Few more experiences are shared.

Sai Baba Showers Love beyond Imagination

Anonymous devotee from India says: Hi Ma’am, I am a small devotee of Baba and is very pleased to find out the service which you are rendering to Baba and thus to a million. May the Shradha and Saburi for Baba takes a new high in the hearts and souls of all His devotees and children after reading this little experience of mine. It is indeed Popsy’s blessings that I had been following this blog since a few days but was not able to find out as to how to submit the experience – had earlier tried to submit it by replying to subscribed emails – Finally I got to know this on a Thursday and is submitting this too today itself with the Baba’s Blessings and strength.

Baba has inspired me to write one more experience. Please keep my personal details intact. I was working at one of the best research & educational institutes of the country at Bangalore as Project Assistant-JRF but later on the Professor I was working with didn’t pay me citing the lack of funds nor did he provide me with an experience certificate, he has not done that till now as well despite my repeated attempts. Needless to say, I left that position and organization and was on a job hunt. I applied at Mumbai Port Trust for the position of Assistant Traffic Manager and for the position of Assistant Secretary which had namely less than 10 vacancies. My preparations were also not very extra-ordinary, though I was confident of the Verbal part but not at all sure of the Quant part and when I appeared for the exam, I found that people who are working in the MBPT for the last 15-20 years are also appearing for these 2 exams but that didn’t flinch my spirit – as before leaving for that exam I had asked Baba on mysai.org.

Sai Baba answers your questions and had got the reply that you will soon get success beyond imagination. Baba had also got me an interview scheduled at Mumbai itself with one of the leading telecom operators – I appeared for the interview with the CMD of the organization and post that interview was not sure of it being affirmative. Also, please note that these things happened back to back : Interview on Saturday and Exam on Sunday – and I was new to Mumbai, never ever knew what does the word “local” mean but got everything arranged by the grace and strength given by Baba. In the interview after the HR and other rounds, I was told to come next week as the CMD can’t make it today but remembering Baba I requested them to close the process that day itself as I had traveled all the way from Bangalore which they agreed to. And yes you are thinking the right thing!!! I got selected not only in that written exam but also ranked 9th in the country post the interview and the company too extended me an offer for the position I was interviewed for. All of this was unimaginable for me without Baba’s love and providence. Om Sai Ram. Baba says “Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered” Believe me its aksharakshah Satya as according to Popsy. What he says happens. Bow to Sri Sai, Peace and Love to be all!!

A Lesson from God

Anonymous devotee from India says: Hetalji, Hats off to you for your service. Please give me any Baba service, as I wanted to involve in doing so.

We were a happy family of four. With the blessings of Lord Venkateswara and Sai Baba my husband was a good person. Here comes the major destruction in my life and my parent’s life, as my sibling went in a wrong way. She was totally changed in nature in a span of few months when she was away from us. We were in a deep shock as how she has totally changed and we were in an imagination after some time that she has changed her mind to good as earlier after some counseling. We all were in the same feeling for one year. She gave us a deep trauma and pain to both my parents and me who were already in a pain suddenly due to her actions. She left us for other person. My parents are very innocent who lives in a village and she is living happily with a stranger on the cost of her parents and sibling’s deep trauma and pain. Now she says I lived for your sake these years don’t know what does that mean. It is part of life to exchange love between parents and children. Does that mean only children are caring not the parents? How come they differentiate if both of we are of same gender? I am surprised to hear those words from her. Who will heal my parents? Who is all responsible for this? Why should they bear all the pain when others do a mistake?

They are adopting other country culture and they live there happily, but who will bear India culture and who will stay in India bearing all this defame? Do we need to blame India or the girl or the God who is responsible for all this? This is an open question to all the people who do like this. If someone else does a selfish act why should the parents and siblings bear that pain? Can we avoid the society in this case? Can we live by avoiding lot of time? Does that mean the parents are bad? I really have so many questions. I know so many devotees say have Shradha, Saburi and even I will be one among them if a problem is others. Who will answer my questions? Baba can’t come near and answer. I thought as a group of Baba devotees we should exchange our views and this doesn’t get my parents their fairy happy family back, but only can try for healing their mind. Who will teach a lesson to these kind of people? I have seen so many girls living happily but I can only see a glue of tears in their parent’s eyes.

Blessings of Baba

Sai Sister Sathya from USA says: Hi Hetalji, thanks for giving this opportunity to write about the unconditional love and blessings of Baba. Baba have been in my life for the past 6 years, always believe in Baba. I can feel the presence of Baba everywhere.

I am a physician in India, got married and came to USA. We have to clear the exams here in USA to work as a physician. I cleared the first two exams with the blessings of Baba, but the next one was the practical one. I was not good at English, so I was scared to give that exam. But anyhow I have to give the exam since days were running out. I gave the exam but was not confident about my exam, after finishing my exam. We went to Baba temple which is close to my exam center, I prayed to Baba that next time I will see You only with the good news. Then days passed by, I was waiting for my result, me and my husband started to do Vrat, meanwhile we got a chance to visit that city so we went to see Baba, but the temple was closed, I was upset. After two weeks I got the result that I passed only because of Baba. I am going to see the Baba with good result, I cannot control my tears, that’s why He didn’t let us to see Him. Baba helped me to keep the promise. You are everything to us Baba.

My next experience is about my delivery. During my delivery time, my water got broke in my home, but my son pooped even before he was delivered, as a physician I knew it was going to be complicated. We had been praying to the Baba whole time, I was pushing him for more than 3 hours nothing happened, I lost my hope, I was scared to death, but My Baba didn’t let us alone, because of His blessings we blessed with cute baby boy, we named him as Sai, he is now 15 months old and healthy. Whenever I see the sentence Why Fear When I am here, I feel like I can touch the sky with my Baba’s support. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Baba i am really worried abt my marriage…nothing is really getting fixed me and my parents are worried a lot…we always did good to evryone never harmed any one but why are we suffering like this…when will we see happy days baba….i am loosing patience….plz baba plz understand my pain…i really feel very lonely…where should i go baba

    • Please dont worry dear devotee..so satcharitham parayanam reading satcharitha for(1 week)..and tell your pain to baba he will definitely get your answer..and soon you will be blessed with a very good husband..
      om sai raam

    • Don't worry dear devotee , this is the time where you should not loss your patience and need to trust in baba.baba never leave his devotees alone.baba only needs shradha and sabhuri from his devotees

  2. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram..

    Ohm Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sadhguru Sai… Ohm Sai Namo Namah.. Sri Sai Namo Namah.. Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah.. Sadhguru Sai Namo Namah…

    Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram… Om Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram..

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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  4. Sai’s Message In Dream

    The year 1973 was full of potential events on my domestic front, birth of a son, promotion and transfer to a new place etc '

    I was on official tour during the last week of February 1973 and had halted at Belgaum. My wife was away at Kerala for confinement. In the early hours of 1st March 1973, Sai .appeared in a dream and announced that I have been blessed with a son. The dream was at 4-15 a. m. Instantly it woke me up and the message was noted down on a piece of paper. • The purport of the dream was, "You are blessed with a son. Be happy". On the following morning there was a phone call from my office, conveying telegraphic message received from my native place, stating the safe delivery of my wife, with no other details. The incomplete telegram cast aspersions in .the minds of my collegues, who made no hesitation to interpret it as a third daughter. Accordingly, they prompted me to distribute Jelabi, customary for the birth of a female child, while pedha is for a male child. One of them Mr. N. K. Kulkarni, brought Jelabi to my Hotel room which was kept aside and I ordered Pedha for distribution in conformity with the news received from Sai Nath. No other source of information was more reliable to me than Baba's words. However my friends, who were bewildered at my challenging faith in Baba's prophecy, forced me to send a reply paid telegram. There was no reply to the telegram sent and finally on the fourfh day I received a letter from my wife, confirming the message of Baba. I feel that Baba had a special purpose in announcing the news in disguise of a dream at 4-15 a. m., so as to indicate the time of birth of the child previous day.

    Baba's kelas are endless. He is none other than the true source of all knowledge. Surrender unto His feet and be saved.

  5. Suprabhat Baba..you are my saviour my trust and everything. .I surrender at your lotus feet..be with me always. .omsairam

  6. Very nice experiences and some real concerns raised. I'm afraid I can only trust and leave them to be answerned by Baba and his ways.

    O Deva, Thank You for being a pillar of support to us when we need help. Thank You O Sadguru for always being there for us in times of need and granting us peace.

    Thank You O Sai for all the Love & Peace 🙂

    Jai Sairam


  8. om sai raam,
    devotees 1 and 3:
    very nice experiences…may baba bless us..

    devotee 2:
    deear devotee,i can really understand the pain your parents are undergoing..i cannot really comment on this but one thing is sure baba is seeing everything..ask them to have udi mixed with water so that they can get relief from the mental tension..even i am in lot of depression now..bit overcoming through baba's blessing..assure your parents that everything will be alright in some days.ask them to read satcharitha for peace and calmness and i am so sure that baba will soon pour his blessings and remove their pains with no trace of it..
    om sai raam

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Boon Granted To Tigers*****
    While dwelling in Himalayan region, sitting in a cave Sri Swami Samarth would
    hold philosophical discussions with ascetics. At that time two tigers sitting at the
    entrance of the cave were keenly listening to the discussions. Listening to the speech of
    Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj would charm all the ascetics present there. By then, the
    kind glance of Sri Swami fell on the two tigers sitting at the entrance and listening. He
    spoke to the tigers “Scholars, why are you sitting at the entrance? You ride on an
    elephant and go on obtaining certificates of victory”. To this the tigers replied,
    “Maharaj, by your kind ‘Darshan’ we have been blessed. Kindly be merciful and tell us
    as to why we got this life of tigers? ”. Then Sri Swami spoke “In your past life, you
    amassed knowledge by learning, but you also became very arrogant and harassed
    saints and Brahmins alike to such an extent that you even managed to get victory
    letters by defeating them. Your arrogance has given you this life of a Tiger”. Then both
    lay down on the ground and began to plead. Then Sri Swami said, “In this tiger’s life,
    there is no movement. You will be born as Brahmins in your next life and then by
    gaining knowledge and rendering devotional service you can get liberated”.

  10. Sai maa
    Waiting for your hand my Sai maa
    You know that I am suffering maa
    Please please v help me maa
    Kodi pranam my maa

  11. Devotee 2
    Why you think that way..
    Every person has right to live life happily.
    If your sister is happy then you should be happy for her.
    Your parents should accept the fact and communicate good to her.
    It can be this that your sibling was passing through tough situation in her personal and it went unnoticed by all of you.
    I can advice you to just communicate in a good way with her everytime .

  12. Thanks for 2 different kind of experiences. The second devotee…didn't quite understand what you wanted to ask readers. To first devotee—-who or what is "Popsy'"???? kindly enlighten. Thanks

    • Popsy means Pops means Papaji means Father means Baba means SAI BABA Love you POps fr publishing it today : on GOOD FRIDAY..I had completely lost hope on this to be published..strangely met with a guy 2 days back ..first guy ever with whom I discussed this and here is the experience that too got published on 18th :1+8 =9 and at 01:43 a.m. = a code for I Love You between Baba and me :)..I love You too Pops Love YOuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. OM Sai Ram!!!

    Dear Hetalji,

    Very clear explanation of Baba's 11 sayings in the blog
    Can you briefly explain what does SURRENDERING TO BABA & REFUGE mean exactly??
    Is it that we should not ask any of our genuine wishes that we need THE MOST in the life to baba as he only know everything of our sufferings, pain,sorrows we are going through and Baba only know all our wishes & Having FAITH & PATIENCE by leaving everything at Baba Lotus feet.

    Dear Sai Devotees please make me crystal clear in the ABOVE wordings.

    Om Sai Ram!!!

    • Just let go; He knows what is best

      Sai Baba often explains “letting go” by giving the example of dropping a handkerchief. It is much harder to hold on to the cloth as it causes strain on the fingers, but releasing it is much easier. Our worries are like a kerchief woven from threads of worldly attachments, which if dropped would grant us everlasting peace. In comparison to our eternal cosmic life, the earthly journey is not even a millionth of a fraction of a second; if such be the case, why does it matter whether we live in a palace or a hut? Guru Charitra cites the example of a devotee who approached Sri Guru seeking protection from an alien king.

      The king would order the killing of one brahmin every year, and that year happened to be the devotee’s turn. After [futile] worrying for many months, he resorted to the Lord and expressed his feeling: “Thy will, not mine.” Sri Guru assured him of divine protection and ordered a bold visit to the monarch. The devotee surrendered his worries to the Lord and left for the palace. As soon as the disciple entered the court, the king fainted mysteriously. On waking up, he honored the devotee instead of killing him.

      Surrender always draws a very powerful response from God, as in the example of a mother-in-law. The absence of grandchildren in her family was a cause of great concern for the lady. When she visited Swami, the latter explained that destiny had not decreed children in her lineage. The woman did not lose hope, however, and insisted that Sai could alter the divine writ itself. She left all her worries at Swami’s feet and returned home with renewed faith and hope. After a year, she came back with grandchildren.

    • There is a beautiful poem that says:

      As children bring their broken toys with
      tears for us to mend I brought my broken dreams to God, because He was my friend.
      But, instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.
      At last I snatched them back and cried,
      "How could you be so slow?"
      "My child," He replied. "What could I do?
      You never did let go."

      That “letting go” is the faith. If we can
      surrender to the guru with complete
      faith, he will transform our lives.
      However, if we “hang around” and
      doubt and think that we know better than he does, then we gain nothing.

      Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
      Guru Devoh Maheshwarah;
      Guru Shakshat Parambramha
      Tashmai Shri Guru Veh Namah

      May the Supreme Lord, the Guru
      within us, lift the veil of ignorance
      and bestow upon us all the Light of
      the transcendental Knowledge. May
      the blessings of Baghavan Shri
      Shirdi Saibaba be our support and
      inspiration in the quest for Truth.

      And may the Merciful Shiridi Sai Baba always shower His grace on us and our
      families and remove our problems and anxieties by giving us all – strength , good luck, success and happiness with peace of mind.

  14. Devotee 2: I understand your concern for your parents. All I can say is that family is family no matter how they are. As a advice please try to bring your sister and parents close so they can start fresh. Don't worry about what people think or say. As Baba said "what is good or bad you do is with you and what others do is with them". There is only one life to live, try to forgive and love everyone. Leave the rest to baba as he knows what is best for everyone.
    Sorry if I wrote anything wrong.
    Love your sister and accept everyone as they are.

  15. Om Sai Ram..
    Wanted to share a miracle that happened today.I was scheduled to catch a flight at 7am.I had booked a cab pick up at 4.45 am.At 4.15 am when I called the cab operator,they told me that they had some technical flaws in their system and they will not be able to send a cab.Hearing this my mom got very nervous and thought I would miss the flight.I rushed out of my home to catch a taxi knowing fully well that it was very difficult to catch a taxi at that time of the morning.I asked two taxis and they refused to go.I got tense and started praying to Lord Sai and chanting Om Sai Ram and miraculously the next taxi that came agreed and I reached well before time.To add to my joy the office that I had gone to had a Sai temple beside it and I had a wonderful darshan at noon.Love you Baba.Om Sai Ram.

  16. Dear Sai devotees of Chennai, I'm planning to visit Mylapore Sai Baba temple soon. Can you please tell me the best way to reach there from IIT Madras( which exit gate should I take?). I would appreciate if there was a convenient train route. Thanks.

  17. Dear Devotees, I am sharing Baba's leelas that I experienced today. I attended an interview held at a company 6 months back and was rejected in the last round since I had gap in my career. Today, I re-attended the interview in the same company and was worried that I would be rejected again. I prayed Sai and left the result to him and asked him to be with me today. On my way to the interview venue, I have seen numerous Baba photos and shops named Sai 🙂 Though I left the result to Baba, I had a doubt arouse in the mind whether I would be selected or not. To my surprise, as that thought struck my mind, I immediately saw a board saying "100% job guaranteed". I took this as Baba's answer and felt happy. I kept chanting "Om Sai Ram" the whole day. Finally, with the blessings of our Baba, I got a job though I had gap in my career which is normally not possible. Thank you Baba and I love you so much 🙂 Please bless us and be with us all the time. Om Sai Ram 🙂

  18. Dear Sai devotees, very happy to read all the posts , they all are faith boosting, of course. Sai devotee with sibling's behaviour question, should find peace taking everything happens as per BABA's leela. BABA knows what exactly is happening in each creation's life span.
    Each generation has suffered conflict with the next generation. Some find that conflict as a part of life and some find it unbearable, but that does not mean the conflict will go away. All we can pray to BABA to grant wisdom in all of our activities and LOVE towards all.
    Parents care for their kids which is the main goal of parenting. At the time while they are caring for kids, nothing is in their mind but to give the best of what they have. They do not expect anything in return. Now when parents get older, it is duty of kids and the new members added in the family by means of marriage rituals and grand kids added to the family to respect and care as best as they could for aged parents. Love and respect should be part of our life. I always believe that Respect and LOVE are enjoyed the most when we get, without asking. When these things are FORCED, they become a formality.
    Well, I pray to BABA to grant you PEACE and LOVE in the family.
    And let me tell you one thing, there is nothing like Western culture or Indian culture as far as caring for parents. Here too you would find hurting parents who are not cared by their kids and there are kids who have not enjoyed childhood because of careless parents leaving kids to grow up like weeds, living their lives with a motto of "It's MY LIFE!". Husband or wife fail to perform his/her duty as a husband/wife or father/mother. Poor kids grow up in stressful atmosphere and fighting parents going for divorce and what not! So what one can expect from these kids when they become parents?!?!?
    So please do not hurt yourself feeling bitterness , instead do your best towards your parents and your sister. Try to find ways to bring peace in everybody in your family trying to understand what the bothering issue to be solved and get going. This way you can enjoy life as well as your parents and your sister too can be at ease with the situation.
    Take care. Jai Sai Ram.

  19. Dear 2nd devotee, though the circumstances are not known, it is understandable that you and your parents are really undergoing emotional pain. But why do you separate your sister? Perhaps, she has undergone some pain which she never opened with you. Instead of chastising her, perhaps you could talk to her to know why she has changed. And, if she is happy with her life now, share that happiness with her and you will feel lot of change within you and your parents also. If she has done some mistake, just forgive her and you will feel lot of peace within yourself. As of society, it is all in your mind. For all others, it is just a topic of discussion and nothing more. Everybody has their own problems to worry about so just don't think much about anybody. Talk to your sister, accept her as she is and she will herself realise and come back to all of you. Om Sairam

  20. dear 3rd devotee, this was exactly happened with my baby too. he pooped inside tummy from one month before he was born ,doctors were surprised and same only with the baba's grace I got healthy cute baby boy….today he turned seven month old.

  21. Apni Karuna ka Jal tu bha ke ker de pawan har ek man ka kona , Huma chale raste per humse bhul ker bhe koi bhul ho na .

  22. Om Sai Baba .Iam very greatful to you Baba . Please shower your blessings to my daughters .Give them good hearing. Good health and happy life.

  23. Nice experiences! First devotee, it was Baba who helped you get that good job and Baba held that job for you because He knows it is best for you. 2nd devotee, keep communication open with your sister to find out what caused her change and why she is doing this, it may be due to some unresolved issue between her and your parents; have faith in Baba, He will fix it and also do 9 Thursdays Vrat to resolve the problem. 3rd devotee, although you didn't think you did well in the exam, Baba ensured you passed and also helped during your delivery time since your son is also Sai Baba's son as well (and He didn't want any harm to come to His son). Om Sai Ram!

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