Sai Baba ji During My Tough Times

Sai Sister from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the Sai devotees. Hi Hetalji, you are rendering such a pious service to all the Sai devotees in the form of this blog. May Sai Baba ji bless you with all the happiness in the world. Please keep me anonymous and do not share my email id. Feel free to edit my experience where ever necessary.

I am in love with a Sikh guy and I am Hindu Punjabi. There is very little difference in our religion, I mean we speak the same language (Punjabi), follow same culture, tradition and customs in fact the food that we eat is also same, the difference is that Sikh don’t cut hair. After 4.5 years of our relationship one day I disclosed about my relationship to my parents as they wanted to start looking for an alliance for me. Parents on both the sides disagreed. Both of us cried day and night and tried very hard to convince our parents but all in vain. I somehow was able to convince my dad though my mother was still against. At his place his father said a strict no. Ultimately we guys were separated. We even stopped talking with each other. I kept telling him that God is there he’ll find a way but he didn’t have any hopes. I used to cry day and night and went into depression. One day I was scrolling through my Facebook page and I saw Sai Baba ji’s photo and I started praying him to get me married to my love. Then I joined 2-3 pages of Sai Baba community. Slowly and gradually I started worshiping him but I knew very little about Him though I had been to Shirdi 2 years before disclosing my relationship to my family and there also I had prayed Baba ji to keep me and my love together.

So when the problem came. Baba ji ran and came for help. I saw a photo of Baba ji in which it was written read Sri Sai Satcharitra and Baba will answer your prayers. I immediately searched it on the internet and started reading. I have read it a number of times with Baba ji’s grace. Slowly and gradually I started becoming normal though I used to cry my heart out every night but I had started eating food and talking to friends. I and my love had stopped talking completely but once in a blue moon we somehow used to talk on messages for a minute or two. He became very stubborn but inside he used to cry but always used to avoid showing me thinking that i’will again become ill. Time passed and my final exams approached. We both were studying in the same collage. After talking to him I still found the he had no hopes for our relationship. I asked Baba ji if you will bring us together then give me a dream and I saw a dream where in my love was saying that his father has agreed and I close my eyes to thank Baba ji and I saw his white idol, I woke up from my dream and was very happy and cried like anything.

One day I started to Google something related to Baba ji and came across Baba’s question answer website. I asked a number of questions and Baba ji has always replied in positive. But nothing has happened until now. I have stopped showing my parents the mental agony and pain I am going through because I don’t want to hurt them. I have got a number of positive signs also like he messaged me on 1 August 2013 i.e Thursday and we talked in video call and he spoke his heart out. He told me how much he misses me and how difficult it is for him to control his emotions, he even told me that he again approached his dad for our relationship but again nothing fruitful happened. He has also made me donate food and clothes to the needy. He has come in my dreams a number of times and gave me udi and Prasad of sugar candy, He even applied udi on my forehead. I try my level best to surrender to him but sometimes am not able to. I only pray to him if you’ll get us married keep us and our families happy.

A year back I was not able to feel Sai Baba ji’s presence so I kept praying him to please show your presence then after few days I saw a blessing on Sai baba’s blessing page on Facebook which says “if you want to feel my presence read stories about me” and I immediately goggled Sai Baba’s stories and came across this divine blog. Sai Baba ji has said that if you take one step towards me I’ll take 10 steps towards you but I feel Baba ji has taken 1000 steps towards me and helped me in becoming healthy and in overcoming my depression and fears. He tests me a number of times. I have seen a number of alliances also leaving everything on Baba ji. He even arranged a shirdi trip in 2013 for my mom, dad and me. Leaving everything on Baba ji I just pray and request all my Sai brothers and sisters to pray Baba ji to set everything right in my life. May Sai Baba ji bless all of us. Om Sai Namoh Namah Shri Sai Namah Namah Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah Sadguru Sai Namah Namah

Magic of Udi

Sai Sister from USA says: Thank You, Baba for relieving my child from fever! We live in US and were on vacation to a Caribbean island – Dominican Republic. We all went as family and were having lot of fun. My son who just turned 4 started to develop fever on the second day of our trip. I started to give him medicines which would relieve his fever and cold but as the dosage wore out his fever came back. took enough medicine, but unfortunately I used up all the fever medicine called Tylenol. I knew that I could get the fever medicine in Dominican Republic but may be not the same brand or quality, plus since my son would develop allergies quickly I was really hesitant and worried. The fever was rising and was 102 degree at night when I gave him the dosage. I realized I had only one more dose left. I was really worried and prayed to Baba.

We had all come to have a good time and did not want to end up running around for medicine and more over see the little one so sick. I applied Udi on his head and mixed the dose with Udi and gave it to him. Next morning when we woke up he was feeling a bit weak but did not have fever. I was really relieved. I applied Udi in the morning and thanked Baba for not letting his fever come back or rise. The magic of Udi is unfathomable, if you believe in Baba truly and pray He listens to his children and fulfills his wishes. I am thankful to Baba that we stayed for two more nights and did not have to give him the last dose. Can you believe it I brought the bottle back to USA with last dose in it. Thank you Baba, We all love you very much. Please always bless us.

Baba Cured My Dad’s Eye Bump

Sai Sister from India says: I’ve known Baba less than a year. Baba entered into my life when He knows I’m going to have huge problems. Ever since then my mum & I has been praying to Him. After Deepavali, my aunty bought Baba’s idol as our new house gift. Ever since then Baba has become part of this family. My dad also started to pray to Baba.

About a month ago, my dad has an eye bump on his right eye. The doctor said he has to undergo a minor operation. Today (5th Feb 2014) is the appointment. Before the operation date the doctor gave a cream to apply and also antibiotic. After two weeks bump did not subside and shows no improvement. I prayed to Baba asking for His help and mercy on my dad. Praying that the doctor will not do any minor operation and may the bump subside with Your blessing Baba. I told Baba I promised to post this experience if this happens. At times when I apply the cream on the bump the only thing I say is ” Om Sai Ram”. Day by day the bump was becoming smaller. Today is the appointment for the minor operation. Dad went to the hospital and came back home after few hours. Deep in my heart I was praying to Baba. Once my dad was home I asked him what happen? Dad told me that the doctor said do not need an operation cause the bump is getting smaller. I was extremely happy and couldn’t’ thank Baba enough. This all happen because of Baba only. He heard my prayers. Thank you so much Baba. Baba, bless all your devotees to have strong Shradha and Saburi. May your love pour on us so much that we can never say enough. I posted the experience as I promised Baba. Please edit if there is any mistakes. I’m not good in words

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  1. Sai pa one miracle happened today.Dont know how far it will last.Dont know whether to trust or not.But got some hope that you are there.I dont know what more to say because i cannot trust this person again.U show me the way in all terms.

  2. Jai Sai Ram to everyone.. Nice experiences…

    Baba's miracles are wonderful… Baba please bless me too with my prayers. Only you can help me baba. I am very confused and there are so many problems going on. Please be with me and help me to come out of all this issues. Please show me a right path to go. Take me to the right direction baba. You are my Father, Mother, Guru and everything. Please be with me and bless myself, my husband, my parents, my in-laws and everyone in this world.

    Jai Sai Ram…

  3. Om SAI ram to all! Very Nice experience.
    Love You Lods SAI maa. Please bless my mother with good helth. OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM !!

  4. Exciting Experience of an Author

    Sri R. Parthasarathy, Author of 'Apostle of Love’ and 'God who walked on Earth, and ardent devotee of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji recounts how Swamiji protected him during a major operation some months back, in his message to the Saipadananda Brotherhood Annual Meeting, which he could not attend owing to indisposition.

    The contents of the letter are as follows:

    Dear Sai Bandhus,

    I offer you my hearty greetings on this important occasion when you are assembled as members of the Brotherhood to exchange experiences and renew your faith and surrender at the feet of our Guru, Radhakrishna Swamiji and seek ways and means to propagate his message and teachings. I am happy to learn from the convener, Air Commodore Raghavan that our membership is growing and there is greater awareness of what Swamiji stood for and how he brought Sai Baba nearer to our hearts.

    I wish to share with you an exciting experience I had of Swamiji's living presence and how he protects his devotees day and night. Two months ago I was in hospital for a major operation and I went through a number of tests before the surgery. I was praying to Swamiji during the tests and imagine my joy when I saw Swamiji's figure blessing me even while I was undergoing the tests, and more miraculous than anything else when I was on the operating table and before I lost consciousness under anesthesia I could see Swamiji's figure on the wall nearby extending his protective hands. That, Swamiji saved me was clear when the operation was not only successful but it was, painless even after the anesthesia had worn off and there was no complication. Swamiji again proved to me he is God and I shall always worship him as such.

    Come on! Sai Bandhus let us sing the glory of our Master and let us spread his message of love and compassion all over the country. We are all children of Swamiji and his living presence is a guarantee that no harm will come to us if our faith is strong and unbreakable.

    Once again I offer you my greetings and offer my best wishes for the success of your proceedings.

    (Source Sai Padananda April 1999)

    • You write about 'the living presence of Swamiji and how he protects his devotees day and night'. Are you writing about our Lord Sai Nath or his follower?? You also say we are children of Swamiji. Who are you talking about in this blog devoted exclusively to Lord Shirdi Sai Baba and his leelas—it is confusing. Kindly clarify. 😕 thankyou.

  5. Sai Baba's help in Marriages

    By Sri Narasimha Swamiji

    People know that the greatest difficulty for a family is to procure a suitable bridegroom for a girl. But equally, some houses amongst Hindus and much more amongst Muslims felt difficulty in getting a boy married. Help in discovering a proper match for a girl or boy is therefore a veritable boon.

    G.D. Pandit of Colaba (Mumbai) was greatly troubled for inability to discover a good bridegroom for his daughter. He made a vow that if he should secure a groom in fifteen days, he would make a trip to Shirdi. Then, from distant Hyderabad, a young man came of his own accord to Pandit's house, took a fancy for his daughter and married her within fifteen days.

    Ganesh Keshav Rege, an amin and a staunch devotee of Baba, in poor circumstances, had the misfortune, as he called it, of having many daughters. He had succeeded in getting three daughters married. For the fourth one he was running from pillar to post and could not find any suitable husband. Sometimes success seemed to be within reach but fate scattered his hopes at the crucial moment. In deep despair he sat in front of Baba's photograph. Suddenly he heard a voice – 'Go to Jirapur'. The words were loud and clear, but there was no person visible who could have uttered them. This, he thought was Baba's 'Ashirvad' for his benefit. But how could he visit Jirapur. He knew none at Jirapur. When he was in this confusion, the Government sent him an order of transfer to Jirapur. This was Baba's gift. So he went and reported for duty at Jirapur. Then he made enquiries about the matrimonial possibilities of that new place. He found an eligible person soon. Within a month his daughter's marriage was settled.

    Ganesh Vaidya had a daughter to be married. Repeated efforts to find a groom were failures. He was much worried. One day Baba appeared in his dream and said: "Why are you anxious? Keshav Dixit has a son". Baba showed him the figure of that boy. Then he got up. He had never heard of Keshav Dixit nor seen a boy like the one shown in the dream. When he mentioned this dream vision to his son, the latter told him that in his office there was a Dixit, son of Keshav, and the boy had the very features described by his father. They made enquiries and soon the marriage was settled.

    The cases of Baba's intervention after his Mahasamadhi are similar to those of his intervention and benefit before his Mahasamadhi.

    A poor orphan girl had innumerable obstacles in finding a match for herself. She was advised to make a 'Parayan' of Sai Satcharitra. She sat before Baba's picture and started the study. The next day someone came and saw her at the 'Parayan', took interest in her, made the necessary enquiries, and married her within a week.

  6. Ethirajammal was living just behind All India Sai Samaj at Madras. She had difficulty in finding a match for her grown-up daughter. She prayed to Baba. Luckily a groom agreed to marry her daughter and a Contractor visiting Sai Samaj offered his help to lend a sum of Rs. 1700/-. As the program was fixed and just a few days before the D-day, suddenly the contractor backed out of his promise. The girl came with her parents to All India Sai Samaj thoroughly disconsolate. It was a Thursday bhajan and she sang in heart rending tones the well known Tamil bhajan song "What Baba', Are you testing us still?" Next morning another Contractor came to the Samaj and learning about the pitiable condition, wrote out a cheque for Rs. 2000/ and placed it in my hand and asked me to give to the girl. The marriage was celebrat­ed in the Sai Mandir.

    Gopal Ganesh Shriyan entered into a gentleman's agreement in 1924 with a friend that his daughter should wed the latter's son after some years. But as years passed, the boy's collegiate education raised his value, and his father resided from the agreement and was arranging a match elsewhere that would bring him more dowries. When Shriyan heard this, he went and wept in front of Baba's picture. Sai gave him a definite assurance: "Do not worry your self. I will get you the same boy for your son-in-law in two years' time". Sometime thereafter the new arrangement by the boy's father fell through. As days passed the conscience of the educated youth (evidently spurred by Sai Baba within) became so assertive that he impressed his parents the extreme impropriety in breaking the gentleman's agreement. At last the friend confirmed the original pact and celebrated the marriage within the time fixed by Baba.

    In 1923, a certain gentleman had expressed himself about marrying Moreswar Chowhan's sister. He had promised to write a formal letter of acceptance. Even after six months the letter did not come and Chowhan's mother felt desolate. She prayed to Baba and said: "Baba, you give experience of your miraculous powers to all. Why not give it to us. I am greatly worried about my daughter. If you have any power I must get a reply approving the match by tomorrow. This was a challenge to Baba to act within twenty four hours. That night she dreamed that the next morning as she sat by her son's side, the postman delivered a letter containing the final acceptance. In point of fact at 9 am next day she sat by her son and began to narrate the dream. The postman peeped in and dropped a letter. That was from the long hesitating party and containing the acceptance she had so long waited for. Baba stood the assay. He is sterling gold.

    Sai Padananda January 1977

    • OM SAI RAM… It was so nice to read all the experiences of how baba ji helped all in getting a suitable partner for life. But don't know why baba ji has closed his eyes towards us. I am 34+ and my sis is 30+ even after so many nothing is getting finalised at all. Aisea lagta hai shayad aab yeh rista fix ho jayga par fir haat khali…. Dont know why he is doing all this to me and my family why????????

    • Will you ever get married? Is it hopeless? Absolutely not. Nothing is impossible with God. No matter your age, your situation, your fears, trust Him. Put your hope in Him. And believe Him moment by moment, day by day, and your joy will be back in your life as you continue to walk with Him believing He knows what’s best for your life sai ram

    • Baba helped my marriage..
      My mother is living single right from my birth and she brought me up with great struggles. When she was pregnant for me about 7 months her first daughter aged 1.5 yrs passed away due to deadly fever.Due to my sister death clashes arised btw my parents and for so many other reasons they got seperated. My father married another woman.My mom decided to be single and made vow that my marriage is her biggest goal through which she can show to this society that she succeeded. When she was in grief about her daughter death a neighbour came to console her ,gave her a photo told this is Sai – great saint ,worship Him and He will solve all your worries. From that time my mom is adherent Sai devotee and because of her i started to worship Sai from my childhood. Now coming to my marriage miracle , we had some debts because of loss in business and i need to clear it all after my graduation . since i dint get suitable jobs i took about 6 years to clear all our debts and started to save for my mom started to look for alliance . she placed two request to Sai Baba she wanted groom to be baba devotee and show us the groom to us as the first alliance itself. Sai granted her wish . when there are so many searching for alliance for years i thought even my alliance search will also be a lengthy progress. But here comes the Sai miracle ,Less than 1 month of alliance search baba showed my mom a alliance who is a sai devotee and my marriage happened with him.Baba fulfilled my moms wish.
      Jai Sai Ram

  7. Mera naam rahul ha,ma yaha yehi kahunga ki sai baba ne mujhe bahut confuse kiya ha,jab madad mago tho madad nahi milti tab past karm ka jikra log yaha is site par karte hai par jab kaam kisi ka hojata ha tho sai baba turant saara credit lejate hai kyon…..?
    Jabki socha jaye tho saaare kaam hum hi karte hai phir bhi saibaba ko hum credit dete hain,or natija kya hota ha hum khud sochna chor dete hai or bharose ma hi maar khaate hain,ye sab bate ma soch kar hi likh raha hoon par aap log sirf rati hui wo hi baat yaha likhte ho, is desh ma itne sant mahatma hua hain par phir bhi kuch nhi hua kyon kyoki unhone ye baat bata di ha ki tumhaare grah kharaab hain,tumhaare past karm kharaab hain ityaadi jabki khud par bharosa rakh kar hum har pareshaani ka hal dhoond sakte hain ye maine dekha or anubhav kiya ha, where is God…?in my openion our brain is our God who guide us and teach us,so follow ur inner voice par hota kya ha hum jab bhi apni antaraatma ki awaj ko nakarte hai tho parinaam kya hota hai haani,apni inner voice ko unsuna karna ishwar ko unsuna karna ha isiliye hum pareshaaniyo ma ghir jaate hain……..meri baatain achhi ya buri jaisi bhi aapko lage yaha apne comment jaroor bheja.

  8. Sai maa
    You know what I am going through
    My ears r blocked and I feel I am floating in the air
    Please please please please make me normal healthy n cheerful
    Pls pls pls pls my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  9. Babaji
    Make me completely alright from today both mentally and physically
    I promise to give food 2 one person everyday from monday
    On the days when I am not there I will keep aside money and will buy food when I get back
    Please please please please
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  10. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai…

    May the supreme lord,the guru within us,lift the veil of ignorance and bestow upon us all the light of transcendental knowledge. May the blessing of bhagwan shri shirdi sai baba be our support and inspiration in the quest for truth.

  11. Om Sai Ram….Very Nice Experiences….Devotee 1 : Dont Worry….Whatever Will Be The Best, Baba Will Give You…Why Fear, When Baba Is Near….Devotee 2 : Baba's UDI is a Miracle…Even I Always Use It For My Baby And Always Miracle Happened…Devotee 3 : Very Blissful Experience….We Love You Baba…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  12. Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!!!! Baba miraculously you made me complete my bank formalities and all because of your devotee seated there who helped me, dear all PLS BELIEVE IN BABA!!! His leela's are unfathomable INDEED Om sai sri sai jai jai sai!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. om sai raam,
    very nice experiences…

    Devotee 1:dont worry baba will surely bless you with your love.Even i am in same situation dear.Mine is a one sided love.but i have faith that baba will definitely give me my love.

    Devotee 2 and 3:
    Very nice really touched me
    om sai raam

  14. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls be with us guide us and take care of us in everymoment.

  15. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life saimaa…I beg u maa..pls help me…jai sairam

  16. Om sai nath. Today smthng hpnd that i cnt believe. Dear sai devotees today i went to my son's skool 4 fancy dres competition. I made him a vegetable seller with pagdi on his hand and by chance wen i scrolled thru my fb page i saw babaji in the same pagdi. I was nt able 2 understane then but wen my son got frst prize i realized that babaji had already blessed me by showing that he wl win. Bolo sdguru sainath maharaj ji ki jai. Baba ji plz bles my family with a healthy baby. Plz make al da situation favourable. Plz remove al da tensions of my family. Lv u sai bana ji. Om sai ram

  17. Sai PA please give happiest life to my beloved wife , Parents, sister's family and keep them happy forever . Also guide all of us for choosing right path by all means.please BABA help me to resolve all my issue without affecting others also help me to keep my beloved wife with out even have single worry in her life . Sai ma you know all my issues so please guide me and don't give me up.

  18. dear baba ,
    please help me marrying my love baba please..i beg you..i m dying daily..please fix our marriage as soon as possible baba

  19. Baba Jee , Please reply my Prayer , I deadly need him in my Life Baba Jee please give him back in my life .

  20. Message from Sai Baba "This poor fakir knows your desires. He knows your dreams. He keeps watch on every word you utter. What rights you have to ask Baba to do this and that. I KNOW WHAT MY CHILD WANTS AND ITS MY DECISION TO GIVE IT OR TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM FOR THEIR WELFARE." OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM

  21. Dear sai maa
    Happy mothers day my maa
    Please make me feel completely alright mentally and physically maa Falling at your lotus feet

  22. 1st devotee even i am in your situation,dont worry trust baba,even i am waiting patiently for so many days in spite of so many problems in my life.

  23. Very true, if you take 1 step towards Him, Baba takes 10 steps towards you.

    O Deva, bless us so our Faith in You firms up and our heart learns Patience. Bless us O Sadguru by easing away our troubles and bringing calm to our minds.

    Thank You for all the miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  24. Nice experiences! First devotee, don't worry if this is the one Baba chose for you, Baba will surely find a way for both of you to be together. 2nd devotee, Baba was there with you during your vacation so that your child would feel better and showed you the power of Udi. 3rd devotee, it was Baba Himself who reduced that bump on your father's eye and took care of the problem so that no operation would be necessary. Om Sai Ram!

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