Baba Can Change Our Destiny

Sai Sister from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am pursuing with C.A. I feel so blessed that Baba is always with me. He has always guided me. I want to share a recent experience I had. It was July 2013 when I asked a question To Baba through Question-Answer site and got the answer that-“It is your Bad time but still keep faith in Shree Sai”. I was going through the happiest phase of my life before that. But as the time passed the situation changed. My first attempt of IPCC (Second Level of C.A) was due in November 2013. I am good in studies and have always performed very well in every exam through the grace of Sai Ma, but this time I was not at all able to concentrate.

Time was passing slowly and I kept striving hard to focus on studies, my health was also deteriorating day by day. I was losing confidence but still had faith in Baba. I continued reading 1 Chapter of Shri Sai Satcharitra daily which helped me in remaining calm. Now my exams were near and I was not at all prepared for them. IPCC is really hard to crack and my condition was getting worst, whole day I was in a room full of books. I cried day and night and was so afraid to face the exams. Full 3months I was extremely depressed and going through a mental trauma. Between all this a bad omen took place- The Rose I got from Baba’s temple which I had kept in my Cost & F.M book fell down and came was under my teacher’s shoe by mistake. I got so scared and upset with it. I was worried ,but then after picking it up I had put some Narmada jal (The sacred river Narmada’s water) on it and apologized to Baba for not handling His blessings carefully.

After someday I had a dream in which I was watching my results, marks were entered in every Subject’s column except for Cost&F.M. I cried so hard after that scary dream and understood that something bad would happen in cost exam. I was under extreme depression, after some days again I saw a Dream where I was driving scooty. Then I saw a temple and halted inside the temple there was a statue of Baba just like Shirdi and next to him was sitting a saint. He was none other than our sweetest Sai Ma. He took my hands in His hands and I started weeping loudly, He looked at me smiled and said -“Sab Theek Hojaega” (Everything will be fine). I still remember His soothing voice. This dream boosted my confidence that Baba is there for me. Finally my exams Started. My first Paper was Accounts and I performed worst in that, I was broken. I went to Baba’s temple after finishing my exam where an old priest came to me smiled and said- “Isko Ghar lejao beta..apne paas rakhlo” (keep it with you) and saying this he had put a garland around my neck which had firstly been offered to my dearest Baba Sai.

I was so happy and told my mother about this. She told that it is a very good sign and Baba has blessed you, He will definitely give You success. Next paper went well but then came 3rd paper which was of Cost&F.M and just a day before it I got high fever, I could not study anything and was awake whole night. Next day I could not even move or stand. I was so weak and lost all my hopes. I was facing breathing problem and a lot of stress. I started crying loudly, my family was so tensed. Only 1hour was left for the exam to start and my condition got worsened. My father had to call doctor at home urgently, he gave me some medicines and continuously glucose was been given to me. My parents also gave me Udi mixed with water and said don’t go for the exam health is more important. Now about half an hour was left I was lying On the bed remembering Sai Ma. I said to him-Baba I know this exam is not in my destiny but as You promised me that everything will be fine I trust You. Now You have to give this exam for me. I was crying but my heart was smiling because I was sure That nothing is impossible for Baba. I asked my father to somehow take me to exam centre as it was far away. He denied but I was firm that Sai Ma would do it for me.

I was unable to breathe properly but I gathered strength and my father took me for exam, before writing the paper I said now You have to write Baba and He heard my prayers. It was really unbelievable for everyone that some hours ago I could not even stand on my own but now how I have completed the paper, my father was waiting for 3hrs outside till I finished the paper, He then took me to Mandir. I thanked Sai Ma for helping me so much. I dint remember what I have done in the paper but was so happy that Baba has taken so much pain for me and given me what I dint deserved. Then 4th paper was also fine. Before my results 2times I saw a dream in which I could see my result, I got less marks then those required to get qualified but still pass was written there in my result. I understood that due to my bad karmas I cannot pass this exam but still for my happiness somehow Sai Ma will make me pass. And finally when the Results came-I Passed. Then I requested Baba that if he comes in my dream before next Thursday I will post my experience and same night I saw a dream-I was at Samadhi Mandir, Baba’s mangal snaan was taking place after that I got an apple as Baba’s blessings, that apple fell from Baba’s Murti into my hands. I was so happy.

Next day I found the same apple kept next to the wooden temple in my house pooja room. I offered that apple to Baba and then ate it. I lack words to Thank My Darling Baba. He is so caring and supporting. He is everything to me. I pray to Sai Ma to bless everyone and forgive our sins. Sai Ma please Keep us safe in your arms. I humbly request all the Sai devotees to keep Shradha and Saburi. Baba’s blessings can burn all our bad karmas and change our destiny. He didn’t punished me for the sins I had done but instead saved me from so many chaos. He can do everything for His children, but can’t see us crying. He was, He is, and will remain forever loving and caring His children. Whatever I am is due to His grace and blessings. I have many more experiences to share. Sorry For the long post and mistakes if any. Love You So Much Sai mumma. Om Sai Ram.

My Experience

Sai Brother from India says: Om Sri Sai. By praying Baba I am starting narration of my experience. If I am doing any mistake unknowingly Baba Please forgive me. I am a software Engineer, Staying in Bangalore far from my parents along with colleagues. I met an accident in Bangalore, So I went to hospital immediately ,there I came to know my right hand radial bone displaced and there was fracture in radial plate and has to operate immediately. I was literally crying and praying to Baba why you did this with me, what the mistake I have done? I was fully tensed. The doctor explained it will be open surgery and they will put plate. I requested to doctor as I am staying alone so I can’t take the decision immediately, then he told but it has to operate within 6 days or else we cannot do anything. As i have a great faith on Baba so I was sure i will recover without open surgery.

I came in the night to Room and cried in front of Baba and sat like that. Next day morning the office staffs came and they took me to another hospital in Bangalore, there the doctor told we will put some rod and screw without operation it will not recover. Then I prayed Baba and booked the flight ticket and went to my native. I reached there on Wednesday and went immediately to a doctor, by hearing his suggestion I got shocked immediately. He told it has damaged there is no chance to repair the bone we have to remove the plate totally. Again I was in full tension but this time full family I contacted my Uncle who is a surgeon. He referred me to a doctor and told me to go there next day means Thursday. I went Thursday morning to the hospital without taking breakfast as because of tension and it was the 6th day means last day as per doctor. When I went the doctor was in OT with a major surgery and the attendant told doctor will not meet the OP to day as he was having 3 surgeries on that day. So I requested to the person along with praying to Baba, by heart Baba help me, Baba help me. Suddenly my uncle call to the doctor, so doctor inform to staffs to call me near to OT door.

I went and waited for 15 min and praying to Baba same one line help me. The doctor came in OT dress and hand gloves and seen my X-ray and asked a small operation required no need to cut we will put wire through niddle and manipulate it to its proper position as you are too young it will recover and you will able to work within a month but today we have to do and you take admission now. Have you taken anything because we have to be in empty stomach before 16 hours of operation. See the Baba’s miracle it was Thursday and i have not taken any food. So immediately I took admission and all the formalities they started like blood test, ecg, eeg, x-ray etc. So the operation timing fixed to at 7 pm, when aarati was about to finish and Baba’s temple was aside to my hospital. I went to OT but all my family went to temple rather standing in front of OT.

Again one more miracle when i slept on table I was just seeing Baba’s photo on instrument and it was above my head with ashrivad mudra. I was felling so blessed. Finally operation done , I have recovered and doing my normal works. Accident happened, doctor told many things but I got operate on Thursday under Baba’s observation. If Baba has not saved me then I may have lost one bone. I am praying to Baba to keep me below His feet and bless me to write more and more experience and miracles of Baba. Jai Shree Sai

Baba and His Kind Leelas

Sai Sister from UK says: Dear Hetalji ji. I would like to thank you for helping all the Sai devotees worldwide by bringing them close to Sai. Sai is indeed the creator and He is the one who is controlling everything. Baba has been quite kind with me but what Baba gave me this time, I can’t thank him enough. I owe my life to Him forever. Baba please help me write this post. Hetalji please keep me anonymous and kindly post it. With blessings of Baba we moved in our new house in Feb 2014. I had prayed Baba to come and bless me on the day we do hawan at the new house. For this I had sent my prayers to Baba as shirdi as well. I was very sure that Baba will come and bless His children. I had never arranged for such pooja at home before so I was tensed as to all the things should be arranged properly. I again prayed Baba that all should go well and I should get your blessings on that day. With Baba’s grace all the preparations were done and I was feeling very happy.

Suddenly I realized that I was due periods on the very day. I got scared as all the things were arranged and if this happens I will not be able to sit for pooja with my husband. I was really excited for the house warming pooja. I cried my heart out in front of Baba and asked for help and our dear Baba came for rescue. During the pooja I could feel that someone is controlling my body and all went well. I was waiting for Baba but nothing happened. I was upset as to why Baba did not turn up. I just wanted His blessings and His presence in my new house. Then when the pooja was about to finish panditji asked me to apply tilak to Baba’s picture and asked me to do pooja to Baba .I was very happy as panditji asked me to do special pooja for Baba and that time I felt as Baba was smiling at me and blessing me. My heart was contended as that was what I wanted His blessings and love. Baba made His presence in the house and my heart was full of happiness.

I have named our new house Sai dham and Baba has been kind enough to give me shelter in His dham. Baba is always with His children. I love You Baba I thank Baba again and again that His grace showed us this day. And pray to Baba that please Keep my faith strong always. May Baba bless all. May all the devotee’s wishes come true. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Nice experiences. O Deva, protect us from negative thoughts and actions and help us always be kind and loving towards one and all. Bless us with love, peace and happiness O Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  3. For many of Sai Devotees, attendance at arati is one of the highlights of their devotion to Sai Baba. It is perhaps during arati that we can most easily experience the essence of and the power of Baba's presence. Some people experience a heightened state and speak of a dissolution of the sense of separation, the erosion of the boundary between self and God. Others say that this is the time when Baba comes "alive" for them and answers their questions and prayers.

    The effect of the group and its stirring emotion – of faith, longing and devotion – acts powerfully on the heart. The atmosphere becomes highly charged and there is a palpable sense of the numinous. In Baba's time too, it seems that arati was an occasion when his grace was particularly felt and experienced by the devotees. Some of these instances are recorded in Shirdi Diary by G. S. Khaparde who, in his own phlegmatic style, speaks of a particular elation at such times. The impact of the ceremony is intensified by dazzling sensual input: for the eyes there is a dynamic kaleidoscope of colourful images (the fondly adorned statue and samadhi, the waving arati flame, the red and gold uniform of the mace-bearing chopdars); for the ears there are the melodious and passionately rendered songs accompanied by harmonium and other instruments – not to mention the thrilling cries of praise at the end; and for fragrance there is the aroma of incense, rose-water and numerous flower offerings.

    During the construction of the SAMADHI MANDIR at Shirdi(1915-1917), SHRI SAI used to often give HIS suggestions for improvements while on HIS way to the Lendi. On one such occasion, SHRI SAI stopped there to chitchit with Ramchandra Patil and said,"When I Come to reside here, this BALA CHOPDAR (pointing at him) will loudly proclaim ANANTAKOTI… RAJADHIRAJ….SACCHIDANANDA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI." None understood then what SAI meant but later on, after SHRI SAI's MAHASAMADHI, this Bala Chopdar used to loudly proclaim, ANANTAKOTI….SACCHIDANANDA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI. And even today the lalkari continues and will do so forever. How true r the words of SAI. BOLO SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

  4. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Bandoba Puranik*****
    Bandoba served the ruler of the then Akkalkot state as a Puranik. At that time,
    Shahaji Raje, father of Maloji Raje, was the ruler. The ruler had given in writing to
    Puranik that, in case he gets the ruling rights of the State, from the King of the then
    Satara State in Maharashtra, he would give a land worth of one thousand rupees as
    prize to Puranik. Shahaji Raje, got the ruling rights from the king of Satara State, but
    he forgot to keep up his promise to Puranik. Therefore, Puranik was started to request
    and remind Shahaji Raje regarding the grant of the prize land, but in vain. After a few
    days Shahaji Raje passed away and Puranik was disappointed.
    Puranik would take Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’ on a daily basis. One day when
    Puranik narrated his problem to Sri Swamiji, Sri Swamiji said, “Have I not given you a
    Linga? ”. Puranik kept quiet. After the death of Shahaji Raje, ten gifts to be given in
    charity as per the convention of Hindu Religion, included land gift too. Chintopant Tol,
    the chief officer of the Royal Court, advised Maloji Raje, to give the land gift to Puranik.
    So the land was gifted to Puranik family from generation to generation. There was a
    temple of Rameshwar on this land. The land also had a Stream flowing through it and
    lots of fruit trees. Sri Swamiji had promised him the Linga of Lord Shiva and Puranik got
    the Linga in the form of the temple of the Rameshwar Temple. Puranik became a very
    rich man.

    *****Good Fortune Of The Cook*****
    A rich man of Prabhu Community had come to Akkalkot for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri
    Swamiji. A Brahmin cook accompanying the rich man carried a plate in his hand with
    articles for worship and food offerings to the deity. When the Brahmin placed the plate
    in the presence of Sri Swamiji, Sri Swamiji roared, “You rascal, five thousand rupees
    are kept for you. Take that money and go. Do not forget to take that money”. Listening
    to the words of Sri Swamiji, the Brahmin spoke “Maharaj, I am a cook. Where can I get
    five thousand rupees? ”. Sri Swamiji kept silent.
    Behind the place where Sri Swamiji sat, a Muslim mendicant and a black dog
    became visible. Pointing in that direction, Sri Swamiji asked the Brahmin cook to feed
    the mendicant and the dog. The Brahmin cook placed the plate containing the food in
    front of the mendicant and the dog. Both ate the offered food leaving behind five
    morsels of food, in the plate. The plate was brought home. There was confusion
    whether to eat the leftover food in the plate as prasad or not. The rich man made
    enquiries but nobody clarified his doubt. Finally he asked Sri Swamiji about the leftover
    food. Sri Swamiji replied “If you want to eat the food, then take it, else return it to me”.
    So after returning home the rich man, and the others, accepted that food as prasad.
    They went back to Mumbai. The Brahmin cook previously worked as a cook for
    the rich man’s aunt. She was very rich. Observing the honest nature of the Brahmin
    cook she gave him rupees five thousand as gift. Later on, in future, the rich man Prabhu also became more prosperous. By the blessings of the leftover food taken as
    prasad, the poverty of the Brahmin cook was wiped off.

  5. Dear sister who wrote her experience first, u dont know how ur experience gave me baba's answer, even i was warned by by baba 8 yrs back that a calamity will befall in my marriage issue and he will give real marriage at right time, only after 3 yrs of my marriage that i could know the real meaning, so many twists turns, so much so much is going on in my life, i was totally down today asking why baba made me marry in a house which is full of black magic, i suffered unbearable torture by every member of that cursed evil family, still going on, just today i was asking as he himself showed me that match, but today through ur experience baba answered that everything is possible with him and he will change my fate as he promised. thats a lot sis, may baba's protection be ever on you and all his true children always.

    • dear sister,

      I will explain u my experience about it,you will find some solace for sure.mine was love in laws family are from tamilnadu very conservative people and I am north Indian,now u can imagine my life with those people.They never respected me just because my family didn't provide any DOWRY,jewels ETC as per their custom. I worked as an engineer with big MNC,s drawing fat salary. Even though they were very rich and my hubby was only son,they didn't spent a single paise for marriage.They forced my hubby to take heavy loans for marriage,jewels (even though they had lots of gold given to my mom in law by her father in law). we both were completely covered with loan for years.They got money from their son and brought vehicles and jewels for themselves (mother & sister in law) before our marriage and even after marriage they made sure for years to rob us off any goodies.

      Like u even I fought with saibaba every single day but now after 7 years of marriage I would say that saibaba blessed me with best hubby always supported me and later realized his family,s evil nature and shifted abroad.
      once we give reins of our life to saibaba,be sure that he will take care,YES of course there will be many ups and downs in the path due to our karma but be sure that he will place u in the right place. May god bless u. Let evil people do their work but u don't get disturb (telling form my own experience). Every evil act of a person comes four forth,the only thing is people realize it late.


  6. Om Sai Ram
    Maa please bless me and hold my hand firmly
    Lead me my maa
    Make me healthy not happy
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  7. Please make me healthy and happy my maa
    Please please please please make me very happy and peaceful my maa
    I typed it wrong maa
    You know what I want my maa
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your feet

  8. Very nice experiences! Whenever we are undergoing some hardship or difficulty, these types of experiences show that Baba always helps us get through it and gives us a way to endure the difficulty so that when the difficulty passes, we become stronger and the problem gets solved (since Baba knows we are strong enough to deal with it, else Baba will take care of it Himself). Om Sai Ram!

  9. Baba, Please guide me, I am completely struck in the wild forest not knowing, which way to go. Please help me , I am loosing all my energy and not able focus on work . You are the only ray of hope, I can think of. Without you, there is no me. Please help me.I will be your servant all my life.

    Om Sai Ram !!

  10. Om sai nath. Gd nyt baba ji.sweet dreams pr bhul mt jana kl meri momsy ka operation hai. Apko unke sath hee rehna hai hr pl. Bless her so that she wl b fine. I kno u ll b there in the hospital with my mom. Casting al my burden on ur lotus feet. Om sai ram

  11. Please can anyone tell me how to post experiences on this blog? To which email address should I send? thanks.

  12. This experience (1st) came to me at the right time as even I have just finished writing IPCC exam yesterday and tensed about results. . Thank you Baba for answering my question 🙂

  13. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    saimaa..pls help me and save us..u know what is best for me and make it happen in my life…pls bless my parents with happy life and good health. saimaa, I trust u a lot , u have told me that all my problems would be solved by tomorrow.i am waiting for ur miracle to happen in my life. pls forgive all my past and present births karmas. pls bless us saimaa..jai sairam.

  14. ya very true what the first devotee said. Baba helped me clear my CA IPCC exams too

    Love you baba
    Om Sai Ram

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