth to a son and then two
    daughters. Jahagirdar remembered this kind favour blessed on him by Sri Swamiji, till
    the end of his life. He always made it as a practice of visiting Akkalkot to render
    devotional service to Sri Swamiji for four days and then return home.

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    pls help me and save my life saiaa…I am unable to decide between them saimaa…pls help me and solve all my problems….jai sairam…pls forgive all my mistakes…jai sairam..

  8. om sai ram
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    baba shower ur blessings on us and everyone.thank u and love u baba:)

  9. Nice experiences. Om Sai Ram. Sai I want 2 see u on gurupunam, plz do something. Plz Sai I want 2 see u. Do some magic this tym. Om Sai Ram

  10. Mere pyare baba! Muje pura vishwaas h k aap mere aur mere parivar ki izzat sur samman ki raksha karenge..aap jante hain k govt job ki kitni importanc h..pls hlp me babaji..I knw u r dre vd me alwaz nd vd al ur devoteess..pls listen to my sufferings..nw I feel connectd vd u…u hd alwaz been dre vd u babaji

  11. Nice experiences. O Deva protect us and guide our minds towards good and positive thoughts. Let Your name be in our mind, our heart and on our lips all the time.

    Jai Sairam

  12. Baba please help me in this interview baba, I want this job baba. I am having interview on July 14th baba please give me this job baba..

    Dear devotees please pray for me, I need this job very badly.. I want to help my husband, with one salary we are maintaining four families it is very difficult for us, we live in USA and I am on H1B visa, if I don't get a job we need to pay taxes here, it is very difficult for us in this position. It's been 3 months I am searching for job. Please help me baba to get this job baba, be with me baba. Dear devotees please please pray for me.. I have done sai nav guruvar vrat and read sai satcharitra.. Please baba be with me baba. OM SAI RAM.

    • Dont worry dear devotee baba will definitely help you with your interview..
      all the best..
      om sai raam

  13. Sai maa
    Please shower your blessings for a healthy happy and peaceful life
    V luv u alot
    Please be with is always
    Falling at your lotus feet

  14. इतनी पीता हू की मदहोश रहता हू,
    सब कुछ समझता हू पर खामोश रहता हू,
    जो लोग करते ह मुझे गिराने की कोशिश,
    मे अक्सर उन्ही के साथ रहता हू…

    साईं "श्रद्धा" साईं"सबुरी" शिर्डी पावन धाम,
    उस मालिक के चरणों में रहते चारोधाम
    बन जायेंगे आपके भी बिगड़े हुए काम
    बस एक बार प्रेम से बोलो..

    ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम

  15. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  16. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  17. Dear sai devotees, I would like to give my salaam to all of you. Hetal ji I had some problems uploading my experience last time so thought maybe commenting on this wonderful post by a sai devotee may help others relate to my experience too. I am a Muslim and somehow I was attracted to sai babas teachings due to the love and kindness I found in them.
    My heart was in turmoil during some very tough times in my life. It was during this time I came across the grace of this wonderful fakir who's basic teachings of love equality and belief in Allah left me astonished to say the least.
    I'm proud to say I found baba or rather baba found me two years ago. I was failing at life, in education etc. even thinking back now scares me, but I started to read sai satcharitra and to malik I left all my trust and kept repeating Allah malik at all times. Well two years to now my life has flipped. 360, everything seems to be helping me get to my goals. I love baba so much and love that he also showed us to live in peace and harmony. I always pray for forgiveness please malik pardon my sins and love me and guide us all! Love u SAI BABA <3 Allah Malik

  18. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Devotee 1, your english is good, why would you say it is not? irony of our society is that so much importance is given to not being good (or good) with english, while it is just a language, like any other one, say, German for example, which you learn gradually if you want to…….An englishman treats people who try to speak english just as we would treat an englishman, trying to speak Hindi or our language.

    So I'd say try to improve your proficiency in english as it is widely accepted means of communication across the world but never feel let down just because you have not reached up to a satisfactory level.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

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