Prayer Request To Save My Family From Our Enemies – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Reading today’s post will make your heart beat faster. This was i experienced. Please pray for this lady and that’s all we can do. Let Lord Sai Baba save her from any harm to herself and her kids.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a house wife, a mother of two children, married for 13 years. Shirdi Sai Baba has taken me into His custody since my college days. When my parents were not well and had some problem in business. A family friend asked us to visit Sai Baba’s Temple at Injambakkam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and asked us to distribute ladoos to the devotees, once the problem is solved. Miraculously, the problems started getting solved, and we distributed ladoos as promised. From then all of us became ardent devotees of Baba. In fact it was Baba, Who had performed my marriage in spite of so many problems from my in-laws, though it was an arranged marriage.

My problem is my in-laws, who have gone to the extent of murdering me many times. Baba has saved me many times, but still I am afraid of them, because they keep attempting many techniques using black magic and even tried to poison me with the help of my servants. Even before our marriage my in-laws had done black magic, to stop our marriage, to get married a relative’s girl to my husband. The irony is that my husband was 31 then and she was just 9 years old. As my husband was in a high position, they did not want to lose the benefits of his job. So a couple of days before our engagement, I had a sudden fracture and severe ligament rupture in my leg, and so it was postponed to a few months. Their idea was to drag the time as they were giving hormone treatment to the girl to attain puberty. But somehow, Baba performed our marriage, much to the astonishment of everyone.

But ever since our marriage, they have been trying all methods to murder me, and get that girl married to him. They had bribed our servants, and mixed sleeping pills in my coffee, so that they can frame as, I had committed suicide. But by Baba’s grace I found out the different taste and the undissolved tablets in the cup and sent her away. Though I wanted to file a complaint, my husband did not want to expose his people. Then with the help of another servant, they had tried to open up the gas knobs at night when my husband was away. Then again I found out and dismissed her too. Then they had left a snake in my house when my husband was out of station, but luckily Baba saved us. Then with my watchman’s help, they had unscrewed my bike seat, but I had found it when I was half way through on the main road, then again Baba saved me, when I fell down with just few bruises. But once again when I was on my bike, they had set up someone to hit me down like an accident, and likewise, when I was on my bike, that too on a hills road, an Innova car, all of a sudden from an unexpected zone, (as it came from a slum like area, where no one has seen it before, and no one could have it also) and hit my bike from the back, and I toppled(fall) and had severe head injury. Luckily Baba had saved me from a major accident, as if I had not banged against the rock and stopped, I would have rolled down the slope of the mountain. There are so many more incidents, but I have shared only a few.

Still they keep, doing all black magic tricks using our things with the help of some servant at home. I am not able to find out who it is, but can experience the effect. I have fallen sick now, and not even able to do Pooja for Baba. I am so afraid as my children are very small. My husband, who is in his mid forties, is in all favour of them as he too is charmed by that girl, who is now in her early twenties, and started giving most of his earnings to them. I am totally cut off from my parents and siblings. Moreover, they do some black magic on my parents and siblings also, as they too have started experiencing problems in business and health, and have been hospitalized many times, so that i should not have any support. When Baba is there with me and my children, my parents and my siblings and their families, i don’t need to bother, as He saves us from every danger. But still i am so afraid nowadays, as i am becoming weak and sick, and not even able to do Pooja to Baba, since long. I am afraid as my children are small. I request all devotees of Baba to sincerely pray for my children, me, my parents and my brother and his family, so that my in-laws, those devils will be punished and get away from us. I am very afraid. I know that all your prayers along with ours to our Shirdi Baba can do Miracles. That is why i have posted it here. Please publish this and let the prayers of all devotees of Baba save us. We are totally helpless and afraid. Pray for us. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear sister…I can very well understand your situation…Remember one thing , 'Nothing is above Baba.No Black magic, no negativity, nothing '. He is the creator of universe and everything is in his merciful hands….Chant baba's name and keep udi with urself and ur family members…If you do not have udi, do not worry because still baba is with you….May baba be with u and protect u , ur kids and family always…Om Sai Ram…

  2. Dear Devotee,

    My jaw just dropped reading your experience. I am just shocked to see how low people can stoop for the sake of money. Do people forget that they don't get to take money with them when they die? I am not sure about the other girl's wishes now but I am certain as a 9 year old girl she was also wronged by giving hormone treatments and being forced to get married to a person 22 years older than her! Your in-laws are ready to become murderers just to get money. Do these people not even think once about you as a human being and your children who are their own blood?

    I would seriously suggest filing a police complaint against them or let the legal authorities know what is happening. If God forbid something were to happen to you, they should know who to apprehend and not consider it a suicide or accident. Let the same be known to your in laws so they understand even if by any chance they do succeed in harming you, they will not be able to go unpunished as police already have knowledge of their actions. You may want to consult an attorney for this.

    In addition, if your husband loves and cares for you and your children, he should not way be okay with continued attempts of your in laws to murder you. Does he not understand that what would have happened if they would have succeeded? Is their reputation more dear to him than his wife's life? And if it is, then you need to take a step and say that for me, my children future is more important and due to that I am going to report them. If these in laws are ready to kill you, what makes you think after you, they won't do the same to your children? This is not just about you, but also about their life and you need to take action to stop this.

    In the end, whatever you may decide, I pray to Babaji that He may keep his blessing on you and your children and hopefully take these evil thoughts away from your in-laws.

    Most importantly, remember – "Jako Rakhe Saiyan, Maar Sake Na Koi" – meaning – If God wants to save somebody, then nobody can kill him.


  3. Dear Sai Sister, I will remeber you in my prayers… keep having faith and patience… baba will definitely show you the right path…. please keep your head high… focus on your kids as they need you the most…

  4. Om Sai ram,Om Sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram.
    Baba please help her .This is your world and such monsters do not have the right to live in this world. Baba ,please help her and screw all those people who have gone down to such low levels in life.Even beast and animals are better than such people. Baba, we all love you and we know that u are with all of us .I sincerely pray to you to help this devotee and solve all her problems.Baba she needs your miracle more than any of us at this point of time in her life.

    Devotee,Just for you,Can u read Sai Charitra and also plan a trip of shirdi?

  5. Dear sister, Sometimes we cant really escape from our past karma.But our baba is always there to protect us from evil.Please do not worry about your husband that he will take that girl's side too.Nothing will happen like that.You are already being guarded by Baba and HE has already proved that by saving you from your in laws.None of their evil plans will work out in future also.Please keep faith in baba. I will pray for your family.

    Jai sai ram.

  6. Dear Devotee,

    We all will pray for you. Also, we all are with you!! Sai Baba will definitely come to rescue you.

  7. Oh My dear Deva

    Thanks for saving your devotee from Death so many time.

    Now I have just one question for you:

    YOU are Ultimate Supreme Reality- How can black magic can work on your Devotees? I have seen so many your devotees who are suffering from Black magic- How can a true devotee of your Name can get affected from EVIL?

    Is EVIL stronger than your name? My own sister suffering from this & she is so close to you that you show her in dreams how & what evil people are doing to stop her uniting with her husband- If you can show her the reality in dreams, why can not YOU stop those evil forces?

    WE know YOU are the ULTIMATE DOER-SO is it your command that your devotees must get affected by Black magic & evil?

    Love you Deva, Please show mercy on devotees like this sister- people under your custody should not suffer from Black magic/evil, though we have to go through our Karma, but when your true devotees suffer from actions of evil, it make us question of devotion.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  8. Dear devotee.. Keep saying Baba Meri Raksha Karna… Sai Meri raksha Karna… He will be there for you

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  10. Dear sister, Baba definitely put you out of this problem, continue to have firm belief. And will pray for you. Om SaiRam.

    • Dont worry..As u said u had been saved many time due to our beloved Sai.Meaning to say,in future u wil be protected well…Baba doesnt need pooja.What He needs is faith n patience from u.Do wht u are able to do.Relax and and see How he guide u.
      Sai Ram.Thank You.

  11. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  12. My dear Sai sister when baba is there no need to afraid. baba has saved u many times n he will solve or problem when time comes n in his own time.
    Black magic is stil present in society n people r using it to harm someone. me n my family is too under black magic n my in-laws r doing that.but in my case they have not trying to kill me.but trying to stop my mouth n its happening. I never open my mouth when I was there jitna bhi much ho jaye.

    Last year my bro met with an seveir accident. this year me n my mom together had gallstone operation.m feeling sick.we know they r doing something for that we r suffering. but baba is there to protect us.

    We have shown astrologer all r saying my mother in law worship a spirit in her home that's why my husband is in her control n rest u know well what's is my relation with my husband.

    they wanted to harm me so my pundit Ji did chandi path for me so that they won't kill me.m telling u a unbelievable news and I have never tell this to NY of or relatives yet n today sharing with u all a miracle of baba.

    Jan 2013 it was my Navy guruvar udyapan day n I started reading Sai satcharitra DAT the evening I was doing puja at puja room n suddenly my mom called me to show me a news in TV n that was the concerned person's home is completely burn who was the main person behind all this black magic thing on me n we know it he is doing but we r silent as baba is there for seeing that news tears started rolling down in my eyes n I thanked baba.

    I don't afraid bcoz baba is there for me.why baba is not solving my probln when he knows evrytinhg.

    Baba plz bless me n my husband my share of happiness n blues us a happy married life n call us to shiridi.on Sai ram.

  13. dear,our prayers r with you ,no one can harm you because u r daughter of baba ,baba'll defntely punish these people. always chants om sai ram .


    Sai Satcharitra says who ever trusts Sai Baba, need not worry as Baba will protect His devotees 24 × 7 and no harm will ever effect His devotees. Here is one such story.

    Venkatraman lived with his family in Mylapore Chennai. His father was employed in the Railways and lived in Hyderabad. There was a lot of ill will between them and some of their relatives. And the relatives resorted to witchcraft, to take revenge. One day an old man appeared before him and gave him the following advice. “Make a thorough search of your home, and you will find some chits of paper. On these chits will be the words “Pilli Suynam” (spell of Black Magic) written in Tamil, along with some ashes from the crematorium. Immediately burn those chits of paper, and thoroughly wash your home on every Saturday. Also offer Pongal (sweet rice) offering to god” Venkatraman went home and found numerous chits of paper with ashes on them he burnt them immediately. He followed the advice given by the old man.

    About 10 days later a relative came to his home and gave him 20 Mangoes. No sooner had his relative left, the old man turned up riding a motorbike. He warned him not to eat the Mangoes, as it would bring great misfortune to his family. He then asked Venkatraman to fetch a knife and cut one of the Mangoes, inside the Mango was a small quantity of ash and a Jasmine flower. The old man then trampled upon the Mangoes and threw them away. He then said he was hungry and would like to have some food. Venkatraman gave him a meal of rice. Sambar (pulses cooked with vegetables) and buttermilk.

    Some days later his father returned home and he related everything to him. His father told him it was B V. Narsimhaswamiji, who 13-3-1946 came to their home and removed the black magic. He performed Baba’s worship and gave them a picture of Baba and udi. Ever since Baba’s worship was started they are leading a peaceful and happy life.

    Ref Sai Sudha Magazine – September 1946

  15. it 's not advertisement at all so please publish this.i have faith in baba but just feel like help you in other way if it works for you.i know guy who remove black magic online his bio and testimonial then u can decide.he is expert in black magic remover.i can post his link here,his name is tantrapsychic,he works for suggested to you because i saw his demos there.he is quite accurate with events and expert in black magic remover.i hope this'll help sai ram

  16. dear sister do not worry.i will pray for you.this is totally unfair.baba knows everything.we suffer only due to our bad karmas.leave day u will become happy.even my in laws are far better than this.they have tortured me by their words.i used to think they are the worst in the world.only now I understood people are worse than this I have consoled myself.we all will pray to baba definitely.daily I will think of u when I am praying to baba..don't worry. am also a tamil girl from Chennai but settled abroad after marriage.i have heard of such black magic in some families.when baba is with us,who can harm us.this is all a temporary not worry.we are all with u.

  17. Om sai deva, i love u… hey sister i cant even imagine life like this, deva do simthing to stop all this.. give her a more strength & power to survive & fight them back..we all are there for you.. take necessary action against them.. definately baba will save you…dont wory.. om sai ram

  18. My prayers are with you too and I am sure Baba would present himself at all times to ward off any danger to you and your family.

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with wonderful family and friends who bring us joy and happiness. Thank You O Sadguru for blessing us with the ability to make the people around us smile and love.

    Thank You for all Your sweet miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  19. Om Sai Ram

    Had a dream yesterday. Saw a man dressed fully in a white cloak walking towards me.I touched his feet and he put his hand on my head and blessed me.Dont know what it means. Was it Baba?

      JAI SAI RAM………

    • sai ma please give beautiful life with her husband by destroying all her karmas (their in laws) atleast for her children sake who had more future

    • Who else can be ? I too had a similar vision of BABA . He appeared in my dream early in the morning yesterday. I visited Sri Shiridi SAI Prem Samaj's Temple at Punjagutta in the evening and how my restless mind became calm and got HIS Blessings, that's truly amazing. I could not believe when Swami Maharaj called me for 'Chamara Fanning' to BABA at the time of Dhoop Arati. I didn't find any words. And was just thinking, did I serve HIM the way HE desired! I kept on asking HIS forgiveness if anything was not pleasing in HIS way. I could feel an inwardly flowing peace within me. I wish I could sat there for hours and shared the moments staring at HIM. Nothing could come there in between BABA and me. BABA HIMSELF calls. We just follow HIM.

  20. Dont worry almighty Baba is there and he is observing all things and will definitely protect you and we all will pray for your safety and good future

  21. Dear sister,
    I am a victim of what you said, my case is similar to you, the only difference is i dont have children and baba himself had given this match when i asked him to give a match of hi choice, it was an arranged marriage, same my husband's mother created many hurdles, threaten my husband not to marry me and tried to get him married with their relatives girls. But due to my ill fate he was adament to marry me only. The marriage night we reached his house in a town, and you know what? it was past midnight and on seeing baba's photo inside their house, i clicked 2 photos of that photo in cell. but when i saw the photos, i saw skeleton with rotten eyes as a reflection on baba's photo. i mean when u stand before a laminated photo and click they you can see your shadow also along with that image which you click. 2 photos came like that. i was terrified and deleted it, but could not understand baba's message. But from the same night she started showing her true colors, she , her daughter, husband, her sister's family, her mother in laws family and some of her relatives are like that only. They will stoop down to the lowest levels for money and property. Now she along with all her gang had succeded in getting us seperated as my husband is like a spellbound serpent under charmer's charm. He started to commit crimes blindly,, he tortured me extremely in all aspects and sent me away, he degraded himself into a beast and is resorting to every sort of crime just to get rid of me. They are influencing police, law etc with heavy bribes and influences, and among all these calamities baba used to save me miraculosly and he used to warn me through dreams constantly and many unexpected devine twists and turns are happening in my life. Donno why he gave this devil match wantedly but he will surely get me out of this calamity. Remember my dear A guru knows why a puts a goat and a tiger together as said in satcharitra 2 times that he made gowri and veera bhadrappa bound in a wedlock and also told that it was he who married them. and also a frog and snake, but he did not allow snake to swallow frog. that is guru anugraha. U know truly that its guru who gave u this match so its his responcibility to get u out of this calamity . So ask him, beg him fight with him, thats what i am doing.

  22. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Sister do not afraid be brave our beloved baba will never let you alone he will take care of you and your kids. Do not worry we all pray on behalf of you.Sai baba is there with you.

  23. Om Sai Ram…Dont Worry Sister…If you cant do the pooja, dont feel bad, Baba just need your love…Recite "Sai Ram" each and every second through out the day, try to do that, if you missed couple of hours, there is no issue…Mixed UDI in the water and drink early morning after you wake up and give the same to your kids and sprinkle mixed UDI at your home….Try to read a one paragraph/page/lesson of sai sacharitra every day…No fear when baba is near….and remove the black magic thoughts from your mind…no black magic can sand in front of our baba….and most important…We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram 🙂

  24. Om Sai Ram.

    BABA please help this family and protect them always. Help them BABA and bless them to live in peace and happiness.


  25. I will pray to BABA. akka when BABA is there always with you, you need be afraid of any evil. BABA will take care of you and your family.

  26. om sai ram
    baba pls save her from all the dangeroeus people.
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sia ram
    om sai ram

  27. om sai ram
    baba pls be with us swamny.
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  28. Dear Devotee,
    You don't worry at all as Baba had saved you from so many evil attempts of your in-laws, He will definitely take you out from this far as your husband is concerned Baba will make him realize that whatever he had done to you was unfair and will also teach lesson to your in-laws. Have faith on our dear BABA..he is the ultimate creator..We all are on his lotus feet..

    OM SAI RAM..

  29. hello sister we can't even imagine what you are going through, i will pray for you if you get time try for this
    Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra-English

    The Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra is recited as a prayer dedicated towards Sai Baba.This Mantra is an invocation to Sai Baba to ward off the difficulties faced by the devotee.
    This Mantra if recited with a pure heart and goodwill towards all is sure to bring the desired results with the blessings of Sai Baba.

    Shirdi Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran Mantra

    Sadguru sainaath maharaj ki jai
    Kashton ki kali chaya dukhdayi hai,Jeewan me ghor udasi layi hai l
    Sankat ko talo sai duhai hai.Tere siwa na koi sahayi hai l
    Mere man teri surat samai hai ,Har pal har kshan mahima gayi hai l
    Ghar mere kashton ki aandhi aayi hai,Aapne kyun meri sudh bhulayi hai l
    Tum bholenaath ho daya nidhan ho,Tum hanuman ho maha balwan ho l
    Tumhi ram aur shyam ho,Saare jagat mein tum sabse mahan ho l
    Tumhi mahakali tumhi maa shaarde,Karta hoon prarthna bhav se taar de l
    Tumhi mohhammad ho gareeb nawaz ho,Nanak ki vani mein eesa ke saath ho l
    Tumhi digambar tumhi kabir ho,Ho budh tumhi aur mahaveer ho l
    Saare jagat ka tumhi aadhar ho,Niraakar bhi aur saakar ho l
    Karta hu vandana prem vishwas se,suno sai allah ke vaste l
    adharo pe mere nhi muskaan hai,Ghar mera banna laga shamshan hai l
    Reham nazar karo ujre viran pe,Zindagi sawaregi ek vardan se l
    Paapo ki dhoop se tan laga haarne,Aapka ye das laga pukaarne l
    Aapne sada hi laaj bachayi hai,Der na ho jaaye man shankayi hai l
    Dheere dheere dheeraj hi khota hai, Man me basa vishwas hi rota hai l
    Meri kalpana saakar kar do,Sooni zindagi me rang bhar do l
    Dhote dhote paapon ka bhaar zindagi se,Main gaya haar zindagi se l
    Naath avgun ab to bisaaro,Kashton ki lehar se aake ubaaro l
    Karta hu paap main paapo ki khan hu,Gyani tum gyaneshwar main agyan hu l
    Karta hu pag pag par paapo ki bhool main,Taar do jeewan charno ki dhool se l
    Tumne ujda hua ghar basaya,Paani se Deepak bhi tumne jalaya l
    Tumne hi shirdi ko dhaam banaya,Chhote se gaon mein swarg sajaya l
    Kasht paap shrap utaro,Prem daya drishti se nihaaro l
    Aapka daas hu aise naa taaliye,Girne laga hu sai sambhaliye l
    Saiji balak main anaath hu,Tere bharose rehta din raat hu l
    Jaisa bhi hoon, hoon to aapka,Keeje nivaran mere santaap ka l
    Tu hai sawera aur main raat hoon,Mel nhi koi phir bhi saath hoon l
    Saiji mujhse mukh naa modo,Beech majhdaar akela na chodo l
    Aapke charno mein base pran hain,Tere vachan mere guru saman hain l
    Aapki raah pe chalta daas hai,Khushi nhi koi jeewan udas hai l
    Aansoo ki dhaara mein doobta kinaara,Zindagi mein dard , nhi guzaara l
    Lagaya chaman to phool khilaao,Phool khile hai to khushboo bhi laao l
    Kar do ishara to baat ban jaye,Jo kismat me nhi wo mil jaaye l
    Beeta zamana ye gaake fasana,Sarhade zindagi maut tarana l
    Der to ho gayi hai andher na ho,Fikr mile lekin fareb na ho l
    Deke taalo ya daaman bacha lo,Hilne lagi rehnumayi sambhalo l
    Tere dam pe allah ki shaan hai,Sufi santon ka ye bayan hai l
    Gareebon ki jholi me bhar do khazana,Zamane ke wli na karo bahana l
    Dar ke bhikhari hain mohtaaj hain hum,Shehenshahe aalam karo kuch karam l

  30. Tere khazaane mein allah ki rehmat,Tum sadguru saiji ho samarth l
    Aaye ho dharti pe dene sahara,Karne lage kyun humse kinaara l
    Jab tak ye brahmand rahega,Sai tera naam rahega l
    Chaand sitare tumhe pukaarenge,Janmojanam hum rasta nihaarenge l
    Aatma badlegi chole hazar,Hum milte rahenge baarambar l
    Aapke kadmo mein baithe rahenge,Dukhde dil ke kehete rahenge l
    Aapki marzi hai do ya na do,Hum to kahenge daaman hi bhar do l
    Tum ho data hum hain bhikhaari,Sunte nhi kyun araz hmari l
    Achchha chalo ek baat bta do,Kya nhi tumhaare paas bta do l
    Jo nhi dena hai inkaar kar do,Khatam ye aapas ki takrar kar do l
    Laut k khali chala jaaunga,Phir bhi gun tere gaaunga l
    Jab tak kaaya hai tab tak maaya hai,Isi mein dukhon ka mool samaya hai l
    Sab kuch jaan ke anjaan hu main,Allah ki tu shaan teri shaan hu main l
    Tera karam sada sabpe rahega,Ye chakra yug yug chalta rahega l
    Jo prani gayega saiji tera naam,Usko mukti mile pahuche param dhaam l
    Ye mantra jo praani nit din gaayege,Raahu ketu shaani nikat na aayenge l
    Tal jaayenge sankat saare,Ghar mein vaas Karen sukh saare l
    Jo shraddha se karega pathan,Us par dev sabhi ho prasann l
    Rog samool nasht ho jayenge,Kasht nivaaran mantra jo gaayenge l
    Chinta harega nivaran jaap,Pal mein door ho sab paap l
    Jo ye pustak nit din baanche,Shri lakhmi ji ghar uske sada viraaje l
    Gyan buddhi praani wo paayega,Kasht nivaran mantra jo dhyayega l
    Ye mantra bhakto kamal karega,Aayi jo anhoni to taal dega l
    Bhoot prêt bhi rahenge door,Is mantra mein sai shakti bharpoor l
    Japte rahe jo mantra agar,Jaado tona bhi ho beasar l
    Is mantra mein sab gun samaye,Na ho bharosa to aazmaye l
    Ye mantra saiji vachan hi jaano,Swayam amal kar satya pehchaano l
    Sanshay na laana vishwas jagana,Ye mantr sukhon ka hai khazana l
    Is pustak mein sai ka vas,Jai sai shri sai jai jai sai l

  31. Dear Sister, Our Sai Ma will protect all of you from evil. Keep Faith everything will get well soon in your life. Coming Thursday Prayer In our Temple I request all Sai devotees to pray for you. Really you ll get out from your problems. Dont worry about anything. Think Baba and Chant Sai Sai Sai ….. He will come there to rescue from all the problem.

  32. Dear Sister, Please Keep faith in Baba is there to rescue you all from evil. Keep think of baba and chant Sai Sai Sai…… often. He is there for you. I pray for you. Even though Coming Thursday i request other sai devotees to pray for you. We and Baba is there to help you. Keep Faith be bold all the time. If you dont mind please give your mail id i ll give Some guidance to come out from your problem. Think positive. Think Baba.

  33. dear devotee,u r very brave to survive all odds,both physically n mentally.i feel an official police complaint has to be made.besides Saima is there for u always.i will definitely pray for u.keep faith on alert n safe.

  34. omsairam sister..really iam shocked after reading your one can be so rude to other person..just believe in sai ..our saimaa always protect us..just remember our saimaa..when you ask for his help he will come from anywhere to protect you..omsairam

  35. Dear Sai sister Baba is certainly there for you not to worry !!!!!!!! Pls take good care of your children !!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram !!!!!!!!!

  36. Dear sai sister i will pray for you. since you are sai devotee everytime you were saved by Baba. so don't lose hope and trust Baba fully. if you have udi mix it in water and daily all four of you drink will give you strenght and also make your husband realize the truth. black magic is nothing in front of our Baba. if possible you get pictures of Baba in which Baba's eyes is big and keep it in many places in your house so that people with evil thoughts cannot come near you. First develop a strong mental attitude that no one can harm a sai devotee like you and see miracles happening. hoping to hear good news from you very soon dear sister.

  37. Dear Devotee,

    Seeing that your husband is fully aware of all the attempts on your life his family has made and that you have a normal married life with him, it is he who should take a clear stand on this and if he loves and cares for the mother of his children, he should take a decision. The husband is always the bridge between the wife and the in-laws. How come he seems to take it so easy??? Does he not see the grave consequences that could befall your little children?

    Of course, he has a duty as son towards his family too. However, condoning attempts at the life of one's spouse is grave negligence of his duty to you.

    We all will pray for you and your life but you must ensure that your husband takes whatever steps are necessary to safeguard your life now and stop them. His taking an active role may deter them from trying such dangerous and evil things again.
    May Sri Sai Nath every protect you!

  38. Hello Sister,
    Sai Baba bless you always but now you need to take stand and do complain to Police or visit any Women welfare community (Mahila sangthan) as you are writing again and again that your children are small, for sake of them do not wait for further wrongs things..Baba helps everyone but you need to take a step.Send your In-Laws in Jail if they are guilty.Om sai ram.

  39. Dear sai devotee
    No black magic can do anything to sai devotees
    Sai maa will bless us n take care of us
    Maa my maa Please please please bless me with good health and cheer my maa
    U know my pinprick feeling now my maa
    Please take it away my maa
    Luv u n falling at your lotus feet

  40. Dear sai devotee
    No black magic can do anything to sai devotees
    Sai maa will bless us n take care of us
    Maa my maa Please please please bless me with good health and cheer my maa
    U know my pinprick feeling now my maa
    Please take it away my maa
    Luv u n falling at your lotus feet

  41. Jai Sai Ram,

    It touched my heart and i am sure all other Sai Brothers and Sisters feel the same. How cruel the world is, just for money, they have stooped to such a low level!!

    Money is never permanent, it can leave you any time. There is no substitute to Hard work for earning money and in this manner Sai will give us money. I have experienced it.

    Sister, please be bold, wake up, you have small kids and their future lies in your hands. So, please take help of your friends and lodge a complaint. Do not be afraid, if you are afraid, you will loose this battle.

    Perhaps, Baba wanted you to get this positive energy from here and build up courage to file a complaint.

    I will sincerely pray to Sai for you but it's time you take a call and stop this forever.

    Deva, please be kind to this sister, and show her a way to come out of the problems. You are the most powerful and no power can harm your devotees but this evil people are haunting her and you are watching it, please Baba be kind and attain the "Narsimha Avatar". It's time for you Baba to tear down the evil people.

    I will also pray for you in the Evening Prayers.

    Jai Sai Ram, Jai Sai Baba. My humble Salutations to your old and pious feet.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

    • Dear sai sister plz don lodge complaint on dem as it could lead 2 evn worz.
      Trust In babaji n plz do 9weekz guruvara vratha.ul suarly gt out of ua difficulties b4 9 weekz oly pranam

    • Dear sai brother if she lodge a cmplnt meanz shel b In more trouble so insist her 2 do 9 weekz guruwarA vratha im sure shel b blessed b4 she cmpltz 9 week

  42. Dear Sai Sister, I can imagine and relate to you. But let me tell you there is no black magic affect you when you are under Baba`s shelter. I guess you think too much and lost trust on everyone, see a good psychologist or counsellor who can guide you and help you. Keep praying Baba with whole heart, your issues will resolve in no time. You don't have to do big puja but atleast keep chanting his name. He will shower his blessing and protect you from all the enemies.Sai Ram

  43. Dear Sai Sister,
    I can imagine and relate you. My In laws used to do lot of black magic on me but since I was under baba`s shelter nothing affected me. In fact it was reverse effect on them. So Trust Baba with whole heart and don't get scared. Stand up for yourself, go see a good psychologist or counsellor. Stop thinking too much, keep chanting baba`s name and live your life. Why Fear when Baba is Near. Have shraddha and saburi, Baba will resolve everything. I can understand that you have lost trust on everyone but keep faith on Baba only.

  44. dear devotee,
    dont worry no power is greater than baba's blessings..baba is there with you..dont worry…

  45. dear devotee ji,
    baba is already there with you..dont worry..

    sorry i had a bad thought..please forgive me..
    om sai raam…

  46. dear devotee,
    when i prayed to baba and asked baba in Baba Question and answers i got this answer from baba…

    "Donate food. Everything will be alright"

    baba will surely save you..

  47. Dear Sister..may Lord Sai Baba protect you from these attrocities. You should file a police complaint against them by gathering enough evidences. Please move away your children and yourself from these harmful people before its too late. Ask your husband to stand by you. Anything in this world like black magic is nothing before baba. Read Satcharitra continuosly, they cannot even touch you and he will definitely take care of his daughter. But please be is more important than marriage like this. Om Sai Ram!!

  48. Black magic won't work. What is in destiny will happen. If someone is trying to mess with your life and marriage, they will pay heavily either in this life or later. I wish people understood simple thing – what you saw so shall you reap. People can't change other's destiny, they can only change their own with their own actions. People are ignorant to an extent that they have started making of existence of God and Baba himself. Time will prove the truth. Keep faith in Baba.

  49. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save our lives baba..jai saimaa..

  50. People are extremely selfish, egocentric and ignorant to an extent that they make joke about God's existence and ways of God. Nothing can change the faith. Person's faith in God can only terminate if God wishes. Black magic, if someone is doing then that can also be found out and Sai will point you to that person also. But why waste time and energy to search that, why fear when Baba is here? There are reason why Baba always asked his devotees to donate food and help the needy. Only a true Sai follower can understand and adapt these ways without rationalization and reasoning. Foolish will spend time reasoning it. When baba was alive a lot of them went to Shirdi merely to test Baba. Sure some came back changed while some were disgraced and not accepted by Baba.
    Never let the faith go. Be devoted and trust him. Black magic doesn't work. Its effects are temporary and more harmful for those who use it as a weapon. If Black magic and tantra was that strong, these tantriks would have taken place in parliament and some would have been presidents by now. Keep faith in Sai. You will get what you are destined to, if someone tries to take it, Baba will stand in his ways. Moreover, if nothing at end you will have only that much what you were destined to. If someone cheated you, Baba will get you the lottery. baba has 10000 ways of doing your work. Don't worry and keep faith.

  51. Why haven't you fired the servant and taken action against them? if they tried to poison you, why did you not submit the samples to police? Is this a true story ? What are your parents doing?

  52. Dear Sai devotee, i hope to hear from u in ths comments section…plz tell us abt ur current situations as experiences posted here are back wld giv us piece of mind to knw dat u are fine and things r improving at ur end ..ay god help u and show d right sai ram

  53. Dear Sai Sister, have as many photos of Baba in your home especially in the rooms used by your inlaws. Baba will take care of things. I have practically experienced this in my home. As Baba says
    "Why Fear When I Am Here". May Baba always take care of you and your children.

    • It doesn't matter how many pictures of Sai you keep in the house. Baba should be in your heart and its good enough. Keeping many pictures of God doesn't increase influence.

    • Hanuman, Allah, Sai, Ram, Krishna – at the end they are all one. Chaahe kiska bhi naam lo, man mein vishwaas rakho, neki ki raah pe chalo .Baba will take care.

  54. You should go to police station and register a complaint that you fear death and other things at the hands of such people.. Looking at the way this whole thing is described here, I doubt its truth. if this is true, after an accident was there any inquiry set ? Was car driver caught? Further, if someone messed with your scooter, did you register complaint with police? If watchman was involved, did you inform police? how can you be sure that watchman was involved? If they added sleeping pills to coffee and you came to know about it, did you inform police about it? How do you know there were only sleeping pills and nothing else? When a snake was found in the house, was there any legal action taken> I am sure you must have informed the authorities right? If these things have happened to you, like accidents, snake etc. I am sure your husband is aware of them? You mentioned that you have kids, so does he not love his kids? About the girl in 20s, why will she be attracted to a man in mid-forties with a wife and kids? Does she have some physical problems that she won't find unmarried man with better job and qualification? or is it that your husband is the only educated person in entire society? There are some misses in this entire story?
    Will your husband not be concerned about your child's safety considering snake situation. You have mentioned that he was aware of your harassment at the hands of your in-laws? Some pieces are missing in this puzzle. Moreover, where are your parents in this entire story? Have your parents approached other girls family and if the marriage was within community, where are other community persons? Why will parents be interested in marrying son to 9 year old girl? and why will they want to wait that long for her to grow up? The legal age for marriage in India is 18? Is it that they were going to get some big chunk of money through them? What is it?

  55. Dear sai sister, do not worry sai baba will protect you. My prayers are with you. Baba please help her and her family. Dear sister please reply in comments section or in another experience to let us know how you doing.

  56. Sai Ram Sister, My prayers are with you. I can't tell you how your experience has helped me. I have been going through a similar issue and my inlaws have said that black magic is being done on them from my family and on my husband. But i know that Baba is there and he will help us. Reading all the supportive emails from all the sai devotees has reaffirmed my faith that Baba will never let anything wrong happen to his children. I too cannot do pooja at home, So all i do is chant sai name as "Sai Sai sai" all through the day. I started it consciously and now no matter what i am doing, the chant keeps on my lips and in my heart and soul. If you remember Sai Nath he will be there to rescue you from this calamity and he has already shown you he is with you, by saving you from the accidents etc.

    I know its difficult to prove black magic and legally no one will take action against it, but like the other devotees have suggested, if someone has tried to poison you literally by putting something in your food, you should be seek legal action. Be careful in the future and in any instance where you can prove that something has been done to bring harm to you and your children then please report it and take legal help. Please don't risk your life and the lives of your children. Keep Chanting Sai name and Sai baba will surely deliver you from this problem.

    Om Sai Ram

  57. Dear sister baba listens to prayers done from your heart. I had same problem of black magic and during that time my son expired , we lost all our money. I was in teriible situation. It is with baba's blessings everything is fine now. He will surely come to help you in some form. God bless you.

    • Jo aaya hai use ek din jaana bhi hai. Unfortunate happens but at the end Baba will take care. Worrying about what's coming next will prevent you from enjoying the best times and moments of your life. If you trust god and if you have felt Baba's presence even once then at some point you will just stop worrying and nothing will actually make you worry. Yes, sometimes hypocrisy of people around irritates but that won't worry you.

  58. Marriage goes through highs and lows. But there are external elements who think every business of others is theirs and they will try to twist and twirl straight things. Don't give up, there are very few families where daughter-in-laws are treated well and respected in Indian society. Hypocrisy is the dirtiest element of Indian society. Keep such intruders and elements at bay as they under pretext of being elders, family and parents try to ruin marriage. Keep them away as your marriage is only your and your husband's business. Every marriage goes through series of problems, misunderstanding and compromises. You need to plough through. Those people are trying to scare you as you are afraid. Sai ka naam le aur phod daal sabko !! Baba will support you. Some people don't have much to do or their lives are not happy and hence they go out to trouble others and they become happy that way. What a shame and misery. Very little people understand the dignity of silence, when someone is silent they perceive them weak. Hence its necessary to speak up sometimes. Going forward ask your servants to first eat food and drink coffee before you do. Actually next time ask servant to make coffee for both of you!!

  59. Do not worry suster.. Even when the entire world is against you, mere glance of of our divine Baba ji will wash out all your troubles in a moment… Jus pray to him as you do now.. I read this here in the dame blog some days back. Say this and cry out for his help. ********** Sai maa.. Where you are.. What ever you do.. Please come here immediate ly.. I Need You now.. Save Me… *********** there he will come where is pure love and devotion.. Dont worry

  60. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Ma please bless your child and give her peace and happiness.

    Dear Sai sister just keep chanting Baba ji's divine name. It will save you from miseries.

    Sai Sai Sai
    Love You Baba ji
    Danae ZYAADA ji

  61. i request you to read hanuman chalisa daily….and if you are under gods wing no evil can approach you

  62. Plz baba help her from all the difficulties.have shraddha and saburi. Read Sai satcharitra and chant prayers to baba. Surely baba will give solution to your problem.

  63. Dear Sai Sister, very sorry to hear that you have to endure such terrible people and it is good that your faith in Baba has not wavered and Baba has shown you He is protecting you from whatever they try to do to hurt or kill you. If your husband will not stand up for you, go to police and file a complaint, it is the only way and start keeping evidence of these things they are doing to build a case against them. I will also pray to Baba to help you and give you the justice you and your children deserve. Om Sai Ram.

  64. I know a person who calls himself as sai devotee and who is also a member of some trust/ashram. He used to travel on most of the weekends to any of the ashram. He is the person who doesn't any patience or love towards others and who does not respect his in-laws. He is a software engineer who works in an IT firm. He always tortures his wife and even he doesn't regret for beating his wife. He always doesn't spend time with others in the family. Always advises other persons but he himself doesn't follow any principles of baba. Baba has always told us to show love towards others. But this person doesn't even follow any principles of baba. Sai devotees please tell me does he has qualities to tell him as sai devotee. Don't encourage this type of people.

  65. Dear Sister,

    Baba is always with us and is their to protect us from all the problems. But i don't understand why you are playing with your life. Why you are still with these people. You know that they are trying to murder you then also you want to stay with them. Baba says "zulm karna paap hai aur ghulam shena usse bhi bada paap hai'. And if your husband is with you then you should leave that house and get separate or if he is not supporting you then what is the use of staying with such a person. I do understand that who will take care of your children and to live without a husband is not that easy. But if something happen to you then who will take care of your children. A women has lot of power and can live alone. I have seen so many women staying without husband and they are happy. You will have to be strong. Baba have always saved you but now its a time to open your eye and see the reality. See the future you have with this family and if this will keep going on one day when your children will grew up they will also face the same problems but such people can never change. If you really love your children then you will have to take a strong step to protect your children from such a evil people. They an even try to kill your children. Its not too late you can start your new life and in today's modern life people are getting married again after divorce and are really happy in their life. I am sure baba will give a good life partner who will take care of you and your children. But please make up your mind to start a new life for yourself and for your children. Why to stay with such people who even don't care about your life and want to kill you. You seems to be in a hell and i want you to leave this hell and see heaven outside.
    I am sorry if any of my any words hurt your emotions but this is true and baba also wants that you should don't give your life for such people who doesn't care abort you.

    Please take strength from Sai and move on. One day you will realize that you took a right decision.
    Life is a nice place to live so please don't let others destroy it.


  66. Dear sister, my sister n my family is going through similar problem. My sister's husband has completely lost his sense and has kept grudge on our family. I sincerely pray sai baba helps you and my family and destroy evil mongers. He will protect us and teach n punish all the worst peopleHave a safe Have a safe journey n a fun filled vacationjourney n a fun filled vacation in his way. om sai ram. Bring us peace and happiness.

  67. I believe and can very well understand the pain you are going through with that black magic and it is very scary. My prayers are with you. Hope you recover soon. Evil never wins over the Good. Please do not lose faith in Saibaba. He will definitely bring you out of the situation and you will soon lead a peaceful life.

    I request everyone to please pray for me also as I am going through kind of a similar situation now.

  68. He Deva, Bless this lady & her family & let the evil, Black Magic be destroyed to ashes at this very moment with your grace & blessings.
    Let your holy UDI relieve her of her worries & retrive all the hapiness in her life.


  69. After 6 moths of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids, I felt like ending it all, i almost committed suicide because he left us with nothing, i was emotionally down all this while. Thanks to a man called Dr Aisabu of Aisabu temple which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across several testimonies about this particular man. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other sickness, some testified that he prayed to stop divorce and get a good paid job so on. He is amazing, i also come across one particular testimony, it was about a woman called Shannon , she testified about how he brought back her Ex lover in less than 2 days, and at the end of her testimony she dropped his email. ([email protected]) After reading all these, I decided to give it a try. I contacted him via email and explained my problem to him. In just 48hours, my husband came back to me. We resolved our issues, and we are even happier than ever. DR Aisabu you are a gifted man and thank you for everything you had done in my life. If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster, Try him anytime, he is the answer to your problems. you can contact him on [email protected] !

  70. Om sai ram

    Sai baba please bless her and her maternal family and her children…baba please save all from black magic and evil..have mercy on us baba…show right path to the pple who do black magic and all..U R The ultimate Truth …baba baba

  71. Hi fnz,
    Kmn here
    Even we r facing lot many problems as of now , cz of tz kind of brutes animal kind of people, , one lady being a doctor wife even aft having 2 kids , she s doing black magic on us , , trying to disturb our family , literally fed up, can anyone suggest me that how can we overcome wit such kind of people , all environment people s r believing that she s good but she s not ….. pls help our family by ur prayers

  72. I too experience the sme from my in laws may sai destruct these evil beings and punish them. Definitely sai will teach them a lesson.

  73. Om Sai Ram… Baba I don't have to tell you about me… you always with me and always saved me with problems… baba please help I am in need do some miracle… because only miracle will safe my life… I am a hard working person and don't want earn with any miracle… but because of some incident I in need now… I am working and earning for my family but sone overheads are giving me mental pressure… please baba I need 50 lakhs very urgently… and you know this is not for me this is to give someone else… Please baba give me one chance…. to stand again in my life… I lost everything and now in a position of suicide… I had already wrote a suicide letter in front of you… but their is faith in you which make me still live.. please baba do some miracle today… Om sai ram

  74. Dear my wife Tabassum Ali has negative energies spiritual possessed by black magic May God remove all negative energies spiritual possessed from her body

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