A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 656

Sai Baba – One word for Hope, Love, Care and Peace

Anonymous devote from India says: Hi Readers, I would like to be called as granddaughter of Sri Sai Baba.I always feel that Baba is my grandfather. His love and care on His devotees is something indefinable. I was introduced to Sai Baba when I was 12 or 13 years old through one of our relative. Since then, there are many miracles happened in our lives. Today I would like to share a few of those with Sai Parivar. Experience 1: When I was studying 1st year B.com, I had taken CPT exam. This is an entrance exam for pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. After writing the exam, I was not sure if I can clear the exam. I was very much worried about results.

A few days before the results, Baba came in my dream. He told me that I will clear the exam and not to worry about it. This gave me confidence. Later I was very happy to see my results. I had cleared CPT exam. This was possible because of our Baba.

Experience 2: In final year graduation, I was selected by 3 companies in campus placements. But I gave an interview in another company, off campus, and joined it. The very first day itself, I was not happy with the choice I had made. The company was 27 Kms away from my home. I was not happy with the work too. I always used to cry while travelling, thinking that this is not something I wanted in my life. I was feeling that I was not spending proper time with my parents. I made my mind and started searching for another job. I prayed Baba with all devotion to give me a job, which will help me in long term. Then I got a call from a company which I had never heard of. I went for interview and I luckily got through all the rounds. It was pretty nearer to my home compared to my previous company. I was happy with the work I did there. I learnt a lot from that job and the same job made me chase my life time ambition. Thanks for giving me that job Baba.

Experience 3: We were planning to buy a house in Bangalore from 7 years. But somehow, our efforts of buying a house were going in vain every time. Different poojas and prayers were offered to God, but still we were unable to buy a house. One day my mother cried a lot and told Baba that if He really wants to help us, He should make us take a house in next 3 months. After seeing my Mom crying, I too cried and told Baba, if you don’t do miracles, what is the difference between You and me? My father and I started searching on the Internet for the contact numbers of different developers and started contacting them. Soon after these incidents, a miracle happened. Baba blessed us with a beautiful flat in a nice location within 3 months. This was miracle because, we got a very good developer and also housing loan was sanctioned without any difficulties.

It’s been a year we shifted to this house and we feel Baba’s presence in every work we do. We have named our flat as “Sai Prerana”. What we learnt in the process of buying the house is that, until Guru is sure that we will be happy with what He is giving, He will not give it. We just want patience and faith in Him and He will do the rest for us. Thanks Baba for such a beautiful flat. We had never dreamt of being an owner of such flat. Experience 4: I was searching for some answer in Question and answer website and Baba told that I will be saved from a disaster today. After seeing the answer, I just left everything to Baba and told Him to take care of everyone at my home. The same night, after dinner, my parents and me came to room and we were watching TV.

We felt there was gas leakage. When checked in the kitchen, the gas pipe was cut and the gas was leaking. Luckily, by the grace of Guru we found it soon and rectified it. In this way, Baba saved us from a disaster. Baba I know You are with everyone who is chanting your name. Thanks for everything that You have done to my family and friends. Please bless us with good health and peace of mind. I am waiting for a few things to happen in my life. I am hoping that You will provide me with the best possible at the earliest. Please take care of the whole Sai Pariwar and bless us and take us in the right path. Sai Ram

Shradha and Saburi

Anonymous devote from India says: Thanks Hetalji for such a wonderful blog where we can post our experience. Please do not disclose my name and id. I have such a wonderful experience to share. Only thing to have is Shradha and Saburi. Baba is watching us and will test our faith on Him. I am currently in India I have applied for US work permit extension. I have applied for visa in premium mode on Nov 14, 2013(Thursday). On Nov 21, 2013(Thursday), my case went to request for evidence. I was crying before Baba as I was waiting for travel in Dec, it got cancelled because of this RFE. I was angry on Baba for punishing me. But I still had faith on Baba and continued to pray and do pooja regularly.

On Jan16, 2014(Thursday), I replied for my RFE. On Jan 24, 2014 (Friday), I got my petition approved. On Feb 13,2013(Thursday), I got my visa stamped on my passport. My visa process took more than 3 months, but all things happened on Thursday (most auspicious day) in the week. Baba has blessed me with visa. We need to have faith and patience to see Baba miracles. Om Sri Sai Ram. Please forgive me if i have done any mistake. Baba I am waiting for onsite project. Please bless me Baba. Baba I am waiting for one miracle, You know very well what it is. I will keep up my promises and post the experience in the site. Om Sri Sai Ram.

Baba Miracle

Sai Sister Sreedevi from Botswana says: Namaste to all Sai devotees. My name is Sreedevi from Botswana. All my family members are Sai devotees. We have experienced to many Baba’s miracles, recently we had a great experience, that I wanted to share with you. My husband is a CA, He is working with good people, and unfortunately he brought one of his friends from India to work with him. He is also a CA. He has cheated my husband. He has stolen money from the company, maybe he wants to run away but here our Baba entered, he changed that fraud mind. That guy confessed his fraud in front of police and my husband’s boss. Now he ran away from here to India. My husband is saved by Baba’s grace. Thanks a ton to Sai Ram. He is always with us. He is helping us in all aspects, even in small things also. Thank You everyone..

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    (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    Shri Sai Baba declared to His staunch devotee, Shama, “if a man utters my name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, increase his devotion. It is my special characteristic to free any person who surrenders completely to me and who does worship me faithfully and who remembers me and meditates on me constantly. The simple remembrance of my name as “Sai Sai” will do away with sins of speech and hearing” (Chap. III of Sai Satcharita).

    Only the simple remembrance of His name “Sai-Sai” in my mind, at all times, has saved me from the danger of death recently on 30-10-1982. When I even think over the scene, it looks quite horrible.

    Usually, I pray to Baba everyday while leaving my residence, “to reach me safely to my destination and to bring me home safely”.

    On that day I went to my office and worked till the end of the day. Thereafter I went to the Radio station all the way to meet my friends as usual. After meeting my friends, I returned to go home.

    While crossing a road near the Radio station on my cycle, a car unnoticed rushed up and dashed at the backside of my cycle. I fainted due to sudden shock and fell down in front of the two tyres of the car. Noticing this the driver of the car suddenly applied the brakes. Otherwise, I would have died on the spot; but Baba saved me from the unnatural death. Due to my good fortune also, I was saved from the danger of fracture in this age (i.e. 44 years). Any how now I am alright by the grace of Baba.

    I intended to go to Shirdi before Divali. But due to this unexpected accident my programme was cancelled.

    Baba is my saviour. All the brother bhaktas of Baba are requested in this connection, to spare some of their valuable time to worship Baba, who is always with us and who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. He grants His devotees their wishes and appears even when a devotee just thinks of Him in his mind and heart with perfect concentration and devotion

  2. All r lovely experiences ….specially the first one….i also address sai baba as dadu…..he is only saviour of my family and only hope.he knows we going through.
    Pls sai dadu be with me always…..do miracle to us i also want to share my experiences with sai family.u knw all what are my needs.
    Pls call us shirdi now i can't wait anymore.
    Om sai ram.
    Love u a lot.

  3. om sai ram
    om sai ram
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    lovely baba love u.pls take care of us and everyone.(f)

  4. Wonderful experiences all. Thank You O Sai for fulfilling our biggest to the littlest desires. Bless us so we share our joy, happiness and love with others.

    Jai Sairam

  5. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    There was a lady named Janaki from Pune. She suffered from some eye-illness
    and she lost her eyesight. She tried all types of treatment but there was no use. Then
    she came to Sri Swamiji at Akkalkot. While she was taking ‘Darshan’, Sri Swamiji spoke
    to her “Treat your eyes with elephant urine and you will regain your eyesight”. She did
    accordingly and her eyesight was restored. Then she worshipped Sri Swamiji and
    offered food as Naivedya. After this she returned home happily.

    Before his manifestation, while wandering, Sri Swami Samarth went to
    Dwaraka in Gujarath State. At Dwaraka, there was a blind saint who was known as
    Soordas. Sri Swamiji touched the eyes of Soordas with his hand. Soordas regained his
    eyesight and when he opened his eyes he was stunned to see Lord Krishna Himself,
    standing in front of him holding a conch, a chakra (A holy sharp circular weapon) and a
    mace. He became fully content by the ‘Darshan’ of his tutelary deity. Sri Swamiji,
    seeing his true devotion, blessed Soordas with a boon saying “You will get freed from
    threefold botheration and attain Divine Knowledge”.

    • Dear Sir / Madam,

      Thanks much for sharing the miracles of Akkalkot Maharaj. I am happy to read this in addition to miracles of Sai Deva.

  6. Sairam sridevi ji,
    Its really amazing and unbelievable that baba changed that person's mind and made him confess his crime. Really as in sai satcharitra about 2 goa gentlemen, and a devotee's wife jewel box restored by the thief itself. really amazing, continue to surrender his will surely take care till u unite with baba.

  7. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram

  8. OM SAI RAM ! OM SAI RAM ! OM SAI RAM ! OM SAI RAM ! OM SAI RAM! OM SAI RAM! OM SAI RAM ! OM SAI RAM ! We love u a lot BABAJI. Be with all devotees please please please !!!

  9. Baba, just felt to say that i love you so much not because of all the miracles you are doing but just because of you being you Baba. Thank you so much for whatever you have done for me. Thank You Baba. Love You. My only wish is please draw me to you in my next birth onwards as what you have done in this birth. Your blessing just enough for me Baba. Im not going to ask you for anything else, just put your hand on my head and bless me. That's enough BaBa.

  10. When will you call me to shirdi baba..pls make me realise the value of my people and give them the most..love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much..love u so so much..

  11. Om Sai Ram !! Nice Experiences !!

    Baba, please show us the right path with good thoughts. Cast away our negative thoughts. Let us talk only the truth. Om Sai Ram !!

  12. Sai maa
    Please please be with is always protecting this Sai daughter who can't do with out u and vp mutual
    Hold me firmly to give me happiness and confidence in life
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  13. Sai Ram to all Sai devoter,
    Baba will definitly bless all of us daily.
    Have a blessed day ahead.
    Sai Ram

  14. baba today I really need your help. please help me baba. i have nobody here except you please bless your daughter. I want something baba please fulfill my wish please.. Om SAINATHAYA Namah…

  15. Deva, today is mine sixth Nav Guruvar Vrat, this would be my last vrat. Please shower your blessing upon me and my family, you know everything, i have sacrificed and lost lot in my life.

  16. Hi all
    The experiences shared are amazing. I see all the devotees pouring there heart which encouraged me too to do the same. I am a person who travelled from a very successful life to a disastrous one. When this transition happened I was very young and saw baba in dream. in the dream I saw baba flying away in a beautiful white snake. From that day onwards my struggle in each field of my life started and still continued. Personal and professional both life's are in stand still. I pray him day n night but I get no answer. Please help me Sai baba. If anyone knows the meaning of the above kindly let me know.

  17. Nice experiences! No matter what bad things may come into our lives (bad people or difficult situations), Baba is always there with us watching and will intervene to help save us when He knows it is something that we cannot handle.

  18. Love you so much Baba.
    Baba I don't know what I am doing, but please forgive me for all my mistakes.
    You know me very well Baba.
    Please Baba please Baba please forgive me Baba.

  19. OM SRI SAI RAM!!

    Nice Experiences!! BABA please bless me with your child. I am very happy to know that my pregnancy test came positive. Please be with me all the time and give me your blessings.


  20. Please bless me babaji please give me my love back till when I will have to suffer this please return me my happiness and please bring peace in my life babaji .
    om sai ram

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