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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai is my Father, Mother and Friend. I am not having anything in this world. I am living in this world because of Our Sai Maa. Here I am penning about wonderful Sai Miracle in my life. Om Sai Ram. Baba is my life.

Hetal Ji, thanks a lot for creating this blog. You are doing very good service. Please mention me as anonymous. I am not good in English, so please feel free to correct my mistake.

Wow its miracle, I got my house back: I am very happy to share one wonderful miracle in my life. 18 years back my father lost his business. So he sold all his properties except our house, but it was also under loan. During 2010, we got notice from bank that our house is going to auction, if my father would pay 4 Lakhs then only auction would be cancel. My family was totally shocked and we don’t know how to pay that much of amount. I went to Mylapore Sai Baba Temple in Chennai (4 yrs back). I begged to Baba please return back our house from loan and that time I promise to Baba, if I got my house back from loan, then I will donate food to 9 hungry people. My parents requested for help to many of their friends for 4 Lakhs, but no one came to help us that time. We don’t know what to do? By Baba grace’s, my sister helped us with 1 Lakh and from jewel loan we got 3 Lakhs. I was very happy and I thank Baba for cancelling our house auction.

The years moves fast, but my father was not able to settle the balance money to the bank because of his un-employment. By Baba’s Grace, in Nov 2011 my father started to do the real estate agent business. It was moving on normal stage. We can’t pay any little amount to the bank for get our house back. In June 2012, we got notice from the bank that our total loan amount is Rs. 21,86,275 including pending interest and bank offered that if you pay Rs.7,72,733 within September 29, 2012, you can get your house as yours own and excess of Rs. 14,13,542 will be come under discount. So at that time, we need to pay Rs. 2,31,820 to the bank to join that scheme before June 30 2012. We pray to Baba. “Baba please helps us to return our house to us own”. That time we do not have even 1000 rupees in our house and not have any property, jewel except my mother’s wedding chain and my stud. My mother removes the gold chain and buys silver chain for 100 Rs to wear her wedding dollar. My father got jewel loan from my mother wedding chain and my stud to join the scheme. By Baba’s Grace, we join that scheme.

Finally Rs. 5,40,913 was the balance amount and the last day to pay was 29th September 2012. Day’s moves very fast and we were very close to September 29. That time we do not have any small amount in our hand. My whole family was thinking about how to pay this much of amount before September 29. I had full faith that Baba will surely help us to return our home. We reached September 29. I did not lose my confidence and I was sure that Baba will help us any way to return our house. Time moves fast but no relatives and friends were ready to help us and my father was not having any single amount in his hand. I had full faith that Baba will do any Miracle, because Baba won’t allow to their children under pain and harm. On September 29 evening we got call from the bank that the bank had planned to give 1 week time for final settlement for this scheme. By hearing this, my whole family became very happy. We definitely knew that this is Baba’s Miracle and Baba will surely help us to return our house back.

Then the days moves very fast, no one was ready to help us. Only 24 hours were left to settle the final amount. My confidence level increased that Baba will definitely settle the amount within last minute. Finally my father planned to meet his relative for help. Wow what a Miracle, suddenly he gave us some amount to pay for the house loan. My whole family became very happy and we thanked Baba for this Miracle. My father pay that amount to the bank and finally our pending balance amount to pay was Rs.1, 90,000/.

Then the years moves fast. By Baba’s grace, my father’s real-estate business goes good. Finally, on Jan 31 2014 my father settle the entire balance loan amount to the bank. On Feb 1st 2014, I happily donate food to 9 hungry people. Now we are very happy. By Baba’s Grace my house get us own. We also refund 1 lakh rupees to my sister (In 2013). Thank You Baba. These all happens because of my full faith & patience. Thank You Sai Maa. I surrender myself on Your Lotus Feet. Please forgive all my mistakes. Please be with me forever.

Baba solves my father business problem: My father is doing Real Estate agent business. He makes one contract to his client, so that we get some amount as advance from the client. Suddenly there arises some document problem. So we felt very sad. I prayed to Baba, please solve this problem and there should not be any bad name for my father’s business. If everything happens well, then I will surely donate 9 Sri Sai Satcharitra to Sai devotees. Wow by Baba’s grace, all the problem was solved. My father arranged another good property to that client with very clear document and now that received advance amount also solved. Baba I will surely very soon donate 9 Sri Sai Satcharitra to Sai devotees. Thank You Baba. My father’s Real Estate business is moving well now. But 2 real estate brokers are creating bad name about my father to my father’s client. Please Baba, make that client to do all his real estate business with my father and make good name about my father and his business. Baba Please be with my father and bless him.

To Baba: Baba I am in this world because of You. I will not lose my faith and patience. I surrender myself completely on Your Lotus Feet. I don’t know what is good and what is bad for me & How to go and Where to go? You only know that “what is good and what is bad for me”. You only is responsible for my life to take each and every decision in this world. I am depending on You, You only. I am not having anything in this world except You. Please forgive me for all my mistakes and be with me forever.

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  1. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    In Mumbai, there was a gentleman named Jagannathrao. He had a number of
    holes on both his legs. The doctor said that both the legs have to be amputated from knee downwards. Hearing this he became nervous and his health started worsening. His
    friend advised him to go to Akkalkot. Jagannathrao and his family took a servant and a
    cook with them and came to Akkalkot. Then he took Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’ and prayed
    “Please bless me, either by saving my life with the restoration of both legs or by my
    final deliverance from this life”.
    Sri Swami was moved by compassion with his earnest prayers and said “You
    rascal, what is your pain? ”. Hearing these words Jagannathrao’s leg-bandages got
    opened up automatically and fell. Then his wife prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swami
    and prayed earnestly to bless her Soubhagya151 with a long life. Sri Swami nodded his
    head in assent. Ganapatrao Joshi who was familiar to Jaggannathrao said, “Now, take
    for granted that your illness is cured”. Jagannathrao gave up all medicines and started
    taking the holy water used for washing the lotus feet of Sri Swami regularly.
    One day, Jagannathrao came to know that Sri Swami had gone to a nearby
    village called Nargund. Sitting on the shoulder of his servant he went to Nargund to see
    Sri Swami. He prayed to Sri Swami “Maharaj, what should I do now? Kindly bless me to
    get relief from this pain”. Then he took out the silver Padukas76 from his pocket and
    touched it to the lotus feet of Sri Swami. He again prayed “let my feet be saved or
    ruined. I will not apply any medicine to my feet except the touch of these holy silver
    Padukas”. Sri Swami passed his bountiful hand over Jagannathrao’s head and blessed
    him. After a few days Sri Swami spoke to him “Now you go home”.
    Jagannathrao returned to Mumbai. After a few days he was cured and became
    normal. At that time, there was a famous doctor by name Bhau Daji in Mumbai. When
    he heard about Jagannathrao, he was amazed at this miracle.

  2. Very touching experience.. god bless u..!!

    Baba please support me in my endeavour.. help me to face this phase boldly.. u know what I desire for.. pl pl pl pl kindly fulfill my wish.. 🙂 give me confidence.

  3. very heart touching experience..Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj ParBrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai !!!!!!!

  4. Sai Manifests Himself in the train to Sai His Devotee

    Sai Baba said that once a devotee comes into his fold, the welfare and responsibility of that devotees lies entirely with Sai Baba and the devotee need not fear any thing. What that is wanted on his part is only two things, Shrada and Saburi. The moment we handed over these two pice to Sai Baba then our welfare is totally taken care by Sai Baba. In Sai Satcharitra we have read many stories wherein Baba gave advance warning to the devotees of the danger they are going to face, only a few were recorded in the Sai Satcharitra. Many were not recorded either Hemadripanth was not aware of them or it might be due to the fact that the book will become too large. Any as stated in Chapter II of Sri Satcharitra it was Baba who wrote the Sai Satcharitra and Hemadripanth was only a outward instrument. We let us now read one such story of a sparrow which was not reported in the Sai Satcharitra and Sai Baba went out of the way to protect the devotee. This is one such leela of Sai Baba pre samadhi

    In 1914, Ganpat Kadam was travelling frm Nasik to Manmad. At Nasik, a few robbers disguised as local villagers boarded his compartment. Kadam was then reading Bhaktimarg Pradeep. Thinking them to be villagers, Kadam began singing SAI Bhajans and to his surprise, the tribals started jumping out of the train one by one Puzzled, Kadam went to the door to find out what actually frightened them. On his return, he was surprised to find an old fakir sitting opposite his seat. He was wondering wherefrom this fakir materialised when there was just no one sitting a moment ago, when the fakir just vanished as mysteriously as he appeared. How strange! Kadam was still brooding over it when he arrived in Shirdi and the first thing thing SAI asked him was: "Well, did you travel safely?" So it was SAI who saved him. BOLO SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!

  5. My sai maa
    I am your daughter .I don't know to differentiate between good news bad things so please help me
    Please relive me of my health issues and and happy
    I promise to donate sai satcharita to 9 people
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience, My faith on Baba has increase in folds after reading your experience . I know Baba will fulfill my wish even .


  7. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, Thank You for Your kind mercies, please keep showering Your blessings on us at all times. Thank You O Sadguru for taking us under Your wing and taking care of us at all times.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. dear sister, very very woneder ful and unfathomable leela of saibaba. you cannot think how he solves his children's problems if one truly surrenders. and get us out of calamity.


  9. Dear sai devotees, how does one post experiences on this blog? Is there an email id? Pl do reply.. I want to post mine and I dont know how to.. thank u

  10. omsai ram. please bless my sister and her husband to come out of their problems. please baba. please baba. omsairam.

  11. Baba,

    Please restore my health. You know, How healthy I was, right now, I am not sure to live to give up.

    Please show me a way.

    I give up my pride and be at your feet all the time. Please, Please, Please help me .


  13. Om Sairam.
    "Baba draws his devotees to Him!!!"
    I am another blessed soul by Saibaba. I had visited Shirdi from bombay when i was very small and then after almost 20 years, with Baba's grace and kindness, i got back in touch and had the great privilege to visit Shirdi again.
    I have seen many ups and downs in my life in the past ten years and in september 2013, i hit the lowest low point in my life. Was in severe depression. But one day suddenly one of our family friends who live in Dubai (Saibaba devotees) called me out of the blue. I was pleasantly surprised and then while talking to them over the phone and stating my life problems, they started talking about Saibaba. They told me about the miracles that took place in their lives and urged me to go ans visit Shirdi!
    I was delighted to hear all that and it gave me much strength that day. I firmly believe it was Babas way of calling me there and telling me that He is there with me and looking upon me :).

    I made the Shirdi trip in september itself and was much satisfied and felt some hope seeping into my life. I had the good luck to visit Shirdi again in dec 2013. And i wish to go ther soon again.

    All i wanto say is a big hearfelt thanks to Baba for calling me to Him and for making me a stronger person.

    I am a staunch firm believer in Baba and love Him a lot!!! And will.continue to do so till the very end. Reading.Sai satcharitra brings a lot of.calm and peace to my mind and i have full faith that Baba will bless me soon and fulfil my desires and bless me with happiness 🙂

    Om Sairam!!!

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