Sai Helped In Getting My Husband Work Permit Approval

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. Please keep my name and email-id as anonymous. I have known our Beloved Baba since 2009 but was not much attached to Him until recently. Though there is a Sai Mandir at a 5 minutes’ walk able distance, I do not visit very often. I used to visit Him once in a while, but when I stand in front of Him my mind used to go blank, I just gaze at Him and come back without praying Him for anything. Sometimes I think whether I am the only one who is experiencing this.

Currently I am residing in Canada since one year and while I was packing my bag i don’t know why, i got a thought that I should keep the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and some ‘Udi’ packets along with me. I got the Book and Udi and just kept it on one of the shelves. Though I keep the Udi along with me whenever I go out, but I do not read the book. One fine day when I was checking my Facebook account I came across your page ‘Sai Baba Miracles’ and I started reading the experiences that were posted and each time i read them, my faith on Sai Baba increased and was mesmerised as to how Baba come to His Devotee’s help when they needed Him the most.

Now let’s come to my experience, when Baba helped me at the time we needed His help. Me and my husband came to Canada on Work permit which expired on 30th Nov 2013, we had applied for the extension of work permit for which we require a document called LMO, but due to some backlog in the immigration, though we had applied for the LMO 5 months before we didn’t get the LMO approved on time and it was in-progress status. Meanwhile the case worker took up our work permit application since the LMO was in-progress and he rejected out Work permit application. Usually if the LMO is in-progress status they keep it a side and wait for the approval. But may be because of our bad karma in our past life it got rejected and all of a sudden my husband had to stop working from the day we received the mail. We were dumb struck as to what happened and we were asked to travel back to India as the attorneys with whom we (company) were working gave no other option except for traveling back. My husband had worked so hard for this project and he was leading the project now since we had to travel back and his hard work would go in vain and somebody would take the credit sitting in his position.

Then I started praying to Sai Baba as to why all these things are happening and to show some ray of hope. Meanwhile I asked my husband to read the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ within 7 days, initially he was reluctant seeing the number of pages then I convinced him to read and when he started reading I could see he feel more confident each time. He read more stories and he finally finished it within 4 days. Our HR director contacted another attorney to see if there is any other option, he gave us an option that we could go to one of the port of entries to Canada and try and get the work permit. Usually the immigration officer at the port of entry has this special power of giving the work permit on the spot but they don’t use their power very often until they are convinced that this approval is needed due to impacts on the project and the deliverables. Of thousands of people they might approve for just one or two and of which my husband was one. We were so happy. They also interview hours together but for my husband they just took for half an hour and they were convinced and the credit goes to our beloved Sai Baba. It was He, Who inspired us to contact another attorney and get all these done and He was with us every moment assuring us everything will be fine.

From this I learnt that if we have ‘Shradda’ and ‘Saburi’ then Our Sai will for sure come to Our rescue. Now after all these even my husband has started believing in Sai Baba and we are planning to visit Shirdi when we visit India this time. Thanks Baba for being with us and always be with us and all the people who believe in You.

Sai Helps Us In Fulfilling Vrat Conditions

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, I read about Sai Vrat Pooja that is done for 9 weeks in your website and decided to start the Vrat five weeks back to pray to Shri Sai to fulfil a wish of mine. I have been doing the Pooja to the best of my abilities so far with full faith in Shri Sai’s kindness towards His devotees. I realized today that Sai not only gives us the idea to do the Pooja to Him when we are absolutely hopeless and do not know in which direction to turn, He actually helps us in meeting the Vrat conditions as well. I’ll explain it below. Please share this with other devotees.

When I began the Vrat, I told myself that on Thursdays, I’ll have something very light to eat or drink in the morning, then do the Pooja and skip lunch and not eat or drink anything until I had said my prayers to Him in the evening and then eat dinner, i.e. one meal per day as I had interpreted the Vrat conditions to be. I had also promised myself that I will donate money or food for the poor on Thursdays during this Vrat. I had been fulfilling this for the past 4 weeks. This Thursday, that is today, is the 5th week of my Vrat. After doing Pooja in the morning with love for my beloved Saint, I left for work and stayed there very late in the evening working hard, skipping lunch as usual. On the way back home, I was thinking about work related things and as I felt hungry drove to a drive-in restaurant. As I had had a very long day, I had completely forgotten it was Thursday and that I had not said my evening prayers even mentally before eating dinner. Nor had I made a donation for the day.

As I was waiting behind the cars in the drive-through lane, completely distracted by different thoughts, suddenly I saw a homeless man trying to draw my attention standing next to my car in that very narrow lane. I opened the window and asked him what he wanted. He showed me his palm which had a few pennies and said he did not have any money to buy a meal. I opened my purse mechanically but found that I had absolutely no cash on me. I told him to meet me again after I had gone through the drive-through and I’ll get him food. As I was placing the order for him and myself, I suddenly realized it was Thursday and that I had not done two things I was supposed to do for the Vrat – pray to Sai before eating dinner, donate. I was shocked and immediately became convinced that it was Sai’s Leela that He had thus staged this to remind me of my promises to Him. I had gone through this and several drive-through restaurants hundreds of times and not a single time had a homeless man approached me for food in a drive-in lane. On a Thursday evening, before I could put a single morsel of food in my mouth without saying the prayers. I thanked Shirdi Sai Baba mentally for so tactfully reminding me of the Vrat conditions, gave the food to homeless person who was waiting at the end of the lane, then said my prayers to Baba mentally and then had a very satisfying dinner. This incident convinced me again, that He will take care of us completely – and guide us in every little step. Why fear when He is there?

Baba Came To Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a very strong Devotee of Sai. I am now going through a difficult situation, but trying to pull through everything by having firm patience and faith on Sai. I am sure things will get settled when the correct time comes. Baba has planned everything good for me. Yesterday i had a small experience but a very golden moment. I will share it with all of you with Sai’s Grace.

Om Sai Ram, Yesterday i got up early to study and then around 11.30 am in the morning, i was feeling very sleepy, so i thought of sleeping for 15 minutes. Usually i put Sai Baba’s live Darshan or Sai Baba songs on TV daily. Always i wanted Baba to come and talk with me in dream, but for some reason it has not happened till now, but i have just seen some pictures of Sai in my dream some times. Now back to the experience, yesterday there was no one at home when i planned to sleep, and i slept on the sofa at 11.30 and at 11.45 sharp, i felt someone is waking me up by tapping on my shoulders. I got really scared and got up as there was no one at home and thought who was that who is tapping me. Then i got up and understood that it was Sai, since Sai live Darshan was going on my TV and also i was planning to get up at 11.45 and give the Vrat book to my 2 friends in my same flat. So Baba came and woke me up. I was so happy. I am sure Baba is watching and listening to all my prayers and difficulties i am facing. I am just waiting for things to solve for me, my parents and sister. Have faith and patience and follow Sai’s teachings as much as possible and He will take care of everything. Om Sai Ram. I will post my experience when my difficulties get sorted out, which will happen for sure.

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  1. Om Sai Ram
    Third post it's very amazing. you are so lucky dear ap sai baba ko dream me dekh rahe h. please mere liye bhi prey karna meri problem jald se jald solve ho jaye. me bahat depression me hu. meri family bhi. me un logo ko or depression me nehi dekh sakti. please baba ko bolo na meri problem solve karde.


    It was my 42nd visit to Shirdi via Puttaparthi. I reached to Shirdi on 26thNovember, 1987, and left it in the evening of 27th instant. It is mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharita, Chapter 8 in the last page of the same that those devotees, who sought the permission of Sri Sai Baba before leaving Shirdi and followed his directions, they reached their home safe, but those, who did not abide by His commands had to suffer a lot and had to face adversities of various types. Again in the beginning of Chapter 9, it is mentioned that if Baba asked someone to return home, he was bound to leave Shirdi, While going back to their native place, the devotees used to go to Baba to prostrate before Him and at the moment Baba gave a few instructions to them that was inevitable to observe. If someone returned back disobeying His instructions, then he had to face misfortune certainly. In this Chapter, Tatya Kote Patil and an European gentleman's incidents are mentioned in detail. In Chapter 12, it is mentioned in respect of Kaka Mahajani that when he reached Shirdi with an intention to stay there for atleast a week and wished to participate in Gokul Asthami functions, Baba asked him immediately, when he was going back? Kaka Mahajani answered, "When Baba orders me to go back?" Baba asked him to go the following day. Baba's words were law and to comply them was a necessity. So Kaka proceeded for Bombay, the very next day. Bhau Saheb Dhumal came to Shirdi and after Baba's darshan, proceeded to Niphad to attend a Court case there, but Baba did not permit him to leave and so he, was detained for seven days altogether. Ofcourse the result of this detention was profitable enough. In Chapter 30, it is written that no one can have darshan of a Saint (unless He himself wills. In Chapter 18, 19 and 36, it is mentioned that due to some pious deads of past birth, a person can reach to Shirdi.

    Being aware of all these narrations, it has been my practice to go to Chawadi, Dwarkamayi, Samadhi Mandir, Gurusthan and Lendibagh and seek Baba's kind permission before leaving Shirdi. But I don't know why and how this time I sought Baba's permission to leave as usual but I also asked Baba to accompany me upto my residence at Betul and to take me safely to my home. (Perhaps it was the first time when I asked Baba to go with me.)

  3. This time my acute Asthma trouble of 22 years old had put me to an .unbearable state, yet by Baba's grace, I could be present at Shirdi in September, October and then in November 26th of that year. So, I boarded three tier compartment at Manmad without obtaining reservation to it. The train might have covered hardly 40 KM. distance from Manmad when the Conductor of three tier compartment told me to get down at Bhusawal and try to get a place in general compartment. I requested him about my asthma trouble and submitted to him that under such acute trouble, it will not be possible for me in the age of 59, to get down at Bhusawal and again board the train in general compartment which is generally choked by the passangers who serve at Bombay for their livelihood. I could not stop throughout in this journey. I knew when the train stopped at Jalgaon and again at Bhusawal, but neither I got down the compartment nor the conductor disturbed me. It all was Baba's game. But after Bhusawal, though I had no sound sleep at all, but only Baba knows how I could not know the following stations of Burhanpur, Nepanagar, Khandwa, Khirakiya, Harda, Banapur, Hoshangabad etc., because before reaching the train at some stations, I had a small sleep. I was to get down at Itarsi Junction in the night at about 3.00 A.M. because the train was running very late. After getting down at Itarsi Junction, I had to go to Itarsi Bus Stand to catch the Bus scheduled for Betul. At such odd hours in Itarsi, unsocial elements finding someone alone with bag and baggage, stop him and start snatching the belongings and to save one's life, it is only the remedial course to surrender each and every belongings, i.e. money, watch, ring etc

  4. Probably the luck had destined me to be a victim of such happening that day at Itarsi, so Baba blessed me with such a sound sleep that the train halted at Itarsi Junction for half an hour but I could not be aware that the train has touched Itarsi. There was one young man in my compartment who was going to Orai near Kanpur and he was aware of this fact that I am to get down at Itarsi. All of a sudden I heard a long whistle of the train which alerted me, I got up and started enquiring with the young co-passenger of Orai if the Itarsi station has come. He, after enquiry with other passengers informed me that the train has left Itarsi Junction much before and it has covered a long distance towards Hoshangabad. Please get down immediately. When I came at the door of the compartment with both hands engaged with the handbag etc., I saw the train settled and giving long whistles. After getting down in quite lonely and at a dark place, I saw two scooter walas on the road, because the halting train had blocked their way. Railway authorities were trying to find out the defaulter who might have pulled the chain to stop the train, but no-body else except myself was found getting down from the said train. So, the conductor enquired of me whether I had pulled the chain? I replied humbly that upto this old age, I never dared even to touch the chain, what of pulling to it. Then he asked what do you do? I told him that I am a Professor in a Government College of Betul. I slept and could not guess that the train is halting at Itarsi Junction. So I failed to get down there. They might have handed me over to Railway Police and anything indecent could have happened to me but they spared me. The train was still awaiting. Thus I enquired with those two scooterwalas to give me a lift upto Itarsi Station. They asked my destination where I had to go, I told them that I am to go to Betul. The scooterwalas told me that here is the Bus-standing in front of me and it is going to Betul. Please get in and catch the bus immediately. And so I had a seat in the bus scheduled to Betul. It was 3.30 A.M. now. I reached Betul safely in the morning of 28th November at 5.15 A.M. I spread over the bed-sheets in Baba's room, put a Jug of water to drink, set up a big framed photo of Sai Baba, garlanded it with Samadhi garlad (Pushpahar), which I had brought from Shirdi and weepingly asked Baba to please take a bit rest as you might be feeling tired in pulling the chain and stopping it before the bus scheduled for Betul for my sake.

    Dear Sai brothers, if you have firm faith and belief in our Lord of Lords Bhagawan Sainath, rest assure that he is always behind you for your safety of life and to save you from incoming calamities. He is Lord Shankar, Omnipresent, Omniscent and Omnipotent and not less than it. May Lord Sainath ever shower His blessings on all those who have completely surrendered to His Lotus Feet. Om Shri Sai Yashahkaya Shirdivasime Namah

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  6. BABA tomorrow will be my 5th vrat. But BABA YOU know my health condition. BABA again I got this sore throat, cold. Only YOU know how much I am suffering wit this from past 20 years. BABA I don't think I can do vrat tomorrow wit this health. But BABA I am doing this for my parents and now I am confused whether t do or to stop tomorrow. BABA if I stop and because of this if something happens to my parents I cant take it. Please tell me what to do. BABA please guide me BABA. Devotees please anyone tell me if I can stop vrat until I recover from my health.

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    One day Sri Swami Samarth was sitting in a street side shop. Narasappa was
    going to his farm. He prayed to Sri Swamiji to come to his farm to eat hurda. Sri
    Swamiji went to the field along with his attendants. Narasappa had even brought sugar
    canes to eat. Sri Swamiji tested the sugar cane juice and buried the shreds of the sugar
    cane in the field. Taking this as a clue, Narasappa grew sugar cane in his field. There
    was a good harvest of sugar cane this time. Narasappa earned twenty times more
    income from the sugar cane crop.

    *****Bhau Rasool Sahukar*****
    There was a businessman named Bhau Rasool Sahukar in Mumbai. Once he
    came to Akkalkot for Sri Swami Samarth’s ‘Darshan’. He worshipped Sri Swami
    Samarth in Shodshopchar way and prayed “If I get prosperity in my business I shall
    offer two hundred rupees in the devotional service”. He then returned home. By the
    grace of Sri Swamiji, his business prospered but he forgot his vow.
    One day Sri Swamiji appeared as a three-year-old child in his house. The
    Sahukar family was taking meals at that time. Seeing the strange child Sahukar asked,
    “Whose child is this? ”. Then Sri Swamiji gave up the form of the child, manifested
    himself as ascetic and spoke “Are you giving my two hundred rupees or not? ”. So
    saying Sri Swamiji disappeared. Sahukar started repenting for his offence. As
    repentance he went again to Akkalkot along with his family. He prayed to Sri Swamiji
    for forgiveness of his offence and offered two hundred rupees in the devotional service
    of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji asked him “That day in your house, did you not forget to
    offer any food to me? The guest devotees present here did not get even a morsel of
    Sahukar repented for his serious offence and by making a solemn promise of
    offering sumptuous food to all the guest devotees, he returned home.

  8. 2nd experience is very sweet. M very depress. Plz Sai family guide me coz I can't understand sai's leela. M in love n the boy is completely changed towards me coz of his family. From last 2 days in my dreams I saw him with other girl. I asked Sai through question answers site. Sai is giving me very + ve answers like have faith, don't worry Sai is with u. I don't understand my mrng dreams r right or Sai answers through site r right. Plz guide me. I m doing sai's vrat too. Oh! Sai do something 4 me in matter of love. I even don't have frnds. Only u r with me. I need ur magic. Om Sai Ram

    • Om sai ram. Dont run for him if he dont love you. No point in this relation if his family is not accepting.

    • M trying this from last 2 1/2 years but its impossible 4 me. So I decided not 2 to get married. Coz if I go 4 arrange marriage to b wo aadmi b kitni girls ke sath galat kar Chuka hoga. Arrange marriage compromise hoga. M not ready 4 this. M 32 years old. Well I think marriage is not 4 me. Thnx 4 ur suggestion. I appreciate. I ll try 2 do this. Om Sai Ram

  9. Baba today he is going to marry. What happened to me baba. I want to die but why u let me to live. In my 34 years how much i suffer baba. During this 4 yrs relationship how much i suffer u know baba. But i love him truly. Even after know his health issues i loved him blindly and i want to do something for him and i want to die for him. He promised me to marry and gave me sindur and accept me as his wife. I aborted a child baba i did a sin. To whom i can told this truth Baba. I told everything to you only. But at last i'm finshed baba. He throw me out of his life like throne and finally he is going to marry with another. What about my life , my 4 yrs sacrifice and my selfrespect baba.I beg of him and family for my life but no one listen to me.I'm a girl hopeless and helpless. Thatswhy all ignore me. I don't know anything baba but i repent only for my sin what i did.All tells me baba give me something better. but i can't forgive myself.How he played with my life and feelings. Can u punished him and his family? Is there any value of my life, self respect , my tears and my pain. What i expect baba nothing more baba. but i 'm totally broken and a looser. As a girl this is very painful when someone throw her like an useless thing. What can i do baba. I don't want to live baba. Please take me to you soon. I don't want to live such a life like this . Baba can u hear me sai. Please listen my prayer baba.

    • Baba will surely listen to your prayers.He will not leave your hand,even if others will leave.Have faith and patience.Read sai satcharitra, and do sai vrat.You will surely get back your lost self respect.

      Om sai ram

    • I too went from the same situation like you. It was worst. Much I use to cry n roll on floor with cry. Because of his family he left me. I went through abortion also. He was beating me. I loved him alot but he changed for his family
      I was waiting for him for almost 2 yrs but he didnt came.waiting for your love is very painful..
      After that baba send a nice person in my life who loves me a lot
      Baba will do good in your life too.

    • It's my sincere request to all girls, please wake up and be clever. Doing marriage in Temple, giving Sinderby in Temple, getting married in front of few people is not marriage. Don't let boys cheat you. Register your marriage legally. Y r u girls establishing physical relationship before marriage and crying afterwards???!! Don't you know before that you will get pregnant because of this?Why are you crying Later? If ur bf truly loves u and wants to marry you then ask him to wait till marriage. If his love is true then he will definitely wait. This is the LITMUS TEST for his love towards you. Do it today and see if he writes or not.

  10. My all dear sai devotees i'm in wrost pain in my life where i need all ur suggestion. Please help me to choose the right path in my life. Now i'm 34 years single. Since 17 years i suffered a lot in my life. Before 4 years one guy came into my life whom i loved like anything.I told him everything about my past life and he promised me to marry and he gave me sindur and accept me as his wife. He has a major health problem. but i never think to leave him alone and blindly love him. And i always try to do something for him. I did a lot for his work to be success. I always stand beside him in each every situation in his life when his parents and brother and sisters are not there because i think him as my life. But he left me alone in the middle where there is no way for me. Today he is going to marry with his parents wish. Now i'm alone. All tells me there is something better for me. But in the age 34 what i expect. But one thing i never forgive myself and did not tell to anyone. Here i'm going to share with you all . please forgive me sai and u all. I did a sin . I aborted a child of him. For this i nerver forgive myself and cries all the time. What can i do now. Whom i told this. what i do now?? Can i forget this and look forward or what ??

    Please suggest me what can i do? Can Baba forgive me for my sin? I don't understand what i do. I want to die or killed myself. I request you all please suggest me?

    • dear sister what can I say..I m also girl and I also lost my love so I feel your pain..but really your situation is very tuff….
      I pray for you dear pls take care of your self…I suggests you pls read sai kast nivaran mantra hole heartly continues……
      om sai ram…

    • dear baba's daugther who is totally shattered ,heart broken,who is thinking she is a looser,
      You are truthful to ur values,commitment,stood by him in his worst times, suffered enough with him mentally,physically emotionally. you gave your 100% dedication,commitment to him so u are not at fault, he showed that he is a wolf in a sheep's skin. this is the world my dear, so much cheating,jelousy,envy,hatred,anger,greed,selfboasting etc are there they are like crocodiles,snakes,tidal waves, vampires, but if u surrender and have utmost faith your guru in the form of boat on whom u r sitting will safely sail you to shore, that's why baba has saved u from getting destroyed totally from those beasts family. he saved you with a small injury b cos of your past life karma etc. and he sailed you away from the whirlpool from getting destroyed. just imagine if u have married that beast or if the pregnancy advanced without ur knowledge how will ur position be? u cant think of the worst, it will be unbearable. baba knows when to get u out what to give u,how to protect u, how to take ur revenge at his proper time. remember dear when drupadi was insulted in whole sabha of kauravas and pandavas and having 5 husbands also she was insulted in most henious way in those days, when she was crying for sri krishna's to save her, still she was holding saree from being ripped off her and raised her second hand , then also sri krishna did not come, it was when she was totally helpless and surrendered with both her hands that sri krishna "the sarva jagad rakshaka" rescued her by giving countless saree to protect her chastity, then also he did not keep quite saving her, he saw that dussasana and his beastly team of duryodhana, etc including the drona,bhisma, karna etc meet their fate for quitely watching the injustice, and indirectly or directly encouraging that henious crime,
      so my dear sister, your cries, ur dedication, your curse of that whole family and mainly that beast will destroy them totally but the time has to be ripe for them that they will be crushed under it.
      as for you, baba will surely give u a best life ahead, bcos ur bad karma or the runanubandha has finished in that form. take my word dear, baba wll change ur life for good, for sure, his promises wont go in vain. he is not a ordinary human being, he is a sadguru, and his words will come true at his timing. just surrender to him totally and blindly. you are his sweet innocent child, he wont abandon you, but in future be careful, just keep ur life under his feet wholeheartedly and ask him to take every decision of ur life, he will safely sail you to shore of real life with dignity,respect and every good wish of u will be taked care of him.

    • Om sai ram. Sister now you have to forget him. Marriage to your parent choice. Never fall in this thing called love. A sucessfull marriage is when both families agree. This love love is good for movies only.

    • I am sorry if I hurt you by writing this, I am a guy married 2.1/2 years ago.
      the girls really believes in cheating husbands/boy friends but never ever believe the
      true guys like me. I am earning 1.5lacs per motnth and as a sai devotee, I wanted to help a
      poor family and married a poor girl…but now I regret that i did a mistake by selecting a poor girl..
      since after my marriage i never had a peace of mind,proper food,proper sleep and loose so much money
      and more over my parents alos suffering a lot by looking at my situation….it's all because of girls behaviour
      and her parents behaviour….they always want my money and every month i need to send them atleast 50,000 as
      savings and later on they will give it to me…and more over my wife's gold should be kept with her parents…
      and my wife listens to her mother only..she never ever listens to my words…like many more things to say…
      but finally…what was the mistake i did??? I am suffering like this???? before marriage I have a good respet on girls
      but…now I came to know that..many of friends and their colleagues also suffering like this but they never open
      up…just compromosing….If something happens in between a couple…the whole world says that the mistake is
      from husband only…..but in real time…many wife's are torturing their husbands…sorry again if anybody hurts
      with my words…

    • u can do shiv ji 16 somvar vrat for marriage and be hopeful for your's only thing we can do. 🙂 om sai ram

    • Of course, many people (both men and women) don't understand the value of good-natured spouses and spoil the future of the family. But brother, don't lose hope. If you truly believe in Sai, he will make things straight for you. I am a woman. My husband and his family wanted dowry and created problems for me. Now, after praying Sai for a few years, I am living happily with my husband. I have written my experience in this blog already. So, keep faith in Sai. It will take time, but surely one day, you will be happy.

  11. omsairam. baba we are waiting for your blessings. please bless us to come out of these problems. omsairam.

  12. Wonderful experiences. O Deva, bless us that our faith in You is strong and unshakable, let us think of You as the one and only miracle doer and leave our lives at Your feet.

    Jai Sairam

  13. Daya ki chaadar tan pein dale sai tum bhagwan ho
    Din dukhi ke malik tum ho
    Dharti par vardaan ho
    I love you saibaba

  14. Sai maa
    Please please make me healthy fit and happy
    Want to start walking from Friday
    Please bless me maa that I should be able to walk regularly
    Luv u too much
    Falling at your golden feet

  15. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save me saimaa…pls forgive all my mistakes, pls be with me always for ever. pls take care of my parents health. pls come and resolve all my difficulties. I am waiting for u saimaa…jai sairam

  16. Sai please call me to shirdi. I have never visited the place you lived in. Please give me that chance. I once prayed that you have to give me the job I want and let me visit shirdi in my that first month salary. It's been long. Even if you don't give me job, call me to shirdi, Sai. Please please please.

    • "shiva marali
      sony ante amithamaina prema kalagali
      sony cheppinattu vinali
      valliddaru chilaka gorinka laga vundali..vallu few months lo america ravali
      okarante okaru chala prema ga vundali
      shiva ki sony e lokam kavali
      dani santhosham kosam emaina cheyyali
      valla life chala baga vundali
      ma parents anni worries nundi free avali
      sony goppa position lo vundali
      chala pedda job cheyyali
      shiva sony emante adi cheyyali
      ….baba please make all these happen very soon

  17. shiva marali
    sony ante amithamaina prema kalagali
    sony cheppinattu vinali
    valliddaru chilaka gorinka laga vundali
    vallu few months lo america ravali
    okarante okaru chala prema ga vundali
    shiva ki sony e lokam kavali
    dani santhosham kosam emaina cheyyali
    valla life chala baga vundali
    ma parents anni worries nundi free avali
    sony goppa position lo vundali
    chala pedda job cheyyali
    shiva sony emante adi cheyyali
    …..baba please make all these happen very soon…please baba…I want sony and shiva to be happy together

  18. Baba promised my mom in dream that her both children' life would be so great but my sister got married to a wrong person. He won't love her much. He just listens to her mom.My sister is going through tough time. I wish my sister and her husband live happily together. I also wish her US dream come true. She is very talented student , I hope to see her in good position. I hope baba keeps his promise.Baba , please help us , you are our everything !!!

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