Sai Baba Please Help Me – Anonymous Sai Devotee

This experience is really heart touching. The devotee needs our prayer to move ahead in her life. I pray to Lord Sai Baba to what is correct for her, but please reduce her pain.

Anonymous devotee from India says: Om Sainathaya namah! Hello everyone! Hope all are hale and

healthy with the grace of Baba. Let me introduce myself. When I was studying B.Pharmacy, I was active

and study-oriented girl. I had a gang of friends, who always supported me, even now (after 7 years). In

our gang, one boy used to be silent and very less expressive. But he is very good at heart and later

understood that he is possessive about me. Our friendship started with GRE classes as only we both in

our group wants to do MS. By the time I complete my graduation, I understood that he had developed

strong feelings for me and many times he told that what he will do if I leave him. I felt many say the same

due to immaturity at that age. So I was not serious about him. We both have entered different universities

for post graduation. We are far from each other. This time I understood and realized that I miss him the

most compared to other friends. We are always in contact in mails & phones, still I missed him beside


I couldn’t even enjoy my time with my classmates. I always waited for his call and was

irresistible. I thought I shouldn’t leave such person in life as he taught me how to love. At the end of

graduation, he asked me whether i am ready to marry him, as I was dying to hear these words from him

from longtime. I was on cloud9. Happily accepted the proposal and the same day I spoke to my mom that

we both love each other and i am ready to marry him. As my family is filled with love marriages and my mom

knows me that I will take decision after repeated thinking; she personally met him 2-3 times at my home

and speaks with him closely, she was very happy that I will spend rest of my life with the one I love rather

than an artificial arranged marriage. We were scared to tell my dad, my mom and sister took his side, with

many discussions he said ok for our marriage. But he was scared from beginning as they belong to higher

caste and I’m not. He always wanted my love to talk to his parents and come with their


The hardest thing started when he has to convey the story to his parents. He never

opened up before his parents so he took almost 2 years to tell them. His brother is also very friendly, I

know him from my b.pharm days. I know even his cousins. We all had great time whenever we met.

Slowly his mom used to speak with me. I can’t even tell in words how happy I was when I was talking to

his mom, I thought she would never speak with me. I was ready to give up anything in life for my love.

Nothing makes me happy except his presence or calls or anything related to him.

The day came when

our parents met each other. I was scared about his dad, what he will say, will they give acceptance and

all. His dad clearly told that he will never accept me as his daughter-in-law. They will just do marriage and

leave us. I was dumb-stuck. I couldn’t utter a word hearing this. I thought he will stop his parents from

speaking all this and want him to speak from my side. When they asked me whether I’m ready for all

these hindrances, then I don’t know what happened to me, I was silent. They gave time to think.

Meanwhile my dad called him and asked him whether he will defend and can take care of me as his

parents are totally against this relation. As a father he was worried, then he kept quiet without answering,

this made my dad still more worried about my life. They hardly slept the whole week. Finally he called up

his parents and told that he doesn’t like this relation and ready to marry me with someone else. I was

shocked to see all this and hadn’t eaten anything. My dad told to ask him to come out of home and marry,

if he really loves you, I will accept your relation. But even though I begged him many times to

think of our relation, he just stood on my dad’s words, and told me to marry someone else.

It’s almost 6

months that this happened, still I didn’t forget him. His parents warned him that they will die if he says my

name and trying to arrange marriage for him. My family was totally upset as I changed a lot, depressed. I

started praying Baba from past 2 months, doing Sai Vrat also. Even he is doing this Sai Vrat. He is

responding to me but he is helpless. I respect parents but I can’t forget him. Now one of our family

friends, who don’t know anything about my story, trying to fix match for me. But I feel that Baba will do some magic and make my love realize that how much I’m connected to him. Only God knows how bad I’m

feeling. If he really loved me, how can he leave me in this peak situation?? My parents say that if he loved

me he shouldn’t leave me. Now I’m bit stressed about that match. I’m unable to forget past and unable to

accept new things. Please I really need Baba help and grace. Please pray for me.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Sister, Don't worry. Just keep praying our lovely god and he will take care of the all. He is everything.. He knows what is good for all his devotee/kids. So don't stress yourself and get depressed in life. Do your things right. Rest all our Sai ma will take care. Ohm Sai Ram.. Ohm Sai Ram.. Ohm Sai Ram..

    • OM SAI RAM

      Babaji pls bless this devotee in right direction.

      I think this experiences is repeat?

      Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  2. Everything happens as per Sai's wishes. Struggles are result of karma from past life. marriage will take place where Baba wishes and at the time it is destined to happen.. As mother knows what's good for the child, so is Baba. Leave it on Baba and live your life. If he is who Baba wished for you, he will come anyway. Seeking alliance doesn't mean marriage will happen immediately. It can take time as well. Remember if that boy is in your destiny he will come anyhow. Follow parent's advice. Everyone gets what they belong (as per God's wish) and if someone tries to mess with it, that person will not succeed in those attempts. Divine force is much bigger than anything else. If something has to happen and is God's wish, it will happen anyhow. Keep your wishes at the feet of Baba and follow parent's advice. Baba will arrange what is good for you.

    • I agree with your words its very true. You know something baba might make us cry and feel bad but he knows our pain and is by our side always.He knows all our small moves even. So if your love is true and if his love is true as well, baba will definitely get you both married. Things will happen for sure but at his own time. It is difficult to stay calm but still we have to manage.One day our father will take us to the place we are destined to. I will pray for you dear sister. Dont worry.

  3. Om Sai Ram….Baba will take care of everything, dont worry sister…Sometime, few harsh things in present, looks prefect when you look back after few years in future….Let Baba decide, you just leave all your tensions and worries on Baba's foot…We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  4. Dear sister, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, and leave everything on him he will surely solve all the problems. Om SaiRam.

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  6. As a mother, I pray for you to SAIMA to bless you with happy married life with a good boy who will be with you in all ups and downs, who can support you in all ways. Please don't ask that boy to come out of his parents. These type of boys will just be a burden for the girl and her family after marriage.The boy will enjoy all comforts, will be accepted by his people,will have all respects and happiness from his parents in law as husband of their daughter but the girl will be deprived of everything. The pain you have at present will definitely vanish with SAIMA's grace. This pain is to be experienced to wash out the bad karma to enjoy the good future.You will have a wonderful blessed married life with any other boy with blessings of your parents, his parents, of course our SAIMA.

    • Its a shame that people are still biased about women. Also it;s life of kids and they should decide their ways. What a shame that in today's world as well people ill treat women, India is the country where Goddesses are worshipped and there is a goddess in each woman. People are unethical, biased and mean. All they care for is their own ego.

    • India is a very lovely country, Everyone is not biased, unethical and mean with ego. Such qualities are found in many peoples of many different countries/religion. Hindus worship not only goddesses but also gods and there is a god in each man as well. Parents who give birth, nourishment, education and total care taking are doing what THEY believe is best for their son's long-term future.

    • People nowadays think their's is pure love etc, etc. But parents have seen more life than us. They can decide better

  7. Baba Blesses a Rebirth

    This is not a story or fiction. Every Sai devotee experiences such strange incidents, one way or the other, either mentally, morally or physically in their day to day walks of life. I am no exception and I came across one such incident that happened in our family.

    On 27th June, 2002 my cousin, Sri Haran's marriage with Sow. Sumathi took place at Kosapel, Vellore, Tamilnadu. Both of them went to Kodaikanal for honeymoon. It is a place of tourist interest with greener and scenic beauty. While they were enjoying the natural beauty a co-tourist, requested Mrs. Sumathi to click a snap for them and she agreed. Mr. Haran was also watching the proceedings. Sumathi did not notice the slippery land. While moving front and back in order to compose the picture, she positioned herself on the floor to take the snap which was 60 ft. high from the ground level. Within a few seconds the slippery ground where she was standing started sinking gradually and half of her body started immersing inside the wet land. She lost her balance and immediately shouted "HARAN PLEASE SAVE ME” repeatedly. On hearing the cry Haran without any second took the name of Sai Baba and prayed for Sumathi's survival and jumped near the same spot where her body was sinking gradually. Except her hair nothing was visible. He caught hold of her hair and protected further drowning of the body.

    At the moment a strange person who was watching the entire proceedings, whom I strongly feel none other than Baba rushed to the nearby telephone booth, requisitioned for the Fire Brigade, equipments such as rope etc and also the people who were nearby were asked by the same person to assist the victims in all possible manner. After a big struggle both the victims were taken out.

    Due to head injury Sumathi was unconscious. She was given immediate first aid by Mr. Haran, by gently beating both sides of her cheeks and sprinkling water etc. Haran was keeping Baba's Vibhooti always in his pocket and at that time he applied the same on forehead and a spoon full of water diluted with vibhooti was also given orally. She regained her senses and was admitted into a local hospital and later on shifted to Vellore Hospital for further treatment.

    Sumathi and Haran both had operations in the hospital. Mr. Haran's left hand got fractured. Sumathi had operation on the head due to severe injury. She had breathing trouble also due to severe shock.

    Both of them got recouped after hospitalization, due lo Baba's love and mercy.

    (Sai Padananda January 2003)

  8. Dear Sai Devotee,

    It seems that there was a major error of omission committed. It is very clear from your post that both of you value your respective parents opinions very much. Very early on, when both of you started developing feelings for each other, you should both have consulted with your parents to see if this would work out in the first place since both of you value your parents very much. You clearly say that right from the beginning he said he wanted you to come to his family with his parents acceptance. It seems both of you waited too long to let them know but in the meantime you let your mutual feelings for each other deepen. While I understand the pain you are going through on his account, I must say I can understand the respect he has for his parents wishes and his willingness to comply with them. Similarly, it is very clear that your dad has nothing but your welfare in his interests. If his parents accept you, even if it took time, then it would be ideal. But it seems that they have made their wishes very clear. If he preferred you over his parents who gave birth to him and came after you disregarding his parents wishes, then I would say he may likely do that to you too in life later. Either way, it seems to me that putting pressure on him to make a decision in your favor may not be of much use here. For now please focus you mind on other things – hobbies, religious book etc. When you take your mind off of some of its obsession forcibly and focus on God, Baba or your favorite deity, you will eventually get a solution that will definitely be right for you. In the meanwhile, you will also become stronger in mind. Please believe that whatever happens after you surrender completely to God, will actually be for the best you in life – even though it may not seem so at this moment.

    Best Wishes for your future.

    • I fully agree with above comments. Also sister, if he marries you against his parents wish, he will have that feeling for life long and that makes your both day to day life miserable to be practical. So as above friend said please concentrate on other things like GOD/ Hobbies/career and friends. You will surely come over of all these pains and then follow your parents. SAI bless you.

  9. my friend had same situation like you , both sides was not agree for marriage and but my friend and his girlfriend told their parents they r not going to get married with some one else . last year my friend went to shirdi after that everything changed now they get married last month .everything 'll be alright .om sai ram

  10. Dear Sai devotee,
    I can fully understand your pain as I am going through a similar situation,the girl I love more than my life,has got engaged to someone else.Just keep praying to baba.He will surely take care of everything and ease your pain.I will also pray for you.
    Om Sai Ram

  11. Dont Worry… Dear Sai Devotee,

    I am also facing the same problem in my life.I have left all my feelings,problems to baba's feet.He know's what to do best for us,in the right time.I know the pain is horrible.But Have patience,He will come back to you.

  12. om sai ram
    Sometime, few harsh things in present, looks prefect when you look back after few years in future.
    is true.
    om sai ram
    baba pls take care of everyone baba.

  13. Hello Sis,
    I have faced same situation earlier even worst ( ) but after waiting for two years on 2nd march of 2013 I got married with my love. You only need to make you and him stronger.Parents only see what others will say or think.They never think about your situation ever.I am happy that your parents are agree if boy is ready.Talk to him,let him read story of sai baba.One more thing if he can not defend and stand for you now,he will never even somehow marriage takes place.Think about after 2-3 years.Be strong,I got many helping hands here by sai baba's grace,you will definitely get.Never ever back down.I have faced this do or die situation from parents,The boy whom you love is now mature enough,He has to take decision and you too.If he is thinking about his parents only,than you should feel proud of your parents that they were agree for your marriage without any problem.Now you need to think of your parents they love you alot as they were ready for your marriage.Om sai ram. Have patience.

    • wow i read your experience few weeks ago , i m glad to know this you got your love back.i saw 298 comments on your experience…prayers never go waste sometimes we feel that our prayers remain unheard, but all prayers are heard and rewarded, if not in this world but in the world.

    • hello..happy to see you again were the one who introduced me to this blog.when i was in the same situation (he ditched me) i googled and got your experience nd came to know about this blog…i used to think whether you got your love or not as there were no comments further..really happy to hear you again 🙂

    • Really happy to hear everything fine on your side…..
      I was wondering if you got back your person.I am happy to hear it from you.

    • Thank you all and sai baba.I have also posted my followup story here hope it will be published soon.One more thing my loan amount was pending to get disburse for long time but all of sudden It credited while writing the above comments.It shows by just remembering sai and trying to help others you shell be benefited.

  14. Hi ma, Please dont worry. Baba will do good for your life. I am also a love marriage. My husband also like your guy character. Leave him and marry good guy. Now am suffering a lot with my kid. If you marry that guy you ll suffer lot. Baba doing good for you.

  15. Hi Ma, Please dont worry. Things going good for you. Dont marry him. They wont keep you good if you marry him. I am also a love marriage. My husband also same as like your guy. Please leave him. Now am living in my mums home with my 10 month kid. Now we suffering lot. I suggest you please dont marry him. Baba will do good for you. dont worry Take care. Sai Ram

  16. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Mahaprasthan to Kadali Van (A Banana-grove)*****
    When Sriguru returned to the Sangam from Vaidur nagar he had resolved
    something in his mind and spoke to the disciples and devotees “Now I will not return to
    the Muth. This is Kaliyug, the fourth age of this world. Very difficult time is going to
    come. Many Muslim people have started pouring into Ganagapur for the fulfilment of
    their desires and for the redress of their difficulties. The sacredness of the holy waters
    will get lost. So it would be better if I leave this place and go away. However, I am
    going away from here only in the manifested form. Before leaving, I will be installing
    Nirgun Padukas here in the Muth, which would be a reservoir of my spiritual power
    for the benefit of my devotees. A devotee who comes here with full faith for the
    ‘Darshan’ of the Padukas will certainly get my blessings. Everyday in the morning I will
    take a bath in the Krishna River and then I shall perform religious ceremonials in
    Narasinhawadi under the Audumbar tree at the Sangam of Krishna Panchaganga
    Rivers. In the afternoon I shall remain at the Sangam of Bhima-Amarja Rivers. I shall
    be present in the Muth of Ganagapur in an attributeless form. All the devotees should
    maintain good conduct while performing all the religious rites. This will make everyone’s
    life free from worries, diseases and more prosperous.
    By so blessing, Sriguru along with his disciples reached Patalganga. There he
    took bath and performed the religious rites of the day. Then he told his disciples
    “prepare one float bedecked with flowers for me and place it in the river. My life’s
    mission is over now. You all return to Ganagapur and try to relieve the sufferings of the
    afflicted people and lead them on a virtuous and devotional path. I shall be present
    there only in a mysterious form. When I reach the Kadali van at the foot of Srishail
    Mountain, then I shall send back prasad in the form of flowers. After receiving the
    ‘Prasad’, all of you leave”.
    With the separation of Sriguru, all his disciples and devotees got struck with
    grief and they began to cry. In the meanwhile the Badshah of Bidar also arrived. After
    showering his favour of blessings on all the devotees, Sriguru went and sat on the
    flower-bedecked float placed in the middle of Patalganga River and shortly after he
    disappeared from view before the very eyes of the devotees. The devotees were at loss
    to understand as to when, how and where Sriguru disappeared.
    After some time, a boatman came there with his boat. He said “On a distant
    river bank I saw a Divine ascetic seated on a flower bedecked float. He called me near
    and gave a message for all of you, to stop worrying and return to Ganagapur and
    maintain devotedness and virtuous conduct. Further the ascetic stated that after
    reaching Kadalivan, he would arrange to send flowers as blessings”.
    A little while later four Shevanti flowers came flowing towards them. From the
    disciples present there, Sayamdeo, Nandi, Narahari and Siddha, picked up one flower
    each. They returned to Ganagapur with praise and recollection of Sriguru.
    This event took place on the day of Magha Krishna Pratipada Shake 1378, as per
    Hindu calendar and year 1456, Jan or Feb as per English calendar. That day Sri
    Narasinha Saraswati a.k.a Sriguru, the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, completed his
    life’s mission. In a hidden form Sriguru pervaded everywhere for the upliftment of his
    devotees. This virtuous day is being celebrated as Gurupratipada with great devotion at
    Ganagapur, Narsinhawadi, Audumbar, and other holy places

  17. Appa, love u pa. Be with me. I want to see you in my dreams atleast pa. I want to lie on your lap, fall at your feet, speak a lot with you.I want you to caress me pa.Will you come in red or orange or yellow robe pa? i am waiting to speak with you in person. Good day to you pa!

  18. Sai devotee
    Saburi is the key word
    Our baba will definitely show you the right path
    Maa pls pls pls help me n pull me n hold my hand firmly maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  19. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam.

    saimaa, pls save my life by helping me…jai sairam

  20. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love you Baba ji
    Saves ZYAADA ji

  21. Hi Devotees! Im the one who posted this experience. I wrote this on 30th December 2013. Still things has not changed much. He didnt accept any match and trying to convince his parents. Thanks a lot for your wonderful suggestions and heartful prayers. Hope my prayers are answered and this bad time ends soon and get me married to my love.

    • you can do one week sai satcharita prayanam and left everything on sai baba. don' t worry about marriage,baba 'll take care of everything. om sai ram

    • Om Sai Ram Dear,
      i can understand the pain you are feeling now and hope Sai should show you the light. I wanted you to see a movie – The Secret, this movie is all about the law of attraction, and apply those techniques in your life not just for love but for your sound life, it simply stated what we attracts is what we get and meanwhile do Sai Satcharitra with ful devotion and firm faith, faith leads you to the goal. May lord Sai fill your life with lights of pure love.

  22. Om Sai Ram….. Baba please bless your child with mental peace and strength. Give your child right direction and right path.

    Om Sai Ram….!!!!!!!

    Baba Please help her to lead happy and healthy life.
    Anantha Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Bramha Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please excuse me Baba.
    Love you so much Baba.

  24. hello Sai sister,

    Please have Shraddha and Saburi… baba knows what is best for you and will do what is best for you. I dont normally post comments but I thought sharing what I've been through might help you get more faith and confidence in our Lord Baba. During my engineering, in 2nd year a guy proposed me… actually he was crazy about me from 1st year… finally in 3rd year engineering I accepted his proposal and said yes. He was very intelligent with a lot of potential and he would do anything just to see me…I was hesitant to say yes even when I had feelings for him because I thought my parents would never accept him as he was from lower caste, not very handsome and not from the same family status… We were really happy together for 3 years of our relationship.. he helped me find a job, we stayed very close by …all these 3 years I kept praying Baba that please bless us both and do the right thing for us… let my parents accept him… finally my parents started discussion about my marriage,,, I was tensed but I told my parents about this guy.. my parents had never seen him before, my mom said yes and somehow convinced my dad and he reluctantly said yes… here is the turning point of my life… I had met this guys mom before, he introduced me to her just as a friend and she even told this guy that I want a daughter in law like her (they were looking for alliances for his elder brother)… however when he told his parents about out relationship, they simply denied saying we were not from same caste and what will people say… we tried to convince them, I met them and personally tried explaining our situation, his mom stopped eating, started to say that she was not well, would cry day and night. He fell for it and said he could not continue because his parents have done so much for him and that he cant leave them… can you imagine how devastated I was.. We stopped talking… after a couple of months he came back saying he cannot live without me and was ready to marry me against his parents will. I told this to my parents.. My dad called him and said if you want to proceed come to my place we can sit and discuss… to my utter disappointment, the guy never showed up… my parents told me to move on in my life an I trusted them… we were all very heartbroken… I kept asking baba ki muzhme kya kami thi n all … somehow with my friends and family support I was able to move on. My ex again came back saying he wants to be with me but this time I had lost respect for him and was deeply hurt. I could not put myself and y parents through the same again. Later, got married to guy that my family chose and I am living with him happily… my husband is a great guy, he loves me a lot, will even be on my side and will even support me when I have minor issues with my in-laws. I wouldn’t have got so perfect life partner even in dreams. Baba has his plans and will do only the best… If the guy you love is right for you baba will get him back for you.. Have faith… if baba has some other plans for you, please try to accept it as baba's desire. If you feel low, please leave everything to Baba and tell him that you trust him completely, it will give u strength when you are depressed, courage to face life… please hold you head up and I am sure you will get the best… I will pray for you sister… Om sairam

    • Very nice comment and advice dear devotee..Really thank you so much it gave me relief reading your comment.i am not the one who posted this experience but i am also in the same situation.they are seeing match for him i cant even bear the thought of one more girl in his life. i am smiling in front of everyone and trying to hide everything inside my heart since my parents and friends do not know anything.But inside i am dying every moment and second.Only my baba knows everything running in my mind..

      Baba please help me also get a good life partner and send him soon to me baba so that i can move on.this is really very painful baba i am not able to concentrate on anything baba please remove fears and give happiness to me baba i have only you.yeaterday i scolded my parents and my mood was off everyone thinks that i am bad tempered but nobody knows the pain i am suffering silently which is the main reason of my mood swings..baba please put an end to this misery i am afraid that ia might go to depression baba..i am really scared before that please send any good proposal to me baba so that atleast i can have some hope and support in my life..please baba please…

      om sai raam

    • To sai sisters,
      It is very sad to see so many girls getting caught up in these emotional attachments and then suffering heartaches and mental pain because of them. We should hold on to God as we would hold on to a small plank if we were drowning. So many saints including our Sai have repeatedly assured that right desires of devotees are always fulfilled by their/God's grace. There is no need to feel depressed or lost. When we feel low, we should remind ourselves of His promises – 'Why Fear when I am here". He is willing to take on the burden – why carry it on our shoulders and suffer unnecessarily? When we unburden our worries on Sai ("You take care of this problem – from now on it is your problem, not mine"), we can free our mind to see things in their right perspective. We will notice that what we wanted very badly may indeed not be something that we really need after all. With a free mind, we may also come to the conclusion that may be whatever happened, happened for the best after all. Eventually, we will also agree that what we got is in fact what we deserved! No sincere, rightful prayers sent His way with full faith ever goes unanswered. Even if they do not get answered right away or the way we would like it to happen because of our past or present karma, at least we will gain the strength to go through with life beyond it. Because we will realize what we lost is very small but what we gained is big – we have gained the best companion for life who happens to be the most compassionate, best friend and guide we can ever hope to have – Sri Sai.

    • Its ture. God plans are more important and better than human ideas. This is something I read somewhere – agar man (mind) ka ho to acccha, man (mind) ka na ho to aur bhi accha. As later is God's will and eventually it will prove to be good. Although remember that never participate in bad or evil act. When you create a wall in someone's path, remember in very near future, god will create something similar for you in your life. Mahatma Gandhi said – To give a pleasure to a single heart by single act is better than thousands heads bowing down for prayers.

    • for the one who poster her experience….i felt like iam ready my own story.he used to die just to see me for seconds..but now things got changed blaming me that iam not a gud charactered girl..i felt very bad after listning to those words from him and life was like hell as he completely stopped talkin to me…but later i came to know that he got closed to some other gal thats the reason he left me….what ever at last, may be because of him and the pain left by him made me to meet my baba and iam blessed to find HIM so close to my you baba

  25. Dear Sai Sister, please have faith in Baba. He will always give the best to us. I suggest you start reading satcharitra aloud. It will give you a lot of peace and mental strength. Trust BABA. Many people would have undergone this kind of struggle. But only Babaji knows when, what and how something should be given. Pray Baba to give you the mental strength to overcome this situation and do the best for you. Om Sai Ram

  26. Appa another interview tomorrow, im really fed up. Not prepared much as i dont know what to prepare.For sure i know im not going to get this job as well. The interview which i was afraid of i did well came till the last round but havent heard anything till date but im happy that i took it with confidence. Please be with me,guide me and bless me to attend tomorrow's interview with full confidence. I should not get nervous,blabber and stutter.Be with me.You should be my interviewer. You should speak from my mouth.I should feel good after attending the interview. Pa whether i get the job or not i should be cool.Give me that sort of thinking. i dont know whether this is the right job for me if it is then give me pa…Good night!

  27. Om sai ram. Help us baba. Nothing is going in right direction. Save us from calamities. I m sory, i uttered wrong words 4 u. Plz bles my family with complete hapines as they never experienced this. Lv my family a lot so plz bles them wid krishna. Om sai shree sai jai jai sai. Give them shradha n saburi.

  28. Om sai ram
    I think baba is already with you as he is saving you from such a person. A man who cannot take stand for you right now, what he will do after marraige. Baba must be thinking it's better to suffer pain now then suffering after marraige. Atleast you have your parents with you. You said you were alwts happy an cheerful person then why to change and for whom. Nobody is greater then parents in this world. Parents who gave you birth, pampered you, fulfilled all your wishes are suffering only because of your few years relationship. You should think how your parents will feel seeing you in this pain. And imagine what will happen to them if that guy behaves like this after marriage.
    So if baba is doing something it's always for your sake. Doing sai vrat will not help if your parents are not happy.
    Just wait may be you will get much better person who will support you for whole life.
    Om sai ram

    • Om sai ram. Rightly said. Such compromise marriege may have problems in future. Whatever baba is doing is best for you. May baba blees you.

    • All I would say , follow what baba asks you. If you are Baba's devotee, you will get the hint and understand his answer. People can change after marriage, at the same time in indian society parent's interference is not an unknown thing. Family interference will remain wherever you go. They have already lived their lives and if you suffer today or after marriage tomorrow, they won't be affected. It's you who are affected. People have tons of advice, do what is right for you. People have interest in breaking homes rather building them. Some people are beyond understanding the fact that others need as much oxygen for survival as they do. If their family is important to them, others needs are no different than them. We can't do much where "I" is above ethics, principals, truth and God. For some people, "I" is so high that they will go to any extent. If something hurts you, it can equally hurt others. But the talks of humanity and good behavior are only considered bookish these days. No matter who you marry or where you marry, you will always deal with other side of set of parents. In rare case, if you are extremely lucky you will find them reasonable.

  29. A heartfelt plea is always heard by our beloved Baba.

    O Deva, Look upon us kindly and gently that all our troubles disappear. Shower Your smiles and sweet blessings on us O Sadguru so that all the harm negativity around us burns away.

    Thank You for all the Love and Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  30. Lots of problems in my life too…But i have tremendous faith on our beloved sai ram,he will never leave us alone.

  31. Om Sai Ram. I am having the same problem. I was in a relationship for 6 years. I loved him so much, helped him like anything. We both were doing CA. we both have decided that we'll talk to our parents after completing ca. After completing my ca i waited 2 years for him to complete his ca and after becoming ca he denied and said he doesn't have courage to talk to his parents. He is not ready to stand. I praying to Sai for some miracle as i can't live without him. OM SAI RAM. i have full trust on SAI BABA.

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