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In below experience Sai sister narrates few of her beautiful dreams and experiences with Lord Sai Baba

Sai sister Priyanka from Canada says: Thanks Hetalji for doing such a wonderful job. Cheers!

My name is Priyanka and I am a devotee of Sai Baba ji since 2008. Baba ji came into my life through His book in which we ask a question and He gives us the answers. From there, one after the other miracles occurred in my life and made me His staunch devotee. Many of Baba ji’s devotees are not aware of the ‘Question- Answers’. Well! You can search on Google by typing Shirdi Sai Baba ji 720 answers and it will give you the details or you can shoot an email to me.

I have so many experiences to share but today I will share some of my experiences in Canada. On my first day of arrival in Canada, my uncle whom I met for the first time in my life came to pick me up from the airport. In the evening, my aunty asked me to get ready as they would take me to the Hindu temple. To my surprise, when I entered the temple it was Shirdi Sai Baba ji’s temple and I felt so happy to have Baba ji’s darshan on my very first day in Canada. After few months, my uncle – aunty came to know that I am a devotee of Sai Baba and then they told me that they visit Sai Baba ji’s temple only on Thursdays and even on that day they were going to Hindu temple as it was Saturday but even they don’t know how they ended up at Baba ji’s temple. It was such a nice feeling to know, how He called me for His darshan.

After staying for 18 months in Toronto, I relocated to Winnipeg. There I had to go through some worst experiences in my personal and professional life. Even till date, just a thought of how the things got screwed up from all over gives me goose bumps. I use to cry day and night. My family wanted me to come back to India. But Baba ji’s answers prevented me from going back to India. And then one day, I got a dream in which I was relocating to another city and before leaving I wanted to visit an old guy (Baba ji) whom I always used to visit on my way to work. When I went closer to him, he asked me ‘Do you want me to come along with you?’ I replied,’Yes’, then he asked, ‘Why’ and I said,‘I don’t know the reason but I want you to accompany me.’ He said,‘Okay! Go you will find me there’. Suddenly I woke up, realized that I was dreaming and then concluded that the conditions might change their direction now. I was already applying for jobs, more than a month passed and nothing good happened. My work permit was getting over and so now I was left with no option but to live in the same city under same conditions.

In my mind, I always thought why Baba ji’s dream is not making any sense. Finally, one day I got a call saying I have secured a job in Calgary (how I got this job was a surprise for me and sometime later I would love to share this experience too.) But, after getting the call, I got confused whether I should relocate or not as I had few months left on my work permit and I was about to apply for my provincial permanent residency too. So as always, my first and last resort, I did my prayers and closed my eyes and asked Baba ji to give me one clear answer to help me in making a decision. His answer was ‘The thing pending for past two months will now be completed’. His answer was crystal clear because when I started looking for jobs it was around January 18 and my training in Calgary was starting from March 18. I moved to Alberta, and had totally forgotten about the dream I had two months back. But we all know His words are always true and on my very first night in Alberta, I had a dream for about 2 min is in my dream, I knocked at the door and when I opened the door Sai Baba ji was making His paintings. He looked at it and gave me a smile. Thus, His words were true He showed His presence in the new city as well.

In Alberta, I wanted to visit Baba ji’s temple on my birthday. But, Baba ji’s temple is in city Edmonton which is 3.5 hours by bus from my city. I made all arrangements and reached Edmonton on my birthday. Unfortunately, the area from where I was supposed to take my bus to Baba ji’s temple was under construction. In this new city, I struggled for more than half an hour to find the right bus stop but all in vain and I could not even call the cab as my phone battery was dead. I had just few hours (3-4) with me as I had the return ticket for the same day. At last, in my mind I said to Baba ji, ‘Baba ji why are You doing this to me, I came all the way from Calgary to have Your darshan and I have heard so many experiences in past where You help people who get lost while they are coming to Shirdi. Please help me too as for me this is Shirdi and within fraction of a second I heard a voice saying ‘Excuse me! You are standing at the wrong stop’ I turned around and saw a man in his 50’s talking to me. Then he asked me the address, walked with me for about 10 minutes all the way to the train station and showed me the way. I appreciated his help, walked 3-4 steps and suddenly a thought came in my mind may be this guy was Baba ji or he send someone to help me, thinking this I turned around and the man was not there. Till date I am surprised.

It’s been 9 months, I have been visiting His temple in Edmonton often. But on Dec 1st, all of a sudden, I thought let me Google Shirdi Sai Baba ji’s temple in Calgary; even though I knew there is no temple in Calgary so far. But, a page opened saying the lease has been signed and Shirdi Sai Mandir is opening soon in Calgary and to my surprise the announcement itself was made on Dec 1st. It was such a blessing for me to be a part of the inauguration (though for shorter duration).

Today, I feel like a handicapped person and Sai Baba ji my support and I cannot afford to lose this support in my life. Through my experiences in life so far, I have learnt, the path to get closer to Baba ji is not by doing prayers for hours and hours together but it is all about doing good deeds in life. In the beginning it is as tough as walking on the sharp edge of a razor because people will cheat you, will make fun of you, thinking you are a fool living in your own world. But at the end it is worth it because at the end it is all between you and Baba ji. Please Baba ji stay with us forever …..Bless all!!!!! Om Sai Ram

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  1. What a beautiful experience!! Most of the people have a dream of Babaji! Why don't I see him in my dream? I want to see you Baba! I need your divine guidance. Please help me from being depressed!

    Very Nice experience. BABAJI is just GREAT. He is always with his devotees. I love You Lods BABAJI. Please be with your all children alway!! Thanks a lot BABAJI to hearing all my prayers always !!! Love You Lods


    Loved your experience Dear Sister Priyanka.

    Aren't you the one who is always presnt in comments section?

    Bless ALL, Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Om sai ram … beautiful blessed experience dear … may god bless u …may u ve more of babas bliss ..


    In Chapter 11 of Sai Satcharitra it was mentioned that Sai Baba has control over the elements and He controlled the storm in Shirdi and also when the fire in the Dhuni began burning brightly Baba controlled it by just beating His satka on the ground and kept saying “Get down, Be clam” and with each stroke the flames began to slow down. We shall see a similar story wherein the fire in the Dhuni kept burning inspite of heavy rains.

    D. Shankrayya resides in Hyderabad, and is devoted to Baba since a long time. Being a devotee it was but natural for him to visit Shirdi. In Shirdi he had the privilege of being under the guidance of Sivenesan Swamiji. Swamiji advised him to perform congregational ‘Nam Jap’. Nam Jap is singing Baba’s name continuously for a certain period of time be it for 24 hours or a week. When it’s sung continuously for a week it’s called Nam Saptha. The mantra that’s sung by his group is “Aum Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai” and was given to them by Swamiji.

    On 25-5-1988 to 6-6-1988 Nam Saptha was conducted by him and his entourage in Penuconda, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. It was their custom that when ever a Saptha was conducted they would have a Dhuni (Sacred fire) it was an open one, lit and with all rituals. The Dhuni contained dried neem leaves from the Gurusthan, half burnt incense sticks from the Dwaarka Mai, and udi, besides the usual sandalwood chips and clarified butter.

    On the second night Shankrayya went to sleep at 2 am. Then it started raining at first it was but a drizzle but soon it poured in torrents. As there was no covering over the Dhuni, it soon stood in a puddle. His companions woke Shankrayya and reported what had just taken place. Nonchalantly he replied, “Baba is there to look after his Dhuni Mai” and went to sleep. The next morning he went to make his offerings to the Dhuni and was extremely glad to see that the fire was blazing as if some one was pouring clarified butter into it. Nam Jap is the ‘life boat’ which ferry’s us across the ocean in the storm of life.

    Ref Shri Sai Leela

  6. Sai baba ji aj ashtami pujan hai bt can u plz tel me k kisi ghr me uske bche k bina how to celebrate any occassion. Can u feel the pain of al the hearts from which they r suffering. If no then its ok n if yes then y u r not responding. Plz send back our baby. Missin him on durgashtmi. Kishi plz cm back n complete ur family.

  7. Om Sai Ram….Sister wonderful naration…and I like this line a lot " at the end, its between you and babaji" so true …Thanks for wonderful experience….Baba We Love You…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  8. BABA YOU know I got a dream in which my bil died. BABA when ever I get such dreams someone in my family dies. BABA please not this time. Also please see that I don't get such dreams BABA. BABA please save all of us. BABA please see that dream doesn't come true. He died and his wife was crying . I was getting scared to see her as she hates me. BABA please please save us. Bless my family with good health and wealth BABA.

  9. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  10. baba plz be with me in this interview and bless me with this job baba…
    A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Poet Narhari*****
    In a village called Hippargi there lived a devotee of Sriguru. With the help of
    villagers he built a temple of Lord Dattatrey. For the Prana-Pratishthan100 of the idol, he
    prayed and earnestly requested Sriguru to come there. Sriguru accepted his request.
    The villagers became very happy, when they came to know that Sriguru would be
    arriving shortly. They started decorating the village with great pomp to extend a grand
    welcome to Sriguru.
    In the same village there was a Brahmin by name Narahari. He was a great
    devotee of Lord Kalleshwar. Everyday in the temple of Lord Kalleshwar, he would
    compose five verses in the praise of Lord Shiva and offer the same to the Lord. The
    villagers thought that if Narahari composes devotional songs in praise of Sriguru and render service to the Lord it would add beauty to the ceremony. Therefore they
    requested Narahari, but he did not agree. He said, “I have dedicated my talent and
    voice only in the service of Lord Kalleshwar. I will not utilise my talent and voice in
    praising a mere human being”. Hearing this the villagers became very angry.
    Finally the day planned for the ceremony dawned. Men and women of the village
    started celebrating with great pomp. Beautiful designs were drawn on the floors with
    coloured powder. The entire place was decorated with festoons of flowers and green
    leaves. Banners were seen fluttering in the breeze filled with melodious music emitted
    by the different musical instruments. Singing devotional songs and dancing along, the
    villagers brought Sriguru in a grand procession to the village.
    That day as usual, poet Narahari came to the Kalleshwar temple to worship Lord
    Shiva. He performed his worship with devotion and then sat for meditation. In the
    meantime he had a nap. Then he had a dream in his nap. In the dream he saw Sriguru
    himself is seated in the place Lord Shiva’s idol in the Kalleshwar temple. Sriguru spoke
    to him “I am an incarnation in a human form. Why do you worship and praise me? ”.
    Hearing this Narahari woke up from the dream. It dawned to him that Sriguru is Lord
    Kalleshwar himself. He immediately ran to the house where Sriguru had camped. He
    stood before the door and started singing devotional song-verses composed by him in
    praise of Lord Kalleshwar. People present there, were highly amazed to see this poet
    Narahari, who had point blank refused to sing his praise-verses in the presence of
    Sriguru, now has started singing the same verses with full devotion in the honour of
    Singing the praises he went near Sriguru. Sriguru asked him “You were
    criticizing me. How is it that all of a sudden you started getting devoted to me? ”.
    Narahari prostrated at the lotus feet of Sriguru and prayed “Oh! Lord, I was completely
    obsessed by ignorance. Please forgive me. Till today, I rendered my devotional service
    to Lord Kalleshwar. As a result of that devotional service I got your ‘Darshan’ today.
    Kindly accept me as a disciple and bless me. Henceforth I will render my devotional
    service at your lotus feet till the end of my life”. Then he started singing in the praise of
    Sriguru. Sriguru was pleased. He accepted Narahari as his disciple and said, “I myself
    exist in the idol of Lord Kalleshwar. Do not make any distinction”. Sriguru took Narahari
    along with him to Ganagapur. Narahari stayed at Ganagapur rendering devotional
    service to Sriguru. He composed a number of verses in the devotional praise of Sriguru.
    People started regarding his as an accomplished poet.

  11. om sai ram
    pls baba BIL should take care of sis and daughter & our family.
    pls show some miracle baba that he should become nice person.

  12. It was a very nice experience of Priyankaji.Many people see Saima in dreams n as disguised person.But so far I ve not been so lucky to experience such things.But Babaji also helped me many times to come out of my troubles.The recent one I m sharing.My son when he was 4yrs old had some eye problem n the doctor gave him specs to wear all the time.Then aftr wearing for a yr nd a half he refused to wear it.Moreover all the time he watches t.v, or into computer games etc.Then my mother called me up n scolded me bcoz of this.she also asked me to get his eyes chked.she told me that due to sudden leaving of specs his eyesight may be in grave situation later aftr 2 weeks we took him for chk up.all the way iwas thinking of Sai n praying to Him.i vowed that if his eyes r o.k nd no need for specs,i will feed 5 poor people.then while awaiting in the hospital I kept chanting Sai's name.when he went for chk up the doctor seemed very confused,he asked us to come again next day.we too were rather worried,like 50-50 chances were there.The next day afternoon I fed 5 poor people n also prayed a lot.Then in the evening when we went for chk up,the doctor again conducted all the tests n said that its need of specs.we were so happy.all the while I was thinking of Sai n thanking Him.Baba I hope I can serve U till the last day of my life.U r my lifeline.

  13. Appa, i cleared my interview and tests which i took the other it seems.Today i have another round which is telephonic interview. Be with me and help me pa. I should answer and speak confidently.Should not stammer or do grammar mistakes. I should feel that i have done well. You should be my interviewer and you should speak from my mouth pa. Even if i do not get through in the interview i should stay calm and take it in a positive manner. Should not feel pa.Be with me and guide me.


  15. Sai maa
    Please help me my maa
    I want 2 b healthy mentally and physically maa
    Please hold my hand and pull me out of this mess my maa
    I will definitely take lakshmi for eye check up n do the need full
    Falling At your lotus feet

  16. Appa i did my telephonic interview well but not sure whether i'll get through. I will get call if selected it seems. If i get selected hr round should be the final one and the pay should be decent for my experience and meet up my expectation.Takecare of the things pa.Thanks a lot for helping me do my interview pretty well.You spoke from my tongue im damn sure because i have attended any interview with so much confidence.

  17. Such a wonderful experience………
    So is our dear Baba…..Love you baba….love you so very much……

  18. Baba i am praying you from my childhood…but toay i am in a great pain….my marriage is not hapnd yet now…i am worried my parents are worried….we are trusting you so much….why are you punishing us baba

    • Have Faith in Baba .. Everything will happen perfectly , He is looking for the bset person for u ..Dont worry ..
      Om Sai Sree Sai Jai Jai Sai sadguru Sai

    • Dear devotee…have Faith n Patience..few months up or 1-2 years up will not make a difference…Our Baba has His own good plans for us…at the end u will get sweet fruit…Om Sai Ram…Om Sai Ram !!!!


  19. hey sainath your leelas are wonderful… very nice experiences.. baba I have also wish for something and you know it. that is also very important for me. please shower your blessings on me baba. please help your daughter.i need you. our future is depends on your miracle. OM SAINATHAY NAMAH

  20. Really nice experience.. and thank you so much baba ji for so much of kind on this very very ordinary devotee like me..

  21. Baba…meri jholi bhar do plz….aaj ashtami hai….meri godh mein mera saiansh daal do…docs said i have fibroid uterus…only u can do miracle baba…..bless me wid child babaji

    • Surely Sai Baba will give u his blessings.. He blessed me with a beautiful baby against all odds.. Before nothing was working out and suddenly everything happened as no problem was there .. dont loose hopes.. Just shraddha and saburi and everything will take place smoothly.. Om Sai , Shree Sai , Jai Jai Sai , Sadguru Sai….

    • Dear devotee..please try Ayurvedic treatment for fibroids….I have seen people getting better with Ayurvedic medicine for fibroids…rest have Udi…His Udi is beyond every medicine or odrwise ask for a solution from Baba ji through Question/Answer system….
      Jai Sai Ram!!!1


  22. Sai Ram. This is a very beautiful story. Praise the lord Sainath Maharaj. I am in my final year of law and unable to get myself to study anything. Baba please forgive me if I have hurt you or anyone , in any manner. I promise you ill let go of all my ill thoughts and habits. Baba please help me concentrate and study better. I feel helpless somehow.

  23. Sai Ram
    Very nice experience. I have same feelings as you. I always feel baba is with us. It's not about praying for hours it about adapting his preaching in your life. Baba has showered his blessings to some people who never knew also who is saibaba?
    So for those who are sad that baba is not listening to them just try to follow his teachings that's also a kind of devotion towards baba.

    Om sai ram

    • Dear devotee….I totally agree… Its all about following the path shown by Baba ji….He does shower His blessings on people who don't even know who Baba ji is..

      Bless all Baba ji
      Jai Sai Ram!!

  24. Thanks priyanka for sharing so many beautiful experiences .. really Sai Baba is great , words cant describe the support he provides .
    I came to know about that ask question link , which u have mentioned in your post .. thanx a lot ..

  25. Dear Sister, Fibroid Uterus is very common these days. I have the same problem and am waiting for Baba's blessings. But am hopeful he will definitely bless people like us with a baby soon

    • Dear devotee…please try Ayurvedic medicine for it. Rest we all have a strong medicine with us i.e. Baba ji's UDI….stay blessed

      Jai Sai Ram

  26. Thanks Priyanka for sharing your experience. It's very touching and tears started rolling from my eyes. Baba please show me right path As I always believe in your sayings.

  27. Anantha koti brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogi raja parabrahma sri sachidananda samdga sadguru sai nath maharaj ki jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  28. Wonderful experience.

    O Deva, Thank You for all Your blessings and miracles that you bestow on a daily basis. Bless me O Sadguru so I can pull my life back on track and normalcy is restored.

    Thank You for a blessed life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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