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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful blog. This blog gives so much courage and strength to our faith by reading wonderful Miracles of Baba. Please don’t disclose my name or email.

When my parents were looking for a groom for me, I was praying Baba to settle my marriage. I used to go to all the surrounding Baba’s Temples that I could visit and pray. My husband’s brother came to see me first and while he was walking out of the house, my friend’s younger brother who is very close to me came in to visit me and gave me a package. He said that he had visited Shirdi recently and also he bought a Baba’s Photo long back to gift me but always keep forgetting to bring it whenever he visits our place. So now he came with that Photo and Shirdi Prasad. I didn’t open that package while he was there talking as I wanted to put it in Pooja, Pray and then open it. I do that always for every important thing.

After he left I opened that package and found Baba’s Photo in Yellow colour clothes and Haldi & Kumkum from Shirdi. For some south Indians, yellow colour clothes signify marriage and so are the Haldi & Kumkum. As you all know we get Udi from Shirdi but not Haldi & Kumkum. And we knew and you all can guess that my marriage got settled right away. But till date, I talk with my friend’s brother so many times but while talking to him I never ever remember to ask him, from where he got that Haldi & Kumkum?

I always wanted to have only one kid and that too a baby girl. After getting pregnant, for some reason I wanted it to be a baby boy. And one day I could clearly see a baby boy under the rays of Baba’s Blessing hand and I prayed that I will name him after Baba if it is really a boy. And yes it was a boy. And few years back, I got indication from Sathya Sai Baba to go for another child and surely it will be a baby girl. I didn’t plan for 2nd child for 2 years, after I got that message as we wanted only one child, but finally we decided to have another baby and Yes it is a baby girl as Baba blessed. My marriage, kids, job, home each & everything are given and blessed by Baba. Thank You for all Your Love and Blessings Baba. Om Sri Sai Ram.

Baba And His Love For His Devotees

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: His words are true and His love is even truer. He blesses and reaches His Devotees and changes them forever.

I want to share my story. Please do not share my name however so share Baba’s Stories and the Miracles, I have encountered. I firstly started following Baba, when I was facing a tough period in my life. Sai came as a breath of fresh air. I remember on Valentine’s Day, I took a red rose for Baba. I presented it to the Temple priest and behold when he threw it, it landed right in Baba’s Hand. I was astonished by this Miracle and felt His love towards me. I will always hold that beautiful image in my head.

There are many, but to add a few more; I moved to a new home and we need to do some work on the internet. Usually if a neighbour has not protected their internet you can add yourself to it and use it. But we did not find any such network, but I told my husband Sai will help us. Behold, a network came up and guess the name of the network, it was Sai.

On my birthday, I was remembering Sai and just wanted His Blessings. We went out for dinner and the GPS took us to a restaurant and right next to that restaurant, it was Sai Bhandar. I wish to tell you I live in USA and that’s not a typical restaurant you find like that, it’s His way of reaching us. Sai’s Miracles are beautiful. They create a surge of love and faith for Him in His devotee’s heart. He listens but you need to have faith.

Recently, I was at Sai Temple and while coming I got a call for some work which got done. I had been waiting for it to happen and He helped me. I feel His presence in my heart, I see Sai in everyone. He is the Doer, He is the Creator. Just reach out to Him and He fills you with more than just what you ask, that is Love and Peace. Om Sai Nath.

My First Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I belong to Andhra Pradesh and i want to share my experience with all Sai devotees.

This is my first experience with Sai. I am a person who doesn’t believe in God but i was introduced to Sai by my mother. I got a problem with my palm that no biometric device is able to read it. If it happens, i would get a huge loss and i may get down into trouble and even it is the last date and before that i tried nearly 75 times and no hope that it would happen. But my mother asked me to pray to Sai and try it, after hearing it, i laughed at my mother but as i was helpless i don’t know why i did, but i prayed to Sai and then i tried and to my surprise within one trail that biometric device read my finger prints. I was totally shocked, and i said same thing to my mother. She said that it is the Miracle of Sai. From then i started believing in Sai. This is my first experience.

Next i started praying Sai for everything that i am doing. One day it was my interview day. I prayed to Sai there after i attended for the interview and by Sai’s grace i got selected as a telecom engineer. I am feeling happy for it. I am waiting for another miracle that is going to be happen and i hope it will be happen and i would share my experience here. Finally thanks to the whole team who are working for this page thanks a lot guys. You are really doing a great job. Happy Shivaratri to all of you.

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  1. Wonderful experiences….May Baba shower you all with unlimited and beautiful BLESSINGS… :))

    2nd devotee….

    Yes dear you are absolutely correct…."He REALLY fills you with more than just what you ask for"…


  2. OM SAI RAM!!

    Nice Expereinces. I have posted my experience last year regarding my job. It so happened only because of Sai and he is taking care of it. He is always with me.

    Please Sai bless me with a child. I am in a situation where you know everything what is going on.
    I can't take any comments from anyone regarding this, please help me Sai. Please bless me with your child. I will post my experience here, Wishing that it will come true.

    Thanks! for everything Baba , always be with us and shower your blessings.


    • Om Sai Ram.

      Prayers for you Dear Sai devotee, BABA bless you soon with a healthy baby.

      OM SAI RAM.


    (Dead child revived due to Baba's grace)


    In Chapter IX of Shri Sai Satcharitra we have seen and read that “Bhaktas who obeyed Baba’s order at the time of leave fared well and those who disobeyed them suffered many a mishap. This statement has been amplified and illustrated many a times in the Sai Satcharitra and also being illustrated even now. But Baba is a kind mother, though the child does not like the mothers advise and takes pleasure in disobeying the mother, still the mother out of great love and concern for the child will run to save the child if the child is in danger. This has happended in the case of Dr.Rajan in 1971. Sai Baba came running to save Dr.Rajan and revived a dead child.

    It was in the year 1971 that the following incident occurred while, I was travelling from Davangere to Bangalore. I was alone at that time at Davangere, as my wife had gone in advance to attend the marriage of my brother-in-law. My best friend Dr. Rajan and his family consisting of his daughter, son-in-law (a doctor) and their son and a driver had come in their car to Davangere and were staying with me. Dr. Rajan had come to admit his grandson into the medical college. At that time, I happened to be the Principal and so was helpful in securing a seat for reasonable donation. The boy was admitted into the college as well as the hostel, and he was left in the hostel, and the others wanted to go to Madras the next day. It happened to be a Thurs­day and as such, I asked them to take bath in the morning, wor­ship and then leave Davangere. I wanted to go that day to Bangalore to attend the marriage of my brother-in-law the next day. After learning this Dr. Rajan insisted that I should go with them in the car upto Bangalore. I had planned to go by express bus but as there was place in the car I accepted their kind offer to travel in the car.

    When invited to take bath and do pooja. Dr. Rajan and his family blankly refused and said that they would take their bath after going to Madras. As such only I took a bath in the early morning and performed Sri. Sai BABA's Pooja as usual. We all started at about 6'o clock in the morning on the way we took breakfast in Chitradurg and proceeded further. We reached Tumkur by about 10'o clock, in the morning and it started drizzling. Dr. Rajan's son-in-law wanted to drive the car upto Bangalore and though Dr. Rajan was not in favour of it, he took the wheel.

  4. When invited to take bath and do pooja. Dr. Rajan and his family blankly refused and said that they would take their bath after going to Madras. As such only I took a bath in the early morning and performed Sri. Sai BABA's Pooja as usual. We all started at about 6'o clock in the morning on the way we took breakfast in Chitradurg and proceeded further. We reached Tumkur by about 10'o clock, in the morning and it started drizzling. Dr. Rajan's son-in-law wanted to drive the car upto Bangalore and though Dr. Rajan was not in favour of it, he took the wheel.

    After passing the railway crossing there was a slight gradient in the road, near a village called Kyathsandra. There was a jumboo tree by the side of the road, where 2 muslim girls one aged about 10 years and the other 5 years were picking berries. As soon as they saw the car they ran to the opposite side, the elder one ran away but the younger one was caught in the under­carriage of the car. When the car passed over the child, the child fell down. She was bleeding terribly from the mouth. Everyone thought that she was dead. We all got down from the car and the first reaction of doctor Rajan was to inform the police about the incident. He took the car along with the driver and proceded in a hurry to police station in Kyathsandra. I was also feeling bad about the death of the child. For about 5 minutes, I was praying to BABA desperately. Then Baba told me you are a doctor and you should go and see the condition of the child. I took out a kerchief, went near the child and wiped blood off her face and mouth. The child which was dead for all practical purposes, by the grace of Baba cried out loudly. I was surprised that the child was alive even though, it did not breathe for more than 5 minutes. It was a medical surprise and the child survived by the grace of Lord SAI. By that time, a number of villagers with sticks who were passing on the road stopped there menacingly. I asked for some water and it was given to me by the daughter of doctor Rajan. I lifted the child and took it to the nearby milestone and kept her there. By that time some one had informed her mother that the child was dead. She came crying loudly with a dejected face. As soon as she came near, and found that her child was not dead, I could see a sudden transformation. I saw BABA's miracle which transformed the expression on her face into one of delight and joy.

    She came and hugged the child and was about to take the child away, but by that time the police sub-inspector and a constable along with Dr. Rajan arrived in time. They were all surprised to see that the child was alive after being dead, Dr.Rajan attributed this miracle to BABA. He along with his daughter and son-in-law prostrated on the road itself and I transferred their obeisance to BABA. He even repented for not having taken a bath and worshipped BABA as suggested by me.

    The police sub-inspector detained the child and wanted me also to stay till all the investigations were over. I pleaded with him about my inability to remain there as I wanted to catch the bus specifically arranged at Bangalore to go to Bangerapet at 12 noon. When the police sub-inspector refused me permission to go all the villagers joined together calling out that I could go without caring for his advice. And when the line bus for Bangalore arrived they all stopped the Bus and called out for my box and bedding in the car. They took them and deposited them in the bus and asked me to get into the bus, without caring about the police. I came away and joined the others in the proper time.

  5. Later on I learnt that Dr. Rajan and other were left off after two hours by the grace of Sri BABA, and the whole episode closed because the child revived after being dead. Then they also became ardent devotees of BABA after this incident.

    I pray to Lord Sai. SAI BABA to shower His grace on all the devotees

    • Truly the incident is Baba's miracle. Am travelling with my family to Chennai from Bangalore by car, and read it on the way. We. Also did not take shower before our journey. Chanting Sai 's name for a safe journey.

  6. Happy experiences. O Sai bless us so our days are filled with love and laughter and in Your remembrance 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. baba am waiting for ur miracle to happen today saimaa…pls help me and save my life…whatever is best for me , make that happen…pls bless me…jai shivsai


  9. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls take care of us and everyone.

  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Shoe Thrown at the Brahmin Possessed by Ghost*****
    A Brahmin was possessed demoniacally. He always behaved like a lunatic. His
    wife brought him to Akkalkot. She would collect alms and feed her husband but he
    would abuse and spit at people. The helpless lady somehow calmed down the victims.
    In the evening the Brahmin would become more mischievous and would run away
    without notice. With great difficulty he would get traced and caught.
    One day, the possessed Brahmin started shouting, “There is no justice in the
    royal court of Lord Dattatreya. Sri Swamiji is beating me unnecessarily”. In addition, he
    also started screaming. When Sri Swamiji asked the reason for his screaming, replied,
    “This Brahmin has not repaid my two thousand rupees. I was a poor man, hence I had
    to commit suicide, and then I became a ghost. Had he not swallowed my money, would
    I be, in this state of a ghost? Maharaj, please do justice in my case. If this Brahmin
    returns my money and completes my funeral rites, then I will go away”. Sri Swamiji
    said, “Oh, he is a poor Brahmin”. Hearing this the ghost said “I made this Brahmin poor
    and childless. Now let him return my money. I will not leave his body till he returns my
    Hearing this Sri Swamiji started laughing. Sri Swamiji took a turban of a person
    and gave one tip of the turban in the hand of that person. An old wooden house, with a
    big hole was lying nearby. Sri Swamiji asked the person to put the tip of the turban in
    that hole and start pulling the turban. When that person started pulling the turban, the
    possessed Brahmin, began to writhe in severe pain. The entire body of the Brahmin
    started shrinking and stiffening. He started crying loudly and said “Maharaj, please
    forgive and release me. I will not demand for money. Whatever you say, I will agree for
    the same”.
    When the turban was pulled out completely from that hole, the Brahmin became
    unconscious. The Brahmin’s wife started crying, and she prayed to Sri Swamiji, to save
    her husband. Then Sri Swamiji threw his shoe and hit the Brahmin. The Brahmin
    immediately got up and asked Sri Swamiji “What do you command me to do? ”. Sri
    Swamiji said, “Go and sit on that tamarind tree”. The ghost left the Brahmin’s body and
    went away. Then the Brahmin regained his consciousness. Next day the Brahmin’s wife worshipped Sri Swamiji, performed Aarti, Sang
    devotional songs in the praise of Sri Swamiji and offered Naivedya. She prayed, “By
    your kind grace, we have got rid of a great calamity in this life. How can I describe your
    kindness? Now what should we do?” Then Sri Swamiji threw his shoes towards her.
    Taking the shoes as blessings, the couple returned home. The lady (Brahmin’s wife)
    started worshiping the shoes as blessings of Sri Swamiji with all devotion.

  11. Sai maa
    Thank you so much for having come home yesterday.
    Please help me my maa to come out of this problem .i want to feel really healthy and fit.I want to help as many people as possible.
    Let Ashwin have a good and safe trip maa.
    Luv you and falling at your lotus feet.

    • dont worry baba will surely bless you with a good parayana of sai satcharitha…om sai raam

  12. a small puppy that was in my care, innocently went out of our gate and got killed by a car. I feel miserable. I feel I should have woken up in time to keep the gate locked shut. Baba please give it sadgati, please let it never be born a stray pup ever. The way people treat stray animals is appalling.
    I am so sorry I could not keep the pup safe baba.

  13. Nice experiences.SAI please hold me tightly.please take it as YOUR interview as i am completely surendering my self infront of YOU. Please help me.make this impossible to possible SAI.i love YOU DEVA.OM SAI RAM!!!

  14. Om sai ram. Bless us all. Om sai nath. Momsy ka operation thik krwa dena sau babaji. Evrythng is dependable on u. Faling at ur lotus feet baba ji. Om sai nath

  15. Baba, please help me, I am in a unbearable pain, please help me.

    Please guide me , If I deserve or not. Falling at your LOTUS Feet.

    Om Sai Ram !!

  16. Om sai ram… Baba please help me also. U knw the pain I'm going through. Please bless my loved ones. Without your remembernce my day will not start. I believe you a lot.. Without my knowledge I got attached to you so much. Waiting a day to share my happiness with all sai devotees.

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