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Sai Sister from USA says: Om Sai Ram, Dear Hetalji ji Thank you so much for all the service you are doing. I am sharing my below experiences of Baba with my fellow devotees. I tried sharing my experience about a month ago, but when I clicked on the submit button, I got some technical error. Other devotee gave me your email id but I am not sure if that is your email id. I am extremely sorry if you are receiving this experience more than once.

I am a software professional living in the US and I came across this beautiful blog a week ago and read few experiences which made me very happy. I also read few comments which said “Baba, I am in deep trouble and why are You not helping me.” I wanted to share my experience to all such Sai devotee. If Baba can bless an ignorant child like me, He will definitely help You out and will give You a life where you no longer need to worry about such worldly things and can pray His leelas all your lives with peaceful and serene souls.

As I share my experiences, I can only say, these are not my experiences but my entire life which is a gift from Baba – my Father, my Guru, my everything. Please bear with me if it is too long. It was in 2000 when I lost my brother. It was like the end of world for my family. We were surrounded by all sorts of problems – My dad used to work in other city and he had made many loans for my brother’s treatment and later resigned his job as he could not bear the loss of my brother alone and came back to our home town as my uncle promised a job in his company. He joined my uncle’s firm and worked for a month, when my uncle said he doesn’t want my dad to work for him anymore. We were jobless, with loans in lakhs and in deep grief about our brother’s death. Still a teenager, I was never drawn to God although my parents were great devotees. I used to obey my parents’ belief towards God and was God fearing but these problems made me angry on God. I came to an impression that God has not rescued us despite the prayers and belief my family had on Him. I felt if God is not listening to us then what is the use of praying?

I used to have a photo of Shri Sai Baba framed in my room. I used to feel He is looking at me but since I was angry on Baba, I never used to even look at it. I joined engineering and I was a foolish person who was completely involved in worldly matters and did not like praying to God. I was interested in a guy and we were lovers for more than 1 year. That guy was involved in many relationships and I did not know all these. I did not know he was deceiving me. I was in love with this guy with all my heart but he turned out to be such a brat. One day when I came to know all these things about the guy through my friends and asked him for a clarification. He called me to meet him at a place different than our regular meeting point. Very casually I lied to my mother saying I was going to my friend’s place and was leaving home. My mother who was doing pooja called me and applied Vibhuti on my forehead. I went to meet him and saw he was all alone there. While I was asking him why did he lie to me regarding his other girl friends, he tried to force me. I do not know what made me do this – I was chanting Om Sri Sai Ram in my mind, pushed him away firmly and left that place right away. He got angry that I rejected him and said that he was with me all these days only for this day and he does not need my stupid love and care.

I understood how cheap he was. One thing was even more shocking to me. I was so into wrong path all these days with a wrong man and did not even liked looking at Baba’s photo then Why did I chant Om Sai Ram? Why did Baba come to my rescue? With all such questions in my mind and trying to get out of the betrayal I had – I asked my mother, what is in the Sai Charitra? She is a devotee of Shri Sai and said, it is about the life of Sai, His preaching and devotees’ experiences and advised me to read it. I did the Saptaha and I could see myself becoming stronger from inside. My heart was healing and when the guy started calling me back trying to get me back, I was in a state to say – “stay away from my life forever.” I started to think about my parents. They lost their only son and what if they get know that their daughter – who was their only hope of living was involved with a guy who is a brat. I finished the Saptaha but I was still not contented. I loved reading Sai Charitra. I felt as if I was with Baba and there was purity and divinity all around. I still remember the tears of joy I had while I was reading the chapters of Sai Charitra for the first time.

I started doing Nitya Parayan of Sai Charitra. I felt the only solution to get away from all this thing was to go abroad for my studies. That way, I can fulfill my mother’s dream of her child studying abroad, I can share my dad’s financial problems by getting a decent job after my masters and I can get some life away from my miserable love life. But my uncles and aunts – on whom I had high hopes that they would fund my education; were against my dream of me going abroad. They said you are a girl and your parents have to still plan for your marriage. So, stop dreaming when you can’t afford it. Still, I believed in Sai. I felt this plan of studying abroad was Baba’s wish and I knew Baba will make this happen for me. Though every step in the application process was a hurdle for me with limited finances, I managed to cross all those hurdles with Baba’s grace. I remember sitting in front of Sai in our pooja room in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, feeling stressful and tensed whether I was doing the right thing.

I was feeling guilty as I was making my parents ask money from my grandparents and uncles for me. I remember crying in front of Baba, for such a miserable life I am having. I was only in my 20’s and I faced all sort of problems by then. I had financial problems, lost someone close to my heart -my brother, deceived by a guy, heard taunts from uncles and aunts, while, most of my friends enjoyed a secured lifestyle. But when Baba showers his blessings on his children, how long does it take for the problems to solve? I got admits from all the universities I applied. I also got Rs. 15 lakhs scholarship from one of the universities. The bank which refused to give me student loan because of my dad’s low credit score considered to give me loan as I was awarded a scholarship. Even then, my relatives said, why would you send your only daughter that far and waste so much money on her? Why don’t you get her married to some clerk or someone?

They asked my parents to drop the idea of sending me abroad and said they are taking risk on the security of the only child they are left with. I felt very bad that time but my Baba planned even more for me which I did not imagine even in my dreams. I came to know my relative’s son was interested in me. He was working in US. It was a good alliance and I liked him but my parents and I knew it was impossible as we were struggling financially. But the guy said, he liked me very much and would wait until I finish my studies. I spoke to him about my idea to support my dad even after marriage and he said he is a guy who believes in his God’s blessings and his talent and will not ask what I will be doing with my salary. He did not even ask for dowry or a lavish wedding. I got engaged to him during my masters. I got a job in a fortune 500 company immediately after completing my masters and I married him the next year. My dad still had the financial problems but with blessings of Baba, the marriage went on very well.

My in-laws are great devotees of Shri Sai and they treat me like their daughter. I helped my dad clear all his loans and my husband was with me in this. My husband is a great devotee of Sai Baba and has been doing Nitya Parayan since his engineering days. Even though we have busy schedules we do Sai pooja and Nitya Parayan of Sai Charitra. After all, I am having a new life here in the US which I am leading as a blessing of Baba. At times, I really wonder if this life is really mine. I remember having sleepless nights crying in front of Baba and even now I have sleepless nights because I cannot thank my Father enough for giving me such a life. Now, me and my husband are looking for a job change and planning for kids. I recently asked Baba to give me an indication that His blessings are there with me in this. That very night, I had a dream that Baba gave me flowers. What other indication can I ask from Baba, and what more do I want, when my Father is there for me to listen to me right from my little wishes (there are numerous miracles of Baba I experience in day-to-day life which I cannot even list them completely) to the biggest of my problems.

Let us surrender to our Father with all our heart and soul. Think as if you are holding His hands and following Him like a daughter or son following their parents. This is our foolish human psychology to trust people and cry after getting deceived but question the existence of God even when He is making us experience His presence. Dear Sai devotees, let us drive away the ignorance by chanting Om Sai Ram and never lose faith in Baba. He is not a human who can mislead us. He is our God. He will show us the right path. Have faith and be patient. May all our problems come to an end with blessings of Baba . Om Sai Ram.

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    • Very nice beautiful experience.. you are very lucky.. baba is wid u.. i like this experience so much..omsrisairam..:-)

  1. Sai Baba saves a devotee by giving a scroll of paper

    In Chapter XLVI Sai Satcharitra says “If Baba accepts a devotee, He follows him and stands by him, day and night, at his home or abroad. Let the devotee go anywhere he likes, Baba is there ahead of him in some form or the other in an inconceivable manner.” Here in this Chapter saved the goats by feeding them lentil and He was ahead of Shama in Gaya. We shall see a similar story how Sai Baba saved a Judicial officer. In the words of the Judicial Officer:

    “A Judicial Officer whose name is not mentioned. He states, “I have a great deal of reverence for sages and god men. One summer I was fortunate to meet Bala Swami at Vridachallam. He looked like a boy, though he was much older. He was a linguist, but he had taken the vow of silence. When we had darshan of the sage he was writing something of a paper with his left hand as his right hand was held up above his head for many years as a form of penance.

    We sat in his presence for about 10 minutes and then wanted to take leave of him. At first he nodded his assent then as we were leaving he signed to us to stay. Then he turned to me and gave me the scroll of paper, on which was written Sai Baba’s name a 108 times. He instructed me to keep the paper with me at all times, and to write Baba’s name a 108 times daily. At parting he distributed udi to all of us then we proceeded for worship at Vridachalam temple.

    I was not inclined to follow any of his instructions and I gave the scroll of paper to my son. After worshiping the deity in the temple, we were circumbulating Shiva in the big temple. By then it was dusk and was quite dark when I was stung by some noxious creature on my big toe. I used my flash light to see what it was but couldn’t see anything. Rapidly the excruciating pain ascended to my hip joint. As the pain was unbearable my relative wanted to fetch a carriage for me as our room was 2 miles away.

    It was then that I realized that I had made a mistake by not keeping the paper with me. I took the paper from my son and kept it in my waist cloth. Within a few moments of doing this the pain rapidly decreased except on the toes where I was stung. Thus I was able to walk back and slept well that night. The lesson was learned and I kept the paper with me as Baba’s mantle of protection. Needless to say I became devotee to Baba”

    Ref Sai Sudha Magazine Volume3.. October 1942

  2. awesome… really loved reading your experience…all the best for your life …om sai ram..thank you baa for always being there…luv u alot baa…

  3. Beautiful experiences and one that instils a lot of much needed hope in me.

    O Deva, Thank You for kind mercies and the numerous times You have forgiven us, Your children. Thank You O Sadguru for being with us at each and every step of our lives, caring for us and protecting us.

    Thank You O Sai for all the Love & Peace 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Beautiful experience, no words to say, just my love for baba becomes more, Om Sai Ram !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Om SAI RAM

    Very lovely experience- No words. Moreover I am really impressed you still remember Babaji in same manner as you say:

    'Even now I have sleepless nights because I cannot thank my Father enough for giving me such a life'

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  6. I am so happy to read my experience here. Hetal ji, thank you for posting my experience. I submitted this in Feb and recently I got pregnant, my husband got a good job and I am interviewing for a job in my dream company. I am not confident about my knowledge but I have faith – my Baba will decide if this job is for me or not. Baba, thank you so much for blessing me. I only wish my family stays at your holy feet all through our lives and our only mission shall be to pray Your leelas forever. Please remove any negative thoughts from our minds and give us strength and Buddhi to serve humanity and follow your righteous path, Deva. Please be with us always Prabhu.

    • May baba alwys shower his blessings on you and your family, may your parents see your brother in your baby which is indeed Baba's blessings, Om Sai Ram !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • so nice experience just reflects my life except certain incidents..i just loved reading your experience…even i am in a real dilemma of pursuing my masters as it is financially very difficult as well as i dont have any scholarship right now…
      i am also in love with a person and unable to leave him and go to pursue my masters but my parents want me to..i am unable to forget him..
      i am really in a great dilemma..and cry everyday..i sometimes even feel bad that i ignore or dont remember baba..but i have to say this here..i love you much dont leave me..
      please guide me i dont even know whether he is correct for me…please help me baba..
      Dear devotees please pray for me..i am in really in a very confused state of mind…
      om sai raam..

    • I just couldn't stop my tears as I read through your experience, thank you so much for sharing it. I felt very happy. I am going through a very uncertain stage in my life right now but reading this post, made me remember Baba's words "Why fear, when I am here"….Baba I have complete faith on you, I will not question your chosen path for me, whatever it is, all I ask is eliminate my ignorance and make me follow your path of love…

      Dear Sister, again soo glad to hear the good news. I'm sure Baba will always stay with your family and bless you with health, wealth and lots of happiness. …Look forward to receving lot more miracles from you..

      Sai Ram

  7. dear devotee,
    may sai bless you with sweet & healthy lil one very soon.
    very heart touching experience!

  8. Wow what an experience…my eyes are filled with tears….thank you for sharing ur experience…it realy boosted my faith towards baba

  9. wonderful experience… Baba I am leaving everything in your lotus feet. be with me always……om sai ram

  10. beautiful experience. Can you tell me how nithya parayan is done? How many paragraphs will you read?
    sai sai sai sai sai

  11. faith boosting experience for all..thanks for sharing

    A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    ****Delivery – Child-Birth******
    In Beed city of Marathawada, Maharashtra, a Gurjar Brahmin named Narayandas
    lived. One day a pilgrim told him that there is a Yogeshwar Siddhapurush in Akkalkot.
    Narayandas expressed disbelief and said, “In this Kali Yuga where is that fully accomplished and divine ascetic? All ascetics and saints move around showing
    wonderful works just as a means of their livelihood”.
    His was pregnant. Her delivery time was due but she was very restless due to
    pain since the child had got stuck up in the womb. Hence the delivery of the child was
    in question. Now Narayandas became very nervous. He had a strong feeling that this
    might have come up because of the critical comments he had passed on regards Sri
    Swami Samarth. As repentance he slapped his own face.
    In the meantime Sri Swami Samarth himself appeared as an ascetic in his
    house. Narayandas prayed to Sri Swami to save his wife from the difficult situation.
    Then Sri Swami said “Go to Akkalkot, perform Rudrabhishek and offer sumptuous
    meals to the Brahmins”. Narayandas accepted the proposal and his wife delivered a son
    One always remembers God in one’s difficulties but one forgets God in
    happiness. Narayandas got immediate relief from his extremely difficult situation. Now
    how would he remember about his promise? He failed to keep up his promise given to
    Sri Swami. His son became five months old. When his wife raised the topic of going to
    Akkalkot for the fulfilment of the promise, he started uttering abuses. He became crazy.
    He started tearing his clothes and started rolling on a heap of rubbish. Finally his
    mother and wife caught hold of him and brought him to Sri Swami Samarth, at
    Sri Swami slapped Narayandas and asked him “Have you become so rude and
    intoxicated? You need more slaps? ”. Narayandas with his mother and wife stayed in
    Akkalkot for four months and rendered devotional service at the lotus feet of Sri Swami
    Samarth. Then Narayandas became normal. He performed ‘Rudrabhishek’ and offered
    sumptuous meals to Brahmins as well as money in charity. He spent one thousand
    rupees. Thereafter he returned home happily along with his family.

  12. Om sai ram

    I am pavitra. I completed my bachelor's degree n im currently wrking in a very Gud company. But my dream is to complete masters. My family is not in a situation to help me. Im trying for loans. Im al alone Im not getting any support from my family. I have sleepless nights crying. Plz baba I have only u. Help me to complete masters n make my parents feel proud of me. I know baba I wont get financial help form family plz help me to get study loan. Blesa me to get a good ranking in the entrance exam.. love u baba plz b with me I need u with me 4 ever baba..

    Om sai ram

  13. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  14. Baba is the merciful lord who is with his children throughout.He forgives their sins and gets them on the right path by guiding them.Only total surrender is needed………heart and soul.Love you a lottttttt my Baba ,my father.Always be with us.

  15. Oh my sai maa
    I surrender to you fully
    Please bless me and pull me out of this situation tat I am in
    Hold my hand my maa
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. Beautiful experience. After so much suffering, you have turned out to be a winner all because of Sai baba. Be strong and remember Baba always. Good luck with everything in life.

  17. dear hetalji or team,
    Can u pls let me know when my exp will be posted here.I feel very bad mine was not yet posted.I sent to hetalji emailid.if you think its not worth das ok.i sent you by jan 2014.Lets see wat baba decide for me.waiting for my post….

    • Sai Ramji

      Can you please let us know when did you submit your experience and under which title. We shall certainly find it out and post it if missed by us.

      Sorry for inconvenience caused.

      Thanks and Regards

  18. Wonderful Experience.
    Love you so much Baba.
    Baba tomorrow is Thursday and my last day of job. I know Baba you are with me during this time.
    Please be with me always Baba. Please excuse me your daughter Baba.

  19. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls save my life and help me saimaa…..jai sairam

  20. Thank u maa for a great day
    Pl make all my days as good news even better than this
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  21. Its really great to read this experience today…so soothing and calm inducing…god bless u and uf parents….and many congratz for d pregnancy and ur hubby's new job!!……may god bless u wid a healthy baby soon..

  22. Heart touching experience!! Thank you for sharing.
    Baba, as you know I am taking strong decisions in next 1-2 weeks. Please be with me all the time. I should not loose my job with this. Please shower your blessings on me and family. Help me!!

    Love you Sai!!

  23. Lord Baba, I thank you for coming into my life. I was a wretched soul and was going on the wrong path, only you have shown me the sins i was committing and I am really really sorry. I wish my actions had not affected my family in this manner.
    Baba, just as you have saved me, i know you are there and listening to my prayers, please save my family from this calamity. Please bless my husband with a job or business soon.
    Please shower your love and blessings upon us always.Be with me o Lord baba. Be with all your children and keep showing us the way.

    love you baba
    Om Sai Ram


  25. very lengthy experience but very very interesting. I enjoyed reading each and every letter of this experience. It was well written especially last few lines were heart touching and inspiring.

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