Our Shirdi Trip Experience Of Baba’s Love and Kind Grace – Sai Daughter

Anonymous Devotee (Sai’s Daughter) from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesha. Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Many thanks for the wonderful service you are rendering in the form of this blog. It gives us all so much of positive hope and increases our faith manifold in Our Gurudeva. Here are a few of my recent best experiences. Request you to please publish them. Please mention me as ‘Sai’s Daughter’ and keep my email id and name anonymous. Thank you so much.

Life has been beautiful by Baba’s Grace since He took us into His fold some 2.5 years back. I wish we got to know Baba even earlier. But nevertheless, am happy that we know Baba now and we love being His children. My Mother had a keen desire to visit Baba in Shirdi and I had a sincere desire to take her to see Baba after my wedding. We were planning to visit Baba since long after my wedding, however nothing was working out. Unless Baba desires it, we cannot visit Him. So we were waiting patiently and were praying Baba to call us all for His Darshan soon.

It so happened that my Mom planned to visit us in Bangalore in Dec’ 2013 for 2 weeks and we were thinking to go to meet Baba in Shirdi. But again, due to some other difficulties it did not seem to be possible. But since my Mom was very interested to go to Shirdi, she asked Baba through the ‘Q and A’ book and was pleased to find a direct reply from Baba that ‘she will soon visit Shirdi’. And so, we were free from all worries and happily booked the tickets to Shirdi. By Baba’s grace we had a beautiful trip to His place and it was full of His benevolent Grace and beautiful Leelas.

Our train tickets were in the waiting list, but by Baba’s Grace the onward journey tickets were easily confirmed, but two berths were in one compartment and one in another compartment. We were thinking of interchanging the seats with someone else in our compartment or in the worst case we thought that my husband could sleep in the other compartment and my Mom and I could be in the same compartment. But Baba’s Leela was unique. We met one elderly uncle in our compartment and he spoke to us very nicely. Since he was quite old we did not bother him with the seat interchange but we became close with him. Somehow, we were not able to interchange seats with anyone. But by Baba’s Grace one seat was vacant the whole night and so my husband could sleep there and he did not have to go to any other compartment. Baba is awesome, He helped us. I had got one dairy milk chocolate for Baba to give Him in Shirdi, but since I liked that old Uncle and thought him only to be Sai Baba, I gave that chocolate to him. And thought I will buy one more for Baba. But, I was not able to buy any other chocolate for Baba and we came back from Shirdi. Later I realized that since I wanted to give a chocolate to Baba with all my devotion, He rightfully took it from me in the form of that Uncle.

We reached Shirdi without any hassles and stayed in the Sansthan provided accommodation. I had booked the rooms online and was unaware that they check ID cards on arrival. But Baba did make me get my ID cards with me somehow, by kind of suggesting to me when we were leaving from Bangalore and that helped us to get our rooms. Thanks a lot Baba, You ensured we had no troubles anytime. We freshened ourselves and went for Baba’s Darshan. My Mom had made a dress for Baba on which she had written Baba’s 108 Names by stitching them with colourful thread. So we deposited that dress for Baba and went in the queue for Darshan. We were requesting the officials to make Baba wear the dress the next day, so that we could see Him in our dress before leaving. And they asked us to see someone in the office near Baba’s Samadhi in the Temple. A very cooperating person took us directly inside the Darshan premises without any queue and we were able to have a very close Darshan of Baba and were able to touch His Samadhi also and bow at His Padukas in front of the Samadhi. I am sure the person who took us inside was none other than my Sai Deva. It was very blissful and later we realized that, that was Baba’s way of letting us touch His Samadhi since later in our other Darshan’s the glass boundaries were there and so we could not have touched His Samadhi. He fulfilled our wish to have a good Darshan and bow touching His Samadhi easily. We went inside the Temple office and requested. However, since the dress offered to Baba by Devotees goes in a queue, we were told that Baba will wear it in sequence after the previous dresses are offered to Him. We were a little sad that we could not see Him wearing our dress, but i am sure Baba will chose a special and auspicious day to wear the dress, so painstakingly made by my Mother with Baba’s 108 names written on it.

That day in the evening, I had enrolled my name to sing Bhajans for Baba and I was waiting for the Bhajan group to assemble. Bhajans happen in the much Darshan area, just besides Dwarkamai. While I was waiting for the Bhajan to start, the cat that stays in Dwarkamai was moving there and I wished that it would sit on my lap. And by Baba’s Grace, the cat came and happily slept for sometime on my lap. Later I sang some Bhajans in front of Baba and prayed Him to bless me in my singing career. It was my wish to get coconut from Baba in Shirdi as a Blessing for me to get pregnant with a healthy child. So, after the Bhajans was over, I was delighted when the Bhajan organizers gave me and my husband a coconut each with Baba’s Udi. It was such a beautiful moment and I was really happy with Baba’s kindness and the way He fulfills our earnest desires and our smallest of wishes. Later we had dinner and slept off, and woke up early and joined the Kakad Aarti queue with our previously booked Aarti passes.

We were all happily waiting for the Kakad Aarti to start and it was a Thursday morning. My Mother was with me and my husband was amidst the male devotees. Besides us there was a very cute and small baby girl in her mother’s arms and she was crying and was very restless. All of a sudden, she tried to come to my Mother’s arms. The baby girl’s mother happily gave her to my Mother and my Mother was so happy to hold the baby for a long time. We were amazed at the way the little Baby came on her own to my Mother’s arms, i.e. into an unknown persons arms on her own. And she was very happy and stopped crying as my Mother held her. My Mother was very happy and she took it as a signal from Baba that she would become a grand-mother soon and that Baba will bless me and my husband with a healthy baby soon. I was also very happy to see this awesome and sweet Leela of our Dearest and Kind Deva .The Kakad Aarti of Baba was beautiful and later we also got to drink a few sips of Baba’s Holy Snan Water after He was given His early morning bath. This Holy Snan Water of Baba is very good for health and cures all diseases. This was one more of our wish, and Baba fulfilled this too. What more could we ask for. Also, I had read about the early morning ‘Butter Prasad’ of Baba and while we went to the Dwarkamai after the Kakad Aarti, we got the butter Prasad also from a few Devotees. Baba is just so nice and awesome; He made our Shirdi Darshan so blissful by blessing us with all the things we wanted.

We were supposed to leave that day, i.e. on Thursday and our train tickets were on waiting. I was hopeful they will get confirmed by the time the train starts. But Baba had other plans and it was slowly unraveling. Just before the train was about to arrive I checked for the status of our tickets and it was still on waiting. Since there was no hope for it to get confirmed and traveling to Bangalore on general would have been very tough, we decided to come by bus the other day, i.e. on Friday. So we went back to Shirdi from Kopargaon and stayed in a lodge. We were actually happy to be able to spend some more time with Dearest Baba at Shirdi. He pulled us back as He wanted us to see the beautiful music and dance in the Mukh Darshan area in the evening that was done by little school going boys. We loved watching the dance standing in front of Deva and I am sure Baba loved every bit of the showers of love, affection and adulation He was getting from all His pure hearted and sincere devotees. Everyone was so engrossed in seeing Baba’s blissful form in the Samadhi Mandir. Baba also wants our Love and affection the way we crave for His. So let us all bathe Him with our love, attention and care in the simplest of ways that we can. It can be by kissing Him and making Him to wake up each morning with lots of Love, offering a loving cup of tea, gently massaging His Body, hugging Him close to our heart, adoring Him with showers of love, singing Bhajans for Him, decorating Him with flowers, feeding Him with our own hands with love, talking to Him about His well-being  The list is endless. I am sure Baba will reciprocate with an abundance of love, as a reward to our smallest of loving gestures 

We also witnessed the Thursday Chawadi procession and we were so glad that Baba cancelled our return journey on the Thursday. We slept off peacefully and woke up to a beautiful blessing by Dearest Baba. It was my wish to be able to do some ‘Seva’ in Shirdi. And it so happened that my Mother was the first to get ready and went to the Dwarkamai for Baba’s Darshan. And she came back all happy, and informed us about the ‘money-counting’ happening in Dwarkamai. I was overjoyed and me and my husband went in and took part in the money-counting of Baba’s Hundi money. We sat in the Mukh Darshan area facing Baba and happily did the service to Baba in the form of counting His currency-notes. We were served tea and it was the best tea I have ever had. It was made by Baba Himself  I am so grateful to my Mother, as she informed us about this service and we were able to render this service to Baba only because of her. Had she not taken bath and come for Darshan early in the morning, we would have not got to know about the money-counting service. So, I pray to Baba to bless my sweetest and loving Mother abundantly and fulfil all her earnest wishes and bless her with good health, long-life and happiness always. May Baba bless us to take very good care of her always and fill her life with joyous moments. After the money-counting was over, we were allowed to go in for Baba’s Darshan directly by skipping the queue! This was the best part, as I longed to have another Darshan of Baba and coming in the long queue would have taken more time and we would have got late or our bus. So, sweet-heart Baba arranged for this special Darshan for us and we (me and my husband) bowed down to Baba reverentially and were able to again touch His Samadhi and Holy Padukas in front of the Samadhi. My Mother was also very happy, and as we were counting the money, she was reading Baba’s Satcharitra sitting near the ‘Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Temple’. We were really happy with all this royal treatment and we will be ever grateful to You Baba for everything You have been showering on us.

We were blessed to get a few Neem leaves from Baba’s sacred Neem tree at the ‘Gurusthan’. My husband, who is not such a staunch devotee of Baba was blessed to get the maximum number of Neem leaves. I am sure Baba loves him and is blessing him and will make him His staunch Devotee soon. We kept a couple of Neem leaves for ourselves and gave the rest to people who were looking for the leaves and they were very happy to receive it from us. We too felt blessed to have given the leaves to other people looking for the sacred Neem leaves of Baba’s Neem tree.

Finally, after bidding an emotional goodbye to Baba we started back to Bangalore in the bus. We prayed to Baba to keep calling us often to His Holy land and to keep us under His protective and love-filled Grace always. The bus journey was scary, since the bus broke down thrice on our way back and the temperature control of the AC bus was not working and its engine was touching high temperatures. And having heard about the recent Volvo bus accidents, we were scared. However, Baba was there with us in the bus in the form of His beautiful Idol and He protected all of us. The travel guys changed us all to another bus and the journey was safe and smooth after that. In the new bus also Baba was there in the form of His beautiful Picture and we safely reached Bangalore. We have decided not to travel by AC Volvo buses for long distances and unless it is very badly needed. Baba was always there with us in the whole trip, and so it was so blissful and safe. We love You Deva.

My Mother bought a sweet little Idol of ‘Bal Gopal’ (Little Krishna) from Shirdi and presented it to me with her blessings. Also, after coming back from Shirdi, me and my husband ate the two coconuts that we had got from Baba, we did not share it with others. My Mother also knew my wish of asking Baba for coconut for a healthy pregnancy. And after a week of our reaching back home from Shirdi, we got to know that I am pregnant. I know it is all due to Baba’s and my Mother’s blessings. I pray to Baba to bless us with a healthy Baby. Many many thanks to You my Lovely Sainath.

We are also house hunting these days and badly want to buy a good house, so that we can save on the huge rent that we are paying. We liked one house and almost decided to book it. But as it was very expensive, I was not sure and anyway I always feel like asking Baba through chits for any important decision. So I picked up chits asking Baba if we should take the house. But Baba said ‘No’. I was not sure how to tell my husband about this, since he is not a staunch Devotee of Baba, and so I did not tell him anything and was praying Baba to stop us from taking the house. And within two days, the builder called us and informed that they have stopped all booking for a month and they will again re-launch after a month with newly hiked prices. So, we also dropped the idea of booking the house. This Leela of Baba was just awesome and He prevented us from taking the wrong house. I pray to You Deva to help us find a nice house soon, so that we can have a lovely ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ (devotional songs) at the new house and do Your Pooja happily. I am waiting for that. And I wish my husband should trust You entirely and depend on You for everything like I do, with Your grace.

May Your blessings reach all of us always Baba. Let there be peace and happiness in every home across the whole wide world. May all the people be happy under Your shelter. Please bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness. We love You a lot Baba and many many thanks to You for everything. We surrender at Your Lotus feet. My prayers for the well being of all my friends, relatives, Loved ones and all the people of the world. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. very nice expeience………..blessings from baba to have ahealthy baby…..good health for and ur family…….bless u all


    Very Nice experience 🙂 love You loads BABAJI. I m waiting for your mercy on us.

  3. Shri Baba Reminds a Devotee of "Shraddha"

    A Sai devotee's welfare is the sole loving concern of Shri Baba. So vigilant is He that sometimes we forget some of our basic duties but not He.

    On 4tb September, 1979, we had one honoured guest in Shri Swamiji, who had proved a very reliable friend of our family in time of our need. He had helped us to tide over our domestic difficulties and stopped the constant sicknesses in our family by his sincere efforts through prayers and pooja.

    During his visit, Shri Swamiji noticed a picture frame of Goddess Santoshi Mata in our home and instructed me to remove it to a temple forthwith as this particular Goddess does not prove beneficial to us after our contract. That is why only when the Vrat of 16 Fridays is being observed in a family, it should be kept and no longer thereafter. He therefore instructed me to remove the picture on 7th September 1979 without fail.

    On Friday the 7th September 1979, somehow I had no urge to eat any thing and despite insistence by my sister to eat some­thing I refused to do so. At about 10 o'clock, 1 drew lots to decide whether or not, 1 should go to work. Shri Baba's reply was "Do not go to office”. Thereafter, I picked up the photo-frame of Santoshi Mata and went to the temple of Shani. The Pujari was fast asleep when I went to the temple. Another brahmin was receiving the pooja articles and money etc. I told the brahmin the purpose of my visit and enquired why the pujari was asleep. At this juncture the pujari woke up and told me that he had just returned from Nasik after having taken the holy bath in Godavari. I enquired whether I could take three baths "on any three days in the coming year of "Sinhastha". He replied that Friday was the first day of "Pitru Paksna" when we are required to perform religious rites called' Shraddha to gratefully remember our ancestors. His reply immediately, reminded me of my late father's Shraddha which fell on the 1st 'day of Pitru Paksha and which we both, myself and,my wife had .totally forgotten. I immediately gave a ring to my office to inform of – , the reason for my absenpe and went to my wife’s school to bring her back so as to help perform the rites early. Thus Shri, Baba reminded .me of my most important, duty a, a son and got performed. He is .ever vigilant.to care for the welfare of h devotees and so He only, arranged the sequence of in his own' inimitable" way to remind me of duty and kept me without taking food till it was performed.

  4. Very nicely written experience.. You have literally taken me into Shridi.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Experience.. Surely you are a very blessed daughter of Sai…

    Jai Sai Ram…

    I too wish Sai ma bless me with a healthy pregnancy.. I wanted to get pregnant. But I am very scared due to my health issues. I wish Sai ma bless me soon..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Sister, BABA bless you soon with a healthy baby.



    Today's experience was overflowing with true love and devotion for Babaji from His devotees and showering of Babaji's love and blessing for His devotees. This leela of Babaji was ambrosial nectar for me. May Babaji continue blessing everyone like this and I hope when He calls me to Shirdi, I get blessed with similar divine experience.


  6. Baba, Please help me in recovering my health , I know you are helping me in lot of ways , but this is badly needed . Please direct me in a right path with good thoughts .Om Sai Ram !!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      BABA bless you with good health and all happiness Dear Sai Devotee.


  7. OM SAI RAM.

    Am very happy to read my experience published today. By BABA's grace am in my 7th month of pregnancy and all is going well. I hope to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 2 days back i felt less movements of my baby and was worried, but by taking BABA's UDI in water, the activity level of my baby is back to normal and i can feel all the movements distinctly. Many thanks to BABA. His grace is infinite and his magical UDI is the best for every issue we have. Love you BABA. Please be with us all always and hold our hands in every step of life.

    BABA bless us all always and prayers for everyone's wellbeing. Love you a lot DEVA.


    • 🙂 🙂 When your so blessed why worry?? Baba is taking care of you so much so dnt worry im very happy…baba will always be wt u sister… all the blessings of sai baba's devotees are with u…. congratz and all the best….OM SRI SAI RAM…

  8. Dear sai daughter. I love your experience and feel so complete as if I witnessed the whole thing with you. Also you showed me how to love baba , the way you took a chocolate for him, your idea of waking him up, giving tea…. you've taken us to a different level of loving our sai. Thank u sister.
    I need a favour sister. I am going to shirdi in two weeks to pray for my relationship which is breaking. I am so excited as it is a dream to visit sai. I want to make a beautiful dress for sai. Can you guide me with the size and material requirements. Also is there any good tailor in Chennai to stitch it ? Thank you so much again for your love for sai and the whole world.

  9. Om Sai Ram
    Beautiful and Nice Drafting.Thanks for sharing beautiful experience.
    May baba showers his blessing on each and every deovtee.

  10. U r blessed sai daughter…waiting for such miracle in my life too.baba plz bless me also want experiance the bliss of u r grace..plz plz Plz.i.dont Knw What Is Full Hear devotion This S How I Always Loved U..

  11. Wonderful experiences beautifully narrated.

    Thank You O Sai for taking care of us and our fulfilling our desires like a Mother does. Bless us and keep us in Your family, forever.

    Jai Sairam

  12. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    A Brahmin suffered from Asthma and he was always restless. One day, with
    great confidence he prayed to Sri Swami and asked for suitable medicine. Sri Swami
    said, “Roast a sweet potato and eat it”. When the Brahmin started eating the roasted
    sweet potato, within three days itself his asthma got cured.
    In this way, Sri Swami, cured different ailments or diseases of his
    devotees by his kind blessings. However, just for namesake, he would
    recommend some petty medicines. In fact these petty medicines were not
    medicines in reality but they carried the kind grace of Sri Swamiji. Those
    impossible diseases which were not cured even by long medical treatments
    were cured by the use of simple neem tree leaves or by charan-Teerth of Sri
    Swamiji. Devotees still remember the compassionate nature of Sri Swamiji.
    For the ailments and diseases, which come due to one’s fate, no medicine can
    help but only the kind blessings of Sri Swamiji.

    *****Demoniac possession*****
    Sri Swami Samarth had liberated a number of devotees from demoniac
    possession by his simple sportive plays.

    *****Tailor from Solapur*****
    One day Sri Swami Samarth had gone to village called Basal, which is near
    Akkalkot. At that time, a tailor from Solapur, Maharashtra, had come there along with
    his family for Sri Swami Samarth’s Darshan’. By merely glancing at the tailor, Sri
    Swamiji said, “Would you not feed me? ”. The tailor made all the necessary
    arrangements. After the food was ready, the tailor gave bath to Sri Swamiji,
    worshipped him, performed Aarati and then offered sumptuous food to Sri Swamiji.
    After Sri Swamiji accepted the food, the tailor came and sat in front of Sri Swamiji. All
    of a sudden the tailor got demoniacally possessed and started swinging. He started
    screaming. He started dancing and then said, “Where is the necessity for an ascetic to
    show such plays? ”. Sri Swamiji kept silent for some time and started watering the
    tailor. Then suddenly he spoke “Fasten the hands of this rascal at the back”. Simply by
    listening to these words of Sri Swamiji; the tailor became helpless and fell down. He
    started praying, “I am an orphan. Please shower your kind grace on me and show me
    the way”.
    Listening to the tailor’s prayer Sri Swami Samarth got filled with compassion and
    he blessed the tailor with kind grace. The tailor got liberated from the demoniac possession and returned home happily. Then onwards on every full moon day he
    started going to Akkalkot on a pilgrimage to take Sri Swami Samarth’s ’Darshan’.

  13. Excellent experience said sister
    Sai maa
    Waiting for u my maa
    Please please please please please come soon
    Waiting for you to hold my hand and pull me out to make me happy healthy and confident
    Luv u 2 much maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  14. These experiences should touch everyone's heart, as it shows, Baba is always their for us. It only depends on how we see from our heart . Nothing materialistic, nothing fancy and nothing is expected other then love from Baba , and in turn Baba showed how much he take care of his devotee's in one or the other form . Again, it depends on how we feel from our heart and see with our eyes , to see the way the devotee had seen, should be really blessed.

    Falling at your LOTUS Feet. Om Sai Ram !!

  15. I hope u realize how lucky you are.may god bless u dear.I am 35 and waiting for 7.5 years for baba to bless me with kids but nothing seems happening. being so far from home country cant even think of visiting shirdi 🙁 . my 1st IVF failed,baby was never formed due to unexplained reasons and last IVF will be done in next week,hope to get some good news.

    baba the only request is don't disappoint me and allow people to criticize my faith. I really don't want to beg for anything as u know what is best for us in life.

    sai ki beti

    • Om Sai Ram.

      BABA, pleae bless this Sister with a healthy baby soon.

      Best wishes to you dear Sai Sister, BABA is our FATHER and he will take good care of us and fulfill our wishes. Please hold on to BABA with FAITH and PATIENCE and all will be well.


  16. Beautiful Experience Sai Sister and you are truly blessed, sure you will have a safe delivery and a healthy baby by Baba's blessings , Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!

  17. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life..jai sairam

  18. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  19. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! Baba gives each devotee a very nice experience in Shirdi each time He calls us to Shirdi and also ensures our journey to and from Shirdi is safe and without any trouble (no matter where we come from). Don't worry, Baba will show you the right house for you at the right time that is within your budget. Om Sai Ram!

  20. Dear devotee, you are really Sai's daughter.

    Sorry Baba, I have been selfish and scolding you and illtreating you. You have given me so much. I still don't understand it and forget your mercy and be rude to you. I am sorry Baba. Please bless me so that I trust you always and be humble to you. Please make my husband a staunch devotee of yours. Forgive my sins and deeds Baba. Please guide me and show mercy for me till the end of my life. Without you, there is no hope or happiness in my life. I love you Baba. You are my mother/father.

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