Need Sai Baba’s Bless and Guidance – Anonymous Sai Devotee

This is very heart touching and emotional experience of a devotee. It will certainly melt you down. I wish and pray Lord Sai Baba blesses him with his wish.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, you are doing such a wonderful job here. You are giving platform to Sai devotee to keep their faith and patience in Sai baba. I am really small devotee of Sai baba. Sai baba came into my life through a movie when I was about 12 years old or something. I was at my auntie’s house and I was just surfing TV and there was a movie going on called Shirdi Sai baba. That time I really didn’t know anything about Him. I just knew there is a big temple of Sai baba in Shirdi where my parents and my younger brother visited once while I was participating in school program. I watched whole movie and somehow I was connected to Sai baba since that day, although I never prayed Him until 2010 end.

I was in relationship when I was 17 years old. Back then my parents and her elder brother knew about it and they were okay with that as long as our relation does not affect our study. My father already warned me if anything happens, doesn’t fall apart; you have a long way to go, stay strong since my only weakness is my heart. I came to USA in January 2008 on student visa. Since it was a long distance relationship and we were immature, we broke up. I came out of it with help of my family and friends although it took me 4 to 5 months. I already moved forward and there was no pain anymore. Even though after break up, I always contacted her when I went to India (3 times, but we never met for our own good) and on top of that we had few online conversation sometimes (7 to 8 times from 2009 to 2012). We always guided and advised each other.

Meanwhile I came to know more about Sai baba through my house owner and I started pray to Baba around after October 2010. Back then I wasn’t praying for her, I had some other wish in my mind. I had full faith in Baba that time and I was assured that my wish would be fulfilled. But as time passed by I started to loose faith & patience in Sai baba and I stopped praying to Sai baba at some point in 2011 end. I started to believe that there is no God in this world. I started to believe that you can’t get everything by being good person in this Kalyuga, you have to be bad person sometimes. So I have done so many sins since then.

Meanwhile I got chance to visit Shirdi during my trip to India in 2012 (May to august). I was so happy that He called me. I came back USA. I was busy with my routine life. Suddenly I got text from my ex in December 2012 and it happened after one year. It kept going on everyday. Since it was her final semester of computer engineering, I helped her in her final project and encouraged her to apply in USA for August semester and she started preparation. At other side I was firmly believed that it’s all happening by Sai baba’s grace. First time after 5 years she apologized for whatever happened back then and she admitted her mistake and other side I convinced her that it all happened since we were immature. Finally I hold back Sai baba’s lotus feet in April 2012. I quit my all bad habit like Drinking, smoking.

During this time I had beautiful dream of Sai baba where He told me that you will have your love back but you just have to work hard for it. In August 2012, she stood for visa and she was rejected while I was doing whole day Sai satcharitra parayan on that day. I lost my faith again and I started smoking and drinking again since she told me that she will only go for once if she is rejected, she won’t go again. But to my surprise after around 10 days, she texted me and told me that she went again and she got visa today. I was so happy and apologized to Sai baba for my mistake. She came and all went well for a month.

During this month, I had faith in Sai baba but I didn’t pray to Baba as I got busy into her. Suddenly a misunderstanding arose between us due to my small mistake. I tried to explain her but she isn’t ready to believe me at all. It’s been 3 months now; she doesn’t even talk to me. At first I though it is Baba’s punishment for forgetting Him when she entered into my life. Once again I apologized to Baba and tried to have full faith in Him but I feel like Baba isn’t ready to forgive me this time. Sometimes I feel like there isn’t really any God, its just the life. I just don’t want to lose her again. I am in complete mess now. She is really nice person and I am not that easy person to fall for any girl. I really enjoy company of her, she makes me happy.

I just have simple humble request to baba, “Hey Sadguru Sainath, forgive me that I forgot You when she came back into my life. I would never repeat that mistake again. I would love to stay at Your Lotus Feet. I know I have done bad karmas in this birth and I might have done bad karmas in past birth and I want You to punish me for my all-bad karmas but I have humble request to You that either divide my punishment to my coming births or give me punishment in this birth but not in her case. If you give me illness for a long time and she is with me, I am ready to accept it with my whole heart. I have no wish other than she comes back in my life and I will never ask for any other wish. If this is my punishment then please always bless her with happiness in her life. She is really wonderful person. “ Once again I thank You whole heartily to Sai baba for giving me such a wonderful family and friends. They have always stood there by me no matter what. I have no idea what Sai baba has for me but I wish you all to get blessed by Sainath. Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogi Raj Par Brahm Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. I have to narrate a small baba incident. I had to go for an important visit suddenly and unexpectedly, on my way I realized that my car was nearly out of petrol, I had to travel nearly 14 km each way, I did not have any money on me (i barely had any money during this period), and I was praying to baba to ensure that i reached back home safely, also somebody from my office was accompanying me on this visit, i would surely be embarrassing if the car stopped. The miracle of baba is that he never leaves you, day in and day out, he holds your hand in his safe and guides you, if you are sincere in your prayers to him. As always he was my guide and lead me home safe. Thank you so much Baba.

  2. Om sai ram
    I think you should do some sankalp. Like sacrificing something which you like the most till she don't come back into your life. Pray to baba wholeheartedly, baba will listen to your prayers. Baba can never stay away from his devotees for long time.
    Hope everything goes well. All the best.
    Jai sai ram


    Dear Devotee two Points I noticed:

    1. First thing you do not have bitterness for your EX, you are nice person to admit your bad deeds- It needs courage.

    2. You do not have steady faith in BABA, it is ever changing- sometimes Babaji is everything for you, other time you question HIS existence (Wavering faith does not affect Babaji at all- it is your life & your chocie) if you smoke or drink, it does not affect Babaji in any terms, if we are told to be away from bad habits its for our on health & goodness. Babaji always wanted us to be intoxicated by God's name not by drinking.

    The day you learn that Baba is everything for you that means even if your world comes upside down, you are still holding his lotus feet, your life will change drastically.

    Anyways it was really sweet leela of Baba to unite with your ex, furture depends upon your faith in Baba.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Dear Devotee, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, he will take care of all your problems.

  5. Baba please cure my mother's health and give my parents with a healthy life. I can't live without him baba. Baba u know about his health problem also. Baba I love them all. Please cure his health also. Baba please do his work succesful and arranged our marrige soon Baba. U know baba which things hurts me in my surroundings. Baba bless us all and always be with us all Baba.
    Jai Sai Ram

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  7. Dear sai devotee….u shud be so pleased.that u had a dream of Baba…this indeed is a big thing….. Follow up his instructions which is working hard for ur love….dun give up……sai maa is very very caring mother jus go back to selfless devotion n jus pray to him every morning..he will forgive u indeed…… And there is no point in wishing fr illness..dont trade with god….jus two things have strong faith that wotever saibaba does will be fr ur well being Nd second be patient….patience will help u survive the tests of sai baba…..jus wait…may sai bless us alll
    OM SAI RAM.!!!!

  8. Om Sai Ram….Brother : Its good that you already knew that we carry our karmas…Baba want you to shed your bad karmas as soon as possible…so dont worry, whatever is going to happen….it will happen for best….best for your soul and your life….no fear when Baba is near…We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us Baba…Om Sai Ram


    (Shri Sai Leela November 1983)

    The Ekadasha Sutras of Shri Sai Nath are the guides for all Sai Bhaktas. He fulfils their desires from His Samadhi. The requirement on the part of the bakta is to do his part of the duty without reservations keeping faith in Him. He looks after the other part and blesses the devotees as per their needs.

    Those were the days when sugar was scarce. In the open market it was sold at a higher rate. Controlled sugar was cheaper. I contemplated to perform the marriage of my son. We needed sugar for the occasion. Special permit for sugar was being issued by the Tahsildar. So I thought of applying for one such permit.

    I prepared an application and enclosed with it an invitation too. I went to Chandragiri, the Taluk Head Quarters to meet the Tahsildar in person. On my way, one of my friends working in the R.D.O office met me. During our chat he informed me that issue of special permits for sugar was discontinued due to the fact that it was being sold in the open market.

    With fullfaith in Sainath I made my way to the Taluk office. It was 9.00 a.m. The peon was at the gate. When I told him the purpose of my visit, he told me plainly that permits were not being issued. I wanted to meet the Tahsildar in person and sent a chit for an interview, I was asked to come in.

    The Tahsildar was with his clerk. He was busy with his papers. I was asked to sit. I told him the purpose of my visit, and handed over the application together with the invitation, to him. He read it and saw the invitation. On it was printed the photo of Shri Sai Baba. The photo worked wonders. Saying that the system is issuing special permits was dispensed with, he asked the clerk to prepare a permit for 50 kgs of sugar. He said that he was issuing the permit as a special case. The Revenue formalities of ‘registering’ the application, ‘preparing the O.C.,’ ‘approval’ and ‘fair copy’ were not at all followed. He signed on the manuscript permit prepared by the clerk and handed it over to me. He said that I can purchase the sugar at the next door, where a cooperative society was functioning.

    I purchased the sugar and returned home. The people in the house were pleasantly surprised to see me, alight from a rickshaw with a bag, full of sugar, instead of a small cover with a sugar permit in it.

  10. Dear Brother

    Wish you all happiness in your life, SAI will never punish us, he will just play with us and make us realize the truth, you realized the mistakes and keep on praying SAI..he is always with you and he will bless you, hope you will soon share the good news with us all…OM SAI RAM…

  11. Have a heart to heArt talk with her.Introspect where you have gone wrong.Take sai baba guruvar vrat.i had taken it and it has helped me.your efforts should also be there and prayers.

    • Dear Sai Devotees,

      I have few questions on Sai Nav Guruwar vrat:

      Salt can be used in the afternoon meal or should be avoided completely??

      I saw many people on blog taking meal in the night as I'm taking it one time in the afternoon after Vrat pooja- Is it correct??

      Can anyone please let me know the list of the food items that should be avoided on thursday & all other restrictions that should be followed on the Vrat day?

      Where can I find the restrictions that should be followed on the Vrat Day?

      Jai Sai Ram!!!

    • Om sai ram,first of all baba does't like his devoties fasting.
      If u really want to do ,there are no ristruction of not eating salt .if u feed poor people that is more good for you and baba like that too,hope you got your answer.

  12. I am also in a similar situation my friend. Lets pray Sai Baba to help us get what we want. Jai Sai!!!

  13. Hi everyone….!!!
    Nice narration.Your experience is a perfect example of the kind of patience baba demands from us.And you should not let him down by not showing it up.You 'll definitely get back your love for the lifetime. This,Baba has already communicated through dream.All you need is to keep firm faith on Baba and he will definitely tide you over this phase.You should not play games with him,like if he has not acted according to your wish,then start showing your anger by behaving negatively.You should never blame baba for all the negativity in your life,just keep praying, and he 'll show you a way. Sometimes,we fail to understand how he is working in the background.It's just a matter of time, so let wait for the right time.
    I really appreciate the kind of work done by Hetal ji & her team.The new comment policy is also commendable as it 'll keep unwanted stuff out.

    Omm Sai Ram,

  14. Heartfelt plea and something I can relate to. I am sure Baba would have heard your prayers by now 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with a loving family and friends who only wish good for us. Thank You O Sadguru for being there with throughout this journey called life and building our faith.

    Thank You for a beautiful life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  15. Dear brother… pray to Baba for what is best for you and her. He will do what is right for you. Many moons ago I too prayed to Baba for
    one particular person and he gave them to me….temporarily. just long enough for me to be hurt by their actions and rejection. And then he gave me (almost led me himself) to the person I have now been married to for the better part of 20 years. Baba knows best what is best for you – ask him for that. Sai Samarth.

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  18. om sri sai ram
    please bless avik with us work permit
    he should get without any hindrance
    om sri sai ram

  19. Sai maa
    Please give me mental and physical strength
    I don't want to upset my husband n son by being sad
    I don't want others 2 think tat I am not a very strong person
    Please please please please
    Give me happiness n peace
    Pls let me accept ravi decision n not get upset about it
    Please indicate n guide me if I need to go 2 that doc in mambalam
    Sai maa Waiting for ur guidance
    Luv u n falling at ur feet

  20. Dear Sai Brother- Not to worry Baba is there You will get your girl back 🙂 Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  21. Om Sai Ram to all devotees,

    I am writing sai name in dairy, what i should do after completing that dairy. Please help me & inform me, if somebody is writing sai's name in a book. please help.

    Please sai baba now a days my health is not so good daily one one pain is coming, please bless me a very gud health & please bless my mother with good health, she is suffering from neck pain since nearly two months, but still she cant raise her neck properly, please cure this pain of my mother & my pain also sai. We have only you in our life for everything baba, please dont leave us. Please grant our wish at the earlist, i am begging you to vanish my past karma & this birth karma in this month only. please give me a new life & happy life to me sai. I love u sai, i trust you. please stop testing baba, i am tired of this life please bless me sai. OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI. OM SAI RAM.

    • Sai Ramji,

      You can give that diary to anyone who is going to Shirdi to be placed in Dwarkamai with a coconut and eleven rupees. I followed this when my mother completed a book of about 1008 naam jaaps.

      Thanks and Regards

  22. Trust baba completely hold him tight pray sincerely fro ur heart, chant sairam and write om sairam108times everyday in red colour pen

  23. Dear devotees,
    i would like to share my dream which i had last thursday.I was very tired and came to work for night shift and some how i fall asleep and got up.i dont remember wat hpnd thn i remember wat dream i had.OMG i cannot beleve-i cannot find why i was out but some how i came to know dat iwas looking for something out than i turned out and see there is white kind of samadi all pure white and person sitting in that samadi.i somehow managed to go there and realised dat i saw him before.i went next to him i realised it wa my sai ma sitting in full white dress like how he use to sit .i went next to him he stood up i bend forward got his blessing by touching his holy feet and he placed his hand on my head and smiled………..while writing this am getting goosebumps all over my body…cannot explain my his blessing very happy but would like to know is there any specific meaning showing his form white and white…i can now also see him how i dreamt full pure white marble with my baba in white…………….love you babab…………..

  24. In youtube we find videos on " Sai Bhakton Ki Sachhi Kahniyan" only few videos have english subtitles rest are in Hindi.Is there any possible way to watch all the videos with English subtitles.Just a query, if someone is aware of that please help.

    • Google it download YouTube video subtitle ,you'll find some website provide subtitle of youtube video but i'm not sure about it'll work for you.

  25. you'll visit smadhi temple very soon,i also saw baba on thursday … i can understand your excitement 🙂 om sai ram.

  26. om sri sai ram
    please baba
    please avik with us work permit.
    please baba give him happiness
    he should move on in life.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malk

  27. Sai maa
    I want to come to shirdi with 100% fitness and see u
    Maa pls pls pls let it happen soon maa Pls
    Falling at ur feet

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    pls help me and save me baba…pls change my life and make it as good and beautiful. Many people are avoiding me due to my condition in my life. since many years am waiting for ur miracle to happen in my life saimmaa…u are everything to me …u are my mother,father,brother ,friend and everything to me…if u are only not helping me then who will help me saimaa…pls saimaa, save my life and make it beautiful . Day by day my life is becoming miserable ,pls save my life saimaa….I have completely surrendered to u….jai sairam..

  29. Jai Sairam,
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Bramha Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  30. 2 day I read that part of saicharitra in which sai ji gv back saptnekar baby 2 him. Give our baby back also sai baba ji. We r also sad widout him. No one has an idea y he or she is living widout krishna. Bless my bhaiya bhabhi wid their baby. Om sai nath

  31. I am sure Baba will help you soon. Just hang on to him. This is the advice a friend gave me and I think in times of trouble we have to do just that.
    I have been living abroad for the past 23 years and have never been to Shiridi, but want to go this summer during the 3rd week of May. Can anyone please advice me on the following questions
    1) Is it good to go there on Wednesday and stay for the Thursday arthi
    2) How can I get to Shiridi from Chennai ( Both by train or plane).
    3) Do I need to take a taxi from the closest airport ( How long is the drive to Shiridi)
    4) Please can you recommend some good places to stay.
    Thank you all so much in advance. May the grace of Baba always be with all of you.

    • We were also in the US, but are now based in Mumbai. we recently visited Shirdi in Jan 2014 (My 2nd trip after 2003). Hence, I can help you plan your Shirdi the following way. Please feel free to enquire from anyone whom you are comfortable with:
      1. I feel money should not be an issue with you. Hence, Take a flight to Mumbai. Arrange your trip in such a way that you reach Mumbai in the evening and head towards Shirdi that very night. It is an overnight journey from Mumbai by bus and I prefer to travel O/N.

      2. From Mumbai airport, take a prepaid taxi (To Dadar TT, near Asid Bus Stand). Taxi fare may come around Rs. 300- Rs 350/-.. Ask the driver to drop you near Neeta Travels. There are several agencies which operate buses under Neeta Travels. This travel agency operates buses to shirdi very frequently. The AC Bus fares are approx Rs.500/- per person. I prefer to take the 11p.m bus which reaches shirdi at 5a.m in the morning.

      3. On reaching shirdi, We immediately checked in a hotel named "Shanti Kamal'. You can google it. It is away from the temple and is located on the Highway close to Bharat Gas Station and newly constructed "Sai Prasadalaya". Somehow I preferred staying in a hotel rather than the Guesthouses/inn near the temple complex. Tha rate was Rs. 1000/- per day because we checked in at 5.30 a.m and checked out at 9.30 p.m.

      4. After freshning up, we went to Sai Prasadalaya for the breakfast. We paid only Rs. 4/- for one packet (2 Puris+ sabzi+ 1 mithai) and got the packet to the hotel itself, where we could relish it.

      5. After finishing our breakfast, we headed towards the temple where the Old Sai Prasadalya was. Here we got VIP tkts (don't remember the price) to watch the "Madhyana Aarti" by showing our US driver's license. Next we deposited our shoes in the counter in the same place and walked to the temple via Gate No. 5.

      6. After the Darshan, we took parikrama of the temple, collected Udi and then headed towards the hotel for Lunch. This time we decided to have food from the adjacent restaurant near the Hotel.

      Everything went off smoothly and we reached Mumbai the following morning. If you are planning to follow this, please make sure when you are returning, you have to inform the driver to drop you at an appropriate place. If the last stop is Bandra than it is good for you because the airport is close to Bandra and you can catch your flight back to Chennai if you are planning to return back to Chennai that very day

      Hope this helps!! Have a safe trip to Shirdi. Jay Sri Sai

  32. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Dear devotee, I would suggest you read chapter 20 of SatCharitra and try to understand it's meaning. Believing in Baba when things are to our liking and not believing in Him when it is otherwise does not amount to complete faith in Baba. if He has said, you will get your love back, then you will – and the hardships to be faced could be these temporary differences you are facing.

    Surrender to Sai Completely, He will take care of the rest.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  33. Every good and evil in our lives is result of Sai's blessings. Sometimes, sky gets dark and it pours all heaven open. It is a result of our Sai's blessings; he is helping us clear our debts. Power of God's blessings is supreme. When the time is right, Sai himself will rectify everything. Those around us are tested when time is bad and when one is in crisis. While going through crisis, real faces of people appear. People who surround us in our good times and talk highly of us in good times will only take advantage of our weak situations during crisis. But such people forget that – Karma doesn't apply to one person, it’s how Mother Nature works. Hence keep faith and do good deeds today so that our tomorrow will be better. What we reap is fruits of our past lives. If you are suffering for sake of someone else, then Baba will give you tenfold. All we need is faith.

  34. Thank you Hetal Ji for publishing my post here and thank you once again for keeping me in your prayer. Keep doing your good works here in name of Sai baba. Also thanks to all Sai devotees for well wishing comment and praying for me.
    I am still praying Sai baba for his blessings on me. she hasn't come back yet but have inner feelings and have trust on words of Sai baba that he gave me in my dream. There is no more pain but i still have inner wish and she still mean everything to me. I am trying to keep my self busy. I work out, i work and pray. trying to keep myself away from bad habits.
    Once again thank you to hetal ji and all sai devotees.
    May Sai bless us all.
    Om Sai Ram.

  35. Nice experience! Don't worry, if she is chosen by Baba to be with you, Baba will make sure that she is going to be with you, no matter what misunderstandings arise. I would advise, like some other devotees have written, give up something you like very much until she comes into your life and also do 9 Thursdays vrat. Just as Baba helped you before, He will surely help you this time also. Om Sai Ram!

  36. BABA this is similar to my life story and I did all the mistakes as I badly need my wife in my life. My parents and my wife scarified loads for me. So BABA what ever happens keep them smile for ever in their life don't give my parents or my beloved wife any sort of pains in their life. BABA I wish you punish me by dividing my sins for next few births but not in my beloved wife and parent case.

  37. Om Sai Ram. Dear Sai devotee, even I am undergoing the same pain. I am deeply in love with one guy and everything went well. Once when we had misunderstandings and broke up for 7 weeks, I did Sai guruvar Vrath and it was dear Sainath who sent back my love to me. After that things were fine and I did a very big mistake by not concentrating and meditating on baba. That is the biggest mistake i have ever done in my life. Things between us went well, his parents accepted and my parents also gave positive hopes, they dint confirm it as I was still studying and they made the guy's family wait and now my parents said no. They guy's family is deeply hurt because my parents said no because of caste differece. Its been three months and i am not in talking terms with the guy and his family. The guy's family is seeing alliances for him. I dont want that to happen. I want him in my life. Please Sainath dont punish me. I am extremely sorry for what ever i have done. Like last time, please get back my love to me. Please get me married to the guy I love and bless me. You are everything to me Sai ram. You are my father, mother and everything. Please show some mercy on ur daughter and get my love back to me Sainatha. I have full faith in you. I also request all Sai devotees to please pray for me and my love. Jai Sai Ram.

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