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Sai Baba's Blessings - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous devotee says: Om Sai Ram. I was first introduced to Sai Baba in 1992-93 when I was a kid. My parents have printed a calendar for their company with Baba's picture (photo in which Baba is standing leaning to the wall with His devotees around Him & after I that I actually started worshiping Baba from 2009-2010 after my mother passed away. There are many miracles that I can write here and the list will never end. Baba has been ever so kind. He always took care of me. Today I am going to write about my husband's experience related to his job. It is a quite long experience. I got married in 2012 by Baba's grace on Thursday in the month of Feb & I was staying in India & my husband was based in abroad. I have come to abroad in the mid of 2013. My husband was in a very good position in his company & just one month before I came to abroad. My husband one day got a call from his friend from collage days that He was desperately in need of job & his visa was about expire & he seeked my husband's help.

By Baba's grace my husband went to his management discussed about his friend's profile & convinced the management to create a job profile for him & thus my husband's friend got his job in the same company & he also got the visa. After he got job , he & his wife came to stay with us. My husband is very humble & meek by nature; he is very kind & generous. The management has decided that a team of 4 people (my husband, myself, my husband's friend & his wife would be working together to generate profits for the company. Initially, we were working together, as my husband was working with the same company for more than 3 years & my husband's boss used to like my husband's work a lot & my husband's friend & his wife were jealous of this & slowly they started playing games against my husband & there was lot of internal politics & after some time the same management was also against my husband, at this stage I told my husband that I will not be working anymore & he was still working. My husband was so stressed with all the internal politics & with the issues happening at the work place. My husband tried couple of time to talk to his friend& his wife but they were not ready to listen. I was getting stressed too looking at my husband's situation, he never used sleep in the night wondering why all this was happening to him.

I was forcing my husband to leave his job & he was not ready to leave the job. I started reading Sai Satcharitra & during all this time I was praying in fact crying in front of Baba asking him why was He doing this to us, as Baba said help persons in need of help & my husband did the same, helped someone who was really in need of job & my husband had to go through all this for almost 6 months, during the month of Dec, I came across this website & slowly as I was reading experiences of devotees, I again started gaining faith & patience in Baba. I also started doing Nava Vrat pooja. I used to tell my husband just have faith in Baba & He will help us , after I finished 2 week Vrat, one of my husband's employee, one of my husband's team member has said that my husband's friend is trying to sabotage my husband's image & he was telling everyone that in the company that he would also try to harm my husband's family in India & at this stage my husband decided to resign his job because he realized that there was no other end to stop this internal politics .In the mean time My husband started reading Sat Satcharitra & was hoping that the management will realize that they were doing a mistake & he also wanted his friend realize his mistake & by Baba's grace ,after I finished 2nd week vrat, the management have realized their mistake & my husband said me that his friend also realized his mistake (which I still doubt) . In the mean time , My husband started applying for jobs but he wasn't receiving any call for many companies , this in fact made him more stressed as we were supposed to leave to India in month of June & we were running out of finances.

I was jobless & my husband always used to fear about his new job (about the new company ,his designation ,salary & after I finished my 6th week Vrat , finally one day we got a call from one of the good companies , they called my husband for interview & by Baba blessings & grace my husband got his job in a very good company with very good salary & in fact the company also told us that they would pay us relocation charges as well. This was a huge concern for my husband because the relocation charges are very expensive. It is all because of Baba's grace & blessings that finally my husband could find his dream job. I can’t thank Baba enough for all His miracles. During all this time I was so distressed & upset that even after doing good to someone we were treated so badly. I used to cry in front of Baba asking him to help us.

I just want to tell the readers no matter what ever the situation is please have Faith & Patience. Just remember that Sai never leaves His children's side .Baba stays with all the time even when the entire world is against us . Sai Baba is my mother & father. Please Baba bless everyone with health & happiness. Please stay by our side always & bless us. I will post other miracles in the next time. Thank You devotees for taking time & reading my experience. Jai Sai Ram.

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    Baba.. please do help me today too (p)


    1. very Happy experience...Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  3. Very Nice experience!!! Love You loads deva !!! Please please please take care of yours all childrens!!!!

  4. Children: Love ye one another

    By H. H. Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

    (H. H. Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji was the chief guest at the gathering of Contributors to SAI LEELA magazine held on the 28th and 29th January 1979, held at Shirdi. Dr. S. D. Parchure, an ardent devotee of Swamiji was then the Executive Editor of Sai Leela magazine and has recorded Swamiji's speech for posterity. We are presenting this inspiring speech to our readers on the eve of Swamiji's Tenth Aradhana – EDITOR)

    I thank the Shirdi Samsthan for having given me an opportunity to partake in this illustrious gathering of the contri­butors to SAI LEELA magazine. It is indeed a great day for me to meet all sincere devotees on this holy soil of Shirdi.

    Lord Krishna gave an assurance in the 'Bhagavad-Gita' that He will be taking 'avatar' whenever there is some danger to religion. We find that Lord Krishna is fulfilling his promise by appearing on this earth in the form of saints. Sai Baba is such an 'avatar' which has tried for the uplift of all who came into his contact. The life of Sai Baba is like the fragrant 'agarbathi' which burns away all the time and which ultimately disappears, but when it is burning it continues to give over fragrance all the time. Sai Baba's greatness as a 'Guru' is beyond our expression.

    Sai Baba fulfilled the desires of everyone. We call him as our father, mother, friend and we offer all our learning and wealth to him. Sometimes a doubt arises in our mind as to how Sai Baba can act as a mother. I will give you an example.

    One lady got a child and she wanted that her child should be fed on her milk, but to her dismay her breasts were dry. She tried all remedies but they were not of any avail. The lady conceived again and when she was in her 8th month of preg­nancy she came to me along with her husband, and requested me to pray to Sai Baba to give milk to her second child. I assured her that this time she will get milk in the breasts after her deli­very, by the grace of Sai Baba. I gave her Udhi and asked her to pray to Sai Baba with full devotion. The lady went away and in course of time gave birth to a child. Her husband came to me saying that her breasts were dry totally and that he was afraid that his second child also may not get mother's milk. I asked the husband to go and pray to Sai Baba after giving him Udhi and directing him to apply it to the lady's breasts. After the gentleman had gone I prayed to Sai Baba to fulfill the wishes of the lady and lo, on the third day, this mother could feed her baby as the breasts were full of milk. This is one example wherein Sai Baba acted as a mother, because this is one thing which only a mother can really understand.

  5. Missing Boy Returns

    Once, a gentleman came to me and informed that his son had run away and his whereabouts were not known for 2-3 days. I told him to pray to Sai Baba and by His grace, his son would return. On the fifth day he got a telegram from Calcutta that his son was safe and he would reach Madras in a day or two. After the boy returned to Madras, he was brought to me by his father. When I enquired with the boy about the reason for his running away, he told me that his parents were angry with him and therefore he ran away from the house. The boy said that when he was at Calcutta, Sai Baba appeared in his dream and told him to go to the station. There he met a person who enquired about him and gave a telegram to Madras and arranged to send the boy back to Madras. On further enquiries with the boy, he said that Sai Baba was seen by him with the tin-pot in his hand as he was proceeding to beg for alms.

    Here again, we find the motherly behavior of Sai Baba. His ways are unique and inimitable. When we come to Shirdi, we forget all our differences and become one. If our entire nation brings into practice the teachings of Sai Baba, national unity is not a far off possibility.

    The desires of various people are fulfilled in various ways by Sai Baba. Somebody needing money for his daughter's mar­riage is given money while those needing service get the service by the grace of Sai Baba.

    In order to meet Sai Baba, you have to enter Dwarakamayi after crossing three steps. What are these three steps you have to cross in order to be successful in life? Out of the six enemies of man, lust, anger and greed are the foremost, which you have to conquer before you are blessed by Sai Baba. The three 'Gunas' – Satva, Rajas, and Tamas are also indicated by these three steps and the 'prakriti' and 'purush' are attached to each other by the Gunas.

    I see the image of Sai Baba on the face of everyone sitting here. Sai Baba has assured us that as soon as we call Him, He would rush to our help. So keep faith in Him and invoke His favor. He never fails His devotees.

    I wish happiness to everybody. Any sort of sorrow let nobody suffer from.

    (Source Shri Sai Padananda – January 1990)

  6. merciful our baba is!! love u sai baba..come soon..i m waiting for sai ram..gurudev datt..

  7. Nice experience. God bless u n ur husband. Om Sai Ram

  8. Om Sai Ram.M reading this blog from 2-3 months. Its great. My parents r also like ur husband. They help everyone but as u know ghor kalyug h. But I think no need 2 worry. Sai is always with us. My family is also facing bad tym. But m sure Sai is helping me, he is with me. Sai is watching everything. V r blessed dt v have Sai. Om Sai Ram

    1. Sai devotee
      Even I am going thru a tough is my sai maa and v.p.murugan who keep me going
      Pl pray to sai maa that I should come out of this completely
      I fall at sai maa lotus feet

  9. Sai maa
    Thank u for a good day maa
    I felt better
    Please help me to feel completely alright
    Make me cheerful my maa
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  10. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    saimaa when r u going to bless me and solve my problems , am waiting for ur need desperately saimaa...come and save me and my life..jai sairam

  11. Our sai ma is the only refuge in kali yuga. He can't see his children suffer he will run and come to help us.

  12. Nice Experience !

    Om Sai Ram !!

  13. Good experience. Thank You O Deva for allowing us to come into Your fold and we only ask that You never let go of our hand as we traverse this beautiful world. Thank You.

    Jai Sairam

  14. Anant tere gun kaise gau,
    sheesh charno mein kaise jhukau,
    thaki meri wani ..tere gun gate,
    namaskaar shri Sai Mere!! x-)

  15. omsairam. please bless us to come out of these problems. omsairam.

  16. Sai YOU are simply awesone.DEVA please save me from all the critics that may happen if i won't successed this time..please sai it's all up to me sai.missing YOU DEVA.LOVE YOU SAI.

  17. Love you so much Baba.

  18. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Removal of Poverty*****
    Poverty is a curse for mankind. However, individual fate forces people to
    undergo sufferings due to poverty. Sri Swamiji has showered his kind grace on
    a number of devotees to rid them of poverty and direct them to the virtuous
    path of devotion.

    *****Basappa Teli*****
    When Sri Swami Samarth was in Mangalvedha, Solapur District, Maharashtra, a
    poor man named Basappa Teli started rendering devotional service. Sri Swamiji would
    roam in the forests and Basappa Teli would follow him to render devotional service.
    Basappa’s wife was making ends meet by doing odd jobs as a day-labourer. A number
    of days passed like this.
    Once Sri Swamiji became compassionate towards Basappa and showered his
    kind grace. Sri Swamiji took him to the forest of Kathavan Village. By that time the sun
    had set and thousands of snakes were seen moving around in the forest. Sri Swamiji
    told Basapppa “Take as many snakes as you want. Do not be afraid”. Basappa started
    trembling with fear. Finally, garnering some courage and repeating the name of Sri
    Swamiji Basappa caught hold of one snake, nearly two feet long, wrapped it in a piece
    of cloth and held it under his armpit. Sri Swamiji said “Whatever is under your armpit,
    take it with you and lead your life happily with your children. Now, go home”.
    Basappa returned home. His wife became very happy seeing the bundle brought
    by Basappa. She found gold equal to the size of the snake, which Basappa had picked
    up. Basappa’s poverty was rid off. His family became very happy. Basappa continued
    rendering his devotional service at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. He continued going to
    Akkalkot every year for Sri Swamiji ‘Darshan’.

  19. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    A weaver, great devotee of Sri Swami Samarth, lived in Mangalvedha. He was
    very poor. He maintained himself by begging. After Sri Swami Samarth’s ‘Darshan’ he
    started rendering service at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. He continued the service for
    nearly three months. Sri Swamiji was pleased and showered his kind grace on him. The
    weaver got visionary insight and in his vision, Sri Swamiji told him “Your father was a
    big merchant. When he had been to the fair, at Pandharpur, he died. Your mother had
    already died earlier. Your father buried large amount of wealth under a Tulsi165 plant in
    your backyard. Dig out that wealth”. He went home after taking the orders of Sri
    Swamiji. He dug out large amount of wealth under the Tulsi Plant. He became very
    happy. His life changed completely. He continued rendering devotional service to Sri

  20. Baba. Please guide me , I'm utterly confused at this stage of life. Please seed good thoughts in me driving away from negative thoughts . Make me your servant and help as many as I can . I will just go with whatever you want me to do . But Baba, I don't want to hurt or cheat anyone .

    I am little nervous, please Baba, I want you to be with me . I hope I fall under your devotee's list.

    I am completely surrendered to you . Help me. Falling at your LOTUS feet.

    Om Sai Ram !

  21. Om sai ram. Plz bles al of us. Om sai nath

  22. Wonderful and blessed experience. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Dear Hetal ji,
    First of all thanks for your wonderful work. I tried to submit this experience but I am getting error and I donot know your email id. I really need sai blessings , please pray for me .
    My day start with reading sai devotees experience. Do not remember when baba came in my life. I always have the lot of faith on him. Baba helped me in every difficult situation. But somehow since many years he is not listening my prayers about my marriage. Now I am 30 + awaiting for marriage. All the time proposals will come and end with no results. Now I am undergoing lot of pain. Due to this issue I cannot able to concentrate in my work. After me my sister also there. Now my marriage will not happen my sister life also affect that I do not want at any cost. Sometimes I feel to suicide so that my sister will get marry on time, but sai baba doesnot like suicide. Many people tells me so many thing to do for getting marry but I always feel that my sai will help me .i do not know why baba is not listening my prayers in this matter. Please pray sai baba for me , at least your prayers can answer. I cannot bare anymore this pain. Please keep my name and email id anonymous.

  24. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  25. please baba help my children be with them bless my son with rented room please reduse my daughters fever sai you are my life

  26. Please do what is the best, Baba.

  27. Please do , what is best for them , Baba .

    Om Sai Ram!!

  28. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for your sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  29. Baba help each and every one who suffered lot in their day to day life. Give them a peaceful life. Its my kind request. Om sai ram


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