Sai Baba Always Protects And Saves His Children – Sai Devotee Rekha

Sai Sister Rekha Ram from India says: I am from Chennai, India. Dear Hetal Ji, you are doing a great service which really touches the heart of every Sai devotee. I would like to share my recent experience which saved my husband.

I have known Sai since childhood and have been praying Him just like all Gods. I had a passion of collecting many different Sai’s Pictures and would file them in a folder. One of my friend gifted me Sai Satcharitra and another friend Sai’s Idol. Even though i had every great thing of Baba, it was one day He made me close to Him when my mother went to England to my sister’s place. I really love my mother and have never been apart from her. Since the day she left to England i was very sad and missed her terribly. I took Sai’s Idol which was gifted by my friend and placed Sai in my room. From that moment, my mind was so relaxed and would talk to Baba as if i am talking to my mother and never felt my mother’s absence. That’s how Sai came into my life and since then wherever i go, I always have my Sai Maa Idol’s with me. I have experienced a lot of Miracles with our Sai Maa. I will definitely share it in future.

Now i will share the most recent experience. My husband had temperature and dry cough since Feb 1st week. We went to the doctors immediately and the doctor diagnosed it as typhoid after several tests. Temperature sustained but still had cough. After couple of weeks he again had severe temperature and doctors diagnosed it as Viral Fever. The fever did not sustain and so as the cough. We consulted another couple of doctors and they diagnosed it as Urinary infection. He had several tablets and nothing worked out. It was on 11.03.2014 evening that after my office i took him to a different Hospital where the Anaesthetist is my relative, he referred a general physician. This doctor immediately asked us to take Chest X ray, full abdomen scan and Liver function Test. I really burst into tears when my husband was giving blood for his LFT. I was only thinking of Baba why all this is happening to us. After his X ray, the lady asked how long has been having cold, i said nearly a month and then she said ok go consult the doctor. I was so worried. After the abdomen scan and after getting all the reports we took it to the doctor and the doctor said there is 695 ml fluid around his lungs and that he needs to get admitted. He also said it could be TB. My husband never smoked, no alcohol and also does not eat meat. He really could not understand why and how it happened. Even though TB is recoverable we both were so worried because we have a 6 month old baby. My husband was so worried that it could have also affected the baby.

Meanwhile i was looking for Baba in the hospital, but could not find Him at all but to my surprise when i went to pharmacy, i saw Baba sitting down with orange colour dhoti. I was so pleased that Baba is there for us. Immediately after admission, the doctor took out about 300 ml of fluid and sent about 60 ml to the lab for test. He said the reports will be back in couple of days and doctor already started the TB medication for my husband. On 13.03.2014 evening, few reports came and doctor came in the evening and said we are on the right path and you are recovering. I asked the doctor, does it mean it is confirmed TB, he said YES. I asked my relative Anaesthetist whether there are chances of it being negative for TB and just lung infection, he said it is impossible as the fluid is more and won’t be that much for infection. I was so upset and made up my mind to face everything and also told my husband let us be happy that at least it is TB and not worse than that. I had complete faith on my Sai Maa and left it to Him and told Sai Maa, You are the doctor and now You cure it. I also told my husband to be brave and take things as it is our bad karma.

On 14.03.2014, my husband was taken for CT Scan. Miracles of Miracle of our Sai Maa, it showed negative for TB. After queries from my relative Anaesthetist, they again took contrast CT scan in the afternoon, it was again negative for TB. Our happiness knew no bounds and i just looked at Baba and thought it’s only You and only You Sai Maa Who has done this Miracle. Please note, everyone does have troubles and problems in life but Sai Maa protects and saves You from all those issues. Believe in Our Sai Maa and you will experience Miracles after Miracles. Jai Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Shri Sai Ram Love You Sai Maa Love You so much. You are my Guru and You are my Deva. Without You we are nothing Baba.

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  1. Bow to Thy Holy Feet our Sainath

    (Shri Sai Leela May 1984)

    BABA said to Megha "I carry on as a wirepuller of all the activities of the men who trusts ME and merges in ME" (Sai Satcharita, cb: 2S p. 155). Yes, our SAINATH is Antharyami. HE is all pervading, Omniscient and Omnipresent. BABA said "My eye is ever on those who love ME. Whatever you do, wherever you may be, bear this in mind that I am always aware of everything you do."

    In this communication I shall narrate some of my recent experiences. I accepted the outcome of all my attempts very boldly and with a smiling face, because " I surrendered myself with body and soul at HIS lotus feet."

    I quite often, am criticized and questioned by my close associates on the question of my absolute surrender and steady devotion to BABA. This arises especially when I attempt to explain to them that each small event which occurs has something to do with HIS wishes and desire. Yes, I always examine even a small matter as BABA'S wish, irrespective of my success or failure and I feel extremely contented with this act. Let me first confess that it was BABA who has been constantly encou­raging me to apply for some academic distinctions and honour since I was summoned by HIM to Pune to my present assign­ment. Prior to my coming over to Pune I was never thinking of going for such academic competitive attainments for which one has to be in the run always in the national field related to science and technology. After working for about a year and preparing the needed foundation to succeed in an academic race, I could see that my papers did not reach concerned person although sufficient precaution was taken care of and with ade­quate margin before the dead line, in order to satisfy myself I went to SHIRDI during this Diwali and again I prayed to HIM with my desire. In a closed envelope my feelings were also narrated and placed over BABA'S tomb. I was satisfied with this ritual. When the deadline for the academic race came very near I could learn that I was out of the competition since my papers did not reach the person concerned as informed by the person to me. My wife informed me of this news from New Delhi first and it was only a few moments, I came to my cons­ciousness and replied to her that it was HIS desire and I am not at all sad about this. Since then a few months have elapsed and I could find out that the person who had denied that the papers did not reach her was interested in her own candidate and had not cared for my candidature. BABA had saved me because if I would have remained as a candidate would not have succeeded since the person is politically and bureaucratically very powerful.

    In another event in this connection I got defeated and soon after the result was out, I told my wife that probably BABA has something in HIS mind since HE only knows when the time is ripe for accomplishment. Anyhow, I was encouraged by HIM only and it was HE only who took me with HIM for this exercise.

    But these two failures have opened one more avenue. BABA has been again encouraging me to go for another larger academic race and this is having more distinction and honour in Indian academic circle. I am getting ready because it is HIS desire that I should try. I am least concerned about the failure since I fully believe that BABA takes me with HIM to give me an opportunity to experience and at the same time generates strength to gain confidence and this is much more valuable to me than that of these materialistic distinctions. So let all of us make attempt to fix our eyes on HIM so that we should never feel pleasure or pain. Let our mind get rest at YOUR lotus feet our SAINATH.

    This materialistic world does not or cannot bring happiness to us and having disgusted and frustrated we should not move. But why not explore that the eternal peace and well as solace with bliss exist only in HIS DARBAR.

  2. Hi hetal ji, il ask few things which is disturbing me pls do ans me.
    u r do such a great work u r uniting all d sai devotees under this platform as you are doing such a service to sai, how is ur life dont u have problems in your life does all your desires n wishes come true does baba answers all your prayers

  3. Please help me and mother too Baba.. I have done nav guru vrath and read your charitra couple of times please help us , I beg you.. I surrender to your lotus feet .

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. om sai ram…
    I m also very bad situation pls protect me otherwise I m died….. you know everything sai baba…..
    pls help me i need you like a oxygen….. pls save me..
    om sai… sai….om sai….om sai …………..

  6. Om Sairam please Sai Devotees pray for me I have posted my prayer in past and again requesting to pray for my son's health and also my financial situation Baba if I have made mistakes please forgive me Baba but look after me Please help me Thankyou

  7. Sai maa
    Please please help me to recover completely both physically and mentally
    Waiting for u r hand
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  8. Sai is the only doctor <3 who can cure anything worse..Love u SAI..U R THE BEST and we love u sooo much<3 <3

  9. Jai Sai Ram.Very nice experience.Please if anyone is going to shirdi can he/she take my prayers along to baba.Thanks Jai Sai Ram

  10. Om Sai Ram!! Wonderful expereince…

    Thank you Baba for everything. You found out a way for me again. You always there with me by my side.

    Om sai ram!! Love you baba!!

  11. Om sai ram .. Baba pls forgive me for all my mistakes and save me baba … I am in great pain and only you can save me and my family
    .. Brothers &sisters pls pray for me too
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

  12. sai baba my friend is suffering. please give him happiness. please give all in his life.
    he is such a person. i cant see him suffering .please baba tc of him.
    baba please
    love u loads.
    i give up pride n bad thoughts here.
    please baba
    tc of him

  13. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls save my life and help me saimmaa….u know what is best for me , make those things happen in my life…I left everything on u….jai sairam…

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