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Today’s experience is very interesting and it depicts that Lord Sai Baba keep check on His devotees for their wrong doings but makes them realise their mistakes.

Sai Brother Sachin from India says: Hello Hetal sis, I am Sachin and I am not sure if you remember

but I already had posted some experiences way back when this blog was new in 2008. Hope you are

doing well by Baba’s grace. Your services are commendable and your faith in Baba inspires us all. My

previous experiences link:

Om Shri Sai Baba. Dear Sai Devotees, I came to the know

Baba in 2007 during my last year in college. From that moment till now, I have countless experiences

with Shri Sai Baba. He is always around, guiding in good and bad times. As a matter of fact, I daily

see His blessing in one or the other form. I will write one very peculiar experience here. A bit long

though! By Baba’s grace, I am in US currently and my job is going good. I do not have a car yet which

is a necessity in US. So I used to take rental car on weekends to go here and there with my friends. I

used to take car rental at a price of $24 per day plus $22 per day for collision insurance which rental

companies provide. So, a total of around $46 per day. Collision insurance covers the car for any

external damage and in case if it is damaged, you need not to worry because you took collision

insurance. I went on like this for 4-5 weeks. Then I got to know that I do not need to take Collision

insurance ($22 thing) separately as my credit card covers that for me. I was happy that it would save

me $22 per day while taking the rental. So, next time I took the car without collision insurance.

It was

weekend and I went to grocery store to buy some stuff for my home. While coming home, the car got hit

to a trolley and there were few scratches on the rear bumper. The car was black in color (Volkswagen

Pass at) and the scratches were clearly visible. I was scared at once and thought that it is going to be

very troublesome now as I did not take Collision insurance from My Rental Company and was relying

on my credit card company. I reached home and searched the internet. I was shocked to see the

experience of people. They had written that even a small scratch can sometimes cost you $800 to

$1000 because the rental companies will say that we will have to replace whole bumper. Even credit

card companies back out sometimes. I was deeply worried and that day I continued searching net

and could not find anybody who had a nice experience with these rental companies. I could not eat

the food properly and was totally depressed that it would cost me at least $500, if not more. I could

not eat and could not sleep properly.

Next day, I was to return car to rental folks. I knew

nothing except my Baba and called Him to save me from the trouble. While driving to the rental

company, I put on the Sai Raksha Mantra on my mobile and kept on chanting Baba’s name. The

scratches were too many and were easily observable even from a distance. But I had faith in Baba

and I drove to the rental company. Once you hand them the keys, they go to inspect the car once, to

make sure it’s in the same condition as it was provided to you. That guy said, he is going to check the

car and he went out and I prayed to Baba. The scratches were on rear left side. I was watching him

from a window. That guy went through rear right side and checked and he found nothing. Then he

went ahead to the front right and found nothing. Then he went to the front left and found nothing.

Then…he did not go to the rear left and directly sat in the car to check the fuel rating!! He came back

and said ‘All set, everything’s fine’!! I was thrilled at once and thanked Baba for His grace. But

suddenly, one girl who just came in to take a rental car said, she need the same car which I came to

drop. I was tensed again because if she has to take car, the rental folks will have to go with her again

near car and will have her check the car. I thought this time I will be caught but here comes Baba

again, the rental guy told her that he needs to wash that car and he cannot give it like that. She

insisted and he rejected again. So did Baba reject her request :).

Then finally, third thing, the

rental guys drops you to your home after you hand them over the car. Usually, they do it in the same

car which you returned. I again prayed to Baba because this time I thought the chances of getting

caught are more as that person will drive the car and will go through the rear left (steering being on left

in US). But there he came and told me that he has a different car in which he will drop me! What a

wonderful experience and what a way to save. Baba was always with me, I could feel Him. He

rejected all the requests that tried to go against me. The experience did not stop here.

Next time,

while renting the car I placed two chits in front of Baba,and asked him whether I should take collision

insurance or not. The answer came as “Take it”. I felt disappointed as it resulted me in paying $66

more over the weekend and could not understand why Baba wanted me to pay $66 more. But, Baba’s

order is to be followed with full faith. Only He knows His ways. I followed Him and took collision from

rental. When I drove over weekend, everything was fine except when I was just going to return the

car. I saw a small crack in the front windshield! It seemed small stone might have hit it with force. But

by Baba’s grace, I had taken full collision coverage and thus I did not bother about that and returned

the car without any tension:) Pondering over the issue, I think Baba made me pay $66 more 2nd time

because in first instance, though unintentionally, the car was hit by me and I was responsible for that


So, He made me pay $66 next time which was reasonable for the damage. Baba,

You increased my faith in You by 1000 times. I am Your child, please bless me like that. Always be

with me, my family, and everybody who seek Your blessings. Thanks Baba, love You always.


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  1. Baba Visits Nursing Home to Cure Patient

    By Ananth

    I am a regular reader of the well got-up SAIPADANANDA magazine, published from Bangalore. I have an incident etched in my memory, to show that Sri Sai Baba is still with us to alleviate the sufferings of His devotees and cure them of their illness. This Baba miracle relates to my father, Sri Kasai Sreenivasa Setty and how Sai Baba personally visited the nursing home and cured him of his illness.

    In 1958, when my father was in Bangalore, he started vomiting blood one evening. My brother-in-law, Sri L. Surya Prasad, Registrar of Bangalore University, admitted him in the nursing home, run by Dr. Narayan at High Ground. The doctor diagnosed the ailment as lever hemmorage and that the patient should be operated upon the next day.

    According to my father, when he was on the cot with his eyes open, Sai Baba appeared in the room in blood and bone and asked him, where he was having pain. On my father pointing out the spot on his stomach, Baba sat on the cot, touching the patient's stomach, said: "Allah Accha Karega," and vanished. When Dr. Narayan came on his night round to my father's ward, the happy patient narrated the Divine visit. After examining him, the doctor said there was no need for the emergency operation, as there was no problem. We are grateful to Sainath to have saved the life of my father without surgery. My father was a Sai devotee from 1945.

    Source Sai Padananda January 2001

  2. Shri Baba Converts "No" into "Yes"

    Four years preceding 1976, much though I wished to appear for B.A. Examination; I could not do so. For some or other urgent domestic problems invariably cropped up at the examination time compelling me to give up the idea of doing the Examination.

    Finally, I resolved that come what may, I would do it in October, 1976. Accordingly, I saw my Officer and spoke to him of my plans. He bluntly told me that he would not sanction my leave and advised me to appear in 1977. Despite my Officer's "No "I made an application for leave and sincerely prayed Shri Baba to sanction it.

    On the day I wrote my application, the Chairman of our Bombay Port Trust visited our Office and was pleased with the Work-diary maintained by me. The Officer, who, had declined to sanction my leave had accompanied the Chairman with our Head of Department. He too was pleased. Next day, I was informed that my leave was sanctioned by the Officer who had earlier refused to do so.

    I thanked Shri Baba for converting “No” into “Yes”.

    Shri Anil Keshavrao Rasal


    (Source Shri Sai Leela February 1979

  3. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Weaver Gets Darshan of Mallikarjun*****
    When Sriguru was at Ganagapur a Weaver had become a great devotee of Him.
    He would be so much engrossed in the devotion of Sriguru that after earning the
    required money for his family’s maintenance, he would spend the balance of the time in
    the ‘Muth’. He would clean and sweep the entire ‘Muth’ with great devotion and return
    home only after taking Sriguru’s Darshan.
    A number of days passed by this way and the festival of Mahashivaratri94
    approached soon. Majority of the village people started getting ready to go to the ‘Sri
    Shail Mountain’ to attend the religious fair. Everyone who belonged to the weaver’s
    community also planned to attend the fair. However, this weaver had taken for granted
    that Sriguru himself is his Mallikarjun95 and the ’Muth’ his Sri Shail Mountain. Hence he
    was not ready to part away from the lotus feet of Sriguru. His relatives and friends
    firmly persuaded him to accompany them to Sri Shail Mountain, but he did not agree.
    They all left for the Mountain. When he went to the ‘Muth’ Sriguru asked him
    “Everybody went to the fair, but why did you not go? ”. He replied “Oh, Lord, for me
    you are my Mallikarjun!”.
    Finally day of Mahashivaratri dawned. Right in the morning after taking care of
    all the chores in the ‘Muth’, the weaver went to the ‘Sangam’. After bathing at ‘Sangam’
    he started taking Sriguru’s ‘Darshan’. Sriguru was highly pleased with the undivided
    devotion displayed by the weaver. Sriguru spoke to the weaver “Come, today I will
    arrange for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Shail Mallikarjuna for you. Sit near me and firmly hold
    the Padukas76 with closed eyes”. The weaver strictly followed the orders of Sriguru. In
    the twinkling of an eye, Sriguru along with the weaver reached ‘PatalGanga’ on Sri Shail
    On Sriguru’s order the weaver opened his eyes. To his great surprise, the
    weaver saw the majestic Sri Shail Mountain surrounded by natural beauty. The grand
    temple of Lord Mallikarjun standing on the mountain, the flowing water of PatalGanga
    River and the great crowd of people assembled there for the fair. Sriguru spoke to him
    “Go quickly, bathe in the river and then take the ‘Darshan’ of Lord Mallikarjuna and
    return back”.

    When he went to take bath in the river, he met his village neighbours, brother,
    sister as well as mother and father at the river. They all asked him “you were not going
    to come here, then how did you reach here? With whom did you come? When did you
    come? ”. The weaver replied, “I myself do not know. A few moments back I was near
    the ‘Sangam’ at Ganagapur. Sriguru brought me here”. Nevertheless, people did not believe his words and he also thought it is not necessary to convince them. He
    finished his bath, took the worship materials and when he entered the temple,
    he was astounded to see Sriguru himself glaring with splendour in the place of
    the Jyotirlinga96of Lord Mallikarjun.
    He returned to Sriguru after completing his worship. He told Sriguru “In the
    temple, I did not get ‘Darshan’ of Lord Mallikarjun. In place of Lord Mallikarjun I saw
    you personally glaring with splendour. You are Lord Mallikarjun Himself. In that case,
    why do people undergo all the trouble to come here from far off places and traverse
    long distances on pilgrimages? ”. Then Sriguru explained to him about the greatness of
    the place. Sriguru replied, “From now on consider Kalleshwar97 of Ganagapur as Lord
    Mallikarjun and start worshipping”.
    Then Sriguru returned to Ganagapur with the weaver. Later, the weaver
    returned to the ‘Muth’ from the ‘Sangam’ and gave Sriguru’s message to the Brahmins
    of the ‘Muth’. Observing the shaved head of the weaver the Brahmins asked him about
    it. The weaver replied, “I had been to Sri Shail fair. There I got my head shaved, took
    bath and took Darshan of Lord Mallikarjun, paid my obeisance and returned. The
    Brahmins asked, “Why are you gossiping? ”. Then the weaver told the Brahmins
    “Sriguru himself took me to Sri Shail fair and brought me back”. The Brahmins of the
    ‘Muth’ were highly surprised.
    After a few days, the people of the village who had gone to Sri Shail fair,
    returned home. From then, it was confirmed that the weaver was present in the fair.
    Knowing this reality of the situation all the people of Ganagapur were highly amazed
    and felt extremely happy to see the unfathomable miraculous play of Sriguru as well as
    the good fortune of the weaver. Rendering his devotional service to Lord Kalleshwar at
    Ganagapur the weaver came to be known as an exceptional devotee.

  5. Dear Sai brother Sachin, remember reading your article on how Baba helped you change your drinking habit , you have Baba's immense blessings to change and the way he saved you from the insurance issue at teh same time how he made you pay 66$ explains that Baba can nevr be biased and he stands for truth. My husband is away from me and my child because of his habits , hope Baba showers his blessings on us and changes the bad in both him and me and helps us unite , my child is missing him 🙂 , pls pray for us , thanks , Baba love you !!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram.

      BABA bless you Dear Sai Sister and unite you all soon. All will be well by BABA's grace. Best Wishes to you all.


    • Dear sis….Have faith on Baba…though the circumstances may be unfavorable …it is during these unfavorable circumstances that baba does his work on us….in changing us…Believe me, sainath is doing something good for you and you will come to know this in sometime…Have faith …He is so merciful..

  6. Jai sai ram
    such a blissful experience brother thanks for sharing:-)
    Baba i feel so depressed, u knw Baba wat happen n hme wat's gng on here. Im the responsible for everything but u knw sai ma wat made me to talk to my family lik dis. Why they wnt shw any interest on me? Wat wrong i did? Being a affectionate mad to family is a crime? Pls sort out all family issue beg my lord

  7. Sai maa
    Please be there for me and hold my hand firmly my maa
    Let me feel good mentally and physically
    Falling at your lotus feet


    Dear SAI devotee's
    Here is my great experience which happened this Thursday
    just a small intro about my family,
    For all girl childrens dad is the most favourite person in the family like me, my father is not only kind enough but also an innocent person who is not interested in this modern world and lives a very simple life…he donates what ever he have with out any expectations, such a purest life he live…sometimes this was not acceptable by my family members, even for me…

    He is a a big devotee of sai…he daily go to temples at times like what ever mental pressure he have, what ever problems he face in his life,he is a strong believer of god and never do any harm to any one and never use any strict words,lots of patience with in him,

    he worked more than 18 hours a day, no week ends, in my child hood i have never seen him at home, he comes home after we sleep at 1.00 AM or 2.00 AM and only he have 3 or less hours of sleep, again he go to office at 4.00 AM, he worked like this for more than 30 years just for the family, now we are grown up, recently he is retired from his job, I salute my father for his hard work and dedication

    he started doing sai vrath for me(for my marriage) and finished this thurday
    and i was reading saisatcharitra, I kept fast in the morning, thought of having lunch..some fruits

    I was at my bus stop waiting for my office cab at 12.00 PM and unable to bare the hot sun,
    in the mean time i was thinking about Baba , it was the lunch time and was so hungry, dont know why i thought so of eating guava that moment… even thinking only in the market i can get it..and i cant get at that moment in a crowded bustop and i have never seen any fruits or shops near by to buy it..for last one years i usually wait at that place for my cab and never seen any fruit shop

    But this is the miracle…a young man came there with a lots of Guava in his bag and offered me …i gave him some money and was so happy…this is the sign of baba's blessings to my family…and my father was also so happy for me…I am 29 year old lady now,not yet father is only worried for me a lot which is runing his health too and i dont like it..such a nice person in trouble because of me…..I am not interested in Love marriage as my parents wish is my wish too, only prayer i do is, my parents happiness is mine…so I strongly believe BABA will bring us happiness and he will arrange a good proposal for me as per my family wish…

    Thanks a lot BABA for gifting my family to me…I will wait for your decision and will never distracted by any obstacles..This is my promise to you..Hope soon you will fulfill my parents dreams…they are suffering a lot because of my marriage and society is simply blaming them for this delay..but you know the hard my parents are searching for me…Please BABA…help us and help every one..a humble prayer



    • Om Sai Ram.

      Best Wishes to you Dear Sai Sister, BABA bless you with a nice life partner soon . He will take good care of you and your whole family.


    • Dear Sai Sister,

      Baba's blessings are always with you n ur family. With Baba's blessings u will soon get married and be happy.


    • Dear Sai devotee, Your devotion to your family and your parents, father especially, is very commendable. Sai will bless you with a very good husband due to this good quality of yours. Sai will bear the responsibility of finding a good groom for your father's sake and for the sake of your devotion to your father.

    • Very True, Sai baba will surely ferry you across and find a suitable groom for you and he will be the BEST!!!!!!!! All the best dear sai sister, Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Sai sister, your detailed explaining your Dad reminded me of my uncle. I thought I was reading about him only! You are so very genuine person and who ever marries you will be lucky. I have experienced BABA's blessing just the way you were offered guava! We have to believe that BABA is omnipresent caring for HIS children.
      Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Baba, please give peace of mind. I have lost everything in life. There is nothing to look forward in life. I pray to you Baba, please give my life to all who need it more than me. I have no one or nothing who will miss me in life but there are people whose presence is needed in this world. please give my life to them and end my misery here. Take me to you. That is the only way i will have peace of mind. Om Sairam

    • OM SAI RAM

      Dear sai devotee

      we realize your pain, some times BABA test us to show us the TRUTH and he will help us to over come the test if we believe in SAI, Please dont give up, you are not alone, we all consider you as our friend/family as we all belong to one SAI family, we all are here for some reason, SAI may want something from you to serve this world in some manner, you have not lost everything, still SAI is with you to help you…chant his name, this will give you enough energy to face your problem, if you dont know what to do…just leave it to SAI, he will play your role to solve it…we too will pray for you…we wish soon you will get a peaceful mind…OM SAI RAM..JAI SAI RAM

    • Baba does MIRACLES pls believe in him, today is an example in my life, dont worry dear SAI DEVOTEE Baba will help you find a PURPOSE in life 🙂 Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram Devotee,

      Please do not lost heart. Sai will definitey show you the way 🙂 You say " please give my life to them and end my misery here.". Its you yourself who can give your life to them, by doing seva in your own way. I am not aware of you financial situations…. but for serving you only need to have the heart to help… please go and spend time with the needy (orphanage or old age home) and see what a marvelous difference you make to them. that is also a way of giving your life to other, by serving others 🙂

      Forgive me if any of my words have hurt you.

      Om Shri Sainathaya Namah:

  10. I was suffering through something that I could not disclose to anybody, yet baba and dear mother did not leave me through any problem of mine, they hold my hand firmly and guide me to safe shores. Baba where would i be without you. Keep me in the fold of your palm always. My deepest gratitude to you

  11. Dear Sachin
    Thanks for sharing wonderful experience. Baba there is lot going on this month please cure the thing I am suffering now. You are the best Hakim I know so please help me.
    om sai ram jai sai ram

  12. Baba ji do u kno today my bro cried a lot in front of me coz our baby was not wid us. Evry one or another person of my family cries. Y sai baba. We havent done so much bad to someone or anyone then y u r not listening. Y are u not blessing us wid our baby. R we people too bad to get ur blessings. If yes then I think we are the most unluckiest families who r devoid of ur atention. Plz listen baba ji please coz noone is listening us. Please make ur belief stronger and ours too. We are putting all of our burden on ur feet. Hope u wil bear the same. Show ur blesings babaji. Om sai nath.

  13. Om Sai Ram…What a wonderful experience…Baba is a miracle buddy of ours…he is the most lovable friend, father, mother, we can ever think off…my every heart beat is dedicated to you my baba…We Love You A Lot…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  14. Hetal ji i must say you r doing a great work….ur blog gives immense strength to all sai children….i just want to thank baba fr everything i knw he will tk care of everything…just want to say luvv u baba …..

    • thx Hetalji- thsi blog helps us gain faith and face life boldly with Baba's blessings , love you Baba , Om Sai Ram

    • really its a wonderful blog..i cant imagine my life if i would not met baba…iam in the same situation things did not chane but my attitude towards my problem is changing.

  15. Sai maa
    Pls take away this fear from me
    Pls make my eyes n vision alright my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet maa
    Pls bless me n b with me

  16. Very nice experiences! Baba was the one who helped get you out of that first incident and allowed all those incidents to take place so they didn't pin the scratches as your fault and Baba also gave you the right advice to make sure you took the insurance the next time as He knew an accident would happen. Om Sai Ram!

  17. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  18. Wonderful experiences.

    O Deva, forgive me for my mistakes as a mother forgives a child. Bless me O Sadguru to have the strength and patience to over the problems I face.

    Thank You for a blessed life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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