Pulled By Sai’s Strings – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Today’s experience is description of very light incidents of a devotee’s life wherein she has witnessed grace of Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi everyone, I am a happily married female in my late 20’s. Talking about my maiden home, I belong to a religious family who are ardent devotees of Lord Krishna. Since my teenage days, I used to attend Bhajan, Sandhyas with my parents, also visited Vrindavan with them quite often.

I am married in an extremely practical family who believe in God, but do not follow much rituals, etc. Nor do they attend any Kirtans, Bhajan, Sandhyas, etc. Having adopted their views and their lifestyle, I too became just like them. I used to pray every day in my heart but never experienced any warmth or positive energy until I visited Shirdi in Oct 2013.

I had left my job in October 1st week, as I was having health issues because of long commuting to work every day and also because I had made up my mind to start something of my own. October 2nd week was when we had planned our trip to Shirdi, Lonavala & Mumbai. Actually, Sai Baba planned this trip for us. Here’s how – My husband’s colleagues planned this trip, we were 5-6 families that were supposed to go. In the end, only 2 of these families could make it to the trip. The person who initiated the plan and made all the arrangements had to cancel his own plan. We were luckily one of the couples who went to Shirdi.

I and my husband had never in our lives experienced this magnetism towards God like the one we felt inside Shirdi temple. When we entered the main temple for evening Aarti Darshan, my husband & his male colleague went into the Darshan line for males and I along with my husband’s colleague’s wife and daughter went into the female’s line. Now the place where I was standing, I couldn’t see Baba properly because there was a pillar right in the front obstructing my Darshan. When the females who had special passes were moved to the front, I just wished if I could also go there in the front and attend Aarti from there. And guess what happened next moment, the guard standing on my left opened the barrier for us and closed it again. And I attended the Aarti from the first row in the female section. It was miraculous. Witnessing all this drew me to Baba.

My husband is a strong personality and he hardly cries, but when he did Darshan that day, he was filled with emotions and couldn’t stop crying. I had bought Sai Baba’s Miracles Book from our hotel library while at Shirdi and started reading it in the train on our way back home. I was stunned to read it and kept narrating those stories to my husband. While we were at Shirdi temple, I had thought of buying Baba’s idol for the temple in our home, but I kept num because my husband doesn’t like the idea of collecting Idols at home as he believes in praying in one’s heart. And guess what, when we came home, my mom-in-law while doing Diwali cleaning found Sai Baba’s Idol in one of the closets where we keep all the gifts that we receive at various occasions. We still do not remember anyone gifting it to us. From that day, I kept Baba in the temple in our home.

About a month later, we decided to get our home renovated and while I was cleaning an old rack in our balcony where we keep all the worn out stuff, etc. I found Sai Baba’s extremely small sized stone Idol (Picture attached). It had some cement attached to its back. None of us at home remembers keeping anything like this. I was so happy to see it that I kept it in my room wrapped in a Yellow cloth. My heart says, that by this, Baba is reminding us that He is with us all the time and He is staying with us to protect us all the time. Since the time I visited Shirdi, I get to see Baba more frequently now, be it on road-side posters, somebody’s home/car, everywhere. The society where we live organized a Sai Palki and Sai Sandhya this month. I had been desperately waiting for the day since the time I got to know about it. When Sai Palki reached right there in the square we live in, I ran down to have Baba’s Darshan and burst into tears full of joy that Baba has been visiting us so often now.

I and my husband both remember Sai each day. To me, He is like a father who cannot see His daughter in distress. Whenever I am in pain or stress, I remember Sai and believe me, Sai has never disappointed me. Sai has also made me a patient person altogether. All my life, I have been an aggressive and impatient girl who just does what she wishes. But Sai Baba has calmed me down. For everything that happens with me or will happen with me, I have surrendered myself to Baba’s Feet and I shall happily accept it as His Wish/Prasad. I love You Baba. Please be with us always.

‘Sai Reham Nazar Karna, Bacchon Ka Paalan Karna’.

I wish to have kids now and I know Baba will bless me soon.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Wonderfully described experience.. Jai Sai Ram.. Let Sai be with you and your family always and guide you all.. Jai Sai Ram..

  2. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram to all Sai brothers and sister.. I request you all to pray for my wish to get succeed in your daily prayers for a second. I am eagerly waiting every second in my life for our sai ram to help me to start my life with my husband. My Husband gave up his carrier for me and came with to US and he is struggling here without job. I feel really bad and feeling very guilty for my doings. Just for my wish he scarified his carrier. We have applied for his H1B visa with this year and we haven't heard anything about the lottery result. I request you dear sai brothers and sisters pls pray for myself and my husband that he should get selected in the lottery and his visa should get approved so that he can resume his work. Please Sai ram.. I am praying every second to you to show us light and way to start our life. Please help us sai ram.. Bless us sai ma.. I don't have any other options. Only you can help us. Please sai ram.. Help us.. Bless us Sai..

    Jai Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Jai SAi Ram to everyone..

    Bless all your devotee's and help everyone in need sai. This is a very risky world and we all need your help and support to overcome all the hurdles. Please be with us and guide us Sai Ram..

  3. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ramm.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om SAi Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om SAi Ram..

    Sai Ram.. I feel so weak and I am not sure what is going on in my life with me.. I am totally confused and I really don't understand what to do. Please be with me and Guide me Sai.. There where so many struggles in life and with your help and grace I passed it. And now Sai I am very much confused on what will be next and what i am going to do. Please guide me in right direction Sai.. Please be with my always.. Please bless us Sai..

    Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram..Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram..

  4. Om SAI ram to all !
    Very Nice experience. BABAJI please help every Body on the universal. Love You Lods BABAJI 🙂

  5. very interesting experience. i'm waiting for my shirdi trip. i haven't visited shirdi. i am sure that baba would make arrangements for my visit. dear sai sister definitely baba will bless you with kids.
    om sai shri sai jai jai sai.

  6. The Infallible Panacea – Shri Baba's Udi

    Three years back, a small black patch appeared on my left leg. The small patch soon enlarged to cover almost the entire upper portion of my left leg. I consulted our Port Trust Doctor, whose prescription proved of no avail. He, therefore, advised me to see a skin specialist at the Port Trust Hospital. His prescription also failed to cure the malady. Thereafter, suddenly the large patch contracted and came to its original small size. So I neglected to do anything to remove it, since the large number of medicines failed to give any relief. Thereafter the patch many times during the past three years, increased and decreased and therefore, it became a constant source of anxiety to me.

    During our last Shirdi trip, we had occasion to know Shri and Smt, Chendvankar closely. Smt Chendvankar enquired whether I had tried Shri Baba's Udi. I told her that I had tried it but there was no improvement.

    On our return to Bombay, a thought suddenly struck me that although I had taken Udi with water, I did not apply it to my left leg. So on 8-6-1978, I offered sincere prayers to Shri Baba that I would apply Udi to my leg and He should give me relief within one week i.e., by the next Thursday.

    Believe it or not? But soon the patch started decreasing and after a week only a small trace of it remained, which also is on the way out.

    On 8-6-1978, I also offered prayers to Shri Baba that my wife, who had a severe tooth-ache for nearly three months, too should get relief by His Udi. After my daily morning Pooja, I gave her Udi with water for a week and her tooth-ache too had started decreasing.

    Truly, Shri Baba's Udi is a miracle, a panace for all ills.

  7. Descent of Grace

    By Mrs. Nilima Mukund Vartfe

    "From the viewpoint of the body

    I am Thy servant;

    From the viewpoint of the jeeva,

    I am a portion of Thee;

    From the view point of the Atman,

    I am thyself

    This is my conviction."

    – Hanuman

    Sai Baba said that he was giving to His devotees whatever they wanted eg., cure of diseases, passing of examination, building a house etc. Having given His devotees whatever they wanted in worldly matters, He was hoping they would approach Him for what He really wants to give viz., Brahma Jnan.

    I came across a rare instance of Baba's elevating an individual spiritually. A Parsee gentleman, Rustom Mehta is devoted to Sai Baba for quite some time. As an orthodox Parsee he was doing his prayers according to Parsee scriptures in the morning; and Sai Baba's pooja in the evening. So long as he stuck to this routine, everything went on smoothly. But whenever due to pressure of time he could not do Baba's pooja in the evening, he combined it with his morning prayers to Ahura Mazda, then some disaster fell on him. He could not brush aside these disasters as mere chances or coincidences. He tried in vain to get a satisfactory explanation from many.

    Whenever he was praying to Parsee God. Ahura Mazda, he had a vision of a long line of pilgrims marching along the bank of a river towards a mountain glowing with rays of sun. These pilgrims had transparent bodies glowing with an Inner Light and were carrying a lighted torch. He also could see pilgrims wading upstream in the river going towards the same goal. He had this vision every day.

    In May 1995, Rustom Mehta visited Bangalore on a business trip. When he visited Sai Spiritual Centre, he had a rare spectacle of life. He made 'Pranams' to the Trinity – Sai Baba, Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji. The next moment, he could only see his Parsee God, Ahura Mazda in the place of Sai Baba and Swamijis. He was stunned, for it was a real experience. In a moment this strange spectacle vanished and Sai Baba was communicating to him that He is not different from his Parsee God, Ahura Mazda. He had clearly demonstrated that Himself, Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji are all one and there is no distinction. Rustom Mehta was in heavenly bliss.

  8. Suddenly it struck him that he should share this strange ‘chamatkar’ of Sai Baba with Sai Brother VijayaKumar and since he did not know his telephone number, he thought of enquiring in the office of Sai Spiritual Centre. Sai Baba had another miracle for him. Rustom Mehta could not believe his eyes when he saw Dr. Vijaya kumar in the office. Sai Baba had brought him on an unscheduled visit to Bangalore, perhaps to fill the needs of Rustom Mehta. The two Sai-bandhus were happy to meet one another after a long time.

    Rustom Mehta told Dr. Vijayakumar his problem that whenever he combined Sai pooja with prayers to Ahura Mazda, some disaster fell on him. Dr. Vijayakumar pondered over a while and told him: "Your Ahura Mazda represents the fire element of Brahman. Side by side is the river carrying pilgrims wading upstream advancing towards the same goal through water — these represent Sai-devotees and Sai Baba represents the water element of Brahman. When a pilgrim from fire procession joined the procession in river, there will be disaster. You should not combine the worship of fire-God with that of Water-God. Even though fire and water are elements of the same Supreme Being Brahman, these two elements are inconsistent with each other and you should not combine the two prayers."

    The Parsee gentleman was convinced at this beautiful explanation. There was a dichotomy in his approach all along. He was worshipping Ahura Mazda as a different God altogether from Sai Baba and he did not look upon them as 'pure spirit' without name or form or quality and also as a personal God.

    In order that devotees realize Him as the Supreme Being, Sai Baba Himself urged His followers to pursue their sadhana, by gradually elevating our consciousness from Baba's feet upward till only Baba's bust is manifest – then Baba's face. Finally the face is dissolved in the unmanifest spirit. Baba helps and inspires in this direction all persevering devotees.

    The strange spectacle at Sri Sai Spiritual Centre and his one hour long discussion with Dr. Vijayakumar made Rustom Mehta give his approach of dichotomy. Now he visualizes Ahura Mazda in Sai Baba and Sai Baba in Ahura Mazda. He has made it a single prayer to the Supreme Being. This striving has taken him to a goal of perfection and his worship of God as the Higher Truth and Supreme Spirit is exemplary. The vision he had earlier of pilgrims marching with torches of fire and pilgrims wading upstream in a river are no longer there. He sees a radiant light throughout his prayers and is leading a peaceful life.

    It is my good fortune,
    I came across a strange person,
    Quite contrary to worldly ways,
    And full of divine rays,
    I was wonder-struck to perceive his simplicity,
    And more amazed to find his enmity to publicity.
    He possesses a rare patience,
    And a unique tolerence,
    Towards quite contrary views,
    And is eager to gel spiritual news.
    Immense love he bears to purity.
    And is ever fond of humility,
    He delights in 'Sai Thoughts',
    And wishes to share it with others,
    He never gets tired of spiritual talk,
    And wherever he goes he leaves spiritual mark.
    With eagerness I approached him,
    With an intention to get details of him;
    But to my surprise he does not wish to mention,
    His power, status, titles or position,
    His repeated answers to my repeated enquiries are 'Jai Sai Ram';
    For he gels constant support from 'Jai Sai Ram',
    He is emphatic in his utterance of 'Jai Sai Ram',
    And makes it his duty to reveal the glory of 'Jai Sai*.
    I thought only 'a true Sai devotee' can be like that,
    And I was happy to meet a true Sai devotee.
    Then a question arose within myself,
    To get answer to it I was introspecting myself,
    It is 'am I a true Sai devotee?'
    The answer for that is very explicit,
    And I am purposely evading this as transient,
    I determined to ponder over the question again and again,
    Till I get a positive answer to this again and again.
    – Dr. R. Rukmani

    We salute You, the Master of miracle,
    Who by Your sheer will
    Can remove our sorrow and agony!
    And fill our heart with joy!
    You're so sweet and kind,
    The like of Whom we'll ne'er find
    On this earth,
    Giving us joy and mirth!
    You're full of charm and magic,
    Who can cure the sick,
    And grant us any boon,
    However difficult, so soon!
    We kiss Your lotus feet
    For You're our safe retreat
    In this world of woe and worry;
    Verily, You're God, behold and see!

    Bakht N. Moolchandani

  11. Om Sai ram to everyone. when I was reading first devotee's experience I was feeling m reading my life.thing is that Sai sister's husband support is with her n he is staying with him.

    Baba main than gay I gun.haar ne lagi hun .aur kitna saburi rakhun baba.its 2.5years no happiness in my life yet.only bcoz of u baba I'm silent.nehi to kab se action left chuki hoti..

    I know baba u r with me.but air mujhse sehen nehi ho raga hai..meri kya galati Thai baba.aapke uper pura bharosa jar me yeh shad I ki so cha aapka I cha hai…

    Mujhe koi rasta dikhao baba.yeh shaadi ko rakhna chahate ho ya break karna chahete ho.yeh shadi ko bachane me liye here Maine 2.5years ho chuka hai aaj talk main chip gun sirf aapke liye.baba mere pe Rehem karo.u very know I don't want to break my marriage. plz save it by or blessing.

  12. Om Sai Ram…Blissful and Very Sweet Experiences….We Love You Baba…Always Be With Us….Om Sai Ram

  13. i dont know where to post my exp.but still in order to praise my sai i'd rather like to mention one more instance to praise his glory.wen i came from my parents home from vacation i found one of my earings missing on tuesday.we searched a lot at my in laws home and there back at my parents house.but couldnt find.on thursday morning i saw sai in my dream.then i just wake up for a sec and thought i would get my earing today itself and slept again.and guess wat?at around 11.30 a.m my mom called me and said she has found my gold earing.OM SAI RAM…….

  14. Sai maa my maa
    Still not feeling alright maa
    Neck n shoulder pain n uneasiness is there maa.
    Please help me to feel completely alright n b happy n cheerful my maa
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  15. Sai maa
    Lakshmi is going through he'll maa
    Please help her and solve all her problems maa
    Please please please please please
    Luv u
    Kodi namaskarangal

  16. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, smile upon us, Your children, and destroy our troubles with Your glance. Show mercy on us O Sadguru by granting us peace and showing us the path to happiness.

    Thank You O Sai for all Your miracles 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  17. Yesterday I was very disturbed n prayed to our sai maa tat if anybody sends either a pi r a msg with a mention of sai maa I would b extremely happy
    This morning there was a message in wattsapp sent by someone with the words Aum Sai Ram
    This is the first time tat person is texting me
    Thank u my Sai maa
    I know u r there for me always
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  18. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****A Devil at Rameshwar*****
    Sri Swami, while being on a constant travel, reached Rameshwar139 and sat
    under a tree there. A Brahmin who lived nearby strongly felt that the person sitting
    under the tree possibly might be a man of incarnation. Therefore he brought some
    Naivedya140 for Sri Swami, who ate part of the offerings. The Brahmin repeated these
    offerings daily. One day when the Brahmin prayed to Sri Swami to bless him with a son,
    Sri Swami said, “A son will be born and that son will depart. Now go away”. Then Sri
    Swami left the place. However, the Brahmin continued to bring and place food offerings
    for Sri Swami under the tree, daily without exception. His wife gave birth to a son,
    within a short time.
    Whatever food offerings, the Brahmin would keep under the tree, a devil would
    eat it. The Brahmin was surprised to see that in the absence of Sri Swami, someone
    else eats the offering. One day when the Brahmin had been to the temple of Lord
    Rameshwar for ‘Darshan’, there he was surprised to see Sri Swami Samarth seated and
    glaring with splendour in place of Lord and instead of Rameshwar. Experiencing this
    miracle, the Brahmin started asking his son to come inside the temple and take Sri
    Swami Samarth’s ‘Darshan’. Nevertheless, his son became very much afraid of taking
    ‘Darshan’. When the Brahmin caught hold of his son and forcibly brought him to the
    temple, his son started screaming loudly and died right there in front of Sri Swami.
    In place of his son, the Brahmin saw a dreadful body lying there. The Brahmin
    and his wife started crying and prayed to Sri Swami “Maharaj, this son was born by
    your blessings, then how did he die now? ”. Sri Swami spoke “I had told you in
    advance, that a son will be born and depart from you. Whatever food offerings you
    were placing under the tree, this devil would eat. The same devil was born to you as a
    son. I have liberated him from this devil’s life. Now cremate this devil’s body. Apply this
    Bhasm to the devil’s body. His body will diminish in size”. After the cremation of the
    devil’s body, the Brahmin came to Sri Swami and started praying, “Maharaj, I have
    become old now. I am childless. Please bless me with a son”.
    Then Sri Swami Samarth blessed him and said, “Now go home. You will get a
    son”. After this blessing, the wife of the Brahmin gave birth to a son. The couple
    became very happy and they started devotional service to Sri Swami till the end.

  19. Baba maa
    Please please please please please please please please please please make me feel completely fine both physically n mentally
    Please please please please please
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  20. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    saimaa, pls solve my health issues, pls baba….pls save my life baba….pls make my life happy and peaceful with my family. pls baba, I wish u will solve all my lifes problems…jai sairam

  21. Mere Baba pls bless me and my husband to be reunited. .I beg of you. .falling on your lotus feet. .omsairam

  22. Om sai nath. How mch i m grateful 2 u i even cnt xpres in wrds. Lv u baba ji. U lstnd 2 my words. Tons of thnx 2 u. Ab baba ji plz gv shradha n saburi 2 my family til he wl cm back. I know jese u lstnd 2 me earlier ase hee u wl again lstn. Plz gv my family the patience and calmnes so that they can easily wait 4 krishna. Plz plz plz sai baba ji. I m giving al tensions of my family 2 u. Falin at ur lotus feet. Jai sai shree sai.

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