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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai ram Hetal ji, Thanks for providing this forum, where all Sai children can share their experiences and get lot of happiness and faith by reading them. I would like to share a miracle which happened with our family during 1st week of March 2014.

This is an experience which we witnessed 15 days back, where Sai saved us from huge calamity. It is indeed a Miracle which happened and we thank and pray Sai Baba from bottom of our heart to always love and protect us. We believe that whatever difficulties or calamities which we face in our present life are due to our past karma and by praying Sai Baba and having faith and patience all the difficulties are reduced or vanished by Baba’s Grace.

Now I would like to narrate the Miracle which we as a family experienced 15 days back. This so happened that my mother who is doctor by profession is a diabetic patient and presently surviving by taking Insulin injection three times a day along with many tablets. It so happened during night time, as a routine when she was taking her tablets post dinner, the needle along with cap (which is specifically used for Insulin injections, this is not a standard big needle, instead a small needle used for sub coetaneous injections) was also kept by her in the small cup which she uses to keep the tablets at the time she takes it. Accidently without realizing she gulped the needle along with the tablets. I am sure this sounds so unbelievable, as I also felt the same when I was reading a story in Nav Guruvar Vrat (people who have done this Vrat would understand what I am relating to), where one lady gulps a glass piece along with the medicine. At the time when I read the story I felt how anyone could do such a gross mistake. Now we were in this situation where the needle on one side it was closed with the cap and on the other side that is back side of the needle was exposed but completely surrounded by the plastic covering such that the needle is exposed but not protruding out (this is the side which mounts onto the insulin cartridge).

As soon as my mom gulped it, she suddenly realized the blunder she did. For a moment everyone was in panic and we thought of rushing to the hospital and we were speculating to what would be the consequence of such a situation. The risk was, what if the needle cap comes out, then there would be internal bleeding and it could turn out to be very lethal, also, we were worried about the back end of the needle. At that time, my Dad who is also a doctor, asked us not to panic and immediately have banana’s as much as possible. My mom also felt the same. We all were praying Baba internally and wishing that nothing worst should happen. I applied Udi to my mom and put some of it into her mouth. She had three bananas at night. That night I went to bed but could not get sleep, early in the morning I went to mom and enquired was there any discomfort or pain. She said there was no pain but due to anxiety she also could not sleep. I had to go to office but was feeling much tensed thinking of the situation that if something unwanted happens it would be very lethal. All the time I was praying to Baba and asking questions to Him. Baba was assuring us by giving positive responses. I came to office and I was in a meeting, but my mind was completely engrossed about the situation. We all were praying Baba continuously to protect us from this calamity.

At around 10 AM, I received a call from my mom saying that the needle came out in her stools. Hearing the news all were relieved. We thanked Baba for saving my mom from such a fatal calamity. All this which happened would be due to our karma, but Baba protected us from such a calamity. I pray Baba to protect us and all the people in the world and shower His loving Grace always on all of us. Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Sai Gave Me Job As Per My Choice

Sai Sister Rajashree from India says: Hello All Sai Devotee. I am Rajashree from Panvel, India. Today i am going to share my experience which happened with me today itself before 2 hours. This is my life most wonderful Miracle.

Before starting my experience please forgive me if i made any mistake in this blog. I left my job in 11th Feb 2014 and after that i was so upset because of my career, and for minute to minute, i prayed to Sai that please help for my job problem, as i have so many responsibilities, but nothing happened. One month completed but nothing was happened. Suddenly my mind told me to ask Sai about this solution on “” site. So i just closed my eyes and see Baba in closed eyes and i got 39 no. So i just put 39 no in text box and click on Ask Sai Baba, and yes i get my answers (for answer please check image 1) Answers was: you will succeed in job with Sai blessing.

So i was just waiting for correct time from that day. Suddenly on Friday evening at 5 PM, i got the call from company that they schedule interview with me on Tuesday. The moment i can’t explain in words and on Tuesday i went for interview and i gave the interview successfully. Before going to interview, i checked on same above site that i will pass or not. Then i get the message as ‘you will successfully passed the exam’. So i went confidently to interview and miracle, i passed the technical interview and they selected me. Next day they call me for joining details. This all thing which happened with me in 1 week is nothing less than any Miracle for me. Sai please be with us for all the time and help us. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Sri Sachidanand Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Is Here There Everywhere

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Trust Baba like a True Friend and have a child like faith. There is nothing impossible for Him. Only love Him. He is our friend, philosopher and guide.

When working in USA with consulting companies it is common that we have to keep moving across states depending the work. One of my kid is in high school and i would hate to move him between schools. I always used to look at “Baba” and say “I surrender to You completely, You know my wish, and leave the rest to You”. After this it felt like “All is well”. In last few years i have been lucky to be in the same place. This year something inside me started telling me that i had to get full time job with a local employer. Though i kept ignoring it, the thought started torturing me. Finally i gave in and started applying for jobs with faith in Baba. I got the interview from a very big MNC, couple of rounds of interviews were done. Suddenly one Thursday i started to feel extremely restless. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried aloud and spoke to Baba. Suddenly a thought came into me that i should call the hiring manager directly. I sat in a corner and told Baba to give me a signal in to let me know if i should call. Suddenly i heard a car ‘Honk”. I felt it is a positive signal.

Again i started thinking, it is 10 AM in the morning and people will be busy and not a good time to call. But something strongly urged me to think again. I picked the “Question and answer” book of Baba, looked at the number in the book that randomly came to my mind. The answer was “You will hear good news in the morning”. I could not believe it. It clearly indicated me that i should call in the morning. I mustered courage, picked up the phone and called. She picked up the phone in one ring. I asked if there was any progress in the hiring decision. She told that i had called in the right time as they were having discussions on candidate salaries and enquired on my salary requirements again, told me that they were interested in me, but hiring decisions will take their own course of time. Though i was disappointed that it may take more time for the decision, I thanked Baba and told Him that He knows the best timing for everything to happen and i will wait for that right time.

That evening my phone rang, it was the HR manager to discuss my offer. I thanked Baba in mind. I was given 15% more salary than what i had requested for. I looked at Baba and winked. “oh my miraculous God, You are truly Miraculous. Only You can perform wonders like this. My only message to all is trust Baba like a true friend and has a child like faith. There is nothing impossible for Him. Only love Him. He is truly our friend philosopher and guide. I love You Baba. Samastha Devo Sukino Bhavanthu.

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  1. baba why you did this to us? why you are testing our family like this? please baba we need your help. please baba bless us that everything should be alright. omsairam.

  2. Even though you don't do all miracles I ask for, I believe in you and trust you Baba. I will not think you don't exist just because my wishes and prayers are not fulfilled. I see many of your devotees and I hear many of your miracles, so I believe whatever I have itself is your blessing. Thank you for keeping me alive and healthy Baba. I am sorry if I have done anything wrong.

  3. Wonderful experiences and an absolute truth, have faith in Him like a child. O Deva, Thank You for giving me a beautiful sign and let the love grow.

    Jai Sairam

  4. A Thrilling Sai Leela

    By S. Mani

    The Shrine of All Saints

    Pilgrimages will not help thee!

    Thou wilt fail to find the Truth as long as thou

    will not look beyond the books into the Heart within.

    Verily, in the Hear is the shrine of all

    Prophets and Saints

    Baba's miracles are a living legend and bring bliss to any devotee at any time and I am one among millions of Sai-devotees who have experienced that he is close behind our thoughts and is taking care of us in every moment of our lives. I stay in a first floor flat in Virar, Mumbai and my neighbors who stay in the ground floor (Yogesh Patel, his wife and a son Jash) are Gujarathis and ardent Sai-devotes. One evening recently the boy master Jash came to our flat and asked me surprising questions,

    "Uncle, are you a Sai Bhakta? Why are you worshipping Sai Baba?" asked the six year old Jash. I replied to him "I am doing pooja just like your going to school. I am a Sai sewak and do not call myself a Sai Bhakta."

    He queried 'Uncle, what is the difference between a Sewak and a Bhakta." I told him "Sai sewak is a humble servant, who offers service to needy persons, read Sai-literature, perform pooja every day and spread his gospel. A Sai-bhakta is an apostle of Sai Baba who can see Him 'eye to eye', talk to Him and convey His messages to trusted devotees and protect them from all sorts of hurdles."

    He listened to me keenly. His next query put me off guard. "Uncle, do you wish to speak with Baba?" I told him "I wish to speak to Sai Baba. But Baba is not free to talk with ordinary mortals like me." He said: "Uncle, you have to fast, meditate and offer flowers regularly for two years and then you can also talk to Sai Baba. In a huff, he ran away to play. These words of a six year old boy made me think deeply. As if an answer, I came across a quotation of Sri Ramakrishna within the next few seconds. "Some times God acts as the magnet and the devotee as the needle; God attracts the devotee to Himself; again sometimes the devote acts as the magnet and God as the needle. Such is the attractions of the devotee that God comes to him unable to resist his love."

    I felt what Jash told me was not his own. It is a transparent command of Baba through him to me to attain a higher spiritual plane. The whole night I was thinking about this, and the difficulties to obtain flowers as we live in the first floor of the apartment.

    The next morning, 22nd July 1997, it was Thursday. The door bell rang and on opening it I saw Mrs.Yogesh Patel with a basket of flowers. She mumbled that they have plenty of flowers in their garden and I am free to collect everyday. My joy knew no bounds. I could not control my emotions and stretched out both my hands and accepted the basket with flowers from Mrs. Patel and saw Sai Baba in her. I remembered the Vedic verse "Bhagawan Manushya Roopena" and offered my tearful tributes to Baba and Jash's Mother too.

    (Source Sai Padananda July 1998)

  5. Om Sai Ram

    Really positive & Happy expereices.

    & Lo Baba has shown me His miracle once again. Babaji has found me our lost gold, which we were searching for last 8 months…

    I was sure that we can not lose our hard earnt money and Babaji You sre such a life saver. I seriously can not believe that I got it, This thing had more emotionl value to me rather than cost.

    Babaji you are great, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You My Lord.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  6. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  7. Dear Hetal ji, I had requested your help on FB that I don't find any button to select for submitting my experience on our webpage.
    I have not received any response to my query. Well, today by sheer chance I found 2 square with horizontal lines that does not show any indication as such but clicking on the upper one, it opened up a menu bar with 3 options and LO! there is one for "submit your experience".
    I clicked on that and I got one more puzzle!
    It says as below:
    You're about to be redirected

    The blog that used to be here is now at

    Do you wish to be redirected?

    This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware.

    Yes No
    What does this mean? Previously it was much easier to post the experience, I must say.
    I would appreciate help which would help myself as well other Sai Devotees who might be struggling just as me!

  8. I would like to send the miracle happend for my nephew today morning at the time of TN Medical counselling. My nephew was behind 85 candidates to get MBBS admission and we were under impression that we will not get the seat. This morning we prayed to Baba and I told him that will take to Shridi if he gets admission. Miracle happened around 90 candidates either not selected any college or opted out and he got the admission. Baba is great… He can do any miracle.

  9. My name is Shilpa. I was never a perfect bhakt who would all the rituals and prayers to GOD, but always believed that GOD is my friend who understands me and helps me at every step… and HE was always there to help me, just at a sight of HIS photograph or something like that. Iam always fascinated toward Lord Shiva, and then gradually I started believing Baba also.

    I have experienced numerous miracles from Lord Shiva and the total strength to face the challenges that life was giving me. He was always by my side to protect me.

    To start with the experiences from Baba, I can say that it is my marriage. Though we were looking for the matches, none of them liked my profile and i was devastated as if why anyone would not like me, ( at least one). Then my Elder sister who I will say is a very big big bhakt of Baba, asked me to arrange for a bhajan. Then after doing that, the immediate alliance was fixed and yahoo…. they did not ask for anything literally…. and also the boy understood me well… and now we are going to complete 3 years of our happy married life. He is a true gift to me from Baba….

    Then, I had a problem of skin allergy, which would show-up whenever i get nervous or depressed. That was the major reason for my marriage delay also. I was encountered by a death of one of the relatives from my in-laws side and the allergy came out again…. which was very painful. I was very sad that what in-laws and their relatives would think on seeing this… i was crying and started reading baba charitra…. there the point of applying udi to the affected region has attracted me, and i started applying it. the allergy literally vanished away just in 3 days… i was using many many medicines and consulted many doctors but none worked…..

    Then, i was conceived after 1.5 years and we were happy. But i had an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo got attached to one of the Fallopian tubes and the tube got bursted, we rushed to the hospital and got it operated… i was feeling very sad for this. But realized soon that i was literally saved by Baba. Because my husband was about to leave home and i would be alone, when the pain started, by Baba's grace I was not alone…. then i learned from one of my friend saying that – this particular problem would lead to unconscious state and if unattended within an hour, may lead to the death of the patient, also i got cured in just 3 days without any side effects.

    Still there are many many miracles, where i use udi for any problem like sudden pain or weakness, which would be relived within seconds of applying udi.

    There are still on list, which I need to pen down.

  10. Baba's magic is subtle just like fragnance in a flower, how can you explain it?
    He is indeed peerless, I think he is the definition of god.

  11. Hello hetalji, you are really blessed by baba to start a platform like this which is benefiting lot of devotees around. I started reading your blog a year back when I was in the toughest phase of my life so far. After reading the devotee s experiences, I started getting positive feeling in me & felt little relaxed although the problem never solved. I started vrat, read sai satcharita. Human being is selfish by nature. We all remember our god in difficult times & I'm no less. I completely involved myself in sai's namasmarana. In that period I got some positive indication from baba too like seeing baba in dreams, feeling his presence in various ways. So, I thought now baba is with me & he will take away all my worries. But there was never end to my worries & grief. I was thinkibg to write since long time but never had courage thinking why would I share my personal things here. But may be baba can hear me through you hetal ji.
    3 years back I had the most wonderful days of my life followed by the never ending problems. I was a not-bad-looking, settled in US , independent hardworking woman & always used to thank god for not making me weak in anything although didn't know baba that time. I fell in love with a very lovable person & his family was agreed. But my father starightaway declined & almost cried in front of me not to marry him. They say if you cannot keep your parents happy then you can never lead a happy life. My father is also diabetic. Thinking all these I decided to sacrifice my love for my father. Although I was not happy & weeping everyday I marries a person of my fathers choice. Before getting marroed I went to temple in US & prayed god I'm doing this for my father. Plz be with me. The guy I loved too understood me & sacrificed. But all my belief & faith in god went away when me n my family got to know about the people just 2-3 days after the marriage. They were demons in name of humans. It was impossible for me to live there. They could have evn killed me for nothing.So, my father realized the situation & brought me back from their house just after a month of the marriage. Though my father feels guilty of why he didn't allow me to marry the person of my choice, its over now & can't be mended. I have been constantly asking baba why this had to happen but baba has no answer. They say its past karma but who has seen the past. I know in this birth I was never bad to people infact helped wherever I could. I want to ask all the readers is it true that if u keep your parents wish you will be happy forever? Is it really past karma?? Baba has helped me in many other ways & I'm really thankful to him for that but he snatched away my love from me for a worthless person who shattered my life. Im tired of asking baba but fetting no reply. Could any of the sai's child answer if you really kn ow baba well. There are so many miracles happening everyday with the sai brothers n sisters then y m I deprived of it?please soneobe answer me. I have no patience now & only pray baba to take me to him if he cannot give me my happiness back.

    • You never know how and when your problem will be over. Nothing is impossible for SAI. You are going through a really tough test. Pass it with good grades and you will get out of life.

  12. Baba ji, thank you for all the blessing you have showered on me…you have got me out of all the possible dangers in life…thank you…always on your feet…and thank you for the lovely gift you gave me on our visit to shirdi…love thou

  13. Do not worry if u trust Sai…. of course there are past karmas that should be settled in this birth!! but see baba had helped u before on certain things so he look into this once the right time comes…maybe there is some more of your karmas left for u to suffer and then get into a happy life… pray to baba…offer flowers and garland do the Vrat pooja help the needy and provide food and clothes…read sai satcharitra.. it wil help u to calm ur mind…dont worry dear baba looks into all his children…and ur not out of his list! so have faith in him… very soon u will get a good results… visit the questions and answers website on it wil make u feel good…. dont worry baba is with u ….

    • I am another devotee . i got peace after reading your reply other devotee . i took your reply for my problem. Thank you dear saipa

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