Sai Baba Helped Me a Lot – Sai Devotee Madhavi

Sai sister Madhavji has shared few of her life experiences.

Anonymous devotee from India says: I feel happy to share my experiences with every one of you and may Baba bless you with happiness and all your dreams come true. Do not remember when exactly Baba entered into my life, from my childhood, I remember there was one photograph which my mom asked my neighbor uncle to bring and she also paid and it looks like a wall paper, she had pasted on my wall, and she used to say Baba tata (we call grandfather as tata, I still remember, I was calling Baba as tata during my childhood), I believe in God, every time I used to pray all Gods for my education, from my childhood, my father was giving me everything, good schooling, good college, clothing and food whichever I like. During my college, my father went to Shirdi and brought Sai photo with frame and Sai Satcharitra book, he brought but no one were reading that book, no one is aware of that book, but I was praying Baba as well, I was in hostel during my graduation and one of my friend was also praying Sai Baba, she used to fast full day, I was just thinking and never pray Baba alone, however I used to pray all Gods.

In holidays, I used to read novels, as there was no television at my home, i was feeling bore and reading novels, I have started reading Satcharitra but didn’t understand, I stopped reading, it was happened in year 2000. After that my father’s financial position become very bad, he used to help so many people, though he is unable to spend money, Baba helped me to complete my M.B.A. During my M.B.A, I got a chance to visit Shirdi, as an industrial visit we have visited Pune and while coming back we (my entire class) visited Shirdi. I have prayed Baba for something, but that is not happened, now if i think of it, I feel, Baba gave me better than what I have asked him to give. I came back from Shirdi. Completed college, struggled a lot. Stayed in relatives house and I have decided, I should do something and clear my father debts, luckily I got the job. My first salary in 2005 was 5800 rupees, I worked there and salary was not sufficient for me to clear my father debts, I was working as a HR and decided to opt any job in IT, came to Hyderabad, one of my friend suggested me to do testing course, I did.

During that time, there was a Sai temple near to my hostel, I used to pray him every Thursday day, I got the job. Seriously my first job, I did in USA for Citi group, my father has a dream that, I need to settle in USA. But at that time I went on business visa and stayed there for 2 months, though I earned very less amount, my father has 2 lacks debt at that time, I brought 1 lakh and applied for personal loan and cleared all my father debts. I was working in Chennai and staying in mandavelli, there was a temple in mylapore, I used to visit. One day my friend (college friend who used to pray Baba) called me and asked me to chant “Om Dhana Mangalya Pradayanamaha” for 42 times for 42 days to get married, and also asked me to do pradakshina for 9 times on 9 Thursdays days, during my 4th or 5th Thursday day, one marriage proposal came, I didn’t like much, because as I am the only child to my parents, I feel and expected a person who should be very much caring, but the way he spoke to me was not up to the expectations, I told my parents, they didn’t listen and I was looking for a guy who is settled in abroad, my mom used to scold me, we are not rich, how would you expect a NRI to be your life partner, at last I got married to the guy, I told above and moved to Hyderabad.

My marriage was happened in a Marriage Function Hall, half of the function hall stage was Sai Temple. I didn’t realize that Sai mahima at that time, my sister-in-law (husband sister) read Satcharitra for his brother marriage, what a coincidence, recently I knew. Baba only made us to live together and initially it was very tough to adjust with his nature, he won’t mingle with people, I like to spend with people, we started with a new house, in our pooja room photo graph has Sai photo, I used to sit and cry. I got conceived and my husband started so much caring, and Baba blessed a girl, she was born on 31st march 2011(Thursday), though my in-laws are unhappy as she is a baby girl, I feel she is Baba Prasad for me. Here also when she born I didn’t realize Baba was with me, now recollecting every experience and sharing. again my father started drinking and his debts was 4 lakhs , I was scaring to tell my husband and at that time I remember Sai Satcharitra, I read it, and I got a solution, my husband accepted to help my father and I have paid the amount. Thanks so much Baba. I have started going to office after my maternity leave, I struggle a lot to reach a good position with dedication and honest in my profession, somehow I didn’t like the company where I was working, I was thinking, Baba give me an onsite opportunity. and started reading Satcharitra, I can’t believe that moment, I have cleared 3 rounds of interview and went to Japan, it was a global organization, many profiles sent to that opportunity and I was the one traveled.

I started believing strongly and if I was in trouble and feeling bad, I see Baba photo on the car back side mirror, suddenly in my company there were lay-offs. I prayed Baba and asked him like if job is safe your photo should appear, I couldn’t see a single photo. I have decided that I am going to lose my job, the same day I got a call from HR and I got 3 Months salary and they relieved me from the company. Though I have 7 years experience it was tough for me to get a job, I was at home for 1 week, started reading satcharitra, I got a call from a company where I have selected and got promotion to the next level, but salary is lesser than previous company. One of my colleagues there asked me to start 9 weeks Vrath, I have asked for onsite and started Vrath, immediately I have travelled to USA. Baba is with me always, he is there and he will be there. don’t worry, just leave it to Baba, he will take care, I started reading Satcharitra from 2011 September, till that time though I have satcharitra with me, I don’t know the mahima and I didn’t realize Baba help, he helped me many times, now I am relating them and so happy to share with all of you. Baba blessings will be with us, he will be with us, he will take care of us, I have started reading this experiences recently through one of my family friend, I feel like sharing my experience. Thanks so much Baba, help everyone. Sarvejana Sukhiobhavanthu. Jai Sai Ram

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    • Om Sai Ram..I would like to share in miracle which happened in the morning. Around 10.30AM i was thinking i should do Baba Madhyan Aarti. I wanted to go to temple and do Aarati. But kids were home and were not able to visit temple. So around 11.45 I search on internet, Baba madhyan aarti and i found lots of videos of aarti. Exactly at 12 o'clock i was carrying laptop in my hand thinking that i can not start aarti at 12 since i was in the middle of something with kids…and guess what..suddenly aarti started on laptop..i was like..dont know what to say..that is Baba's miracle..Baba please bless us..

    • Baba please bless me, me and my husband need ur blessings this time. You had always helped us ,whatever we had achieved in our life is only because of you, now once again we need ur blessing, a miracle to happen. Baba please help us.

  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Happy Thursday to everyone. As I promised to baba, I am posting my recent experience. After my second delivery last year, often I am getting pain in my delivery striches. Usually I get the pain during nights. I put vibhudi or take pain killer. Last Sunday we went to a water park for two days. First day night we stayed in a hotel. In the early morning pain started for me. I have no vibhudi and I didn't carry medicines. Sometimes pain will be unbearable. I was really scared that what happens if pain increases. Who will take care of kids, if we need to go to hospital. I just started chanting baba and imagined that I am at home. And also imagined that my husband applied vibhudi from babas room. After few minutes pain stopped. It was very short time after I started chanting. Even I promised that I will post the experience. Be with me baba. Love you baba.


    (Shri Sai Leela November 1985)


    – Shirdi SAI BABA

    "The result of "Karma" is inevitable. But, by repeating the Name of God, you can lessen its intensity. If you are destined to have a wound as wide as a ploughshare, you'll get pinprick."

    – Holy Mother SARADAMANI DEVI

    In the course of my work, I had to make a business call at SURI in Birbhum Dist., West Bengal. It is my practice to carry always in my VIP brief case a cabinet size coloured photograph of the SAI-Idol of Shirdi Sai Baba in the Samadhi Shrine, Sai-Udhi, Joss Sticks etc., to enable me to worship Sai even in my tours. I boarded an Express Bus (WNM 4821) at 6.30 a.m on 5-8-'85 at the Esplanade Bus Stand with my personal effects. The bus sped off at 7.00 a.m. and I alighted at BURDWAN for snacks and tea with my co-passengers at 10.25 a.m. We were allowed 10 minutes time. I went back to the bus stand after six minutes to find to my horror that the bus was gone with my VIP brief case containing the Company's important documents also. It hurt me to the quick; but I realized soon that only Sai Baba could rescue it for me and I should also play my part in the game. When I was to chart my course of action, I beheld a YEZDI nearby. I requested its driver to help me and he agreed. He drove it at 60 M.P.H. a part of the way. Then I switched over to a lorry, then to a State Bus with a view to pursuing the Express Bus but failed. By now, I was at PANAGARH, exhausted. Despite my dedicated service to the helpless children of Shirdi Sai Baba, panic gripped me for while. I did not like anything to be half-done. Suddenly the line, "Do your duty and Sai will do His" hit my mind. I gathered courage and caught the 12.30 p.m. Express Bus bound for SURI. It arrived at Suri at 2.50 p.m.

    My living and pulsating faith in Shirdi Sai Baba helped my mind not to run amuck as thought my mind was on Sai and the important documents in the brief case. I ran from pillar to post and finally located the Express Bus (WNM 4821) near the Birbhum Cinema Hall. It was empty. Its driver and the conductor were relaxing. I related to them my woes. They suggested to me to take a close look inside the bus and try my luck and they added with a touch of Hitchcockian mystery that the bus was already swept clean by the sweeper a few minutes ago. All the same, I boarded the bus and after a careful search seat by seat found to my joy my VIP brief case untampered below my reserved Seat No.3. I reported my finding to them and they were taken aback, not me. I opened the brief case to show them Shirdi Sai Photo & Udhi and they instantly saluted Him saying unconsciously that it was He who made this brief case invisible to the sweeper.

    The play of DESTINY and the mercy of Shirdi SAI BABA did not come to an end here.

  4. On my return journey to Calcutta, I went to AHMEDPUR Railway Station., and waited there for boarding a connecting train to Burdwan. The scheduled Burdwan Passenger train was late. So "Kanchanjunga" Express train was the one available train to reach Burdwan. Even though it stops at AHMEDPUR railway station signal point on all nights, this night the signal was clear and it thundered past all of us. Two hours later, the Burdwan passenger train crawled to the AHMEDPUR railway station., i.e., at 9.20 p.m. Hardly four passengers were in the compartment. I grew suspicious and thought of a probable encounter with dacoits later. Those four Bengali pas­sengers advised me not to take any risk but to alight at BHOLPUR and spend the night in a hotel. I heeded their advice. When I glance — at 'The Telegraph" next daybreak at my hotel at Bholpur, I read the report that the "Kanchanjunga" Express train that had sped past us at AHMEDPUR had collided with a stationary goods train between TALIT and KANAN Jn., killing a few and injuring many. How deeply grateful I was to Sai that He had saved me from an encounter with death.

    Thus Shirdi SAI BABA helped me to continue my bodily existence in this mundane world to serve His children and my dependants who are also His devout children.

    Every act of man is a chisel stroke of destiny; but every Divine Act of Shirdi Sai Baba neutralises the negative destiny of his faithful devotee.

  5. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Chief of Narayan Teerth*****
    While journeying through different places Sri Swami Samarth reached Kutch
    Area (Gujarath). There is a temple ‘Trivikram’ and near the temple is Narayan Teerth
    (Narayan Lake). The chief of the temple would not allow pilgrims to take a bath in the
    Lake without paying. Sri Swami Samarth came there to a take bath, but the disciples of
    the chief stopped him. Sri Swami Samarth mysteriously disappeared from the scene
    and instead was seen seated on the surface of the Lake. Everyone present at the scene
    were mystified. When the chief learned about this miracle, he came running and prayed
    to Sri Swami for forgiveness. Walking on water, Sri Swami came to the bank of the
    lake. The chief prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swami. Then he worshipped Sri Swami
    in the Shodshopchar66 way with full devotion and then fed all the Brahmins present
    with sweet dishes to their full satisfaction.

  6. Wondeful exp.atears r in eyes.baba is wit u always.plz baba bles me my share of hapiness writing dis wit tearful eyes.plz make my husband a caring.make us togather.

  7. OM SAI RAM TO ALL. Really nice experience. Thanks for sharing it.

    Today I have starting 9 Vrat of babaji. Baba please bless me today and take all my worries on you.
    Please bless my family…. always.

  8. Baba maa
    I promise tat I will read sai satcharitha everyday
    Please make me happy n healthy
    Pls make m buy vehicle for r.r family needs a vehicle .
    Baba maa b there always holding my hand n showering ur blessings for a healthy n happy life
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  9. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai om sai ram om sai ram

    Love you so much Baba.
    Baba please do not go away from me. Please excuse this stupid girl, I am your daughter Baba.
    Please help me Baba to correct myself, Please do not go away with me.
    I cannot live for a second without your help Baba. I am very timid Baba.
    I need you Baba for each and every second of my life Baba.
    Please bless my husband, my kid, my family and me with good health and happy, meaningful life.
    Please Baba please excuse me, my husband and my kid for all our mistakes Baba.

  11. Nice experiences.

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with all the peace and love in varied forms. Thank You for being with us at each and every we take O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. Happy Thursday. Very Nice Experience. Having Satcharitra with us is like having Baba's blessings with us always.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. Really Amazing experience Madhavi. I am happy for your success. I am also waiting for BABAs Grace. But till now he is not hearing for my debt. In seven days did you complete reading Sai Satcharitra or you took time.

  14. Really Amazing experience Madhavi. I am happy to read your success in your life and career. I am waiting for BABAs grace. But till now here is not hearing my problem to clear my debt. 3 years gone. My husband asking his mothers and left me and 10 month boy. How did you read Sai Satcharitra in 7 days or you more days to read. thank you. Then one good news to all BABA came to our place. today is the 10th week.

  15. Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters, i am trying to conceive from long. Request you all to pray for me.
    Om Sai Ram

  16. I have a recent experience to share. I was feeling very low from the past few days. Two days back i reached my breaking point and as per my daily routine opened Sacharitra to read a Chapter with a thought that this particular chapter should give me an answer to my problem as i have not been too lucky with Baba Q&A site. And lo i opened that day's Chapter only to find the exact answer to my problem. Baba's mercy brought tears of joy in my eyes. Baba please fulfill my wish and bring an end to my woes. Be with us always. I am nothing without you. You are my life.

  17. saibaba plz help me to get marriage with the boy who i love …their parents are not accepting plz convince them and i know u will make them to accept me.

  18. Hi all,

    I am Anonymous,

    I want to share my experience. I am sai devotee when I was in class 9th, he has been there with me since then. For me he is my Sai Paa. I would like to tell that this tuesday, i was having a severe back pian at left side of my lower back. It was bad that i cant even move and was not able to sleep. Then I applied vibhuti and prayed sai that please help me so that I could sleep. After few mintues I was feeing better and I was able to sleep. Vibhuti has always helped me, the next day only my right side of chest was paining – I applied Vibhuti n immediately the pain vanished. Its only your faith towards it. If u believe that it will cure your pain then it really does.Thanks to sai for helping me and I told sai that I will post this and will share my experience. Love you sai. Baba bless all of us. Om Sai Ram.

  19. Nice experiences! Despite all the hardships you have gone through in life, Baba has always shown you a way out and always gives a way out for all His devotees. Om Sai Ram!

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