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Sai Sister from India says: Om Sai Ram. Baba was introduced to me by my friend. She took me to the temple which was outside of city and for me to travel alone was not possible it was only Baba who called me towards Him, I thank Baba from bottom of my heart for coming in my life. Om Sai Ram. Baba knows what is best. In the first time temple visit itself I asked Baba to get me through the entrance competition of top engineering as to become engineer was my childhood dream. I didn’t scored very good rank in top Eng entrance exams, on top of it I missed seat by 1 mark in Kurukshetra Eng College and by 3 marks in PEC. I fought with Baba and asked Him why He failed me that too marginally. So I had to compromise with private college that time there were 3 private colleges only but I was fortunate to get into top most college with best branch. Some How I managed to overcome the failure and started my studies. I did not get what I asked for so I stopped worshiping Him. Here comes Baba leelas, a senior in my hostel became good friend of mine and later she became like my elder sister. I came to know she is a adherent follower of Baba. She gave me Baba’s photo as her blessing while parting away. This is how Baba was with me even though I stopped worshipping Him.

Most of the people from the batch was not placed due to recession so I came back home and hunted job, luckily I got one. Baba’s temple was just opposite to my house so while coming back from work I used to stop by at the temple and prayed Baba for MBA selection. I cleared symbiosis Nagpur entrance test. Final selection was on my birthday. Near the venue there was very big temple of Baba so before going to the venue I visited temple and seeked Baba blessings. I was confident for my selection since venue was just behind Sai temple and I could able to have Baba’s darshan. I cleared all the rounds but my name was not there in final selection list. I cried, and cried and again decided not to worship Baba and thought he did not love me and don’t care about me. I moved to Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi and got through good institute of M.Tech. My mother said all I got this by the grace of Baba and she stitched the dress of Baba and offered it in the temple opposite to our apartment. I thought He did not do anything then why my mother offered Prasad and dress to Baba. After two years I came to know most of the student could not placed from that batch in Nagpur as it was first batch. On the other hand I got placed in very good MNC with good package. Had I been selected for Nagpur campus my fate would have been difficult. Baba saved me from trouble. So Baba knows what is best for us. It is we who just see that very moment and decide but Baba knows past, present and future. We should leave on His holy feet our problems as He knows what is best for us and rest is assured. Power Of Udi-I had a terrible catch on my pain.

I felt stiffness in my lower back initially and then with the jerk because of sneeze or of any reason catch used to caught my back. Catch was so severe that when the jerk passes through the back i used to feel unbearable pain as if my upper part of the body does not exist and I can’t stand anymore because of which I sat down immediately for 5 to 10 seconds, later it used to be normal. This repeated 2 -3 times in a day. So we consulted ortho doctor, he said joint looks fine looks like nerve compression get the MRI done and don’t travel alone as it can happen anytime. You can imagine how mental and physical pain it was. We consulted other doctor and he said it could be slip disc and get the MRI of spine. In the mean time I was applying UDI mixed in water daily after that day. I am so thankful to Baba that it’s been two months now and I have not observed that pain and didn’t have to go for MRI. This all happened because of powerful medicine of Baba. Thanks Baba for bringing me out of trouble. Two small wishes which Baba fulfilled are : I was getting ready for visiting temple on Thursday while selecting my dress, I chose pink color as my inner voice told me that Baba is in pick color dress and to my surprise Baba was in pink color.

I wanted to read Vishnu Sahasranamam in the temple, time was less as taxi was waiting but by the grace of Baba I could able to read it and driver didn’t charge me extra as waiting charges. I am facing trouble in conceiving, it’s been 7 years of my marriage and I am not Mother yet. I left my job because of this. I know Baba will bless me with motherhood soon. I have left everything on His lotus feet. Baba please always showers your blessings on us. Whatever You decide is agreed to us. Satchidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai .

Please Give Me the Details

Sai Sister from India says: I am a student pursuing my B Tech in a good college in Hyderabad. Dear Sai Devotees, I go to Sai Baba Temple rarely. I worship Him as I know Him from my childhood and my mother and sister believe Him so much. The first time we went to Shirdi was so quick that we didn’t even believe that we were actually going to Shirdi. My brother came over to our place and while talking, he told us that he has never been to Shirdi, we were talking this topic in the morning. It was holiday for me and my sister that day, so my sister woke up lately and told us that she got a dream in which Baba came and asked her to come to shirdi. Mother told us that one of her friend once told her that “you can’t go to shirdi unless and until there is a call”.

Then immediately mother called to daddy and said everything. In the afternoon, while we were eating, door bell rang, when opened, it was daddy. We asked him that how come he came home that early (3:30pm & he usually comes at 7pm). He told that he booked tickets and tickets are confirmed. Then we started packing and it was 2 days plan. We visited Shirdi, Nasik, and near by places. That was my first encounter with Sai Baba. Later I had a problem with my personal life and once I went to Baba temple, told my problem to Him and suddenly there were tears in my eyes. I just asked Him to solve my problem, that too only once and yes!!! He solved it and I am still happy with that decision. Thank You Baba for everything. From this page I got to know about ” 9 Guruvar Vrat” My doubt is, How to perform this Vrat? What is the procedure? Please let me know. Thank You

Baba’s Grace

Sai Sister from USA says: I am Sai Baba devotee. Om Sai Ram. Thank You very much Sai for being with me throughout my life, please always be with us. I want to share my recent experience as I promised Sai to share this. One day morning when I woke up and I found that my right ear gold hanging is missing, I have left side one on my ear ring but not right side. I searched all over the house and didn’t find it. As I am getting late to office I rushed to office praying Baba that “You should show my ear ring without searching much in the evening”. I felt that hangings pair as sentiment so I don’t want to lose that. Evening after coming from office, first thing I went to bedroom and found the hanging on my bed which I didn’t find in the morning. That is my Baba He won’t let His devotees lose anything.

Another Experience One time my one and half year old daughter is suffering with severe cough during night time which make her and me sleepless then I gave her Baba Udi and prayed to Baba that tonight if her cough is stopped from next day I start Satcharitra Parayan. Surprisingly she didn’t cough even one time also that night. Next day I started Parayan and completed within four days. Thank You Baba for everything.

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  1. Very nice experiences!! Indeed Baba knows what is best for us..
    Baba.. please forgive me for all my mistakes (p) and make my dreams come true..

  2. Baba thank you so much for fulfilling my dream by sending my mother to Muscat. Now am waiting for my sister. Please Baba release my sister's visa so that she can also visit to Muscat soon. Thank you ones again Baba. Bless us all. One test of Saburi have passed now waiting for second one.

  3. Nice experience. Thank you Baba for fulfilling my wish. I am so happy to see my mom in Muscat. Now waiting for my sister Baba please release her visa so that she can visit soon. Thank you Baba for your blessings.

  4. Sai Baba’s Rinanubandh with devotees.

    Sometimes the entire life story of a devotee aught to be written as it is evident that Baba supported and helped him every step of the way. Sai Baba has clearly stated in Sai Satcharitra that His relation with devotees are spread through many lives eg Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Shama, Laxmibai wife of Khaparde, the story of the Goats and story of Veerabhadra and Chenabasappa, and He takes care of His devotees through different lives. Such a leela is given below, unfortunately he has not mentioned his name, or where he resided.

    This devotee states, “My ties with Baba are deep and his grace has been with me since child hood. When I was a child my health was not too good, and frequently I was at deaths door. My mother was never sure whether I would survive or not? But my grand mother often told my mother not to worry as she saw a fakir behind me every time I was sick. She was convinced that nothing bad would happen to me as this ‘guardian angle’ was there to protect and take care of me. I believe what my grand mother said because time and again I came out unscathed from many a crises because of Baba’s grace.

    During my childhood my father was very affluent, later he incurred severe losses in his business and was unable to recover them. I wasn’t a good student, and had failed in my final year of schooling twice. Hence I had to give up my studies and look for a job, this search took me to various cities. It was during this time I heard about Baba’s divinity, and thought I should visit Shirdi. But kept post phoning it, by then Baba had taken Maha Samadhi. I regret having missed a golden opportunity till this day”
    In my childhood I got interested in “Pranayam Yoga”. I started reading about it and attended lectures on it. Once I decided to practice ‘Pranayam’ without a guru or some one to guide him through the process. I sat down without knowing the correct asana or posture and started inhaling and exhaling. Then I took a deep breath and could not regulate it. I inhaled and my breath went up and I fell down. At that time I stopped breathing and fell down and died. Some time later my mother came into my room. When she saw my condition she thought I was dead and started wailing. The neighbors heard the wailing and a large crowd had gathered there. Then a Nath Panthi Sadhu made his way through the crowd, and stood beside me. He took his tongs and hit me on my head, it started bleeding a little, but I regained consciousness”. Then he turned to my mother and said, “Bai, you son is naughty, take care of him” and he left”.
    Later my mother and the neighbors searched for him but he was not traceable. So who was that Sadhu? Later Baba told him that he had appeared that day and saved his life. Time and again he got into difficult situations and Baba was always there to save him.

    Ref Shri Sai Leela Magazine. Vaishak Jesth. Year 17. 1940,

  5. Baba,

    Please help me in recovering my current health condition , give me strength and confidence for recovering. Help me in getting positive thoughts.

    Om Sai Ram !!

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Scorpion Bite*****
    A scorpion bit Sri Swamiji’s servant, Cholappa’s wife. She became restless due
    to pain. Those days Sri Swami stayed Cholappa’s house. Sri Swami threw his shoe in
    front of Cholappa’s wife and asked her to put the scorpion bit hand inside the shoe.
    When she placed her hand in the shoe the pain would disappear, but as soon as she
    removed her hand from the shoe the pain would reappear again. Therefore, she placed
    her hand in the shoe and slept the whole night.

    *****Snake Bite*****
    Once Sri Swami went along with his devotees to a nearby village called Idagi and
    took a halt in a Maruti Mandir156. There was a devotee of Sri Swami by name Ravanna.
    A snake bit him while working in his field. Unfortunately he died due to the snakebite.
    The people of the village brought his dead body to Sri Swami. A servant of Sri Swami,
    Baba Saheb Jadhav, placed Sri Swamiji’s shoes on dead Ravanna’s head. Seeing this,
    Sri Swami got very angry and started throwing abuses at Baba Saheb. Finally Sri Swami
    asked Baba Saheb to loudly call on Ravanna by his name. As soon as Baba Saheb called
    his name Ravanna woke up and sat, to the great surprise of onlookers.

  7. Very nice experiences.

    Thank You O Sweet Sai for clearing away the bad air that surrounds us and making our lives ever so full of Love and Happiness.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Om Sai Ram,

    I have read in one of the comments yesterday by a lady about some spell caster(oshogumspelltemple@live.com).
    Plesae any one of you has any idea on this,does this really happen.Can we solve our marraige problems by this.
    I wanted to ask this because this information is given in our baba's site so there should be some connection.
    Please suggest.

    • no dont belive them its waste of money and time…its a kind of black magic and you have to face side effect of this on you..more over its against god..belive in god he is more powerful than any other..om sairam

  9. Dear Sai Devotees
    This is a site where people are able to connect to Lord Sai baba and strengthen their faith in him reading the experiences of the sai devotees. Its my sincere request while sharing your experiences please stop writing your problems and nagging at Sai baba since by wailing about your problems you are actually shaking the faith of people in Sai Baba and it is in no way going to help you in any way. You write such good experiences and then at the end write "I am still facing Problems". I think we should stop complaining and let this platform be a positive one so that other depressed people can draw in strength from the positive experiences of Sai Devotees. Please share your problems with Lord Sai Baba as only he has the power to solve it and no one else. Your problems will definitely be solved by Sai baba one day as he knows what is the best and he will never leave your hand even a moment. But by sharing your problems here in public and asking people to pray you are showing lack of faith in Sai Baba's powers. All people have their own problems and this is the site where they look forward for hope but if devotees start wailing about their problems on this site where will the people who need strength go to. Hetalji has given such a wonderful platform for us Sai Devotees to increase our faith so let us use this platform for the same and stop adding our problems at the end of our experiences. As while reading experiences we get such positive feelings and at the end of the experience there is most of the times the problems still facing the devotees. It negates the whole positive effect that again shatters the faith of the devotees reading the experiences. Please its a kind request to PLEASE SHARE UR PROBLEMS WITH SAI BABA AS HE IS THE ONLY ONE HAVING THE POWER TO SOLVE IT. REST OF US CAN DO NOTHING FOR THE SAME SO NO USE COMPLAINING HERE. HAVE FAITH IN SAI BABA AND NO ONE ELSE.

  10. Babaji my maa
    Thank you so much for a great day
    Feeling better
    Make me completely alright by removing my fear panic and anxiety
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at u r feet

  11. Babaji
    By your grace it is an important day
    I have also named it you know that
    Please let it bring cheer good health happiness and prosperity
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  12. 2nd devotee. it is simple to do sai baba 9 guruvar fasting. in morning you just need to do his worship and normal ritual of worship. Read nav guruvar vrat katha along, which you can get from any sai mandir.

    In evening you can have have one time food (without onion).. believe me you will feel immense peace..

    May baba bless you a lot

  13. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    pls take care of us and everyone baba.love u baba.thank u so much for everything baba.pls forgive me for all mistakes.

  14. तेरा दर हो मेरा सर हो फिर बाप-बेटे की बात हो,
    कभी तु चुप कभी मै चुप कभी दोनों ही चुपचाप हो,
    कुछ मै कहूँ कुछ तू सुने तेरा सजदा दिन रात हो,
    तू रोज बुलाये मै रोज आऊ हरपल तेरी मेरी मुलाकात हो…

    शुभ साईं रात्रि…बोलो साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

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