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A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 612

Family Re-United By Sai Leela

Sai Sister Sankari from USA Says: I am Sankari residing in New Jersey and i am here sharing a few Sai Miracles that happened in my personal life. (You can share my name but please do not share my mail id).

Om Sai Ram. I have so many Sai Leelas happened in my life till now, that I don’t know which one to say and which one to leave. First of all thank you very much for this wonderful platform, to share our Leelas with all our Sai Devotees. I got Sai revelation through my Mother. In February 2012 when I was working in India and my husband was in Basel, Switzerland. I had planned to resign my job and join my husband, along with my 3 year old son, but unfortunately my passport was expiring in a few days. I went to Chennai to get a slot at the Embassy to renew the same on Tatkal, but was told that there was no slot/appointment time available until next 2 months. My mom and in-laws thought it is hopeless and we were so upset, but I never lost hope.

I prayed within myself to Our Lord Deva and by then my mom inquired with a family friend and told him the situation. All this was happening on a Friday and none of us slept that night due to tension. Then that friend came on Saturday morning and told me that on Monday morning 7.30 am first slot was booked for me. I was told that all slots were booked till the next 2 months and now i am getting news that the very first slot of the very next working day is booked for me. How could that happen, if not for our Baba’s grace? Our happiness knew no bounds. Finally I went and got my passport renewed and eventually by April, I flew along with my son to Switzerland.

Later in August 2012, my husband got a transfer from Switzerland to New Jersey and we came down to the USA. Last month we had to renew our son’s Passport and we thought his Passport was expiring by March 2014, but when we saw, it was expiring in February, hardly 3 weeks ahead. We were panic again. My husband simply assumed that since the passport is expiring our son cannot stay here until he gets a new renewed passport and told me to travel back to India and get it renewed and came back. I got so upset because he is going to school here and how many days should we absent him from his classes. And again, traveling alone with a kid. Then I told him we will get all the papers ready and go to the Embassy here at NY get it done on tatkal and whatever happens our Baba is with us.

But now too, Baba did not leave our hands. We went to NY and explained them the situation and they told us, that we can apply and get the passport and that the child need not travel back unnecessarily. We were so relieved. There are so many other Leelas in our life and if allowed I will keep on bragging and bragging. Finally Thank You Sai for all the Good things that You have given me in this life and I bow to You forever. Bow To Shree Sai, Peace To All.

Baba’s Blessings For My Baby

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear devotees, I have a small experience to share. Hetal Ji, please keep me anonymous. (P.S - I compiled this experience almost 2 months back, but sending it now. Please forgive me).

I have a daughter and i had been postponing planning for another baby for almost 4 years. Some due to health reasons and some due to family reasons. Finally we made up our minds and i decided to get pregnant. With Sai's Blessings, I got pregnant. I am in my 7th month now. Because we planned after a long gap (my daughter is 7 years old now), and since my family faced a lot of negative things in various issues for the past 3 years, from the beginning I was very anxious, and i was praying that baby should be born healthy. I started feeling better once I started feeling the baby kicks.

Since I got pregnant, I used to listen to ‘Garbarakshambika's kavacham’ on every Thursday. Now is Friday early morning (5 AM). I just realized that I forgot to listen to it yesterday. I felt very scared. I didn't remember when I felt the baby move last. I prayed to Baba and started reading devotees experiences. As soon as I started reading, I felt a gentle kick. I was happy. But as you know, human mind can never be satisfied easily. I wanted more assurance in the movement. I took Baba's Udi, put a pinch in my mouth and spread some on my tummy. In a few seconds, I felt the baby move again, and it was pretty strong. That gave me more satisfaction. I have another 12 weeks to go. I am praying that Baba is always with me

Om Shri Sai Ram (P.S - I have only 11 days left for my due date now. Baba has been with me all the time. Sorry again for posting the experience with this much delay)

Need All Your Prayers For Baba's Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have already posted my one experience, it is yet to be published. I have number of instances where Baba showed his presence from big events to small ones. Please do not disclose my name and email id. Thank you.

This is my sincere and heartfelt request to all Baba's devotees to pray for us. Financially it’s always been a struggle. As a child I saw my father losing money in business, because of which we endured lot of sufferings. Though my husband married me without any monetary expectations, but life was never smooth. He did business too. We pulled along for 16 Years, after which things only started to get worse.

Now for the past 6 years it’s been terrible that it defies all logic how we are surviving. I know Baba is holding us and helping us to go through these terrible times. I also know for a fact that, He will pull us out of this. Since i am desperate, I request all of you to pray for me as collective prayers will bring us Baba's Blessings faster.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. All the experiences are wonderful. Second Devotee: baby kicking when udi applied is very touching. Third devotee good luck, Baba will protect you during your final days of pregnancy.

  2. Sai Baba – The Financier

    (Shri Sai Leela January 1984)

    It was in the month of July 1980 tthat I first met Pujya Shri Acharya E. Bharadwaja, who is doing yeoman service for the spread of Sai devotion, at Chivatam village. It was a ''Mandalaradhana Day” after the Mahasamadhi. On that auspicious occasion and in the presence of so many "Mahatmas", I got an inspiration to start Sai Satsang at Kovvur. Accordingly we started Satsang with the children of our surroundings, who belong to the age group of 5 to 15 years. It is now going on every -day with increasing faith and devotion and the participants of the Satsang are enjoying the blessings of Baba as well as the appreciation of the society. It is clearly evident from our experience that it is His Power alone that enables us to conduct the Satsang every day without fail. I wish to narrate here a great miracle which happened at our Sai Kuteer.

    It was in the month of July 1983 that my sister-in-law. Smt. Lakshmi Kamamurthy, who is the chief organiser of our Satsang, was worried a lot regarding how to celebrate the coming Guru Poornima Day. As all the members of our Satsang are only children, we do not have any patrons to raise funds for special offerings on that day. So, Smt Lakshmi had decided to celebrate it in a simple way without much expenditure. But the compassionate Baba would not allow His devotees to be disappointed in any matter. On 6th July 1983, the postman handed over a registered cover to Smt Lakshmi. It was from my brother's son, Mr. Satya Prasad, who is working in Hyderabad. Immediately after opening the cover nineteen ten rupee notes (a sum of Rs. 190/-) fell down. In utter astonishment, she unfolded the letter inside, in which she found Rs. 75/- kept separately. Mr. Satya Prasad wrote in the letter that he used to send Rs.25/- to Shirdi every month. But he could not do so since three months for unknown reasons. So, he is sending that amount o( Rs. 75/- for the coming Guru Poornima Celebrations in our Sai Kuteer. But he did not mention any thing about the other 190/-. Smt, Lakshrni thought that they were put in the cover by mistake and so she dropped a letter immediately to Mr. Satya Prasad seeking clarification about this amount. By return post, he confirmed that he did not know anything about those Rs. I90/- and that he sent only Rs. 75/-. Then we understood that it is nothing but a "Sai Leeela". In that way Baba, financing by Himself, got performed Sahasra Nama Puja, Anna Samaradhana; etc., on a grand scale on Guru Poornima Day.

  3. At the Feet of Sai Baba

    We are pleased to publish a portion of the autobiographical sketch of Late Shri PR. Avasthi, an intimate devotee of Sai Baba. Sri Avasthi was a spiritually advanced person and had the benefit of being a devotee of our Master, introduced by Sri M.B. Rage Sahib. Further, the credit of bringing Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Rege Sahib together goes to Sri P.R. Avasthi – Editor

    It was Christmas holidays of 1914. My friend M.B. Rege took me to Shirdi along with him to seek the blessings of Sai Baba. During the journey, I was wondering as to whether I have transgressed the advice of my Guru not to visit another saint. I was indeed in a repentant mood for having agreed to go to Shirdi and was beginning to feel that I have been led astray by the jugglery of the old fakir at Shirdi. I felt that I should overpower his sorcery by utterance of Shri Ram Nam. Rege called me 'Crazy'.

    At Shirdi, we met Sai Baba in the Chavdi. My friend Rege went to him and prayed to him to rid of my fit of craziness. Baba looked at me and I was cured of my spell instantly on hearing Baba's melodious and devout tone 'Allah Malik Hai'. I apologized to him mentally to pardon at my defects. I put my head at his lotus feet. He blessed me by gently touching my head. Then onwards every creature that I happened to look on our way began to strike me as Sai Baba. In meeting Sai Baba, my quest for a Sadguru was over and Sai Baba was everything for me.

    We went to the residence of Mother Radhakrishna Ayi. She appeared to me like the proto-type of my Guru Shanthi Devi. On seeing me Mother Radhakrishna Ayi narrated a few earlier incidents of my life. I was stunned but still did not accept her as a substitute for my Guru Shanthi Devi but as her sister.

    Even as I was thinking on these lines, Mother Radhakrishna Ayi cried aloud 'I am dying' and fell flat on the ground. I ran up to her and putting her head on my lap loudly chanted one after the other five mantras based on the five letters of 'Shiv Panchakshari' which represented the five elements. I implored the deities to revive her in exchange for all the virtues I had acquired in 16 years of my spiritual sadhana. Mother Radhakrishna Ayi opened her eyes and I felt exceedingly grateful to God for this recovery.

    I was in Shirdi for four days. Sai Baba passed me through various stages and phases of His miraculous powers and made me realize as to His being an avatar. This visit proved to be a turning point in my life as it weeded out the unholy thoughts about Him as a 'Muslim' and drove me towards Him to took upon Him not only as my Sadguru but as my God in whose quest I had been so long hankering after.

    It was 'Ekadashi' – the last day of my visit. Sai Baba had returned to the mosque from Chavadi after the Kakad Arathi. He sent for my friend M.B. Rege and directed him to take me away. A cart-Tonga was got ready. As we started to go he came out of the mosque to go on for his morning round and we had the good fortune to salute him near the village gate and got his blessings at the time of our departure.

  4. After this visit, I used to go to Shirdi at least twice or thrice a year and on every occasion I was fortunate to get His darshan and blessings. This continued for four years or so without a break.

    In November 1917, in the early hours Sai Baba manifested in our residence at Ujjain. I got up from my bed and bowed to Him reverentially. He suddenly disappeared. At that very moment I heard the familiar voice of Abdul Bhai calling me by name from the garden. I opened the door and rushed out to find Abdul Bhai. But I found only a friend of mine plucking flowers who on enquiry told me that no one else had come and called me by name!

    I was wondering about the significance of Sai Baba's visit to our house. On the third day of this incident, I received a letter from Sri Waman Rao Patil of Shirdi about the sad demise of Mother Radhakrishna Ayi in the early hours of the very day Sai Baba had visited our residence.

    In May 1918, I visited Shirdi along with my sister and niece. They wanted to offer 'Naivedya' of pithala to Sai Baba and were preparing it in the very room that used to be formerly occupied by Mother Radhakrishna Ayi. The fuel was wet and smoke covered the entire room. Unable to bear the smoke, my sister thought of Mother Radhakrishna Ayi to come and help in kindling the fuel. At once they fancied that Mother had come downstairs and helped them in enkindling the wet fuel and then disappeared. While they felt the ethereal presence of the Mother amidst them, reality dawned that Mother had cast off her mortal coil in November 1917 itself. But they were inwardly happy for having her darshan.

    Another incident I recall was in October 1918. At Ujjain, ladies in our household had inadvertently washed the husked rice grain twice or thrice and went into the kitchen. Soon they realized the mistake and were at their wit's end as to what is to be done. By chance, I happened to go there and when they told me about this, I casually asked them to prepare 'Sakhar Bath' as Sai Baba liked it (rice mixed with sugar and fried in ghee and a little quantity of saffron added to it). After we offered 'Naivedya' to Sai Baba and partook ‘prasad’, we got a letter from Shirdi conveying the saddest news of Sai Baba's 'Mahasamadhi'. The news was like a bolt from the blue and we became benumbed and overtaken with grief.
    A friend of mine who was there remarked that on such occasions, sweet rice or Meeta Bath is generally prepared according to Muslim rites and Sai Baba, in His own inimitable manner had received ‘Naivedya’ through me. What a coincidence.

    Sai Baba is blessing us for ever. I am totally incapable of penning them adequately. Beyond the bounds of mind lies all comprehensive intelligence. Beyond the compass of the heart pervades all embracing love infinite. This great cause of all causes -The one Truth -God The Beloved of our heart, in us resides He is the sweetest Companion Giver of true solace, peace and joy Have Him and all your known and unknown Longings are fulfilled.

  5. Om Sai Ram : Devotee 1 : Blissful experience...Baba always have some special attention for Kids and he never allow them to suffer Devotee 2 : Cute Experience....Baby is with you now...since this experience is quite old...Take care of that bundle of joy...Sai Bless the Baby...Devotee 3 : Sai is holding your dont need to worry...Why Fear when Baba is Near....We Love You Baba....Always Be With Us...Om Sai Ram

  6. Very nice experiences. To the 3rd devotee, my prayers on your situation go out to Baba and I am sure He would bring you happiness :)

    O Deva, Thank You for a beautiful family and wonderful friends that You have given us. Thank You O Sadguru for blessing us peace and joy and using us an instrument to spread Your teachings.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai :)

    Jai Sairam

  7. Sai maa
    Please please help devotee 3 to overcome her difficulty
    Pls also make me feel completely fine so that I can lead a peaceful happy life feeling positive n cheerful
    I want to help others in whatever way I can
    Pl help L to overcome her difficulties
    Falling at your lotus feet

  8. Om sai ram . Baba please all

  9. Love You Baba . Please Take Care of my family . Give good health to my dad . Take care of my sis . Please make my bava a good human . let him understand what is good and bad . He should take care of my sister well. Please Baba . Please be with me always .

  10. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls take care of our parents health.
    pls take of us baba

  11. om sai ram ...please sai help me to fullfill my wish baba...

  12. Om Sairam. I am the one who wrote the second experience. I'd like to let you know that I delivered my healthy baby 2 months back. How she arrived into the world itself is a miracle. My due date passed and there were no signs of labor. So I was induced a week after my due date. My labor started at 6 in the morning. Progress was very slow. At about 6 in the evening, suddenly the medical team rushed to me as the baby's heartbeat was dropping drastically. There was so much confusion in the room. It was at least about 30 minutes when the situation calmed down. I was crying husband got very nervous when the whole thing happened. We both applied udi on our forehead. To calm us down, he was playing devotional songs on his phone, mostly Sai Baba songs and Karbarakshambigai songs(usually my husband believes in Sai Baba, but never does things to prove it, him voluntarily listening to devotional songs is in itself a miracle). Finally my daughter arrived at 9:35 at night while Baba's song was playing. She is such a miracle and so worth all the trouble we went through. To thank Sai Baba, I am doing 9 week vrat. I have finished 2 weeks so far. Om Sairam

  13. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Alavani Buva Gets ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swami Samarth At Puri*****
    Alavani Buva of Baroda in Gujarath had gone with some people to Jagannath
    Puri, a holy place in Orissa. There, all these people fell sick because of fever. They were
    rendered immobile due to weakness. They were even unable to bring food from the
    market. Unexpectedly Sri Swami Samarth came and stood before Alavani Buva. Seeing
    the splendour and Divinity of Shree Swami Samarth, Alavani Buva offered his
    obeisance. Then offering his praises to Sri Swami, he asked, “Maharaj, where do you
    live? ”. Maharaj replied, “All the places belong to me”. So saying, Sri Swami vanished
    from that place.
    Alavani Buva and his companions were amazed at this experience. Later, they
    saw sumptuous food served on leaf-plates placed for them. They all enjoyed the
    sumptuous food. They resumed their journey as soon as their health recovered. Finally
    they all reached Akkalkot in Solapur, Maharashtra. After taking ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swami
    Samarth, they all remembered that, the great man, who helped them with sumptuous
    food at Jagannath Puri, was none other than Sri Swami Samarth himself.

  14. Om Sai ram to everyone. baba plz show me the way what I will do.plz make my husband realize the responsibility towards his wife.why u r getting delay to bless me n my husband a blissful married life.plz bless us n call us to shiridi.

  15. om sai raam..
    devotee 1:very nice experience of faith and love on our baba..
    devotee 2:blessings of baba will always be on your baby..dont worry..
    Devotee 3:Please do not worry baba will surely bring good financial times for you..just hold on to him..please read satcharitha and be in nav vrat..

    om sai raam

  16. OM SAI RAM

    Babaji please bless all & please help 3rd devotee, your treasure is full, please bestow blessings on your devotess.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  17. Om sai ram... please help 3rd devotee.... deva...
    Om sai ram....


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