Sai Baba Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: I am a simple middle class working girl from Mumbai and whole hearted Sai Devotee. After having experienced Him several times in my life I would like to request everyone from not losing faith and patience on Him. He is always there with His devotees. But please do not forget praying to Him. Please keep my identity confidential.

I and my husband have experienced Sai Paa’s presence in real in some other form. I am a staunch Sai devotee from Mumbai. I had so many experiences with Sai Paa that I don’t know which one to mention. I had a love cum arranged marriage however I am not liked by my in laws, they tried all possible means to delay my marriage for 3 years after my engagement but due to Sai Paa’s wish, I got married and went abroad, however my in laws tried their best to create friction between the two of us during their first visit to abroad at my place. They intensified the situation so much that we decided to separate as I saw my husband’s nature completely changed and negative towards me. I had no reason to stay with him as despite knowing the fact that his parents are unfair to me for their personal dislike towards me, he would support them and ill-treat me. I was alone there and could not seek any support. I cried whole night and kept asking Baba that why He got me married to him if this was something to happen as He can force things and would in no case let Their children suffer unnecessarily.

After few days my husband was going to work, his car broke down and he had to take a taxi. He managed to got a private taxi driven by an old man, after reaching office he asked how much he wants him to pay, the old man refused to pay anything and instead asked him a question which surprised my husband, He asked, “what’s wrong with you?? There seems to be some serious issues at your house and your wife does not seem to be happy?? Control your anger, be patient and give her love and respect.” Listening to this my husband was astonished and got goose bumps. He got out of the taxi and turned around, there was nobody and the taxi vanished. His nature changed drastically and became positive towards me and by His Grace we are leading a happy life together.

Baba Changed My Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai Ram. This is the first time I am sharing my experience with all Sai devotees. I really don’t know how small I was when I came to know about Sai. I always loved Him so much and, He is the only one Who knew all good and bad in me. Whenever I felt i made a mistake, I used to confess it before Him and ask Him for His forgiveness. He always took care of all my wants in life. He really planned my life so good that I can never ask Him for more. But For past couple of years a lot of changes happened in my life, which depressed me so much. I used to cry so much in front of Him to get me out of that pain. And in this process I completely ignored Him. Even though I stopped praying for Him, He never left me.

Baba really changed my life completely in past few months and He blessed me with a very nice husband who cares for me so much. My life again started changing for good and suddenly, to my surprise I was given an opportunity to teach some stotras in Baba’s Temple which was a wonderful opportunity that I never expected. This would take 10 weeks to complete. So I prayed to my Baba asking Him to bless me with a child before I complete this Parayanam at the Temple. And here is the miracle the last week of my class I came to know I am pregnant. Baba always listened to my prayers. May be those 2 years of my mental suffering was because of my bad karma which I was able to face only because of His support. I am extremely sorry Baba to ignore You at the time of my suffering instead of holding You tight. Please forgive me for all the mistakes I made in my life. Sai be with us always and shower Your Blessings on everyone. Hetal ji thanks for creating a platform where all of us can share our wonderful experiences with Sai. Please do make any corrections if needed. Om Sai Nathaya Namah.

Baba Rescued Me From A Big Trouble

Sai Sister Sonali from India says: Sai Ram to all Sai Devotees, First of all many many thanks to Hetal ji for posting my experience on the 19th Dec (first experience). You are doing a noble job of boosting faith of all devotees. May Baba bless you and your family always. I have one faith boosting experience which I faced 3 days back which I will be narrating below. Please display my name only.

This experience happened with me last weekend. Currently I was serving my notice period in my old company and was waiting for my last day to over as I have planned for a Shirdi trip with my parents the next day only. I had brought my office laptop home and thought of transferring some personal data to my personal mail which can be helpful to me in future and suddenly while transferring one template, I got one mail from security team that this mail contains some attachments and they are verifying it and logging it. I was so scared and depressed that even after such a long stint in the company, whatever good name I have earned everything was going to get spoilt and coincidentally next day was my birthday (15th March). The next thought that came to my mind was to pray our dearest Baba and leave everything on His feet as I did not have any bad intentions nor I had broken any policy. I prayed Baba with all my heart and promised Him that I am going to post this experience on the coming Thursday if everything goes well and here I am typing my experience because of our merciful Baba.

When I went to office on Monday, there was no other mails from the security team or no other communication from them so I was convinced that there was nothing suspicious in my mail. Then later on while transferring some personal data on my last day to my personal id, I got the same mails from the security team and then i came to know that it is just a formality from the security team to inform the employee if any mail is send to personal ids and specifically when we are in notice period. So all thanks to my dearest Baba for listening to my prayers and bringing me out from that situation with all my dignity in my previous company. Thank you all for reading my experience and please have faith and patience on Baba during our toughest situations also and definitely Baba will sail you out.

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  1. om sai ram….
    I m a 28 year old girl….I share my pain with you devotees….
    I lost everything in my life my love , my relations,my health, my happiness….
    today I m so alone no body with me..
    I sacrifice everything for my family but now I m totally dawn there is no hope in my life..people r so selfish and also parents…
    I prayed everyday to baba pls do something for me but why baba not listening me..
    since last 9 year I m struggling but there is no end…..
    I read sai saccharitra everyday and every day I m praying to baba for me and for others… but still I m big pain…I m so scared… I can't struggle more…every minute I m dieing….now I m in big trouble pls everyone pray for me hole heartly I need your blessing pls….
    pls baba pls help me pls see my tears….I love you baba in any situation…. then why you treat me like this why?????????????
    pls help me baba i need you….
    om sai ram…
    om sai ram..
    om sai ram……

    • Dear Sai devotee,
      don't worry, I am also having a very hard time since 9 years but I still believe in baba.
      one day our baba will give everything to us for sure. never do any harm to others even though if somebody critisises you. I have seen many people who criticised for no reason or cheated me as a friend/relative were suffered their karmas… each and every sin will be recored and they will suffer with bad karmas.

    • Baba plz help the above devotee …..she need ur help baba…her wishes should fullfill..baba …..jai sai ram …..

    • OM SAI RAM..
      Dear Sister, Baba will surely help you..Don't worry.
      Your sufferings will end very soon, Just keep praying Our Baba.
      He is listening you, Don't loose hope and Faith.
      Baba is with you all the time.
      I wish and pray to Baba to bless you.
      Keep Saying..OM SAI RAM

    • Baba will never let you down. Only because of his blessings you are with his thoughts. Very early he will answer you
      Pl wait with faith

    • Baba will never let you down. Only because of his blessings you are with his thoughts. Very early he will answer you
      Pl wait with faith

    • dont feel miss sai devotee….our sai is there to get rid from all sorrows.Have faith on him and try to do sai 9 thursday virat really it is so powerful.I did this for my job i finished PG now and no one is ready to give job without high recommendations.I prayed to sai u are only for me to recommend in any college please help me and give a job like that…u know ma i got job..i got recommendations by one of the sai devotees surprisingly..this is conformed after the completion of sai virat and before the completion of my PG degree and that is my last day in PG really this is a miracle..Our sai deva turns every impossible things into a possible one…so devotees have to keep strong faith on our sai baba…Try to read sai bhavani or sai virat book. search that book as sai virat katha book in english pdf..sure i'll pray for u and sorry for my english

    • Please help your child bba..dont worry dear we all are their for you dont think you are alone..we all will pray for you..baba will soon bless you…
      om sai raam

    • dont worry dear,
      baba will bless you..dont say that you are alone baba and we all are there for you..dont ever say that you are positive..have faith in baba surely he will save and help
      keep reading satcharitha..definitely baba's blessings are on the way…
      om sai raam…

    • dear Sai sister,plz have immense faith on Baba.u r right ppl r selfish,even sometimes our own blood,let alone others.ppl always expect favours in return of help etc.but not Saima.yeah ,sometimes it takes a little longer for some,but He's definitely there thru thick n thin.i wud suggest u to donate food to the poor n needy when ever u can.may u be blessed n remain happy.

    • pls friends ask question for me through your sai and give me reply….thank you..
      om sai ram…

    • First of all please smile. Atleast for all of us devoteeswho are praying for you. Everything will be alright. Only keep that patience with which you are living today.
      Saibaba love you. You are not alone.
      You want to share your pain or feeling sad than mail me at

    • To the above devotee who wanted someone to ask question to baba through question & answer website: I prayed for you and asked and Babaji replied- "Surrender yourself to shree Sai Baba then all things will happen as desired."

    • thank you so much friends for your blessings… I hope baba bless me soon…..
      baba pls bless everyone we need you…
      om sai ram…jai gurudev…

  2. Nice experiences. Especially 1devotee u r seriously lucky. M very depress. I love someone n he is completely changed coz of his family. I asked Sai from question answers site. I got + ve reply sai is with u don't worry. But today early mrng I saw a dream in which he was involved with other girl. But today also I got + ve reply. I love him. Plz Sai do some magic 4 me. Sai devotees plz 4 me. Sai plz magic karo. Om Sai Ram.

  3. IF YOU LOOK AT ME. i SHALL LOOK AT YOU – Experience of a Devotee

    It was in the year 1939 when I was working as an Inspector of Schools at Bhadrachalam, an interior agency town in then East Godavari District, my wife had developed hysteria and was having a psychological feeling of some obstruction in her throat. She was therefore not taking even liquid diet, not to speak of her daily meal. After some treatment at Bhadrachalam, I took her to Kakinada for better medical aid where she was put under the treatment of a lady doctor and assistant District Medical Officer. I was with her for about a month but no improvement was found. After the expiry of my leave I came to Bhadrachalam, leaving her with her parents. As she was not taking any thing for about a month, she was reduced to a skeleton and was almost given up.

    One day Shri Narasimha Swami, one of the greatest disciples of Shri Sai Baba, happened to visit Kakinada and during the course of his lectures, he explained how strong will power and devotion to God can cure even incurable diseases. One of my cousins, who happened to hear Swamiji's speech, approached him and brought him to our house at 9-00 p. m. and showed my wife to him. When Swamiji enquired about my wife's complaint And the treatment given, he was informed of all the details. Then Swamiji asked her whom she generally prays every day lo which she replied she prays to Lord Shri Rama. Swamiji put a photo of Shri Sai Baba along with that of Shri Kama and after intensive prayer and Arati to Sai Baba, gave Udi to my wife and blessed her that she will not have any trouble from the next day. All this took place in the presence of our relatives including the lady doctor. To our surprise, early in the next morning my wife woke up and demanded some food, which she began eating as usual and gradually recovered in a week's time. Since, then we became devotees of Shri Sai Baba.

    Thus we are still having the practical experience of our Lord's saying that "If you look at me. 1 shall look' at you"

  4. Om Sairam. Please save me from these pressures. Please give me back my happiness. please i plead you baba

  5. anonymous 28 year old sister who has scribbled her story above…do not loose might be the last phase of the past bad karmas…hold on…sai will manifest his leelas in ur life pretty soon…deva listen to ur devotee and make her life shine..luvv u sai deva..

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Nawroji Parsee*****
    A Parsee gentleman named Barjor was employed in Akkalkot. His relative
    Nawroji came to his house. One day, all though the night both were talking about
    something. Barjor did not believe in the numerous miraculous works of Sri Swami
    Samarth. All of a sudden Sri Swamiji appeared before them. Nawroji prostrated before
    Sri Swamiji, offered his obeisance, and then prayed, “I am burdened with heavy debt.
    Kindly relieve me from this debt and bless me with prosperity”. Sri Swamiji said, “If you
    get wealth what would you offer me? ”. Nawroji replied, “I promise to offer one-fourth
    of the wealth at your lotus feet”. Sri Swamiji said, “Go towards Narmada River”. So
    saying Sri Swamiji disappeared from there.The next day Nawroji came to know that Sri Swamiji has gone to a nearby
    village, Rampur. So he went to Rampur to take Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Sri Swamiji
    said, “There is a call from Gujarath. Go there”. Therefore, Nawroji came to Mumbai and
    learnt that there was a call from the king Malharrao Gaikwad of the then Baroda State.
    He went to Baroda. The king offered him abundant wealth in honour and gave him a
    responsible job of bringing Sri Swamiji to Baroda. Sri Swamiji did not go to Baroda but
    Nawroji got enough wealth. As per the promise, he worshipped Sri Swamiji utilising the
    one-fourth of his wealth in that devotional service.

  7. Very nice experiences all. We bow to Your feet O Sai, our saviour and our guide who shows us the right path. Thank You for being with us through our troubled times and running to help us the instant we cry out for help O Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Om Sairam I have posted my problem earlier but I need your prayers I am going through hard times my inlaws none of them are talking to us my son is not well we are going through bad financial problem please pray for me to baba if I have made any mistakes baba please forgive me thank you all Sai devotees

  10. om sri sai ram.
    sai baba today im going for test.please bless me.please be with me . i should be able to answer all questions n come out in flying colors.
    sai baba please don not leave .
    please forgive me i had made mistakes. please baba i realise my mistake .do not punish me baba .
    please take care of avik. please give him all happiness

  11. Baba maa
    Please please please please please please please be with me always and leave my hand
    Please help to over one my problems
    Luv you too much
    Falling at your lotus feet

  12. Om Sai Ram. M 32 years old. Someone told us my neighbor did black magic on our house. Coz of dt I lost my sweet brother. My sis is also suffering. M doing Thursday fast from 2009. I sacrifice my favourite chocolates n sweets 4 my marriage but nothing happen. M doing fast,jap,path nothing happen. Yes when I was doing 16 somwar I met a guy. But suddenly he changed coz of his parents. I love him. Plz Sai family pray 4 me n my sis. My parents r so tensed coz of our marriage. Oh! Sai plz help us. Om Sai Ram

  13. Om sai are coming to me are there always for us..please be with us ur u baba..

  14. Baba, I am going thru a big crisis…I need you to sail me through this…you have never let me down hitherto n m sure you will hold my hand through this ordeal as well… I have surrendered myself at your feet..please be with me…

  15. Baba everyone has so many problems.You bear everyone's problems and solve them accordingly to the right time.You also indeed go through a lot of pain when bearing the problems of everyone's.
    No one sees your pain.Everyone become selfish in one way or the other.
    You are indeed a very kind hearted soul baba.
    May god bless everyone.Let everyone's problem be solved.Such that your burden reduces.

  16. om sai ram..
    can anyone sai devotee suggest me to what route i should taken to reach shirdi from jaipur via train/bus. thankyou

  17. Dear devotee from UAE,
    I read ur exp whenever I am depressed.i want this miracle to happen in my life also..i am also living in UAE.your exp is a booster to everyone..thank u for posting this exp..koti koti pranaam to u and baba.

  18. Dear devotee from UAE
    I read ur exp boosts my faith in baba.I am also living in UAE.Where r u in UAE.
    I am a housewife.

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