My First Experience With Sai Baba – Anonymous Sai Devotee

In this experience the devotee explains how Lord Sai Baba took her from a very awkward situation.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I belong to middle class family from Mumbai. I am currently working in an IT firm. I believe in living simple life. Instead of expecting anything from anybody, I am happy in whatever I have. I like to interact with people either youth or older, sharing their sorrows and happiness as well. I have learnt a lot from life which has made me to stand here. I and my mother are only there in my family as my dad lost his life in a mishap. My mother is more into Pooja, worshipping Gods and has strong faith in Baba. It is always said that we remember God in our bad phase of life. However in my case I get more close to Baba after something good happened in my life.

Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks to you for doing such a wonderful job. It feels such a good pleasure to read Sai devotees experience. I am regular reader of this blog since 3 years and writing my first experience here. It might be too lengthy, you can make it short. You can edit it as required. Kindly don’t disclose my ID and name. I get closed to Baba in the year of 2010 when I was doing job in Pune. In the year of 2009 when I was doing my higher education, I met a nice guy and we became best friend in a year. Even though we stay in two far cities, we used to share lot of things in between. One day he asked me to marry him once we get settled. I refused it as I was studying at that time. After a year in 2010 when I got job, I said yes to him as I found him nice and kind hearted guy. He was a great devotee of Baba and he took me to Shirdi for the first time where I saw our Beloved Baba. I found myself so much pleased and relief there when I had Darshan of Baba. I felt as if it was Baba Who pulled me there.

As days went, he told me things as he got a job in nice IT Company. Also he had spoken to his mother about me and his mother is happy with our relationship. I was so serious about him and decided to tell my family soon. He used to tell me big things happening in his life like he is going to London for job and I blindly trusted on him. We were staying far from each other so there was no any option to verify even if he is lying. After few days, his behaviour got so much changed and he started becoming harsh on me and started doubting on me. I had true love for him but he never tried to understand it. Because of him I cut all my contacts with my male friends who were my childhood friends and were close to me. I did lot of sacrifices for him. I was giving importance to him I lost all my dear ones and became alone. He got so much insecure that he did not even like it if I talk to my brother on phone. Things goes of my head, when he started using bad words on me and then I realize, the man who can’t give enough respect to women does not deserve any place in any women’s life. I shared this with my mother. She also cried after hearing this and with her support I broke my relationship with him. After that I got so much trouble from his side. It was the worst part of my life.

To get my peace of mind back, I started reading Sai Satcharitra which was in Sanskrit. It was difficult for me as I was not that familiar with Sanskrit. Then I started reading online blogs of Sai devotees, felt much relived and get more close to Baba. I decided to go to Shirdi alone. I took bus at night around 10 PM and reached for Kakad Aarti at around 4.30 AM. I pray to Baba for safe journey as it was night journey. After going to Shirdi I prayed to Sai Baba to save me from all the pains and show me the right path. It was Thursday and at the same time I got a call from my friend and she told me that guy was fake and he was telling me all lie. He is not in London and not at all working and making you fool. Good that he is not in your life anymore and you are saved. He did not deserve you. It was indeed a message from Baba. Tears rolled out of my eyes in happiness. Believe me I did not cry after that day and did not call him either.

I got lesson that Baba does not give what we want but He gives what best we deserve. He is like our mother and we are His child, He scolds us, love us and show us the right path in His own way. After that my faith in Baba grows 10 times. I started reading Sai Satcharitra which was in Sanskrit. I wished to have English copy of it.

One day I was travelling through train I saw poor lady sitting beside me reading a Book having red cover. To my surprise it was Sai Satcharitra in English. She smiled at me, I replied to that and asked her from where she got this book. She simply asked “you want to read it?” I said “yes”. She immediately gave me that book and told me to keep it with you as she was having another copy at home. She started giving me importance of reading it and how we can learn from it and narrate to our day to day life. She also told me to give the book to someone who is in need of help. I gave her money for the book which she rejected. I was so much overwhelmed with joy and started reading that book. After a moment I saw there was some other lady sitting beside me at her place and don’t ever know where that lady went. I never saw her after that. It was Sai Baba Who came there in form of lady to give me those blessings. This is Sai miracle.

In the same way I gave this Book to one of my friend who was facing some problems in her life. She also got benefited after reading it. I ordered this book for myself from one of my friend who went to Shirdi. Apart from that I got so much small experiences yet meaningful from Baba like seeing beautiful poster of Baba in many places. It sometimes happens when we are praying a lot to Him but He is not listening to our prayers. That time Baba is testing our “Shraadha” (devotion) and “Saburi” (Patience) on Him. I request all devotees to continue to praise Him and have strong faith in Him. Baba will always fulfil our wishes and give us what we really deserve. Baba, keep blessing us!! Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. OH My Dear Baba

    Such a nice experience. May Baba makes us strong like this devotee.

    Dear Babaji, why I lost gold? Why my husband 's hard earned $20,000.00 are in dispute? Why we do not have any kids? Why We are struggling so much? Why we are losing certain amount every month?

    This is the first time & probabaly last time I am putting all these questions- You know everything, You and everyone knows that we do good to others even if it harms us, we go out of out way to help others, But now I am loosing patience, I have started to cry so often. My husband is unable to take more stress. His health is at stake. I think we are going through SAICLONE.

    Babaji I am putting our lives at your feet, Please give us peace of mind, help us to remember you always.

    Love you babaji,
    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

    • Dont worry baba will help you..
      read satcharitha by telling your wish for 1 week..
      surely baba will bless you…

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Sai bless us with good health,happiness. Remove our sarrows. I want your blessing. Please baba help us. Solve all the problem

  4. BABA CAME TO ME (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    A Guru never fails His devotees. After all human life is full of challenges – pain and pleasure, as a result of one’s past prarabdha. Steadfast faith in the Guru certainly helps the devotee to overcome obstacles in life.

    At no time, as present, has there been so much need for the uplifting presence of great men amongst us and for their guidance in our affairs. While all may not be fortunate enough to be in continuous contact with such great souls, nevertheless even a report of their lives and sayings is often enough to lift our thoughts towards the higher verities of life and to restore the scale of values, which we have left crumbling in our trivial pre-occupations. The continuity of the fundamental values of our civilization has been maintained through the ages because of the presence of such saints in or midst and the reverence and attention with which they have been received. One such great saint was Shri Sai Baba, who adorned Shirdi till October 1918.

    In January 1983, I was presented with a coloured picture of Sai Baba the very sight of which had fascinated me. I was inspired to read books and hear more about Baba and this has impressed my outlook on life for good. Since then Baba has been my saviour and hope, and has unfailingly come to my rescue in times of crisis.

    Since two years, myself and my husband (Dr. R.J. Ranganathan) are staying at Koppa in Malenand of Karnataka. My husband is a medical officer of Koppa, Chikmagalur.

    Baba came to me on two occasions in April 1983 and I am recounting them here with His grace, for the benefit of ‘Shri Sai Leela’ readers.

    It all happened on the 7th of April 1983. I was invited to attend a ‘Naga Prathista” ceremony at a village 20 miles from our place. Since my husband could not come. I attended the function along with a friend of mine, Miss Vani.

    The function was in the evening and arrangements were made for a car to pick me and my friend back. Due to some confusion, the car, which should have taken us back, left a little early, leaving behind myself and my friend.

    It was getting dark and there was no bus service at that time. We had to pass through a dense forest also. Our hosts were also helpless. They implored us to stay back that night and leave next morning; but my presence back home was essential as my husband was proceeding to Bangalore that night and I had to arrange his kit. Moreover my friend had also informed her mother that she would positively return before dark.

    Not knowing what to do, I sincerely prayed to Sai Baba to help me out of that situation. Our position was delicate, as my friend was almost frantic to go back. In the heart of heart I was definite that Baba would answer my prayers.

    Baba did rescue us ! In a few minutes, a lorry came along and stopped near us. We expressed our difficulty. The lorry was transporting buffaloes and there were already six people seated in the cabin. The driver expressed his helplessness and was about to start leaving us behind. I once again mentally called out to Sai Baba to make the driver take us. Baba did reply.

  5. Out of sympathy, the driver and his co-passengers adjusted. Both myself and my friend squeezed in. It is needless to say that we reached our homes safe. Incidentally it was a Thursday Baba’s day.

    Two weeks later Sai Baba came to me again on a Thursday in the form of a serpent. I had been to my cousin’s place in a tea estate which is 20 km from our place. They are sincere devotees of Lord Sainath and in fact the couple (Dr. Vijayakumar and Mrs. Seetha) are regular contributors to Shri Sai Leela magazine.

    It was 28th April, 1983. I went to my cousin’s estate in the morning itself to spend the entire day there. After lunch, Sai-brother Vijayakumar, a firm devotee of Sai Baba, was telling me as to how Sainath appears to His devotee in several forms and in fact, quoted Raghu Patil’s experience in ‘Sai Satcharita’ (9th Edition – page 198) for whom Sainath appeared in the form of a serpent in the cow-shed. He also related a few other instances to impress me that Sai is present in all beings.

    I had a nice time there in the estate from morning till evening. I was to catch the last bus to return to my place Dr. Vijayakumar performed the Thursday pooja, distributed the prasad and then got ready to leave me at the bus stop.

    Around 6.30 p.m. we left on his motorcycle as we had to cover a 3 km distance to reach the bus stop. On the way, Sai-brother Vijayakumar slowed down and pointed to me something that was hissing.

    When I looked, it was a big serpent over four feet long. On seeing us, it raised its hood. It was a cobra and I was quite frightened and did not know what to do. Sai-brother Vijayakumar was not afraid in the least and he said that it was Baba who was giving them darshan and that there was no need to be frightened. Accordingly the serpent did no harm and just passed away.

    As we continued our trip, Dr. Vijayakumar narrated to me the incident where Baba appeared as a serpent at Coimbathore on Tuesday the 7th January 1943, where the serpent heard the Bhajan, accepted flowers and milk, allowed itself to be seen by thousands of people and also photographed.

    I heard him patiently and returned home safe. Even hours after I saw the serpent, I was still frightened and on that night, I was dreaming of cobras only !

    I indeed feel the grace of Lord Sainath on me. I feel, I am blessed that in spite of my troubles, physical and otherwise-the Guru Himself has come to His devotees.

  6. Om Sai Ram…Blissful and Wonderful Experience Sister…We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us….Om Sai Ram

  7. Very nice experiences. Baba has and will always be with you 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for leading us towards You and accepting us as Your children. Thank You O Sadguru for instilling us the 2 great qualities of Faith and Perseverance.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. This is such a wonderful experience. After reading this, I do not know why I was compelled to leave a comment. One can only imagine the thoughts and feeling cheated realizing the person known for some time and especially Baba's devotee is a fraud and has lied all along. Maybe it was Baba's way of making you become a stronger person. It also shows that Baba knows what we want is always not what is good for us. In your case it was proved in the right. moment. The getting of Sai Satcharitra book is such a blessing on a train journey. It feels as though Baba personally made sure to gift it to you and prove that he is with you in this journey of moving forward. May Baba guide us all in our own journey. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai SAi..

  9. Om sai ram. Very nice exp. This shows that instead of asking one particular thing we should ask what is good for us.

  10. very very nice experience..after reading this expe my faith on baba increased…morning only i thought baba is not listning my words but after reading ur expe and ur words in last…it increased my faith

    thanku so much for sharing

  11. Hi Sister, nice reading your post and you are really blessed. I got some answer and confidence after reading your post. I am in a similar situation. Im very much elder to you but still dumb. You are really great. After knowing that he was wrong you were brave enough to break up his relation and be good to yourself and others.Above all you trust and praise baba. But im a distilled fool. Inspite of knowing that the man is a cheat i fell in love, thought of changing him. I lost friends, education,job and so many things because of him.Still i was after him.He used to treat me like shit.Still i just showed love.Now im fed up still im unable to leave him or forget him.I think only about him from morning till night. I dont know what to do.U praised baba but u know what i do i always fight with baba saying u only gave him and brought him in my life right then why this pain only for me. I dont know when im going to change bolder like you. But even now i dont want to getaway from him, i dont want to marry him but i want him to change into a good man, treat women as women rather than a use and throw piece.I want him to understand my love and sacrifices.I want to feel his changed character and feel good and happy for changing him.Dont know whether that will happen.Will God give the opportunity to change him and make me feel good.

    • Dear, please ask Baba to give you strength to move yourself out of this situation. I also suggest you to take up something on your own which will boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Please remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
      Om Sai, Jai Sai, Jai Jai Sai

  12. om sai ram
    baba pls take care of us and all
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
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  13. (h) baba help the distressed bhakt of urs mentioned in the comment section going through SAICLONE..we will all pray for u sister..baba is kind..keep up the faith..luvv u so much deva..

  14. Sai ram
    You are my maa
    Please solve my problems my maa
    Please give me confidence and make me really bold my maa
    You know how I feel when I stay alone my maa
    Please help me to overcome this completely my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet my maa

  15. My maa
    You are my maa
    Please make me feel completely fine and bold
    You know how I feel when I am alone
    Please help me to overcome this completely my maa
    Luv you a lot my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. Baba maa
    Thank u thank you thank you thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank you thank you thank you
    Falling at your lotus feet

  17. Om Sai Ram,How do we deal when some one dearest to us goes through a crisis of Faith? My daughter has been through some very serious issues, and then it was in Shirdi that Baba gave her certain assurances and happiness .And then things went from bad to worst.She is an extremly helpful girl and makes sincere effort to contribute to the society ,in whatever ways she can .If it is my Karma ,and Sai can,t help me, then let me deal with it in my own way.I am so stressed that I can,t even pray.Sai can you help me ? Can you give me that Faith which will help me survive ,and hope for better times to come.. ,

    • Sai Ram Dear, I have been through a similar situation where i have had loss of faith. I cant say i have the way cause that would be boasting. Pray to our ever loving Sai to show you the way. Ask your daughter to read the Satcharitra and do so yourself. It will give you a lot of inner peace. Open yourself up to Lord Sai Baba , welcome him into your life, your heart and ask him to guide you.

      I pray to our Lord Baba to be with you and your daughter and to restore your faith in him, make it stronger that nothing can shake it. Love him completely and then see what he does for you.
      Om Sai Ram .

  18. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save me saimaa…I htrust u a lot n waiting for ur help. pls come n help me …jaisairam

  19. baba help the distressed bhakt of urs mentioned in the comment section going through SAICLONE..we will all pray for u sister..baba is kind..keep up the faith..luvv u so much BABAJI. My friend Sonia lost every thing after BABAJI came in her life. She had biggest SAICLONE her life ever. BABAJI just testing your faith on HIM. You gonna be Queen like my friend Sonia. Now in these days she got back every thing with BABAJI grace. Love You Lods BABAJI!!!

  20. Baba takes care of all, he helps even when you don't expect. His ways are mysterious. May baba give all some grace, dignity and humanity. If all could understand that if something hurts them, it can hurt others too – there would have been no sinner on this earth. those whose ears are very sensitive, they should keep their tongue and hand double sensitive which will prevent them from taking actions that could harm others. If no body can interfere your business, why you poke nose into others? well people are people… God will take care of them too!!

  21. Nice experience! Baba also did a nice miracle for you by showing you the true nature of this guy before your relationship went further and showed you a wonderful miracle by giving you the book just as you wanted. Om Sai Ram!

  22. so beautiful experinece.. reading it tears came in my eyes… Y said right Baba gives us what is best not what we want …
    Thanks Sai Baba … I want to see Baba in Muscat .. Please guide us as there is no temple for sai baba here .. Please Come here Sai Baba and bless us … .

  23. thanks baba, i need this experience as my life is too in the same phase
    i just hope u will help me to find the right path in my life

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