Why Sai Ignores Me – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Kindly pray for this Sai sister. She needs our prayers too to face difficulties of her life.

Anonymous Devotee from India Says: I am from India and completed my post graduation now searching for job.

Sai Ram. Namaste everyone. You can address me as Sai’s daughter. I am from India and i want to be Anonymous. Right now I am in very difficult and painful situation. First of all, i want to tell you about me and my family. I had a beautiful and loving family. My family consist of my mother, father, my brother, his wife and his two sons and me. My mother and father both were very kind and light hearted persons. They use to help needy and who want help, they use to help them. My mother even helped my uncle by lending him huge amount and never thought bad of any one. They both were spiritual. Both believed in Sai Baba. My father was devotee of Lord Dattatreya and my mother was devotee of Sri Lalith Devi, but both were strong believers of Sai.

All problem started when my father was diagnosed with cancer, my mother and brother very worried and they use to cry. But I had strong feeling that Sai will help my father to get cure and my father use to say Sai come and remove cancer in him. But our happiness didn’t last long, again my father effected by it and suffered for 3 months horribly, seen hell here only and I lost my father. I was shattered even my family. I stopped talking and praying to Sai for one year.

Suddenly Sai show me some hope regarding my future, and with full faith I did Sai Vrat for me and my brother’s promotion. During this time I got dream where I have seen Sathya Sai Baba coming to our house and even our neighbour’s house distributing Udi and blessing me and my mom that our wishes will be fulfilled. I felt a bit sad because Sai didn’t come in my dream. But later i thought Him as is other form of Sai. But Sai again dumped me. I lost for which I was praying and my brother also lost his job. Again I recovered over it and this time my mom was unwell. I thought due to her diabetics but we came to know about her heart problem. I prayed Sai that she should not get any problem. Doctors have asked for few tests to check whether she is having any blocks. I prayed Sai that she should not have any blocks. I went to Sai Mandir in morning. I got Prasad, which I give to my mom and other patients, who were there. But in test she has 2 blocks. I prayed Sai with hope that she should not undergo operation, but she has to.

I and my brother, we both prayed for our mother. One of our relative asked to do Pooja, as my mother has some problem in her horoscope. We said, we will do but first operation and then we will do. After operation was done, immediately my brother done Pooja at Sai Mandir. In this period, my aunt took me to Sai devotee house. There she gave me Sai Book and Photo and even to another Sai Devotee. The later devotee has habit of giving Sai Idol, who wants it and ask us to perform Pooja to Sai Idol with milk bath daily and other normal formalities. It was Thursday and she was left with only one Idol. She said I am very lucky to have it. I felt Sai has come to my house. I will not have any problem Sai came to my house and it was Thursday. Meanwhile my mom was discharged. She was slowly recovering. But later after weak, she suddenly felt discomfort and we took her to hospital. After entering into the hospital she breathes for last time. My mother left us in spite of so many prayers and so many positive sign from Sai Deva, Me and my brother became orphans. During childhood every time I use to complain Sai for grandparents love, but Sai has taken away my parents.

Everyone blames me for my mother death. They say, due to my marriage tension, my mother has died. This makes me feel more terrible. I use to get many proposals for marriage, but sometimes, I may not like them or some time they don’t like me. Due to this I am losing my health. After my mom’s death I didn’t feel like praying to Sai Idol because Sai didn’t save my mom. I asked many people regarding Sai’s Idol that what I should do with it. Many said to leave it in Temple but my heart did not agreed and I started praying to that Sai’s Idol (I have uploaded Sai‘s Idol picture).

We were in financial problems so we had to sell our house, which I didn’t want. I prayed to Sai to save my house. But Sai didn’t. We sold our house in fewer amounts. Every time I trust Him and He ignores me. I with strong faith make efforts to come close to Sai, but Sai every time test me very hard and also doesn’t be with me. I am unable to understand what will be me and my brother’s future. I am worried Sai is not listening. I did what I can do. I am doing Sai and Shri Guru Saptha, Sai Vrat, did as per Sai’s instruction in question answers website, but everything gone into waste. Sai never answered my prayers.

Now days I am worried about my health. I had some discomfort in chest. I had many negative thoughts. Later I prayed Sai that I should be fine because I don’t want any serious ailments, thinking of our financial position. Every time, I visit doctor I use to pray Sai and had His Udi with water daily. I really don’t like, when devotees say if Sai does this to me, then I will post it. But this time I am very worried, I thought if doctors say everything is alright, I will post it, which I am doing now. Still I am having pain. Actually it was my post to keep my promise regarding my health. But I wrote whole incidences which happened to me. In spite of all this, I love Sai very much. Even I get angry over Him, scolding Him a lot. But still I love Him. Sometimes I feel why I love Sai, if He doesn’t listen to me. But, Sometimes I feel, Sai will surely listen to us. My brother has completely lost his faith in Sai God. But still I have hope. He will help in our financial position for our house and for my marriage (one of the major problem). We came across many things. Relative talking bad about us, for my marriage.

Dear Sai devotees i feel as all of us are a huge Sai family. As one of the member of family, I am pouring my heart out. Sai devotees I am not complaining about our Sai Deva. Every time I read post of other devotees, I feel when I am going to write my experiences here. I am in deep pain mentally and physically. I am very sorry for such a long post.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Sai Sister.. I Understand what all you have gone through.. Sometimes our lord test us to the core, but he will never leave us alone.. So please don't lose hope. Keep Praying our sai ma. He will surely take care of you. I will surely pray for your and your family's good.. We all belong to one family "Sai's family'. So don't evre lose hope.. Stay positive and face everything. Everything will be alright very soon… Jai Sai Ram..

  2. Om SAI ram to all !! I will pray for You my dear sister. BABAJI gonna fill your life with happiness. Love You Lods my dear deva.

  3. Sai is with you in your tough times. We cannot understand his ways and our karma, we feel upset with him when what we want does not happen. I am feeling very bad and understand how insecure you feel without your parents and having undergone multiple problems all thru, But just hang in there – Sai is making you stronger and his plan is working. You will get to know soon and good days will come. We have to pray and wait in patience.Just pray to him like "Do whatever you want I will not leave you. I am yours – you can make me or break me.Whether you make me laugh or cry its all your doing. Kindly stay me and give me strength and courage to wade thru my karma and make me feel your presence each second " You both are in our prayers – please be strong.

  4. Please do not worry sister,Shri Sai baba knows even a flash of our thought,Please do not give up your hope,Think that its your testing time,Be firm with your faith,baba never speaks untruth,He will definitely help you,he is listening to you,I can understand your pain that you are going thorugh,Please donate food to poor people and animals,your past karmas intensity would be decreased by doing so,Also keep yuor faith on sacred Udi,it cures almost every ailment.Also read satcharithra with faith and patience.Om sai ram.Akilandakoti bharmanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogi raja parabrahma samardha satguru sai nath maha raj ki jaiiiii,

  5. I will pray for your health to Sai. Have faith sister. Baba ever guards and protects us, he cannot interfere in our problems till our past karma is deposed off. He feels equally bad, but without grace of God, Baba cannot enter our lives and improve it. Have faith in Sai always.

  6. I will pray for your well-being and health sister. Baba is ever with us guarding and protecting us. He is helpless too attimes, as he cannot interfere in our lives without our past karma is deposed off. He equally feels the pain and hurt as you do in all your situations. Have strong faith sister.


    Very heart Drenching experience Dear SAI sister.

    You have lost everything, but be sure you are inches close to attaining SAI, as you still have faith in SAI.

    I am saying this with confidence as One of my friends, she lost everything- Her husband gone away with her kids, her house, she was just left with a statue of SAI, but she was determined not to loose SAI, She got everything back when all her mental ties with everything were broken, She was left with SAI & SAI only.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  8. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Dear sister, felt very ban reading. However, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Sai, he will definitely put you out of all crisis. Will pray for you & your family.
    Om SaiRam.

  10. You brought tears to my eyes reading your post, don't worry about marriage at all baba'll arrange for u.visit shirdi if u can at-least u'll get peace of mind..om sai ram

  11. Boundless mercy of Baba and Swamiji
    By Smt. Kamala Mani

    Time comes in everybody's life to pay his gratitude to his Guru. During the past seven years, Sai Baba and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji have showered upon me and my family their blessings and have pulled us out of many a difficult situation. The purpose of this article would have been served if all the devotees of Sai Baba and Swamiji cast their burden on them and wait to see the results.

    In 1985, my daughter passed her XII Standard examination. She wanted to become a doctor and nothing else. Though she had secured good marks, they were not good enough to get her automatic entry into a Government medical college. As she was very adamant, we got her admitted to a private medical college. Though this was much beyond our financial capacity, Baba and Swamiji saw to it that her medical education was completed unhindered. The moment I put her in the college, certain forces which were burning with jealousy and were inimical to us, got my husband's salary reduced by 50% to see that his daughter's education was discontinued (my husband is a partner in a family business and takes his monthly salary). Sai Baba and Swamiji put all of them to shame by helping at every step with money encouragement and guidance through dreams and visions.

    After finishing her MBBS in December '90, my daughter wanted to go to Saudi Arabia and earn a lot of money. She could not succeed as three years' experience is a must. Then we came across an alliance where the groom is working as a doctor in Saudi Arabia and was confident of getting her a good job even without the requisite experience. My daughter was married on 12-12-91 and joined her husband immediately thereafter. She got a nice job and is doing well. What else is this except the mercy of Sai Baba and Swamiji?

    While trying to find a groom for her, because of my faith in Swamiji, I felt that her would be husband would also be from Bangalore. Lo and behold, without any effort we got a very good alliance from Bangalore from a religious and pious family, who demanded nothing from us. As we had spent heavily on our daughter's education, we were unprepared financially to conduct the marriage. Help came to us unasked. Hail His mercy!

    Swamiji also got our son admission in the National Defense Academy, Pune. He saw to it that he passed out from there in December '91 and he is now in "Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, waiting to be commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant by the end of this year. As getting through NDA training is not easy, we were worried throughout. But Baba and Swamiji appeared in my dreams several times and assured "Don't worry. One day your son will become a very big officer in the Army."

    Swamiji once told me in my dream: "Then baytti ko meraj dhua hai".

    Like me and my husband, my two children have also great faith in Baba and Swamiji and that faith has not gone in vain.

    I have read umpty times Baba Satcharitra and Sri R. Parthasarathi's "Apostle of Love". I and my family have been amply rewarded.

  12. Existence (Asthi)
    There is no end to the glory of the Eternal father. It is ever flowing. Many a holy person will take a dip in the holy waters of grace that flow from His feet. They are not quite satisfied by the bliss they enjoyed. They speak of Him and His leelas to others, who are interested and by telling them to the deserving and devotional persons, they enjoy a reciprocal happiness. That is why they are all considered by the Lord as dear and near to Him and are always blessed by Him.
    The following is one such narration of a bee's enjoyment, who felt the sweetness of the nectar that flows from the Holy feet of Shri Sai Baba. With due respect to his Holiness and with so much humbleness to all His devotees, this heart and pen have become bold enough to submit a few lines of the experiences of this humble being. Thanks to the management of Sai Samsthan, who provided the best ‘media’ through which we speak of Him together.
    It was March 1977, when the accounts branches of the entire state were busy with the completion of the transactions connected with the spending of the Budget, the poor fellow, hereinafter termed as T was also engaged in attending to his normal duties in his office.
    When I was busy in this manner, we had to celebrate the Ugadi of that year in this busy month. I was so happy in the morning, but I became so unhappy in the evening when my wife suddenly developed shivering and high temperature. I suspected it to be an infection in urine and the next day before consulting any doctor. I gave her urine for culture test and took her then for treatment, which was later confirmed by the doctor. The result of the culture test also proved our doubt to be true and the treatment continued under that Doctor, a qualified M. D,
    During the treatment there were no symptoms of reduction of the disease, but the unrest grew from day to day. The sun was hot. The children were having examinations and I was busy in office, even on holidays and there was nobody to attend to this sick lady in the house. The temperature was being controlled by a particular medicine for some time; but when the power of the medicine would become less, say for 4 or 5 hours later, she again used to get high temperature.
    This continued for 15 or 20 days and I had no time to give a second thought, since she was under the care of a good doctor. Simply I was praying to Baba alone to give me relief by giving her normal health and normalcy in the family affairs.
    While it was so, one night (it was Wednesday) my wife woke me up in
    the night at 3 a.m. or so and said, "One old man came to me and gave me
    some lump to eat. I do not know what it was; but I ate it. He said that I will be alright". I replied to her, "If it is so, you will be alright" and J asked her to
    sleep. I always had a belief that He alone will change the position whenever
    He feels fit. I had a confidence that it was He who gave her this lump of
    medicine to cure her, who was almost neglected by me. After five or ten
    minutes later, she woke me up again with the words: "I have seen Sai Baba".
    "When and which Sai?" was my question, as I have two photos, one of Shirdi and other of Puttaparthi, one on the side of her head and the other towards her feet, in reply to my question she pointed out to Shirdi Sai. Then what happened was my question. She said, 'He was grinding something in His masjid and I stood before Him leaning to the pillar before Him. He addressed me in Hindi saying, "Aao beli, daro mat, baitho". These words gave me much confidence. I humbly requested Him to permit me to take curdbath for which He said that I can take any thing I like". I told her that she cannot have any doubt and that she will have anything she wanted as I cannot stop when permitted by Baba.

  13. She slept a while. In fact she was provided with the dish she required on the next day. She again surprised me by saying after few minutes, "This time Baba brought new chappals and asked me to wear them and when I had done so, we both were lifted in the air high from the earth. He then projected his palm downwards; rays of light spread all over the ground in which light I saw some children playing.
    Baba said to me that it was called 'Bal Vikas' and I can visit these places when the sun gets cold as it was very hot." He then promised her that He will take care of her health and her family affairs and there would be no worry thereafter. He brought her back to the place where she was. With this her dream or trancequences ended.
    Now starts His leela. My wife was running the highest temperature at that time, when she talked to me all these things and there is every doubt that delirium might have started, as the other day the Doctor treating her also expressed her doubt whether it would lead to meningitis. But to clear the doubt or doubts I had at that moment, she put me a question, "It is Puttaparthi Sai Baba, who started Balavikas schools for children and why Shirdi Sai is telling that there is Balavikas? When did he start them?" It was really an intelligent question showing that her brain was working properly. We had not been to Shirdi till then and in fact I did not read anywhere that Shirdi Sai started Balavikas schools. I simply interpreted her saying that it might be Baba once again declaring to me, that He makes no difference whether He is Shirdi Sai or Puttaparthi Baba. She was also
    satisfied then and slept.
    Next morning as usual I had Thursday pooja and questioned Baba about the present situation by opening His 'Satcharitra' as I do usually at the time of doubt or when I require an answer to my problem. The reply He gave was Dr. Pillai's story, in which Baba tells Dr. Filial not to request for postponement of Prarabdha and then assures him of the cure from his guinea worm disease within 10 days. It assured me that my wife will be alright in 10 days. This was conveyed to my wife and we were waiting for a change. We never tried to change the doctor.
    On the same evening, one doctor, who is a friend of mine, returned from Iran only on the last night and came to visit our house. He being a doctor, rebuked my negligence for having kept a patient for so many days in the house, not hospitalizing her and he never took rest, till she was admitted to the Hospital the next day. It was 1st April. Doctors thereafter made a thorough check up and admitted my wife in the emergency ward, which terrified the lady; but she took courage on hearing from me, Shri Baba's assurance and took themedicines as directed by the doctor, They took all the tests that are possible in a hospital; but they could not diagnose the disease. The medicine given by themwas only nominal; but she started improving day by day and on the third day she showed symptoms of normalcy. She picked up her health and was discharged on 11th April. See, it was only 10 days she took to regain her health as promised by Baba. It was really a rebirth. The doctors, who looked after her told me later that they could not find any defect in her, but they suspected that the dosage given by the previous doctors was less, which could
    not improve her health. Anyhow, I felt that the decease was cured on
    Wednesday night itself by the Divine treatment of Sai and nothing was left
    over to doctors to find out. The question arose what was the use of our going to the hospital? I humbly remembered the words of Shri Swamy Ramaadas of Anandashram (Kerala State) "Human effort is necessary to know that human effort is useless. Then divine will start worming".

  14. In four days after coming back from the hospital, one of my friends came from his village and after completing his work in the city suddenly proposed to go to Shirdi, with me. One can imagine my condition. I was penniless; but he assured me of the expenditure and wanted me to be his guest. Next, my wife also showed her willingness. My trip to Shirdi was an unimaginable happiness to my heart and soul. We had a pleasant journey and darshan of the Lord Sai Baba from near, I dropped off all my anxieties and worries at His feet and made my heart and mind so empty that I filled it with His grace and prasad. I returned with these to my wife and children. My wife asked me whether we have seen the things used by Him. It
    was surprising to me. She did not tell me in her trance, the stories about what was worn by Sai Baba and how he was looking like. I told her that all the things used by Him are preserved in a glass cupboard. She suddenly put me a question, how His shoes were. With so much curiosity I asked her whether she saw them, while He was wearing them and how they appeared like. She said, "Sai wore shoes like those that the Muslim Fakirs wear" and her description of the shoes was exactly of those, kept in the Samadhi Mandir by the Shirdi Samsthan. This shattered my last doubts whether Shri Baba appeared in person before her in her experience and I bowed with reverence at His holy feet with a humble prayer.
    In 1978 February my Mrs. could travel to her Ishta Deva and then she herself saw what was shown to her in her dream. She recognized the highest place where she was taken as "Bhakta Niwas" top floor, where we stayed and the "Balavikas" under the shade of trees by the side of the Bhakta Nivas!
    V. Narayana Rao

    (Source Shri Sai Leela – August 1980)

  15. Om Sai Ram….Sister, I can feel your pain…sometime we need to face the hardship because of our past Karma's….but for you now all hardship and pains are over….Baba is holding you very tight….He will take care of each and every issues…Why Fear when he is near….We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us….Om Sai Ram

  16. Dear sai devotee
    I am also going through a lot of physical and mental problems
    I feel lonely and scared .This is very unlike me
    I am sure my Sai maa will pull us tat is his daughters out of this and make us happy cheerful n peaceful
    Sai maa Please please please please please help us my maa
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. Heart touching experiences. I am sure with our Beloved Baba's grace you and your family's hardships will soon be over.

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with a wonderful family and caring friends. Help us O Sadguru so we may spread joy and cheer and be of use and help to those in need.

    Thank You for all Your miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  18. Sai maa
    Planning to go for the test today
    Please let it be ok my maa Please
    Let everything be ok my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  19. Don't worry dear..keep faith and patience…i know its easy to say, but hard to follow……….sai will definitely help you..

    with lots of love and blessing
    God bless you

  20. Hi admin

    i also want to share my experience, but don't know how. Kindly help me


  21. Dear Sai sister,
    I am from Mauritius. I am deeply touched by your parents' death.I must say from the bottom of my heart that you are a perfect example and model of faith, and i convey my deep respect to you.I shall pray for you everyday in my daily prayer so that Sai enlightens your life and that of your brother. Don't loose hope. Don't say that you've become orphan because Sai will always be here for you. Like Sai Baba use to say "Why fear when i am here".Om Sairam to you.

  22. BABA is always with us…dont worry…keep chanting HIS name with unconditional love…everything will be alright…JAI SAI RAM…

  23. Om Sai Ram.

    Prayers and best wishes for you Dear Sai Sister. BABA will surely help you soon and take away all your health issues and bless you with a happy and financially strong life. Please do hold on to BABA with FAITH and PATIENCE. He is our BIG DADDY and will never leave us alone. BABA bless you and your family always.


  24. may sai bless you and your brother with happiness in future and lead a happy married life……..

  25. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls bless her baba.pls show her some ray so that she can stay clam without tension

  26. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls be with us all thetime.

  27. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Who Else Is Magnanimous In This World Than Sri Swami Samarth*****
    Akkalkotnivasi Sri Swami Samarth has eliminated the sufferings of
    numerous people afflicted from ailments. There is no end to his kindness. Man
    becomes unhappy due to different types of ailments. Some ailments are
    troublesome and incurable. Everyone has to undergo sufferings whether rich
    or poor. Sri Swami Samarth, by his kind grace, was able to give relief to people
    from sufferings due to ailments.
    Shri Vishwasrao alias Appasaheb Mane, the chieftain of Akkalkot State was a
    devotee of Sri Swami Samarth. He fell sick due to Typhoid. His health started
    worsening. It was impossible for him to go for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swami Samarth.
    Hence one day, Sri Swami himself, came to see him. At that time, Appasaheb was
    unconscious. Sri Swami moved his foot three times over his body. Appasaheb recovered
    his health within two-three days.
    *****Stomach Pain*****
    An old Vaishnav Brahmin was suffering from stomach pain. He came to
    Akkalkot and started rendering service to Sri Swami Samarth. Sri Swami was silent for
    a few days. One day Sri Swami angrily spoke to him “Am I indebted to your father?
    Then why do you waste your life by coming to an ascetic like me? ”. The Brahmin
    earnestly prayed to Sri Swamiji “Maharaj, is there any other saviour for me than you?
    Kindly bless me”. The merciful Swami softened and said, “go now, eat the leaves of that
    neem tree which is above your head, along with the dung of an elephant”. The Brahmin
    ate those leaves accordingly. Next day he came back to Sri Swami and said “Maharaj,
    the leaves of that tree are very bitter”. Then Sri Swami said “Oh! You eat the leaves of
    this particular branch of that neem tree”. The leaves of that branch were very sweet
    and the stomach-pain of that Brahmin totally stopped. Then onwards the Brahmin
    became a great devotee of Sri Swami Samarth.

  28. Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u my maa
    Please please make me healthy n fit n happy maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  29. hai sister,
    dont feel for the past i can understand ur feelings.sai will do good things for u. he will not leave u. all sai family will pray for u . and sure i will pray for u. U will get marriage soon with sai grace and he will replace the place of ur mother and father.

    ohm sai ram.

  30. Sai baba is there for each one of us who trusts and loves him..
    Good times are ahead dont worry…

  31. Dear Sai devotee, babaji will definitely help you and gives you boundless joy & happiness!!

  32. Sai pa im badly in need of your presence today. Im completely since months but this im upset to the core.Im waiting for the call from my husband. I didnt mistakes i asked, he didnt even utter a word still.Since last four years its only me crying.I go after him and speak or ask sorry after every fight though the mistakes are not from my side.I miss him badly.Unable to sleep.From the time i wake up till the night im thinking only about.Please convey my heart to him and make him come to me.I dont want to go this time on my own.Thats the reason he takes me for granted.Make him miss me too.Ask him to call me today im waiting for his call.Make us reunite.We have a common friend's wedding this week. I want to go with him only.Please do something ask my man to call me today and speak some good words to me. Make him understand my pain.Tell him to change atleast a little for me and ask him to spend some quality time with me please father.Accept your daughter's prayers and help.I'll wait for his call today.If i dont get it means even you have cheated and betrayed me.Then its your wish.

  33. Don't worry Sister. Be brave, always remember we all have good times and bad times. God is always with you. Nothing is permanent, even your happiness and sorrows. So please trust god Sai and deal with life. We all will pray for you.

  34. Dear sister……….i dont know wat to write,i feel very sad for u.i can understand ur situation.pls dont lose hope.I amvery sure sai will come to help u either way and ur brother job as well for u..I have a strong feeling for ur marriage it will happen within this year end(perfect match by baba's grace)…….just keep praying sai sai write sai naam…..sai is with u all the time………..

    Bless u sister….feed the poor people………..

  35. Dear Sister, Please have faith in Sainath. Baba will certainly help you……in any form. Please take care of your health coz of negative attitude you are facing chest problems…..etc.. Dont lose heart…..Baba will Help you definitely…..Take care….Preethi Samarth

  36. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Family, requesting your prayers for my Mothers wrist pain. She is suffering from right hand wrist pain for few months now and is regularly applying UDI and drinking it also in water. Please pray to BABA to cure her pain soon. I cannot see her disturbed due to the pain. She stays away from me and has to do all the work on her own and she is a working lady too. So it hurts her a lot. BABA, please cure my Maa's wrist joint pain soon.



  37. Please please please please please Give me confidence
    Make me very bold and strong mentally n physically my maa
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  38. Sairam sister,
    Only Sai and you know what you are undergoing.
    While reading your experience, I could make out that the Sai came to you before your mother left her mortal body in His Vighraha idol form. He must have taken care of her during her final journey.
    So truly, He came to re-assure you that you are not orphaned.
    He is Anatha natha – the protector of devotees who have nobody else for help other than Him.
    He knew you would be all alone soon and came to be with you during all your troubles.
    Please don't even dream of giving His idol away.
    In so many Sai bhajans we hear:
    Tum hi bandhu mere, tum hi mere sakha ho
    Nahi koi duja, tere siva ab jivan mei
    You please remember these lines and sing these to Sai with feeling from the bottom of your heart. He is our Mother, he is our Father, He is our family, He is our best Friend. Truly, not one person has got anyone else other than Him in the true sense to help and protect.
    We do not know the mysterious ways of the workings of Karma and destiny.
    Even Draupadi who was such a great devotee of Shri Krishna, had to undergo so many troubles in life as the Queen. With 5 powerful devotee husbands by her side and so many glorious elders , she had to undergo the highest possible humiliation faced by a chaste pure lady/ wife/ daughter in the presence of all the illustrious family members. No one could come and protect her. But she didn't break down. She called out to Krishna raising both her hands – all the ones who she thought were her strength and her protectors had deserted her but there is one person who never lets you down – the Supreme Lord Krishna (Sai). And sure enough, He did not let her down.
    Even after that she had to undergo a life in forest after being a princess and the Queen. She didn't complain to Krishna and say – after putting me through all that humiliation, now still you want to give me more trouble and make me stay in the forest with no comfort, no proper food and clothing in the midst of wild animals. She had to undergo her share.
    I didn't mean to belittle your suffering, I am only writing what I'm being prompted by Sai.
    Also, when we are in too much grief and sorrow, the body starts manifesting that supressed grief (which becomes like poison and settles in our body) in the form of either diseases or vague symptoms. This may go on for years in many people.
    But to stop that cycle, please take your life seriously and try to be happy in the present. Please do yoga and pranayama. This helps to release pent up stress. Also before going to sleep, listen to peaceful gentle music and remember Sai and try to get restful sleep.
    Remember – you need to make an effort to let go of the heavy burdens of grief – or else they may crush you. Try to do things that make you happy at this present moment and don't feel guilty to be happy. Do not associate with people that make you feel bad or sad or keep reminding you of your sorrows.
    Try to involve in social service activities , if possible for poor and needy – even if in a small way. When you see their thankful smiling faces, you feel very happy and realise that we can do so much for others. There is this famous song which says – Tum besahara ho toh, kisi ka sahara bano.
    We need to make a lot of effort to pull our self together, read and retain positive thoughts and reconstruct our life from the debris of our past karma. Life is a beautiful gift given to us by the Lord as it is only in this life we can get the devotion and love for Sai and the company of His sweet and loving devotees. Maybe in your case all the worst things that could happen have happened. Now onwards, only good things will be happening.
    Please hold Baba's finger tightly like a small child and relax. He will navigate you through the jungles and mountains of this worldly existence and be with you all the time – like no other friend or family member.
    We will pray for you to get the strength to tear off the thick curtain of gloom and sorrow and go towards the light of Baba's loving grace.
    Sainath charanam mameika sharanam.

  39. my dear sai sister tears rolled down after reading your exp…dont feel like sai left u..he is always with us
    u will definetly come out of ur problems by sai blessing…chant sai name when ever u r free..and offer to sai what ever u r eating daily….

    sai is always with u..see in ur pic sai wore blue dress and to day in shiridi our sai is also wearing blue dress to show u that i am with u in the form of ur idole….:-)

  40. Don't worry talli..god will give you best life partner and good job for your brother . don't let your faith break..om sairam..baba please show her way she had suffered enough.i trust you will look after her.

  41. dont worry dear,baba will save you..you will soon get married to a very good guy..baba is with you,
    please dont lose hope baba is there for us..

    Baba, Please excuse me Baba for all my mistakes. I am sorry Baba.
    Please help this devotee with happy and healthy life.

  43. Dont Worry Dear Sai Devotee,

    Think this as a testing phase of your life,our beloved sai baba wont leave our hand,have faith,read sai satcharitra and do 7 days parayan, feed food to old people as per your capacity,and leave your favourite food,till your work happens.You will definitely be blessed.you will always be there in my prayers.
    om sai ram

  44. Om sai ram. Sai baba ji plz cal me to ur temple. M eager to see u im front of me jst as i had ur darshan in shirdi. Plz make it possible tomorrow. Plz gv my family ur support n blesings. Plz plz plz jo mete mn me bat hai wo bhi puri krna coz u kno dat. Plz gv al of us da right way of life. Om sai ram

  45. om sri sai ram
    dear sai sister , u r in testing phase. please have shraddha and saburi.
    baba will never leave u. baba will send a good husband for u in place of ur mom and dad.
    please pray daily. do not have any negative thoughts.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  46. om sri sai ram
    please give happiness to avik . he should move on in life.
    he should get his visa .
    please baba
    he should get onsite opportunity.please baba.let no bad thought or bad feelings go near him
    om sri sai ram

  47. Baba will never ever leave you even for a second hold on to your faith. He will show you a way soon.

  48. Dear Sai sister, ur post shook me also and the whole day I was contemplating and thinking about you then while watching Mahabharata today, I understood little bit ways of God. See Abhimanyu was Krishna favorite nephew and what happened to him.
    Pleasehave patience and devotion and baba will carry u always

  49. Dear Sairam sister,
    I was very moved reading your story. Yesterday I prayed for you and your brother. Immediately I felt blessed. So do not worry. God is blessing your family and the person who is praying for you.

  50. om sai ram… baba plz show path to ur daughter ……… baba blessed us……….. he sai ram………

  51. Dear sai sister , a very similar incident happened to my colleague, she lost her parents in a span of 2 to 3 weeks and now she is happily married, sure Baba will bless you and rightly said Baba's idol came over to you to be with youatall times , you should be happy !!!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram !!!!!

  52. As mentioned in all the comments, all other Sai Devotees prayers will be with you which will surely work soon. You please gather strength to have a positive outlook towards life and try all means to come out of the negative thoughts. Indulge in some or the other interest of urs. I too wish that the groom you will find soon should fill up ur missing parents. Please be confident and hold patience, things will surely turn up! Let His blessings bestow upon you!!

  53. Dear Sai Sister, don't lose hope and faith in Baba. I (along with other Sai Baba devotees) will be praying for Baba to get you through this difficult time in your life. I know it is difficult having to suffer through so much with the loss of both your parents and your home, but Baba will never leave you and even when you are suffering it is something Baba knows you are strong enough to handle. Baba will be there for you and your brother and won't ever leave you. Om Sai Ram!

  54. Hi Dear..SAI is the only person who will unconditionally love and take care of us with out expecting any thing in return.After reading your experience iam feeling veryy sad..Don't worry….SAI MA will make sure that u will get married to a wonderful person and have a good fruitful life….Just read sai satcharitra which is a gift for all of us and drink water mixed with UDI morning and night….

    SAI please bless your daughter who is in deep pain and make her life colorful..:):):)

  55. There are 6 GURUS in Bullock Cart behind SAI Baba Statue.

    1. Sai
    2. Swami Samartha
    3. Gajanana Maharaj

    Can anybody plz identify rest of the 3 Gurus..?

  56. Dear Sai Sister,may our Sai bless you.Even i am going through the same sort of miseries in my life but but have somehow still faith in our Sai Baba our saviour.I would just like to say that do not loose faith and courage,things will surely be alright by Babas grace.We here are a family and will pray for you.OM SAI RAM.

  57. I need everyone to pray for my bf who is critical n in coma. Doc saying he is getting worse. My aunt is getting attacked by evil as someone did black magic on my bf and his aunt. Please pray for them. I don't want them to die. I feel so lonely. Sai if you can help me then just kill me.

  58. Hi Sister,

    This Almighty Sai ram knows everything about his devotee but testing you again n again, one day he will only look at you how you get fully frustrated in life n will do ….
    This is the fact

    I also love him very much and pray n acknowledge him to helped me when I get success but when I pray for upcoming assignment he does not help me n I get failed that time. So I decided to I will read Sai satcharit but will not ask him anything.

    He is almighty god of ignorance. It is better for us to be atheist.


  59. Dear Sai Devotee,
    You are not alone. Sometimes Sai has not answered my prayers as well. I totally understand what you are going through. Keep praying to Sainath Maharaj and please consider taking his Dharshan in Shirdi. Sai baba has a plan for everyone. When he doesn’t give you something, it’s probably that he has a better plan for your life. Whoever steps on Shirdi’s soil, their sorrow and worries come to an end. Have faith on Baba, he is finding a way for you. I suggest you to chant this song called “sai reham nazar karna”, it’s available on YouTube. I will pray to baba for your sake. Have faith, your bad days are going to come to and end and you will be showered with blessings.

    Sri samartha sachitananda sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai

  60. Life sometimes doesn't work like we think it should work!

    I also had pain in chest.
    So I checked it to cardiologist and I was also worried but I prayed to Shri Sai " Sai,Sai,Sai…." & Doctor said – The reports were normal

    You are going through physical troubles, financial troubles and Relationship troubles.

    Read Sai Satcharitra and Do 9 guruvar vrat & practice absolute bramhacharya in deeds|words|thoughts.

    Sai Rehem Karna.
    Om Sai Ram

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