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Sai Sister Priyamvadha from Singapore says: I am a Sai devotee from Singapore. I was on a vacation and had to be in Bangalore with my family during the Shivratri period. It was due to my Guru’s Grace that I was drawn toward knowing the Supreme Soul, Shiva. This experience is how Baba helped me celebrate my first Shivratri. For me, this is more than a Miracle, because I asked Him to show me one Shivlingam and He arranged the Temple trip for me, where I saw all the 12 Jyothirlingam models in India. He is Sarva Shiva for sure.

I was never devoted and spiritual in my life before, but knowing Sai Baba exposed me to many truths. With Sai Baba Miracles in my personal life, I was drawn toward Lord Shiva, the Supreme Soul. I wanted to celebrate my first Shivratri, but we were in Bangalore. Also, that the 27th Feb was my last day of Sai Vrat and I had to choose between two. In my heart, my Guru Sai is equal to Shiva God. So I decided that I will complete my Vrat in Singapore on March 6th and decided to celebrate Shivratri. I woke up at 3 am on Shivratri and watched a Shiv Mahima movie on YouTube till 7 am, taking breaks in between.

I was a guest at my sister’s house in Bangalore, and when I enquired about the Temples, they said it was very far and almost forgot about it. I didn’t want to bother them too as it was a weekday and they had to make arrangements for my Temple visit. I asked my sister to tell me about a nearby Temple and she told me that she was not very sure of which deity was there. I prayed to Baba that please, Baba at least let there be one Shivlingam in that Temple. When we went to the temple, I was so excited and surprised because it was Gowri Maa’s Temple. I watched the movie in the morning and I felt that first I got the Darshan of Parvathi Matha. I did not see any Shivlingam Idol, so I prayed to Her to bless me on Shiv God’s behalf. As I was praying, the Pujari brought a small Shivlingam in brass and placed it in front of the Parvathi deity. I was so pleased when I saw the Shivlingam and I almost forgot to pray. I was feeling overwhelmed that Sai Baba could make me visit the Temple and I could pray to Shiva God. On my way back, I preferred to walk and while I was walking, I saw all the deities. I used to pray in Singapore in my Pooja driving past me. I saw all of them in cars, and for me, I felt that I could not go to the temple, but they were always around me.

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I decided to fast and I just had some coffee and a banana. My mother mocked me, but I did not care much. I asked my husband to take me in the evening to the Temple and we decided that after my daughter sleeps around 4-5 pm, we will start for the Temple. Usually, I act like sleeping so that she sleeps soon. But unfortunately, that day, as I was feeling weak from fasting, I slept at 4 pm and woke up at 8 pm. I really felt very bad that I slept and missed the Temple plan. Suddenly, my husband and brother-in-law decided to go for a long drive and Temple. I got ready in ten minutes and within no time we were near a Murugeshwar Shiva Temple in Bangalore. It was like a Miracle to me, there was no traffic and we reached The Temple Within 10 Minutes. I almost gave up hope of visiting a Shiva Temple in the evening, because I slept and did not want to ask my sister or brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is an atheist and my sister would challenge me to talk to him and make him prove God’s existence. I don’t like to hear anything against God, so I don’t encourage such arguments too. But look at Baba’s Mahima; He made my brother-in-law take me to the Temple that evening.

We reached around 9 pm and were waiting outside in the queue for 1-2 hours. I thanked Sai Baba so much because He made it possible for me. There, I remembered how I asked Baba to show me one Shivlingam in the morning. Outside the Temple, there was a 65 mt tall Shivlingam. While I was getting ready in the morning, I looked at His photo and just ordered Him, “You are taking me, Baba. We are going to the Temple, Baba.” I really didn’t know what to pray remembering my own words. I felt that I was funny enough to order Baba, but it was also a blissful state for me because He arranged it. Inside the Temple, it was designed like a cave and had all the 12 shrines of Jyothirlingam in India.

I and my husband did the water Abhishekam for the Shivlingam. I asked Baba to show me one Shivlingam and He took me to a temple where all the models of the 12 Jyothirlingams were present. This is really Sai Baba’s miracle, where I was in Bangalore, a city where I have never been, and as a guest. I can only say Baba is a great event manager and that’s what I call Him too. He really does things in a way beyond our imagination. It was my brother-in-law, who is an atheist, who told me in the morning to forget about the Temple plans, but Baba made him only drive and take me to the Temple. He did not come inside the Temple, but Baba made him do it. Even the slightest or tiniest of our heart’s desires are read by Him, and He makes it happen. I feel really blessed to know Him and be with Him.

It is truly wonderful that you had such a special experience during your first Shivratri celebration, and it’s great to hear that your devotion to Sai Baba led you to a deeper spiritual connection with Lord Shiva. Your faith and devotion to your Guru were the driving force behind this wonderful experience, and it’s clear that Baba was looking out for you and guiding you toward this amazing opportunity. Your story is a testament to the power of prayer and the amazing things that can happen when we have faith and trust in our Guru. It is also inspiring to see how Baba can work through people who may not have a deep spiritual connection, such as your brother-in-law, to bring about His divine plan. Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish you continued blessings and guidance from your Guru Sai Baba.

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    "All ways of knowledge are your aspects, Goddess! So are all women in the world, endowed with various attributes".

    — Durga Saptasati

    "Ma", "Amma", "Mummy or Mom" — calls the child. And wherever she is and in whatever job involved, the MOTHER Instantaneously rushes to her little one to Offer comfort. Sai Baba is our divine mother as He rushes to the beck and call of His children.

    It was the 7th October, 1987 the holy Poornima day when I participated in the 'Punnya Thithi' of His Holiness Narasimha Swamiji at the Sai Spiritual Centre. I prayed to SaLBaba to bless me with a pleasant pilgrimage to the Devi temples at Horanad and Sringeri, as we all had planned to leave on that night. I got the response from Sai Baba 'Don't worry. I am ahead of you'. I felt in the same manner as Shama felt when he sought Sai Baba's approval to go to Gaya and Prayaag. Sai Baba in His own inimitable manner had then stated: 'I will be ahead of Shama at Gaya'.

    We reached Horand in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka — about 360 km. from Bangalore. There Devi Annapoorneswari has taken her abode amidst picturesque slopes of lush-green western ghats. I was dumbstruck at the beauty of the place and magnificent temple. The Mother Goddess is indeed lively. At once I remembered my own mother “SAI”. “Whenever our soul surged with joy or despair, 'AMMA' we would scream at once For, who else, save you shall care And give a ready response?"

    Yes, very true, 'Every mother is a constant angel waiting for her beloved children's call, she being a guardian by night and guide by day.

    Opening my mouth and as if touching heaven and the nether world, with my jaws, I uttered 'AMMA' and felt I had seized the ' Annapoorneswari — the Mother of the universe. I drew Her to me like a fisherman drags fish in his net. After the vision of Mother, this primal love deepened. I saw Annapoorneswari as Truth standing above all dualities; To her I surrendered everything. I prayed to Her taking flower in my hands; 'Mother here is thy knowledge and here is thy ignorance. Take them both and give me only pure love. Here is thy holiness, and here thine unholiness. Take them both Mother and give me pure love. Here is good and thine evil. Take them both Mother and give me pure love. Here is thy righteousness and here is thine unrighteousness. Take them both and give me pure love.'

    After taking the 'Arathi' I was relaxing in the outer precincts. Suddenly my grandson, Chi. Keshav Sai Prasad.virtually dragged me to a side and exclaimed: 'Grandpa, your Sai Baba is here also'. ,My joy knew no bounds to see Sai Baba's big portrait at this temple, t remembered Sai Baba tellingShama: 'I am ahead of you at Gaya'. He was ahead of me at this abode of Annapoorneswari too.

    A word about Horanad Annapoorneswari temple. A family is maintaining this temple. At any time of the day or night if a devotee-visits the temple they are treated with utmost courtesy and hospitality. It is indeed a 'home away from home'. For either the food or accommodation money is not charged. Of course voluntary offerings are accepted. The temple is more than a century old though it was re-built a decade ago. Annapoorneswari feeds Her children with love and affection here.

  2. We took leave of our 'AMMA' and proceeded to Sringeri on the banks of Tunga river — 75 km. from Horanad. At Sringeri, Adi Sadguru Shankara established his first Mutt and the presiding deity is Mother Sharada — the Goddess of Learning. The evening 'Kumkum Arvhan' was going on when we entered the holy temple of Goddess Sharada. I remembered the prayer offered to Goddess in 'Chandi Saptasati': "Oh Devi, you who remove the suffering of ,your supplicants, be gracious. protect the Universe. O Devi, you who are the ruler of all that is moving and unmoving. When pleased, you destroy all illness; but when wrathful you frustrate all longed-for desires. No calamity befalls those who have sought you."

    As I looked at the magnificent Devi, I noticed the dazzling light emanating from both the eyes. Devi reminded me of Sai Baba's saying: "You look to Me; I look to you". As I was sitting in that Sharadamba temple I remembered Sai-nephew Dr. G.R. Vijayakumar who was just 18 km. from Sringeri till May 1986. Even though he had invited me a couple of times to visit his Sai-abode as well as go over to Sringeri, I could not fulfill his desire. Alas, Sai's ways are mysterious. Now Dr. Vijayakumar is away at Nilgiris, far away from Mother Sharadamba.

    The next morning i.e. on the 9thOctober, 1987 we had bath in the sparkling waters of Tunga and then went to the Shankar Mutt on the other bank "of the river. We were fortunate to witness the pooja and abhishek. We also had the previlage of obtaining the blessings of His Holiness the Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt.

    We went round the samadhis of previous Acharyas of Shankar Mutt as well as the Vidyaranya temple which is known for its architectural beauty. Though it is over 600 year old the architecture of those days is something marvelous. In the sanctorum 12 pillars are built in such a manner that when sun traverses a particular planet the sunlight falls on the particular pillar. I had no words for the architectural skill of Indians of yore.

    From Vidyaranya temple we went back to Sharadamba temple. The Noon Arathi was in full swing. I saw that mother's chest was covered with bright light and waist with a dazzling golden belt. I had an intution. that Mother would protect me with her protecting golden belt and make me drink amrosia from her shining breasts for the sake of Moksha — immortality. His Holiness the Shankaraoharya also arrived then and again blessed' me. The son of Sai Mother became one with Mother Sharadamba. Mother is all love. Her son became L-O-V-E personified. Mother is all purity. The son became 'holiness itself. Mother is all bliss -Ananda Mayee. The infinite bliss of Sai Mother has engulfed this son.

  3. Baba I'm going to loose him. I don't know what is going on in his home. Please tell me baba Is this true?
    After 34 years where i'm going Baba. U know everything. I love him and accept him as my husband. I aborted a child baba. I did a sin. Baba I'm failed against the caste issue. Baba u can do everything. U r my only hope but what i listen today baba. Is he going far from me? What about my life Baba And what about my self-respect baba. If u want everything is possible baba. Still i have faith baba. U can do something for me. Please baba do something. I'm going to be fall baba..

    • For his family he can leave you for cast issue then where is his love for you. If he dont care then why you do. Leave him and get marry with other person.
      Forcefully you will try to marry with this person then you will suffer a lot.

  4. BABA the person who got the land wants to cancel the registration and wants the money back and the neighbour has filed a case in municipality. BABA YOU know my father, he believed the person who got the land and said ok for the cancellation. Now he is behind the cancellation and he gave us time. BABA though its not our fault we are facing this problem. BABA they are strong enough to fight for the land but not my parents. BABA I thought they can live peaceful now but we didn't expect this problem. BABA my father is devastated. We are scared seeing him. He is not talking to anyone. BABA we cant give that money back. BABA don't know what to do. My father is ready to give back the money but BABA now no one will buy that land and we cant construct in that land. BABA please help us BABA. BABA if my father was strong and said we don't want to cancel than situation might be different. Also BABA the people who got the land are strong and we are scared they may do anything now. BABA we don't have any support except YOU. BABA I still believe YOU will do some miracle and solve this problem. BABA just because of YOU only we were able to sell it. BABA please show mercy on us. BABA im unable to take this stress. BABA now even im scared that person may do anything to us or to my kids. What to do BABA? BABA please I beg YOU, please change that person mind and settle this problem. BABA please help us. We don't have anyone except YOU BABA. BABA let hat person handle the situation and say we don't want to cancel. BABA everyone are saying why did your father agreed for the cancellation? What to do BABA, YOU know how soft he is. BABA please I beg YOU please help us BABA

  5. Wonderful experience. Thank You O Sai for Your sweet and beautiful miracles that you perform for us, Your children. 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Baba is unbelievable and great nobody can ever unravel his mysterious ways !!!!!!!

    Om Sai Ram !!!!!!!!

    • I so hope that he confirms what you just said that he is unbelievable and let him prove to me today that he is really alive and listening to me since my soul has been crying to him for help for such a long time and I can see everything has just slipped outta my hands I so need him. I really want to experience his mysterious way and leela to be able to confidently reiterate this statement of yours which I can do only after I experience his marvelous ways.

  7. Baba my ma a
    Please please help me get out of my problems
    I promise to do 9 guru car vrat
    Come soon. my maa
    Waiting for you every
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  8. please baba forgive me of my mistakes to al sai devotees please pray for me I am going through very rough time financially and my son is also not keeping well my family does not talk to us there is nobody to help us do not know what to do I am so worried please help me pray for me to baba

    • Om sai ram, please keep faith in baba he will surely bless you with good finances and uour son eith good health.

    • Dont worry my dear friend. Just pray baba. He knows everything . He is just watching you. Thats it. Before we pray sai, we have to think whether are we eligible for Baba blessings?…..
      For that, first start sai sai sai chating, help others …if not dont rude or bad at others.

      Even I am in a very baaaad phase. I am crying lonely. Even when I am writing this, I am crying. 🙁 But all we need to pray baba. He will surely do.

      Sai, please help this person. He can't bare financial problems. Plz baaba.

      Baba, we love you forever. We want you ………….:( Please stay with us.

  9. Sai.. please forgive me for all my mistakes and be with me always.
    Love you so much (f)
    I have all hopes on YOU and ONLY YOU..

  10. Baba, I surrendered to you completely, you decide what is best for me . I will just go with your decision. I regret for my past mistakes, I will do my best to be as good as I can. Please be mu guru and guide me in the right direction, I don't want to hurt anyone in the end. Please consider my request and guide me.
    I am okay If I get hurt, but I do not want to hurt that family in any way.
    The main issue is I am not comfortable health wise , Baba, please let me recover, you are the only hope I got. Hope I fall under your devotee list. Please give me a sign if I need to go ahead or not.

    Falling at your Feet.

    Om Sai Ram !!

  11. My maa
    I surrender completely to you and to vp mutual
    Please ease out my pain n problem
    Luv u my maa
    Come soon please to bless me
    Falling at your lotus feet

  12. Om sai ram. Falling at ur lotys feet sai baba ji n casting all my burden in u. Bless al of us. Om sai nath

  13. jai sairam…I always believe saimaa, that u and lord shiva are same…pls bless me with happy family life

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