Sai Wrote Sai Name For Me

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Dear All, I am a Sai Devotee from Australia. Please keep my name anonymous. Due to some personal problems in my life, I am doing Sai Pooja, Sai 9 Vrat every Thursday and visit His temple. I have many instances where i experienced Sai Leela’s.

1. The first Thursday that i started doing my 9 Vrat, I had to catch a train and then a bus. I wanted to go to the Temple for Kakad Aarti. Since i woke up late, i was extremely worried. I thought this is as an obstruction to my Vrat. I felt extremely rejected. I prayed to Sai wholeheartedly and told Him to make me reach His Temple. I know without His wishes i can’t be there. I was also sad, that i won’t be able to see Him on time. Thinking this i went to railway station and asked for ticket, I had to take a 9$ ticket. Sai gave me Darshan even before i go there in the form of 9$ ticket.

2. The second Thursday i was late because i had to purchase wax Diya’s for Baba, also there was ticket inspection suddenly at the bus stop. I was again sad, but Sai gave me His Darshan by showing me His Name. The shop i was buying the wax Diya’s is an Australian shop. But to my surprise i found Sai Baba Name on the incense sticks. They never sell anything from India, and i found that there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But this is all Sai’s Blessing. Sai never leaves His devotee when they call Him with devotion.

3. As I said, due to some personal problem i was doing Sai 9 Vrat, Sai Satcharitra Parayanam. On this blog i read about Sai one lakh Japam. I decided to do it. I don’t have any beaded chain with me, so i decided to write 9 pages (9 being the most auspicious for Sai Baba). I decided every Thursday i will count how much I have done. I started to count this Thursday and to my surprise i found one page extra. I am so sure i wrote 9 pages every day, but that day when i was counting i found one page extra. I tried thinking a lot. But then i came to know that this is Sai’s Leela’s. He wants me to finish Japam. And i got His blessing. I couldn’t believe. I told my mother and she said when you truly believe in what you do and have faith, Sai will definitely show His Leela’s.

Dear readers I want to tell you that please have Faith in Sai. I am in the middle of Sai Vrat and i know Sai will fulfil all my wishes. I am continuing to write Om Sai Ram. Keep chanting His name and everything will be alright. Remember that Sai gives all the worries, problems with solutions and the solution is to pray to Him. That is all He asks. He doesn’t ask for anything just pray to Him with utmost devotion and faith and He will surely answer all your prayers. I have promised Sai that i will post my experience once it is fulfilled here. But I think it was Sai’s wish to post all the Leela. Sorry for such a lengthy experience. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Our Saviour

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: First of all I would like to thank Hetal ji for maintaining this site. This site really gives confidence and strength to all the devotees of Sai.

I wanted to post an experience, which I recently had. I was searching for a job shortly, but the technology I worked on has no scope now. So many people suggested me to learn a new tool which is good in market so that at least I can get calls. I learned the tool, updated my resume and started searching. I approached many people for help, but that did not worked out. Even my husband tried in his company but no luck and I did not get proper calls and I was so depressed and lost.

One day while reading devotee’s experiences in this site, one of them mentioned about 9 Thursday Vrat. So I started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat, feeling Sai as my only hope. Then I slowly started getting calls. I used to clear the first rounds, but due to some reason, second rounds were never scheduled. I cried in front of Sai many times to help me, build my confidence back, as I was totally lost. I felt like I am fit for nothing.

After my 7th Thursday I got a call from a good company and it happened so fast. I had 3 rounds of interview within 2 days and by 8th Thursday I got confirmation that I got selected. To tell the truth 3rd round of interview was kind of ok, but by Baba’s Grace I got the job. Please Baba shower Your blessings on all of us and help us to cross the hurdles of our life. All we need to have is Faith and Patience. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I got my husband’s job back. Actually my husband got an IT job after lot of struggles. He used to work in Kerala as a contract employee and his contract period got completed, but luckily my husband again got a new job in Delhi. So we shifted from Kerala to Delhi. Here he is working from 2 months. Suddenly one day he got an employment termination mail from the consultancy from which he got recruited to the company. Then we both got shocked and i cried like anything and i worried a lot about our future. Next day he went to office for completing his termination formalities and he informed about that mail to the team leader and he was also shocked and said, don’t worry, our HR will speak to the consultancy authorities. The whole process was completed and the consultancy people called my husband and said that by mistake, we sent you that mail. So please ignore that mail. I know this all had happened because of Sai Baba because i am reading His Jeevitha Charitra, i mean life history of Sai Baba from 6 days before i got this mail. It is for sure that Sai Baba only done this Miracle. Keep belief in Him. He is our Saviour. Om Sai Ram

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  3. Dwarakamayi is the place where Sai Baba resided for 60 long years. Here only Sai Baba played and laughed with His devotees. Sai Baba attached lot of importance to Dwarakamay. Dwarakamayi is the place where the every burning Dhuni is there and which supplies Udi the medicine for all purpose to the devotees.

    On Thursday night of 5th January, 2012, SHRI SAI manifested HIMSELF on the Shirdi Dwarkamayi wall drawing thousands of devotees 2 witness this big miracle. What is the significance of this leela? Every miracle of SHRI SAI has a definite purpose. What is the purpose of HIS darshan in this case? SHRI SAI has emphasised the importance of the Dwarkamayi where, for a continued span of 60 years (1858-1918), SAI worked for the welfare of HIS devotees from Dwarakamayi.

    Sai Baba said in Chapter XXII about Dwarakamayi.“This is our Dwarakamayi, where you are sitting. She wards off all dangers and anxieties of the children, who sit on her lap. This Masjidmayi (its presiding Deity) is very merciful, she is the mother of the simple devotees, whom she will save in calamities. Once a person sits on her lap, all his troubles are over. He, who rests in her shade, gets Bliss". Then Baba gave him Udi, and placed His protecting hand on his head. When Balasaheb was about to depart, He again said- "Do you know the "Lamba Bava" (long gentleman), Viz. serpent?" And then closing the left arm like fist He brought it near the right elbow, and moving His left arm like the hood of a serpent, He said- "He is so terrible, but what can he do to the children of Dwarakamayi: When the Dwarakamayi (its presiding deity) protects, what can the serpent do?"

    Present day devotees who flock to the Samadhi Mandir will gradually understand that SAI's divine energy flows from the Dwarkamayi to Buti Wada and that the energy at Samadhi Mandir gets perpetually charged from the Dwarkamayi. Difficult it is to believe but its nonetheless true that the Buti Wada is highly dependent on the energy from Dwarkamayi where SAI is ever present even today. DWAR-KA-MAYI means darwaja (gateway) to liberation. All devotees' karmic accounts are settled here. JAI SAI!

  4. Wonderful experiences.

    O Deva, continue to shower Your love on us like a mother showers love on her children. Bless us O Sadguru so that we may realize our dreams and spread happiness.

    Thank You for all Your beautiful miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. very nice experiences ….luv u baa… thank u for everything n sorry baa for all my mistakes… plz help me not to think of bad things baa…. plzz can anyone tell me on which mail id we can mail our experience…thank u

  6. BABA last night I saw a dream in which I saw a snake and a mangoose. BABA what does this dream mean? Am I going to fight with anyone. Please BABA that shouldn't happen. Please be with me all the time. Please guide and protect my family all the time BABA. I love YOU BABA.

  7. can any body clarify my doubt on dream….i was(iam) going through a tough face and somehow got close to gods that too with baba especially.last night i got a dream all gods came into a group with a bowl of sweet(payasam) and all are asking me to have it..then suddenly i woke up and dream got broken..what does it mean?

  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Leg Injury
    Bambgard Saheb*****
    In the then state of Akkalkot there was a wicked and powerful officer named
    Bambgard Saheb. One day Kondoo Nana, a devotee of Sri Swami, was washing his face
    in the well water of Khasbaag. At the same moment Bambgard Saheb was passing that
    way. “Are you not spoiling the water of the well? ”. So saying, the Saheb abused
    Kondoo Nana and then kicked him two-four times with his boot. Kondu Nana
    complained to Sri Swami but Sri Swami kept silent at that moment.
    After a few days Bambgard Saheb suffered an injury on the same leg with which
    he had kicked Kondoo Nana. He took proper treatment for the injury but it was in vain.
    Finally the doctor suggested cutting his leg as a preventive measure. Bambgard Saheb
    became helpless. He asked the Mamlatdar Moro Kashi to offer prayers on his behalf
    to Sri Swami Samarth for his cure. When Sri Swami heard the prayer he said “Fie upon
    you! You fool, why are you telling me? ”. When Bambgard Saheb heard these remarks he understood that Sri Swami is very angry with him. But, what is the reason for his
    One day Sri Swami himself went to Bambgard Saheb’s bungalow. Seeing Sri
    Swami Bambgard stood up. He gave a chair to Sri Swami and then offered his
    salutation. Sri Swami passed on a volley of abuse and said “you fool, first you kick me
    and then ask me only for the medicine for your injury? ”. Then the Saheb realised that
    Sri Swami is very angry with him since he had kicked Kondoo Nana. He then prostrated
    at the lotus feet of Sri Swami and prayed “Please forgive me and suggest me a remedial
    treatment. I have undergone enough sufferings till now”. Hearing his prayers Sri Swami
    got softened with pity and said, “Now go, crush the root of aloo vegetable in the water
    used for washing rice. Then drink that water and also apply it on leg injury”. With this
    treatment Saheb was totally cured of his injury and he became perfectly normal.

    *****Bhosle’s Wife*****
    Appasaheb Bhosle’s wife, a resident of Sawantwadi in Sindhudurg District,
    Maharashtra, developed injuries due to disease resulting in 8 to 10 holes in her leg. In
    spite of taking all remedial measures there was no relief. Then the Bhosle couple along
    with 8-10 people came to Akkalkot. After coming to Akkalkot they came to know that
    Sri Swami had gone to Wakdari hill. It was hot summer midday and they hadn’t eaten
    anything yet, still they went up the hill to take Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Then Sri Swami
    said, “To give you ‘Darshan’ only I have come so far”.
    Bhosle offered dhotees, bed and pillows, and koupeen to Sri Swami. Then
    Bhosle informed Sri Swami regarding the holes in his wife’s leg. Sri Swami gave abuses
    and spoke to the lady “come here. How many holes are there in your leg? This is all the
    outcome of evil deeds in the past life. You have tried all the remedial treatments and
    you are fed up. Now you try this treatment”. There was a Kunda flower plant. Sri
    Swami touched that tree and said, “Rub the fruit of this Kunda plant into a paste and
    eat it. Then rub elephant tusk into a paste and apply it to the holes on your leg”.
    Sri Swami gave prasad of mango and coconut to the Bhosle couple, and then he
    got up and went to the cactus hill to sit. Sri Swami asked the Bhosle couple to go and
    take meals. Next day, Sri Swami returned to Akkalkot from the hill. Bhosle couple
    returned home after taking the blessings of Sri Swami. The hole injuries got cured
    completely. The couple developed such a faith for Sri Swami that they started visiting
    Akkalkot very often to get the blessings of Sri Swami.

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    baba pls be with us all the time baba luv u baba

  10. Said may
    Please be there for me
    Please help me
    U have shown indications that u r there .
    Come and hold my hand.
    Waiting my mas
    I shall do 9 guru bar vrat mas
    Please please please come soon
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  11. Maa
    I am really really really sorry
    Please please don't get angry with me
    Luv u
    Falling at your feet

  12. om sai ram ,om sai ram ,om sai ram,om sai ram,baba you always listen your devotees.baba be always with me,i love you a lot, baba without you i am nothing,if you are with me than i can do anything without you i am nothing. sabka malik ek om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

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