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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I reside in Punjab with my parents, wife and my two children. I work in private company and recently experienced several Miracles of Baba in a very short time frame. Still learning to follow the path of faith and patience.

Om Sai Ram. I have been reading experiences of Devotes from last many months and always wondered if I will get an opportunity to write my experience. Baba listened to me quickly even though I was not His staunch devotee. Before writing my experience, I would like to share how I come to know about Sai Baba. After my sister’s marriage in 1997 in Bhopal, she visited Shirdi first time. This is when I first time heard about Baba. When I got engaged, I got to know that my fiancé is also Sai Baba devotee. After marriage, we visited Shirdi twice. It was a wonderful trip through, for my wife, it was spiritual journey and for me it was more of entertainment. After my son detected for a chronic genetic disease, my wife started playing Sai Baba’s Aarti three times (Kakad Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, and Shez Aarti). She got more attached to Sai Baba.

Recently, we face another problem related to my Job. Due to company’s bad shape, there was no growth. Salary was decreased. My wife also left job to take care of my son. And the expenses started rising and we were left with virtually no money to survive. With a meagre salary, it became very difficult for us to survive. I was trying for job from last one year but I was not getting any response and I lost all hopes to get a good job. As the company’s position worsened, our salaries got delayed by 3 months and on top that fear of termination from job any time. My wife prayed a lot to Sai Baba for job. One day, we were sitting and discussing the situation. She told me that how wonderful it would be, if by March you get a good job by all aspects. All aspects mean, good salary, good company, good position, my satisfaction in terms of growth and learning and foremost Saturday and Sunday should be off. But then she said it is not possible. We did not have that good luck and moreover we have been trying from so many years. In the meantime, my mother who is ardent devotee of Lord Krishna also developed interest in Sai Baba. She started reading few miracle books of Sai Baba and Shri Sai Satcharitra. Now even as I was very depressed and frustrated due to fear of losing job and insult after that. My wife told me to get as many as Miracle books from net. I searched net and found few sites on Sai Baba’s miracles. After reading few experiences, I also started reading miracle books at home and I also started reading Miracles from different websites. (Though I read Shri Sai Satcharitra few times whenever I faced any problem but benefited too by being selfish, I forgot Baba immediately after the results were achieved. I also done Parayan once or twice)

Now how miracles happened. In Feb, I got a call from a reputed company for Interview. Before Interview they wanted documents. As I never got any documents from my existing company and several people changed in between. Baba solved this problem and I got all the necessary documents very soon. Now the next problem was I did not have Marks Sheets of my M.Sc. final year semester as the result was awaited. I opened website of Institute to check if the result has been declared but it displayed that result is not declared. I was sitting in my office and prayed Baba, please don’t leave me in between. You have to be with me till everything is finalized and even after joining the new company so that I can perform as per expectations. Company will ask final semester marks sheet. Within one hour or even less, I got call from Institute that your result has been declared and you can download the marks sheet. I told the lady that I checked the result few minutes back and site did not show any result. She told me that it is displayed on new site. I immediately checked at new site and found that I got 70% marks and I also printed the marks sheets. This all happened within one hour. I was surprised and was thinking that what good karmas I have done due to which Sai Baba replied to my prayers so quickly.

During these two months, I experienced several other miracles as well. From last one month, I had severe back ache along with stiffness in my neck. I could not even move my neck and even turning side was very difficult and painful for me. One day before sleeping, I asked Baba that if He is really a God, then by morning my back ache and neck stiffness should be healed. I also added a condition that it should be healed completely and when I wake up in morning, no pain should be there in any part. Now readers can very well imagine, what happened morning. When I woke up, I remembered what I prayed last night. I stepped out of Bed and there was no sign of pain anywhere. I was so surprised and I could not believe it. I checked again by doing several exercises but everything was perfect. I wondered how Baba can listen to my prayers when I lack faith and patience and I am very selfish and I always doubt on Baba.

During these days, I also prayed Baba to appear in my dream as He appeared in dreams of several devotees. One day I prayed Baba and chanted His name before sleeping. And again Baba listened to my prayers so quickly. He appeared in my dream in a beautiful way. I saw that Jaya Wahi Ji (Author of Sai Baba is still alive book) gifted copy of her book to me and some other person. I took books in my hands to look at beautiful picture of Sai Baba. The picture of Baba was very clear and moreover I forgot most of the dream except this scene. So three miracles happened back to back within few days. In fact, Sai helped me in several other ways to prepare for new job. He has given us so much in last few months which I think I did not deserved. I pray Baba to bestow me with faith and patience and His Love. Baba, You know I never wanted too much money, too many pleasures. I want to be a good human being first and want to follow path of truth, honesty, affection, kindness, devotion and patience. Please hold our hand till we are in this world and even after we leave this world. Sai, I still has to go long way. I am very weak and I cannot go through this life journey without Your love. Please call me to Shirdi before I join my new job. Baba, I Love You.

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  1. where Is Baba – He Is Everywhere

    By S. Muni

    No matter what his caste and clan, He who remembers Sai Baba will always he taken care of…….

    – Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

    This is not a story or fiction but a real life situation in 1974 that happened in TlSCO-owned Hathibari Limestone quarry in Sundargarh district of Orissa.

    My second son was aged five years then and on his way to the school had consumed a few berries of a wild bushy plant which is very common in the mining area. On reaching the school he had continuous vomiting and the school authorities sent him home.

    My wife arranged for him to be taken to the TISCO Camp Hospital. It was a case of acute poisoning. His condition turned grave as he started vomiting blood continuously. By the time I reached the hospital he had lost his consciousness and was gasping for breath. Doctors wanted to shift him to Rourkela – 32 km away for blood transfusion, if he regained consciousness in the next thirty minutes.

    The deadline of 30 minutes was a trying time for all of us. My only hope was Lord Sainath. I prayed to Him for His help. If my son survives the crisis, I vowed that I will take him to Shirdi and offer a rose-garland to His Samadhi. Otherwise, I will forget Sai Baba once and for all, I cried bitterly.

    The clock was ticking and seconds grew into minutes. My pulse too was heating faster. On a mental plane I was already at Shirdi prostrating to Baba's Samadhi and seeking His blessings. As the deadline of thirty minutes set by the Doctors was about to be over, my son cried out "Where is Baba?" Doctors examined him and confirmed that his body is warming up. They had a sigh of relief and told me: "Mr. Mani, your son is calling." In Hindi, 'Baba' refers to father and them though! Thai my son was looking for me. I told them that my son is calling the Almighty Sai Baba who is everywhere.

    The recovery phase was very fast- My son responded to the treatment and became all right soon. Everyone was happy at the outcome. It is indeed His grace and my son had a re-birth.

    (Source Sai Padananda April 1992)

  2. Bhagat Mhalsapathy and Sai Baba – Part II –

    Baba comes in the form of a dog to Mhalsapathy – Lessons to be learnt from Baba

    Last post on Bhaghat Mahlsapathy was on 2nd August. Today we will see one more leela on Bhagat Mahlsapathy and Sai teachings,

    In Shri Sai Satcharita Chapter 3 Ovi 81, Baba says “Do not repulse or reject anyone contemptuously, be it a dog, a pig or a common fly. No one comes to us without some special bond from previous births”.

    Once a sickly bitch came close to Mhalsapathy, wagging her tail. She looked very ill and was drooling from the mouth. He threw a stone at her and drove her away. She ran away yelping. Later he went for Baba’s darshan. Baba, turning to him said “I went with a great deal of hope to Bhagat [Baba used to call Mhalsapathy Bhagat] hoping for some food, but all I got was a stone thrown at me” These Leelas were to teach the devotees about the impact of speech. Baba often said, “Don’t speak disparagingly and say hudd hudd or chidd chidd to any body”. If a cat, dog or a person comes to you they do so because of some connection [rinanubandh]. If any body comes to your home don’t be listless and ignore them” Baba didn’t give lectures needlessly. With his unique leelas he brought into practice what he taught.

    Ref Sai Leela Aashad. Shake 1845. Ank 5. Year 1.[1923]

  3. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam. omsairam.

  4. Baba plz be with me forever ……baba u know wht is going on with me….i cant take it any more ……plz fullfill my wish ……i turst u baba .i know u will not let me down ….iam at ur lotus feet baba ……plz help me…….

  5. baba, i want to be good to everyone.1st i want to be a good human. now a days , i am unable to control my anger . I know very well that i cannot become close to you until unless i become kind and patience to all. Sometimes i am patience to all. sometimes i am shouting like anything.. But appa, i want to come near you.. i want to connect with you .. i need your blessings .. pls bless me pa.. appa, pls show me a path… pls remove my bad thoughts, anger, jealously etc.. i should be kind to each and everyone… pls pa, pls bless me .. pls pls , i beg you.. i need only you pa pls

  6. Nice
    I really liked that you said that you wanted to be good human being first. Not lot of money and pleasures.

  7. Wonderful experiences. O Deva, I surrender to Your lotus feet, please place Your wish fulfilling hand on my head and bless me with love and happiness.

    Jai Sairam

  8. sai baba i feel like a cheater
    if u dun tc of my friend , it means i have spoiled his life. this is wat he gets . he is such a nice guy.
    please give him happiness.please let him be happy. both professional n personal, he is waiitng for his visa.please grant him baba
    please baba

  9. Baba tomorrow I am attending job interview, please be with me baba I need this job please baba be with me.. om sai ram.

  10. बाबा तेरी महिमा की मैंने सुनी कहानी
    जग में तेरे चर्चे हैं तुमसा नहीं है दानी
    सुनके आया हूँ मैं, साईं बाबा, तेरा नाम
    साईं दरबार में, करो फ़रियाद सबकी सुनता सांई राम…..

  11. Oh my sai deva thanks a ton for fulfilling my wish……..Now please baba ji bless me with good job.

    Babaji pls be with us alwz as i can't stay a moment when u don't show ur presence to me.

    Love u alws .OM SAI RAM

  12. Why did this happen to me,Baba ? I was always helping others in whatever way possible, I was living so happily with bothering others, living my own life, took the burden on me in order not to hurt others. Why you did not guide me, Baba. I never got any proper direction from my parents, from you, whom i trusted the most. Now I messed up my life, not sure, if I can live at least 10% of what I was before. I'm flying this Friday, could you please at least make sure, that I do not hurt anyone. I believe my karma is like this and go with whatever it happens.

  13. Baaba, Please be with me baaba, I can't live in this world with you. I want to you I need you.
    Please give me good nature, good thoughts, control my anger and remove jealousy.

    I am trying very hard to be nice human being, then only I would be eligible for your lovely blessings.

    O deva, please help me. I love you sooo much baaba, I always chanting your name. But dnt know my mind is not stable, it is fluctuating. I dont want anything. I just want you…. thats it .

    Please help me, love, bless me, stay with me…..If I dnt get eligibility to get your blessings, please show me an end to my life. I dnt want this life with you.

    I love you baaba. Sai ram sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

  14. OM SAI RAM!!!

    NIce experiences!! you are very blessed. Hope everything goes well with your new job.

    Baba please me with your child. This is my 7th week of Sai Baba Vrat.

    Baba bless us all 🙂


  15. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  16. Very well narrated, it was an interesting and wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.
    Jai Jai Sai

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