A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 636

Baba Fulfil My Wish On Rose Day

Sai Brother Karthik from India says: Om Sai Ram to Everybody. I am glad that I am sharing this lovely experience of mine as I promised to Sweetheart Baba. Myself Karthik (as my love like to call me with this name). Baba is everything for me from my childhood, my Maa, my Baba, my Friend, my Teacher, my Love, my Everything. I can’t even think of a day without remembering Him. Whatever and whenever, I demand anything to my Baba, He had always fulfilled my wish, and always supports me in every stage of my life in my good and bad days.

I start my experience as below. I started loving a girl 2 year 3 months ago. The moment I saw her, I simply asked Baba that I want to marry her only, and by Baba’s blessing she also started loving me. In this 2 years, we had many ups and down in our love life. After some months, because of my some bad relatives her brother come to know about us and due to this a bad situation comes in our love life and due to this many times I had cried all night. Many nights I can’t sleep because of the happiness I got because of her. This was happening in our love life.

Then she had taken a decision of not to talk for one year and so that no one will talk bad about us and she can score good in her exams and as always she approved me for her decision. I can’t tell you this one year was like hell for me. I used to miss her and cried for her all day and night and used to go to Baba for some peace and really every time whenever I go there, I feel very happy as I was feeling like Baba is telling me that I am with you, and she will come back 100%. I was living with a hope of her call and her message. In this one year I suffered from a minor heart attack also.

By Baba’s blessings exact after one year she again came in my life. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Recently when I was on leave (as I service in defense force ). I came home after very long time just to see her. I saw her after 3 months and it was in valentine week and that day was a rose day. I want to give her rose anyhow as she loves rose. I was little tensed because her brother knows about us and I can’t give her rose directly. I was very confused to how to give her the lovely rose which I brought for her. I was praying to Baba to please help me and suddenly my cousin came there and ask me what’s the problem why I am so tensed ??

Then by Baba’s permission I told her the whole problem of mine and i request her to gave the rose to my love and by surprise she approved to do it for me. I gave that rose enclosed in an envelope to my sister to give to my love. For the first time my sister just for me went to my love home and by Baba’s Blessing there was no one except my love and my mother in law (her mom ) and then by Baba’s grace she take the rose and smiled. This news just filled my whole body with joy and happiness. This way, my Baba accepts my request and wish. A small request to all my friends to just keep Shradha and Saburi. He will never disappoint you. Sorry for my long experience. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Devotion

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, all of you, who are involved in creating and managing this blog, are such a blessed souls. Baba blessed you all with this noble task. So many devotees like me benefitting from this blog. Like many, my day is not complete without visiting this website every single day. May Baba bless you all with His choicest blessings. Please don’t disclose my name or email ID.

I have been worshipping Baba past 24 years. But I clearly remember seeing my neighbours lighting incense sticks to His photo and asked them Who He is. I was just 8-9 years old then. Again when I was 12 years old I had been to an excursion (tour) with school friends and they stopped bus at Baba’s Temple. Seeing His statue from far I asked is He alive and sitting there? I didn’t realize that it is a Statue until I come close.

My journey with Baba started when I was 20 years old and it never stopped. Things were not going good for me that time. My friend gave me Baba’s Sai Satcharitra and asked to me to read. It was hard for me to read and understand but I did complete it in seven days. Baba took the matters and resolved all my problems. That’s how Baba’s devotion started in my life and every single thing in my life happened by His grace. My day starts and ends with Baba since then. When I started doing Baba’s Pooja, I wanted to buy a Baba’s Poster for my hostel room. I went to a photo frame shop and asked for one particular Poster (the one I attached). The sales boy brought a big bundle of Gods’ Posters and checked for one particular Poster that I asked and told me that it is not available. It was a huge bundle and I was praying to Baba that I want only that picture. I was very disappointed when the sales boy said that and looked at the bundle with a sad face. Then the miracle happened, my glance fell on one Poster in the middle of the bundle which was showing just a bit (¼ of an inch) of border of the poster. I said there it is and I pulled the Picture. Everyone around there got surprised as it was the same Picture that I have been asking for it. My friends got so surprised as we all kind tried to find the Picture while the sales boy was searching.

Another miracle, my roommate who is also my close friend, used to be skinny and very sensitive girl. One day when she woke up we noticed that her eyes got infected with conjunctivitis virus. As we know, once that infection starts it will not stop right away and will be cured only after using the eye drops. We all got worried for her as she would not be able to bear it and also it might spread to everyone in the room. I told her to sleep on my bed right under the same Baba Poster that I hung on the wall and applied Udi to her. By the time we came to hostel room for lunch she was all fine and her eyes were very clear with no trace of infection.

Want Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a student of class 11th science stream. I have got good grades in 10th just because Sai Baba helped me in concentrating on my studies. My English is not very good, but i will try my level best to make it possible for others to understand my words.

OM SAI RAM. Baba this is the 1st time, I am writing my heart feelings because i am sad and i need You by my side as You always do that. Baba because of Your Blessings, I had completed 10th with good marks and now I have given my final exams of 11th. This was the year when I actually realized that i need a lot of improvement and need to change my study pattern. I saw tremendous ups and downs in my marks. I have failed in physics and chemistry many times this year. I have lost hope in myself. I think that i am a burden for my parents. I am a loser, but every time i say this i feel an energy speaking from inside of me and trying to motivate me every time i am in pain. I know its You Baba Ji. I am not able to concentrate Baba Ji, help me out what is it, that is not letting me concentrate.

Baba i have given my final exams and the results will be out after 2 weeks. I want to pass in chemistry and physics because then only i will be sent to 12th. I don’t want to spoil 1 year Baba Ji. Most of my days have going crying, and thinking about the result. Baba help me again this time as You always. I know You will never let me and my prayers down. I really need You and Your Blessings. I may not be able to express my pain through words but You can easily read my heart my Lord. Help me pass 11th. I know this may be a small problem for some but for me it will decide my future. Help me to show everyone that i am not a loser.

SAI RAM. SAI RAM. SAI RAM. OM SAI RAM. God accept the prayers and wishes of Your devotee and show me the right path. Help me pass 11th. Please devotees pray for me it’s about my future. I will be very thankful to you people.

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    I had gone for trekking to the Himalayas just a couple of years back. This trekking programme was scheduled and sponsored by The All India Youth Hostels Association. Trekking was an experience of excitement as the climbing Up wards-down wards and walking for miles together daily was very thrilling and adventurous.

    However, right from the very first day of trekking, I was not so much at ease. Despite having high temperature and fever, I continued my trekking for three days along with the other trekkers thereby covering about 50 kilometres of distance on foot.

    But then, it was almost impossible for me to proceed further and continue my trekking. I was running a very high temperature with frequent shivering on such high altitude, where cold was unbearable and the wind was very penetrating. My fellow trekkers were all very much worried for my falling health. They were not prepared to take me with them on the following day.

    All had pressed me hard to go back to the pavilion. 1 had no alternative left but to rest till my recovery and then to return to my base camp. This apparently made me so moodless and upset that I could not decide my future course of whether to 'March on' or 'To retreat'. I was lying in bed with three-four blankets on my body to get rid of shivering and cold.

    We were resting at the 'Sirshi' camp, where I started praying Sim Sai Baba from the bosom of my heart. I had practically tears in my eyes and was seeking the guidance of Shri Sai Nath to offer me quick recovery and also to revitalise

    I my lost energy and health. I sincerely prayed to Him for my .t inclination to complete the trekking by reaching one of the peaks, – namely the 'Margaon Pass' which is at the height of 12500 feet.

  3. I said to myself, "While going ahead, if death comes, let it come I don't mind dying on the hill; but I definitely mind returning from that camp". My prayers and communication with Shri Sai Nath continued for about two hours. I was carrying Udi with me. So it was taken by me with a glass of hot milk.

    My long prayers to Him at the place, which was miles and miles away from Shirdi and from my residence were spontaneously responded and heard by Shri Sai Nath! How can He remain aloof and indifferent when He is earnestly and devotedly called by one of His ardent and staunch followers like me?

    After midnight, may be-about two o'clock, when the cold climate there was making others restless and uncomfortable, 1 slowly started getting perspiration. I felt the presence of Shri Sai Baba at every moment. He accepted and acknowledged my prayers and reciprocated His favours on me. It was with a sense of gratitude to Him that I then fell fast asleep.

    The early morning of the following day was very refreshing and pleasant for me. When I got up to prepare myself for trekking ahead, I had no symptoms of fever, fatigue, tiredness or shivering ! I just bowed down my head to Shri Sai Nath with tears of joy in my eyes. My voice was choked up with emotions for such an unbelievable relief which He granted to me…..

    My health was recouped to such an extent that I never felt tired or physically broken during the rest of my journey. Our scheduled programme was duly completed, reaching the height of 12500 feet, where there was snow, snow and snow. We could realise the greatness of nature and its' infinite, controlling supreme power in comparison to the smallness and limitations of human beings! Since I could complete the trekking programme due to Lord Sai Baba's grace, I had the feeling of achievement and fulfilment of desire. I cannot forget those memorable days of adventure and excitement.

    If I had been, left half way for trekking due to my ill health, I would have been the unhappiest man with an unfulfilled desire of completing the scheduled trekking

    It is therefore rightly said by Shri Sai Nath;


  4. Sai.. Thank you so much for everything!! ♥ and pardon us for all our mistakes like s mother (f)

    Today is my sister's birthday! ! She has been an ardent devotee of you from such a young age , even before me! Please bless her Sai and make her dreams come true.. as you know its a very crucial year in her life..
    Please bless us all Baba (p)

  5. Very Nice Experiences !!

    I have only request for Baba, to get my Health back to Normal, I will never be behind money or any other sensual pleasures.I will serve you always as servant. If you think, I don;t deserve the help from you, Please let them know, If I fit for them or No.We need your blessings.

    Please help me, Baba. Om Sai Ram !!

  6. To the 3rd devotee, I am sure our sweet Baba would have blessed you already. Don't let these things affect you, just have faith in Him and you will turn out to be a winner.

    O Sai Thank You for surrounding us with a beautiful family and friend that love us, care for us and inspire us to do good.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Om sai ram…. plz help all devotees baba.. and 3rd one too…. I can understand how it becomes important to clear exams.. Om sai ram….

  8. This wonderful miracles. i know baba can do every impossible work possible. please i want ur blessing. i need u. please help me.

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Appasaheb Subnis*****
    In Pune, there was a rich and respectable lawyer by name Appasaheb Subnis.
    Both husband and wife were possessed by a ghost. When the ghost would become
    active, the couple would be unable to eat or drink. They carried out a thorough reading
    of Gurucharitra and performed various religious ceremonials but in vain. At last,
    both along with two to four people went to Ganagapur to render devotional service. On
    the way, they took a halt at Akkalkot for Sri Swami Samarth’s ‘Darshan’. By the ‘Divine
    Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji, Subnis couple were very much impressed. The couple wanted
    to go to Ganagapur to get rid of their pain. Therefore, they requested Sri Swamiji with
    prayers for the necessary permission to go to Ganagapur. Sri Swamiji said, “You need
    not go to Ganagapur. I will destroy the ghost”. Then the couple continued their stay at
    Akkalkot itself by rendering devotional service such as reading Gurucharitra, collecting
    alms, circumambulation of the Audumbar tree etc.
    Initially the ghost was very much intoxicated. However, as the devotional service
    increased the ghost started becoming more and more weak. Then the ghost broke into
    tears and started uttering, “What should I do now? I cannot continue to bear this harsh
    beating”. After a period of five years, the ghost quit the couple’s bodies and fled.
    The lawyer, Subnis, stayed at Akkalkot and continued his legal practice. After a
    while the ghost started troubling the Subnis couple again. Then Subnis brought this to
    the kind notice of Sri Swamiji. Then Sri Swamiji said, “Why do you require this
    mediation? ”. Subnis immediately gave up his legal practice and utilised the money
    earned by this legal practice to render devotional service at the lotus feet of Sri
    Swamiji. Subnis’s mother prayed to Sri Swamiji “Since my daughter-in-law is child-less,
    all this property will become useless”. Then Sri Swamiji blessed Saraswati, the wife of
    Subnis, by giving a coconut and within a year itself Saraswati gave birth to a son. The
    entire family became devoted to Sri Swamiji and started visiting Akkalkot regularly to
    render devotional service.

  10. jai sairam

    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam, om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

  11. Babaji my maa
    You know what I want. Mother knows what the daughter wants
    Please please please come n pet me n pamper me .take away all my problems please .
    Luv u n falling at u r lotus feet

  12. OM SAI RAM!!To the third devotee please do not worry about your result any more baba surely going to stand up to your expectation. Baba please help me in my interview DEVA.OM SAI RAM!!! i love YOU SAI!!Want to see you in my dream.

  13. 1st devotee keep always that love for her on every situation.
    2nd devotee nice experoence.
    3rd devotee have unshakable faith in baba.
    I request all devotees please write your problems in comment box. Dont post in experience page as it is for miracles experienced by devotees.

  14. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  15. Om sai ram. Sai rakho meri laj. Sai babaji evrythng shud b fine. Mujhe abhi tk apka prashad nhi mila.plz bless me. Bles my family. Bles al. Plz tk care of my family. Plz apni udi ka miravle dikha dijiye. I had given ur udi to my brother 4 sm reason. Plz bles him. Plz bles my mother. Om sai ram.

  16. Om Sai Ram !

    I am Baba's devotee from past 10 years (approx). He has fulfilled almost everything that I desired for all this while. I am really thankful to Baba for this.

    However, in past one year or so I dont knw why I get a feeling as if Baba is angry with me. All my efforts towards my carrier has failed miserably. Baba had given me a nice job earlier. But after my marriage, due to some reasons, I was thrown out of that job. Still I dint loose hope. With my husbands' support I started preparing for competitive exams. After preparing so hard for my exams, due to my slow speed I couldnt finish the paper. I knew all the answers in that paper. I am very disappointed ever since.
    What wrong have I done Baba. I have started thinking ill about other people, I behave rudly wid my parents and inlaws. My exam was also not upto the mark……..Baba if I have done any mistake, then please forgive me. Dont leave me like this. ………..I am sorry baba but please save my one year of hard work…..show me the right path and help me in becoming your true devotee.

    OM SAI !!

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