Promise from Baba

Sai Brother from USA says: This is another miracle from Sai for me, I had experienced in 1998, 1999 and 2008. I would like to share this amazing promise and experiences from Baba. Apologize for the long delay to post this I was worrying about health problem I have and thinking always about my family and I could not sleep always thinking about the health issue.

Miracle 1 – This was in 1998 and I do not know the name Sai and also not known about Shirdi and I was working in Delhi at that time (1998). My friend attend telephonic interview for me to go to USA. I do not have phone in my room. So, in a friend room the telephone interview was completed in 1998 September, waiting for results. All our friends have plan to go to Shirdi around 10 people. This was my first visit to Shirdi and never heard the name Sai nor Shirdi. I was in New Delhi railway station. All of sudden I thought in my mind, I’m going to Shirdi and I hope I may hear some good news regarding the telephonic interview as I was waiting for the results In around 45 minutes my office colleagues and friends came to railways station who are from the same room where the phone interview was completed. One of them said, you just received a phone call from USA and you will be getting the offer letter via DHL in couple of days.. I was surprised and shocked was just thinking and it happened in less than an hour. Million Thanks To Baba. I don’t even know about the name Sai and name of the Shirdi that time and I was going to Shirdi with my other office colleagues first time.

Six months passed again I was going to shirdi for 2nd time and in the same railway station (New Delhi). All of sudden, I’ve started thinking again, I got offer letter from USA 6 months ago , also I’ve been sent all the documents but till now I’ve not received my H1B papers. Within an hour, all other friends and colleagues came to railways station. One of the friend said, hey We just got phone call from HR person from the company whom I’ve filed the H1B, he said I’m going to get my H1B papers in couple of days.. I was shocked and surprised. Just thinking that I’m going to Shirdi heard the news in less than an hour before the thought came in my mind. I felt like Baba was doing phone call and sending the news to me. Yes it is. Thanks a lot once again Baba. You are always with me and with us. Save all Your children.

Sai Miracle3 – I was just believing God. That’s, Not very huge devotee of Baba in 2008. I also lost peace and I cannot explain the situation/condition which I had been, badly scared and cried many times why this is happening to me But now yes, He is with me always. One night I had dream, Baba was hitting on my back with his hands several times and saying to me at the same time, believe Me. You do not have faith on Me, You are not trusting Me. Nothing will happen to your family as you are thinking. I’m here. Keep faith on Me and believe Me. He promised me to get away from all worries in the dream since then I put all my burdens, worries on Him. He is always with me and with us. Baba please save Your children. Om Sai Ram. Keep faith on Him no matter what. The results are on its way.

Sai My Mother

Sai Brother from Krishna HR from India says: Om Sri Sai Ram. Hi Hetal ji, May Baba bless you with lots of health and wealth, always keep you happy. I am new to your blog. If i am living in this world today is because of Baba. Everything is because of Baba. I love Sai Maa very much. I have lot of experience to share but as per Baba’s order i am mentioning only few.

I am from middle class family but Baba is there with me since childhood. I got married around 2 years back to my love due to Baba’s grace. We both met for the first time in malleshwaram Baba temple, till now Baba is taking care of my life. As I have mentioned above that I am from middle class family all the relatives are looking us like slaves, and wanted to dominate us but Baba helped my family to live independently. My dad was running a bakery without any labors. I and my brother both were not in a position to go to school because of poverty. My dad asked us to leave the school and work in a bakery since we cannot afford any labor for bakery for monthly salary. I cried like anything in front of Baba for this situation after one week due to Baba’s grace my school principal came and asked my parents about not visiting to school. My dad said we are not in a position to pay monthly school fees and there is no labor in a bakery to work later principal asked my dad to send us to school without fees, my dad said how it is possible but principal said only because of money and poverty don’t spoil the future of your children’s they are very good in studies.

Later my dad agreed to send us to school. My mom and dad both used to work in bakery to fulfill our daily needs. Due to Baba’s grace we both brothers completed our studies. This has happened 11 years before. Now my brother and me both are working in well reputed company. Baba din’t leave our hand when we were struggling to lead our life. Due to Baba’s grace my brother marriage and my marriage both got over without any problems. Now due to my previous birth karma I am facing lot of problems in my office. I dint got any permanent job. my wife is suffering from thyroid problem due to which doctors has told she cannot deliver a baby, egg formation itself is not happening. We have done all the treatments but still there is no result due to which she got depressed. but both of us are very much fond of Baba and every Thursday we both will do fast and visit Baba temple. till now lots of miracles has happened (my studies, my carrier, my love, my family). Baba supported me in these matters. But now my work and my wife both are in problem. I know He will not leave my hand but still i want blessings from all of you people and from Sai Maa. Please pray for me and my wife to get a baby and to get a good job. Daily where i go i see minimum of 10 Baba photos on vehicles. He always confirms me that He is there for me forever. Baba please help me to overcome this poverty and get a baby soon. please find attached photo of Baba which will be there always in my desktop. Om Sri Sai Ram. please correct me if i have done any mistakes. I don’t know how to write my experience. Sorry for my mistakes.

Baba Fed Me When I Was Hungry

Sai Sister from India says: I knew about Baba since childhood from my family but I became very close to Him only after I started reading this blog. Baba pulled me like a sparrow tied to a string when I came across an experience where one of the devotees had posted about the book “Sai Baba is still alive” by Jaya Wahi. It is definitely a book worth. It is a blessing to talk about Baba’s leelas. And I am so grateful to my friend and her family, who always talks about Him and there by fuel my faith in Baba. Thank You Baba for bringing me closer to You.

I will now share my experience where Baba fed me when I was hungry, I had my university exams going on at that time. One morning my friend and I were on our way to college to attend the exam, We usually visit Baba temple that is close to our college on the way. Darshan begins only from 8.30 am except on Thursdays when abhishekam starts by 7.30 am. We normally do not wait till 8.30 am because the exam starts by 9am. We usually pray before the large Baba photo that is outside and leave the temple. It was 7.30 am on a Tuesday morning and I had a good breakfast before leaving home. We were travelling by car and I didn’t know why all of a sudden I was very hungry. And if I didn’t have food when I was hungry, a very bad headache would follow, which is the last thing that I would want to happen on the day of my university exam, at that time no shops were open and so I could not get anything from outside. I knew very well that Baba temple would be closed at that time because it was only a Tuesday. but still it was only Baba who could possibly help me at that time. I prayed earnestly asking for something to eat before I reached the examination hall. On reaching the temple, I could not believe my eyes, the temple was still closed but there was prasad -panchamritam(a kind of sweet). I had tears of joy on seeing my Baba’s love.

This was the first time in my life where I had seen Prasad being distributed even before darshan started. Happily I had four spoonfuls of the Prasad, thanked Baba with all my heart and left the temple. And it was an added joy that whatever we revised in the last ten minutes before entering the hall was asked in the question paper. Baba is most merciful and showers so much of love on us. Thank You so much Baba for being there with me. Baba Please bless me to develop an unshakeable faith at your feet. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Very nice experiences,Please do not lose faith,observe sai baba nav vrat,you will be blessed with a baby by sachindananda sadguru sai nath's grace.may god bless all of us.koti pranamalu to hetalji for brining this site towards devotees,it really helped many helps to keep our faith steadily on the lotus feet of baba.Omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam.


    (Shri Sai Leela October 1983)

    I am a devotee of Shri Sai Baba and have read many incidents in Sai-Leela magazine how Lord Sai had helped His devotees. This had inspired me to narrate an incident which took place recently in my life.

    I was not putting on weight and sometimes R.B. cells were passing through my urine. To find out the reason, many types of urine and blood examinations were done, x-rays were also taken, but everything was found to be normal. So the doctor advised me to do a test of renal-biopsy which takes 3 to 4 days. So I was admitted to hospital on 7-1-1983. On 21-1-83 biopsy was done. We were told that because of the ‘biopsy’ the colour of the urine may be a little reddish; but in my case, the urine continued to be red for 3 to 4 days. It was realized then, that while doing the biopsy, the testing needle must have injected on the wrong location, and it must have injured the blood vein, which was the cause of bleeding and so the urine was red.

    We were frightened and praying to Lord Sai for His help. The doctor told that there was no medicine which could stop that bleeding, it will be healed on its own. Like that another fifteen days passed; but the urine was still red. Now the doctors were also worried. It was suggested that if it doesn’t get normal within two to three days, some more tests will be required to trace the exact place of the injury and after that if necessary, surgery should be one to stop the bleeding.

    My mind was full of anxiety and tension. My parents were also much worried. We all prayed from the bottom of our heart to Shri Sai Baba to help us and do something, so we need not have to undergo the surgery.

    It seemed that our prayers were answered and one day to our pleasant surprise the urine became normal. It was the day, just one day before when the other tests for the decision of surgery were to be done. The doctors were also surprised, and told that it is not possible, unless it is a miracle. After this the other test was cancelled. Upto three to four days everything continued to be normal. So I was allowed to move. Unfortunately it was little too early and the injury was not healed completely. So again the bleeding started.

    It was a great shock for me and I thought that if bleeding can occur again, after everything was normal, it is very dangerous and what will happen in future if healing is not complete. I prayed once again, day and night, with full faith to Shri Sai Baba about 8 bottles of blood and more than 100 bottles of glucose-saline were given to me during the period of one month. Shri Sai Baba ultimately listened to our prayers and after a week the urine was once again quite clear; but this time, we did not want to take a risk, so after 15 days of bed-rest, I started to move and when I was out of danger, I was discharged from the hospital.

    I am working in a bank and to avoid the hardships of traveling, I applied for transfer to the branch near my house. By Shri Sai’s grace, I got the transfer immediately, to the branch, which is very close to my house. By His grace I am now alright.

    This incident has impressed me a lot and strengthened my faith in Shri Sai Baba even more. I strongly believe that if you have true faith and if you remember Him from the bottom of your heart, with patience, He will certainly come to your help and fulfill your wishes. May all have such faith towards Him and may Lord Sai Baba’s grace be showered on them.

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai ram

    Blissful expereince.

    Dear second devotee, Please try to serve poor and needy, donate food, clothes, even old clothes.

    You will be out of trouble with Baba's grace.

    Babaji bless us all.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  5. Wonderful experiences. DEAR Second devotee, continue to have firm belief on our beloved Baba, he will always hold your hand and will take care of all issues. Will pray for you. OM Sairam.

  6. Dear Second devotee,

    I also and still have the thyroid problem ..I was very worried when doctor told me that I can't get pregnant easily and asked me to wait for two years to see any specialists..I was shattered but baba proved to me that he is there with me ..I have a 2 year old now..just give it some time, have faith and keep your wife happy

    • Dear devotee..its nice to hear abt your child…god bless u both.
      i have been also told that due to fibroid problem,it wld b difficult to concieve…i m praying to baba to bless me with child

  7. Sai ram,,,,,,
    Today im not commenting on any of the above experience but im sharing my pain
    when I felt to have second baby I had been to shirdi its not me its baba only who called us n daily I used to drink udi with water praying baba to bless me with baby boy in each n every dream in 38 weeks of pregnancy baba assured me of blessing boy baby n I read sai satcharithra no of times read sai prerna wrote 108 times om sau ram everyday, every Thursday since my pregnancy gave food for 3-5 people till my delivery n did 9 weeks vrat for 27 weeks n each n every second I prayed baba requested to forgive me for al my sins bad deeds past karmas, when ever I asked will u give me baby boy he assured me in one or the other form but all went in vain I delivered girl , y did u cheat me baba y my prayers went unanswered y did you first assured me of giving y did you hurt me every one will laugh at me now , answer me baba u have to reply me

    • Sorry Sister to write. I don't know why but I felt I should write this – "hope your disturbance is not affecting your girl children. Please take care of them very well. You will be more happy than if you had a baby boy".

    • Sorry to comment in this way.
      Let me tell you please dont differentiate between a boy or girl child.Please accept anything that god give's you.Everything is for a reason.Please keep her happy.
      Give her good education.In this era,boy's and gal's are always equal.

    • Yesh it is very true u will be more happy than ever she will bring lots of luck to ur family because of baba he gave u best. Be thank full to baba

    • Dear Devotee,
      Let people laugh and please sister don't blame baba. In spite of assurance if baba has decided to give u girl baby then there is something really very good in store for u and the baby in future. one thing I have noticed is that if we pray for a particular thing & if that wish might not prove to be good in future than baba makes sure NOT TO FULFILL that particular wish.
      Most of the time baba shows sign to make us understand that he is always with us but we tend to take such signs as "wish fulfilling". Don't mind sister if my words of hurt u.

    • Sai Ram
      Boy or girl, its all souls who come to this world to clear karma. They do not belong to us but belong to God. What is more important is the baby is healthy. Always think if you do not get what you wish for it means Baba knows it is not good for us. So accept your baby girl a gift from Baba. Baba always say love all human being and animals. So keep calm and be happy with your baby.

    • Dear fellow devotee,

      Do not worry about delivering a baby girl; There is no difference. I am sure she will make you proud one day. Have faith in Baba.

      Read this wonderful story and pass onto others if you can:

      May Sai keep blessing us all.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

      Read SatCharitra online@

    • Dear Sai Sister, please donot differentiate between a girl and boy child. You never know who is going to become what and how they can change our life for good. It's all Baba's grace. Please think about people like me who are childless and yearning to have children be it a girl or boy

    • I have 2 sons and I always feel bad of not having a daughter. I have asked HIM for a daughter but HE didn't give me. You are so lucky that HE blessed YOU with a girl. Daughters are far better than sons. And see here itself how many devotees are praying HIM for kids. HE blessed YOU with a kid. YOU have to be happy for that.

    • I was also in the same state a few years ago when I had my second one. I was desperate for a boy due to various reasons. When I think back now, I know that all of my reasons were either to prove something to someone or please others :-)!
      My husband & my sister didn't care much. They would always say boy or girl, don't expect anyone to take care of you during old age. In this modern times, it is almost impossible. We should raise kids well, ensure they stand on their feet while planning for own financiaI future.
      But my head was clouded.
      I prayed baba, asked him questions, did chits and anything and everything you can imagine. During Ultrasound at 21 weeks, the doctor told us it is a girl. I was shattered but still kept thinking anything is possible by baba's grace, science could be wrong.
      Just like you sometimes I felt baba re-affirmed my faith, he gave me signs and answered my questions positively. Rest of the pregnancy I was a bundle of nerves, hanging between hope & truth!
      On 9/9, thursday, at 9:04 am I had a baby girl, as you can imagine I was so upset with baba. I couldn't believe that he would reaffirm my faith and then cheat me. I loved my baby but anger was all towards baba's deceit!

      I think now I know why he does this-
      He clearly know what is good for us and what we really need. Just like when my kids ask for everything they see in adverstisements, they don't understand it is not possible to buy every toy nor do they need it. But would throw a fit if I say no outrightly, so I just say 'Sure'. They are happy to hear me say yes and move on. If I say no, they throw a fit, argue both of us are unhappy! Baba our divine father is also like that. He doesn't want us to be sad during a very special time of our life, pregnancy.

      After many years when I read Jaya Wahi's book, I once again realized how special my daughter is. She mentions that 9 is baba's number and thursday is baba's day and her sister born on the same day is special gift from baba.

      Your daughter is also very special child of baba. Like the other reader said, what do you know what she will become one day?
      Sorry for the long comment but I felt I had to share my experience as I was also in the same state as you are. You will be fine, love your daughter and enjoy motherhood! It is indeed a special gift.

  8. Nice experiences. O Deva, forgive me for my lack of faith and patience and constant requests to show a miracle. I feel like I am at the end of my rope and have no will left and no control over my thoughts. Save me.

    Jai Sairam

  9. om sai ram
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    om sai ram
    baba pls take care of us and everyone

  10. Dear Baba ji,

    I really don't know and understand what is going in our life's??? Me being 34+ and my sis 31+ are still not settled in life. Kuch bhi nahi ho raha hai. Neither personal life nor professional life's are going well. I really don't know what is going on???????? office main mere mann nahi lagta, all my friends have already left the company all new have have joined poorane logo main sirf main hi reh gayi ho, everyday is a new problem a new struggle, main baht thak gayi ho ladte ladte, I fell like crying all day, kuch samajh nahi aa raha, all my friends, cousins so young to me are happily settled in their life's always having a question on their faces that what are we doing with My life. I have done the 9 guruvar vrat so many times, read satchritra, been to shirdi many times but still have empty hands. I hope you can understand what my family is going through. When will I be settled in my life I really don't understand I am just tired like this half of my life is just gone mujhse ye sab ab nahi sehen hota hai, pls pls pls mujhe apne pass hi bula lo…..

    • Baba please listen her prayer As you know i'm in same situation baba. Its unbearable baba . Please come to us and bless us soon baba. Baba please…

    • I'm afraid and loose my faith baba if this happen to me, what can i do baba as i'm in same situation. Baba please come to us and bless us soon. We loose our patience baba Please save our life…

    • Don't worry about this sis everything will be fine and soon you will be wondering why you have worried so much about this. I have been in that situation few years ago and I utilized it by doing as many parayans of satcharitra as possible. Just read sat charitra and every thing will be alright.

  11. Jai Sai Ram,
    I'm not good in english or i can't explain my sufferings correctly. So please forgive me for any mistakes.
    Since 17 years i suffered a lot for wrong relationship. For which i lost my everything like my carrer(as i was very good in my study), my life, my peace . Now i'm 33 years single. Whenever i suffered, evrytime i thought it may be god's wish and try to look forward. But now i'v no more patience. I'm good at my heart , helping nature and always tries to take others burden and never tries to hurt anybody. Even if for those people who hurts me. I never think bad for them. At the age of 29 a guy came in my life.He shown love , care for me. I think that it may be God's wish and i accept this and always tries to agreed for our marriage. He gaves me sindur infront of God's idol. Then after 1 yrs he denied me and told me that his parents does not accept our relationship due to caste reason. This is very hard for me. That time my baba came into my life. I worship him till now. I prayed my baba and he came back to my life. We both are pray to our baba . I also aborted a child and did a sin. Once again after 1 yrs same thing happened.

    That time i also have faith on my baba. Becoz i loved him very much and thought him as my husband. My baba listen my prayer and he came back once again. I never want to left him alone becoz i love him.He has some major health issues and job less. but his parents and his siblings never understand him. I want to do everything for him. Due to his spinal cord problem doctor advised him to take rest. Since last 3 months he is in bed. But his parents take lightly for his health problem. And fixed his marrige. He also told his parents but they did not listen him.I don't know but may be his marriage will be held on in few days. I have lost my everything. I want to killed my myself. But due to baba's grace i don't know where the strengh came to me and i faced the problem and accept this. but still i have a lot of pain in my heart because i loved him truely though i know about his health problem and he has no Job yet. No one understand me. i beg to his brother and his sister but no one listen to me. I helpless and hopeless. Now i only prayed to my baba don't leave me alone and be with me always and give me strengh to face all problems in my life. As i'm an human being sometimes this is unbearble for me. How long i suffer . My younger brother also got married. For him I denied all proposals. Now its difficult for my parents and they also unknown about my sufferings. Idon't know whenever i lost my job as it is private Job and there are lot of problems here. I'v crossed my age limit for apply Govt Jobs. Where can i live. I thought that I did a sin and i'm happy if my life will be end here. I have no way now. Only hope My baba .

    I remembered after my 10th standard i used to cried till now. There is no end of my problems and sufferings. If anything wrong will be happen in my life then i sure i killed my self. I have no more patience baba please do something for me. I love you a lot baba. I never left your lotus feet. I'm lying there baba.


  12. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
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    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and sve me saimaa.pls take care of our health ….jai sairam

  13. Sai baba

    Our family believs u a lot…my mom and dad are the best souls a very good humambeings they helped evryone…but why are they suffering so much in my sister's case…she is facing bad days from her marriage….why are u not helping us deva…why good people only face problems….will bad people def be punished or not…please ans me baba…please

  14. Dear Sai Devotees…..

    Baba will never leave our hand.Please have faith and patience.Sing and read his leela's daily.He is always there for us,whenever we call his name with Love.He tests our faith in him at the beginning and gives the reward's accordingly.I also faced lots of problems in my professional and personal life.By our sainath's grace everything is coming slowly back to normal.He knows the right time for everything.
    Never loose your faith,no matter how hard your situation is.Definitely he will hear your prayers.
    Let Sainath Bless everyone with happiness,peace,and let all their desires come true.
    Om Sai Ram.

  15. Baba, please help me Baba, I will go with whatever you want to decide . Either good or bad, profit or loss, doesn't matter, will go with whatever you want me to do.

    Surrendering to you Baba . You give me energy to run my life, as I do not have anymore. Please show me some sign, you are with me.

  16. Dear second devotee here in this post, I wonder if you have thought of getting treatment for Thyroid problem. Go to a good Gynec that will treat you with your disorder and may be you can have a baby. Going for treatment, you may see BABA there to treat you, who knows! Wishing you all the best.

  17. Dear confused and dejected sai devotee, I can relate your agony and sorry to say but I too have felt the same when both of my sons had baby girls in their family. Not that I have any prejudice towards baby girls, but for being a mother I had sensed that my son wished for a baby boy, he accepted first baby girl at his home with a big smile. But on the arrival of his second child – again a baby girl, my inner " mother love" got affected. No mother would want her child to be facing such helplessness, don't you agree? Of course he loves the younger one even more than the first one!
    In this new era, couples do not want to add more children for want of either baby boy or a baby girl where, whoever they want to have, is not given to them in first two children. Anyway, one more reason not to have a baby girl for me, had some other psychological reason. We were many girls and just 2 boys as siblings as cousins in our joint family. We girls were deprived of several simple happy moments just because we were MANY ! and boys were given good treatment that made us envy of them and I hated being a girl.
    Even my father having a fifth child a baby girl literally expressed his extreme want to have a baby boy. He was a believer of having a brother to his eldest son as a great support in future.He was not at all against baby girls, though. And my family members talked about this topic in presence of my sister who even now cries on her birthday saying, my father did not want me, what is there to celebrate in my birthday!
    Due to suffering discrimination from young age I was too happy to have 2 boys. And even thanked BABA for not giving me a baby girl because I would not have wanted her to suffer for being a girl, though not at my home but thinking about situations after marriage would drive me so scared!
    BABA has blessed both my sons with 2 wonderful girls at each family. We love them so much. I am very happy that all girls are provided the best of the best training and treatment.
    We need to accept whatever BABA grants us because we do not know what is there in future for us!
    BABA would never give us what is not good for us.
    All you should, ( who have baby girls and wished they had a baby boy), need to give their best to sweet angels in your home and pray for a wonderful life of their own when they grow up. Do not treat them with "unwanted" feeling and do not force to accept discrimination from our society either.
    Jai Sai Ram.

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