My Wonderful Experiences – Anonymous Sai Devotee

These are few wonderful experiences of an anonymous devotee.

Anonymous devotee from Singapore says: I am currently residing in Singapore. I moved to Singapore in May 2013 with a heavy heart and anguish. By Baba’s grace my mental stress and tensions are all relieved and I have posted below only some of the experiences by Baba’s grace (from September 2013 to Jan 1ST, 2014). Will post more in future too by Baba’s grace, Thank you so much for doing this wonderful service to God, which is a platform for everybody to feel his love and grace.

Experience 1 –Saw Baba in TV on my birthday : It was in July and on my birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to a temple that day. My husband took me out for lunch, but my mind was on Sai. In India, whenever I used to think of him when I was feeling low, he always used to appear from somewhere. He always used to give me some messages or assurances, like showing himself in a photo or idol nearby, even when driving I used to feel his presence around. Thinking all this I watched the roads and vehicles in Singapore where I couldn’t find him. We went for lunch and a movie was going on in the restaurant TV. I was not interested much, but while watching it in the end, Baba appeared on the back of an ambulance in that movie. For me it was a blessing from him on my birthday. I never expected this at all, he is really awesome and miraculous.

Experience 2 -Got a message from Baba : It was in September .I was feeling very depressed and wanted to go and buy flowers and small mala’s for Sai idol I worship. While I was shopping for the small mala’s I picked up few and didn’t like them much. While I picked up one yellow beads mala I felt someone nudging me at my elbow and I dropped the mala from my hands. I picked it up and the same thing happened thrice. For me it was like a message from him to buy that mala. And then when I was shopping I found a card right in front of me. I just picked it up and kept it below my purse. I was wondering what the hell I am doing. It was an old calendar card with Baba’s photo on it (Puttaparthy Sai Baba’s picture). But after I came home, behind the card there was 3 messages 1. Do not regret for the past 2. Do not get anxious for the future 3. Accept what is given at the present time. For me this was a big solace to all my questions and grief. I moved to Singapore with a heavy heart and lot of tensions. I have overcome them all with Baba’s grace.

Experience 3- Baba saved my daughter from a mishap: My daughter fell in the bath tub and broke her tooth. But with Baba’s grace I found the strength not to panic and handled the situation calmly. I thank Baba because he has averted some other mishap that was bound to happen to her.

Experience 4- Baba’s UDI cured my daughter’s diarrhoea-My daughter had diarrhoea and was not taking any medicine for it. She is 4 yrs. old and didn’t have any tablet yet, except syrups. I kept her on curds and avoided junk foods for her stomach to settle down automatically. I took her to the hospital on third day, but she said she was hungry and so we came home to feed her some bread. After returning home, she was reluctant to go to hospital and kept saying that she is fine. I mixed Baba’s Udi in her milk and gave it to her. She totally recovered and never had any motion after that. I thank God with all my heart for protecting us in a foreign land (Singapore).Both the incidents with my daughter took place when my husband was not in Singapore. He travelled to Malaysia on those days. This shows that he is the one who protected my daughter, when she broke her tooth and as a doctor when she had diarrhoea.

Experience 5- Baba planned my Diwali in Singapore: Diwali was approaching and I was feeling very upset about not being in my country and celebrating Diwali. But Baba had other plans for me. He knew my heart ache and planned a wonderful Diwali for me and my daughter. My husband had a project live in office from October last week, so it became clear that he won’t be available too on Diwali. My friend’s sister was in Singapore and they invited us to spend Diwali with them. I made sweets and went to their house for lunch. My daughter enjoyed the company of her two daughters and I felt very comfortable at their place. I saw Baba’s brass idol there and was convinced that this was his planning for me to celebrate my Diwali.
br>Experience 6 Baba saved my daughter from HFMD -My daughter’s school in Singapore was closed for a months. Almost 90% of the children in her school fell sick due to HFMD (hand, foot, mouth disease). It is a very painful infection where kids get very weak and develop rashes all over the body, especially hands and feet. My daughter did not get affected by it. I thank Sai Baba for protecting her from it.

Experience 7 Baba planned a surprise India trip: I went to India with my daughter and had a lovely time with my friends and parents. I told Baba that you planned this trip, so you should be with me everywhere. And he really was with me. When we went to a restaurant, the waiter who served us was wearing a Sai Baba dollar. It was literally that he was watching me having a nice time with my friends. Later when I went to buy a gift, the sales girl also wore a Sai Baba’s dollar. For me, during my trip I felt him nearly everywhere. Even when I slept, near my window outside there was a wooden board with Baba’s picture. These experiences reveal that he really shares our happy moments and guards us when we sleep

Experience 8 Baba planned a surprise India trip-After the India trip my husband was almost bankrupt, literally waiting for the 1st to arrive for salary. He went to casino with his friends and won 2000$. He was so excited about it, but I feel it was Baba’s way of relieving our financial tension. Earlier I read an experience where a person had someone lakh deposited in her account. I doubted it whether it is literally possible, but my own experience proves that if Baba wants to help there are thousand ways.

Experience 9 Saw Baba’s neem tree and padukas in my dream: I dreamt that I was walking on a street and then I noticed some steps down towards a tree. I went to the tree and there was a small temple like structure built. Inside it I saw small silver padukas. I was wondering they are so small like baby feet. I was happy when I woke up, it was a blissful state. But I was wondering and asking Baba I wanted to see you in dream, but I had the feeling the saw the tree where he did penance and was feeling contented. I later read in Sai Satcharitra book that the padukas are kept under the neem tree in Shirdi and Baba himself has said that ‘These are the feet of the Lord’. I feel so overwhelmed that I got the darshan of his feet first and I pledged to surrender my soul at his feet. He is my Sadguru and his feet are my solace.

Experience 10 Baba’s guidance for exam coaching: I am preparing for higher exams but was not sure how to proceed further. But one day with this in my mind I got into a bus. There was a sticker in the bus with his photo and the word Bengal in it. It was some advertisement for some ayurvedic therapy. But the words Bengal and Baba’s picture is showing some hint. I have a cousin in Bengal who has cleared the exam and is working there. I felt happy that Baba is telling me to go to him for guidance, but I was not sure because my cousin wanted to shift with his family to Bengal. It really skipped my mind, but Baba reminded me again not to worry. I called my cousin on New Year and he asked about me exams and he himself told me to come to Bengal for few months to get complete coaching. I feel so happy now and relieved that Baba is taking care of not only my family, but also my career.

Experience 11 Baba’s timely financial help: Once again we were nearly feeling the financial pressure and were waiting for salary and for my husband’s company to clear some bills. We couldn’t pay her fees on time. My husband went to Casino and again won 2000$. The first time when he won I thanked God for the timely help, but also told my husband that this should not be taken for granted. But he went without my knowledge and came home with money. I give all the credit only to Baba who knows everything. My husband doesn’t share much of his finances with me, but Baba knows everything. He didn’t want us to suffer in anyway, so he was with my husband and made him win. We paid my daughter’s school fees with that money.

Experience 12 Baba gave my daughter a wonderful international school: In India I had a lot of issues with my family and maids to take care of my daughter. I pleaded almost everyone to take care of my daughter as I wanted to continue career. My husband was working abroad as a consultant. He was earlier in many projects abroad and as a consultant his work involves travelling to foreign countries every 6 months. I couldn’t leave my house, career, studies and child every 6 months to travel with him. But I had no support from my family to take care of my daughter. But my family was very indifferent to me. I decided to move away from them and I joined my husband in Singapore. With Baba’s grace we are going to stay here for another year. He took care of my feelings as a mother. My daughter is studying in a very good international school and has the best teachers who love her a lot. I don’t have any tensions regarding her here. I thank Baba for understanding the pain of a mother and assure me that I don’t need to depend on anyone to take care of my daughter, except him.< br>
Experience 13 Baba sent me from Singapore to help my friend in India: When I made a surprise trip to India in November, I felt very happy because Baba used me to help my friend from financial debt. I was sent there at the right time to relieve his financial burden. I did not have money, but I helped my friend by giving my gold and helped him take a loan. My friend’s business was in a loss, but I prayed to Baba and he gave me permission to help him. I thank Baba for sending me there and it proves that he knew that only I could really help my friend and sent me to India. My friend called me an angel, but my angel is Sai Baba 

Experience 14 Baba planned another holiday for me in Hawaii: Only from September 2013, I began praying to Baba very sincerely. For me I feel that he is living in this house with me. He knows our innermost desires. I have been married for 8 years, but for the past 7 years I lived away from my husband. Both wanted to have a career, but he has to travel abroad every 6 months for projects. This made it very difficult for us to spend time with each other and also with a child we couldn’t travel much on holidays either. I had an inner desire to visit U.S., but I let it go because I had a lot of priorities towards my family. But Baba knows the heart of everybody. My husband got an award in company to go to Hawaii islands in February. And by Baba’s grace we have made all arrangements for it too. My family never took the responsibility of taking care of my daughter, but Baba work’s on changing the hearts and minds of people. My sister and mother agreed to take care of my daughter in Bangalore and by Baba’s grace my dream vacation is going to be fulfilled.

Experience 15 Baba made my ex-boyfriend apologise to me for breaking up: My ex-boyfriend has always been a big enigma to me. I am happily married now, but he is still single. It’s really amusing because we always happened to be in contact all through these 8 years. But again we used to fight over silly things and I used to swear to God that I am not going to entertain him anymore. The only issue I had with him was his ego. And I never hated him anytime, even for his ego or for the break up. But every time his relation with another girl would end, he would simply drop a mail to me asking if I cursed him? I would then know something has gone wrong again with him and we would casually talk, cheer him up like a friend, give him tips and advices etc, till he found someone else. Baba watches everything and he knew the pain I went through, while we broke up. But I never shared this pain with him anytime. I just wanted to keep it for myself, because I only wanted to love him, not to give an inch of my pain too. Whatever, Baba plans everything so well that this it would make things unbelievable. I moved to Singapore and my ex-boyfriend’s sister lives here. He visited Singapore for vacation and we met here again, as usual after his break up with a girl. And Baba made him realise his mistake of letting me go and he apologised to me. He cried to me, and he said he’s sorry. It’s all because of Baba. Even if it was 8 years later, Baba made him understand that I truly loved him. That’s all enough for me. And this was the one thing I prayed to God, that he should know that I truly loved him.

All these experiences clearly show that Baba knows the past, present and future. He is the real Sad Guru. In fact reading Satcharitra has enlightened me so much and I feel him a lot every day. And the relation I share with him is the best relation I have had till now. As a mother, as a father, as a guardian, as a friend, as a Guru, he is All in one and All in All. Please devote yourself completely to him to feel him and lead a wonderful peaceful and happy life. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. He is disinterested and selfless. He doesn't require My permission. He can come and go whenever he wants" – Joshi's Experience

    By Dr. Keshav Bhagwant Gawankar

    Sri V.S. Joshi was a Manager in Satya Narayan Company at Sholapur Peth. Chidambar Keshav Gadgil, Retired Mamalatdar, Ghodnadi, happened to meet Joshi and they became friends. Once Gadgil (alias Annasaheb) wrote a letter to Joshi. He had written, "I am in Shirdi. This week is a special week of 'Nama-Saptah' which is being celebrated here. You too come and join. Take Sai Baba's darshan. I know, you will have to spend ten rupees for fare. But you can somehow earn it later. Do not miss this chance".

    Joshi was very happy with the idea of going to Shirdi. Even though he had monetary problems, he decided to go for Sai's darshan., He reached Sathewada in Shirdi, where Gadgil was staying. Both of them went to Dwarkamai. When he saw Baba's Divine form, His resplendent face which was overflowing with love, he felt that he has achieved everything in life.

    In the evening, Joshi was present for the Aarti, which was being offered to Sai Baba's photo in Sathewada. He had concentrated fully on Baba's face, when he saw Baba in Nara-Simha rupa. He felt that the Divine Krishna principle was flowing through his body. He was in a state of bliss.

    After a long stay in Shirdi, Joshi wanted to go back to Sholapur.

    Sathe asked him to take Baba's permission. Another devotee suggested, 'Baba will fulfill your desire if you ask for something'. Joshi had no desires except having darshan of Baba ; and it was already fulfilled.

    Baba said, "He (Joshi) is satisfied with whatever he has. He does not want anything; All were surprised that Baba knew what they talked about. Someone said, "Baba, Joshi wants Your permission to leave Shirdi".

    Baba replied : "He is disinterested and selfless. He doesn't require My permission. He can come and go whenever he wants". Gadgil reminded him to take some Prasad from Shirdi. Just then a devotee came from Dwarkamai with a dish full of burphy. He gave it to Gadgil and said, "Baba has sent this Prasad for your guest". Again all were astonished to experience Baba's omnipresence.

    (Source – Sai Padananda Magazine July 2013)

  2. very long experience….but very much interesting…OM SAI RAM…tomorrow this time i ll be in shirdi…vry excited

  3. very long experience but very interesting…tomorrow ll be there in shirdi in this time…vry excited

  4. Sath Guru sai maa ki jai
    Please be there for us n bless us
    Hold our hands firmly
    Please please please
    Falling at your lotus feet maa

  5. To all my sai devotees pls dont expect all ur wishes to be happen on time and same with baba . baba have already planned well before ur wishes and we will execute ur wishes at rite time and more ur expectation this i experieced more in my life.

    and now im waiting for same in my personnel life for baba leelas with baba words FAITH AND PATIENTS.
    Thank u baba.

  6. To the devotee in every moment u r getting babas help.blessed baba child.i wish you all the success in your life.

  7. Dear Sai Sister, Very nice experiences. May Baba bless all. True BABA knows our innermost desires and fulfills them at the right moment.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Dear all, om sai raam.. i m in the biggest trouble of my life. I m in relationship with a guy since more than 8 years. Now this is time for marriage. His parents are ready for marriage but mine are not aggreeing on this due to cast difference. we love each other like anything even cant live without each other. I tried my best to convince my parents but they r nt ready. I cnt marry without their permission otherwise they will die. I love my parents n the guy too. now with the very heavy heart i told the guy that i cnt go wid u. Then he became very angry. He is forcing me, n blaming me that i m a fraud. He does nt want to leave me at any cost nt even i want to leave him. But my condition is very bad. Neither my parents are ready n not the guy. My parents n the guy aall are forcing me to go wid their decision. I love him so very much n dont want to leave him at any cost. i have sai vrat even cried like anything before sai baba but i feel like no one loves me no one cares for me. Plz all devoties pray to sai baba to convince my parents for my martiage. Otherwise i will nt b able to survive any more. Om sai raam.

    • Dear Devotee,

      Dont worry,everything will be alright.Even I am in the same situation as that of yours,but with little difference,though the guy is from the same caste my parents are not ready.Leave all your troubles to baba's feet.He knows what has to be done at the right time.Have faith and patience everything will be alright.Perform nav guruvar vrat,and read sai satcharitra with full devotion.I will pray for you.
      Om sai ram

    • Dear in this fraud world its very difficult to get a guy who love this much.u r very lucky to get such a guy. Please don't leave him Sai and get married to him.parents will be upset initially but later they will approve..

    • Dear Sai Devotees.. thanks to all for your support n prayers. I hope everything will be allright oneday with baba's grace. Om Sai Raam..

    Dear sister, very faith boosting experiences. Thank you sooooo much for sharing…om sai ram

  10. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    baba pls take care of everyone.
    wonderful experiences

  11. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Expressing Diversity and Absolute likeness*****
    The devotees of Lord Dattatrey have a Strong belief that Akkalkotnivasi Sri
    Swami Samarth and Sri Narasinha Saraswati are one and the same. Sri Narasinha
    Saraswati manifested almost during, the year 1300, as per Hindu calendar (Year 1378
    as per English calendar), then he disappeared in Patalganga and appeared in Kadalivan
    during the year 1380 as per Hindu calendar and year 1459, as per English Calendar.
    When Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj was in Akkalkot, on hearing his fame a
    European advocate desired for his ‘Darshan’. Therefore, he travelled all the way from
    Kolkata to meet his Parsi friend at Akkalkot. After taking the Darshan he asked Akkalkot
    Swami Maharaj “Which place do you belong to? ”. Sri Swami Maharaj replied, “First I
    started from Kadalivan at Sri Shail Mountain. While wandering about, I visited a City
    like Kolkata. While wandering in Bengal I got the blessings of Kali Mata114. Again while
    wandering on the banks of Gangamata115, I have visited innumerable holy places like
    Haridwar, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Badrinath, Ayodhya, Dwarka and then I reached the
    banks of Godavari river. Then I visited Hyderabad. I was in Mangalvedha for a number
    of years. Then after visiting Pandharpur, Begampur, I reached Mohol village. After a few
    days, I came to Akkalkot. Now I have settled in Akkalkot”.
    When a gentleman by name Karve from Pune enquired, Sri Swami Samarth
    replied, “I am a Yajurvedi Brahmin. My name is Narasinhbhan. I belong to Kashyap
    Gotra and Meen Rashi116 ”.
    Ganagapur is the principal place of Sri Narasinha Saraswati. Once when a
    worshipper from Ganagapur came to Akkalkot, Sri Swami Samarth asked him “What is
    the name of your deity? ”. That worshipper replied, “He is known as Sri Narasinha
    Saraswati”. Then Sri Swamiji said, “My name is Narasinhabhan”.
    Once people from Narasinhawadi, the sacred grove of Sri Narasinha Saraswati,
    came to Akkalkot to take the blessings of Sri Swami Samarth. They asked “Swami, who
    are you? Then Swami replied “Mool Purush, Vat Ka Vriksha, Dattanagar117 ”. Sri
    Narasinha Saraswati himself had told his devotees to go to Akkalkot, which indicates
    the absolute likeness between Sri Swami Samarth and Sri Narasinha Saraswati.
    In Mumbai there was an elderly person by name Shree Krishnabuwa alias
    Thakurdasbaba. He was suffering from Leprosy. At the end of his pilgrimage he reached
    Ganagapur. He had brought musk with him to offer the same at the Nirguna
    Padukas113 of Sri Narasinha Saraswati. However, in the meantime, he had a vision in
    his dream “Go to Akkalkot and take the ’Darshan’ of Sri Swami Samarth”. Then he
    came to Akkalkot. In this confusion he forgot to offer the musk at the lotus feet of Sri
    Swami Samarth. When Sri Swami Samarth saw him, he spoke “Bring that musk which
    you have brought for me at once”.

    A gentleman by name Govindrao Tol, was suffering from severe stomach pain.
    As per his fathers, Chintopant Tol, advice he came to Akkalkot to take ‘Darshan’ of Sri
    Swami Samarth. After taking the ‘Darshan’, he planned to visit Ganagapur since he
    lacked devotion towards Sri Swami Samarth. Though forbidden, he went to Ganagapur
    and stayed there for nearly two and half years rendering his service. Eventually he got
    a visionary insight to go back to Akkalkot and render devotional service.
    Chintopant Appa Tol, father of Govindrao, was suffering from demoniac
    possession. Hence he went to Akkalkot and stayed there rendering devotional service to
    Sri Swami Samarth. His son Govindrao asked Sri Swami “Is it that your honourable
    presence also felt at the Bhima-Amarja Sangam? ”. Sri Swami replied, “Yes, I am also
    present there”. Once Govindrao got a vision in his dream that in the temple of Sri
    Narasinha Saraswati at Ganagapur, Sri Swami Samarth in person is seated, shining with
    splendour and wearing the Nirguna Padukas113 of Sri Narasinha Saraswati.
    Maloji Raje Bhosle, the then king of Akkalkot regime, initially a devotee of Sri
    Narasinha Saraswati, would go to Ganagapur to attend the celebration. He got a
    visionary insight where Sriguru told him “I have already come to reside in Akkalkot.
    Then why do you come to Ganagapur? ”. From that day onwards, king Maloji Raje
    started rendering devotional service to Sri Swami Samarth at Akkalkot.
    A Brahmin was suffering from acute stomach pain. He went to Narasinhwadi and
    vowed in front of his deity Sriguru to offer Pedhas118 worth one-rupee twenty-five paise,
    once his stomach pain gets cured. By the kind grace of Sriguru, he was cured of his
    stomach-pain, but he forgot to fulfil his promise. After about ten years, he had come to
    Akkalkot for some work and he went to pay his obeisance to Sri Swami Samarth. On
    seeing this Brahmin, Sri Swami Samarth angrily uttered, “Matherchod119, you have
    forgotten the Pedhas”.
    A Brahmin earned a huge profit in the Stock Market. He didn’t have any children.
    He had gone to Ganagapur along with his family and vowed in front of deity Sriguru
    that if he gets a child he would offer food for one thousand people. Eventually, he got a
    son but due to slackness in the Stock Market, he lost heavily and he died due to the
    severe shock. His wife, the Brahmin lady, became severely worried as to how would she
    be able to fulfil the promise made to Sriguru? Someone suggested her to go to
    Ganagapur and render devotional service to Sriguru. After a few days of rendering
    devotional service at Ganagapur, she got visionary insight advising her to go to
    Akkalkot and offer food to Sri Swami Samarth, so that her promise would get fulfilled.
    Finally, the Brahmin lady came to Akkalkot and stood shyly in front of Sri Swami
    Samarth. Sri Swami called her near and spoke “Arrange meals for me”. The Brahmin
    lady cooked sumptuous food and offered the same to Sri Swami Samarth. Sri Swami

    ate stomach-full and as a sign of this he belched. Then he spoke to her “Your promise
    of feeding one thousand people is fulfilled. Now go home”.
    Appasaheb Subnis from Pune was a rich man. Both the husband and wife were
    suffering from demoniac possession. They thought of going to Ganagapur and render
    devotional service to Sriguru. For this reason they both started their journey from Pune.
    Akkalkot is on the way to Ganagapur. They went to pay obeisance to Sri Swami
    Samarth. When they requested for the permission to go to Ganagapur, Sri Swami
    Samarth said, “You need not go to Ganagapur. I shall relieve you both from this
    demoniac possession”. Right away Sri Swami relieved the couple from demoniac
    Balappa from Haveri, Karnataka, was a servant of Sri Swami Samarth. Balappa
    came to Ganagapur and started rendering severe devotional service to Sri Swami
    Samarth while staying in Ganagapur. Finally, he got a visionary insight there that “Go
    to Akkalkot for the ‘Darshan’ of Sriguru”. Then he went to Akkalkot and remained there
    till the end, rendering service to Sri Swami Samarth.
    A Brahmin from western Maharashtra had made a promise to Sriguru, Narasinha
    Saraswati, that if a son were born to him, he would perform the thread ceremony of the
    boy at Ganagapur. By the kind grace of Sriguru, the Brahmin got a son. To fulfil his
    promise he started to go to Ganagapur. On the way to Ganagapur, when he reached
    Akkalkot he realized that he had spent all his money and there was nothing left to go
    ahead. Therefore, at Akkalkot he approached Sri Swami Samarth and prayed to him
    “Now going to Ganagapur to fulfil my promise is beyond my reach. You are the
    incarnation of Lord Dattatrey. Kindly allow me to fulfil my promise here itself”. Sri
    Swami accepted his request and the Brahmin performed his Son’s thread ceremony in
    Akkalkot itself.
    A Brahmin named Sridhar, from Karnataka, suffered from severe stomach-pain.
    He came to Ganagapur and started rendering service to Sriguru. Eventually, he got a
    visionary insight in his dream announcing, “Take the juice of the leaves of Sripuri
    (Neem tree-Margosa tree) mixed with dry ginger and rocksalt and your stomach pain
    will certainly be cured”. When he woke from his sleep, he enquired with the people and
    the Vaidyas regarding the whereabouts of this Sripuri tree. However, no one knew. So
    became worried and remained in Ganagapur. After a few days, he got a second
    visionary insight wherein Sriguru himself directed him “Go to Akkalkot, Sri Swami
    Samarth will show you the Sripuri tree”. Then he came to Akkalkot and prostrated at
    the lotus feet of Sri Swami Samarth and paid his obeisance. Sri Swami spoke to him
    “Oh! That neem tree120 is called as Sripuri tree. Prepare juice from the leaves of the
    neem tree, add dry ginger, rocksalt and take the mixture for three days. Your stomach
    pain will get cured”. Taking this medicine the Brahmin was fully cured and returned
    home happily.
    One more Brahmin was suffering from severe stomach pain. He went to
    Narasinhawadi, the holy place of Sriguru and thoroughly read the Guru-Charitra

  14. (biography of Sriguru). Finally, he got a visionary insight from Sriguru saying “I have
    taken incarnation at Akkalkot as Sri Swami Samarth. Go there and your stomach pain
    will get cured”. Because of his weak health he rode a horse and went to Akkalkot. At
    the time of starting his journey he made a mental resolve that if he reaches Akkalkot
    safely; he would offer ‘Pedhas’ worth one rupee twenty-five paise to Sri Swami
    Samarth. After reaching Akkalkot, he went Cholappa’s house where Sri Swami Samarth
    was present. Near the entrance of this house his horse got stuck up. The horse could
    not be freed by any means. Sri Swami resting on couch was observing this. Sri Swami
    spoke to the Brahmin “Did you forget the ‘Pedha’ worth one rupee twenty five paise? ”.
    The Brahmin immediately brought the ‘Pedhas’. The horse that was stuck up also got
    freed and the kind grace of Sri Swami Samarth cured the Brahmin of his stomach pain.
    He then happily returned home.
    This way Sri Narasinha Saraswati from his places at Ganagapur and
    Narasinhwadi advised his devotees to go to Akkalkot and Sri Swami also agreed to the
    same, solved all the hardships and agonies of the devotees. This clearly shows beyond
    doubt, that Sri Narasinha Saraswati and Sri Swami Samarth are one and the same
    entity without any distinction whatsoever.
    Sri Vasudevanand Saraswati, otherwise called as Tembeswami of twentieth
    centuary, a great worshipper of Lord Dattatrey, was considered by the devotees as the
    incarnation of Lord Dattatrey himself.
    A devotee of Sri Swami Samarth, named Bavadekar wanted to carry out a
    religious sacrifice at Narasinhawadi and so he approached Sri Tembe Swami at
    Narsinhawadi. Sri Tembe Swami told Bavadekar “Sri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot, your
    Guru, is the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey Himself. After taking orders from him,
    perform the religious ceremony. Hence certainly it appears from the above, that Sri
    Tembe Swami considered Sri Swami Samarth as Lord Dattatrey Himself.
    Tukojirao Holkar, the king of Indore, by hearing the great fame of Sri Swami
    Samarth came to Akkalkot for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. After taking ‘Darshan’ of Sri
    Swami, Tukojirao became highly emotional and he said “Sri Swami Maharaj, once you
    had given me ‘Darshan’ on the Abu Mountain and today this is the second time I get
    your ‘Darshan’”. Lord Dattatreya dwells at Abu Mountain121 as well as Girnar
    Sri Swami Samarth along with his disciples was touring in the villages, nearby
    Akkalkot. An ascetic (Gosai) had undertaken religious ceremonials for a number of
    years, to get the ‘Darshan’ of Lord Dattatrey. He came for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri
    Swami Samarth and he got the ‘Darshan’ of Lord Dattatrey Himself in the form
    of Three heads (Trimukhi), Six hands (Shatbhuj), holding three-pointed spike
    or spear (Trident of Shiva-Trishul) and Gourd (Kamandalu). The ascetic
    (Gosai) prostrated at the lotus feet of Lord Dattatrey and said, “How can
    ignorant souls like us know the real identity of your Divine Form? You are

  15. actually the Supreme Being, Lord Dattatrey. I got accomplishment in my life by
    the very ‘Darshan’ of your Divine Form”.
    The worshipper of the idols at Rameshwar in Tamilnadu was collecting money
    from the pilgrims who wanted to take bath in the holy waters of the Koti Koop Tirth125.
    He did not allow Sri Swami Samarth to take bath in the holy waters, without paying
    money. At this same instant worms started writhing in the holy waters of ‘Koti Koop
    Tirth’. The worshipper became nervous and approached the Shankaracharya123 of
    Shringeri Muth. Then the Shankaracharya went in a state of Samadhi124 and observed
    that Sri Swami Samarth is not only an ascetic but infact an incarnation of Lord
    Dattatrey Himself. After realising the truth, all the people surrendered to Sri Swami
    Samarth. Only then the Tirth125 got purified.
    Vamanbua Brahmachari Badodekar was very studious of Vedanta. He wanted to
    get absorbed in the contemplation of Brahma and experience the knowledge given in
    the Vedanta. Hence he went to Ganagapur and carried out a thorough reading
    Gurucharitra126. Lord Dattatrey Himself appeared in his dream and blessed Vamanbua
    with the ‘Darshan’ and said, “I am personally present in Akkalkot itself. Hence do not
    Yashwant Mahadeo Bhosekar was a Rigvedi Brahmin127. An ascetic gave him
    visionary insight in his dream asking him to proceed to Mangalvedha, Solapur District in
    Maharashtra. There he got the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swami Samarth and then he prayed
    “Maharaj, I have fully experienced that you are the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey
    Himself in entirety”. Sri Swami Samarth initiated Bhosekar and the fame of Bhosekar,
    as a saintly person, spread in all directions. He was popularly called as Dev
    Mamlatdar128. His Tomb is located in Nasik.
    From all the above incidents, it becomes clear that Sri Swami Samarth
    Maharaj was the complete incarnation of Lord Dattatrey Himself. In this
    incarnation of Sri Swami Samarth, Sri Narsinha Saraswati had also personally
    manifested. The manifestation of Lord Dattatrey, Sri Narsinha Saraswati and
    Sri Swami Samarth though taken separately, are but one and the same. They
    are the three forms of the same manifestation of Lord Dattatrey himself.

  16. Sai maa
    Please please please
    U know what I am going through since morning
    Please please please pull me out n hold my hand firmly my maa
    Make me happy n peaceful my maa
    Luv you a lot my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram omsri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram
    sai ram please be in my duties
    help me to do my job correctly

  18. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  19. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om ai ram om sai ram

  20. Baba, Please cure my grandpa who is in ICU and bless him with good health.

    Devotees, Please pray for my grandpa's good health.

    Thanks all. Om sai ram !

  21. Sai baba ji plz sbko achi budhi do sd budhi do. I requested u smthng k plz save my family 4m bad people nd u kno who r bad people. Plz punish them for their bad deeds. They r spoiling evry1 s home. Plz send our baby back. Faling at ur lotus feet. M givin al my tensions 2 u. Plz save me. Om sai ram

  22. Dear Sai sister.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. I hope you have exciting trip to Hawaii.

  23. Dear Sai sister in Singapore,
    Wow…very nicely you have expressed all experiences in short and yet shared BABA's helping hand to you.
    May you be blessed and I too feel the same , BABA with me every moment of my life taking care of each and every need , fulfilling my unexpressed desire which makes me wonder how BABA reads my mind too!
    It is very true that the more we are with BABA the more BABA is with us.
    Take care, Jai Sai RAM.

    • Jai Sai Ram.
      Yes, Priyamvadha ji, I really feel blessed every day…every moment. when today, my 7 year old called me, before going to bed from Atlanta,GA, (I am in Sierra Vista AZ) to check on my recent acute back pain, I was in tears of love to my grand daughter. Won't any Grand ma feel blessed having so much cared and loved in the family?!?!?
      BABA's message of spreading LOVE is my most important goal and I am succeeding with a proof like this…proving "what goes around , comes around."
      Jai Sai RAM.

  24. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, be with us in our thoughts, actions and words. Help us only do good, speak good and think good O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the beautiful miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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